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Dealing with Fear
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Dealing with Fear'
A Teaching from Songee 20th January 2000

Dealing with Fear
Overshadowing - Doorkeeper and Guardian

The Group of 15 people settles and Roberta-Margaret prepares herself as the channel in service to the Songee Energy.

(The Music we listened to was 'Walking, Gently Walking' by Denean.)
Music from the album 'The Weaving' by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

(The Group welcome Songee.)

Songee: So have you any questions for I this night?

Dealing with Fear

I have but I don't know how to put it. I do know how to put it... Ah... Can you just get it out of my head please! (Much laughter) It's much easier.

Songee: Sometimes it is easier that is so however also how is it going to assist you to bring together your feelings about what about it is you want to know?

I'll have to pass on that. It's too close. Or maybe there is too much fear in it.

Songee: That is much closer to the truth.

I'm getting there.

Songee: So when you were looking at making for truth, you must let go of fear. Fear of whatever may come as a result of your speaking your heart. This is not speaking your mind you understand. When you speaking your mind then anything that happens to you, you deserve. However when you are speaking your heart then there needs to be no fear. You understand?

It still overtakes me.

Songee: So you need now to look inside yourself and ask yourself what is the nature of this fear.

Ah I would say I believe it would be fear of rejection, fear of abandonment. All those lovely fears. I am very good at putting it in one word.

Songee: Sometimes it is important to take a risk, even though you many feel that in taking the risk you are indeed risking loosing the favour of the person that you are going to speak your heart to.

Very true.

Songee: However when the person comes to truly open their own heart and absorb your truth they will find within it the seeds of the truth that lie within their own self also. For example, when someone is being given repeatedly lessons to assist them to grow and to expand their awareness, supposing that - I like these supposing - supposing that they do not practise the things that they are being given, supposing they keep coming back and saying, 'Oh woe is I, things are not good in I life. Everything is so bad and my being is exhausted.' Then what have you - you have a situation where they are being given information that is going to assist with the process of growing, of letting go of this exhaustion, of letting go of all their bad ways of being that are creating the disharmonies of their life, and yet they don't practise that lessons that they have been given.

What is the Teacher to do! The Teacher does not continue to keep giving the information, and giving it and giving it and giving it, because it is not being heard is it? And so when it is time to say the truth from the heart those that are giving the teach must give the truth from the Heart, you know - at risk of those that are being taught becoming disorganised in themself. Disorganised in their emotions, in their mental way of seeing their life and in their feelings of being able to accept the truth that is being given.

So when you have been given much information, how much of it are you practising? And how much of it are you allowing to slide by you hoping that perhaps you don't have to practise that bit just now? It doesn't work! The teachings have all been given. You know how to do this things and now it is time to take the risk. When you take the risk with love in your heart then you will find that the result will be very different from the one that you may have before time imagined it was going to be.

Well I did actually, it blew me away. I felt so, I could have like put myself in the same position and I could feel the anguish and you know like compassion I could feel, maybe I didn't I don't know. I just felt very sorry that I had to say it, but I couldn't hold myself back anymore because it was so wrong from my perspective and my feelings were just getting so wound up. My body was telling me as well, like well you know not hearing properly, my eyes not - being all gunky so I wasn't seeing things I liked in my life, I believed that was what my body was telling me as well.

Songee: And what of now?

Well, ah I just got to learn what I felt, explained how I felt but I couldn't say all the things that had transpired cos I didn't feel it was the right time to say that at that time. So I also feel that I have to let go, just be there.

Songee: Look at how much you are attempting to control...

That's quite good actually.

Songee: ...and give that up. You don't give up speaking the truth, you give up attempting to control. There is a difference between attempting to control and protecting. So when you speak the truth you can say for example, 'That although you can respect the need of the other to pursue a certain course of destiny, that you also have to understand that I am going to do whatever I feel is right to protect I from - whatever it is, the energies that you are stirring up - and I will do this in whatever way I feel I need to do.'

Oh you say it so much better than I did.

Songee: Because that is a Truth! That is the truth. Nothing else is, everything else is just so much flowers around on the plant, and making it look beautiful, making it pretty into something that will be acceptable to the eye and the nose of those that come by it.

Yeah I do do that.

