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Fight and Sacrifice
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Fight and Sacrifice'
A Teaching from Songee 30th October 1995

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee: I can give you some history if you wish for it.

Yes, we would like that Songee.

Songee: Those who work on the earth plane, using the sword to fight for the church, before entering upon a Quest - first they must cleanse themselves and then they must not eat nor drink and they must hold a special time for them to commune with their Gods. This is not a new thing in the history of mankind on this planet. In all the religions, in all the (?facets) of your planet will encounter such a thing as this, what it does is to bring the Seeker closer to the Power of the Godhead, to the Oneness.

It transpires back many times, it has also been a custom for the one who is upon the Quest to sacrifice something, to shed the blood of something - even the people that you know as the 'Ones who belong to the Christos' had this custom. They would sacrifice a sheep or a goat. With the advent of the Christos, the Christos became the sacrificial lamb. The blood of Him was shed as sacrifice for all humanity. Therefore the need for a sacrifice no longer existed so the next thing for a human to do was to sacrifice a part of himself. The comfort, the eating and drinking.

Then it progressed some more and it become that in doing this it is discovered that the human Soul could leave the body more readily and go to the realm of Spirit and converse with the Wise Ones there.

Then some places of the planet with some people they do not eat or drink, however they take into their system a substance that heightens the awareness that also takes them closer to the Vision that they seek. We have taught you to go further from that again. Now you do not have to do that, you no longer need a substance no longer need to have food of drink for this to happen. However if you choose to do that it is your choice, you do not have to do it. However it is, if you have done these things you are cleansed within your body as well as without it.

To do a special work it is sometimes better to abstain from the eating and drinking and wash the body so that you are cleansed inside and out. When your fast is complete you can break your fast, much as you do for your meeting. However it is only little fast not a big fast.

The purpose for this time alone for the one is to seek the vision. To be clear so that there is no doubt about the journey which they are about to embark and to know what foe that they are to fight and also the outcome of their effort.

To know if the physical life is to be lost in the effort, or if it is to be retained for this time. Such was the purpose of that for those of that time, that is no different from now in this time. Only the method that is done is different, it is important to have the vision so that the soul knows that it is to be successful and if it is to retain its soul.

It is a prayer for guidance, it is the offering of the Self as Server. It is the willingness to die, to be the sacrifice if necessary for the Oneness, for humanity. There is more which you cannot know. That is the purpose of those who seek the Vision.

Would we just have to do the cleansing and the meditation to get the Vision, would we have to go through the full ceremony?

Songee: You do not, this is small, but not for this time. We will finish now.

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