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Sad – Mad – Bad - Glad

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sad Mad Bad Glad'
A Teaching from Songee 22nd September 1997

The Reaction
Learning How to ACT
Using the Silence
Sad Mad Bad Glad
Make the most of your Life
The Reason the Lessons Return
Bridging the Gap between People
The Tongue Behind the Teeth
Lifting people up
Channelling Healing Energy

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One night each week people would gather at someone’s home and a Spiritual Circle would take place where those people would learn how to Channel Healing Energies, practice Meditation, Psychometry and become aware of and work with their Doorkeepers and Guardians, those Spirit People who walk with each of us throughout our lives.
This night was a Channelled Healing night and after this had been achieved we noticed that Songee had come to be with us as She was overshadowing Roberta-Margaret. Songee was invited to join with us.


Songee: I am here.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: What have you for I?

(Laughter) We were just discussing that.

Songee: Would you like I to have something for you?

We enjoy it when you have something for us.

Songee: What would you like to know of I wonder? Oh there are many things – so this is where we will begin.

In all walks of your life, it is important that you have understanding of how you bump against others. How you, how you interact, this is not I word this is somebody else’s word. So how you interact?

What is your reaction to people around you, how do you react to people around you, how do you function? For example when somebody say something to you that is not very nice, that makes you feel inside very cross. Oh that is interesting I like that, Little One1 says ‘put out’...

Put out, that’s right.

The Reaction

Songee: ...'put out', what a funny phrase, so when you are feeling this ‘put out’ inside what do you do?

I usually go very quiet, how do you go?

Yeah, quiet.

I was mad.


Angry yep

It also depends who it is. It hurts more deeply if it's somebody close to you in family and perchance it's some stranger, it doesn't hurt so deeply usually...

Songee: However what is the general thing that does to take place?

I fight back.

Songee: You fight back. What do other people do, what do you do?

Retreat within myself probably.

Songee: What do you do?

Retreat within myself.

Songee: And what do you do?

Think too much about it.

Songee: And what do you do?

Hmm a bit of that too.

Sometimes I might fight back, say the opposite just out of defiance.

Songee: All these things that you do what are they, have one name what are they?

They're reaction.

Songee: That is so true, it is a reaction. Now I’m going to teach you how not to react - how to act, you understand? There is a very big difference.


Songee: When you react, you are in effect doing what?

Running away.

You’re defending yourself.

Songee: It is still part of this and when you take action you are making this movement you're going towards and not away from. When you're fighting you are attempting to bring into play an action however the action is based in anger and it is based to some degree in fear because of the depowering that has taken place.

So you learn to cease to React and how to Act, what action you take.

Learning how to ACT

Next time someone says to you something that makes you feel bad inside and you feel cross or discomforted in some way, what might you do?

One is supposed to smile and send out love, which is very difficult.

Oh... my idea would be to attempt to meet this person part way, to take myself forward to meet where they have come to. I’m not explain this very well am I? Somehow to meet them, attempt to understand where they're coming from.

Songee: And how would you do it? What is the method by which this would take place?

Speaking correctly would be a good start, How is it you come to this, whatever...

Using the Silence

Songee: That might come later, initially it is important that you are silent for a moment. Receive their words in silence. When they have finished speaking remain silent for at least three heartbeats so that it becomes very apparent when you do speak that you have not reacted.

So this is the first thing you learn – silence - keep your tongue behind your teeth. You don't say anything, stick it up behind your teeth and then you can't speak.

It gives you time to ponder a moment on the words that have been used, gives you time to ponder upon how you feel about those words and then you don't address the words - the content of the words that were used - mayhap that were sayed to you that you are useless person or some such thing – you look behind the words not to the words of their content. You look behind them and you understand that this person is perhaps saying to you something that has been said to themself many times.

You ought to know within your own being whether or not you are a useful person. Most humankind upon this Planet have purpose therefore they have use, of goodness, that is a truth. What is not all time apparent is that humankind deny that as part of their heritage - their right to it.

