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Sally's Talk on Opening the 3rd Eye Meditation
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents Sally talking about the 'Opening the 3rd Eye Meditation'
A Teaching from Songee 7th July 1994


The Meditation
Dog Medicine

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Many students came regularly to this Circle. This one was held at Ranui in Auckland, at the home of Roberta-Margaret on the 7th July 1994.

The students did their journey to music. The Music used frequently for opening of the Third Eye meditation was Jeff Clarkson's Midnight Walk from his CD called Openings. Jeff is a New Zealand Artist.

Each Student had different experiences. When they came back after the journey they waited for Roberta-Margaret for a short time but she did not return, Sally was there instead. They spoke of their experiences. There was talk about what they would do next. As Sally had no idea about that either the conversation moved to different questions which Sally answered in her unique way.

The Meditation

Sally: Can you remember what happened at the last time you did this?

Yes, I cannot remember a thing, I fell asleep.

Sally: That was alright, you still did it.

I have no memory of any of it.

Sally: Don't worry about that, you've got to get it a little bit right at a time. You've got to get the first bit right. It doesn't matter if you think that you have gone to sleep, you haven't really.

Have we succeeded to a certain degree, don't you think?

Sally: 0h yeah, you are all doing it proper like, it is coming along quite nicely it is.

That's nice, that's good, all laughing.

Sally: Of course you are, haven't you been told that?

Sometimes you wonder if you are doing it right or are you imagining things.

Sally: It ain't you imagining it, because you're not supposed to be thinking about nothing.

Sometimes thought creeps in.

A question Sally about the Third Eye. Is there a physical way of opening the third eye, such as putting a stick into that area?

Sally: I don't think it is awfully safe to do that, is it? Everybody has got different ways of doing it. To get a stick and hammer it into your head is a little bit dangerous ain't it.

We have read of it, and we thought it may be a person's vivid imagination.

Sally: No, they used to do it a lot, don't forget the laws that are governing you here, is the same laws that are governing over there also. That is not quite right, I'll get it right. You've got laws here that you have to live with. If you were to apply that kind of reality to that sort of thing, you could come an awful cropper, but if you are doing it and applying the laws that we understand on the other side, then you are transcending the physical laws, and you are going into the other ones. You are transcending that and you find that you can do it. Hang on I'm boring her, I had better shut up. I didn't make that up it was given to me. (Sally often seems to be receiving information from Dr Sven, a Spirit Guide who she often worked with and who has worked with Roberta-Margaret for many years.)

Tell me Sally about the Indian ladies. They have jewels or sometimes a red mark. This is at the position of the third eye is there any connection?

Sally: On the physical plane it is to denote that they are married. Their position in life it denotes, but it is over their third eye, that is tied up with their religion. But they don't let on about that as it is secret and hush, hush that is.

Have they forgotten the meaning of it?

Sally: They have not forgotten about it, they just don't talk about it. In a religion, the women have not got a very, they are not very big in it. The men are the ones who are big in it. The women have to do as the men says. It hasn't changed a hell of a lot, has it? We are still trying aren't we.

Right the first exercise was designed to encourage you to open your third eye this is the eye that you can see into the past, present, and future. Also it will help you to reveal things to yourself that you have forgotten about. These things that you have forgotten you have been made to forget because to remember them in your present life might cause complications however when you arrive in a point in time in a lifetime when you have designated that when you learn about your Powers, then you will be guided to make some effort to learn all that you can about how to activate the necessary points of your Psyche that will enable you to discover the forgotten things.

Your first lesson was to enable you to begin this procedure of consciously opening your psychic points that you might learn more about your selves and the things that you have forgotten.

The second exercise is designed to follow on the first, however this time you have already opened the door, so now you have to go and discover the forgotten areas in your previous lives. This is done by letting you see actual happenings and sometimes by showing you something in a symbol form. For example; He's (Dr Sven) talking about you here - he says that you/I, went back to a past life, when you were part of a community that was taught about Christianity and so that the people could understand about the Trinity. They were allowed to have a Black Madonna. Also in, if you look into this some more you will discover that another called Russia, also had Black Madonnas.

How did they do that?... Oh of course, silly me, I didn't realise of course, it goes right back to the beginning, don't it, alright then. What else? (Sally is asking Spirit.)

The man that you had walking with you, was your Doorkeeper. He was your husband, when you were in that life. He was showing you that so that you will feel the connection more strongly.

That's all you have got on that.

Was it anything to do with my husband of this life?

Sally: Not that one, there was the other one, not him he was someplace else. The footsteps is a symbol of the person who walks with you and he was the one who walked with you. He was your husband in that life and he walks with you in this life. So that you can understand the connection, you have got to be able to bridge the gap between the two states of awareness.

Storm and what I call sundown, that seems to be symbolic.

Sally: TIME. Time past. He's showing you Time past.

Can I ask you something? Somebody gave me a present of flowers here before, at the time I did not understand, now I feel that it was my Doorkeeper, was that right?

