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Teachers Meeting
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Teachers Meeting'
A Teaching from Songee 21st May 1996


Teaching with Diligence
The Intent of each Meet
How to speak about the Healing Energies
Managing Fear
Teaching the New Students
In Conclusion

This was the first Teacher's Meeting of The Second Well Trust held, this night at Papakura in Auckland. There were six advanced Students who were all involved with teaching Songee's disciplines to others. This night four of these Leaders were present. Each class needed to have a Leader and a Co-Leader to assist.


Songee: So, there is, when it is observe from the ethers, there is some difficulty of arrangement of certain matters. Now the words I have to give at this moment are very important and you must heed for them. First of all look inside of yourself...


Songee: ...for what it is that move you to make an action. Be aware inside of you, how, you come to make an action. For behind everything that you do, you have been considering how you are going to do it. You have been making in your mind decisions of what will and will not be before time, and in doing so you are setting down this pattern of resistance.

So, it is important, and this is main word of this 'resistance' is Little Turtle, it is there and it is very strong inside. Now it is important that it is known, so that you will learn, not to have it. Also, then, when you learn to recognise it within yourself then you will be better learning to notice it in others that you are trying to teach. And when you learn how to, not have it inside of you then you can better teach the little ones how not to have it inside of them.

All time this must be done with L 0 V E, with much love and tenderness because the little ones they don't understand if you shout for them. You are little bigger, I can shout at you. So, be aware.

Now it is important that you know that as you sit and you listening to the word and you are saying out loud the little HUM in your voice, you have this?


Songee: You are aware of doing this?


Songee: Now out loud you are saying that you hear, and that you understand. What is happening inside?


Songee: So, now you must speak it, this is the time for this to be speaking of because if you do not learn now then you cannot make it different when you work with others and when you come to teach and remember that your lesson is also their lesson...


Songee: ...and with this you are joined together and this is how the harmony comes to be. So, it is not disgrace to acknowledge this discomfort inside. Now what is causing this discomfort inside? Do you know it?

Not recognising the other's point of view, not accepting the others point of view.

Songee: And what is it that cause you to not accept it?

Ar, there can be times when you feel that you... ar...

Songee: This is important that at this moment when you speak that you speak of yourself.

On, I see, right.

Songee: Because it is you emotion that you are describing.

Well it is the experience I feel that I have gained over a certain period of doing a certain Ar... piece of work and Ar... it has seemed to be, well working alright and then to change it around, after working say for a year or so on to say just as the word discipline and then to ar... change it, it is... ar...

Songee: Now this is something that is very important for you to grasp, and it is very, very critical that you do grasp it. When you become in the habit of functioning in a particular way and you get into this habit of doing something the same way all of the time, it become very comfortable to do it this way...

Yes, that's right.

Songee: ...and after awhile when something new is brought to your attention for you to experience, the resistance immediately, it come into play.


Songee: This resistance, this is your being telling you that you have begun to control again. You using the very process of sameness as an excuse to control. This happens to everybody, not just to Little Turtle. Look upon it in your own life and know this as another truth.

It is so subtle.

Songee: So it is very, very slight, however it does happen and you must be aware of it because this is what happen and it will happen to your babies.

It will happen to the bigger children as they grow and come through their learning, they will become accustomed to the same, method of doing things and in that method is security. It is safe to do it and anything outside of that is outside of their control. Their management becomes outside of their control and so it is to be feared. Now do you understand?


Songee: So, and this is happening in large portion with the HE who is running the group.

Oh yes it was pointed out to me, yes.

Songee: So it is important that the HE know that this is not to happen anymore.

Oh yes.

Songee: So to be aware, that yes you must fix the discipline, yes you must introduce the sameness so that you can establish a pattern of discipline, yes that is correct however be aware of this little danger that can make it all come to pieces around your ears, and that is occasionally you must allow someone else to have a bright idea of what to do that is different to this. Not to say your opening and your colours different, only the way in which you respond to each other. Now do you understand?


Songee: Remember also, that the teach that is given to you from the Organism is teach that have been given to Organism from those in Spirit before time.

So not all time you have to do it in exactly some way, however do heed and harken to the words that are given to you that you can take and use the teach - your babies, for they are given as teaching to you so that you can use for them. It is not given that you take them and discard them, it is expected for you to use them. When you choose to use them, you decide between you, when you do this. However use them you must because they are there to prevent you from becoming too trapped in the sameness and to prevent you from becoming resistive to different change. If you are resistive to new ways of coming to your babies to teach them then you will be resistive to changes within your own being.

Right, yes.

Songee: So it is very critical that you know this thing. Remember that it has been given for you to know that the veil of illusion is no more...

