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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Bullying'
A Teaching from Songee 8th July 1999


Crystal Light Of Love
Honouring Integrity
Bullied Children Empowering Themselves
Wearing Away
Fear of Spiritual Channelling
A Dream of Thugs?
Kali of Light – Kali of Darkness
A Dream of Execution

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This Meeting was held at Pt Chevalier Auckland New Zealand. There were nine people present. There was a long conversation about the content of the coming Newsletter The Second Well Trust published ever second month. Roberta-Margaret had been asking for contributions from the guests present.
The essential oils were Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The Music While Roberta-Margaret prepares to channel we listened to Denean's 'As One' and 'Medicine Wheel')
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

As Roberta-Margaret went away we were surprised by Sally coming to talk with us. This part of the meeting plus the audio recording and including the competed 'Jack in the Bean Stalk' story can be found at this link:
Sally - Jack and the Bean Stalk.

Songee: I am here, Greetings.

Thank you Songee.


Songee: Greetings to you.


(Laughter.) We're still half way up a bean stalk you know!


(Songee is smiling.)

Songee: Well you better come back down again. You can go up the stalk of the bean later other time of your earth. It is time for you to come back to your earth for a moment.

There is much that is needing to be accomplished and therefore there was much that was needing to be given in wordings to Organism for tasks to come, immediate tasks to come. So this is opportunity for I to cage as going passed.


Not easy is it?

Songee: No. I have to chase sometimes. (Songee is laughing.)

I have the same bother myself.

Songee: There is much to be, to be accomplished. So what is it you would like to have speakings of this night. I am seeing that there are a few questions floating about because the birds are flying and sitting and flying and sitting.

Honouring Integrity

I've got a question but it is a personal one so if you want to do that later on.

Songee: I know you have question I can see it floating and coming down. What would you like to ask?

Well as I have said Songee it is, its personal I've been very concerned over a personal matter late this afternoon and wanted to know if my concern is warranted. Should I leave matters to resolve themselves or itself, or do I have to fight all the way over this matter. Do you know what I am...

Songee: I know exactly what it is you are saying. You have to look inside yourself, this is very important, you must look inside yourself and ask yourself what is it that want to achieve and need to achieve. Are you looking to maintain your strength and your truth and your own integrity and to keep hold of your own power for yourself or are you giving up your own integrity and your power to the other in order to make peace of the situation? You understand?


Songee: And I'm saying to you - you don't so this. You need to maintain your integrity. You need to be firm, kind but firm in your rightness of your being for youself. It is possible – and I'm going to take it away from being just personal now to being for other peoples also – that peoples will be in your lives they will attempt to make you do something by using force, not force of their hands, force of emotion, force of words that bring about emotion. And in doing this they steal something from you. They steal from you your integrity, they steal from you your power, your strength in order to strengthen their own self. So they become strong at your expense.

Now you may allow this to continue however don't grumble when you begin to feel disgruntled about it. Or you can maintain your integrity and say, No I don't want you to do this anymore, you are doing this, you are saying that, it making I feel this way or that way and I don't want to feel this way anymore so I am not going to allow this to be anymore. And the situation that becomes then is that the focus of it goes to where it is really important. It may be that one person wants to persuade another person to do something that they believe is the right thing to do or because they want to do it. And so they will bring all manner of pressures to bear upon the one they want to convince. However the one that is having the pressure bought to bear upon them needs then to say, No I'm not, you are applying pressure to I at the moment and I am not going to allow that because it is interfering with my being about to make any decision about what it is you are speaking about so you will have to leave I for a little while to consider it. They may not like it however they must go away. Do you understand?


Songee: So use this manner of thinking and apply it to all situations that come about so that you give yourself a little space around you to consider what it is you feel you need to do for yourself.

Whatever action or none action you feel that you need to make or take in any situation that comes upon your life. In this way you will find that the other will not be able to bully you. Do you understand? They will have to consider themself, their own actions, their own motivations. Sometimes when situations arise that you do not like and you feel are incorrect and wrong you may feel very strongly in your being that you want to change the other person. Sometimes it is wiser to not even bother. Look at the amount of energy that you are expending in attempting to make them change their mind to convince them to be different. Look at how much energy you are using and ask yourself is this worth spending this much energy on this person, are they indeed going to listen to you or are they going to pretend to listen and then go their own way anyway. So perhaps sometimes it is better to hold your energy to yourself and let the others do whatever it is they feel they must do for themself and you'll retain your own energy.

I give you small example. Two peoples that ordinarily rub along well together, one of the peoples wants to go and do something of the nature of something in the life and wants the other one to accompany. The other person considers it and does not want to accompany and feels that whatever it is the other going to do is not safe for them to do. They may present to the first person all the things of the reasons that they feel it is not safe for them to go to do this thing. And the first one will say, I'm going to do it I understand however I am going to do it. So then the second person must say for them, Farewell I see you when you come back. And mayhap the first person says, Aren't you going to come and then the second person says, No I don't want to come I have given you how it is I feel about it and I am not going to come. I am going to go and do something else. And perhaps there is something else in the mind of that one that they would like to do.

