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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Commitment'
A Teaching from Songee, late 1993


Direction, Purpose, Discipline
Service to your God
How deep is the commitment
The Dream

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

The Circle opened in the usual manner with music, incense and meditation. When the Meditation journey was completed and the pupils were back in their physical bodies, a discussion began and each pupil related their experiences to the leader.

When they all had finished...

Songee: I am here, I have one word for all of you upon your exercise... Magnificent.

Very good, thank you.

Direction, Purpose, Discipline

Songee: For the first time it was done very well. You must remember that you have not done this thing before time. Except for two of you, however it will take a little more than one or two practices at it. Now it is time for you to do the work in concentration of effort. Among you are those who have been doing this work and you have found it simple, to follow some music to go upon a journey to see things.

You have sometimes followed the journey that is given, many times you do not. You go and do something that you wish to do for yourself. There is no discipline in that. It is not bad or wrong it is only that there is no discipline if you wish to learn the art of managing and looking after your gift. Then you have to learn to do it from the physical plane also.

You cannot just drift like the log in the water, going wherever, which way the current going to take you. You may end up on the shore that do not be hospitable to you. There may be something there that want to eat you. So it is important that you have direction, that you have purpose behind that which you do and that you have discipline. Remember those words... Direction, Purpose, Discipline. It is something that you all need to have for the work that you do.

Among you there is one who harbours some resentment at not being able to do the exercise this time. That they feel they would prefer to have done it their own way, because they were more successful their own way. This is their own 'think'. To you I will say this thing... You have now to learn to discipline yourself if you wish to do this work. I now will ask for - to tell for you what it was we discussed together at last time we meet. I make question to - about how deep is the commitment.

Just to remind you, it is important for the others to know this thing. We can go into more of it after we tell. However it is for you to give or try to give. Will you do this thing?

I asked you a question. What was the question I give you to test your commitment. We were talking about the healing.

Would you kill... no... would you die for it. The things that we are doing, the Spiritual things and would you die for someone?

Service to your God

Songee: The commitment is to Who? What Power is your commitment.

To God, I suppose.

Songee: To whosoever you perceive who your God to be. The purpose of the work is to put yourself in Service to your God, whoever that is for you, to give yourself in Service of Love to mankind whether you know the one you stand to Channel for or no. The question is how deep is your commitment to your God and to the service of mankind.

Would you die for the stranger the one you do not know? With the Love of the Power that is your God.

This is the stick of length by which you measure your commitment and this is important for everyone to know inside of them to come to terms with, within themselves if you are to proceed with your development. When you have it inside of you. You know the answer inside of you. Then you will discover the door will open far more readily. It will open only so far as you are willing to commit yourself to service.

There is a connection between how much you are given to learn and how much you have committed and how that tie together with that which you do this time. Is that if you have commitment only to serve your God for the benefit of mankind. Then you will not continue to do things the way you want to do them. You will do them the way your God have call you to do.

There are many, many Souls who are called to do this work. Only very few are chosen. However if you are not chosen, it does not mean that you do not have to be aware that you cannot be of service. Do you understand? If there is no understanding, then we will talk about it.

I have a question.


Songee: Thank you, I have been waiting for you to speak. You are the one I have been speaking of all of this time. You have resentment that you do not give towards what you want to do. You would like for you to be able to go to do your meditation as you usually do it.

I try to do it, I don't resent it.

Songee: lt's not the same thing. I'm saying there is 'not comfortableness'. The 'not comfortableness' comes from inside of you, is resentment, is anger. It is not make for you 'smack on the hand' it make for you 'understand' that this is happening inside of you. Not to say, "No it is not". Look deep inside yourself, this is not the first time this has happened for you. It is not the only place this has happened for you. It is not unusual thing, now it is time to change it. I am offering you a way to make it turn around for you. But first you must accept inside of you that this exists. You need to find it, not just because Songee say it is there, be truthful to yourself go inside and find it.

