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Cosmic Law
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Cosmic Law'
A Teaching from Songee 15th September 1990


Reasons for Sickness in life
The Souls who come from the darkness
Spirit Life
The Foundation Stones
Souls who remain on the Earth
Using The Foundation Stones

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee: There are many things that I wish to tell you. It may seem that I am repeating myself. When this is so it is truly important for you to remember, when I talk to you of the Cosmic Law, because the Law of the Cosmos, or the Universal Law, that must be obeyed and the Universal understanding must not be moved.

You realise that there are those who live on the earth plane, every single life is touched by the varying emotions that gather momentum. So this is why you are living in a human body, so that you can experience all the lessons.

Nothing that is known and experienced are left to chance. All the things have been ordained by those and by the chosen life that they lead. You know all this... It must be remembered, tell others and others must know of it. This is the foundation of all the learning that is given.

There are many questions regarding the different frailties of human living. You take any number of them and I will repeat to you. It is a chosen lesson for that soul in that lifetime, something that they have chosen be it Karma or be it Destiny, it matters not.



Reasons for Sickness in life

Songee: Now your question of ailments. You tell me where it fits in? I have given you the answer and it is for you to give it to others. It is a hard lesson for them to learn, they do not understand the Universal Law. It is this that I was telling you of before.

There is no room really for sympathy or for feeling sorry for, for recognising tragedy. There is no tragedy. There is no suffering. It is chosen. It sounds to the human ear very cold and uncaring, I say No it is not, it is ordained by the one who has chosen it. How else do they expect to learn the lesson to grow and go forward in their soul. That is what they are doing in the human frame, it is the purpose to lead the soul forward.

Is there any specific lesson that is learned from the disease Aids?

Songee: It is far reaching. It covers all of the different emotions that can be experienced. All you have to do is to enter the consciousness of the one who has such and then you will touch the soul and you will experience the pain and suffering that they feel, the anguish that they feel. Then you must detach, detach and come away and allow it to be.

If it is in your destiny in life to fight, to learn how this disease has come about, then that is what you will do. You will train to be such a one. That will be your life. Again it is a chosen destiny, one that is chosen before you come, all is chosen before you come. It is all ruled by Cosmic Laws and is all known as a Universal Knowledge.

It is the trauma of the Oneness, there is no secretiveness, you can touch the souls of those who suffer without being a sufferer yourself. Your soul can learn and grow from that, it maybe that you fail to learn by the touching so when you return to the Spirit form, you may look at yourself and think that this is something that you would like to experience, (and?) say, "I would like to experience". There is no real liking or disliking in Spirit, it does not exist in the levels as you progress forward. You have less and less contact with the emotions of the physical plane. It is only when you come closer to the physical plane that you are able to make contact with the emotional plane, it is the only time that you need to. There is no need to experience on the different levels.

The Souls who come from the darkness

The souls of the children that are kept, that are looked after, they are allowed to experience the emotions for they are new souls, they are young souls. Do not think that because a child needs this earth plane that it goes to the Orphanage, it does not, it is only the souls of those who are still growing who go there and they go to be taught. Much as you are taught in school and then they are given an opportunity to choose a new life. Then they can choose them with more clearance and come to be born.

There are no old souls in the orphanage, only new ones and it is not a small place. It is as large as it has need to be, as they have need to use. Yet it is only one room. The souls that are born come from the Darkness into the Light, sometimes they begin in the orphanage for they have no one at that time to claim them. Sometimes it is that the Soul Mate has been separated from them, from the time of the Chaos, and perhaps living a life in the Light already on the earth plane, when recovering the soul from the Dark.

They must return as a small child, they must be reborn. It is so, it cannot be any other way. The soul must grow in the Light in the body. It is born from the darkness as of the Womb into the Light.

Why are there so many more souls coming in now?

Songee: It is a matter of progression of this, for the souls to be collected from the Darkness, they must be collected, they cannot be rescued. They are brought back to go to the Light, they must have somewhere to go so they must be born on the earth plane.

...From one Darkness into another!

Spirit Life

Songee: It may seem to you but not to us, there is no emotion with us. It is only when we use or come close to the physical body that we will use the emotion, so we have no need to respond at any other time. We do not hate, all is love, there is no fear, there is no Darkness, there is no joy; not as you know it. The soul is uplifted to a different level by its own effort. The upliftment of the soul, if you had the feeling on the earth plane, you would call it Joy or Ecstasy or feeling good about yourself. That does not happen in Spirit you simply move up a level, you cannot remain down on the level you were at. You must float up to join those who knew heaven.

Are there many souls going ahead and do not return to a physical life again?

Songee: There are many, many different levels to go through on the physical plane of the human life span. It is not the only one, there are many others in different dimensions to this. Not only the dimensions of Spirit but the others of Physical plane have different dimensions also. You cannot see it, it does not exist for you and yet they are not (skilled?). This is a difficult concept for most people to understand on the earth plane. This is one that is found to be confusing.

The human mind cannot experience the existence of those who would be living in the physical or in the feeling, as you are feeling but not of your dimension. There are some of this earth plane who would call it a parallel dimension.