You need now to practise expressing this right to your heritage by taking this action of silence, consideration of the words behind the content of the word and then to say to the person, Those words that you just used were very unkind. Was is it all time essential for you to be so unkind to I? And so what you do with your words is you encourage the other person to reconsider the words that they used, the content of the words that they used, and how they delivered them to you. And in this simple action you regain what was stolen from you without being aggressive and taking more than is your right from the other person who has stolen from you. You only take back what is yours and you leave them with what is theirs. Do you understand?


Songee: Any questions about this? What about events that have happened in your own life?

How to say the words, you mean to repeat the words...

Songee: The words are very simple they must come from your heart, how you phrase them is entirely up to you. There is no set way for you to speak these words. These words I give you are only an example. What you need to learn is the process, the process is to listen to what is said, to hold your silence for at least three heartbeats after the person had finished their words to you.

Little One says that you have word for this, is called haranguing.

When you are receiving of this haranguing, is it not a wonderful word...


Songee: ...then you wait, patiently until this person have finished everything and then you continue to wait a little longer. They may become silent, they may be silent for a moment and then be uncomfortable with the silence and more words will burst out from their mouth and still you wait, you wait. And when they seem to have run out of this energy like this then you are silent for a little space longer, the three heart beats at least, And then you say what appears you have to say from your heart. You don't have to go to the content of what is said, you might have been told all sorts of terrible things about yourself, about how dreadful you are, how useless you are, and what you may be should and should not have been doing in your life and how you don't do anything and how you do do something and so on it may go.

You don't worry about any of that, bypass it. If you get into speaking about the content you will loose yourself because the other person may be very clever with the words and be able to talk you around the may pole. Is that not so?

Yes ok, is familiar.


Songee:And this leaves you feeling even more without the power because you have not had the words and your tongue its wrapped itself in knots in your mouth and you can't get the words out and you feel so angry because you can't get the words out.

This is the mistake you must not make, do not allow this to take place. From the moment that they stop speaking, from the moment of your silence, you approach them from your feeling, from the delivery of the wording, from the energy that has been used to deliver those words, from the point that they have taken your power so that they can demean you and you - this is the part of it that you address. And you will say to them first - feel inside yourself those words have hurt you - so you might say to them something like - this is the example Little Parrot2it is only example - you will have it come out your mouth however you choose. Those words that you use just now were very hurtful, are you aware of how hurtful those words are?

They may go off on some more bluster, let them go, again they finish it and run out of this energy wait again another three heartbeats.

And so you proceed in this process gradually until you get across to them this message that first of all you do not accept any of the content that they have delivered to you in this manner, none of it, no matter how right, wrong or anything it may be or not be it is irrelevant because they did not treat you with respect. They did not treat you as human being they harangue you, they treat you as something that is less than themself and no human being ought to treat other human being in this fashion. More so, if you are human being who work in the Light however even those who do not work in the Light they ought not to be treating others in this fashion.

Now, supposing that you are this person who wants to work in the Light and walk in the Light, it is even more essential for you to learn how to act, how to be, so that you do not react, so that it becomes as simple as breathing to be able to turn to somebody and say, Those words were very unkind I don't believe I enjoyed listening to them, would you like to go away and reconsider what you have just said?

It may be something as simple as that that you would like to have come out of your mouth. All time speak what is in here not what is in here. Your head will help you to tie your tongues in knots, it will make it all scrambled up. So feel it and then speak the truth of what has been happening. And in this way if you approach every single interaction of your daily life in this fashion you will notice a change in your own being and in the way that your life path moves. It will begin to become lighter. You will find that you have more energy for yourself because you are not using so much energy fighting to retain what energy you've got. When others attempt to steal it you will know how to gently say, I’m sorry but that is my energy you can't have it, I’m not giving it to you. I’m not going to let you have it. You want energy I teach you how to find energy, you say to them, you not having mine. You understand?

Does that make it easier for you now?



Songee: I know this thing, this one have got something that this is needing to be heard so that you can put right something that is been happening to you, in great abundance is that not so?