And in this way you retain your own power, your own energy source within your own being. You don't give it up to the other to say, Oh alright I will come with you only I don't really want to – because then you get resentment. You get disharmonies beginning to build within the, within the being so you say, No I'm not going to do. You understand?

Yes, yes I understand that.

Songee: So the same principle applies in that you hold your own power to yourself, you don't, you don't allow it to be stolen off you. And remember that you are able to give your power away however be aware that when you give your power away that you may feel feelings of resentment as a result of it because you will feel that you have been 'made' to give it away, and in this instance you are your own enemy because you don't have to do this thing, you don't have to give your energies away. (Songee is silent for awhile.)

What you are looking at is maintaining your integrity and keeping your power so that resentments and angers do not come up inside you, you understand.

Very hard.

Songee: So you can decide now, with this information, you can decide whether you are going to pursue this point that you would like to make and how far you are going to go. How much energy, how much of your personal power are you going to put into it? Do you understand?

When somebody doesn't want you to do something that they have a fear of and they do not have your greater understanding then you must hold onto your integrity and your power and not give it away by saying, Very well I won't go, I won't do because that will make you happy. You understand. You don't do something just to make somebody else happy, just to assuage their fears.

So in this story of first person second person, first person goes to do what they are going to do because they are not going to not do it because it just to assuage your fear. So there's two sides of this. You understand? There is not just one there is two. This way both peoples maintain and keep their own powers for themself, understand.

Thank you.

Songee: So when somebody is full of fear and they don't want to do something because they are full of fear of what it is going to do to them, for them, about them...

(end of side one)

Songee: Does that answer your question sufficiently or would you like more?

No I've, I feel I want to discern that matter a bit from what you have said Songee. Looks like I've, as you said I wouldn't be maintaining my integrity and I wouldn't be keeping my power. I feel I have to resolve it because it will only come up again and again.

Songee: Something that keeps repeating itself is coming to you to teach you something. Its coming to show you a lesson that you are refusing to learn. When you learn the lesson it will stop coming up again and again, and the lesson is - Speak your truth, stand firm in your own being, do not attempt to persuade other peoples that you are right and they are wrong, let them find out for themself. When they find out for their own self then that matters not does it. So allow yourself your own truth, your own rightness of the moment. Be true to yourself. You have this saying in your World among your peoples do you not, be true to yourself. What does it mean - Oh I'm thanking you that is an interesting word – I am being sayed to say to you that you're not allow yourself to be blackmailed. This is very interesting – Ah that is when you put on the armour that is black is it not?


Its like a manipulation. A form of manipulation.

If you are good then I'll do this for you. But if you are bad I will punish you, Blackmail. People love to do it with money too.

Songee: Ah.

Or people use, ah know some information about somebody and say well I won't tell anybody but you are going to pay my so much money to keep it quiet, that they will use that type of thing to.

Songee: Ah. I looking to the mens that wear the silver, the silver coats and the ones that wear the darker coats.


Knights in armour.

Songee: Protection. The armour is the protection, is it not, around you when you have your silver armour on you are protected.

Probably on the good side. If you have the black armour on you probably on the bad side.

Songee: Oh you don't want to be wearing the dark armour would you not.

No. No.

Songee: Although some have been the making these decisions to do so and they wear black in their hearts.

That's right.

Songee: However this is it, not to let for this to take place in your life. You have to be resistant to it and perhaps you are to be the teacher. The one who is to show the way. Now to do this you have to show the way by example - by doing, by being, by living the life. Not trying to do, not trying to be – by Being.

When you do this thing you will become very powerful in your own being. This will make sometimes others a little frightened because all their fears and their insecurities of their own being will come to the surface. You understand? Now, you have opportunity to either point this out to them or to leave them to get on with it. Now it may be you need to say, That the arguments that you use sound as though they are based in a great deal of fear what is it you are frightened of? And when all the other manner of things come out about whatever it is, then you remain silent for a moment and you listen, put your tongue behind your teeth and then you wait, and when the explosion has finished you will find that having listened with your tongue behind your teeth that there is a thread of something going through all the things that have been said and that thread will once more be fear. And you can say, I'm hearing in your voice a lot of fear. Or perhaps, I hear the words you speak a lot of fear.

Now supposing you are in a situation where lots of things are being said to you that are of hurtful nature and every word is like a blow hitting you. Then you have opportunity perhaps to say to the one that is doing so, I do not very much like the manner is which you speaking to I and until you learn to speak to I more reasonably I am not going to listen to the content of what you want to say. And then you might like to just leave it to that.

Whatever happens it is going to open the door somewhere. The other may come and say to you, You must listen, you will listen - and all manner of things and attempt to bully and then you can say, Your tactics are bullying I will not let you bully I. Do you know that you are being a bully?

Now just supposing you are in situation where all these manner of things do not work. Doesn't matter how many times you have saying or doing or made these attemptings to, to reach the peoples concerned doesn't work - what do you do then.

Walk away.

Songee: That is what you do. You must remove yourself from the situation.

What if you can't remove yourself?

