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Songee's Teaching of the Disciplines
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee's Teaching of the Disciplines'
A Teaching from Songee 3rd April 1995

Sister Celestine - Soul Mates
Songee - More Soul Mate Information
The Students share their Perception of Opening the Circle
Songee - Details of Opening the Circle
Feeling the Balance
Homework for next week's Circle

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The Circle was held at the Group Leader's home in South Auckland New Zealand.
The Aromas this night were Sage, Orange and Juniper Berry.
The Meeting started with Sister Celestine2 channelling through Roberta-Margaret. When the tape began she was telling Group -

Sister Celestine - Soul Mates

Sister Celestine: ...He is much better than he was.

Leader: Bigger?


Sister Celestine: Yes. The children were consoled about other things yes. But my colleague is taking care of them. Oh yes, but that is not what you were asking.

Leader: Sorry I interrupted there.

Sister Celestine: You were put in a question that changed the path down which we are walking, yes. It is often been trod by many people. Yes. (Much laughter.) Pardon my levity.

Now the Soul Mate - in the beginning before everything became separate there were unities between the energies of the Souls. The Male and the Female principle and after the um, after the Big Split1 happened some of the Soul Mates became separated from each other and also some of the Souls that were required to do work to bring back the Souls from the Darkness, are for a little while, leave their Soul Mates to go to do their work, yes. Consequently then these different Souls had their expression upon the Earth in a physical body, sometimes they don't always match up with their Soul Mate in any one life time. Occasionally they can came together however I would dissuade people from endeavouring to discover their Soul Mate. It is... Um Oh it is an insidious waste of your time of your living because you have to live the life and the path that you have set those feet upon for anyone life time and it maybe that you are not to have that life with your Soul Mate. Does that answer your question?

Leader: It's a beginning. Does your Souls Mate always have to be the opposite gender?

Sister Celestine: Oh in the energies there is not this, there is not this gender. It is only a principle of male and female. It is different I have not got any words I can explain this to this except the ones I have used. I am trying to discover other words. I believe I have come in a muddle. Do you...

Leader: And do the Soul Mates come together in any life or whichever they decide?

Sister Celestine: Remember that they do have work to do and they can become in contact with each other when they return to the Spirit. Sometimes they will be in Spirit at the same moment, and at other times they will go past each other, unfortunately mankind at the moment is very obsessed with this concept of discovering who the Soul Mate is. It is... It is a waste of your time, yes. Mm.

Leader: And do the Soul Mate and you, what is it I want to say... help you along your Soul Path? The ah, OK in my place the female part would be in an another life, what happens to her and her Soul Life can have anything to do with my Soul Life this time or we'd be together?

Sister Celestine: Well before that can be answered first of all you need to expect what YOU conceive your Soul Path to be.

Leader: Yes.

Sister Celestine: Because it is not a phrase that I am familiar with. It is not something that has any similarity to anything I understand. What is it that you mean?

Leader: It is a little bit...

Sister Celestine: What is the Soul Path? I don't understand.

It is the Soul Path when you come together again and all the work is done. Do we come together again?

Sister Celestine: Oh, well that is the conclusion... That is the...

Is that the work we have to do is that our Soul Path?

Leader: The ultimate part of our life, of our being is to become One with the Oneness. That is the Soul becoming One with the Oneness. And it's all the travelling in the different lives. Well if we all have a female part and a male part at different times to go to that given time of the Oneness, do they counterbalance each other?

Sister Celestine: Do they have the same living time, are you asking this?

Leader: No its really getting mixed up.

Are you trying to ask if the Soul, the Soul Mate can go to - when you have achieved all that you need to achieve on your Path and go into the Oneness does your Soul Mate also go in at the same time or are they on a different Path?

Leader: I think at the Oneness stage you would be together. But it is the lesson of the one part of the Soul Mate and the other Soul Mate help each other out too?

Sister Celestine: How is it that this is going to help you? I am most intrigued. (Laughter) How is this going to help him? Yes. How is this going to happen? Do you know how it is going to happen that um?

Leader: No.

Sister Celestine: Neither do I.

Leader: Oh well that's it...

Sister Celestine: It is not of my understanding.

Leader: Ah yes I understand...

Sister Celestine: If you please...

You stated that we had a mission before we were all one and we split to learn, did we just split into two or could we split into three, four, five different?

