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Sally - Doorkeepers Guardians & Spirit
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sally - Doorkeepers Guardians & Spirit'
A Teaching from Songee 7th September 2000


Male or Female Lifetimes

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee had been with us for a short time giving instructions and advice to some of the pupils on their Journey of Discovery. When She had gone from the Channel another spirit person was seen to be overshadowing the Channel. This happened sometimes if the Channel had been taken away to do some important work for Spirit. At times a physical presence is needed for rescue work and healing to be given. Especially at the time of Earth disasters and other times of large number to deaths and injuries.
Those who are working in the Light and are trained for special services can go to these disasters with Angels to assist those passing into spirit with a peaceful transition.

This channelling took place on the 18th Dec 1994. Sally at that time was working with Roberta-Margaret as a Helper after she had been rescued by Roberta-Margaret. Sally had found it too difficult to move on into spirit when she was put to death for stealing food for the group of orphans she cared for on the Streets on London during the ‘Old Queen’s’ reign and Sally had been caught in limbo since Victorian times. Sally presented to us in the persona of that life time, as a 12 year old urchin along with the Cockney accent and the language that went with it.

Sally came to talk on many various subjects during 1995 and 1996, and has continued to do so with less frequency for many years. She has been with Roberta-Margaret ever since. We always considered Sally as Roberta-Margaret’s trusted friend. As the years went by Sally graduated from being a Helper to becoming a Guide.

Over all these years so many of the people who attended Trust gatherings were delighted to meet Sally and experience her sense of humour and wisdom.

Sally: Ain't it a hard life, eh?

Leader of the Group says: It is Sally!

Sally: I don't know - well, get on with it then!

What we would like you to do tonight is to answer some questions.


What is the Doorkeeper? Who is the Doorkeeper? What is their purpose?

Sally: Do have to answer these questions right now?

We have been waiting for quite some time for a chance to ask these questions.

Sally: You know who your Doorkeeper is.

I know who she is, but what is her proper job? Does she protect me from some outside influences or evil influences?

Sally: I see that I'm not going to get out of it. Oh, all right then. Well it's like this see. I better start at the beginning. Right, well, I don't know where to start now.

Start at the beginning.

Sally: No it starts before then see. It's... Let me get my words together like. Supposing you have left one life see, you are getting ready to come into another one, right? Forget about those other ones for a minute, because you had a Doorkeeper in those lives anyway, alright. You don't have the same Doorkeeper. I better shut you up before you ask me, otherwise you will be going back forever and ever, won't we?

First of all, before you come into a Life. You have to go and decide what you are going to do, what lessons you want to learn and how you want to learn them, and who you want to learn them with, so you have got to go and see those people upstairs.

There are twelve of those fellows. Did you know that there are twelve of those fellows?


Sally: Well there is, they are standing up there.

Are they called The Lords of Karma?

Sally: I don't know what you call them.

The High Council.

Sally: That's them, and behind them is the Other Fellow that does other things on this planet at different times, see?


Sally: That is thirteen, okay you have to go and talk to these people, see. They go through everything with you about what you have learned and what you have still to learn, see. They help you decide who you are going to be born to and who your Mum and Dad are going to be and who your relatives are going to be, see.

They help you decide what you want to be, whether you want to be a boy or a girl or a bit of both, they help you decide what shape you want to have. All of this stuff.

Did I ask to be this shape?

Sally: Of course you bleeding did.

What a fool.

Sally: What for?

I'd rather look like D.

Sally: What would you like to look like her for?

Let's get back to the question. Then you make all of those decisions, and this sort of makes a picture, about what you are going to do, from when you are born, to when you die. See.

Well anyway there are lots to happen between then and when you kick the bucket. You just can't sort of arrive like, you just can't pop out. It would be very muddled if you did that, so you are not allowed to, because you might get yourself born with the wrong person.

Do I have to tell them this? Oh alright.

Well anyway, before you can get born, you have to get someone to supervise you, and that person is your Doorkeeper.

