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Songee's Channel who Songee fondly calls The Organism

Roberta-Margaret - deep trance channelRoberta-Margaret deep trance channel with Shauntee

Hi there,

My name is Roberta-Margaret. I am the deep trance channel for "Songee" The Earth Mother.

My! That sounds very grand. . . I am not all that grand really. I am much as you may be. A person born on this earth with some purpose that the "Almighty" had in store for me. However I would like to share some parts of my journey of this life with you.

For now this page may act as a sort of HELLO TO YOU OUT THERE! . . .

So off we go then.

I was born in Folkston, Kent in England and lived for the first five years of my life in a small village on the South Coast of England called St Mary's Bay. Flanking us on either side with my Mother's Family. I lived there until I was 10 years of age, then went to live in Rumford, in Essex for the latter part of my time in England. I met my Husband when I was 16 years and was introduced to him as a friend of a then boyfriend that I was seeing. We were only passing acquaintances then until I broke up with my boyfriend and started seeing Peter - my husband.

Peter and I came to New Zealand with our, by then, three children Gaynor, Keiley, and Verity. We made the journey with only the clothes that we stood up in and a luggage full of the necessary things that we felt we may need. When we arrived in New Zealand I knew that I had "come home". I felt so pleased to be here. My spirit was rejoicing at the reconnection with a land that it remembered from a past life. Needless I suppose to say that I Love New Zealand. Possibly more than the land of my own birth in this life. Yet I do have some pride in my English heritage and the other part of me that has a Scottish heritage. We lived for a while in the suburb of Auckland - Kingsland and then later on moved out to the West of Auckland to Massey where we stayed for 3 years before buying our first and only home.

We still live in our special home. Our three children are all grown up now and Peter and I have settled into a regular routine and fit together like a couple of old slippers. We are comfortable with each other after more than 30 years together. We have around us a various collection of animal and bird friends, who we take great pleasure in and who give us much amusement and share many happy times and worrying times with us. I could not imagine our life without these special friends. Peter feels the same way. When we have troubles and we do just as much as any other people, it is good to go out and talk to the birds or share it with the big old willow. Then there are the pussycats that always come when they sense that we are troubled about something. Our dogs are a joy beyond description.

I spent some of my mid-thirties training as a Psychiatric Nurse; this was for me a lifetime dream and achievement. As I had wanted to nurse since I was a small child. I recall telling my Mother and anyone who would listen that I was going to be "A Nurse" when I grew up. I chuckle at this a little, as it was not until my mid-thirties that this opportunity arose. Perhaps I had not "grown up" until then? Interesting where our musings take us eh? I still hold my registration and practice my profession as well as running the Trust with my good friend and other wonderful helpers, and have also seen private clients, for Counseling in Life Skills.

A part of my life that is extremely important to me of course is that of The Second Well Trust and I would like to share the beginnings of this with you on The Second Well Trust page.

The other part of myself that is ultra important is my spirituality. It is WHO I am, it is WHAT I am, it is HOW I am. It affects my values, my attitudes, and my reference to others and the world in general. The information that I have been taught by my people in spirit and by the people of this life, have molded my personality and my character. I do not pretend to be a saint - far from it - I have made as many errors in this life as many of you reading this will have done. I can only claim to be a very ordinary person, living what is for me a very ordinary life, attempting to learn how to become a saint - and not quite making it . . .

Well here we are now, Peter and I, surrounded with our furry and feathered friends and also with the many friends of life that we have encountered upon this journey of our life. All are dearly loved and valued for the richness that they have brought into our lives, and that I trust will continue to bring into our life. With a very busy and fulfilled life of sharing and caring with others through the Trust. Our home often resembles "Liverpool Street Station", as we used to say in England. Over here it would probably resemble "Auckland Airport". Sometimes our home is most definitely not our own. When we do get time to ourselves we relish it with great delight. Our children often take a verbal swipe at me with " Hey Mum, when can we make an appointment to see you?" It is very often like this, and I have to make a special effort to make sure that I keep up my connection with them, as they are supremely important to me.

* * * *

Roberta-Margaret with her brotherRoberta-Margaret in Auckland

Long ago in the mists of time there was a soul. The soul was sent by the power of Oneness to the earth to perform certain duties. When the soul came into flesh it found that it did not really want to be here at all. So it set about making tracks to return back home to spirit.