Yeah, I have things happening, yeah, physically, possibly yeah and probably its all to do with the way I think as well. It probably affects me, I don't know, sorry I don’t know how to explain things sometimes. Is it a physical thing?

Songee: Explain only from your feeling not from what is in your head because what is in your head can make you all mixed up. So although you use your mind to reason things, all time when you want to say what it is that you have managed to reason through bring it down into your middle, into here and feel what it is like and then speak the truth of it. So you might have a process take place in your mind when you reason through a problem, a difficulty, and you come to a suppose-ed conclusion of what you ‘think’ you want to do about it. So take that ‘think’ and put it down to feel, you understand.


Songee: And you say to yourself, Now this is my idea - change the ‘think’ word to idea - this is my idea how do I feel about that idea? You may feel a bit nervous about it, you may feel very confident about it, you may feel a little not so sure about it, so the words that come out of your mouth will be, I feel very confident about it and this is an idea I have and I feel very confident about it - and you say the idea - this is an idea I had however I’m not very sure about it, and then you speak the idea. Or you may say, I have this idea and I really am not very sure and it feels a little wrong and I’m a little mixed up about it inside I feel sort of like butterflies inside, ah a little frightened however, this is the idea. And then when you put this idea forward you might say, supposing you are talking to another person, how do they ‘feel’ about it.

Now when they come back to you, and they say to you, Well, I ‘think’ this and I ‘think’ that and I ‘think’ something else about it, say to them, Well that’s very interesting, however how do you ‘feel’ about it? Do you ‘feel’ the idea is in that sound or do you ‘feel’ that it needs some extra things that need to be added to it or taken away from it.

And in this way you encourage the other person to join you in feeling about what it is you're talking about, do you understand?


Songee: In this way, you don't have to search for words in your head because you go with how you feel. And you only need to use simple words to describe your feeling. You don't have to have great long words to describe how you're feeling inside.

Sad Mad Bad Glad

Songee: There are four expressions of feeling, did you know that, only four expressions of feeling many words for these four, however, there's only four.

One is SAD one is MAD one is BAD and one is GLAD.

Say it, it speaks for itself, you say I’m feeling very sad today, and then you might say about you being angry, which is mad I’m feeling very angry today I feel frustrated today, or something, you're feeling, you say what you feeling, you understand?



Songee: Glad - I’m very happy, I’m ecstatic, I’m euphoric - you have any word you like to choose. Whatever word you are comfortable with. Whatever the feeling is that it describe, you use it. Remember all your words of feeling are words of description - the beautiful flower, the beautiful fragrance, the exotic butterfly, the fearsome bear, the little fluffy clouds - the words that describe. You understand?


Songee: So simple, so easy when you know how and now you know how. All you have to do is practise. It will change your life, it will change how you act with people and in turn it will change how they act with you.

OK. yep.

Songee: So...



Songee: I haven't finished the words I know, we have to get back to the other one which is Bad. Something that is Bad this is the most difficult one for people to understand and it covers many things so you have anything that causes you fear is Bad.

You say to, you say to one another, I feel bad about that, it feels bad to me. Is this not phrasing you use? Humankind use this phrasing do you not?

Yes we do.

Songee: Bad. I feel Bad about this. And another word that they put in its place sometimes is, This makes me feel sick inside, sick, sick. It affects this in the tummy, Bad comes into the tummy.

Very powerful is Bad, very powerful and it is ruled by fear. Anything that creates fear in you feels Bad. So you see you have only four expressions of emotion. Those three, first three are very easy and the last one it is possibly the ‘laaargest’ one because most humankind are ruled by fear, so they tend to feel fear and feel Bad a large portion of their earth life.

Yes we do that.

Songee: My goodness, would you not like to make this different?


Songee: Would you not like to feel happy and cheerful and Glad more?


Songee: And in this way you will gain confidence, confidence in yourself as a being, so that you can stand with your spine straight and look a person in the eye and say to them, This is who I am, this is how I am, you either like me as I am or pass by me. Is that not so?

