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A Teaching from Songee 20th April 1995



This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee: The Circle was opened and during the meditation the pupils went on their journey to the Meadow of Peace to receive further knowledge on their Path of Enlightenment. On returning to their physical bodies they began to discuss their Journey. At this time Songee appeared with the Channel.


Songee: Enjoy your experience this time Little Fox? Better than before time, I know this thing. So how much better for you this time? Others not know what Songee know.

Little Fox: The information that I received at an earlier meeting had been difficult to understand.

Songee: So before time you have experience that give information that you not content to accept at that moment. However now you have a little more knowledge.

What of you Little Fish?

Little Fish: Ummm..

Songee: No, I don't want the Ummm.

Little Fish: Sorry.

Songee: Push it away from you.

Little Fish: I felt confused at first and it was like I was waking from a really deep sleep only I kept going back into this really deep sleep, but as I was waking I experienced a feeling of elation and it... it felt really... throughout the whole meditation it felt... it felt as though I was receiving a lot of electric shocks all the way through and every and every so often it was as though I was having a rest and then and then it would come up to a peak again and I would just start buzzing as though I was being systematically shocked in some way.

Songee: What was your confuse? You want to do something in your head and it did not happen in that way.

Little Fish: Yeah!

Songee: So, you throw that out the window also.

Little Fish: Well...well I did.

Songee: 0h, very good. So now do you know what it is that you can have done this time? It matters not I will tell you all later. Your time has little moment for it.

Little Fish: I'm... I'm not really sure.

Songee: Aah so. Little Turtle you are very restless.

Little Turtle: Yes.

Songee: You managed to get a little bit done.

Little Turtle: Oh, thank you. I wasn't aware of it. The aah... I started off but the mind was always getting in the way.

Songee: What was on your mind that get in the way?

Little Turtle: It just seemed to be scenes coming into my mind.

Songee: What sort of scenes?

Little Turtle: There didn't seem to be any... any proper... I can't really explain it just how.

Songee: Now to get down to the most import of this, this has happened to you many times.

Little Turtle: Yes.

Songee: This time I want you to understand properly what it is, you are not to make for the mistake that all this is rubbish to you. This is not rubbish stuff, it is important. You have got to first clear away all the things that are between you and your destination in your meditation. If this require of you that you ponder upon all that you have done upon yourself of your time, of this day and many days before, then that is what you need to do. It is for you to acknowledge and to know within yourself that you have not had much of this earth time at this night for you to accustom yourself to that part of things for you. So therefore all that must come, beginning time, of your meditation. Do not persist in pursuing the path of observing this as so much rubbish that is happening to you. It is not so, it is all very, very good for you to have this happen. Oh! I have say to you this in many times in different way, however you have not heard the word that I give for you. So this time, I want for you to hear it and know it properly so that you do not hold yourself back from your journey because you believing this first part is rubbish to you.

Little Turtle: So I follow... I follow...

Songee: Allow it to be.

Little Turtle: What comes in...

Songee: Allow it to be. It will pass away through your consciousness and if it is not to pass it will open doors for you to peek through and to go through and in this manner you will move further and further into your Journey of Discovery.

Little Turtle: Right, I did this on Tuesday, I did a meditation at home and I did that, I felt everything coming in and I went through each piece as it came in and that took or seemed to take quite a long time for it to clear away.

Songee: Does that matter? Does that have moment? Is that of import that it take time to pass away?

Little Turtle: No... right...

Songee: So, it is no import, do it. What was the title of the knowing of your music this night. Did you listen to the word of the music?

Little Turtle: Tonight it was...

Songee: 0oh very important as it was given to you.

Little Turtle: Yes it was beautiful.

Songee: To begin for you of your Discovery.

Little Turtle: lt was one of my favourite tunes.

Songee: What is the name of it, very important little word.

Little Turtle guessed the name - Skybird.

Songee: Not so. I give for you it was 'Be'. Not 'To Be', not anything 'BE'. As you say at the opening of the meet. Those who come to teach, to be taught or simply Be, and the 'Be' of the song say many different things that refer to that word. The 'Be' is the place that is the pages for things to be written upon yet. Listen once more to the song, to the words that I give you, the words that are given through many of the people of the earth, I give them for a purpose. To help to unlock in the mind of mankind an awareness of themselves and of the planet and all of that is going within, and remember, when this was written of your time of your earth year, because if you look back you will discover many songs of your time was written with special word at that time.

