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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Earthquakes'
A Teaching from Songee given around the middle of 1990


Changes in the consciousness

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Changes in the consciousness

What of the changes that are to take place in New Zealand?

Songee: It is a time of great change in the consciousness of mankind. There is a change that is happening in this small place on this earth plane. It is a needed thing at this time. It is such a thing that Songee makes the earth move. It shakes lots of things around. It brings down things that were standing, takes away things that were there before. It brings a lot of crying to the hearts of many. However, when the rumbling and moving has stopped and people look at the change on the face of the land. They will see that they can do much with it and at that time it brings the souls of those involved closer together. It makes them work more together, to fight that which needs to be fought.

This is too often that the people of the land sit back and count their blessings and forget that others do not have the same blessings that they have. I do not say that this is what you do, but in parts it is true. It is true of all mankind, it is the nature of you to do this. Every now and again it is needed that there be a flood or earthquake to make the people of the land see that all of the souls are together, that you are all one, that you fight the same fight.

It is the inevitable tide that will sweep with it the debris, it will cleanse the people. It is not a good time, it is a very necessary evil. It is one of those times when the Good lets the Evil run riot, because we know that the people need to have their soul given a shake, they have become too complacent.

Remember the city was destroyed because it became too damaged. It was too corrupt, it had to be swept away. So that the whole city is not swept away now, it has to be done somehow to shake up the soul of man. This is one of the ways it is allowed to be done.

The people must correct it, the people must put it right, the people must fight to put it the way they know that it needs to be for the people. They will not do that while they sit back and count their blessings. They will not do that while they think it is not touching their lives, but it is touching other lives and not their own. They will sit back and be glad that it is not touching them.

It is time to look out at other people. Take the other people by the hand and say, "We have the Power to fight this." And when all the people have got together then you will see the change for the right, but not until that time. Until that time the people of this place will have to put up with the flood tide that will come through their being. There are many who are in need of being swept away. Their souls are not clean, their souls need to be clean.

There is a great movement in the place across the water, the place that is the large continent. There is to be a very big shake of movement of earth, sky, many things. That place and many places, it is soiled it is soiled in the soul. It must be clean, that time is to come. It is not soon to come but it will come. They are going down and down.

Can they go down much further?

Songee: There are enough souls of that place who are of goodness who will fight for the Light and keep it from going down and keep it from being destroyed utterly, as the other cities have been destroyed long ago. They were not the only cities that were being destroyed because of not being clean of soul. There have been other times when cities have been taken away from the planet. They have been removed because of the lack of cleanliness of soul.

Atlantis was one that was removed because it was not clean of soul, there had to be changes. It was in existence a long time of earth time, in the consciousness of mankind, before it was removed. Such as the Americas, such as the plight of this one now at this time. This place of being is in its stage of redemption. It is not so soiled that it cannot be renewed without total destruction. It can be renewed by bringing the souls of those together. However if you try to tell people of this they will not listen to you, they will put it away from them.

As this is a relative young country and the people are a relatively young race, should we not have less chance of destruction?

Songee: When the island was separate from other land of the earth, it is by nature of its being, by the nature of those who lived upon this land. It has been a pocket of Spirit of Light for a long time and then there has come to this land, a corruption. It was not a people, it was a Thought. That thought has grown, that thought has spread like a sickness. That sickness must now be eradicated from the minds and hearts of the people.

It will not be done without pain. There has been a major change in the minds and hearts of the people of this land, that has taken them away from that which they revered before. The sanctity of their being, the values that they had have all changed for the worst. Many, many things have happened because of this Thought that came into this land. That Thought was greed, sloth, jealously, avarice, hatred, these are the seeds that have been sown, the thoughts that have been sown. Before that time there were just two peoples getting to know each other, getting to learn to live with each other, getting to know each other's customs.

Then the thoughts came into their heads and then the nature of the whole thing began to change. It has taken a lot of time in earth years to reach this point. That is the nature of it that is how it is. Now it is time for the "Child" to grow up, to face its responsibility. Fight for that which right, the unity of this one place. To fight for its power to maintain its Power.

Will we go back to the Old Religion after the shake?

Songee: It does not matter what faith that one will follow, many will follow different Paths. The young people will have to learn to have a responsibility for themselves, to those who come after them. To remain pure in mind and heart soul and body, to be pure for each other. That is the Old Religion, that is the religion of Atlantis, to be pure as far as they are able to while living in a human body.

No one will be perfect, however if all the people will learn to recognise those needs and attempt to live by those needs. Then the community of people will improve and will have more Power. They will be happier together, they will be safer together. They will have plenty to eat, that has got to be fought for, that is not there that has to come, it will not come without the flood time. So I will not tell you that it will be easy for you, it will not be for any of you. There will be things that have to change, things that you have to do without and when you think about those things you will discover that you did not need them anyway.

I know it is hard to hear these things, I know that I have not lived on this earth plane but I have seen many through the ages who have. My wisdom comes from watching those who have lived on the earth plane and suffered. I have watched and I have observed and have taken note into my Being. The pain of the people of the land is my pain when they go away from the special areas of Power. When they cannot get in touch with the special areas of Power, that is my pain. For they have gone away from the land, from nature, from spirit from the Power that already is. That is my pain I feel it in a different way that you do.

We may not be here in that time, we could be in spirit or in another life.

Songee: Not all of you will and the Path that you tread, you have to set the example, you have to do the fight, you have to make the first fight move. It does not matter what comes after if you sow the seed right, it will take root and it will grow. You teach, you pass on the knowledge, that is your Path. Spread the Word. You do not mind if it fall on deaf ears. You do not mind if the minds of those you tell do not open straight away. That is not important, you do not make them listen even now.

It is important that they have the words put in their head. Part of their being, that part that can be reclaimed will hear it and recognise it as a truth and when the time is ripe the truth will emerge and it will be just as true at that time as when you first told them. It will not have changed, the truth does not change it does not matter when they realise that truth as long as they do.

So when the young one tells you that you are being silly in the head, be patient and give them the message again. Let them get on with it. They will find the truth of it themselves later in time to come.

Now it is time for some more work to do.

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