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Sally - Jack in the Bean Stalk

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sally - Jack in the Bean Stalk'.
A Story from Sally 8th & 12th July 1999


Sally's Visit
Jack and the Bean Stalk
The story continues

Sally James

There are two channelings for Sally's Story - 8th July 1999 & 12th July 1999.

The first channelling of Sally's story happened at a public gathering as Roberta-Margaret was preparing to channel before Songee came to talk with us, then Sally arrived and during the conversation the question of 'Jack and the Bean Stalk' was asked to help us with content for our next Newsletter.
Sally stayed with Roberta-Margaret for many, many years presenting in the persona of a twelve year old Cockney lass which was her last lifetime.
Their relationship began when Roberta-Margaret (in spirit) rescued Sally who had not been able to move on after her death when she had been hung for stealing food for a number of starving street children she was caring for in London during the 'time of the old Queen'. (We suppose this means Queen Victoria)
Over the years Sally progressed from being a Helper to a Guide, the latter Sally was very proud of. She did a lot of work with us, cheered us up when things got too serious, entertained us, loved us, bought us knowledge and was the go between for us to connect with Dr Splen who helped us with a lot of spiritual and homeopathic information.

The second channelling tells the whole story. Sally appeared reluctant to do this and behaved like a petulant child. But the story unfolded with some surprising ideas that we had not heard before.

Listen to Sally
Play Sally - Jack in the Bean Stalk
Download - Sally - Jack in the Bean Stalk
This zip folder contains the files of the audio dialogue for this transcript.

We invite you to download and save this file, to experience and share Sally's story with the understanding that copyright remains the property of The Second Well Trust and the copyright of the music remains with the artist.

Sally's Visit

And there was Sally overshadowing Roberta-Margaret. We recognised Sally sitting there laughing at our surprise.

Oh my... (Coughing and Laughter)

Sally: Hello.

Giday. This makes a change.

I wonder if I will actually turn this (the music) down Sally.

Sally: Well we could always let it all go on couldn't we. Wouldn't that be exciting?

So what's happening? What have you been up to?

Sally: Oh you don't want to ask me that.


Sally: All sorts of things, I've doing all sorts of exciting things.

It's making a lot of work you know all this exciting stuff.

Sally: Is it!

I have been doing nothing but work since.

Sally: Well that's alright keeps you out of mischief din't it?

That's true.

Sally: I got asked to come in and have a little word see.

What kind of word?

Sally: I don't bleeding know do I. How am I suppose to know. I ain't first chick you know.

Oh Ohh.

Sally: I'm a dead person I am.

You're still a first chick dead. Don't forget that one.

Sally: No that don't quite go together do it?

Oh no no...

Sally: Well it's on account of Hers having a talk with the other one hers sos they got to sort of have a few minutes like? And I got told well you go in there and have a little wee chat for a little while and then I'll come and say hello in a minute, or not in a minute becos there ain't no minutes is there really. So you know what I mean don't ya.

Do you want me to ask you a question?

(Lots of laughter. Sally's not fond of questions.)

Sally: Not really.

Well I'm having trouble with the Children's Page Sally (for the Newsletter).

Sally: Oh that's alright I don't mind answering that one.

Oh well that's right. What are we going to have?

Sally: What do you want?

Well that's what I am asking you what are we going to have?

Sally: Humm, it's a conundrum in't it.

That was my bother too. That's what I did.

Sally: Anybody else got any bright ideas?

What about something to do with the flowers?


Sally: What sort of flowers?

I'm doing flowers for the...

I don't know all I'm seeing is flowers.

You could get some hints of starting up your own little garden or something. A kiddie garden?

Sally: That's alright that's a good idea in't it. Planted by the moon.

Yeah we did that we did that. We had that in the last one.

Sally: All sorts of witchy spells. All grow big and strong.

That's a good one.

What's a nice witchy smell kids could use on their plants?

Sally: Ohhhh I don't know about that. You have to be a bit careful you know.

You have to be very careful else they could turn in to that chap that grew up - walked up the bean stalk stuff.

Sally: I could tell you a little story about that if you like?

