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A Name is Given
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'A Name is Given'
A Teaching from Songee late 1993

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Over the years while we were receiving the Teachings and training in the Advancement of the Soul, Songee would give us our 'Name'. It is the name of a bird, an animal, or a fish, even a person. Some of the characteristics of the creatures are also explained and how these are similar to ourselves. We are then told to go to a library and look up the creature whose name has been given to us. Discover for ourselves the pleasant attributes or the unpleasant ones. Our lesson then is to erase all the unpleasant ones and in this way we move forward to become a nicer creature.
From the time that Songee gave us our 'name', she always called us by this name...
Little Mother, Little Badger, Little Bowerbird, Little Rabbit became Little Robin for a short time then she was Little Rabbit once more. Little Fish in a small pond became Little Fish in the open sea after she clambered over the rocks to reach the open water. Little Goose, Little Heron, Little Tree Bear, Little Fox, Little Lizard and Little Camel. These are the names that some of the pupils received.

Songee: So?


Songee: Where do you wish to begin?

Ah Right.

Songee: Your little bird hop up and down on the perch.

Yes, it's basically a general understanding of where I am in my general... my learning. How am I progressing? Or am I slipping behind occasionally or am I progressing satisfactorily?

Songee: It is time for a little change. You have developed yourself into a corner you have made for yourself. A nice safe place that have behind you the firm wall that you can put your back and in front of you, you can fight or put in front of you whatever you so wish.

There is a very big word for it, it is not a nice word it is a 'naughty' word. It is a sad place, it is a place that you are 'controlling' from. It is time to step out of your corner away from your sad place that you can defend if you have need to and be very brave and come out into the middle of everything.

Come out fighting!

Songee: 0h, no need for fight. Now you must come and stand in the middle, in the middle of the vastness of all that is possible with nothing around you. No wall to protect, no barrier to protect. Nothing to hide behind, to pop up head now and again and to say "I'm here, "I'm C". Now you have to be here where we all can see for you. All the bits and pieces of you that you may wish like to hide away.

Yes, there are many of them.

Songee: As indeed there are for many others. However it is C of whom we are discussing now. So when you stand in the middle of this, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the middle of a very vast open plain. There is nothing as far as the eye can see, in any of your direction. You have no weapon and you stand with no clothes in the middle of this open. How feel you?

Looking for cover.

Songee: So, do you know what name we have for you? It is time for you to have your name. Only by having a name can you begin to learn to change your name. You are "Little Turtle".

My goodness!

Little Mother...Lovely!

Songee: Little Turtle stand with no clothes in the middle of the... middle of the desert.

Little Mother...No Shell?

Songee: There is nothing, is nothing there and nothing to hide inside. 0oh... is very frightening in that place, nothing to hide away. So to make for you to learn how to come out and not be afeared of anything, you have to change from being Little Turtle. The Turtle have a very strong shell.

The person who you have, you have another name for the one of the land, it matters not. It is the one of the land to which I refer, not the one of the water. It has a very large shell, very thick very hard shell. It is so hard that a man can jump upon it and it will not break and it lives for a number of earth years and it very deliberately plods around and does whatever a Turtle needs to do himself. if anyone speaks to him he's a little bit... not always hearing what is being said to him. This is not because the hearing is not there, this is because the mind of the Turtle is so involved in what he is doing, he does not hear when he is spoken with. Even if someone come and go bang, bang... (Songee gestures with her fist) on the shell, he not hear. Also the Turtle will go and hide away through one season of the Planet turning.

So this creature is very important for you and understand to give you understanding of how you have been and how it is that you must move away from this way of being now.

There was silence for a short time as all the students reflected on the knowledge that was given. We were about to close the Circle when someone asked if they had a question to ask.)

Do you have a question that you would like to ask?

Songee: The Badger does not want to come out of his lair. I have news for Badger, a message. That Badger is not to remain Badger for very much longer. Although there are strengths to the Badger, also there are hidden weaknesses. I don't like that, not a weakness. It is that the nature of the Badger require it to be very shy. It is time now for the Badger to change and become a different creature. I give you fair warning of it. I give you this so that you know that it is coming to you, however I do not tell you when it is coming to you. That way I can give you a kick in the soft place, then it will have more effect. You might go sailing over the moon.

They are very effective, they make the person sit up and go Ooh. It is very good, it makes up the difference, it opens the door. It clears away all that mucky substance.

It is time for me to go.


Reference Number: 19950329

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