Songee: Stop! There is a different between that - ah I have not wordings for it - dressing up! Dressing up! You can't do it anymore because it is not giving the truth, the truth that is part, a kernel of the situation. And that is where you are needing teaching. You are being needing to be taught how to find the center of a situation. All attempts to teach you thus far have fallen on deaf ears, so when you are ready perhaps you will begin to listen so that you can learn to find the core of a situation of anything at all, so that you go to the heart of the matter not to the head of the matter.

That's so well done. (Long silence) I would very much like that teach.

Songee: It is a teach that when it is given you have to practise it, diligently.

I will do my best.

Songee: And in having the practice there needs to be demonstration that you are achieving it, because how are you going to teach others unless you have learnt this very important lesson. It is one of the main ingredients that have been tripping you up all through your life and it is linked with - like the link in the chain you know - with your hoppity hoppitying about. It is important that when you take upon yourself a task that you apply yourself, with focus, not with your mind occupied in part with what you are going to do next. Ah ha...

I was actually noticing that today.

Songee: When you practise this you will find that you will achieve more, you will achieve a better result, and you will find that other peoples will be more pleased with your results. Much of your grief in your life, is of your own doing. It has caused by your inattention to detail and that is where you have been tripping up and falling on your behind-self or on your nose, you know? Now it is time to change it. You can't continue this way any longer, not and progress forward.

That's true.

Songee: And you are entering into a part of your life now where your responsibilities will demand of you, excellence, will demand of you focus - not perfection because no one is perfect however it will demand of you focus and attention, attention to detail. For example knowing which way you are going to be going during your earth life of one day so that you are not all time going around and about in circles, biting your own tail. You know what I speak.

Make sure you have everything right before you start. When you don't have surety, ask questions.

Yeah I am learning that.

Songee: Stop imagining that you can pretend that you know and get away with it anymore because you cannot. You will be discovered, and your inequities will be discovered as a result. (Songee is laughing.) You understand?

So it is very important now that you learn this lesson. There is no more running away from it, no more hiding from it - now is the time for the focus. (Long silence.)

And also too now is the time to listen. Listen to what the other has to say to you. Sometimes it is important to listen and make no response.


Songee: And in the event that you get asked, 'You haven't said how you 'think' about it!' You say - you don't have any response to 'think'. And that you perhaps you are not very sure at the moment how you feel about it and you need some earth time to consider it, and when you know you will say. Until then keep your tongue behind your teeth.

Yeah OK.

Songee: As for the other matter it is time that you also began to start practising the teach you have been given about giving love.

Yeah OK.

Songee: What does that mean?

Are you talking about the girls or... I felt you were. I felt this time it was a lot better.

Songee: You are still not practising that which you have been taught. How many times must teacher give you the information for you to practise and you don't do it? How many times has it got to happen before you learn the lesson?

Well the really easy idea is to do it once.

Songee: You much treat all the same. You are the one that is the Mumma. You are in charge of the childrens along with the Papa and as such you must be united. That is the goal. And that is what you are going to strive is it not? When you begin to set the boundaries for the childrens you will discover that they will begin to respond in a much better way, however you have to insist that these boundaries are respected, and Mumma and Papa must insist on it together. No more excuses! This is the mind that is lying and giving the excuses to be a - Hey that is very, I liking that thank you - a sop to your emotion. It is providing you something to soak up this illusion that you have.

It was a pretty good illusion.

Songee: All illusions are, that is their task to be very good at what they are to fool you into believing something that is not, and your mind dreams it up for you. You mind will give you any manner or excuses and reasonings for your doing or not doing something.

That's true.

Songee: Every single time, and that is true for everybody. When you get down to the truth of something usually someone says that they are not going to be able to do something because... Immediately you know there is going to be a reason or an excuse, you know?


Songee: So you know that after because, you are going to have a reason and an excuse. You cannot do it because... Then when you start to really look at it and you say, 'Ah ha what is the truth? The truth is I can't do it - that's not true. I don't want to do it - that is the truth. I don't want to do it and what is behind the not wanting to do it?' That is when you start to find out the truth of what is behind it. Because, will always give you the clue that tells you someone is living in their mind and they are giving excuses for something. 'I can't go the work because the manner of my life does not liking his way of working.' 'I cannot go because the woman of my life does not like I to go out.' (Long silence.)