Your Doorkeeper is someone who comes along and says, "I am going to be a Doorkeeper, I volunteer to be a Doorkeeper now." See. There might be a lot of people volunteering to be your Doorkeeper, so you have to find which one is going to be compatible with you. No good having one that you are not going to be compatible with, is there? Imagine all the rows that you would have.

However getting back to it, your Doorkeeper, they come along with you, see. To find your new Mum and Dad, and what they do is, they sort of squish you up sort of - it's a tricky job getting you into that little egg otherwise. That's when you go in it, getting into that little egg, right, at the same time the other bit is doing its thing. When that happens, as soon as that bit happens it is like an explosion. That's when you are born, the first time. Well that's the job of the Doorkeeper. To squish you up and make you get born into that and then she is attached, you stay attached and you can't go anyplace. So you are sort of vulnerable, so you have no one to look after you except the Doorkeeper, and that is what the Doorkeeper does, looks after you when you are born the first time, and then stays with you until you are born properly, till you pop out or don't pop out as the case may be. Some people don't bother to pop out, they stay there for a little while, and then don't bother coming out and they go back home again. That is alright, that is all part of the plan.

Why is that?

Sally: The mother that has the baby for a short time has already planned it. When they were deciding before coming into their Life, that they would only have a baby for a short time then they would lose it, they had made their decision to do that. So someone has got to come along and do it, doesn't that make sense? It all fits in like a jigsaw puzzle.

When the child is born, what is the Doorkeeper's responsibility?

Sally: At the part between life and death, going between...

He (Dr Sven) is writing on the board.

...the time between conception and physical birth is a transitional time when the Soul is very vulnerable to external influences of good and evil. Right...

So the Doorkeeper stands and watches over the new born Soul because although the Soul may retain an adult form in Spirit while attached to the new mother, he/she is really a new Soul to come to the earth so is only a child. Although it has got the 'body' in Spirit what can drive a horse and cart, in actual fact it ain't got the strength to handle it, so that time is a very vulnerable time because the power that the Soul has is open to anything that wants to get at it.

I didn't know that they were that important either, I knew they were important but I didn't know that they were that important.

That is where the Dark Forces can get to influence the soul.

Sally: Oh yes, also too, that's interesting also. I'm digressing again, get back to it again. Right... once the Soul has been born on the physical plane then it is the Doorkeeper's job to retain contact with that Soul so that it is their preparative to that soul returning to Spirit at the given time. In between that time the Soul and the Doorkeeper can exchange thoughts and feelings and impressions with each other. But the Doorkeeper ain't, is not allowed to interfere with the process of the Destiny Path of the Soul that has been born.

Discussion was held...

Sally: What am I answering? Am answering that or are you making a supposition?

I am making a supposition, but would you like to clarify it?

Sally: That's better, you are supposing wrong, see. The Soul makes all those decisions before it was born, there are no choices and there are no digressions, nothing on the journey, because you have already made all those decisions about when you are going to make those digressions, if you are going to make any. That will make your head spin, won't it!

You mean that it does not matter what we do it is already planned? Whether it is good or bad?

Sally: You can sit there and weigh up all the odds, see. Decide whether or not you are going to jump this way, or jump that way or stay put, because if you jump either way you might be making the wrong choice - it does not matter what you decide, you have already decided to do anyway. It does not matter does it? So, the best policy is, just go with what you feel is right, and do it anyway, or not do it anyway.

Even if it's wrong, it's right.

Sally: That's right.

That's very complicated.

Sally: It's not complicated it's very straight forward, ain't it? Whatever you decide you do it right, even if you make a mistake, because in making a mistake you are learning something.

I understood that the Doorkeeper's job was to stop the Dark Side from interfering with you.

Sally: No, that is not his job. We have to get on with the next bit. I've to answer it, one bit at a time. I can't answer it all at once can I, bleeding hell. I won't half get into trouble if I try to answer it all at once, I'd get in a muddle.

Right now... the next fellow. Have you got that right first? The first one right?

Everyone says - Right.

Sally: You know what that one does, right.