Songee: (?All ways) give an example of what you feel you cannot move away from.

If you are in a court situation or in a class room or you can't just get up and go.

Songee: Say what you speaking about?

Being bullied. Now if someone was there bullying you and you need to stand there and speak your truth to them.

Songee: Who is going to bully in these places?


Songee: Consider first you say a place of learning and some other place which one would you like?

OK if you are in a court situation and there's two of you in front of the judge and you are both there arguing with each other trying to get your point across you can't just get up and walk out.


Songee: When you are in this situation who is suppose to be the Mediator between two people arguing?

The Judge.

Songee: So in this situation you are not suppose to be addressing the other person are you not? You are suppose to be addressing the one who is supposed to be mediator. And you get involved in attempting to persuade somebody that you already know is not going to be persuaded and you have proof of this, this is how you come to be in the place. You understand?


Songee: You couldn't make decision you couldn't have something resolved so you had to come to someone who was going to be mediator for you. So when you are in situation where you are looking and you are doing this this is not, this is not correct so you take yourself away and you go to the mediator. And you do it by turning your body. When you are standing and you are arguing with somebody, do you stand and argue with them like this and say I not going to listen to you and your doing this and your doing that - and they are standing there, or course you do not. Very, very foolish. You usually facing them are you not?


Songee: So what you do then when you are facing them and they are arguing with you, you turn that way and you, you don't speak. Turn your body away. Your body will tell a story, you don't have to tell it for yourself. You just turn away and supposing you standing in you like this, turn it back to the front. In these ways you are taking yourself away from the situation. Your are effectively moving yourself out of it, out of the aura of it. You are bringing your energies back into focus into your own being, you understand?


Songee: As long as you are like this your chakras are open and you are sending energies out and you are receiving energies in. If you are sending out blows and you are receiving blows, you understand?

Yeah it's so hard though.

Songee: Nobody said it was easy Little One. And what of this, of the place of learning. Speak of this. What is it that you understand of this?

Oh just children in a class they might have some competition or somebody and the teacher calls them out talking to them both. Just, you know they just have to stand there...

Songee: Let the little one speak.

(We can't hear him.)

Turn around J.

Cos we usually have to look at them, the Teacher.

Songee: However you not arguing with the person standing next to you any more are you? You are looking at the one in front who is to be Mediator to you. The Teacher becomes like the Judge in the Court of Law. It is the same role. You understand? The Teacher takes off teacher hat and puts on hat of judge and says, You two children are being very naughty, who started it? And then the argumentations can happen, however they happen to the Teacher. They don't happen this way anymore. You understand? That is very different. That is so that matters can be resolved and be brought to some conclusion, not always to the satisfaction to all parties.

That's true.

Songee: However it does bring a conclusion of something. Not everybody is content with the decisions made by Mediator, however when you are not able to mediate for youself and you put you hands in the hands of another to mediate for you then you must accept whatever it is they feel is the right thing to do in the situation. You understand?


Songee: Remember the story of the mother with the baby and the other mother with the baby, and one mother rolled over in the night and suffocated the baby, so she took the baby that belonged to the sister wife. And the sister wife cried and said, She has stolen my baby. And the first woman said, No this is my child. Her child she make it dead – because she had swapped the children over. So the first lady is saying that she have this child it's hers and it is not, and the other one is grieving because her child has been taken off her.

So they go to the King and ask the King to decide for them what is it, whose child does this belong to. So the King becomes the Mediator immediately, is that not so? And then they have to accept the decision of that Mediator. They may not like it because in this instance the Mediator said – the King said – I cannot tell which one of you is telling the truth therefore you had better split the child in half and share half each. And the second woman said, No, No you can't do that, you can't do that, it will kill the child, let her have the child. I would prefer her to have the child than have it made dead this way.

So the King smiles and says, Very well and takes the child and gives it back to the rightful mother because the other mother was not the real one and did not make any soundings about having the child cut in half. So the King knew who was telling the truth out of this.

However what I am wanting you to know is that the Mediator is the one that has to make the decisions between two waring factions. You understand? And you can't do it yourself and you go to someone else - otherwise walk away! Let go of it! Let go of the battle! The lady who have the baby stolen would prefer to let go of the situation rather than have the child killed. Sometimes you may have to let go of a situation rather than kill something within your own being.

Bullied Children Empowering Themselves

So going back to the school situation because I know, I have heard many reports of this type of thing happening where bullying does go on, where older children pick on someone younger and are probably a lot many defenceless to, for whatever reason, so say this younger person was found in a situation what is their best way to resolve it?

Songee: Children have to be taught how to empower themselves. They are having their power taken off them are they not?


Songee: Stolen from them by the actions, words and deeds of some other childrens who are older than them own self. Therefore that child needs to go to somebody who is older and wiser and let them know of the situation. They need to be able to gather together and become strong together with other childrens so that they are warned of these other childrens who are not being good, who are bullying. And then the childrens that are being bullied, making it to others being bullies to others, need to be taken to one side and to discover what it is that is making them so frighten that they feel they have to do this. Mayhap they are being frightened in their own home, their own place of living, and this is their way of gaining power because they are being de-powered in their own home.