Ponder on it.

Because is a very interesting word to consider. No you don't have to lose it out of your everyday wordings, just be aware of it. It is not a bad word it is just a very interesting and telling word.

Sometimes there is wordings that are said, 'Well if you do not like I doing that then I will not do it because you do not like I doing it.' Hoooo beware of this! That is another big excuse that someone is making because they are pretending not to do something because somebody else does not want them to do it. The truth is they don't want to do it. In the event that they really do want to do it how is it they are not saying, 'I would like to do this thing, I really would like to do this thing.' And then go and do it. What is wrong with that?

So when someone is really enjoying doing something and it is not creating any great harm so they may continue to do it and enjoy doing it. Supposing that you detect that there is some harm in that which they are doing what do you do? Keep your silence or do you speak? It reaches a point where you have to come to the speaking because you cannot hold back your truth. You have to then be very honest and truthful and say, 'Well I know you are enjoying what you are doing however I am sensing this...' and you put to this one what it is that you are sensing and then you suggest that they would like to sense for themselves a little deeper around the things that they are doing for them own self, and then leave them to get on with it. You don't take the responsibility of it off them, you leave them to find out for their own self.

Does that answer your question? You other one? (Very long silence.)

So is that it?

Oh I've got one more. Um Margaret (Roberta-Margaret) and C had once said about (her child), I have sort of looked at his work and all that... and this is a real fear of mine I probably don't want to see it cos I look at him as real amazing like I look at most things amazing as well. They sort of highlight about him... oh I don't really believe it... I do because they wouldn't lie to me...

Songee: You need to look at your own self also because the thing that you - I don't want this, I don't want this, put it up away (Songee is removing a piece of Roberta-Margaret's clothing) - you have to look at your own self because the situation of which you speak is part of your own being also, to a certain degree. There is a discontinuity within yourself that has been passed on, and that discontinuity needs to be looked at. In part it already has however you have not availed yourself yet of the opportunity to earn some more. When you avail yourself of the opportunity then the teaching can be given to you to show you how to change things around for yourself and as you learn to recognise these things within your own self then you will learn to recognise them within the childrens. It is not serious however it can give a delay in the learning process. And it has been at the behind of many of the things that have created for youself the difficulties, not that you have difficulties learning you do not. The difficulties are not of the intellect, you understand. They are not because the intelligence is not there. It is because of the connections of the intellect with the external expression of the world around that is malfunctioning, that creates the difficulties, you understand?

I ah... no!

Songee: You do not understand?

I do when you are talking about it then I'm considering it and I am going... So is it like when somebody gives you a response to something and then you gotta respond back to an external...

Songee: It is to do with how you express that which is given. That which has happened to you just now is a example of it. It is encapsulated in the whole process of what has just taken place. I have given you information, you have taken it is, your intelligence understands it however it has not the ability to transfer it into the world around you. The connection between...

Is that the reason I used to get very frustrated?

Songee: That is so. And it is still there because it is part of what you are, it is part of your...


Songee: ...the way you are. You're born this way so you have got this so now you have to find other ways of working to bring that information. This is the reason that you make so many mistakes. This is the reason that you cover up so much. You have learned to cover up for many of the things that you could not manifest in the physical world for others to see. So you covered it up with a great performance of words of intellect and you lost the heart of what it was that you were attempting to say. Very often you use the wrong words the describe something. This is because you have used your intellect to grab words that you can use to sound knowledgeable and instead you don't because you are using the wrong words often in the wrong place of your speaking. And this, instead of making you sound intelligent, it demeans your intelligence. So you either have to learn to use the wordings in the right place of your speaking or don't use them at all. Go with what you know, speak the truth without finding the big words that don't really say what it is you are wanting to say. Go for the small words, the little words. Take longer to say something rather than shorter, you understand?

Yeah I was saying that to J last night. The reason I have got this hearing problem is probadly, well I felt anyway...

(end of tape)

Songee: ...together when you speaking just now. Feel it, feel it.

I didn't notice it until you highlighted it.

Songee: You had teeth together like this and you are speaking through your teeth.

(Laughter as Songee imitates speaking that way.)

I didn't know I was doing that.