Sally: The Guardian. The Guardian is any old bugger, right, all right then. Who comes along, he is appointed to you, who comes along and says, "I'll look after this one because they will be doing... they have chosen to do some work..." Depending on what kinda work it is. This is a bit tricky, this is a bit more complicated than being a Doorkeeper.

Nobody can come through you and use you without the permission of the Doorkeeper, because the Doorkeeper is in charge of your Destiny Path. If it is not in line with your Destiny Path then that person cannot come through you. Right?

(Sally is talking about another soul wanting to overshadow the body and use it for their own purposes.)

Now supposing, this is only supposing like, you have chosen on your Destiny Path that you are going to undergo certain tests of something, supposing one of those tests is that you are going to be tested by his nibs, the one from downstairs. Yeah the one with the matches, he's got an awful pong to him.

Anyway, supposing he's going to send someone to tempt you and it's in your Destiny Path, the Doorkeeper cannot stop it. The Doorkeeper cannot stop it because it is in your Destiny Path. Right. Just your Guardian can. Your Guardian can come along and say, "Okay, you are doing that and I don't think that you are supposed to be doing that, I think that I'll warn that person that you are trying to do that and I'll help them a bit." And they will take your hand and hold your hand until you resolve your problems. That is what your Guardian does. It's very simple when you know how.

Will that be like your conscience?

It's like a big brother who looks after you if a big bully is going to hurt you.

Sally: That's right.

Does the Guardian change it?

Sally: No, he's not allowed to, the Doorkeeper will not allow anybody change your Destiny Path. But don't forget that sometimes it may be the power of Darkness is a lot greater than your Soul Power, and if your Soul Power is a bit weak, and you are floating pretty close to the edge and you get a little bit greedy, then he can have you. Then the Doorkeeper cannot do anything about that, neither can your Guardian. You see, you have decided that this is the Path that you have decided to take now. So you flop over the Abyss.

Did we decide this before?

Sally: You decided that you are going to have the test, on the Destiny Path that will bring you close to the test to see how strong the Soul is in the Light. It may be that you already had a test in another life because you were already in the Dark. You were born into the Light and you come along two or three lifetimes and then you have to be tested to see whether or not you have learned it proper.

Did we choose that at the time?

Sally: You go into your life knowing exactly what is going to happen to you before you go into it. You don't know it when you get into your life because it is all wiped out of your memory. Coo, bleeding hell! Could you imagine if you knew all about it, you'd never bloody well get born, would you?

You wouldn't want to.

Sally: No of course you wouldn't.

I didn't want to be born.

Sally: Oh there is a lot who didn't want to be born, but that is what the Doorkeeper does see. Shoves them in, makes them go in anyway. Once you have decided, you have got to go through with it ain't ya?

We had the Doorkeeper and Guardians now what is left?


Sally: Guides. Your Guides are Souls who come to you to give you teaching as you are going through your life, because as you are going through your life you need different sorts of things to help you along.

Oh hold on... Phew...

As you travel through your life you require different skills to facilitate your progress. A bit fancy ain't it. Therefore your Guides come along at different points of your incarnation so that they can teach you the skills that you need to have so that you can progress forward through your life. However, sometimes your incarnation is not very receptive to the help that is being given. This also has been taken into account and the Guide will remain with you until such time as you are better able to receive the knowledge that they are trying to impart to you. How's that!

I have a Question Sally please. I have a Guide called Mung. He is an Egyptian and he helps me with my work here, and the teachings. As an Egyptian coming through now in this incarnation has he always been an Egyptian. Do you understand what I'm getting at?

Sally: Yes. No he ain't always been an Egyptian.

But he's coming through now as an Egyptian to help me with my work.

Sally: Yeah.

He may have been a German in the past life.

Sally: What he is now is what you are needing now, ain't it? Oh hang on a minute...

He (Dr Sven) says - That is the Personification that he wishes you to know, the skills that he had are many and varied, those that were used by the Scribes of that time.

That's all that he has written. No he ain't always been an Egyptian. No, I ain't always been me either, I've been other people.

Will you ever want to be born again?

