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Journey and the Animals
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Journey and the Animals'
A Teaching from Songee 17th January 1994


Look to the Message
Working out the meditation message
Relating the message to the Path of the Christos

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Look to the Message

Songee: I did not speak to you at the beginning of the meeting. This time I have words to say to you, it is important for the time that you have coming ahead of you. This is for all of you, it is prudent that I speak to you at this time.

It is time now for you all to not shilly-shally around. It is apparent that you do not look to the message that you are getting from the work that you do. The task before you for this time for future meeting is to learn to recognise the message that is contained within that which you feel. There are many wonderful things given to you and you Poof... put it away. Not straight away, you enjoy I understand this. However when this is done, you do not ponder upon it much in the time after that.

Now for a moment, remember what transpired for you, your journey, how you feel, the creature that you meet. What is your relationship to these and then reflect to yourself, "Why do I have that relationship with that animal? What does that animal represent to me?" Look for the answer there is a message there for you.

Those who proceed with the meditation despite being pulled in another direction are demonstrating personal discipline. However do look at the Power of the connection that there is a feeling of need to go away. "Am I trying to run away from myself or am I indeed being invited by something else to walk away? Am I learning this discipline and this is how it is showing itself to me? Or am I being tempted by another Power to move away from the Light and the Path on which I tread." Many things to look within yourself. This is not what you are doing now. Now is the time to do this. Do it more, more than you have done it before.

For you... (To one of the students) your faithful hound that bears the gifts on the back. What relationship is that hound to you? Is there one in your life who is such as that hound that you know? Who bears the gift, who is always faithfully there behind you and waits for you to finish what you do. Waiting for to accompany you on your journey some more?

You, YOU... have a connection with the animal like the dog was. This is not a trivial thing it is something deep in your Soul that you have this connection with this animal. The horse represents something very special to you. Not just in the physical, but in the Spiritual also. It goes back many lifetimes. Seek it out and strengthen the union.

When you go on your journey it is nice to see all the pretty things around and about you. However it is important that it is not placed on the Shelf of Forgetfulness when you are away. Every little thing has a meaning for you, the flower, is it in bloom? Is it beginning to bloom? The tree that is so young, how is it that you have such a young tree? (to another student) Is it that you are about to embark on a new life and you require the strength of the growing young thing. The energy that goes into it to make it grow. Imagine the energy that there is to make the tree grow in such a short time. Or is it that you have left behind a part of yourself that is no longer needed and the young tree is yourself? There are many ways to look and reflect within yourself.

You must find the true meaning for yourself. No one can give you the answer for it. It can be given as suggestion only. What you discover for yourself is true for yourself. The 'I' will always be true to yourself. It cannot be true to anyone else, that same thing.

One person may have a rose and another person may have a rose, but each rose may have a different meaning for each person. Neither is wrong both are correct and have a truth within them, it's for that one. Do not deny yourself the knowledge that has been given to you, it will enrich your life.

Think for a moment of the things that you have experienced. Now feel them again within you and then if you can think of the knowledge that you have gained from doing this. To demonstrate that you have an acknowledgement of the message that has been given to you. Then making it into the word that has been spoken. Then bringing it into the physical life, and it becomes reality for you in your life. Do this for a moment when you are ready then speak to each other of it. I will not interrupt you.

(Each person talked of their experiences that they had during their meditation and journey.)

Songee: Now in all of this, what is the gift that you have been given. You have the message. Now what is the gift? Is it a gift of Tolerance, Mercy, Patience, look within the message for the gift to find, to believe, to have Faith, have Trust.

(Songee was quiet for some time while we discussed this knowledge.)

Working out the meditation message

I am disjointed, there are so many new things, new places, Spirit has been pushed down to the bottom somewhere. I have trouble bringing it out again. Usually I can relate to Spirit quite easily. My mind is totally jammed with work, personal and physical things. I know it will all come back to me. The Spiritual side must be having a rest. I must have patience. I have had these feelings before and got lost in them and I come back, it takes a little time.

Songee: Now to look at it with the eyes of understanding and with the knowledge of before. Now if you look at it from the Path of the Christos, and you put your life side by side with the Path of the Christos. Where on his travel would you say your path is most similar? Remember this is on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual plane and you can be on any part of the Path on all of those levels. You say your mind is crammed with things, which means its full to overflowing, so much that you cannot put everything into its right place for you. Is that correct?

