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Practising the Lesson
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Practising the Lesson'
A Teaching from Songee 20th September 1991


Jumping for Joy
Practising the Lesson

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.
The meeting was held at the home of one of the students.

Songee: I am here.

Tonight I bring you the Power you have need of it, the power is energy. Are you ready?


Jumping for Joy

Songee: Like most children in the school, you have passed your test and you have come running out of the classroom and jumped for joy and pat each other on the back and say how well done you have been and then you have taken yourself on a holiday. You must not go on a holiday from the power or from the work that you are doing or from the work that you do now.

It is for you, for all time, there is no break, no holiday, no time off. It is a continual thing for you, do not be daunted by this. As you go along you will find that it will become as easy as learning. If you fight it you will find that you will keep banging your toes on the rocks as you trip over them. I am not telling you off, I am bringing you back.

If you will bring your mind to bear on the path that you have been sunning yourself on the beach and relaxing and not using the Power. It may help you to have insight into that which has been transpiring in your life. Not just for you C but for all of you.

You have done well you have achieved much, now you must continue to achieve much. Do not stop achieving now that you have learned how to do it. You do not get given information and then get tested on it for you to set it aside and not use it. I say this is for all of you.

The discussion we had last week, I thought that it had brought everything together again.

Songee: That was all of you running out of the class and patting each other on the back and saying how good you have done. Then you went away and sat down to relax and to enjoy it.

We were not conscious of doing it.

Songee: You have been taught that there is a Light and Dark side. You have been taught that you have power over the dark side! So why have you stopped using it?

We thought that we came to terms with it last week.

Practising the Lesson

Songee: Coming to terms with it is not the same as not using it. This is not a telling off, you have ideas about I will discuss them with you. You have forgotten to use your power to defeat the Dark Side. You have sat back to relax, to congratulate yourself on how well you have done. This is not wrong, I am only pointing out that this is what you have been doing. Not one of you but all of you in different ways for yourself. You have begun well and then sat down. I'm telling you to get up again, get up and get moving again. You have to go and face the Dark Side for those who cannot face it for themselves. That is your function. Those who have been taken in by the dark side cannot face it for themselves, they do not have the power, you have the power to do it for them. You do not rescue them they must do it for themselves. However you have the power to stand between them and the darkness, to say "Get thee gone, thou hast no power over this one." And it is done. You are the barrier between the dark and the one who is in pain. You are the one who stand between the dark and the Soul's salvation.

It is not done with big trumpets, it is not done with the knowledge of the one who is in need of it to be done. It is done because that is the function. You have now to come forward and fulfil your function as the barrier between the dark and the light.

It was decided last week when we realised that the dark side was affecting our friend, that we should have a healing night.

Songee: Remember that for every move you make, there is a counter move made. You must be alert forever to your role, so that you do it as easily as breathing. It is also a part of your test, although it is not a test at this time it is only a lesson.

Have you ever watched when a large creature is chasing a small creature for fun. It plays with it, the small creature jumps this way, jumps the other way, jumps that way. The big creature continues to jump in front to block its path. In the end the little creature, if it is very clever will escape anyway. Because the intent of the one who is blocking the path is not to harm it but only to block its path, to block its progress. That power that is of the black side is the big creature that wishes to block the path of the little creature. You are not the little creature. The one who is in need of help is the little creature.

Now if you had the big creature chasing the little creature and then an even bigger creature comes in between and says "Boof" the big one will go away and the little one can scuttle away to the path that it is meant to be on. However the one who stands between the little creature and the very big creature must be aware of where the big creature is going to jump next and make it recognise as the jump is to happen and then step in and say "Boof"

Do not believe that because one way has worked for you that it will always work for you, it is one way that will work for you at that time. Then when the creature jumps so you jump and you change.

You have to be a Chameleon. You change to suit the circumstances. The meal is easily recognised because it is very industrious and because it has always got the same shape and the same form and the same colour. The Chameleon changes itself to suit its surroundings. The function of such as you, as you is to stand between the big creature and the little one. To give the opportunity to the little one to escape to find its own destiny. If it is the destiny of the little one to be gobbled up by someone who is its predator, then so be it; There is no harm done.

Those around you, look around you, to those around you who will see and you will know of being blocked by a big creature I tell you use the power, say to the creature, "I know you, get thee away. You have no dominion." And you put that around the one which you wish to protect. Then they are free to find their destiny path, and do not think that once that is done you can sit back and relax some more. You do not. You take a deep breath and you get ready for the next time, for the next time will surely come. It is the Universal law and as souls who have been called to work in the light, you have a duty to perform and that is it. It does not interfere with your destiny path, it enhances your destiny path and you use it to help you to go along your destiny path, not to hide away.

Welcome all things that come to you, good or bad, move from them and then put them aside, good and bad, and set aside. Remember that the Destiny Path for all souls is to reach the Oneness. It does not matter how many lifetimes it takes, the goal remains the same. If you are feeling that you have come to a standstill then stand still and be quiet, be silent and look around you and see how much you can see, feel how much you can feel and wait, be alert, be ever alert and wait and then you will find what it is that you are waiting for - but wait.

The work that you do is but one Facet of the Diamond. It may only be one sentence to one person, as you are out when you do your shopping. You do not question it, you do it. You may not see it at the time, you may not see it when you have gone past that time. However you must be alert, and must be alert to having fulfilled that function and have joy for it and give the joy to those who work with you in Spirit that they may share it also with you.

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