Now it may be that they are not being bullied with the fists in their own home, it may be that they are just living with peoples who like to control everything in the life of the child out of their own fear. And so you can find the trail and follow it back to its lair. You understand?


Songee: So there needs to be work done with the children to empower them so they cannot be make to be bullied and there needs to be work done with the childrens that are doing the bullying.


Songee: It has to be both. And then when this is done there needs to be encouragement to bring them together and to have some harmony together. Trust and forgiveness would need to be earnt by the one that has done the bullying because they have broken trust have they not? So they need to prove that they can be trusted not to do this anymore, that they can indeed be trusted to be good friends, to be kind friends, to be sharing friends. And they will only be able to do this over a period of your earth time so they need to be given the time to show themselves capable of doing and being this way.

For the one who finds them in this situation, the one who is being bullied, is there appropriate sort of action or words to say to may be elevate the situation and make them move to be able to remove themselves from it?

Songee: At the moment that it is taking place this is not always very simple because often the other is a lot bigger and stronger than the child that is being bullied. Sometimes they may have to just put their hands over their heads, protect every part of them they can and just accept that this is going to be some blows landing perhaps. And then they can hold their resolve within their being and when this endurance has finished that they will go and find somebody - wearing the badges of the bullying, wearing it, and saying, Look this ones did this to I, what are you going to do about it? How you going to help I to make this not happen again? And the children has the right to say those words, How are you going to help I so that it does not happen again – because it is not right is it?

No. Its not.

Songee: However sometimes you may attempt to walk away and you may get chased and pounced upon, you can't do anything you just cover up. And then when everything is quiet you go, you don't worry about, You don't tell or I come and beat you up some more. You say, Oh alright I won't tell. And you go and you find somebody and you tell them.

There is no honour to break this sort of saying - no dishonour to break this sort of saying, there is no honour in keeping it. That is what I'm meaning to say for you. You don't have to keep your promise to not speak because somebody have say they will come and make your hurting some more if you're speaking out.

Because that's getting back into that situation of – what were those two words that you had there... Of your own...

Did I actually say...

No no Songee said to you that you have to keep, you got to keep two things...

Integrity and to keep your power.

Yep and you truth to yourself.

Songee: You keep it – you keep it here, you keep it to yourself this will give you the strength.

What of the peoples that are living in the countries that are being oppressed by others bigger and stronger than themselves – being bullied by peoples who come to say, I am going to take over you country and in taking over your country I am going to make new rules and you are going to abide by these rules and you must not go out at night and you must stay home and you cannot do this and you cannot do that. And going into peoples homes and steeling them away in the night time. What of these places of your World where this is happening now. These are bullies are they not?

Yeah it is just a grown up version of it...

Songee: These are bullies are they not – So. And these peoples cannot do physically anything other than to close themselves inside. It may be that they lose their earth lives. Remember, you have to remember, everybody choses what is going to happen upon their life, hold onto that, have compassion for them however remember that everybody choses. So it may be they are going to loose their life and their Karma will be paid and they will return to Spirit. Other times it may be that they are going to be a 'Beacon of Light' for others so their plight will attract attention from others peoples who are free. And they will become example of what is wrong in the country of their living and they will become a 'Beacon of Light' by the very experience and living of their life, they become a 'Beacon of Light'. And remember they have chosen to be a Beacon in this way or they would not be so.

A child who is being bullied in the school can learn to be also a 'Beacon of Light' for other children to say, No I will not let you bully I anymore. And to continue saying, It doesn't matter how much you beat I I'm not going to keep my mouth silent. And in the countries of the World where they are being bullied sometimes they have to take their integrity and their truths and hold them inside and make it look as though they are abiding by all the rules and the laws and hold inside their truths and their integrities.

There have been many times in man-kind...

(end of side two)

Songee: ...These bullies will tell the peoples of their land that they have taken over, You cannot have meetings. Perhaps they are going to forbid to have Meetings of Faith, you understand? Have you heard of this thing?


Songee: And they say you cannot have Meetings of Faith. You belong to this Faith and we find you walking outside on the streets we will put you in Prison and lock you up. What do these peoples do? Do they say, Very well lock us up – or do they continue to hold their Faith in their hearts and outside make it look as though they are not having anything more to do.

Now some may say that this is being untrue, it is not. There is no dishonour in holding true to yourself inside and letting the others see something different to maintain the safety of your own being. However you may be one who has come to be a 'Beacon of Light' for your Faith or your beliefs, in this instance you will speak out and be damned because the bullies will damn you and put you in prison.

You mean like for example like Nelson Mandela who did that for many years and he held his own truths till he came out and was with his people again to bring some balance back?

Songee: Some peoples have ordained for themselves to be 'Beacons of Light' for their beliefs. Some have not – many have not. It is not for everybody at the same time necessarily when there is oppression and bullying hit them. Slowly as one holds their ground others will come to join and then as others come to join and speak out and hold their truths 'out' in the Light the more that there are holding their truths out in the Light the less chance there is of the bullyings to go on because more peoples will be able to see what is happening and say, That's not very good is it. You won't change it overnight in your earth time however it will eventually change. So the childrens in the schools will do the same thing, they can gather together and say, No we are not going to let you be bullies to I anymore. And when they all come together and stand strong together no matter how big or little they be the ones that are doing the bullying must, must be seen for what they are.