Sister Celestine: No. The Split happened between the Light and Dark. Yes. And some of the energies went with the Dark and a lot of the energies remained with the Light. Yes. Unfortunately some parts of the whole of the energies went with the Dark and that means that some energies lost their counterparts to the Darkness and then they had to be bought back. Yes. Ahh. I already said this I won't repeat it again.

Leader: That's OK.

Sister Celestine: The understanding that I have is that I also have a Soul Mate however my Soul Mate is at present occupied doing work upon the Earth and therefore we are not together. Very simple isn't it? I am in Spirit. I have lived my life and I am not prepared to return just for a moment, I have things that I wish to do here. When I have made a decision to return then I will do so. However upon the Earth my Soul Mate may at that time return to Spirit so we will do this and pass each other.

Do you keep an eye of each other?

Sister Celestine: Ah. While in Spirit we can communicate, we can know of each other however it is not all wise, circumspect that we be together upon the Earth and to have knowledge upon the Earth of each other because this would interfere with the destiny that we are upon so we don't do it. Yes. However we do meet in Spirit occasionally, it's very interesting...

Where you go to play.

Sister Celestine: Oh yes I like that. Very good yes. So...

Leader: Has anyone else got a question?

Sister Celestine: Before you, I have not finished with what you are saying. You were talking about the Soul Path and I have to... I am very sorry but I believe that you have conjured this up in your mind from somewhere I don't know. It is not, um it is not a truth. The Destiny Path that the Soul is upon, when its travelling upon the Earth, when it returns to Spirit we are Spirit, we are Energy - we do not have a Path to tread, we are, just, we are. There is no Path. When you return to Spirit you are One once more, so there is no Path.

I had always perceived which is probably wrong, it may be conjecture that we have different levels in Spirit not...

Sister Celestine: Oh this...

Seven levels or something.

Sister Celestine: This is the learning that is required and is done upon the Earth Plane and in the Spirit. It is um, it is not a Path, it is...

Part of the learning.

Sister Celestine: ...part of the learning. Part of, yes very good, yes it is that word progression. The journey of the Soul upon the Earth progresses through many different phases of development, and this is reflected when you return to Spirit, upon which level of awareness you have accessibility to, yes that is it.

A man had a question. He was taught about Spirit. He enquired whether he could come back if he wanted to as an animal. I was told by a different belief that that was possible.

Sister Celestine: It is not to serve any larger purpose for him to do that.

Leader: The animal has a group Soul.

Sister Celestine: It does yes, there is one of the self that looks after the population of that species. Yes. So it is not to serve a larger purpose to come back as one of the many. However we do not, um we do not disabuse people of their ideas and their concepts. It is a sign that their mind is inquiring, yes.

(?He's got to work on it.)

Sister Celestine: Very important for the development. Oh thank you. If you will forgive me I have been asked now to leave, is that right.

Leader: Yes. Very pleasant. Come again more often.

Sister Celestine: Yes I would very much like to. Very well I will go. Next time that I come to see you I would be very happy to answer any more questions if you have them. Yes.

Thank you.

Sister Celestine: God bless to all of you.

(Sister Celestine leaves the Channel and the Students continue the discussion about Soul Mates.)

Songee - More Soul Mate Information

Songee: I am here.

Leader: Thank you Songee.

Songee: That of which you speak is something that is designed by people who wish to have control of the other person. As when they make the other person go to look for this one they are causing within that Soul discontent and disharmony and sadness, and bringing to the fore all the anger and the upset and the fear, and it is not good.

That was what I was meaning actually. You know it's sort of like a fad.

Leader: Someone going through, somebody told him that he has to wait for his Soul Mate so he is not bothering much with girls, so he's not taking much interest, he is waiting for his Soul Mate. I spoke to him on the telephone last week.

Songee: The word I would give for it is invidious.

Leader: Yes. That's these fortune tellers.

I have to admit I went to a talk on it to and I came away thinking, I don't really think I can cope with that. You know. I could not accept what was being said. No it didn't feel right but maybe I was wrong. But I thought out of three hundred people what am I doing here. Now I understand.

Songee: Sometimes it is necessary to go to discover how wrong something is.

It just didn't make sense.

Songee: And then you know without anybody having to tell you.

Have you got your little book? I have not forgot. I not forget this thing.

What is require is for you to be begin first with this lady here and to go round to everybody as quickly as you like and read out your list of what you have. It matters not right or wrong only for you to read it. You understand this, yes?