Songee: Now do you see, feel it. Feel and what is this, what is this that you just do?

Making me yawn.

Songee: And where is this coming from.

Lack of breath.

Songee: It is not in that, it is the tension inside of you. It is the fear. The unacknowledged fear inside you that is making you do this thing. So when you feel it - this is part of the teach I have just been speaking to you about - learning how to release Throat Chakra and all around your jaw, letting all those muscles relax and gluk like this. (Songee is demonstrating the relaxing of the jaw.) And you don't do that so well either do you? Because you are so busy holding onto your words, like this, with your teeth. And this makes all of this tight up here. And then you just move your lips a little bit while you are saying something.

There is nothing worse than being...

Songee: Is that not right? Is that not so?

It's very true, yes.

Songee: So when you look at how you are speaking then you get an idea of what is happening in your feeling, what it is that is going on inside you. So this is fear locked and being held in by the teeth, you know. That's different when I say to you put your tongue behind your teeth, that is different. That is because our tongue is wanting to waggle too much and it needs to be made still. Sometimes the best way to do it is to - (Songee puts the tongue behind the teeth and talking stops). Put it behind your teeth then you can't speak unless you have considered what you are going to say first. So feel this around yourself when you find yourself speaking about things that you have inside of you that perhaps might make you leak from your eyes. Be aware that you will clench your mouth together, your teeth and you cannot do that, so you speak by pushing out the bottom lip and putting (Songee is demonstrating) like this. I not do it so well as you.

(Laughter) I have a good bottom lip.

Songee: And watch how your little one does it the same way.

She looks exactly the same.

Songee: Because there is a copying of Mumma you know. So this is how it is coming about and it gets passed along. So you have much to learn. When you learn to free up this part of you - this is a very good lesson for everybody you know - when you free up this part of you, your throat and your jaw and all the muscles around here and you start to open your mouth when you speak and speak more slowly and you breathe inside.

One of the best ways of doing it is to breathe a big breath and open your mouth wide and groan it out. That opens the throat chakra best way I know.

Songee: The difficulty lies in that as soon as the mouth opens out comes the yawn. Have you notice this?

Oh yes, yes I have.

Songee: This is a revealing of tension and the fear within you, and when you see someone else doing this you know that this is also the same truth for them also because somewhere they are very conscious of themself sitting opening their mouth wide and wonder whether everybody's watching. And also to they are concerned about what might pop in while the mouth is open and they are frightened about what might pop out while the mouth is open.

(Much laughter)

Songee: Lessons, learn them, the teaching has been given don't push it to one side any more. The teacher will only give you the lessons just so often and then you are left to your own way of being until you wake up.

Fair enough.

Songee: What else?

Thank you.

(There is a long silence.)

Overshadowing - Doorkeeper and Guardian

Songee I have been feeling a different presence in me around my cheek and the bottom of my mouth. Is that someone different, or is that another Guardian? This has only recently happened.

Songee: How many do you want?

Oh three.

Songee: You have one Doorkeeper, one Guardian. Do you know your Doorkeeper?

I feel as though I know my Doorkeeper.

Songee: Do you know your Guardian?

Well I felt as though I did because I used to get this certain feeling. Though when I ask Guardian to come in I don't always get that so...

Songee: Let us do an exercise. Perhaps we could have this, this one time sit down Little Mantis1, find somewhere to sit so that others can look at your visage.

Here sit here so everyone can see. For overshadowing2. No here with Songee.

Songee: Not too close otherwise the aura will touch you a bit too much. You may come and walk in front of this (?). Sit and face this way, they are going to look.

Oh no I really can't do this yet. (When the student sat down she was facing everybody looking at her.)

You have to shut your eyes won't you.

Songee: You got to close your eyes, close your eyes, take inside of you the deep Breath of Life, down into your middle self. Now look first for the lights around and about. Breathe.

Now we are going to work with one and always start with Doorkeeper because it is easier to do this. Start with your Doorkeeper.

Songee: Stand back!3 (Songee is speaking with spirit who have stepped forward.) Now, you can stop!

Ask Doorkeeper to come. Can you feel now?

I can feel it in my hands.

Songee: And what do you feel?

They are feeling very shaky at the moment but that's just me.