Would that also apply to our situations which is happening over the World as far as gangs are grouping together and taking advantage of people and manipulating in some respects. I'm talking about... there seems to be some countries that have a great difficulty with this as far as the um we hear about the Asian gangs and some of the I believe it is the (?) type family groups...

Songee: These are peoples again that are bullies, are they not?

Yes they are.

Songee: They are bullies and they gather together to do their bullyings. They are no different to the peoples of governments that do bullyings they are the same and they are moved by the same Energies of Darkness.


Songee: Always there is a conflict between Light and Dark. It will not go away. Sometimes the Light is supreme sometimes the Dark is supreme.

Wearing away

I would like to revisit the original question and that is that before we walk away from anything there are two factors to consider – one is reconciliation and the other factor is what percentage of the whole does the difference of opinion - for want of a better word - represent of the whole? Is it one quarter of the percent of the total or is it a larger percentage? Certainly it doesn't seem to me right to walk away before you have explored every angle... conciliation and balance.

Songee: There is no percentage, there is not portion, it is to do with the integrity of the individual. When you have one person that wants to persuade another person to do sometime that they don't want to do you are attempting to persuade them to break their integrity, their own personal power, to give it over to you. And when you keep on pushing and pushing and pushing to make for it to take place and the other gives in because they cannot resist any longer because you have pushed and pushed and pushed then you are stealing their power and that is wrong. You may have won the skirmish however you will have lost the war because you are working for Darkness, and Light must always win.

So you are saying if something is absolutely perfect that one point of view which might represent one tiny fraction ... of that relationship that is going to destroy that relationship.

Songee: There is no such thing as perfect.


Songee: There is no such thing as perfect on the Earth Plane In Spirit there is perfection. On the Earth Plane there is not. There is only sharing, sharing of emotions, of love, of feelings, of being, of allowing each other to be howsoever they need to be at a moment in time. That moment will change and their way of being will change. Personal truth changes as people begin to learn to grow and to expand. Their truth will change with them. Certain basic Universal Truths that Songee calls 'A Truth' do not change and that is, talking to your partners of life with honesty of how you are feeling at the moment, that is important. The truth of that is it is important to be honest about how you feeling at the moment. The other person does not have to agree with you. That is not for them to do, it is only for you to say how your feelings at that moment. It is not for you to persuade them that your feelings of the moment are the right ones and theirs are the wrong ones because that is going to take power from them. You must allow them to also have their feelings of the moment. In this way there comes a respecting of each others differences and a respecting of each others uniqueness.

When one person keeps attempting to force another person to do something and keeps on with the same arguments all the time, all the time, all the time, it is like water dripping onto a stone. Eventually there will come a worn place in the stone where the water has dripped, you understand this. It will wear it away, you understand. Now supposing you have one person that is continually doing this thing - wearing away at the other person in the life, the other person will not be able to comprehend how it is that they have to remain underneath this dripping water all the time being worn away. (Songee is clapping the hands)And they may attempt to move out from underneath it and to say, Please don't do this anymore, please don't keep wearing away at I anymore, I don't want you to do this anymore. And perhaps you don't listen, perhaps you don't hear it and so you keep wearing away some more.

Now it may be that you are on the receiving end of this wearing away however it may be that you are the one that is doing the wearing away, it is for you to look to your own self I'm not giving you whether anybody is doing or is receiving. You have to look to your own self. But when this happens the one that is being worn down very often comes to a place where they say, No more. No more. And the stone will either roll away completely or a crack will appear in it and it will shatter asunder. Now when it shatters asunder it looses its own identity. It becomes totally submerged in the identity of this one that has worn it away. And this is where the struggle comes in that you are speaking about. About this wearing away this constant wearing away and in an attempt to hold the integrity of the stone shape, attempting to hold it in its integrity in its shape. Sometimes it has to roll away in order to survive. Understand.

The difference between stone and human being is that human being can regenerate itself. The stone does not. So when the stone or the human being moves aways from that situation of constant wearing, constant bullying which is what it is, they then give themselves opportunity to regenerate, to regrow themselves, to become strong, to discover what form they truly are, what form they would like to be and how they would like to show themselves to the rest of the World. So it is not the that there is a portion of one or the other that is wrong. The one that is doing the wearing can be reached before the situation gets to the point where there has to be the rolling away of the parting of this coming to be, it is possible, however it requires that the one that is doing the wearing to begin to do some looking at their own self, understand. They need to look at their own self, at their own development, their own growth, their own Soul growth otherwise - or they will move away or the stone will roll away because it will need to to survive, to preserve its integrity it will have to move away. It will be forced to move away.