So the question I give for you to do work at the home. Who wants to give it back to I?

Is this the homework last week?

The Students share their Perception of Opening the Circle

Songee: It is indeed. The work that was given for home for to do.

You want us to read it?

Songee: You read out what it is that you have written, just very quickly everybody to go round. What was the question?

How to open the Circle.

Opening prayer. Divine Spirit we ask you to put a band of protection around the house and to help each other and every member of our Circle, then meditation by bringing out guides in clearly and strongly. For those who need healing let them receive this from their Guides and for those that need absent healing they will receive it from our combined powers of love and healing. Thank you for bringing us together to learn and understand any message we receive from Spirit.

Songee: So, if you were to begin from Opening the Circle, before you say this Prayer what is it that you would have to have happened, what step do you recognise as being the steps that are taken for the Circle to become one. Do you have a knowing of this?

What do you mean by that?

Songee: From the moment that you walk in upon the door.

Number one - walking in the door,
Number two - what come next?
Number three - what have we...

Do you have the understanding of what this is?

(?Hold it to the) Light, there it is very beautiful. Do you understand this? We come to this three, four, five, six. What I am missing is for you to link.

Do you understand there is a process, that is all, that is alright from out there. We go for more in a moment. The next person please.

I haven't done mine.

Songee: The next person please.

To relax physically, to open the Chakras, to welcome the Doorkeepers and Guardians to be with us, to acknowledge the Guides Helpers and friends in Spirit who wish to be with us. To entreat to the Oneness for our protection, for our purpose of whatever work we have to do, to guide us and bring us healing and then we are ready to begin.

Songee: Very good. What do is it you do when you walk through the door?

Usually I come in and sit and relax.

Songee: So, that is very good.

Next one, we go around this way.

Opening Group, prayer for protection, to be guided, for healing for the Group, (?) And then relaxation. Close your eyes and inhale Light with each breath. Relax the body from head to toe, sorry from toe to head. Opening the Chakra points, also the prayer, and visualise the colours and where the Chakra points are located and then fill myself with Light and still the mind and remove all the thoughts, any thoughts coming into the head, concentrate on the third eye at the brow and ask for our Doorkeepers, Guides and Helpers to protect us and to guide us through our Meditation.

Songee: Thank you. Also what do you do when you walk in through the door?

Sit and relax. Still the mind.

Songee: There is no right or wrong. I only ask, you answered and that is alright.

Thank you.

Songee: There is no right or wrong.


Songee: Only the answer is important to be heard.

To be here?

Songee: To be heard.

So, C...

Leader: The Team Leader at the beginning is to have the awareness of each person that comes in to see if they are properly in tune. To see is they have any... to be aware if they have any unreasonable upsets or they're feeling on edge, they are not settled. It is better for those who are in this condition to have a walk outside or a wander around until they become at peace with themselves. Then they can come in and settle down for the beginning of the meeting. With the beginning of the meeting then ask, that to do some breathing, to prepare themselves for breathing with the colours, as we do the colours. Go through the system of relaxing the body from the feet to the crown of the head. To be completely relaxed physically. Then to move into the open of the Chakras, all here knows the Chakras but it is matter then to lead them through while they do proper breathing. And breathe the colours as we go through them from the red through to the purple. The next part is the opening into the Light, the colours then together come with the light because at this time we ask the Doorkeepers and Guardians to come close so that their colours can mix with all our colours so that you have a complete column of colours if you wish, and they join with us with their colours and our colours. This time then we ask those around in Spirit who see the colours and want to come close they can join in also along with our Guides and Helpers so that all those in Spirit and in Circle become one and be open properly into the Light so they can become one with the Oneness. Ah...

Songee: Thank you.

Leader: Is that alright is that sufficient?

Songee: To become One with the Oneness altogether after the Prayer, we have the Prayer. Is that what you 'think'?

Leader: No we open to the Oneness into the Light and then we have the Prayer afterwards. We ask the Oneness then for, to send the healing and understanding and the Light to those in Circle, those in the Healing Book, those who are around, those who we are aware that needs healing and needs the Light. The... We then can ask that the Healing Power goes throughout the Universe to all those who are in need and to the animals and the birds of the air and all the beings of the air and the water. And that would be the complete. (?)

Songee: Very good. Thank you. Now to the next one.