Before time there is many time in your living of this life, when you would like to do something for you and along comes the person who remove from you the chance for you to do this. Whatever it may be is taken away from you, the power to do something that you would like to do, many time.

(The Student speaks very softly.)

Songee: You do not.

I don't know what you are referring to.

Songee: You do understand what...

Yes, I understand what you are saying.

Songee: You do know, you do not want to speak of it. I'm not asking you to speak of it only to acknowledge that it exists. It is not for you to put on the table for all to see, this thing, this thing, this thing and so forth. Only for you to say, I know it, it is there.

It is going to take a lot to think of it. I don't remember it.

Songee: You don't think about it, you feel it inside of you. It is not big difficult thing it is not something that you have to go searching for, it happen to you. Not all long time ago it happen all of the time, different time of your life. That different happening that you would like to do something, to go, something your way and in something some person come along and remove from you the power to do it.

Oh I don't know, I haven't a clue. I can't even...

Songee: You want to go do something.

And I normally do.

Songee: Somebody come along and say, "You cannot do that". What do you say to that one.

Yes, I will do it.

Songee: What is it you are feeling inside when person come and say, "No you cannot do that".

It is almost like a challenge.

Songee: What is it you feel inside.

Determined to do it.

Songee: "How dare you tell me that I can't do it".

Yes, that's right I will do it.

Songee: "I will do it, this infant you are trying to take this away from me. So I will do it, if I have to hit you over the head I will do it."

Yes I will.

Songee: Now we have it. Many different time all of your life, these things have happened. Now we have it, so it is not too hard to find and not too hard to search. It is there inside of you and when you look inside of you and find this place. That it is the resentment that I am speaking about small way. This happens this time with this exercise that we do. You would like to do it the other way because that is what works for you.

I don't know if it works for me that other way.

Songee: You go to do your journey and you go every place. You have pretty journey in separate degrees. Children and pretty colours, you like that?

Not all the time. Do you say that I just see good things.

Songee: Not so. When you go on your journey you go to see these things, you like that.

Yes I like that, yes.

Songee: Tonight, this time you do this work, you do not give that experience of that.

I understood that because I just do what I was supposed to do, and I was finding it hard to find the tunnel. I couldn't...

Songee: That is not, that is another thing. We come to that in a moment. Now this time that is within you is the resentment that was born because this action that you feel that you are not being able to do what you would like to do. Now I want you to turn it around for you. It is not to stand and to say, "I will do this, if I have to hit you over the head I will do it."


Songee: Now I want you to make it different, 'why' is it that you are doing this. What is the purpose of you doing this work.

I don't know.

Songee: Don't answer this for a moment. What is it that this you had? Another two word?

Discipline and direction.

Yes the direction...

Songee: The purpose of the work that you do. What is the purpose for the work? Is it so that you, person, can feel better and feel proud of yourself. Is it so that other person can look at you and say, "Oh aren't you clever person?"

So that I'll know what I am doing.

Songee: So that you know what you are doing?

A lot of the time I just drift. It's to know what I want, what I'm here for.

Songee: So is it that you do not know what is your purpose, at this time?

No I don't.

Songee: So now do you understand when I say to you that, you have to have purpose.



Songee: Then you have to direct that purpose and how you do it is to know what the purpose is. To learn how best you can use the special gift that come from the one that you know from your God. How to use that special gift to help mankind and other creatures. That can be the only purpose behind why you develop your gift. Why you learn to exercise that particular muscle that you have is to serve your God.

So now instead of you hit the person over the head and say, "I will do it". You now say to your God, "I am your servant, I wait for you, whatever is your will, SO BE IT." Not pupil will, but God will.

Remember that then you will not need to hit the person over the head. If you do that then you will have to come back and get hit over the head for your pain. So now you learn. So what it is you do now is practice so that you become excellent instrument for your God to blow His noise so. Not for you to blow your noise so.

