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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Healing'
A Teaching from Songee, early 1993


Crown Chakra
Allowing Oneness to send healing energy
Absent Healing
Seeing the Auras

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee: There are many questions, would you like them answered before you begin your work?

Crown Chakra

When we are giving healing, we are told to start by putting the hands on top of the head. Is this to open the Crown Chakra?

Songee: It is important to open the Crown Chakra. If all the Chakras are closed, the energy can be transmitted through the Crown Chakra. In turn it will work its way down and open the others.

The present is to open all of your own chakras including the crown chakra and then use that to link into the crown chakra of the one who sits for healing. It is important to always remember that you are only a channel that the healing power is not of yourself it is of a greater power.

Allowing Oneness to send healing energy

If we are healing someone and are not thinking of their physical disabilities and try to link with their soul and join together, is that the right attitude?

Songee: That is correct. Do not try and diagnose what is wrong with the person, if it comes to you that is different. You can learn to see it. Sometimes you may be given the gift of sight, to see into a person. To see where the things are not working correctly then you pass that on. You will know when it is right to pass it on and when it is not right to pass it on.

It is important to remember that the channel is not the one who makes the decision for healing. It is the Oneness that makes the decision. It may be that the one who is in need of healing is not permitted to receive it at that exact time. However the healing is stored up in the aura and when it is time it will be released, again the healer does not choose the time or the place it is the Oneness that does it.

Do we start by linking with the soul of the other person and the soul decides whether the body is healed or not?

Songee: The Oneness decides, sometimes the soul has chosen a Destiny Path to follow, sometimes it is a karmic thing. There is a big difference between the two.

Absent Healing

If you want to send healing to somebody who is not physically present, how do you proceed?

Songee: You sit quietly, you enter into the Oneness, The White Light, and you form an Energy in your mind or awareness in your consciousness with the one whom you wish your healing to go to. You ask for the healing to go to that one. You are permitted to visualise that person to be whole and healthy if you wish and if it is easy for you to do, some people cannot do that, it does not matter. It is important that your soul makes contact with the one who needs the healing. When you know of someone who is in need of healing, you have only to think of it and it is done, when you reach this point of learning. Then so shall it be. Until then you need to practice...

Seeing the Auras

Songee: Now are you ready for some more work? I have a suggestion for you, for healing that is different from last week. I suggest that you have one channel who sits on the stool and the others can take turns at channelling the healing through. Those who are not standing as channels I suggest that you sit and look for the Light that is around those who are channelling healing.

I want you to know that the physical aura begins about, about two of your inches outside of the physical body and extends about a foot.

The Mental Aura is around the head like a Golden Bowl. The Emotional or Etheric Aura extends out past the Mental Aura another foot.

The Spiritual Aura extends out indefinitely. If there is a blockage in any of these Auras, this is where you will pick them up. Somewhere in the distances of the one for which you are standing to channel healing for.

By standing with both hands over the head chakra of the crown, you are opening up the one who is sitting by yourself. The one that you feel that, that is open, you can move both of your hands around. You can walk around the person if you need to. You can sit on the floor if you need to, it does not matter so long as you are feeling where the energy needs to go. Do not choose it for yourself, and do not let your 'Child' interfere.

If you stay in one place too long it is needed that you stay there. When you feel that you are done, then I wish you to put your hands down by your side to wait for the one on the chair to return to this room. Sometimes they may go to sleep and go for a walk, it may take a short time for them to return, I wish you to allow them to do this. And when you all have a go, you may discuss what has been happening amongst you. You may wish not to use your time on your machines for this, it is your choice.

This is only that I am channelling energy for you. Also too I work through the auras of all of you from where I am.

If you try to have a feeling of unconditional Love, Compassion and Oneness, is that more important if you do not have the technique quite right or if we are not doing it as the book says. Is the Love more important than if we do not have our hands quite right.

Songee: It is most important that you have that, you will learn as you go along how to sense where the areas are that need healing.

Books teach and have their own method, I get confused about doing the right thing or the right technique.

Songee: It is not that you need to learn a technique, this is something that you learn as you go along. If the intent is there then you are more than half way there. The technique is there to practice to teach you to be sensitive, on a conscious level and to teach you when and where not to use it and when and where you must close off. For your own sake.

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