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Elroy and Colin
Songee's Helpers - Elroy and Colin


My name is Elroy and I'm Colin's big brother. We live in a house that's got more dogs and cats than it's got people. Its good this because being the majority we have a lot to say for ourselves.

I am a Maltese with my beautiful long white hair which I love to have groomed and I enjoy wearing pretty bows in my hair. I never feel like a sissy because I am a Stud Dog and I enjoy getting married to pretty little Maltese ladies. I have lots of puppies who are busy doing useful lives teaching people about their stuff and helping them along their destiny paths.

I am very sensible. I didn't use to be when I was a very little puppy. My Aunty Christene who lives with my doggy-mother Clara, use to call me a Spoilt Brat. This is because my mother, Roberta-Margaret 'Loves Me To Bits'. There is nothing she would not DO for me. I only have to blink my eyes too many times and she is asking, Am I all right. I love her too, of course - we have this special thing together which goes far beyond man or woman as is the case, best friend stuff.

My doggy-daddy is Dougal and that's how come Colin and I are brothers. He's all right for a puppy, a bit too cute for his own good, basically though he's OK for a pup about the place. His manners are OK.

I am very different from him. I was sick when I was younger, life threatening stuff when I hurt my back and I couldn't walk. It wasn't very good - I had to take medicines. So my puppy hood was a bit short as I had to teach lots of people lots of lessons and be sick at the same time. That's how come I got to be so serious.

I have a very important job to do with my mother. She goes away lots when Songee comes into her body and when Mum's spirit goes for a trip I usually go with her to help look after her and be her 'Over there in Spirit-land Companion Dog'. I hope you see what I mean.

And when Mum comes back into her body again she's a bit strange and needs me even more to help her to get connected back to being alive again. I do a good job when I kiss her and kiss her and she talks to me and then she's OK, sort of normal again!! Well Mum's never really normal, she's normal for her - hope you can figure this out.

Sometimes Songee gives me to people so they can hold me. I channel Healing energies to them. They are sad people and I sit very still and make them feel warm and good again. It's a funny sort of job to give a dog. One day a long time ago Songee came and asked my Soul would it like to do this job and of course I said - Yes Please. So here I am.

Roberta-Margaret holding ElroyRoberta-Margaret holding Elroy


My name is Colin and I am a Maltese Toy Dog. I was born about 2 years ago and my mother's name is Dorothy and my father's name is Dougal.

Roberta-Margaret is my human mother, she makes a real fuss of me and spoils me a lot. She is a real soft touch. It's because I am so cute to look at and I know how to do cute things, she can't resist me.

My human aunty tells me off a lot when I am naughty because I am often naughty. I bark because there is lots to bark at and I like to hear the sound of my own voice.

I have long white hair that needs to be brushed far too often for my liking. OUCH it hurts and I wriggle and Mum gets cross with me then. I hate it, it's boring and takes up too much time. I am very little, about 6" tall and I have a tail that ought to have been longer. Don't tell anyone, I don't want to get her into trouble but my mother Dorothy ate it a bit when I was a puppy. She didn't mean to, she just got carried away when she was cleaning me up one day. It didn't hurt, I was too little to notice. I have got beautiful black eyes and everyone who manages to get a look in them when my hair is covering my face, is totally bowled over, forever under my spell.

I use to go to The Second Well Trust classes a lot and I have worked with Songee channelling healing energies. She loves me and I love Her. She is my Big Mother and looks after puppies like me all the time. Anyway we worked together and I was very important. She would hold me up and get my little pads on my feet to point to the people and I would channel to them.

I loved doing this work but then my barking got the better of me and I don't go now. It's not my fault, the trouble is the spirit people. They must have got a look in my eyes and fell under my spell because now they come right up to me and they cushy, cushy coo me and I bark at them. I can't help it, it's so awful. I wish they wouldn't do it. Then there's the ones who want me to play with them and I tell them I can't I'm working. They don't stop and I'm only a puppy after all! So I'm not allow to go to classes so often. I have licked up a lot of tears in my time doing channelled healing when Songee gives me to the people who are sad and leak a bit. Maybe when I grow up I will not bark and I'll be able to go. I'll ask Songee to help me get grown up faster. I really want to go and do my work for Oneness.

Everyone who knows me and seen me working calls me 'Spirit Dog'.

Songee - through deep trance channel Roberta-Margaret, holding ColinSongee and Colin

Roberta-Margaret and the dogsRoberta-Margaret with Kirsty the Collie dog and several Maltese

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