Songee: Now what do you see everybody else? (Songee is asking the other guests in the Group.) Or sense! It maybe that you are not seeing very well at the moment, so sense it, feel the presence of...

I feel it in my head.

Songee: So you have a sensing of this energy that is your Doorkeeper?


Songee: What of you others?

I can see the Doorkeeper.

Songee: What do you see? Describe.

He's got a beard.

Looks like a pair of glasses.

Songee: Now start of first of all with one thing and ask Little Mantis what she feels in response to that. And we ask Doorkeeper to let her know whether this is correct or not so that she learns to feel 'yes' and 'no' at least. You understand?


Songee: So you see, first you see a beard, you say.


Songee: Little Mantis what do you say. What do your Doorkeeper say to that?


Songee: You have feeling yes. So now you ask for the next bit.

Well I believe he is wearing glasses.

Songee: What do you see? What do you feel you seeing?

I see this dark, very dark areas around her eyes.

Songee: Feel that and ask your Doorkeeper.

No I'm not sure about that. No.

Songee: No to what?

No to glasses.

Songee: No to glasses. So what about the dark areas around the eyes? Feel that.

Yeah there is something. Yeah I can feel pressure around there.

Songee: Keep looking. Keep looking.

I feel it on my feet as well.

The body appears to be a medium size. Might be the way I'm looking at it.

Songee: So you now take to yourself the question medium body. Have a medium sized body Doorkeeper?


Songee: Now look for colour of hair. There is something about the head, and around. Look for this.

Yeah I feel a pressure on head.

I can't decide whether it is a turbine or a hat.

Songee: A what are you talking about?

On the head.

Songee: What is it on the head?

It's not a turban.

Songee: You did not say this word. This is not the word that this one is saying. What is the word you say?

Turbine it has... (Then she realised she had used the wrong word.)

Songee: Ha this is an example of using words that are not the correct words. Now this thing that you describing I am being given picture of a construction of something that goes inside your machines. Is this not so Wise One?

It is a rotor that spins inside a casing.

Songee: So could you imagine this sitting on the head?

It would be pretty heavy.

Noisy too.

Songee: Could make the head ache, could it not Little Mantis? So it's not...

Turban that's it is it?

Songee: That is better, learn, learn now. So you not feeling this, however you feeling, sensing Little Butterfly1 that there is something on the head is this so?


Songee: Then what? Now let us first ask Doorkeeper - Do you have something sitting upon your head? What does Doorkeeper have to say to you Little Mantis?


Songee: So this is how you do this. This is how you practise getting to know Doorkeeper more and more. Now we say thank you very much. You can do some more later, don't complain. Now please say Thank you very much, Little Mantis to Doorkeeper, we ask Doorkeeper to step back and Guardian please to come in. Just allow a moment for the transition. Don't grumble so.

Now. Come Guardian it's your turn. Little Mantis you must ask for your Guardian please. Just your Guardian.

Guardian. Do I say it in my mind or...

Songee: Say it in your mind, say it out loud, whatever you like, however what is important now is that your feel as the energy comes into you. And you can be quiet also, it is permit. (One of the dogs growls as the Spirit person comes forward, Songee spoke to the dog before he growled.) Can you feel now?

Yes it still feels like the Doorkeeper.

Songee: So you are not yet learning how to discern between your Doorkeeper and your Guardian are you?

Well I was because I used to get this feeling with the Guardian but sometimes it would happen and sometimes it wouldn't.

Songee: So you want your Guardian to give you some very definite signals that they are there. That you can recognise. Come along. (To Spirit, and the dog growls again obviously very aware of the spirit person.)

Breathe, keep breathing. You take the deep breath in, it will enable you to open the connection better between yourself and your Guardian.

It feels similar to the Doorkeeper but not as intense.

Songee: Breathe. Keep breathing. Take the breath in, hold it keep holding it and feel. Now you want some realisation please to be given to you.

Ah, let's see what it is that you are doing. You have got your mind occupied with looking to find the sensation of the other that you have been feeling of late. Put that away from you, put that right away from you now. Put away the looking for it, you understand?


Songee: Put away the looking for it. Make yourself be passive to receive whatever sensation is needing to come to show you to demonstrate for you.

I feel coldness around my hands.

Songee: Now this is different?


