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The Temple of Osiris
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Temple of Osiris'
A Teaching from Songee, early 1991

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

Songee: I come to give you information. It is about Temple of Osiris. Osiris is the God of the underworld. There are those who worship at the Temple of Osiris. It is depicted by the moon on its side with the dot above it. This is set upon the pillar of the Pyramid, the symbol of Osiris.

So there is work to be done to counterbalance the work of those who worship at the Temple of Osiris. It has many different names in many different languages. The Temple of Osiris originated at the time of Atlantis. It went to many different parts of the earth planet, to different people. So it has not different names, the worship remains the same.

The Temple of Osiris is not the one that originate at Atlantis, not the others that are around with different name although all are connected. Those who would enter the Tomb of the Temple of Osiris will enter darkness. Now you know. At the gateway to the Tomb are those who stand to give warning and there are those who work to stop the Souls from entering the Tomb of the Temple.

Sometimes it is not always successful and the souls ignore the warning and enter the Tomb. It does not matter what cloak is put around to please the eye. The Temple beneath the level of the land is down and is called the Temple of Osiris. It originate in the land known as Atlantis. Those who use this Temple, use it for power that it brings to them. They use it with purpose, they have a yearning for the power that it can give to them so they follow its dark pathways.

The souls that do this they often have mistaken belief that they are Leaders and have the Light to lead the way through the darkness. It is a mistaken belief, the souls that enter the Tomb of Osiris enter upon a long journey. They travel through the Underworld of Osiris they will encounter many other who are with them. They will encounter many adventures upon the way. Some they will like, some they will not like. All of the time they are seeking to bring to themselves the Power.

The Temple of Osiris leads only to one place. It leads to death. I do not refer to the death of the physical body that happens anyway. It refers to the death of the soul to the Light.

Now... in the past times when those who worship in the Temple did receive into the Temple, there were placed shafts down which the air from above could penetrate to bring breathing to those who were down inside the earth. This is physical you understand.

Also it is the way of the soul, to remove itself from the dark. It is a very slender hole for the Soul to travel up into the Light. However it can be achieved it is much better that the soul does not enter the Tomb in the first place, is it not? So now you have all of it. The Tomb is The Temple of Osiris.

This is all I have come to give you, so that you know, that you did not want to go in there anyway.

So I leave you.


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