So be very aware when you are attempting to persuade somebody. Sometimes you can give them the information, you can, you can let them know very firmly - firmly is the word – you can let them know very firmly and then and then you must let it go, let them make their own decision for them own self, for their own life. Let them stand up or fall down on their bottoms for their own self. Let them find out for themself. You cannot protect everybody all the time. You cannot protect them from themself, you have enough to do to protect yourself from youself because you are your own biggest enemy. Is that not so?


You knew that didn't you.

Songee: The enemy within that you have to be aware of and 'be aware of' the enemy within.

So there is no portion of something. When human-kinds come together it is not so fixed, do you understand? It is not so fixed. There is more of this can happen you understand, moving, moving with the winds, like two trees standing side by side and being blown by the winds. Sometimes the branches will intermingle come together, sometimes they will part and there will be harmony in it.

And as each is independent, each is responsible for themselves, their own self, and yet they can lend support to each other when support is needed. That is how bumping together is suppose to be. Very often it is not, there is always one wanting to dominate another. Sometimes it is that there is not a wanting to dominate just that one does not want to be responsible and another find themselves having to take on the roll of responsibility for both in some areas of life and this instance is sometimes that one has to just accept that this is the way it is meant to be in this life and get on with the job of it.

Sometimes when the rolling away has taken place there has to be a space of earth time for regeneration to take place, for reformation to take place. And not just from the one that has rolled away but the one that has been doing the wearing needs to do some reforming also and then there can be new things come out of this.

So there is learning that is taking place. There is no blaming, there is just learning. Learning of new ways to be, new ways of doing, developing, developing integrity and new values, new beliefs - strengthening. And then the bullying will stop because the fear will go away. Remember I say to you that the bullying is there because of fear. Now it matters not whether you are the drip that is wearing away, that is still bullying, which means that there is fear behind it. Fear that causes this one to need to mould everything around them to their way of being, their way of liking.

So ask yourself do you do such a manner of thing, do you attempt to mould everything to your way of liking. When do you do it? How do you do it? Who do you do it to or are you only just doing it to yourself? It's alright to do it to your own self. And is your way of being controlling that others can't be part of it unless they are controlled by you?

You are all independent beings all responsible for your own self, for your own life and your own way of being.

The only laws you have to follow are the Laws of Oneness – Love One Another.


Do you follow that?

Do you follow it from your heart without resentments, without judgements, without jealousies, without angers, without envy or greed. Then you have true Love – Unconditional Love.

And then any union that you need to have in your life has a very good chance of succeeding no matter to what degree it is meant to succeed.

And this is the message Songee comes to give you and when you follow that you will find that you will all be drawn together as one because you want to be together as one not because Songee says you have to be together with Songee. You understand?

You come together to be together because you have love for each other and that is what is the most beautiful thing that there is love between all of you whether it is a little bit or a great big bit, it matters not. Love is love and wherever it begins no matter how small it is, whether you recognise it to begin with as just a small liking or a small affection it matters not. That love will grow and the more of you that can get together with that love the better. You will find it will feed you, it will feed your Soul because your Souls need this love - the love of each other. The love of sharing of being of similar mind, similar heart of sharing it with others around you whenever you can.

What you speaking about before time is attempting to resolve situations and the nature of human-kinds is such that this is how you are you come and attempt to resolve situations, do you not? And indeed you will often do as much as you can to resolve that situation and sometimes it cannot be resolved because the way that you want to resolve it is like that water dripping on the stone effect, you understand. What I am encouraging you to do is to stop being the water on the stone effect when you want to resolve something and start talking to each other. Start sharing how you feel, start talking and listen to what the other is saying to you. Listen to each other. And out of this will grow the beginnings of understanding. The beginnings of comprehension. What is comprehension?

I believed it was understanding.

Songee: Find the wordings in your book. Because this is a great deal of what it is that you are needing to have answer to the questions you have been asking. This is comprehension. To comprehend.

Understanding of the written language and spoken language.

(end of side three)

The act or capability of understanding. Its got esp: writing or speech. And exact – sorry an extract from a text set as examination with questions designed to test understanding of it, inclusion. The inclusion or non-conformists and the Anglican Church. That's it.

Fear of Spiritual Channelling

Songee: So what of the wordings that you have – comprehend. To comprehend means to understand, to include. So you learn to understand each other, to learn to include each other in your feelings, in your fears – talk about your fears with each other. Talk about all the things that cause you pain, of fear.

Some peoples are very frightened of the nature of spirit channelling. They are terrified of it. How is this? They are terrified because they have been taught to be terrified. And what is behind it?


Songee: Fear of what?

The unknown.

Songee: What else?

That someone is going to hurt them.

They might hear a different opinion.


Songee: What else maybe?

Fear of taking responsibility.

Songee: There is something even more truth.


Songee: Something deeper that makes for the fear.

Would it also be a fear of not knowing themselves?

A fear of understanding of where they have come from.

Songee: What is the most fundamental fear that is within each...

Letting go.

Songee: Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Where does fear fix itself in your body?




Songee: In your middle self. In here, in your stomach as you say. And what is the feeling that you get in this middle self when you have fear in it?


Songee: Sick...


Songee: Hollow...