Songee: What do you other peoples see?

Sensing that there's some deep marks on either side of the base of the nose, each side of the nostrils.

Songee: So ask Guardian do you have these deep marks either side of your nose that are being described?

Little Mantis: You mean at the bottom.


Little Mantis: No I am getting that feeling just at the side down there that I have been getting lately.

Your nose is different it looks as though it has a knob.

And I wonder if its tilting to one way. Is it tilting a little to the right?

By the mouth there.

Little Mantis: Yes just there by the mouth I feel it just there.

Pulled up just a little bit pulled up and the other side is pulled down a bit.

Little Mantis: This is the feeling I have been getting recently.

Sorry I didn't hear that D.

Little Mantis: This is the feeling I have been getting recently, this feeling by the nose.

Songee: So now talk to Doorkeeper - ask Guardian I said Doorkeeper by mistake sorry you step back, I say for you by mistake. So say for Guardian now - Are you Guardian? Show I the truth. Are you Guardian?

What do you feel?

I feel yes.

Songee: And what of the other sensations of the body, are they the same?

I still feel the feeling around my head but not so intense, lighter. Tingling now in my hands, and I can feel yeah tingling in my hands and my feet and in my shins.

Songee: Keep breathing. Now this person that you have with you - do you have man or woman, girl child, boy child, what have you? What do you see people?

I sense maybe a young man.

I was going to say a little bit of well I would describe it as bum fluff on his chin.

Songee: What is this bottom fluff?

Before the real growth begins.

Before they shave.

Songee: Ask Guardian - are you young person who is just now just now learning to grow beard? You have to learn to be polite.


Songee: What does Guardian say? What do you feel?

It wasn't meant to be nasty.

Little Mantis: No. Not that young. Middle age, 40, mature person.

Songee: So what is this thing that is around the chin?

What you call a goats beard. I don't know.

Songee: I do so love this.

Little Mantis: I feel pressure in my front area, a tightness there.

Is it an Adam's apple you feel?

Songee: What do you feel? Is this the presence of protuberance in the throat that a male has that you are not familiar with?

I felt it before. Yeah, I didn't relate it to my Guardian before.

Is he a sailor?

Little Mantis: My husband or...

Songee: You are asking Guardian! Don't allow your mind to be distracted by inanities. Go back into your breathing - now talk to Guardian. There has been question asked. Did your Guardian sail the Oceans?

Little Mantis: No I don't see that.

Songee: You can't see it. What do you feel? Allow your Guardian to show you. I am not saying the answer is wrong however I want you to feel. You are going into your mind a little bit and using your intellect to give you a reasoning - stop. Go back now, do the breathing. Ask your Guardian a yes or no. Feel yes or no.


Songee: Very good. So you are sensing something to do with oceans however what are the things might this be?

(Word unheard)

Songee: Change your question. Not everybody that has something to do with the oceans sails upon them you know.

No well that's true.

Songee: Ask question one at a time and you Little Mantis ask for yes or no answer.

Hold up your hands. Little Mantis lift your hands for your Guardian to show hands. Hold them up so that Guardian can show others your hands. The hands of Guardian on the top of your hands.


I can see what may be a big hollow in the palm of the hand.

I felt that it was like calluses like you know when you are doing some hard work.

Little Mantis: I don't know.

Songee: So ask. You are only guessing.

We are only guessing.

Were you a labourer on the wharves?

Little Mantis: Yes he did labouring.

Songee: There is a name for this is there not. What is name that is given to these peoples? Come on Wise One you know the answer.

Depends on what country. A long-shores-man, a water side worker.

Songee: So give the names and let Little Mantis find the answer. One at a time please.


Little Mantis: No.

Water side worker?

Little Mantis: No.


Little Mantis: No.

Songee: Closer is it not?

Maintenance worker?

Little Mantis: No.

Mercantile marine or is it naval?

Songee: You asking two questions.

Mercantile marine?

Little Mantis: No.

Fishing industry?

Little Mantis: No.

A Clerk?

Little Mantis: No. I feel like something happening to my arms.

Songee: You need to find a word beginning with S, like this. You know this - ah back to front. That way, that letter.

I have seen it.

Songee: Right letter.


Little Mantis: No.

Songee: Look for the things, I can tell you however it is better for you to feel it.