Relaxation of the body, open the Chakras, welcoming Doorkeepers, Guardians, Guides and Helpers and inviting them to join their colours with ours as we open up into the White Light of The Oneness. In the Opening Prayer asking for protection of The Oneness and for healing that goes all the those who may have need of it.

Songee: Is there any more you wish to say? The next one please.

I have come into the circle, the room, find a seat that is comfortable and relax and take deep breaths and go through the Chakras, beautiful colours for the healing and send out some healing and ask that Doorkeepers and Guides to come close to give protection, to the birds and animals, to people in institutions and then for us to go back (?) and then begin the meditation.

Songee: Thank you.

I can't see a thing I have written here so I am going (?). I would start with the greeting and then relaxation starting at the feet working through, through to physically relaxing the body and the mind at the same time opening, with the physical relaxation, opening the chakras then slowing the mind trying to get that flow (?). Then inviting Doorkeepers and Guides and anyone else that's interested to step forward and be a part of it. Then at the same time I was doing the chakras I'd ask for the White Light and protection and then probably move on to Meditation.

Songee: Thank you.

I've done welcome people attending to be present. And be seated in a comfortable seat and begin breathing and relaxation exercises. We welcome to Guides and Doorkeepers um... to anybody in spirit welcome then in, ask then in, to invite them. Open the chakras up, protection of the White Light. I've got energy to all those who need it, healing or help in any way, then begin the Meditation.

Songee: Thank you. You all have the basic (?) of how to open the group. However it is a little muddled. So what now is to happen is to make it unmuddled. Is that not correct?

So, you have the thing for to write, C have you the things for to write. Please would you pass the thing for to write to Little Lizard. Please for to write Little Lizard for everybody to have to read to look upon.

(There's a lot of shuffling of papers.)

Songee: You make for yourself the comfortable for writing it.

Do you want me to write what I would have put there?

Songee: I would like for you to write what I give for you to write down. Other people can wait for a little while and listen to the word and then they can copy it after that when you have written. Is it good idea or not?


Songee: So. Before you begin to write I have explain to give, little bit to you.

Songee - Details of Opening the Circle

Songee: When you have a Circle to be responsible for, as Leader, or either have it conjunction with another. It is (?) for you to be aware of this responsibility upon your shoulders that it do lie there. That is that you are responsible for how the people are while they are with you in the meeting and that they do not leave your meeting feeling unwell or unhappy to a degree that is going to interfere with their Destiny Path. I come back to that in a moment.

So to begin - When person come to the meeting that you have, over the course of this day and the days since the last meeting many things have transpire in their life, is this not so? Some things happy, somethings sad, somethings are not so good, however all of this is bought along to the meet, all tied up in a neat little package that is the person that walk through the door.

So, when a person is walking into, into the room, into the house even you need to be able to feel how it is for them, that they are. Are they little distant, are they having their mind upon other thing, are they focused completely upon the meet that is to come or are they away with some other thing on their mind, what they are feeling. So you don't need to know what it is only that you need to be aware.

So first of all awareness of the Members of the Group, individually as they come into the house, into the room.

ONE So awareness would be the first thing that Little One write down, awareness of people, of the members.

You're not to write too many word or people not remember it. Or it go in one side of the head and out the other. So...

Then the people come and they find where it is they wish to sit upon a seat in the room. This is all part of the awareness. You will use this to help you with your awareness of the people. Where the people choose to sit may not be the correct place for them to sit for the energy within the room. So it is important to be aware of where people are choosing to sit. Let them sit there, don't interfere with that. Only when everybody is in the room can you feel the balance of the energy. So you need to learn to discern how to feel the balance of energy.

TWO So Awareness of the Balance of Energy would be number two for you to write.

And then come the most important thing - is the pattern to follow for settling everybody down into one unit of ah working.

THREE So, number three, you notify all that the meeting is about to begin and give them breathing at this time if it is needing to be done. Introduce new people if it is needing to be done. Introduce any information that is required that the people need to know. All this to be done in this number three. All at that time.

Likewise if there's people in the Group who have things they wish to give, to tell other people about, when everybody is there that is the best time to do that also. This is important.

FOUR And then in number four is to close the eyes, to settle the body, to relax. I am not giving you the hows of this, at this moment. Only the One, Two, Three, Four. So you settle the body and you relax.

FIVE The next one is to Open the Chakra. C H A K R A. Songee spells the word.)