All the word that was given, was given through from Spirit for mankind to unlock the door. To begin the change of the awareness of mankind. To make the shift, so you have the connection with it and you have connection with it then which is past and you have connection with it in your future time which is also now.

Little Turtle: The second time I did my meditation at home. I fell asleep right through and when I... I came back again I did not feel very comfortable, I did not have a nice feeling and I was wondering...

Songee: You did not do the meditation, you gave away your journey and the purpose of your sitting to do that in that manner. To do this journey in this manner you go to one place only and you move not from it and then everything that you are to discover will come to you upon that place and it will change as it is needing to change for you. You will remain, so in the middle of all that is to change round about you.

I will give you more of this in a moment. Little Goose?

(Little Goose explained about her journey and how the mind controlled parts of the journey.)

Songee: 0oh the control is very good is it not. So how for you was it? Did you listen to the words.

Little Goose: Yes, I had difficulty hearing and understanding the words.

Songee: Did you feel it.

Little Goose: Yes.

Songee: Very important and how did you go for the other music, the feeling of it.

Little Goose: There was a bit near the beginning I felt sad and with sorrow, but that left and I felt better.

Songee: What was the impression of your journey?

Little Goose: I drifted around and saw some images, some of which I could understand and others were vague.

Songee: What makes for you the confusion?

Little Goose: I could not understand the different images and perhaps I was attributing the images to something else.

Songee: What is the perhaps? You were thinking. So you were trying to make the head tell you what it is that is there, when it is the feeling that will give you the answer. So what is the feeling?

(Little Goose tried to put into words the feeling of the images.)

Songee: So there is much strength, accept it allow it to 'Be'. This is the lesson that you have been given for you to learn to accept, allow things to Be. If you do not give yourself a lot of pain in your emotions, in your physical, in your head. In your emotions a very, very bad pain so if you allow something to be you don't have to like it allow it to be.

You are using your brain to make the 'think' too much. You try to make it do what you want it to do instead of allowing it to come to you. This is the purpose of your being given this method of your meditation. So that you discontinue having a need within you to control where you go for your journey in this manner. You do not control where you go for your journey, it comes to you that which you have to discover, must come to you. You do nothing, you go no-place, you do nothing at all to make for the experience and the feeling, it all comes to you.

The music that you are given this time was of infinite possibility for you to have all kinds of experience. The most important one that you were given was for you to know...

I wait for you. (The tape needed to be changed.)

(end of tape)

So the most important thing you were given this time for you to know was to take your bag back through the time to everything back to the beginning back to when the Oneness was whole, before began the breaking away of all the Souls.

In many ways it will explain many different things. The grief that come at the beginning was the travelling back to that time when all the Souls - in many ways it will explain many different things - the grief that come at the beginning was the travelling back to that time when all the Souls were together and were one.

There was no good, there was no bad, all was one. There was no evil, all the Souls were one with the Oneness. Then there came the change, the breaking apart of that, so there may have been experience of the 'Meadow' disappearing around you. Floating through space of darkness a void. This does not mean that you were floating through evil. It is only that you were floating through space, through time. Travelling backwards, all around you is changing and in the changing you are taken backwards to that place, that happening. The time before the Creation of all things - imagine for that. That is part of the 'BE' that you were offered at this time.

(There was a short silence while the pupils reflected on all the knowledge that was given. Songee then asked for questions.)

Can I continue my practice as I did at the beginning of this week with the music and the aroma and how I did it then?

Songee: If you do it and allow to 'Be' that which is to Be without looking upon it as intrusion upon the Journey and know that you need to remain in contact with the feeling of the music from the beginning to the end. If you go into the sleeping you will not have the knowing of the purpose of your Journey, of your discovery and therefore although it is in some place of you, you do not have knowing of it because you do not remember it. The purpose of your Journey is to learn to remember to experience (and?) your discovery. Resist all urges to control the Journey to make it how you imagine it is supposed to be.

Yes I understand.

Songee: The only part that you must imagine is to put yourself in the middle and sit yourself down so that you are comfortable in that place. It is the only 'imagine' that you have to do. The rest is to come to you by a feeling and the changes around you. It is not an easy thing to practice, sometimes people may discover that they cannot hold themselves in that place in a comfortable way because the great twirl of music to begin with. However as you practice it you get better at it, so for a little while this is the method of your Journey that you are to have to go to the meadow and to wait for your love and your experience to come to you.

Now I can understand how I became confused because I was in my Meadow and disappeared.

Songee: You are supposed to disappear.