That is how it feels at this moment.

Relating the message to the Path of the Christos

Songee: So you look at the Mental Plane. Where and what is happening in your life in the Mental plane that will apply to the Path of the Christos? Are you being given a message of the coming of the Light to the earth? The visit of the angels, or are you being given the knowledge of the journey to the city to stand up and be counted among the brethren, or are you at the time of the birth, or are you at after the birth when you are fleeing the city, or are you being taken to visit the Holy Land to gain wisdom and to know where your life is, to know and so to pass through to the time of the Death, Entombing, the Rising and the return to Spirit. Where on the Path is your happening?

I seem to be in the middle of change somewhere. Change of families, circumstances, New things Old things getting mixed up, uncertainty too.

Songee: Would you place yourself in the process of getting away from where you were, to go to a new place?

It seems to be in an in between state.

Songee: Are you on the journey to the city to be counted as one of the brethren?

Probably, somewhere on the way there. I think... there is a holiday coming up.

Songee: You are putting into words something that is too special to put into words. You are trying to make an ordinary thing out of something that cannot be made ordinary. This of which I speak cannot be explained away by holiday away from everything. Learn to know where you are on the Path. When you know where you are on the Path it is no bother to go along with it. It does not matter if Spirit seems to be inactive in your life.

It is not that it is inactive, it is only that this is not taking importance in your life and that is where you are on the Path and you can still what is ahead of you and how to deal with it. Then everything will fall into place and take away the pressure, the worry of it.

So where on the journey would you put your mind, your intellect?

In the middle of the big change.

Songee: Then what of the physical?

It is very tired and in need of a rest. So is the Mental.

Songee: This is different, the mental is active, is busy, is getting ready for a new change, your physical is tired it does not want this change. The emotion also is weary it wants to rest. Do not imagine the tiredness is in the mind, it is in the physical and emotional and they are on different parts of the Path of the Christos to the Infinite.

This is why you have conflict. If you understand this you will not try to use your Power to try to make your intellect stay still, let it go 'bush' if it wants to. Then let the emotional sit down and take a time to be by itself. Let the mind chatter away. Don't fight it, that will make the physical and emotional more tired.

So where on the Path are we with the physical and emotional?

I'm not really sure.

Songee: Feel, what do you Feel?

It feels O.K. it is quite comfortable.

Songee: Take the physical, what is happening on the physical plane with you? What is happening on the evening of your life?

There is a lot of change, unusual change that I'm not used to.

Songee: So you are moving and changing on the Journey before the Christ Child is born. The Mother and Father take a long and weary journey to the city before they get there, long before they get there in the dark of night they are tired, they are weary, but they know they have to be there to move to this place to have this Child at this time. They know they have to find a place to put their head to sleep and their body to rest, but they are weary, but they keep going to find the stable, the place of Sanctuary.

Yes I think so.

Songee: Now we await the coming of the Christ Child in the physical life. The imminent birth of the Christos in your life is change again, the Light to come into your life once more. If you look, before time, you will discover that you have been through Crucifixion, you have been Entombment, you have been Resurrected, you have been through Ascension and then you have had a space in your earth time, minutes, hours, seconds, it matters not when you are in a void.

Then you begin the Path all over again. Now you are waiting for the Christ Child to come into your life in the physical and also the emotional. The spiritual self is not in the foreground at this time. I cannot give you touch with it in the physical plane very easily, but you have faith and you know that it is there. So we place the Spiritual, that is at this time resting in the Void waiting for a message to say, "The new beginning is about to be made manifest." So now you put that to things past, things present, things to come. Find the truth of it, it is in it. All of you try to make ordinary that which is not. She has shut the mind up, she has me squared? Rationalising, I do not know where she finds it. You are putting into the physical something that has no place there. Don't do that, accept it as it comes to you, seek the true answer of it. Not what you want to make it to be. So that is all for this time. There is more to come in time, earth time.

Reflect upon your journeys of this time and reflect upon that which you have been given at this time.

You have a short time left for making each other better. I go now...

I leave you with the Power.

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