Songee: Very good, you have something that is done here - our young friend in spirit here has a good sense of humour has told me "It is done with mirrors". If you line up the mirrors in such a way you can see the reflection of yourself for ever. Until it diminishes into the distance and becomes so small you cannot see it. Such are the parallel dimensions that I speak of. Except you do not see the reflections. However they cannot be touched, they cannot be encroached upon from one dimension to the other. When you have learned all you can on this life, from this Spirit, from this dimension, then you can move into the next one and continue in it as well.

Do you go through the same type of experiences?

Songee: Only pertaining to that dimensions. Remember, each one as you go into it is not even active as the one before. Therefore you can be in Spirit, you can show yourself from one of the other dimensions back into one that you have already been through, as you will be seeing or perceived from a spirit guide. There you are in fact living in a body of your own in a different dimension.

Now I will complicate you further, it is not important. It is only important as far as questions are concerned. As far as learning is concerned it is not important, for when you return you have only to be concerned with the next step you are to take.

Each Planetary system is working through the one at the top. It will become so pure that it will become part of the Oneness in total and will have no physical expression of it and everyone will move up one. With no exception this planet will move up also.

There is a planet in the earth's solar system which has visible signs of people living upon it. According to those who have studied, they have found that there is proof, that there have been perhaps physical people living upon it. It is on the Red Planet the one you call Mars. There are people living upon it and they thrive for they are not of this dimension. They have moved up, they moved up before this one became a home for the human life that you know now.

This is quite interesting with a lot of knowledge to discuss. (The speaker is referring to passing this knowledge onto the students he leads in a development group.)

Songee: If you have a wish to explain all this be prepared for more question. But remember what I have told you about the Foundation Stones at the beginning upon which it is all built, that is what is important.

You may ask those who come to your meeting, "Which of you has never been touched by suffering, by joy, by pain, by anguish, by fear, laughter and all of the human emotions?" Which one of you never experienced any of these things? Why have they experienced all of these things?" You can talk about it and then tell them what I have told you about the Foundation Stones. Then it may make some sense to them.

When I am asked and I am unsure of how to answer correctly, is it proper to let my Spirit friends answer for me?

Songee: You can make those of us come and help you, but you must put aside yourself.

Is that Complete trance or Partial trance?

Songee: You can do it as you are doing now but you must put aside yourself. You must not have yourself in front answering the question, unless you say that you are answering the question. If you do it with some of the answers and you lose contact, if that happens, so it happens. The other people who are asking may be closed, that is not your problem, they have lessons to learn also.

The Foundation Stones

The Foundation Stones, you must come back to The Foundation Stones1 if they do not learn those, they must keep practicing until they do. They will not go forward until they learn them. If they seem to go forward, they will not, they will not make the final step until they have been learned. If they learn those and with humility and I say that with purpose, then they will have learned it well and indeed there is really less that they need to learn. They can build on it but it is the basic principle of Spirit Goal. The return to the Oneness, all souls must do it to achieve.

If you speak to them and tell them, "Do not feel compassion, do not have caring, do not have caring about what is happening." You will be wrong. It is important to have all of it, but to retain, because you acknowledge all that is meant to be.

Remember there is not a Sparrow falls but is not known by the Oneness, there is no flower picked that is not known, no blade of grass that is plucked that is not known. Imagine the vastness of it. When you have the Foundation Stones all of it is cemented together with One Power. The Power of Love, Eternal all Pervading and Everlasting.

Is there anything that we need to introduce to the other meeting or are we working satisfactorily?

Songee: You have to practice more of what you are doing on Monday night also on Thursday night, it is essential that for the synthesizing to practice these things. Do not leave them behind and do all the lesser work. You must get your hands dirty too.

You are learning cases of the diseases and cases you are talking about in this work, I say in this work not in just a particular line. It is that only more of the diseases that you have are not new, they have been known for a long time. It has been born of Genetic Engineering, but it was important that without Genetic Engineering you would not have been the human as you are now and the soul of those who wish to come would not have the Playground that they now have. I say playground for it is play, as a child learns as it plays so does the soul. The true life is in Spirit.

That does not mean that everybody must try to get back immediately. It is not permitted, you must finish your time that you have given yourself. They also wish to discontinue their lives of their own freewill according to man's laws, may do so if they wish. According to the Spirit Laws you have a choice of doing it or not. According to the Cosmic Law and Universal Knowledge they do not have a choice. It is not permitted, so if they choose to do it they have broken the Law. They must receive the penalty for such, it is one they set for themselves, not those in Spirit set it. For when they return they find out that they have broken the Law and because they are essentially a Spiritual being and because the Spiritual Life is the true life, they must honour it if they wish to remain in the Oneness. So they must return to do penance and continue, and after they have chosen, full grown.

The suicide, the one who takes his own physical life always, always must make penance in the next life to come. It is not held over and given several lives, it must be done immediately. It is the Law, reparation must be made immediately. It does not govern how soon the soul returns, only they must add on the time that they did not finish and the lessons that they failed to learn in that previous life. It must be added on to this one, so they have a more difficult life.