Oh that's right.

Songee: ...and it is to be in front of the eyes no more, and correction of all that you do is to be given at the time that you do it. Even though may cause you to feel some irritation inside of you. Remember that the irritation is not towards the one that is correcting you, it is your own irritation because you have been - I don't like that word, no - you have been, not diligent.


Teaching with Diligence

Songee: So, diligence is required of all who would teach so that you learn to teach by example. You be what you want your little ones to learn. Is this not so?

Everyone says yes.

Songee: So do not teach them resistance. Do not teach them how to have the big head...

At least we try to be careful with that... (Songee raise the eyebrows!)

Songee: What is the word you have used? (Songee is picking up on 'try'.)

Yes I know.

Songee: So it is acknowledging that although the effort is made you are also acknowledging that you are aware that sometimes the head become too big for the hat. And although you may tell yourself off, you do not say it out loud, you do not acknowledge it to each other. Now from this moment, from your next breath, every time you know you have been tempted to make your head bigger than your hat you must - HA I like that word, confess it, to each other, so that it spoken out into the open and if anyone of you observe it in another then you must very gently, point out to them that from where you are looking at them that their hat looks awfully small for the head.

Then they might review what it is that they have been doing and the action that they have been taking and then you can have talking together about what have happen. Is that not so?


The Intent of each Meet

Songee: And remember always that this task that you are undertaking is a joint task, all of you are involved in this, all of you. You all have your own, little job that you need to do so that it can all flow smoothly.

Now when you have your meet, you must have, for your first night1, you must have the channelling of the Healing Energy. Remember especially for the babies.

This is very important that every night that you meet you must set aside a portion your night for the channelling of the healing energies. Does not matter what else is happening of your night, that must happen. Sometimes it is important it is at the beginning of the night, sometimes it is better at the end, before they all go home and one night, the first night of your meet, for both your people that you have, the first night ALL the night is to do the teach of the healing energy. To talk about it, how it function, who have experience it, how they have experience it. Let them discuss and talk of their experience of the channelling of healing, not the channeling of readings of articles. Not anything, not seeing people only to discuss the healing energies. This is the true meaning of teaching. To explore everything that they understand and they know of that subject and then you focus on it and then you do a practical. Physical demonstration of it, so that they can practice it and have a feel of what it is like. And the night that you choose to do your phycometary, the reading of the article before you do this you all discuss the subject, discuss the experiences once more of it. Very important for the babies. And you do this with all the subjects that you choose to teach. So now...

Sorry, can I? (Another Student speaks)

Songee: You may, there is some more...

Sorry um... with the, on the night of the channelling of healing, so that if someone gets sidetracked on that - they went off on a little 'tutu' journey, whatever, we bring them back to just what they were feeling, don't let them get sidetracked.

Songee: And get them back to how they felt about the channeling of the healing to themselves and in this lesson also you focus their energy upon their speaking of the healing.

Right not of other things.

How to Speak about Channelling the Healing Energies

Songee: The way in which they refer to it. They must not refer to it, 'I channelled healing', 'I did healing', 'We did healing'. This is not to be.

This is bad words, the putting together of them in the wrong way. It is that 'we channelled healing', 'we stood for the healing energies to be channelled', 'we sat for the healing energies to be channelled'. Matters not that it is more words for the mouth to say.

All time in this earth of your life is too many people want to make it the quick way of saying things and then that process they lose the power, so. Also to, it teach the little ones how not to have the head too big for the hat and again you must teach by example. So you have to be very diligent about the words you use. You must correct each other, you must make each other aware when the mistakes are made. And when this is made to you, pause, be silent for a moment, consider the word that was said and the place in which you put it. And then you will discover whether the rest of what you were about to say was really important. For sometimes it is not, especially if it follows the 'but'. This lesson have been given before time however it will continue to be given until you master it.

Now do you understand Little Turtle how difficult it is to become a master in one life time?

Exactly, I do. I have experienced it.

Songee: Now do you understand how it is, that the Masters must come back, after they have attained. They cannot be there for the world in the form that they learn this lesson because they have had to learn this lesson. If they learn it all in one life-time, and they are very clever to do so. They live, usually set aside a whole life-time to do it so they become isolated from the rest of mankind to achieve this goal. Therefore they must return to live earth life as other people. With all the trials and tribulations of other people. This you have already been given.


Songee: Do you have full understanding of what was given to you that moment?

Yes I do, I have written it out for the book.

Songee: Therefore please to listen to words of Organism. They are not given lightly.

Right, yes.

Songee: And be aware of resistance.

Oh yes I am aware of it. Yes.

Songee: And know that resistance is noted.


