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Christian Baptism
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Christian Baptism'
A Teaching from Songee mid 1995

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

What is the Christian Baptism? What is the Power behind it?

Songee: There is a lot of Power behind it, it depends on who wants a baptism done. Sometimes it is a small child sometimes it is not. It matters not it is the Soul.

When the Intent of the one who is giving the baptism draws the Power of the Light into the water or into the oil into whatever substance is going to be used for the baptismal rite. They bring the Power of the Oneness with them with the Light into that. Then the Words are spoken over the individual that reinforces the Power that is going into that Soul. It opens the Soul into the Power of Light.

It does not matter what creed, colour, race you are, you can baptise another if you know that it is their belief. You can do it for them even if you do not believe it yourself, so a Muslim can baptise a Christian.

What happens if you do not baptise your child?

Songee: Every religion in the world has a way of opening the soul into the Light. Baptism is only one way, there is the anointing of oil, there are words spoken, there is ceremony, cutting of hair sometimes there is more. For the Jewish male child there is the removal of the foreskin. The girl child has something else done.

My two children have not been baptised. What will the outcome of that be?

Songee: When the time is right for them, they will take it upon themselves to enter into the Light. If it is not for them this time they will not do it. Remember you have chosen all of your Path before you come here.

What if the child dies and it is not baptised?

Songee: The Soul will return to Spirit and endeavour to continue the Journey. The child that is born into the Light with baptism only strengthens that Power and opens it up further and gives them more Power into the Soul for the Light, for the journey they will make. It does not change the journey, it does not make them more powerful or less powerful for sometimes those who have been baptised, often have a very difficult life.

It is not because they have been baptised or not, it is because they have chosen that difficult life. The energy that comes with baptism is only an extra energy and light and opens the soul to that life, to help them on the journey. It does not have to be done in the way that you recognise it.

It can be done by intent in the mind. Someone will have the intent to bring the Light to another and it will be done.

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