Sometimes the soul will be born into the body of one who is diseased or deformed. I have told you it is sometimes because they have chosen, that it is Destiny that they have this body, sometimes it is not, it is Karma. The payment of the soul, not one payment as of one soul to another, for all souls are one in Spirit. In a way it is repayment to the Law, to the Cosmic Law, to the Law of Oneness, to the Universal Knowledge. It is a redressing, a balancing of energy that is required. The understanding of the Karmic Law is not wrong on the earth plane, it is only incomplete. As a Facet of the Diamond, it is neither right or wrong.

Have you another question? The time is short, your time is short, my time is not. I have much time, I stay as long as I wish.

Souls who remain on the Earth

Songee, I have a personal question would you answer please? My daughter works in a Psychiatric Hospital as a nurse trainee and one of her patients does not have very nice vibrations. She wonders if she is Psychic or has the lady got a bad feeling?

Songee: The lady has not got a bad feeling of her own. She has someone with her, in fact she has three persons with her.

Is the lady aware of them?

Songee: At different times she is aware of one or the other. She does not like to talk about them, they are not out of her mind. They come from the Darkness. They are souls who have not returned and have remained on the earth plane, they have stayed behind and not followed the progression forward.

NOW, you are going to ask me why. Why the souls do not progress forward. Don't ask me, I don't know and I'm not going to tell you.

Is there any way that we can help them?

Songee: You must exorcise them.

That would be a difficult job would it not?

Songee: You don't do it we do it. We do it with no intercession.

You do it with my intercession?

Songee: The intercession from those of the earth plane, because the souls are earth bound. Does that make sense to you?

Yes I understand that.

Songee: If you look at the Foundation Stones you will find that it is all very logical, it does not go away from its pattern. The souls have refused to go forward. They do not want to progress, it is only a matter of time. They must go forward eventually even it is a denial of the Oneness, then we will catch them for they have nowhere to go.

M need not be frightened of those souls coming and taking over the body. She has not chosen it for this life. So it will not be, she is free to open herself and give Love. The Darkness will recede in front of the Light. It may not recede peacefully but it will recede. It may make a lot of noise before it goes when it realises that it cannot defeat the Light, it will become subdued. Sometimes it is necessary with the one of Light to recognise and respect that the one of Darkness has chosen this and allow it to be and keep the distance and observe.

However in (all?) circumstances must the one of Light ever entertain in their being at any level, or at any form, of the negative power, nor hatred to be given to the one of Darkness. Only Love and then back to your basic Stones. This is true of all things.

In line with the human being, you may be appalled at the abuse of an old lady, mind and body. The Soul of the one who is aware of the Universal Knowledge and of the Cosmic Laws will extend Love to the perpetrator of the crime on the earth for the experience. So the Soul of the one that is left, or remains in the body, depending on the crime that has been committed against it - remember it has chosen it - in return must give Love even if it is only recognised in the soul.

The soul consciousness and the purpose will eventually reach a point where this can occur, realising the violated will be able to show Love and be shining to the one who has perpetrated the crime. At this point they have achieved all.

That one will not have to speak of it, it will not have to be known or passed on to others, that others may know that they feel this way. It is a very quiet still thing that happens, that the soul is at peace and lose the hatred, that would be the ultimate goal of the Soul to reach.

There are many on the earth plane now who are angry and complain bitterly because of things that have happened to them, that they think that should not have happened to them, because who they are or what they are or where they were.

The Soul that has learned or experienced this and eventually on the earth plane the whole thing is to know that the normal thing is to Love. The perpetrator is not a Soul that will return to that Love and the planet will move on. Those who have not learned will remain behind.

We hear that there are so many different religions of this earth and have been called by many that there will come a time when the earth plane will become a garden of great beauty, where there is no violence.

Songee: This is true it will happen but not in the way they believe it to be. The earth as you know it will continue. It must continue, however the beings on it will change. I cannot reveal what will become of the planet and future of this planet, the days, the living beings on this planet, I wonder why? I will remake the whole garden and they will begin again on the other planet and the other ones will have moved on. And the Souls of the perpetrators of crime who do not learn lessons will inhabit the bodies of those who come after, to continue their lesson. All continues until every Soul has been reclaimed from the Darkness.

So you can look into your mirrors into infinity and imagine how many Souls are being born on all of the different planets and all of the different dimensions and all are One.

I must get this knowledge transcribed to give to the Monday meeting for discussion.

Using The Foundation Stones

Songee: Remember The Foundation Stones, on which all else is built. Apply it to all of their friends that you wish to know. And you will find all the answers to many of their questions that you would like to ask. If you find that it does not flow then you have not got it right. If you hit an obstruction then you have not worked it through. It will flow the cycle will flow.

As you think of the question regarding what it is that you wish to know, go back to the Foundation Stones and apply the knowledge that you have been given and follow it through and as the cycle which follows, it will come back to the Foundation Stones. If it does not, you have missed your way.

Thank you Songee for the knowledge that was given this evening, it was very enlightening.

Songee: Like a circle within a circle so it flows.

I leave you with the Power


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