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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Accident'
A Teaching from Songee 26th August 1994

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

The Circle was opened with music and meditation. On returning from our meditation, Songee was waiting with the Channel.

It was quite a different sort of journey we were on this evening.

Songee: It was not a journey.

Was it a View of Life?

Songee: An Exploration and then at the end an opportunity to journey a little way. It is important to remember that the journey is to be experienced on different levels and in different ways. Everyone is embarked upon the journey of this life and each one has chosen certain special lessons to learn for this life. All experience leads to more assimilation within the Soul of that lesson.

It is possible that very little reasoning can be discovered within the words that were spoken at this time. however as your days progress forward so a little more will be revealed unto you

The past that is important that you remember this night, the purpose of this night is not revealed at this time, it will come gradually as you walk to the Light a little more. It is the way of things, not all things are revealed to you. To do so would take all the excitement out of it, is that not correct for you?

There are questions, I see the birds fly. There is much considered, not about that which has just transpired. It is about something else that was being considered right to your need.

(The pupils discussed when the questions were asked.)

Songee: lt is to do with something that was being discussed between these two. It is one of them who has the question.

About the accident?

Songee: About any things to do with it.

About the Rescue?

Songee: And more.

Why was the accident when everything was going so well? We had a lovely evening at Circle, going home we had the accident which left us shaken. Our friend Ann, had a 'Rescue' which developed into the sickness that followed.

Songee: To begin with, you have to go back a little further than that even. It is important to look upon the lessons that are being given rather than upon the event that has been giving the lessons.

I tried to think it through and the reason that it should have happened.

Songee: So you begin to 'think', you do not think, you feel what is in the beginning of it. To do that you have to remember you have been given this lesson of how it is that things come to pass. Not 'what' is come to pass but 'how'.

What has come to pass is only the outcome of what has gone before. Now you ask yourself, "What has gone before, who in this whose image that is before you is the one who has the most pain?"

Yes, A.

Songee: So now you have to look and ask for yourself, how is it that this one has it happen to them? Then you must go back further still, how often has this happen to this one? Is this new thing or is old thing? If this is not new thing and it is old thing, what lesson is not being learned. For all are doomed to repeat the lesson if they do not learn it.

She had to come back to circle to the Spiritual teachings and through that she still had karma to pay. So that she has to aim higher and try harder to get back to the Light again.

Songee: You do not quite have it. You are reaching in the right direction.

Yes, I feel that what I say is not quite falling into place.

Songee: That is correct, however it is not, it is not too bad. Not too wrong, if you go back some more.

If it goes back some more to her husband their relationship and how that is the relationship to each other.

Songee: You have idea though it is not clear, you have idea. That one have within themselves a conflict.. What happens when you have conflict.

There is anger.

Songee: When you have anger that has no direction to where does it go? So now...

(The pupils discussed the situation.)

Songee: So now you have a little light shining into this tunnel of darkness. So now is the question "What is it that cause the anger? Anger is caused by what?"

Anger is caused by confliction of 'Want and Need'

Spiritually she wanted to get back onto the Path, but she was being held back by the husband. There was an upheaval within her.

Songee: So until the conflict is resolved the anger will remain to plague her. So now is the need to give assistance to that one, to understand the nature of the conflict. However if you try to give information it will be thrown away. Therefore you cannot give information.

It is her loyalty to her husband... she is putting that loyalty...

Songee: You are getting caught up in detail. It is not important how it comes to be. You are trying to make the mind make the reason why. Forget the mind put it away, it is not helpful to you.

I need the mind to get the words.

Songee: You need the mind for the words only, not to make the reason of it. The reason of it you must feel it and then let the mind give you the words that make the sense of that feeling. If you feel inside you that you want to be sick, to bring the contents of your stomach back, to get rid of something. Your feeling inside of you is saying, "Uuggh I'm not comfortable." and your head says to you, "That is nausea. I Feel sick." "Not I think I feel sick." How can you 'think' you feel sick, is not correct, you don't 'think' it at all. So in this way you do not think.

Now back to this one forget what is there. What you look at is, what is trying to help reduce the anger. You cannot give the word, the word will be thrown away. However if you give the feeling then it cannot be thrown away. So what is the feeling that I have to give.

Would it be tolerance?

Songee: There is a much stronger word than that.


Songee: There is only one word for it.