Songee: Churning. And what word might you like to use to describe this sick churning hollow feeling?


Songee: Dread. Dread. And what does the colour of dread bring in to you. What colour does dread have for you?

Black grey...


Songee: Black, grey, red. What sort of red?

Deep rich red.

Songee: Dark red. So you looking at dark, dark. It is the fear of darkness. The fear of darkness - that is the fear of channelling. Fear of the darkness within themselves. Fear that the darkness is going to come and invade their body or the body of a loved one or that the darkness is invading the body of the one who is speaking – you understand?

It is this fear of the dark and it is fear of the Negative Power The Negative Power will not bring you words of encouragement, will not bring you words of loving each other, will not bring you words of comfort, will not bring you words of encouraging you to be growing strong in the Light and be independent and be a leader of men and women, to be teacher of young Souls and other Souls. It will come and tell you how useless you are, how dreadful you are, how hopeless, what failings you are and other manner of things.

And this feeling of darkness and dread is within everybody and the Dark Energy whispers to it all the time. It doesn't come through the one who is speaking that the Spirit person is coming and speaking to you - it is coming from within your own being. This is where the darkness comes, the darkness within your own being. And in order to dispel the darkness you must allow the Light to shine. You must dispense with the words of whisperings that come to you. So when somebody says to you don't do because it is evil, bad, wrong and what it is you are listening to is giving you words of love, light, encouragement, peace, harmony, healing etcetera, etceteras then you know that it is not bad evil wrong and you can be strong in your truth and your being and say, My word you are so very frightened, how can I help you not to be so frightened? It may be that you cannot however you can make the offer.

It is this fear that they are going to become possessed by evil. They have fear that the one that is being spoken is being possessed by evil. The only part of it that they are correct about is that there is a temporary possession. And I say temporary because those of the Light will only come to possess the physical body of the channel at the invitation of the channel and the channel's Doorkeeper and Guardian. You understand? It is the Guardian's task to maintain this integrity in spirit.

A Dream of Thugs

Songee I had that when I was (?telling) about my dream. I had a dream (Laughter) and I was being chased by two thugs and then I looked in this, I went up into a little either a bedroom or a bathroom, I believe it was a bathroom it was all white and I looked in the mirror and I just said, I couldn't – I said I can't hide from the life. It was just all around me and I just couldn't – Oh well and then, and then I had this, I don't know if it's the same time or not I had this big brick wall with a few holes in it like you see as you are going towards a mug thing. On the inside of this it was all dark and burnt bodies and all that sort of stuff and then the next minute I saw this, the walls were coming rushing past and then I saw this white light and I forgot to mention something before that because I saw Spirit come before – did you catch all that – I had got it all mudly again haven't. You are better off just reading me.

Songee: What is it you want to make clear? Do you know?

Well yes and no. How's that?

Songee: As usual. So you have to first of all gather yourself - your wits together, do you have some of those.

I don't know any more.

Songee: Gather your wits together and ask yourself what is it you wanting to make clear to yourself.

What I was wondering was, well what I felt was, did I commit suicide at that stage before those two thugs came along, before my Spirit People came and collected me or had I been disposed of or did Spirit come along and save me?

Songee: What do you want to know this for?

Curiosity basically. Cos its something that...

Songee: Are you going to help you now?

I can't understand either. Well you usually get shown things. I was...

Songee: What were you asking?

I can't remember that. That was in my dream.

Songee: You asking questions so you given answer so it is important that you be able to remember question is it not?

Oh well.

Songee: So you have to bullies and you running away...


Songee: ...and you came to a realisation, what was it?

It was a complete waste of time, running away.

Songee: What did Songee just say to you before time sometimes you just have to just cover up all the important bits and let the blows land because you cannot escape whatever it is that is coming and you must Light shine out. The Light is going to shine out.

Yeah that's what I...

Songee: You can't hide, you just protect yourself.

So is this going to happen in my future? That was the question maybe or is that just a formation of mine what I've got now...

Songee: What are you? What are you?

Right, what am I? I'm a person, is that what you are asking?

Songee: What else?

Little Robin...

An incarnate Soul.

A mother and all those other things.

Songee: What other things? This is important because it is for everybody. Human being. Incarnate Soul.

And I work in the Light.

Songee: That is the most important one. You are working in the Light so you are a Being of Light.

So I attract, OK.

Songee: Beings of Light have to do what?


Songee: Shine, they have to shine. That is your job. Your task.

You'll get arrested you know. Going around the streets shining...

Why did you use the term thug?

Because I saw them before, I didn't give you the complete story.

Just wanted to ask you why you used the word thug.

I don't know. They looked like thugs.

Thug comes from Thugee which come from a follower of Kali, so I just wondered whether there was to an extent you chose that word instead of burglar or...

Because I knew I was going to get beaten up.

Songee: So you are speaking about what?

Me or?

No B.

Oh I just wondered whether the dream was deeper than it appeared to her.

Songee: So go into this some more.

Well the followers of Kali are evil people who are, who have ritual assignations...

Songee: That is so.

That put a pin through your body and then digging holes and – robbing and burying...