Sally: I don't want to be born again. What do I want to be born again for?

Don't you have to learn?

Sally: I suppose I'll have to be born again one day, but don't want to be born just yet. I'm enjoying myself ain't I? I'm learning to be a Guide, see.

Do Guides get born again?

Sally: Yeah, Guides do get born again.

We will likely be Guides when we get back.

Sally: I don't know about that. I'm not allowed to answer them. If I told you things like that, you might get too big in your head, eh?

Sally had a difficult past life, and now she is learning to be a Guide, so are we going to help someone when we pass over? Are we going to become a Doorkeeper, Guardian, or Guide to help other people, or will we do something else?

Sally: You ain't got to get confused with what you are doing in this life and what you might be doing when you get back home. Don't forget that sometimes people plan for themselves to be born 'stupid'. Here, what are you laughing at? But that's real.

She's beginning to understand herself better that way Sally.

Sally: Oh... She was born stupid. Some people choose to be born...

Intellectually handicapped.

Sally: That's right.

It is Karmic.

Sally: You are making wrong assumptions again. It ain't always Karmic, sometimes the Soul... sometimes a very advanced Soul will come back as handicapped as you call it. We call them the village idiots.

Is it just to go through their Destiny Paths to learn a lesson?

Sally: Well yes, and also to teach a lot of people. I tell you what, you don't half learn a lot when you're not the full quid you know. You might not learn a lot in the physical, but you learn an awful lot in Spirit. So it's not always karmic that makes you get born that way, they do it on purpose. Bloody idiots I reckon, but there you go. Sometimes they have the most miserable life, I mean it is a lot better now, but it used to be real horrible for some of them.

Did - choose his?

Sally: Yeah. His was meant to come and teach see. He was learning and all, but he was coming to teach. It's like an awful lot of people what get these different things the ones that come to teach...

(There was a lot of talking when Sally was trying to explain the teaching. So she screamed...)

Sally: Shut up a minute! I'm trying to talk to you but you are talking over the top of me. (More laughter.)

We were listening.

Sally: No you weren't. You were gabbling.

The last thing that you said was - 'the ones who come to teach'.

Sally: Well the ones who come to teach - now you have made me lose my place.

(More laughter)

Sally: They are the ones you can recognise them, right. Because they are the ones you get to hear about, they are the ones who get notoriety. He's given me the word for it. They get the notoriety about what's happening to them and what's wrong with them, see. Then everybody sits up and says, "Oh look what has happened to that person" - things like that. So they come to teach.

What of the people? l was watching the Elephant Man that showed you his life and what happened to him. I felt compassion and anger towards the people who were cruel towards him. These people who were cruel to him didn't learn anything? Did they?

Sally: How do you know they didn't learn anything? You see, it was made with pictures that was moving see, and that ain't real. In the real life, people that is cruel, they do know what they are doing and they do have feelings about it but because of their own Destiny Path they may have to push it away because they are learning something again. They are learning how close they can get to evil which is their 'Not Feeling', not in the person that is 'not well' but theirs - but how much they are going to push away their feelings and how much they are going to learn from them.

This is what we were talking about earlier.

Sally: Yeah. They are on their own Destiny Path and they are not interfering, they are just part of the puzzle. Someone has got to be there to be cruel to make other people aware and say 'poor soul' otherwise people would not be aware of the poor soul.

We wouldn't need for any teachers coming in.

Sally: Yeah, that's right we could all stay in spirit and forget about the future.

(General conversation about physically challenged persons...)

Sally: I don't know the name of it.

They had to wear a bag or something over their head with two holes cut for the eyes.

Sally: There are people still being born, their skin grows faster than their body and gets out of control and it still happens.

Does every person that comes into my life and on my life's journey actually known to me?

Sally: Yep.

Absolutely every person even to the person in the street who says hello?

Sally: Yep, even the person who stands on your foot when you are standing in a queue.

We must be very busy before we come back again.

Sally: It's very complicated, that's why there are twelve of them fellows helping you do it. It's quite involved, but it's very exciting you know.

Now we have covered that we do not want to digress, so we will leave that for another night.