Little Mantis: Something in my arms across.


Songee: This is a person that has been doing manual work on...


Little Mantis: Getting impatient!

Songee: Yes this is so! (Songee laughs.) However I am going to council a little more patience please. This is important and when you want to work with Doorkeepers and Guardians then they have to be patient while only peoples are learning and letting it come...

Little Mantis: It's about cloth.

Sail maker?

Little Mantis: It's like a light fabric.

Looked like, felt like you had to go in and out of something. I felt maybe a net makers or something like that before.

Little Mantis: (Several words spoken that could not be heard.) I still feel it in my arms.

Songee: What are you feeling pressure?

Little Mantis: Like I am making something. Rolling something up.

Ship maker.

Little Mantis: Rolling up a (?).

Songee: Do you know the word Stevedore?

It's another name for a docker or long-shores-man.

Little Mantis: No.

Songee: Feel the word. Feel it (being?) as aware you are saying where the peoples have their life and the name that they are given in that life, in that place so they will have the name that is part of that time and part of that life.

So you have someone that is working hard with their hands. Now feel it - Stevedore.

Little Mantis: I feel it inside.

Songee: And what is the job of these Stevedore? What do they do?

Well they don't generally load ships, they run the equipment to load the ships.

Carrying things.

Songee: Keep with this. So you ask the question - Do you have this task, is this your job that you do, that you did of life?

Do you drive the equipment?

Little Mantis: No.

Songee: What do you feel? I am sensing that you have said no too quickly, that you have used your head once more to make a decision on something in your own head. Go back to your breathing. Go back inside now, and feel.

What is this thing that is having a hook upon it and a handle across like so? It has a hook.

Like something they pick hay bales up with, wool bales.

Songee: And it has a handle across like this. This is part of the things that are part of the life of this one.

That is a bale hook.

Songee: It is one of the things that has been used in the life on this one.

And to use a bale hook you would be moving cargo so you would be one of the many names that would labour loading the ship.

Songee: Now what do you feel?

Little Mantis: I still feel as though I have got something on my feet and upper legs.

Songee: And what do you feel about yes no answer? Back to this - don't you lose your patience! You have got to take deep breath, you want to learn to do this. You must take deep breath and be patient. You have to work at this. This is not going to come like that. (Songee claps the hands.) Practise, practise and more practise. You work at it. Is that not so?



Songee: Everyone has to practise if they want to do this thing.

Are you a winch man?

Songee: A Winch. Ask this question to your Guardian please Little Mantis?

Little Mantis: No not.

Do you have a very fine moustache comes do into a shaped little beard into a point of the chin?

Little Mantis: No I don't feel this.

Have you always done the same job?

Little Mantis: Yep.

You did not progress in the job?

Little Mantis: No.

Were you in a fight?

Little Mantis: No.

Do you know what age you went to work?

Little Mantis: I get 23 but...

What age are you now?

Little Mantis: The figure that comes straight away is 97.

Did you do something else before you were involved in a maritime activity?

Little Mantis: (Unable to hear reply.)

What did you do between school and 23?

Songee: We are going to have to stop there because Guardian is having difficulty and the difficulty is Little Mantis that you are letting your mind get in the way and you are continually using the control and it is blocking the information that is coming.

There is a beard coming down, a moustache coming down to a beard on the face of this one. The age that you have what not the age of passing of this one. They were much younger than that when they passed from the life. Indeed they lost the life while they were upon the workings with the ships. There was an accident.

So what you have to do is keep practising first of all the basics. You must learn to feel your Doorkeeper and practice some more learning to become familiar with your Doorkeeper and then learn to practise some more learning to feel your Guardian.

When you are ask questions you must breathe deep breaths. Feel the energy of this one coming into your being. Hold the connection between here and there. Have yourself your book and your scribe to write down what it is you feel, to write down the question you want to ask. You understand?

Little Mantis: Yep.

Songee: And you must practise more of this before you worry at all about how many other peoples may or may be working with you. Do you understand? This you must practise at, stop trying to control and I say this on purpose. You have 'control' and 'try' and the two together make a big caboom! Doesn't work. It blows everything up and then the connection is broken.

So you have to relax, so you have to breathe and you have to start learning to trust.