SIX The next is to bring the White Light from within each people to join all the colour. The White Light inside everybody.

SEVEN The next step now you welcome your Doorkeeper and your Guardian, to bring their colours of Light to join with your colour of Light.

Leader: Just the two, the Doorkeepers and Guardians?

Songee: At this moment in this process.

Little Lizard: Their colours of Light...

Songee: Their colours of Light to blend with your colours of Light. Remember you have just bought all those beautiful colours of Light through and open your Chakra.

EIGHT Now you then welcome the Guides and Helpers and all the other people in Spirit who are there to teach, to be taught or simply just want to be with you. To welcome them is the next step. The Guides and the Helpers. And all those Souls in Spirit who come to teach, to be taught or simply just to be with you.

You invite them all to join together with you, all the people and the Group of the meet.

We invite all of them to join together.

Songee: You invite all of them to join, all to join together. Note it is to 'invite'. We invite you to join with us... And the words C keeps using is entreat.

Leader: Yes.

Songee: As we entreat the Creator, The Oneness. Remember who are you entreating, who are you going to speak with, who are you asking these Colours of Light to be with you. What is it you are asking for. It doesn't matter if you don't have it all down let Little Lizard write it down because then you can take the word form that which has been written.

So where have you come to Little Lizard?

We entreat the Creator...

Songee: Now, to know what it is you are going to entreat for, with this you can put little one, little two, little three if you wish because it is all part of that same one.

NINE You will ask, you will be entreating asking the Oneness for Protection for your Meet, for all those Souls who are present.

1 Protection.
2 Guidance.
3 Harmony, remember another word for Harmony is to Balance. So it is important to include it, Harmony.
4 And Healing.

You may wonder why that is put at the last, it is not that it's the least important, it is very important.

Protection come first because those Souls who are a little still fearful have need to know that the Protection is put in place right at the beginning of the meet.

Guidance because those same fearful Souls are looking to be guided upon the right path. You don't need to write all this.

Then you have Harmony. The Balancing of all the inharmonious things within each and everybody that is in the meet, that need to be made into Harmony so that all can become One together.

And then the Healing to enable all of that to come together in one parcel as it is here. Then you can go and ask for all of this for the Healing for anybody that you wish.(?)

And then you have it for your animals and your birds, for the Planet, for the process of this Planet.

(The dog barks loudly.)

How you make those words that come after is - there is a person at the door - how you make it, how you make those word and have no right or wrong upon it, but the process of that which come before that moment have very distinct process. It is very important to learn it in the right sequence of event otherwise you have confusion. If you do not learn it correctly you do not pass it on to those that may come to you for teach.

You may be imagining that you do not have need of this because you are not going to run your own Circle or your own Group or you own Meet anyway, that is for you to have for yourself if that is your wish. However if there are those who wish to come to this sort of Meet and they come to one that is not correct and they give you information of what is happening and they are not happy, you will be able to say for them, 'No that is not correct way, the understanding is not quite right. So this is the correct way.' You can then pass it on as an individual meet or to one person. You know teach is never wasted.


At the beginning, the purpose now of the people that come into the house of what to do for the people who are restless. We begin with number one - little one, would you read out Little Lizard.

Awareness, awareness the minute they come in, be aware of (?).

Songee: Begin with the first one. The awareness of the people of how they are being. How it is that they are. If they are not...


Songee: That is correct. That is correct. When people come into the Meet can be very nervous. How can you make them to be a little more un-nervous? Introduce them to somebody in the room if it is possible, if they know not anybody to look after upon them. To make for them a friend. To show them where is everything for them. You show them the place where they can go to make the body feel relief if they need it. The little, um, yes the private place. And where is that place for to get the drink and what everything is for. Quietly can be explained while others are gathering together. Or you can do it yourself if there's not to be other person.

This is the function of the Leader or the one who works for the Leader. (There needs to be a Co-Leader to assist in the running of a group.) You need to choose someone to do this.

If as the time is passing many people have been coming many different week, and everybody know everybody else.

So there come times when you know that somebody is not happy. To know of this, to give them the opportunity to express that they are not happy and for why they are not happy. Sometimes it can be done, sometimes it is not (giving?) up. Sometimes it is people who come who are so full of energy they don't know what to do with themself. This person, let them say that this is how they feel. They can go for a little walk outside for a moment before they come in and maybe give some of their energy to a tree or to one of the animal around to say hello. And they come to sit upon your seat.

