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In the general community today you may have heard of people having "Spirit Guides." This is quite true. You do indeed have Spirit Guides. However there is a distinction between the tasks and purpose of the Spirit Guides and that of your Doorkeeper and your Guardian. I would like to share with you now the guidelines that you need to know for you to follow a path of learning to know of your Doorkeepers and Guardians.

First of all you need to learn to accept the truth of the words that I am offering to you. Then you need to open up your awareness the presence of two very special spirit people who are with you. These two souls have been with you from the moment of your conception upon the earth. They are your "Companions of Life." This life; The one that you have RIGHT NOW. The two souls arrange with you BEFORE you start the journey of your life, that they will come to be with you and participate in the journey with you. They do not interfere with your life purpose, rather, they will actively encourage you to fulfil all of the duties and tasks that you have set for yourself in your present life.

At the moment of conception they arrange for your spirit energy to enter into the cells that are newly formed. Then you exit to reside in the Aura of your new earthly mother until the cells have divided and formed themselves into a reasonable facsimile of a human being. At approximately 3 months, the soul that is YOU enters the foetus again fully this time and you remain in it for a while. This is when the Mother feels the first stirrings of the child within her.


After you have made yourself known to your mother to be, then you remove yourself once more from the foetus to allow the baby YOU to sleep in the womb. Your soul retains its Spirit form of adult status all though out the growing time of the new body indeed it never changes fully from adulthood. What does change is the awareness that you have in your conscious mind about where you came from in spirit, who you were prior to this very important life, and also all the people that you knew in previous lives. This changes once you have been born. The "veil" comes down and the memories of previous encounters and past lives are shielded from your consciousness. The reason for this is so that you will live this life that you are in now to the very best of your ability.

So where do your Doorkeeper and Guardian fit in you ask?

Well your Doorkeeper is the one who assists in the process of birthing you into your new life. The Doorkeeper, is the 'midwife' in spirit who assists you to make your first contact with your new flesh body that has only newly been created by the coming together of your earthly Mother and Father. While this delicate manoeuvre is being carried out your Guardian does that - guards your soul from all evil influences. As your new body grows you have longer and longer periods of being inside your new body. "Giving it a test run" so to speak. Again your Doorkeeper assists you with this process, and your Guardian watches out for you. During this "inning and outing" process you are quite vulnerable which is the reason for the careful nurturing and watching out for you from spirit that you need.

When you are ready for physical birth the Doorkeeper assists you to enter into the body of flesh one more time and to prepare yourself for the process of physical birth into the world of the earth and flesh. Your CORPORIAL BODY as it is called then carries on the process once it has been safely delivered of its birth mother. However during this process your Guardian is once more guarding your journey to conscious living. Once you are born, they both continue to follow this same process of nurturing and guardianship throughout the duration of your earth life. Then when you finally reach the end of your "Mortal Toil" - they both prepare you for the transition from earth back to spirit once more. They gather you up and carry or guide you to the Light of the Spirit Realm. When you are back in the light then you meet up with your loved ones and all the family, friends, and animals that you had been fond of in the life that you have left behind you now. Yes! Your animal friends are there also. Contrary to some belief teachings, I know that animals are returned to spirit - I have seen them. Also plants and trees that have had physical life here on this planet are returned to spirit.

There is a beautiful dedication about Doorkeepers and Guardians to be found on the page of Fo Yung and another on the page of White Eagle. These two are the Doorkeeper and Guardian respectively to the Author of this information - Roberta-Margaret.

White Eagle is my guardian. He is the guardian and the companion of my Soul as is Fo Yung. Through out my life of this time, I can recall White Eagle as being the strong bright light that used to accompany me everywhere when I went out of my body. In the early part of my life I knew of him of course, as my memories were not clouded by the 'veil' as others were. The difference was that being of the earth I found his energies to be more than my earth eyes could manage for many years. Slowly over a period of earth time, I came to manage to see him. It was odd really as I learned to see his feet first and slowly I was able to follow the figure up towards the head. For a long time all I could make out around the head was this intense bright light. I could see the shape of a head and shoulders and I could hear his voice clearly. However it was not until I learned to willingly accept my stay upon this earth and the tasks that I had come to perform and to feel a sense of purpose towards the power of Oneness, and more importantly to stop being cross with it for making me come back, that I was rewarded with the gift of seeing White Eagle properly.

I say reward because it was. I had gradually become more in tune with him and felt a deep need that transcended rationale, to be able to see him clearly. I was rewarded when I finally gave up my fear and resentment of my life. This one. Yes! I had some fear of this life. You see I knew what was to come and my mortality was frightened of the responsibility of it. However White Eagle has trained me and taught me throughout this life. He continues to love and support me and to teach me many things as I progress along my path. He comes frequently to bring healing energies to the people that I stand as a channel for. He comes and brings many exciting teachings for the people that come to the classes. Sometimes I have no clear idea of how a tutorial is going to be presented. On the night White Eagle will come to me, overshadow and there are the answers the method of teaching and the way to interpret the results.

Wonderful! It is definitely "flying by the seat of my pants." White Eagles words are truly inspirational, profound and beautiful. His guardianship of me on my journey is something that I value greatly.

I give you here some words from White Eagle.


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