Songee: That is so.

And they supposedly do this within the light that Kali is suppose to shine.

Kali of Light – Kali of Darkness

Songee: Kali is another name for the Earth Mother. It is the Dark side of the Earth Mother in the, in the religion and the faiths of the peoples. There is the Kali of Light and there is the Kali of Darkness – did you know that?

I didn't know. I am only aware of the dark side.

Songee: That which you are speaking of is the Kali of Darkness and they attribute this to the Kali of Darkness and worship the Kali of Darkness. And their concept is of the Earth Mother, and dark side of the Earth Mother so they are making powerful only the negative energies that they perceive of the Earth not the positive energies. They are making great the destruction, the disharmonies that they perceive and attempting to take for themselves the powers of that.

The Kali of Light that they also recognise is the opposite - the Kali of creativeness, of construction, of birth, regrowth. Now you need to know that the Energy of the Earth is both, only not evil just is both. Sometimes the Energy has to bring down so that new can be built up.

Remember I come to you many moons past and I am the Law of Balance that is where it is. There is no evil no good in balance. Sometimes something has to be bought down so that something else can be built up. This is not evil it just is.

So in order to readdress the balance within your own self, within your own being, your own harmonies, your own relationships you need to apply the similar truths, the patterns of these truths however it does not make you a worshiper of kali – the negative Kali.

The only other thing I remember D is that they kill ritually by strangulation and the last reported crimes that I am aware of was 1860 odd so...

A Dream of Execution

Songee I would like to ask if I may what you said, what you've just mentioned D just reminded me of something. I have had a lots of dreams for many, many years like about ten or fifteen years about being persuaded and people attempting to murder me and so on and sometimes I would be locked in a camp and I would escape or I would help other people escape as well. Sometimes I would just get an arm shot or whatever but anyway the other night I, they finally caught up with me after all this time and the executed me and yeah I didn't know if that was a past life or... Because it has been going on for so long I know it must have some significance and I wasn't really – I felt like it was an acceptance. Is it accepting sort of not running away anymore or...

Songee: The is that in part is also to and knowing you are beginning a new life. It is the end of that time of being a way in a certain manner and now you are going to be a way in a new manner of being.

Oh I see.

Songee: So there comes the completion. The death of that way of being. However all the skills, all the desires of that time you will bring with you into your new life. Your desire to rescue, your desire to set free both others and your own self, you'll carry into your new life.

And I also wondered because I had this fear of Maori people I used to feel they were going to sort of gang rape me and kill me and I used to get really scared about even just walking down the street if I knew that there might be some gang members down the road or something like that in, yeah I sort of wondered where that came from.

Songee: Because you have experienced this in your Soul before time. However when you become strong in the Light you will sense when you are able to make for these walkings you speak of and when you are not. This does not mean that you not be sensible about the bullies of your World because they are there so perhaps sometimes you have to be sensible and not put yourself in the place of where the bullyings can take place. You understand?

In the event that you have fore knowledge use it. This is sensible is it not, otherwise do not walk around with your aura filled with the 'light of the victim' because in doing this you will attract to you those that would like to make you a victim some more.

When you shine the light of power, strength, truth then you are not going to be made the victim. You understand?


Songee: And this is very true of youself also, and also answer to part of your question. You can be, not you this other person answer question right at the beginning time...

That's good.

Songee: can continue to be victim or you can stand proud and tall, straight and strong in your own power and not be any more, there is that part of it.

So if that thing happened to me in, not this life another life...

Songee: Does not mean it is not going to happen now, does not mean that all peoples of this, this colour skin are going to do this to you. So you have to now start learning to trust, trust yourself, trust in your own power, your own strength and your own honesty of being. And when you do that there will be no fear. You will be able to look into the eyes of others, any others, and know what is in their Soul.

Because sometimes I still do feel that fear when I see those people even though, and I know what my feelings are doing as well. So how, that's how I can heal that what happened is to trust myself and get over that fear as well?

Songee: That is so. Also remember also to look into the eyes and then you will be able to read the Soul. You will be able to read whether there is intent in the Soul to do you harm or whether there is not. That is always supposing you are that close. In the event that you are not that close then just keep all your senses alert and be strong in yourself. Be confident.

It's time Songee.

Songee: I know this thing.

Is there another planet we can move to?

Songee: That is going to be a question for another night little one, because your timings are very, very gone! Gone past.

So I am going to have to leaving you know however I have given before time that there are places for human-kinds to go live upon. So I give you short answer – yes there are.

There is much for you to ponder on, much to consider and have you done your homework?


I have been attempting to get on with it.

Songee: You will have to talk with each other will you not?

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power, not the power of the stalk of the bean.


Songee: Little One can come and give you story another time.

I will go now and leave you with the Power of Light, the Power of Loving each other, of sharing the Light with each other and embracing it and each other in the Light and allowing your own Light to resonate and to shine for others to see and to feel.

This is the Power that I leave you with this Light.


So Be It.

Thank you.

And I need to share these words -
And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

And Roberta-Margaret returned talking about trucks and her experience while she had been away in some other reality.

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