Then when everybody is sitting for you to look upon everybody where they are sitting and to feel the balance of the energy. This is not something that can be done pfff like that. You have to practice. The Leader sits down in front of the Meet, feel the balance of the energy, where it is you sit and where you fit in to that energy pattern. This will help you to learn. And then you come to express all that, which anyone need to express. That is simple, that is explain for itself.

And then you have Open your Meeting. You relax your physical body which you know to do and then you go through the Chakra. To Open the Chakra by bringing the colours in through the body with the deep breathing. It is important you know this because you are all going to take a turn at doing it. Not all of it, all at once, only one part of it. This way you not have big fear to get in your way.

So... Then you go through and you do all those other things.

Do you have a question? (There is a long silence.) Ohh...

Feeling the Balance

How do you know the Balance?

Songee: You feel it.

I don't feel it when they come in.

Songee: You will learn to feel it. When you sit you will learn to perceive where everybody is sitting and feel each of their energy.

Do we have to sit in those two seats or can we feel it from...

Songee: You can feel it from wherever it is you choose to sit.

Leader: I think one of the easiest way of doing it, noticing is if you have two people sitting there and five people sitting here you know, you will you feel immediately its off balance. So you suggest well two of you come over here and four you - know balance it up.

Songee: Although it is not number of people C it is also to do with how much energies within each person at the time of the Meet. Some people when they come to the Meet have little energy, it is quite low. Like Little Lizard and for the other Little One. It is a bit low at this night.

Leader: I noticed that.

Songee: It is low for a very different reasons of the one you imagine. So, it does not matter it is only that it is low. Still they are here even though it is low. So that is very good that you are there.

So, you feel that the energy is low so you put for them near a person or people who will make for them the energy that they need. Do you understand? This way those of low energy can be supported by those with greater energy. This is how you all blend together.

Homework for next week's Circle

Songee: Now for your next Meet I would like one of you to agree to take notice of how people are, to be aware of how people are when they come into the Meet. You not say anything, you only write it down upon your paper, how you feeling.

Leader: Would that be the same as psychometrising them?

Songee: Very similar.

Leader: Good.

Songee: So who wants to have that job? I not give you job. You are not little children for me to give you job. You big children for you to say, 'I am big person I take that job.'

Big person (?gotta wait their turn.)

Songee: That is alright we will accommodate you at another time.

Thank you.

I'll do it.

Songee: What is it that you are going to do Little Robin?

Well the feeling what people are like. (?How they are balanced.)

Songee: So you will be aware of each person as they walk in and write down their name and write down what you feel. If it's nothing then put as nothing, don't make up something because you feel you need to do that. It is a practise. It is not to get right or wrong. You understand this?


Songee: Now who want to be aware of the balance of energies? Who want to be aware of the balance of energy? This is second job, number two job.

I'll do it.

Songee: So you will put down upon your paper, you will put done where all the seatings, you will put down a little cross upon where you feel the energy of that person is greater and a little a little line like so, if you feel it is a little lower. When you do this, you will require for yourself this to write upon after to show everybody what you have discovered so that you can take it from your paper and put it upon this for them to see it. It is very important, it's very clever. And that will show a picture for everybody to see where the balance of energy is as you perceive it. It is not, it is not that the balance is right or wrong only how you perceive it. They can then say whether they perceive it in a similar way or if they find different. And this way everybody learn together.

So would it pay for all of us to take note? Not in the same, just take a mental note? Would that be a good idea?

Songee: It's always... It is part of the process of learning is to do that however at this moment you may find it to difficult to confused to try to do everything.


Songee: So if you wish, however if you get confused don't blame Songee.

So what is number three Little Lizard?

Notify the people that the Meeting is about to begin, introducing the new people is important.

Songee: What for is it important?

So they don't feel left out...

So they feel comfortable...

Songee: And matters that might need to be discussed to do with you all. Who is going to do this little job?

What is it again?

When you tell people that the Meeting is about to begin, introducing new people.

I'll do that.

Songee: Thank you.

Leader: Remember half past seven. Discipline.

Songee: The doors are to be closed. Part of your job make sure all the people are in, that all the doors are closed and that everybody is in the room ready. Not outside hugging the tree or running down to the big green grass to get rid of all their energy. It is not that all the energy has to go, only the bit that is not needed. You need some of it to be here in the room.