Inside the body of the baby girl there was a very adult and clued up soul. It knew, that were it to take certain steps, that it could return to spirit very easily. However the power's that 'BE' had ordained differently. As the soul was drifting heavenwards gleeful in its journey home to spirit, a pair of strong hands came above and sweeping from the outside to the inside coming together without touching the soul, pushed the soul very gently back down to the waiting body. At the same time a strong male voice boomed out, "No child, You must return for you have work to do for me." The "child" was absolutely FURIOUS. . . And began to scream and yell and throw a wonderful tantrum. Much to the delight of the Nurses and Doctors who had just about given up on the small body.

The child continued to be furious for a long number of years. Many years passed with many experiences of the soul talking and being with spirit while being of the earth. Spirit children came to play, and there was always the ever-present energy of the two watchers. One could be seen clearly and even used to come to play sometimes. The other was a very bright light that could not be penetrated to see who it was. The bright light used to tell the child "One day you will come to see me. One day when you stop being angry at Oneness."

One day many years later, the child was playing in the park and had to return home as she was late. On the way home she crossed the road, something that her Aunt had specifically told her NOT to do. (The child was forever testing limits like this, the Aunt would never know she reasoned.) However this day the child witnessed a severe car smash. Drawn by an inexplicable feeling, the child went over to the crash and saw lots of people also running to help. A lady was trapped in the passenger seat and her leg was bleeding badly. Everyone was running about as though they did not know what to do. Someone was calling for an ambulance, someone else was crying, everyone seemed busy and rushing about. The young child went up to the lady in the car and said, "Let me have a look" This much is remembered the rest is a mystery. The girl could not remember anything else until she found herself walking into home and being berated by her Aunt for being late home from playing in the park. A good sound smacking was the result of this and being sent to bed with no tea, and not being allowed to watch the much-prized TV program Popeye. A treat that the child really enjoyed. Tearfully the child went up to bed, and told 'teddy' all about it. . . . .

After a period of time during which the child fell asleep from the exhaustion of crying, she was awakened by Auntie, waking her, and telling her to wash her face and come downstairs, that there was someone to see her.

The child dutifully did this and fronted up down stairs, wondering what on earth she had done this time? Downstairs there was a POLICEMAN waiting for her. He looked very big and very official. The child remembers wondering "Oh gosh! I am really in trouble this time. What have I done now?"

Auntie said "This policeman has come to talk with you Margaret, he wants to ask you a few questions, and you must answer him truthfully." The child nodded. Gulping!

"Well now." Said the policeman; "You look like a little girl that answers the description given to me by some people today. Did you walk home from the park?"

The child answered "Yes" and added that she had been late home and had been smacked already and had to go to bed without tea or watching Popeye. Was the policeman going to smack her too?

He frowned and said "No indeed he was not, however did I remember anything strange or unusual about my walk home?"

"Yes" said the child "I remember that there was a car smash and everyone was running about looking frightened and worried. Someone called for an Ambulance and I went to talk to the lady in the front seat of the car."

The policeman wrote this all down in his notebook, then said again to the child, "Did you speak to the lady?"

The child replied "Oh yes, I asked her to let me look at her leg. It had a big cut on it and the blood was running all down her leg. She looked very poorly."

"What did you do next?" asked the policeman.

"I don't know." Said the little girl. "I came home"

"Well" said the policeman, after writing this all down in his notebook. There is no doubt at all that this is the little girl that was described by the people at the scene of the crash. This child saved that woman's life. She would have bled to death before the Ambulance could have got there, without the intervention that this child took.

Turning to the child he said, "Well I do not pretend to understand what has happened today, all I can say is thank you on behalf of the lady and her husband. The ambulance men said that without your help that the lady would have died. She had severed the artery in her leg and no one else knew this had happened. They were very surprised to find that a young girl of 7 years had worked on the woman and were full of praise for you. And yet you say that you do not remember it at all? Very strange, and very fortuitous."

To the Aunt he said, "I hope that you will reconsider this child's punishment and let her have her tea now?"

Aunt was speechless, and agreed that the child could indeed have her tea.