Songee: All of it, it is tied up in the one word. Without that the others do not exist, it is simple. There is fear, to get rid of fear you have to show the fear into the Light and the best light that there is, is the Love. To let one know that despite everything that is happening that the love is here and waiting for when that one is ready to let go of the fear. Fear that they will not be needed, fear that they will be needed. Fear that something will happen if they are there and fear that if they do not get to fulfil this now in this time of their life. That they will not get ever to fulfil it and combine with that, the fear that their need will not he met. The soul is so busy giving that it has not easy remembering how it is to receive. The balance is not correct, the balance must be restored and this must come from within the organism. It must be made to realise that there is not binding, it does not have threads attached. They find the realm of one to hold them to them.

Many years ago of the earth year, there was made a decision that there would not be any reason for them to be made to apart. The resolution made within the organism that, that one would not be responsible for that ever having come to pass.

So now there is binding with the Thread of the Promise and determination and of obsession with duty. These are the threads that bind and these are not allowed.

Is it a one sided binding, it seems to be a one sided thing?

Songee: The obsession is one sided. Love is given but is not received. It is held and bound not received. Observe when there is interaction between yourselves and that one. There is much that is given, but what is received directly, it is taken in the hands and held 'so', "That's very nice".

There is gradual change for that. That is not that it is now. It is as it has been at the beginning and now after some of your meet, there is change. Now the love is being received a little more.

However when the soul has been in this way of holding the love just outside of themselves, it does not matter for what reason. They do not have the mind to think it. It does not matter, the fact of the behaviour of holding the love just outside becomes something that they are accustomed to doing. So that when they come away from their love that is surrounding and moving through things it does not quite trust that it has experienced it and so reverts back to its old way of holding it up here. In doing so part of the organism is aware it is doing this, however it does not change easily. In turn it feels resentment, which is anger, towards whatever they believe is preventing them from absorbing it properly, so there is conflict again. So there are many ways that the conflict is being touched upon. It comes in many ways. The lesson for that one to learn is, that to love is not to have the threads that bind and to love without being to set free the one that they are wanting to bind. When they set free the one that they are wanting to bind, that one can then use the energy to help themselves to become well a little more before they pass on to the next Life.

With their knowledge...she does seem to give the impression that she has a great love.

Songee: You do not listen to the word that I give for you. I have not said that this one does not have love in them only that they do not know how to receive.

Yes, I do understand that.

Songee: How many years have you spent C, not knowing how to receive the love and you are still looking. Only now if it is confronting with you, would you be able to receive it when it comes to you in different ways. You receive it better now than you have ever done in your life before. The learning to come to those who work for it. It is the same for you and for you and also for the other person who is not here at this time. The love and the ability to receive the love is improving with all of you, is it not? That is what one of the purposes of this learning is for. Not just to give the love but to learn how to receive it, any fool can give the love because you are born to love. It is within you to give but it takes an even bigger, stronger fool to receive, does it not?

So allow yourself to be very foolish and enjoy it, it is there. Now knowing all of that it is important to give the Love for that one, for them to understand how it is for them to need to learn to receive it. The receiving does happen however when they are removed from their surroundings which their love is and go back to ordinary everyday living. Suddenly they wonder if it is really true, did I really feel that? Part of them says, "Yes I did I remember it".

But what do you do if you cannot say to another that you have been expressing your love for that, this is how you and that one does not return that which you are giving. When you go from this place and you return to your ordinary everyday life, what can you talk to about the love that is here.

There are not many people that you can talk to.

Songee: So when you go back there, is it not necessary that you make a change within you, so that you can learn to live with that reality of your life on this plane. However you may not have someone there for that. You have someone there and that one you cannot approach with it who is the one that you have given your love to in this life.

(Speaks very softly and can barely be heard.)

Songee: If you are going to apply your mind to reasoning. The most reasonable person that you would be expecting to share your experiences with would be that one that you have chosen for partner. However it cannot be, what happens when you try, if you try, to talk about what happen. How do you feel inside about the time you spent in this love. Do you even bother to try?

Yes, but he's Doubting Thomas I feel.

Songee: It doesn't when you speak the word of how you feel and you are giving it out, what comes back to you? What is the feeling that comes back to you?

(Speaks very softly.)

Songee: So if you put it into a word of feeling, of warmth or coldness.

Of indifference.

Songee: Which, if that had temperature to it, would you give it?

Luke warm.

Songee: So not very nice, it does not give you back that warmth, that you are trying to explain and give out. It does not come back to you, from the one that you most reasonably would expect to receive it back from. This is not uncommon and this is happening with that one, and yet that one that is being given the information that is being told about all of this, should know better. If they were to return the warmth that that one receive when they misplace of love, at that moment, that one would learn to trust the love and the feeling that come about, however it does not get returned in that way, so the need is not met and again there is anger because that need is not met.