So now who is the next one?

Close the eyes and relax the body.

Songee: Who is going to do the relax the body?

Oh I will.

Songee: No you already have a job. Somebody else have to do this relax the body.

Is this starting with the feet...

Songee: Starting with the physical body, starting with the feet and working up the body.

I do that.

Songee: Thank you. Have you got space to write upon that somewhere for you, who is doing what Little Lizard? Do you imagine you have some moment to write it? Don't matter this moment. It is important to write it down for it to be seen later. So after the physical body what is coming next.

The Chakras.

Songee: Who is going to do the Chakras?

I will do the Chakras.

Songee: Thank you.

Before that we have to do the breathing.

Songee: That is correct C. All together as one you need the exercise. Very good.

The breathing comes with the physical body?

That also, yes. The Breathing...

Songee: The breathing is important all the way through. If you do not breathe you will go unconscious. You will go into Spirit. So Little Lizard put in it that you all do breathing, very important. (Songee is laughing) Oh this make you fun reading or not.

Won't have to do all the...

Songee: All the happy sound. (?) So what is happen after the Chakra have been opened?

To bring the White Light and to join everybody with the White Light.

Songee: Yes this is little tricky part because is now all the chakras open. Now we need a person to do the next little bit which is a tricky bit. So...

Leader: Would it be any better if one person continued right through...

Songee: No! I do not wish for this. I wish for this to be done in separate motion. So, the Chakra are open when that one have finish opening all the Chakra. It doesn't matter if there is a little silence while other persons are (like?) they are now. It is important only that the person remember that it is their turn.

So, then you welcome the Doorkeeper...

Doorkeepers and Guardians.

Songee: That is so. And what do you welcome them to do?

Join their colours...

Songee: Join their colours of light with your colours of light. Whose going to do that bit?

Is that the colours, does that task involve the White Light for each person to join their colours as well as the Doorkeepers and Guardians?

Songee: The one who does the chakras will draw forth the White Light from within each and every person who is present.

Oh right OK.

Songee: And then that is open. Everybody, the whole Group is then open and then I want one person to say - We welcome our Doorkeepers and our Guardians...

To join with us.

Songee: join their colours of light with our colours of light. It's all I want for somebody to say.

I'll do that.

Songee: Thank you. Now who do this next bit? And we also invite the Guides and Helpers and all those Souls in Spirit who come to teach, to be taught or simply just to be. Who want that bit? (Long pause.) I not hear anything. We not do that bit. You cannot be doing two job. You must do one job each. Everybody have one job.

(The Group are discussing it between themselves.)

Songee: Oh you making bargaining of it. Look up the word bargaining. Look up the word Control! So who is to do this other bit?

(They are still discussing it and finally come to an agreement.)

C that's your bit.

Leader: Yes I was...

Songee: You cannot do the next one C. We have to do this one first before the next one can even happen, that one has to be done. So you understand the process now. You cannot do the next step until that step have been done. So what is it that have to be sayed? What is it that you will say Little Lizard? We welcome...

The Guides and Helpers and all those in Spirit who want to teach...

Songee: All those Souls... You were correct only a little slower that way you can feel the words as you say them. You welcome, you have welcomed your Doorkeeper and Guardian so now you invite... you invite...

The word is important. The first word for the other person is - Welcome, the next word for the other people is - Invite. This will help you to remember the sequence of things. If you know these word it help you to remember and make your memory jump up and down and say, Oh I know what to say next. So you Invite your Guides and your Helpers and all those Souls in Spirit. Imagine that you are a Spirit person and you are over there and you see this little bit of Light that is beginning to get bigger and bigger and bigger and then it come to you this word - Oh I'm invited to go into that beautiful Light to see what is happening, I believe I will go and join them and see what is happening. Imagine you are that Soul up there, feeling that invitation to go and join - Oh there is a party I go and join that party. So you join this beautiful Light and Colour and there is this wonderful person who is inviting you and they are saying that there are teachers here and there are people who are going to teach the people who wish to be taught, so there may be some naughty people who wish to be taught and you can sit there if you want to and watch everything that is going on. Very exciting. So, if you look at it from there it give you understanding of the word that you wish to say.

So Invite... The Guides and Helpers...

The Guides and Helpers and all those Souls in Spirit who want to teach and be taught and all those Souls who just wish to be.

Songee: Very good. So...