Songee: Sometimes it may be challenged within you at that moment it happen.

Right, yes.

Songee: It is not for the purpose of Organism that this challenge, it is for purpose of Little Turtle that the challenge is made.


Songee: For it is critical that you make these changes now.


Managing Fear

Songee: Now we must look upon Little Robin because it is important that you learn not to have this fear of speaking how you feel. That you do not get caught in the trap of allowing yourself to have your power overshadowed by the power of another so that you feel you cannot speak your word. This you must learn to master. And to do this you must learn to recognise it in yourself when it is happening to you.

I believe I'm doing it now. I feel really frustrated and angry, when I get like that.

Songee: So when you're feeling frustrated and angry what are you going to do from your next breath?

I have act...well, not with C I didn't, I didn't tell him straight away, I admittedly say that and...

Songee: What are you going to do?

Well talk to him, confront the situation as I see it and also I know from past to if I don't do it, talk like to M as you are well aware, I start getting a sore throat because I don't talk and I know now that I've got to talk about it the consequences are that I get a sore throat.

Songee: So what is happening when you get this soreness in your...

Sore throat, its suppression, isn't it because I'm keeping it down, so therefore I need to talk it out.

Songee: You are using energy...

To keep it down.

Songee: hold inside the voice, so the throat chakra it is being held shut by force and when I say for you that hold up your hand and put it in a fist, as tight as ever you can possibly do for it. Now hold it like that, now you hold it like that, keep holding it like that, don't you dare let it go, you keep holding it like that. No it is much better to let it all go and to allow for the love of Oneness to come and take its place and then the muscle does not get to ache.

I can't.

Songee: What happen? It hurts does it not?

Yeah the resistance hurts.

Songee: Very simple.

I was considering what the resistance was to mean, now I know what you're talking about.

Songee: Now you understand this lesson of the first, if it come from Songee, or it come from Organism you must use it for your little babies.


Songee: When you observe it within their being, use this things that are given to you. It is knowledge that is being given to you so that you can teach more, you can be better at your job.

So resist not.

I'll do my best.

Songee: So I don't have to speak to Little Bower Bird. Little Bower Bird already know the lesson of resistance, and learned it very well. Resistance does not work. Does it?

It certain doesn't.

Songee: Now do you need to make clear in your mind any feature of how you are to function? Ponder a moment...

Is there anything we can come up with? or anything we can...

With our group or with...


I feel at this point, probably we just have to go ahead and progress on.

Let it all fall into place.

Let it fall into place and ask for help when we need it.

I'd like to do what I had suggested before, I don't know how you feel...

Carry on.

...and yet I know that you may feel that I'm slow and gradual...

No, no there is not being any judgment here. Right so speak out.

I, so used to doodling I suppose, and about doing it a bit slower when you have other people coming through you, that all, so that their, that we can grow as a group together, instead.

That's right.

Instead of having other people...

There are people who shoot along ahead.

...and those people that are shooting ahead so far maybe then, if they feel go to the other... I don't know, whatever, I feel it's more appropriate maybe. Anyway I feel that its more appropriate to it a little bit more gradual, so that it's not such a shock to them that, so then that fear...

It wouldn't hurt the faster ones to sit back and wait for the others...

To catch up.

I mean it's a good learning thing, learn patience and...

Maybe it will help force it out so they can discuss it, with the others how they felt.

Teaching the New Students

Songee: Remember when you go back through your own learning remember how when you start to learn Organism used those who, and this is not being uncomplimentary, Organism used those who are a little bit more advanced to demonstrate to those who come along who do not have the same skill what it is (they?) can learn to achieve. Now this is not done in a way that is disrespectful to the one who is being used. The one that is being used in this manner is a tool, much as the teaching that has been given to you to pass on, has been given as a tool to teach, so you will pick one that you know has developed the skills of overshadow, to a degree, and you make them separate from all the others and you sit a little away yourself so that you can be of support to the one who is on their own and you let them allow spirit to come to overshadow and you let all the others describe what they see.

Now this is not to allow that one to go into trance and to disappear away from the meet. Before the one can learn to do this work they must learn it in stages, must have it in steps to become a channel for the trance for them to go away and have no knowing of what is spoken. It is already known who will develop to become a channel for the trance, for them to go away and have no knowing of what is spoken.