Now Sally what about Helpers.

Sally: Well I'm a Helper ain't I? I'm a very good Helper I am. I help with all the colours and help with all other sorts of things.


What do you do with all the colours? Keep them moving?

Sally: I mix them, do all sorts of things with them, every colour makes a different energy and different vibration and when you mix them in they do all sorts of interesting things they do.

On the days that I'm feeling tired do you not mix me up properly?

Sally: I'm only allowed to mix up the colours for something that is important.

Isn't it strange that I meet an English Spirit from London and me being Scottish and all that.

Sally: I don't think that is very strange. Don't forget that you know each other from a very long time ago, including me.

Is there anybody in here that you knew a long time ago?

Sally: You. I told you but you don't hear nothing!

Was she in your gang? Was she a boy?

Sally: No she was a little girl. She was a bleeding nuisance an all.

She didn't listen then either?

Sally: No.

Was she one of the little kids that hung around with you?

Sally: Yeah.

Did we all hang out with you?

Sally: No, not all of you, thank you bleeding much.

Can I go now? Your name was Caroline, you were a bleeding nuisance, you was. Always bleeding whining, always with a snotty nose.

Male or Female Lifetimes

Question please - With the male and female, can you change from male to female when you feel like it or do you stay with the one sex all the time? Are times you have to be a man? There would have to be times when you change to the opposite sex.

Sally: I'm not saying anything, you are all saying everything.

We have all made suppositions, and have been wrong so far, haven't we.

Sally: Well, yes and no sort of. Are you trying to say that you have got to be a lady sometimes and a fellow in another time.


Sally: And you have to have so many lives as a man and so many lives as a lady?


Sally: No. You don't have to have ten lives as a man and ten lives as a lady.

Can you have eight lives as a man and one life as a lady?

Sally: If you want to.

Do you want to learn things that a male would want to and a female would want to?

Sally: That is up to you, if you want to. You decide if you have your life as a man or woman based on what it is you want to learn, you decide before you are born. Forget about being a man or a woman, first you must decide what lessons you have to learn.

You go and sit with them People and they say to you, "Right, now this is the book on C, they say you have learned this, this and this. In this life you have learned this and this, and this, right. So you have learned those lessons, but, in this life you did not learn this lesson very well at all. Do you want to go back and learn that over again?" So they go back through all the lives that you have had, with you. You decide what bits in the lives that you have not learned properly. You did the test but you did not quite make it. So you have got to go back and learn all over again.

In the book with a new life coming up, they say, "What do you want to learn? Do you want to learn this, this, this or this? Now how best can you learn it? Can you learn it by being a man or a woman or one of those who are in between?"

Can you do that? I didn't know you could do that. I thought that was frowned upon.

Sally: Of course you can, who told you that? Making assumptions again. What happens if you are born with a winkle and boobies and all, and you are born with a thing to make babies and all...

(Talking and laughing started...)

Sally: I'm going to shut up. I have to go away in a minute.

You can't, because you choose to come here because we choose.

Sally: But I can go away if I want, because you choose to make me go away because you won't shut...

(Laughing continued...)

Sally: I think the message is getting across, that you have to shut up. So you have got to decide what you have got to be and you have to decide what is the best way you have got to learn your lesson if you want to be a man or woman or something else, right, and then you go ahead and plan how it is going to happen, right. That is the only reason that you decide whether you want to become a man or woman.

That is at the end of it all? Does it stop?

Sally: It stops at some point, doesn't it? You have to learn to go up all the different levels.

You go up to the Oneness.

Sally: That's right. Once you get back to the Oneness, there you are perfect, so you have to come back to help other people to become perfect.

What happens when everyone becomes perfect?

Sally: When everybody becomes perfect you move on.

Where do you move on to?

Sally: We are getting too far away. You are getting caught up in different things.

Sally we must let you go now.

Sally: You can ask me about the different planets at a different time now, later on.

Next year.

Sally: That will do it.

We thank you for all the information that we received this evening Sally.

Sally: I gotta go now. Ta Ta

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