Now what is next?

And we all join together...

Songee: That was done.

So now the next person, that is all that you are needing to say, that little bit.

The next person now have to Entreat the Oneness. So it is very important this next bit that it is put in the right way. With all those, all of us join together as One to Entreat the Creator of all things.

And then you say, you have to say the Protection. What are the four things I have given for you?

Leader: Protection for the Meeting, Guidance, Harmony and Balance...

Songee: Harmony and Healing. Four things! The process is actually very simple. Once you become accustomed to the process you will become used to doing it without making your brain work. Here in lies the discipline.

Now all that you need this time is to be repeated each week and change people around to do different job until it becomes so practised that you not 'think' about it. So you have not to 'think' about it. You have to be able to do it within out the 'think'. And to do that you practise it. You don't have to do all this every time, write it all down, the (?). The balance of the Power you may need to do a few time to get practise at writing it upon you, on upon your thing so that everybody can have a go at practise it.

And then, we come after your prayer we come to your Journey. For now practise all those other thing and then we will include the Journey in the process. So that everybody have a go at doing a journey. But that's later for you come into the future time. Get this part right first, so it doesn't matter if you have to miss a night somewhere in the process of the cycle of turning, you will have your turn and so you not miss out. I would not like for you to miss out, Little Bear.

Oh thanks!

Songee: Is that not correct everybody?

I was just saying to her we are going to be got in the end.

I hear my cave calling.

Songee: Those of you who have already done some of this will not find it too difficult and I appreciate that you be patient with those who have not done it. And I say thank you to you now before time.

So I leave you now. You go now to do whatever you wish. Some more work for the home. So...

I ask for Blessing of the Oneness to come down upon all of you
To help you in your daily life
To smooth your troubled pathway
To give you the strength to do whatever it is that it is you needing to do
For your life now
And to protect you as you go upon your path.
For all of this I say
So Be It
And thank you.

Thank you.

Songee: And I leave you with the Power.

(The Leader takes the Group through some deep breaths.)
We give thanks to your Doorkeepers and Guardians, Guides and Helpers for being with us this evening.
We give thanks to all those in Spirit who have been around, learning, teaching and watching and being with us. We give thanks for the knowledge which we received this evening. Knowledge to teach us, to make us prepared to follow our Destiny Path to the Oneness.
And ask we go out into our daily lives we close our chakras down, beginning with the crown of the head. The purple, the indigo, the blue, the green, the yellow, orange and the red. May all the Chakras be closed. And a quiet life until the next time we meet when once again we open ourselves for the benefit of the Creator.
We go in peace, love and harmony into our daily lives.
So Be It.

So be it.


1. Big Split. Before the War in the Heavens between the Archangels, instigated by the Archangel Lucifer who wanted the Power of Oneness for himself, the Oneness was One made up of many energies including the Souls. Those energies are considered by us to be 'male and female'. During the chaos that came about, known as 'The Spilt', many of the Souls fell from the Oneness - hence 'Falling from Grace'. We speak of the Male and Female Souls that were together in Oneness to be Soul Mates, there is no gender in Spirit. CMH2018
Songee has given Teachings on this several times. Follow this link to Songee's teaching about the Spilt and Chaos, see chapter heading 'Soul Mate'.
19900927 Destiny and Karma
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2. Sister Celestine often came to talk with us in these early years. She first came in Destiny and Karma (link above).
Here are links to Sister Celestine's other visits -
19961023 Sister Celestine's Wise Words
19980324 Evolution of the Soul
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The compiled teachings of The Disciplines practised in the Classes held by The Second Well Trust and by the Students at home in their daily practise can be found on this link -
The Disciplines

In the early part of 1995 The Second Well Trust held two meetings each week. One in South Auckland and the other in West Auckland. Some of the students attended both meetings. Mainly the same lessons were taught but the energies were different because the other people also attended and a different venue.
There were Meetings instigated by Songee to bring new teachings, now known as 'Songee's Chestnuts', (this word used by Songee to refer to Her very special Teachings) firstly to the Trustees of The Second Well Trust giving us the opportunity to practice then be more able to assist the students when their turn came.
Often Songee had private consultations with an individual and during this when a new teaching came Songee would later present it at a public meeting. CMH2018

Other teachings relating to 'The Disiplines' -
The Practice of The Disciplines
A practical Teaching of Doorkeeper and Guardian overshadowing.

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