Sally: You ask him. See if he will give you a sign that you can understand him saying Yes or No. It's like saying one tap for Yes, and two taps for No. You've got to ask him now and if he says yes show me something for yes and then something for no. Then I will ask you a question and you can give me the answer Yes or No. You must first get to know what your Yes and No is.

Do I have to do this during the week when I am doing my concentration.

Sally: No, you can do it now can't you. Why not? Why put it off until later in the week?

Is there anyone who would like to ask a question?

Sally: Is it because you have no questions, or is it because you are worried about what you might be told?

No. Are you going to tell me or not?

Sally: Well you kind of got the answer all to yourself anyway.

No I haven't.

Sally: Course you have, course you have. Remember right at the beginning, you saw somebody walking along, who did that look like? What was that kind of person that you saw. He was a Toff wasn't he?


Sally: What was he dressed like?

As I said before, he was dressed in black, top hat, a case, I couldn't see his face.

Sally: Hang on, he was a Toff wasn't he, and he was walking down the street and at night. In the streets of London.


Sally: Who do you think was walking around the streets of London at that time of night, evil face and evil intent?

Jack the Ripper?

Sally: That's right! Well that's all right, he didn't get her, did he? She turned around and faced him. He didn't get you?

Don't like that story at all.

Sally: I don't care. I don't care if you don't like it. You got to look at what you are getting, and you got to put it together so you know what you got. Otherwise it is all a jumble. Very exciting. Why don't you draw a picture of him?

No thank you.

Sally: 0h alright then.

You could always write to the papers and tell them.

He was supposed to be related to the King or something?

Sally: He was a Toff. But he wasn't the person who they said it was.

They tried to make it out that he was related to Royalty.

Sally: He was sort of connected, he wasn't a Prince or anything.

He was a Lord, wasn't he?

Sally: That's right. He wasn't a Prince or anything. He wasn't going to become King or anything. But he was the one who did all the killings.

All right now you have to take it another step further and you don't have to say Nothing.

I'm going to give it to you as a 'supposing', something for you to ponder on. Ain't that a lovely word, I like that word Pondering its lovely. It's like sitting with your feet in a warm pool or something.

Supposing you were one of the ladies of the night, and he got you in that time. No you have to bring yourself all the way forward to now, to this life time. Now if you look at the symbology of what he was doing in that life-time, and you look at the symbology of what is happening in this life.

(end of tape)

Does that mean that Jack the Ripper that she saw in that lifetime knows her in this lifetime only in a different form?

Sally: No, No not quite like that, like, to get back to him see, he was a little bit screwed up in his head, he was a little bit nutty, he had this thing about women, he didn't like women doing things and enjoying it, and he didn't like the thought of women having babies either. He thought that women shouldn't, he thought it was dirty and he thought that them doing those things for a living, he didn't like it. And yet at the same time he did. He was real nutty. What happened was he made everyone who was engaged in that type of activity very frightened because...

What they don't know is he had posed as a Doctor who they could go to, to get rid of their babies...

An abortionist.

Sally: ...that's right. He put a disguise on so that they could not know him again, they wouldn't know him if they saw him. The ones who came to him for an abortion he followed them up later and he cut them up. They don't know about that bit. It was all secret that bit.

Did the police know this and kept it quiet?

Sally: No they did not know about it because the ladies kept it quiet, it was against the law. If they were going to say something they were the ones who he went and got and he did them.

What is the connection to Jack the Ripper and the present time?

Sally: Well in their lifetime, it is very easy for a soul to believe that they are not worthy of carrying their babies and not have it with them and not get rid of it then. He did it to a lot of girls, and I'll tell you what, it ain't the only lifetime that he did it. No he's a bad bugger he is. Sorry I'm not supposed to say that... He was around before then, he has done it before and he came back and did it again. No he hasn't done it in this life.

(General discussion and misunderstandings.)

Sally: Let's get back to the beginning now, get back to the beginning. We were talking about why we were opening their eye, the third eye. We are opening the third eye so that you can look back at all the things that you have forgotten. Ooh it ain't half hard going, I wonder why they let me come down and do this, Coo it is like wading through mud.

You've got to find all those lost bits for all those lost bits are going to help you get on and do your work now, cause you have to tidy up all those loose ends and make them all better again. All the bits that are hurting you got to look at and say, "Oh dear that's hurting a little bit, let's make it better. I'll make it better." So that is what you have got to do.

I mean like him, he was part of evolution (Sally is now speaking to another student) going around chopping people's heads off. Well?

He only does it to animals now.

Sally: Well you have got to progress somehow. You got to progress from chopping people's heads off to chopping something else off for a different kind of reason, and then you will progress a little further, and then in a different lifetime he might come back as a surgeon.

(Comments about the student chopping people's heads off.)

Sally: He'll come back as a surgeon. You've been a butcher haven't you.


Well at least you'll know which part of the body goes where to put them back together again.