(Many agree.)

Songee: Like me as I am or pass by me. Because when you are like this you are offering the same thing that you are wanting to receive, you are offering acceptance. Acceptance first of all of yourself, howsoever you are complete in your struggle towards perfection. Matters not whether you reap perfection or not that does not matter.

Every humankind is involved in the same struggle and it does not need to be struggle. It can be an adventure of discovery of yourself, your uniqueness, your specialness that you have been born into this life to discover. There is only one of you there is no two of you, even those that come from the same egg and although they are very similar in many ways, they are still two. They are still different, there's enough differences for them to be different - does that answer that question, about the two that came from the same egg, that went through the mind you know?

So although you might have one who come from the egg who has one particular sort of life and the other one that comes from the same egg says, How come I don't have that same sort of life? Of course you don't, you’ve come to learn your lessons and this other has come to learn their lessons you are unique. No matter that you have come from the same egg you are unique and so is this other person. Doesn't matter what the connection, what the sensitivity is between you, you are still unique.

Make the most of your Life

And you won’t have this life time again because you will never have the same vibrational energies around you again ever, so make the most of it. Enjoy as much of it as you can good things and the bad things enjoy all of it, all the learning of it all, all the specialness of it that has come to you. Everything that happens to you is a learning, a teaching for you – embrace it – learn as much as you can from it. Say thank you to it and then say goodbye, let it go.

Everything comes and goes in a cycle and moves around in this way. Happenings come to you to teach you to move you forward to help you to learn something more, to shift you a little more and then they move up your life and go away.

Mankind have a bad habit, they tend to want to hang on to it whatever it is, it’s usually the bad things they want to hang on to not the good things. And they hang on tight and as it starts to travel round so they attempt to pull it back, and they use all this energy up pulling these things – and don’t go away I’ve got used to you, come back here, don’t go away come back here. And there’s all this energy doing this by the time they’re (?fifty) like this and they say, I don’t have any energy I can’t do anything oh, woe is me. Oh, my goodness I don’t know what to do, I have no strength inside me, oh my goodness.


Songee: I say no wonder you do not have any strength left, Songee not have any strength were I to attempt to hang on to the stars as they move around the heavens, this is not sensible is it not. So learn the lessons that life bring you, embrace them, say thank you to them, say now I have learned all I can from you farewell to you. I’ll let you go now...

Don’t they come back again?

The Reason the Lessons Return

Songee: Not unless you need to learn some more from them. Sometimes you may not have learned all that you can from them, so they may come round again and you will have them come to you and you will learn from them from another level.

Can you imagine that your life is like a spiral and it begins down here and it starts to go around like this, and each time it comes back to the beginning point goes up a little bit and then goes around again, and next time it comes the beginning bit goes up a bit like this and so it goes like this so though you might come to this this thing here many times it is always on a different level because your understanding grows as you move up to your spiral of life, do you understand. So that you’re not throwing it away, you are embracing it, you are thanking it for all that it can teach you. And then supposing it comes back to you again and you embrace it again and you learn whatever it is that you then learn on the next level of awareness because these are your levels of awareness that you move through your life, understand. When you get to the top you go back to Spirit. You understand this?


Songee: Now did I answer your question or have you another one?

Yeah, you say it is four expressions, I got sad, bad, glad and another one...

Songee: Mad.

Oh Mad.

Songee: Angry.

Angry ok, and I heard you say don’t hang on it and say farewell to, it’s hard for me to say farewell, I’d like to say farewell, bye bye but it comes back again that in my thought.

Songee: So when it comes back to you, it is coming back because you are hanging on to it...


Songee: You have not taken out of it all that you can take out of it. You must approach each event that takes place in its entirety - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual entirety learn as much as possible. Take it into yourself to help you to grow, to move forwards from it, and then you let it go.

Now, as I have been saying, your life is like a spiral...