Now it is nearly gone, it is all gone away now. It's important for you to understand this is the purpose that I give - to bring this to you. It was given to C to know to ask himself. It is now given to all of you to ask yourself - Are you servant of your God or are you not? How big a servant are you, how big is your commitment and measurement of it is if there is one there who is in need of help. The only way that it can be given to that one is that you die. Would you go to that extent for your God. If it is called for you as servant of God. So know it inside of you.

There is something that I can give you to ponder upon. It is only small story of life that happen upon your planet, sometimes in different countries on this planet.

How deep is the commitment

There is much war and fighting. Sometimes there are bad things said of people that cause fear in large number of people that will make it so fearful they will turn upon an innocent person. Turn upon them to the point where they will try to tear them from limb from limb to kill them. If you were in that place, would you lay down your life to rescue that one, or would you run the other way and watch while that one is torn limb from limb. Feel it inside and know how you would be and similar way. When you stand as Channel for healing energy for those who come for the healing energy. You need to know the answer to that question. So that you know how deep is the commitment to your God and to mankind. You need to know it. It does not mean that you require to do it, only that you know it. That too is practice of learning to know inside of you, so that you do not muddle up what you are feeling. Do you understand?

Yes, I do.

Songee: Then do not deny what is happening inside of you. In that way you are better servant for your God. It leave you in different way.

This time you have seen for yourself different part of Spirit that is there for you to discover. Some have even to see past life that you have lived. You have seen the Light that is there, even though your physical room is in the darkness. You have seen the whole room like... as though it is day, the sun shining. That cannot be taken away from you and that is the nature of the Light that is in Spirit. The Light is far greater even that that. That which you see at this time is as much as you can manage to know at this time. Do know that it is even brighter than that.

And then there is the one who have go for the past life. Who travelled back through the history of this planet to a time when you were living, you were with the people who came out of the land of the Pharaoh, who go to the new land that they know in their time as Canaan. Also there is a message for you to know. That as at that time the people left that land where they were prisoner to another and they move out and away to a land where they could be free people. So will you, you are making your journey into your land of Canaan. Each time you go back and refocus your energy and come forward. You come forward a little more each time.

You all did very well even you who do not and may not believe it. I not come to make smack on the hand. I come to tell you that you do good work. Now is for you...

The Dream

I would like to ask a question.

I don't normally remember dreams but a few weeks ago my son was all wrapped up in a chain and he wanted to be let go, he wanted me to let him go. I woke up and I went back to sleep again. This dream came again. The chain was wrapped all around him and he said, "Let me go" and he let me take the chain away. I don't really know what the dream means.

Songee: How do you feel about your son?

I'm quite upset about him, I always feel he might be with me in Spirit. Perhaps I'm keeping him too much by me.

Songee: And how best can you take off those chains?

I really don't know.

Songee: I have already given you the answer at this time. It is for you to ask the question of commitment. When you do that and you know the measure of it inside of you. In the truth of it then the chain will fall away from inside and he can move on and then you will also be free. You then will be able to have more contact than you have at this time. It is not easy thing to let go of a child, however remember this child came to you as a fully grown Soul. He came to you for the purpose of learning all that could be learned in the time that he spent with you. In the due course of that learning, you learn also and part of your learning is to let go. Let go, let the way be God's way not your way. Then both of you will be free, like the dove.

Do you have further work that you need to do?

No it is close to our time now.

Songee: You might like to consider if you would like to have a little more of your earth time to give to each other, the Love of the Healing Energies so that you can demonstrate within yourself and to your God how you feel it and how you can be servant for the benefit of mankind. If not save this for another time. If you do not have earth time to do this thing.

No. I think we should do it now.

Songee: It is for you to ask the other people all of what they would like to do. They have to make the commitment within themselves and make the decision between themself for what they would like to do.

If the decision is to leave it, it does not mean that there is no commitment. It means only that they have earthly commitment that outweigh this at this moment of your earth time. So there is no reason to beat yourself with the big stick.

For this thing I go now

I leave you to yourself

I leave you with the Power and the Love.

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