I'm working on that.

Songee: Ahh and what about learning to trust Oneness also?

That's coming too.

Songee: Unless you learn to trust Oneness you will not learn to trust your peoples in spirit. Lesson for all of you. You have a bother with your understanding and your concept and your feeling for Oneness Power you are going to have a great bother with your connection to your peoples in spirit. It will be harder for you to manifest and accept the manifestation of the feelings and the energies every time you let your mind come into, into being, and to give your reasons and excuses. This can't be real, how do I know it's right. You know it's right when you feel it...

(end of tape)

Songee: Whatever the feeling is you get from your peoples in spirit when you are linking with your Doorkeeper or your Guardian, then when you ask a question, you ask a single question. When you want to feel the answer, to feel the rightness of it there will be an intensification of the feeling that will come as a confirmation for you of a yes or a no. When it recedes it usually it is no, when it comes in more strongly it is yes. That is a very simple was to find it.

Another way you might look for it is to find for yourself the pendulum and to have a yes and a no, and you ask Doorkeeper or Guardian - one or the other, to come and work with you. And you hold up the pendulum and you ask question and then you wait to see whether it goes to yes or to no.

I used to do that and it is really wonderful the way they do it.

Songee: That always will show you yes or no and you write down your answers.

Now as you are learning you may make mistakes in your interpretations. This is part of the learning process, you understand? Not everybody gets it right first time all the time. And you learn to find your ability and to increase your ability and develop this talent by practising it, by writing down for yourself your results of what it is that you have done and then over a period of earth time as it passes, time will prove the truth of your findings. Do you understand? This way you must be patient.

You have it? Now that is all.

I am going to leave you now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: So now you know how to find your Doorkeeper and Guardian and you can practise this for your own self quite safely however you must remember to do your breathing exercise, to relax your body exercise, do your opening of your chakra and say your Open Prayer to welcome everybody and to ask for your protection and then you do this workings, and then you when you have finished you ask for them all to stand back and then you do your closing down and saying thank you to Oneness and everybody and so on and so forth. (The Disciplines)4

You must follow this pattern otherwise you are going to trip over your feet and bang your nose on the ground.

It's very important to if you are considering doing that massage course. It's very important to practise now.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: You are most welcome. I am going to go now and leave you with this Power of knowing of how to do this things and this is a wonderful Power to have, provided you use it. (Songee is smiling.)

So I go now and I leave you with this Power and also the Power of Light and Love to bring harmony and peace into your life, to assist you with all the many changes that are coming into your lives very soon.

So Be It

So Be It.

And to remember to allow the crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart and may the light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of light to drive away the darkness from the Soul.

Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns telling us about the riots in France that she had been to where the people were cross about something the Government were doing with the farming produce. They were using teargas and she saw the smoke and the shields. She saw something happening over Europe about the decimation of crops. She had also been with some Oriental people as well, the people were angry at the politicians and it deteriorated into this mob situation with teargas and shields.
Somewhere in the Middle East on a boarder there is going to be something happening. Also about a massive plane and train crash where Roberta-Margaret was involved with helping to take the Souls over. She didn't know when that was going to happen.
Roberta-Margaret has found that she is being taken to themes of things and will come to pass at different times or are yet to happen at different times. She was losing the details about the train and plane wreck but said she would know it if she saw it on the news.


1. Little Mantis - Songee had names for many of the Students in the Group. These names indicated where the students were at that time in their development. Over the years Songee often gave new names as the Student moved forward.
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2. Overshadowing - When invited Spirit come within the space of the physical body of the incarnate person. Spirit present in a 'persona' during the lifetime of the incarnate person. This persona is taken from the Spirit's own past life, they look as they did then and is often from a past life that was shared with the incarnate person. This helps us to recognise them. When Spirit 'overshadow' the physical body that persona can be seen as dark and light shadows and a different shape than the physicality.
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3. Stand back! - Songee often spoke sternly to Spirit as they seem to get very excited when invited to come close and overshadow.
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4. The Disciplines - for the detailed teaching of the Breathing exercises, the Relaxation exercises, the Opening of the Chakras, the Opening Prayer and the Closing Prayer. Please follow this link to The Disciplines
And this link to Songee's Teaching of The Disciplines
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