Songee: it may come back to you again. It may come back to you several times. When it does look at it again from another perspective and again get as much out of it as you can. Discover what it is you have not learned from the first time it come to you, and then again say thank you to it and let it go. And continue this process it becomes a relaxed process of happening, not something to dread, not something to be fearful of only something to embrace and say, Oh this is coming for me to learn something again, I must have forgotten something before time, let me examine it and see what there is I don't, I don't have yet.

Bridging the Gap between people

Um in our daily life, in my daily lives I meet some people and we are in a different levels, spiritually, you mentioned it, in this case maybe I should, I is good to keep distance from some people is that right? Because we are in a different levels it’s hard to communicate.

Songee: That is so. What you will discover, is that as you move up your spiral of learning of self discovery in your knowledge and gaining your knowledge of spiritual development of yourself and others, you may discover as you say that you are here on your spiral and they might be still be down here on their spiral...


Songee: you have a gap...


Songee: ...between understanding so what you do is you use the knowledge that you have to bridge the gap by using what you know of communication, you use that to communicate with them only you use the subject matter that they are accustomed to using and being comfortable with.

This does not mean that you are not being true to yourself, however in those instances when you must or it is - you find yourself in the company of others on a different level of understanding, this is when you would all time, is most important that you speak from your heart that you speak from in here, from the feelings and although they may not be comfortable with it, you don't stop doing it just because they don't understand. And again you practise the silence before you say, and when you say you say it from inside you. So you all time give a feeling answer, not a thinking answer, a well a well considered answer and to give the feeling of description of how it is for you.

The conversation maybe something that is to do with something that is everyday life that ordinarily you would not have doings with. It might be something that for you it is something that you have left behind now, that's all something you have left behind, a way of being that you now have left behind. And when you are with these people it is not uncommon for those who have moved up on their vibration and on their spiral to remain silent for large part of the time.

The Tongue Behind the Teeth

It's very hard for me to keep silence, I always like to talk, argue.

Songee: You want to argue! This is something that you need to address within yourself. You cannot force upon others your understanding.

Yes I get in a lot of trouble.

Songee: You would indeed do so. So you have to keep your tongue behind your teeth remember that phrase, remember keep your tongue behind your teeth like this, and push it out, won’t come out.

I cannot make it before, it always make it after I say...

Songee: Ah now you're going to practise this you're going to practise putting the tongue behind the teeth like that, whenever you feel yourself wanting to argue, stick your tongue hard up behind your teeth, like this you can't talk then, do it, do it now.

Can you talk?

I can’t talk.

Songee: Can you do it?


Songee: Can you do it, you can’t do can you. Keep your tongue behind you teeth. And keep it there for at least three heartbeat and then say what is in the feeling of what is being said, not the content of what is being said, just how you feel about it. So it might be a general discussion, may not be that someone has said anything bad to anybody or anything else, it may be that you don't agree with something that has been said, so you keep your tongue behind your teeth for three heartbeats and then you say, Excuse me I need to express to you that I actually don't agree with what you said, my feelings about it are - and then you say what your feelings are. What they do about it when you have said it matters not, they are responsible for what they want to do with it. Once you have said your feeling, that is an end of it. They can disagree with you an they so desire and that is fine. You don't argue with it because they have the right to disagree with you as you have the right to disagree with them and in this way you have allowance, you have acceptance and you have interaction - not reaction.

And then you don't need to argue or fight, you can have a stimulating conversation that exchanges energies equally between you as people. And this is the bridge, this is what helps you to teach those of this part of the spiral to move swiftly up to be where you are on your spiral, not everybody will do it some will choose to stay down in their part of their spiral, you understand?


Songee: Only allowing them to just be different and encouraging them to accept your difference, your uniqueness, your specialness just as you accept theirs.


Songee: And then you don't have to argue. You understand?


So you in this way you do not have to absent yourself from the people that sometimes you need to encounter in your life. Remember that you become as you learn and you grow and you go up your spiral of learning and awareness and vibration, you become closer and closer to The Oneness. And as you get closer to The Oneness, more and more Oneness reaches down and says, Go and teach my people over here, go and teach my people over there, go and teach my people over there, and you teach them not by sitting down and giving them a lecture...

