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Path of The Christos
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Path of The Christos'
A Teaching from Songee late 1990s


Practising Sensitivity
Path of the Christos
Testing the Truth

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee was waiting with the Channel after the Circle was opened.

Practising Sensitivity

Songee: lf anyone wishes to move they can. Sometimes this is suggested at a formal lecture so that the Pupils are more comfortable and to see and hear more clearly).

I come to visit you tonight because there is much I wish to say to you. It is time now for you, all of you to begin to do some serious work. It is time for you to practice the simple things that will help you to become more sensitive in your conscious self. It is all well and good to go seeking and to find the answers, however you must apply them.

When you are sitting quietly and there are no distractions around you. Use that time to look at the objects in the room. Look for the life-force of those objects, all things have a life-force even the inanimate objects. This way you will learn to attune yourself to look for the auras of things.

Some will 'see' some will not 'see', some will feel with their mind and will find the colour. Some will find the radiation better if they close their eyes. Then you must choose your spirit sense, not the physical sense. It matters not how you develop as long as you practice, then you will find a way that is right for you. Do you understand me?


Songee: There are many ways that you can do this, it can be fun for you. You can have much laughter if you wish, do not take it too seriously but do not make a joke of it. There is a Path between the two that you tread.

If you have a black cloth you can use that as a back ground and then you can have someone sit or stand and then you can each take turns at looking to see if you cans see the aura of that one come in. Aah! much better, if you look you will see, you must release yourself, get organised. I cannot give you a black cloth I do not have one to give you, you must find your own.

Also there are other things that you can do with your psychometry. We have informed this one to get a tray to put your things on and cover it with, a cloth so that no one knows who has put what on it. That will give you a chance to work better without other thoughts straying across your mind. Also I hesitate to bring this up as I know there will be many questions.

It is time to look at the Paths that you are on. Each and every one that is born on the earth plane is following the Destiny Path as you already know. You may or may not know or have a different understanding of what I am about to tell you. In that Destiny Path that you follow you have many stages that you go through. There is a Path that you follow it is the 'Path of the Christos'. Do you understand this?

I would like to hear about it please.

Path of the Christos

Songee: The 'Path of the Christos' begins with the Conception of the Christ Child. You already have this you do not need to write it down again.

Some of it I missed.

Songee: That is alright. I will continue.

The 'Path of the Christos' begins with the Conception of the Christ Child.
Then you have the visit to the Mother, to the Mother of the messenger.
Then you have the young people going to the big city to be counted and the Birth of the Christ Child.
Then you have the visitation of the Shepherds and the Wise Men.
Then there is the visit to the Temple with the Child to visit the one who has been waiting for so long to see the Birth of the Christ Child before he dies.
Then there is the Flight into Egypt.
Then there is the growth of the child and the time when he goes missing and he is found sitting at the Feet of the Master in the Temple.
There is the time where he labours with his family and then eventually he leaves. It is not spoken of but he continues his journey throughout the world and visits many places, many countries and is learning and being taught and he also teaches and becoming recognised.
Then he returns to the Homeland where he begins the ministry. The gathering around of the Souls who will follow him.
This follows a steady Path with certain things that happen along the Path like the signposts along the way on the road 'The Raising of the Dead Man', 'The Healing of the Sick', 'The Arguments with those in Power over the People'. Then there is the Time of the Temptations, the Time in the Desert alone, The Struggling of the Soul, it is all part of the Journey.
He then comes to the part and there as foretold the Last Supper where all are gathered. There is one who will not believe and others who will lose Faith.
There is the Praying in the Garden and those around will fall asleep.
Then there is the Betrayal followed by the Uplifting.
The Trial, the person who washes his hands, the ones who are chosen to go free, the Beating and then there is the Walk to the Place of Death.
Then there is the Crucifixion, two who will go on before and then the Death and the Burial in the Tomb.
Then there is the Awakening and the period of time of proving that the Awakening has occurred to those who have lost faith. To those who need to see and there is the Ascension.
The Return to the Source.
This is followed by the period of quiet and then it begins all over again.

This pattern is repeated time and time again throughout the life of every person who is living upon this earth. It happens on the physical level, it happens on the mental level on the emotional level and on the Spiritual level. Each level has within it different levels which I will not go into or you will become most confused. For now we will become one in your life, you will find that you have reached the point in your physical life, your physical achievements and you will be at a certain point on your Journey of the Christos.

You may be beginning a new job, going to a new country, changing to a different town. This is called the Birth, the Nativity. You will find in your life there will be some around you who will grant you gifts. You may not fully understand what those gifts are at the time but they are given none the less. At the same time you may find that you are learning things in the relationship that you are in, or in a relationship that is close to you.

It matters not which person or who, the learning is going on and you are learning from the other person. This is the sitting at the Feet of the Master on the emotional level. So you see that they do not go at the same pace. They all go at different times.

As you finish your journey on one then you go to the next level. There may be the leaving of School, the leaving a particular path of learning. On the mental level this could well be your death on mental level. The leaving behind the things that you have been learning to prepare to go forward to learn differently.

On a Spiritual level the same applies, you can be anywhere on your journey. You can be involved with healing of the sick which is a ministry.

All of these different things can be going on at the same time in your life on different levels and at different parts of the Christos Journey. When you understand it, it is not confusing it is not difficult and you can look at your life and you can find where you are, it will help not to despair. Help to give hope and give you an idea of where you are and where you are going. They will not give you exact events. Everybodies' life is different, however they will act as a pointer for you.

You will also find that you can apply the learning to those whom you meet and that will give you some insight into where they are and what they are doing with their life and if they are following their Destiny Path or if they are stuck in one place and need to be given a kick to move forward a gentle one. I will let you assimilate that a little longer.

Can I ask a question please Songee? I heard a lecture one time at the Theosophical Society on The Path of the Christos. Why has this knowledge not been given more often, especially if the Masters are supportive of it?

Testing the Truth

Songee: It is a realisation must come from within. It doesn't matter how many people are told. Only those who are ready will reach the realisation from inside and will find the truth of it. If they do not find the truth of it, they will put it to one side. However they will only find the truth of it by applying it.

That is the secret of it. Do not be frightened of anything that you are given, always apply it, test it see if it works. If it works for you it will work for someone else and someone else and someone else and then you know it is true.

So test it, we give you nothing that cannot be tested, you must test these things. That is why we want you to test things so that you can learn and so you can learn to differentiate between the truth, what is truth and what is not. If it is true it will stand the test of time. You will be able to apply it now in the past and in the future it will matter not where you apply it. It will remain the same. The only change there is, are within the individuals and their particular Destiny Path that they follow. So do not worry which Destiny they have that is their business. What you can do is apply this and you will see that they are at a particular stage of their Journey of the Christos.

Also too, there are every country that is on this planet is treading the Path of the Christos.

I leave you now,

I leave you with the Power.

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