How can we change that?

Songee: Helping that one to learn how to adjust to accepting the love where it is and letting go of the love where it is not, there is imbalance. This is the one that is behind and waiting, this is the one who come to be with the love. One is there for the need of love, what is there that makes this one go back and what happens if this one wants to express themself. This is the one who is coming here, this is the one who is waiting. This one have to learn not to do this and this one has to learn to do this in all areas of the living.

(Again speaking very softly)

Songee: Why for do you have to do this? I not understand why for don't you have to do that.

It is very difficult if you are not receiving love back then you get hurt again yourself. It is hard to give it out.

Songee: You just love anyway. When you feel that you are not remembering to do that then you allow your mind to remind you so that is only little but just watch anyway. Keep your eyes open and your feelings always open and all yourselves go into love. Then you will be amazed at the difference it will make.

Do not let your mind deceive you, do not let the Dark One come in and whisper into your head. It happens to so many who wants to work in the Light. The Dark One sends others to come and whisper into your head to make you believe that something is not as it should be or as you would like it to be. It uses the feeling that you have to turn you away from the Light and do not believe that all of you cannot have this happen to you. The more you work for the Light, the more the whispering and the more resolved you are to work for the Light the nastier the whispering, so remember that when next time the little bird whispers in your ear about your friend or your cousin, I know these things, is that not so?

The nasty whispering in the ear, let it go loving it away and then if the nasty bird goes and whispers in the other persons ear love anyway, let them have the worry of it, don't you make the grey hair in your head with worry. So now I leave you with something to ponder upon.

Speaks very softly and asks Songee a question.)

Songee: Always it is something that is within everyone not just for one person. To speak only of one person is not correct. Always there is lesson for all persons within this thing, so that you are not poking one person with a stick, all of you at the same time, that is not correct.

Is that also keeping the husband sick?

Songee: I have already said that, I now say that the Light is coming into the tunnel. This is not a room this is a tunnel, it goes a long way down. The Light comes in a little bit at a time, to go and travel a long way down the tunnel.

(Someone made a comment.)

Songee: No that is not correct it is the journey of how this one has come to pass at this time is a long one and have many twists and turns in it. You cannot possibly try to make your mind work to understand it, however you can understand it in one step like that with your feeling, wonderful thing your feelings.

The Great Knowledge that was put out about one hundred years ago the teachers said that everything should come through the mind. I've been studying through my mind for over thirty years instead of with the feelings. Why did the Light not come to them?

Songee: If you look back to that time you will discover that is what was required at that time for those people. I say to you many time that there are upon this planet there are many different Faiths and that all the faces are different Facets of the same Diamond and that is all it is. Much Soul will discover for themselves at different times a Facet of the Diamond and the progress of the soul is towards the Oneness of The Supreme Power of Light, and how that soul journeys is not a matter to be concerned with. Understanding it, knowing of it and accepting it is all that is required. It is not required that you have to remain with one thing for all of the one lifetime and yet some souls choose to do that and that is their choice to do that, there is nothing wrong with this it only is the choice for the Lesson they wish to learn in this lifetime, no more than that.

There is too much energy going into placing different people in different faiths upon this planet and in the minds of those who are not part of that Faith. Looking upon them with solid lines around the outside and putting them in the middle of it and saying that where you belong, that's what you have chosen so that where you have belong, that's the name that I give to you.

A lot of the energy of the is giving in into that and over to doing that. That is not correct it is better that the energy is used for something different. The one who has and states that they have no faith at all is still one of the Facets of the Diamond. They also put a lot of energy into saying that they have no Faith in anything at all except themself and the Planet that they live upon. They put a lot of energy into doing that, so for them that is their faith, it is a Facet of the Diamond. For them their God becomes the planet, becomes themself the energy within themselves and in doing that they are in turn honouring the Oneness anyway.

They do not want to acknowledge it with their head or with their feelings. All the Facets of the Diamond are honouring the one Power of Light in their own way and that is the truth that cause and transcends all of the time.

If you remember that and if you find yourself fitting, smear it with the love. The way to imagine in all of the intricacies of why people are something and why they are not. Why do they do this and why are they that person, why do they believe in this and that sort of thing. Instead of becoming smeared in their Faith, remove yourself from it and back far enough so that you can see the whole diamond.

The diamond hangs in a void and it turns around. It is suspended just so and then from within, the Light shines out through all the different facets and all the pretty colours are all around it. Such is the energy that goes into the Facets of the Diamond, the diamond as a whole. When you have that perspective of it nothing else will matter.

Now I Go...

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