Sally: Hang on a minute, when you live in a life, and you are doing a lot of slaughtering of something, then you have to upgrade it and make it all better. So instead of butchering people you butcher animals and then next time around it is different you ain't butchering them to hurt them, but your butchering them for food. Then the next time you come back you can do things to help so that they are not food.

Being a vet.

Yes right

Sally: If you were a Lady of the Night and you were given the impression by this horrible person, that you were not worthy of having babies and having a decent life because you were not a nice person, or something. He put that idea into your head and so when you come forward into a life, you've got to unlearn it because whatever that life was, if it was paying Karma, then you'd paid it by undergoing whatever it was that happened to you. But you don't have to keep paying that karma over and over again. So by planting that idea in your head you are born back with that idea still in your head and it makes all sorts of complications. Right, so you have got to unlearn it, so what you did you went back and you faced him.

First of all you ran away because you knew who he was, and you knew what he had done to you and then you went back and you looked at him and although you did not like it very much and you woke up you still went back and looked at him and you said that you were not scared no more.

(The stove began to buzz.)

Sally: What's that noise?

It's the stove, suppers ready.

Sally: 0oh can I stay?

Certainly, we are having fried rice and other things.

Sally: 0h I don't know about that, that's what them (Chinese) eat.

You like Whelks and things like that?

Sally: 0h yeah, I'd love a bit of jellied eel. Oooh you are making my mouth water.

It's like you come from the east end of London.

Sally: How did you guess.

I didn't have to guess, I just listened to you.

Sally: Anyway I don't have to tell you about yours, because you already know about them.


Sally: You. Well you know all about the notes, the things and all the colours mix up together.

All I know is that I enjoyed it and I enjoyed it going inside of me.

Sally: Sally: But you saw it happening.


Sally: Great, so you were able to tell everybody that you saw it happening. Not everybody could see it happening.

Why did I want to walk on the stars? They were beautiful and I wanted to tread on them and walk all amongst them.

Sally: Why are you asking me that? You wanted to walk on the stars because they were beautiful.

Oh alright then.

Sally: He (Dr Sven) said you wanted something a bit more profound. Is there something more profound?

Of course, because the universe is up there. I was shown the universe. I can't put it into words.

Sally: You are doing alright, you don't need me to do it. Coo, she ain't half a card ain' she. Oh dear, Oh dear what am I going to do.

Who is the lady that, on the last trip back?...

Sally: She come to collect you.

She came right into my head and faced me. Is she there as my Doorkeeper?

Sally: No not that one. I got to go right back to the beginning again. You know how everybody has got their Guardian. The Portals have got their own Guardian too. Well she is the Guardian of the Portal. Now that has confused everybody. They will all want to know what the bleeding Portal is.

The Portal. You got the Guardians of the Portals and their job is to let you go through and their job is to see that you come back the other way safely. And you have got to go through if you want to find out things and you do go through with your Guardian and with your Doorkeeper. They don't belong to anyone. The Doorkeeper belongs to you but the Portal Keeper doesn't belong to anyone, you got your Portal that you go through when you are doing your meditation and opening up your 3rd eye and opening up things when you are going to do your work. You have the Guardian of the Portal of Death. You have the Guardian of the Portal of Life. When you are bought into this Plane, or somewhere else, not to forget that you can be born to somewhere else, and you have the Guardians of the Portals to all the different dimensions. Each one has got its own Guardian. The ones that go to the different elements, the different planes, they all have their own Portals. Didn't you know about them?

Not all of them. I knew we came in when we were born with our Guardian angels or Doorkeepers. He is the one that comes down and births you and goes back with you. Or she.

You don't have a Guardian angel and a Doorkeeper?

Sally: They are both the same. The Guardian is different.

What job does he do? Keep evil away?

Sally: Well sort of, don't forget too you are living on an earth plane. Here we could go into this and we could become more involved. Here you are running out of time.

Write it down on a piece of paper and remember to ask about it. You do it because you are asking about it, remember to ask about it because it is lot more involved. We don't have the time to do into it tonight.

Another question I would like to ask about is what the Soul mate is.

Sally: That's another thing. It's too important just to give you a quick answer.

Do you think that I could ask a quick question?

Dog Medicine

Sally: He has just said that you wanted to ask him something.

Could You tell me what causes my dog to have bad breath?

Sally: He's (Dr Sven) already writing it on the board. He says to give him some of the green stuff, Sage.

In his food?

Sally: Make it into a drink and put it down his throat. He says for you to give him (this). Sometimes it can be caused by yeast. Yeast growing. Sometimes it can make the gums sore. So you give the stuff that is sour. Yoghurt, they used to eat a lot of it in Sweden. He says if he gets too sore you may have to give other pills, but have a look in his mouth and make sure he has no ulcers in it. No good giving him milk. If you give him milk you can get calcification in his mouth and that will rub on his gums.

Give him a little raw meat for breakfast and a little cooked meat for dinner.Give him cider vinegar, half a teaspoon.

I gotta go now.

The Circle was then closed down and the Students went to have their supper.

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