I wasn't aware of that so all of a sudden I was in space.

Songee: So this is the test, this is the test of whether or not you allow the 'BE' to Be.

When that happened I... then my mind would come in and make myself go back.

Songee: That is so, so now that you know everything that you experienced once you have 'imagined' yourself to your Meadow, is Truth for you, and you must allow it to Be. Remember it, feel it, do not challenge it. If you try to challenge it you will lose it, you will not enjoy your meditation journey, you will not enjoy the music because you are fighting it. You are fighting what it is trying to show for you what you need to know for the life you live now. It matters not what it is, no matter how trivial it may seem -to you it has import.


Oh... there is a lot to practice this time. I have not to make for you too much of your time, for you have not much of your earth time left to you. There are maybe other things that you have desire to do. Perhaps there is needing for the healing without the 'Rescue' of the Soul.

Oh, good I would like the healing.

You will enjoy the healing tonight.

Songee: It has been requested that the 'Rescuing of the Soul' this night, to be hold at bay because your earth time is very short.

Can I ask then Songee. We have had an abundance of Rescues over the recent few weeks, is there a reason for this?

Songee: There is always a reason. First of all before there come the Rescue, first of all the Channel have to offer themself in Service for that purpose to begin with. Therefore there has to be intent within you for that to happen for it to begin to come to pass, therefore you make a decision that this is what you are going to do so therefore you open the door for that to come about. In part it is correct and in part it is incorrect. To offer yourself only as channel for whatever is to Be, is correct. To then have at the back of yourself this little 'thought' - will do Rescues - is incorrect. It is controlling, it is better that you have no 'rescues' than you have controlling thoughts coming from your head.

That leads to another question that we were discussing. When I'm with a seemingly dangerous rescue of a Soul who could be quite overpowering or so. What I'm trying to explain... I don't know what to say to the Soul who is in need of 'Rescuing' as I am unaware of the problem that they have and so I do not have the proper words for the communication with the Soul.

Songee: When you have this manner happen to you, under what circumstance have it been happening?

When the Soul is 'bound' and...

Songee: How does it come about to be at first in the beginning?

When the Soul comes through the Channel and they are to be calmed, put them into a calming position where they can be sent to the Light.

Songee: Under what circumstance has this happened before time?

Well, two weeks ago we had a very difficult 'rescue', we have had a number of difficult 'rescues' recently and I found that I could not find the appropriate words.

Songee: So, you could not manage to do for this, however what transpired?

0h yes I had the help, the Power was there and there was no danger. I never felt in any danger whatsoever.

Songee: So this thing does not happen without there be some availability of assistance for the matter in hand.

Yes I was aware that the assistance was there.

Songee: At this moment it is important that you focus your energy upon learning the things that you have been given. Although the 'rescue' is most important, it is not essential that it is all time done, there are many opportunities for the Soul to be taken through to those who have the ability to do this thing for that to take place. When it have happen for you in this, there have always been available to you an energy that will help to contain the negative energy that is being aroused.

Yes I can understand that.

Songee: It is not essential for you to know how to do all of this in this moment of your time. Because at all time there will be something there to help for it. At this moment of your time of your earth you need to put your energy into that which you have already been given, that is enough. If you try to spread your energy too far you will not have enough to do what is essential to do. Get right one part first before you go on to the next part.

Yes, thank you.

Songee: So continue only to do what you do at this moment.

Concentrate with Love, thank you.

Songee: Also it is important that the one who is using as Channel know that they are not to be used as Channel when they are alone upon themself.

She is aware of this.

Songee: It is important that all of those who work in the Light work together with another at all times for the work.

The words that I say during a 'rescue' are sufficient for that time. Sometimes they do not seem appropriate to me.

Songee: lf it is needing to be done it is always possible to enlist the assistance of the Doorkeeper and Guardian of the Channel to remove the one that is there while they remain 'bound', however that is only a temporary measure because then you will have to come back at another moment with another who is more skilled to finish it. It is better not to transpire to begin with - for it to go through channels that are prepared for it, and that is what generally happens they only get passed through at time when there is someone or some energy who give managing for it.

I understand it better now thank you.

Songee: Put your energy into learning how to do your Journey for yourself and how not to say the 'naughty' words.

If you are in doubt upon what it is you are going to have in the time you do, in the time for your work always channel for the Healing. Now do you wish to do for this or do you wish to make for your time to finish.

May the Blessing of the Oneness be upon all of you to take you through your daily life.


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