* * * *

Roberta-Margaret - deep trance channelRoberta-Margaret - deep trance channel

This was not the first time that I was "entranced" by my people in spirit as a child. However it was the first major public happening and it was to herald many more similar incidents over the course of my growing years. Spirit trained me themselves. They have been by Tutors, my Mentors, my Companions, and my Friends throughout my life. All that they have taught me, I now come to teach to YOU.

I started my career as a deep trance channel working 'on purpose' to allow spirit to come to channel through me rather than them (spirit) 'hijacking' me, as happened frequently as a child. I was in my early twenties when my deliberate work began. It was a very interesting time. I started off by attempting to 'sit' in a development group. However this faded away swiftly when the leader of the group became ill after 4 weeks. I started up my own group. Spirit guided me to do this, and informed me that they would teach me everything that needed to be done, and everything that I needed to know. I had no reason to doubt them, as all of my life we had worked together. The only difficulty was that, - I - had to learn to "do as I was told" As you will recall, I was not too good at that. As my good Aunts would testify to . . . .

However the group was a success and eventually became the way of life that I was to follow.

Many years later, and many people and group meetings later, and much practicing and preparing as a deep trance channel later: . . .

One night at a meeting, an Energy presented itself through me.

I was "taken away" by my Guardian, who by now I had earned the privilege of getting to see. WHITE EAGLE- the soul hidden in the white light, that I was only allowed to see when I lost my anger towards Oneness. This happened a long time ago and He and I are good pals now, working together.

However this night He came to fetch me and said we had to go a very long way away, Far from this place and that We had work to do for Oneness on the planet. I went with Him willingly enough. I do not recall much of that night as We were very busy, and as I now know, my memory of my trips was yet to be developed further. This was to come later. Little did I know at that point what the impact of the next two hours was to have on the rest of my life. . .

This was the start of something that was to become larger than anything that I could have imagined. Certainly larger than anything that I sought in my life. It was the culmination of my years of training by my spirit people, and the dawning of the purpose of my time on the Earth and in this body for this life. All that had gone before was preparation for this moment.

When I "returned to my body" it felt strange. If felt as though every cell of my body had been plugged into a light socket. My body was trembling and I felt as though my bones were made of jelly. I could not get my eyes to focus and I felt as though my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth. I discovered that I could focus my eyes better when I shut one of them. The room looked all "swimmy" and the people were all sitting around grinning like "Cheshire cats." I managed to croak out about a drink of water please, which appeared in my hands. I drank this and then the others told me of what had happened.

SONGEE had appeared. . .

Roberta-Margaret with ElroyRoberta-Margaret overshadowed by Spirit Energy, with Elroy

She had come to tell us that she was the energy of our Earth. That we could call Her the Earth Mother.

That the name She wanted us - the people - to call Her in this millennium was SONGEE. She had gone on to explain to the people at the meeting that this was the first of many visits that She was going to make with them, and others. That Her task was to come and Teach mankind a new way of being. To bring them teaching of how to better manage and balance their lives. Over the course of many visits by SONGEE. More and more has been revealed. She comes now frequently, and shares Her Energy with the people of the Earth through the medium of Deep Trance. She has explained that only a small portion of Her Energy is with the Channel. That the larger part is still "out there" with the rest of the planet, and with Oneness. She has moved on to let us know that She is the Female half of the Male Creative Power that we call "GOD".

Gradually She has brought more and more teaching to the people, and more and more peoples to Her and to the Trust which is Her "child".

Others and I are only the workers for the Trust. We follow the teaching that She gives us to the best of our ability. We do our best to bring the teaching to anyone who is interested in hearing it and learning about it. The teaching is Universal. This means that it is for all people from all walks of life, from all cultures, and from all faiths.

The Trust is as Songee has said "A living thing"

"The Trust is Songee,
The Trust is Us,
The Trust is You,
The Trust is all Humanity,
The Trust is all Life - all Creation."

As the Channel for this precious Energy of SONGEE I am deeply honored and am made humble by the realisation that all those earth years ago, I had done my best to run away from this.

I say "Thank You" now to Oneness

"For returning me to my body and reminding me that there was work for me to do for You.

I ask that I be given the strength to honour the commitment made in the 'before life'. Please guide my footsteps, and help me to be the Kingdom on earth that you promised will come. May Your will be done in the Kingdom on the Earth, as it is done in the before life of Heaven."

So Be It.

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