Fo Yung

Doorkeeper to Roberta-Margaret


I walk the path of life with you,
From squalling birth
To quiet death.
I'm there when you're in sorrow
I'm there when you're in pain
I share your laughter and your joy
Your losses and your gains.
I see your soul in trouble,
I seek to ease the trial.
I help you help other souls,
As once you helped mine.
In the days I walk beside you,
At night we go hand in hand,
I'm the guardian of your soul my dear,
Your conscience and your friend.

Fo Yung - Doorkeeper to Roberta-Margaret

Fo Yung is my own special friend who has been with me all of the journey of this life. He told me that he last lived a life in Japan. His mother was Chinese. He tells me and his Father was a mighty Samurai warrior who came along and carried Fo Yung's mother off from her village in China to his home. Fo Yung's Father took his mother to live on the slopes of Mount Fujiama. Then intermittently went off to be the "soldier" that he was, to protect the villages and hamlets from invaders. Fo Yung has not been too clear about what happened to his mother, or to himself. He only tells me that he left that life when he was still a young boy of around twelve years of age. His presence in my life has always been a balm to my soul. I have knowledge and memory of him and his spiritual presence in my life since BEFORE my birth into this life. His steadfastness and joyfulness coupled with his strength of character have born me up through many dicey situations during this life of mine. He still continues to do so.

I hope that you may get to know your Doorkeeper as well as I have come to know mine. May the love between you blossom as your contact and awareness grows.



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Written and Channelled by Roberta-Margaret Wiggins

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