(end of tape)


Songee: teach by doing, by example, by being this person, not by pretending to be this person, by being the person in your own day every life. Any questions about this?

What do you mean by the being this person?

Songee: When you go to this gathering of the people that are not like yourself, when you walk into this place it may be very apparent to you that you are not like these people that you have got a different understanding to them...


Songee: ...that you don't move to the same vibration.


Songee: Now you may choose to not be part of that energy and you would might choose to go away and not have anything to do with it, however as a servant of Oneness and working in the Light, no persons that come into your life are to be avoided because you as a living breathing soul are the example of The Oneness upon the Earth.


Lifting people up

Songee: This is what you are striving to be. So you demonstrate that striving by staying in that energy and by being your own energy, by being truthful about your feeling, about allowing and accepting them to have their way of being, their specialness. That will show this beautiful love that comes out from inside. And as that beautiful love starts to shine these people energy begins to go faster, and as it goes faster it begins to come up to where you are. So that you don't go down to them, you take them and you lift them up.

The Christos always lifted people up. He always say, Don’t kneel, come up. Always lifted people up. Never left them down there.

So your task, as a person of the Light is not to avoid these energies it is to be in among them to raise those energies up. And although it might only be for that short space of time that you are with them, you have given them a special gift of love and healing has gone through you to them from The Oneness. And then you can leave that place and move away. And something inside most of them would have changed a little as a result of the experience even though they might not know it or acknowledge it or be able to say, they will only know I like being with that Lady, I like being with her, there's something special there, I feel warm when I'm with her, I like having her in my company.

I felt that on someone really strong. Just being close to that person. And I didn't know what it was at first. But yeah, I don't know.

Songee: So they have the skill to just be and in being they raised your vibration up to theirs so that you could have a feeling of where you can go and how you can be, because this is the destiny of all mankind to learn to have this and be this. That includes you. That includes you all mankind, it does not exclude anybody, not even the murderer. Even the murderer has the offer given to raise the vibration up to something better. It is not the words, it is not the deed, it is what is behind it, and honesty and truthfulness is not given readily by humankind to each other.

The purpose of all Songee Teach is to bring this message to all of you in many different ways. It is so simple and you don't have to attempt to change the Planet, the World, or the population of the World. All you have to do is change you and when you change you just by being yourself. Others will enjoy your company and seek you out and they also will begin to change. Magic, is it not magical - special. Almost like waving a magic wand. And where does it come from, from the love of The Oneness through to you and then out into the Universe, to whoever needs it.

You have little moment before...


Receive some of your energy.

Songee: So. You would like to do for that, then come here.

(Songee is getting ready to Channel Healing Energies to one of the Students.)

Channelling Healing

Songee: Will you be alright. First of all close your eye, and look up into yourself, look down, look up and feel your connection to Creation, to the Energy that you know is your God, whatever that Energy is to you put your feeling into it, place it into the hands of Oneness and say, Oneness here I am child of your Creation, may I come to you for the healing that I so sorely need in his life to assist me to move forward with it. And as you do for this so we will come to you and bring the energy of Light to cleanse your emotion, to cleanse your spirit to bring you strength and to open yourself to this love of Light. Allow it to flow to you, release it all that you do not need any more.

(The evening ends after Songee has Channelled Healing Energies to a student.)


1. Little One - ‘Little One’ Songee is referring to Sally James who was a Spirit helper since Roberta-Margaret rescued her many years ago after Sally James had been hung to her death but hadn’t passed back into spirit completely. She often helped Songee with all sorts of things, as did many other spirit people who Songee conferred with for words She did not have and explanations of in our modern day life.
More information about Sally at this link:
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2. Little Parrot - Songee had names for all the students who attended Her Teachings. As each person evolved Songee would often give them a new name. The students were required to investigate their name as it helped them to be aware of the expression of their personality at that time.
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