Now before that can happen they must first lose their fear, they must know in very, very - thank you, intimate detail who their Doorkeeper and Guardian are. They must know in every fiber of their being who their Doorkeeper and Guardian are before they allow them to come so far inside. There must be complete trust between themself and the ones who come to work with them. No one in either of your meet is yet at this point of learning. No matter how clever you imagine them to be. I say for you this they are not yet at this point. There is too much fear of differing degrees in each of them. So you begin with the simple lessons. Remember that you must practice, learn one lesson and get it right before you move onto the next one, you do not teach them how to speak the words of Spirit until they learn how to feel the form of Spirit. So you do not encourage them and make them do for it, that is not correct. You are making them go faster (than?) is safe for them to do. You must do one lesson at a time. If it is, take them one whole of their earth year to master that one lesson to perfection, then they are doing extremely well.

Very good.

Songee: Sometimes it may take longer than one of your earth year to master it. How many of those who allow Spirit to come close know the person who is their Doorkeeper in every intimate detail? How they feel? When they are there? How they are there? What have they come to say? What is the purpose of them coming so close? And when they do for that and they allow them to come and to overshadow how many others can see who is there? And when this happens how long can they hold that connection between themself and the Spirit who come to work. Most of the time they can feel the person come and stay for a little while and then they go away. They cannot hold it.

That's right.

Songee: The mastery lies in the holding the connection, and none of your babies can do it not in either group.

That's right.

Songee: So it is very suspect that an energy of a Spirit can come into one of the babies for rescue before they are ready, if they have not learned this other lesson.

MM, Oh yes.

Songee: Now there is information that you do not have and now I am going to give for you this information. Although Little Turtle you have been working in the group for a number of your earth year...


Songee: ...although you have been given teach before time by Organism before Songee come to speak with you, you did not be aware at that moment of your learning that when these lessons are being given they were not spoken of - they were done without being spoken...

That's correct.

Songee: ...because those of that meet, and all those meet, did not have sufficient learning to receive the knowledge and that includes you also. So the knowledge could not be given to you because you did not be ready for it.

After all those years.

Songee: All this teach which you are now receiving in word, all this teach that you are getting, the Organism have already been using for a number of your earth year before Songee come to you. All that has happened now is that the teach is coming to you, Organism is permit to give you the words of the teach because now you are ready.

MM. This is the most we have ever been taught.

Songee: So you must listen to the teach that Organism bring to you.

Yes I understand.

Songee: It might not all time come in the way that you like in your head...

Of course.

Songee: ...however listen anyway.

That's right, now I can do it.

Songee: Do not resist it. Do not resist it. So...

Now that it has been explained and that what I have been going through for a number of years now has all come together. And I have tried to...Urn... What I was getting as a teaching, and was trying to apply it to the ones now, at now times, now the teaching has been given to me.

Songee: The teaching has not been put into word, just the word of exactness that you are requiring before time. However also remember that in following a path of exactness you become rigid and that in itself is dangerous because that in itself, institutes control.


Songee: So flexibility of purpose is important. Whenever you discover you are becoming too comfortable in your safe routine and pattern of doing and being, one of you come up with the bright idea to do something to shake everybody up, and to make everybody laugh and to move around on their feet so that their auras all bump and glide together. So that they touch, very important because many who come do not like to be touched and this need to be heal.

So... 0h there is much to learn, much to learn and that is how it is that you need to have this meet. (the Teacher's Meeting.)

Wonderful, I look forward to it with pleasure.

In Conclusion

Songee: Now to close your night... this... something very special. You need to stand and you need to all be together and put your arms around the middle at the back of each other so that you are all clasped round the middle. Not too tight, just to be comfortable. So you have this. Now close your eye...

Be aware of how you standing, be aware of any tension that you have in your body because of the closeness of the others next to you. So very good.

So you take the deep breath in and very slowly and gently allow it to slip out gently through the lip... Now become aware of the resonance of your music and imagine that you have around your ankles, bells, bracelet and bells around your ankle. That you have on your fingers the musical things that tinkle and make nice sound and imagine that although you know that you are part of others, feel the dancing rising up from your feet and up through your body. Feel it, the resonance and the energy, as it tingles from the feet and up your body and out through the crown of your head. And let it swirl around, so making you, a living flame of Light and of energy...

Feel the Power and the Light, reaching up into the White Light to the Oneness, and feel the joy of the unity and this is the Power that I leave you with,

To dance you through your days in harmony together...



1. First night - Songee taught a process of meetings that were held over a period of seven weeks.
The first week (representing Monday) was to concentrate on Channelled Healing.
The second week (Tuesday) was to be Pyschometry.
The third week (Wednesday) was to be Meditation.
The Fourth week (Thursday) was working on some of our many exercises with either our Doorkeeper or Guardian.
The Fifth and Sixth week (Friday Saturday) was more of meditation and special exercises.
The seventh week (Sunday) there was no meeting as we were to contemplate the previous six weeks and make realisations about our personal development from what we had learnt.
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