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Mentally Challenged Persons
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Mentally Challenged Persons'
A Teaching from Sister Marie Teresa, May 1993

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

During Circle a discussion began about how mental challenged persons lived, their Destiny Path and their Karma and how they passed into Spirit.

In a short time it was noticed that someone from Spirit was with the Channel. On welcoming the Spirit Person to the Circle a voice replied and we recognised the person as Sister Marie Teresa the one who helps to look after the children in the orphanage in Spirit.

A pupil mentioned our discussion to Sister and asked her if she could give further information on the subject.

Sister Marie Teresa: Much is known by the mind of the person that is living. A great number of things are understood by this mind and many like it. However it is all understood wrongly.

When separation occurs passing over to Spirit from physical body back into Spirit, it is in normal situations a very gentle happening. To those watching it can appear laboured and drawn out, painful and disturbing, at the point where the physical mind ceases to be aware of itself and its physical surroundings. That is the point where the Soul begins to separate. Actual separation from the body into Spirit is not the same as from one body to the next. Each individual has their own pattern, each individual has their own learning, each passes in a different way.

For example, you will perceive the person who has for a number of years undergone much earth medication because to the majority of people they appear unsound in their mental attributes.

These people unknown to those around who favour their own mental attributes are in fact very close to us in Spirit. When it is time for them to pass hack into the realm of Spirit, it is a comparatively easy transition. Because to them the world of Spirit and their own normal world is the one and same. Their confusion and disharmony arises when you of the physical plane all the 'real world' into these in their minds of those who are already dwelling very much in Spirit.

At the time of death from the earth life, it is increasingly more difficult for you of the earth plane to find suitable medication for these people, to keep them in your world.

You are remembering teachings from before. These are not to be forgotten, but in this case are not applicable. The message and the words are, that those who have mental disorders, have mental disorders only from the point of view of the physical plane and when it is time for them to return to Spirit it is an easy thing for they are more of Spirit than they are of earth.

Those of you on the physical plane who administer medication to these people will find it increasingly difficult to keep them in your world. For their mental state is such that they are not of your world and have not been of your world since the beginning of their ailment.

Therefore when the Soul of the mentally retarded leaves the body and returns to Spirit. The transition is gentle but thorough and at the time of passing all the connections with the body are generally severed. If they remain in the vicinity of their body it is because they lack understanding of what has occurred to them. They do not fully realise that they are not in the Physical body, because to them they were not in it anyway. It was merely a weight, an anchor that kept them in one place. When they are asleep or resting, which most mentally ill do. They are out of their bodies, they are separate, they are back in Spirit. Their life is in Spirit and they are learning much in Spirit but some do not always remember. The earth pattern of being confused is carried over with them sometimes. For a short time they are still confused and remain that way until they are helped by people from earth intervening, greeting them, instructing them, reaching them and passing them back to Spirit. To the Spirit Teachers who take them on the way to rest before their final journeys.

Those who pass from physical life back into Spirit through long illness similarly pass reasonably gentle depending upon their Destiny Path which they have chosen. Passing which they have chosen.

Remember always the Path of your passing back to Spirit is the one which you have chosen for yourselves, that you might learn from that final lesson. Those Souls who pass through sudden death, violent injuries of any kind, unfortunately are bound by their physical bodies to the area in which they passed.

This is not of any determinate time however. The body of that person may be buried, may be burned or may be drowned but it cannot, once the 'Cord' has been severed, it cannot be reactivated. The Cord in this instance is not always severed at the time of physical death.

In some instances, in those instances those of earth who are fully tutored in the 'Art' may resurrect the physical body of the one who was appearing to be lifeless.

This can occur after the accepted three days. Some beings have been resurrected later than three days. If it is not in the time of that person or for them to return to Spirit at that particular earth time. They will not remain with us and the resurrection and the return to the body will occur. This happens many times to many people when they are having earth operations. Many times do persons die in the course of the operations and those around are amazed and find it miraculous when that person revives again. I tell you there is nothing miraculous about it, we don't want them yet.

If it is in the pattern of that persons Destiny to experience certain things. There are numerous things that you can learn. (Dr Sven who is also with the Channel and assisting with the lecture showed the a very large book and quickly flicked through the pages to show the amount of ways and things that can be learned)

Not from the one situation but many situations that can occur to you in a lifetime. Cutting a finger, stubbing a toe, something in the eye, it is all decided before you come to the physical and we do not give any credence to this.

So there is no death that occurs before its time anyway, but the actual transition of passing is different from person to person.

Does the Etheric body separate from the physical body at the time of death?

Sister Marie Teresa: How are you going to pass from earth life into Spirit without your Etheric body?

The Etheric body is the casing in which the rest is held. You cannot pass from one life into Spirit without that body. It is not destroyed. The link between your Spirit body and earth body is by means of a Silver Cord, Aka Cord, Spirit Cord or the Etheric Cord, it has many names. It is the Electric Force between the two. When the Etheric Soul or Spark of Life leaves and this is here, the Cord breaks as it leaves the body. If it does not break you can have a resurrection. As with Christ he did not sever his Cord. The difference between Christ and Lazarus was, Christ was one who of earth had access to the Powers of Resurrection.

When he passed into Spirit he was able to resurrect himself because he had the Power and had learned the Powers while on earth and not just when in Spirit. Does it make sense now?

(Sister left the Channel after giving a Blessing.)

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