That's good. Jack...

Jack and the Beanstalk

Sally: And his bean stalk. Yeah well, it ain't just a story see, it's really got something behind it, it ain't just a fairy story. It's all about not stealing things and things like that.

Now wots your bother? (Sally is speaking to one of our young students.)

The cat scratched me.

Sally: Oh, maybe she wants you to pick her up. Maybe you could get down on the floor and give her a cuddle so something.

She's gone elsewhere now. OK so did Jack steal something?

Sally: Cats are like that you know? Cats didn't go up the beanstalk. (Everyone laughs.)

Did Jack steal the beans?

Sally: No he didn't steal it but he went up the bean stalk and he stole all the things off the giant, didn't he? So he could get rich.

Isn't that because some of his things were taken?

Sally: No. He was a naughty little boy, he was.

In the story nothing happens to him though to say that stealing is bad. He gets away and he's rich.

Sally: That's right. It's not a very good story is it? But it's got another story see, it's really got something else behind it. It's talking about the giants. The giant people wot came down to the earth in the first place. And there's lots of stories about giants in everybody's stories,

What, yer want me to go now, I'm right in the middle of a story, bleedin' hell. Aren't they rude, I want ta finish me story.

They not going to let you are they?

Sally: No.

You'll have to come again and tell us.

Sally: It's about space ships and things and people wot coming from the stars and all that sort of, Yeah alright I'm going. I gotta go. Anyway yer got the idea of it. I'll tell you more about it next time. Cor bit much in't it.

Yeah, bye bye lovey, never mind.

Sally: Bit of a bother in't it?

Thank you for coming Sally.

Sally: I'm going to go. Tra ra I'll sort out all the colours and things instead and I gotta sort her out She says. Right Tra ra. No I won't push her in again.

No don't that was terrible that was.
(Often when the channelling was complete Sally was sent to retrieve Roberta-Margaret from whatever work she is doing and assist her to return to her body. Roberta-Margaret was not always ready so Sally would push her back. It did not seem to be a comfortable way to return and Roberta-Margaret was usually very cross about it.)

The story continues

Sally comes again 12 July 1999 to complete this story. When she channels through she doesn't look very happy about it and seems nervous as she fools about with the hands and pulls at the clothes, like a reluctant child would do.

Christene says, Don't you want to be here to do this?

Sally: I ain't saying nothing!

Well I started transcribing that, this morning Sally and I've got up to the stage about the giants, you know.

Sally: OH Well I don't remember wot I was saying now.

Do you want me to remind you?

Sally: Yeah.

Well alright we we're talking about Jack and the Beanstalk not being a very good story because it doesn't say that Jack was naughty stealing stuff.

Sally: Well that's right, in't it.

And then you went on to say about the fact that there were giants in every people's stories, in all the people's stories I suppose you meant around the world.

Sally: That's right, in just about everybody's stories about things they got about people and how they come to be on the planet and all that, they all talk about giants and things. Giant peoples and people wot come from Ireland they are the ones that got giants in their history and all and stories about their giants and their magic people and fairies and things. And the giants wot come from there is the same giants is wot come from everywhere else. Is the giants that come from the stars see. People wot come from the stars they were all big people. So the reason Jack goes up the Beanstalk, yer see, he goes up in the trees, up to the top where, in the clouds where the giant lives. Because the giants come down from the clouds. Now the giants in Greece are all em gods, they're wot live up in the mountains and they live up in the clouds and in, see. See yer got the same sort of thing going on, where you got everybody going up in the clouds to find the giants, to find the gods see. Well it's the same thing in the story of Jack in the Beanstalk. He goes up in the clouds, then he finds a giant. Well that's it in't it?

What did the giant up there have that Jack wanted?

Sally: Well he had all sorts of magical stuff wot he could make things happen, yer see, wot Jack wanted. He wanted things, cos he was poor, see he was living with his mother and he ain't got no father. His father went off somewhere, 'or hang on, I believe they said his father died or something and his mother lived on her own and she had to bring Jack up all by herself, 'cos she didn't have no husband to look after him and her and him see? So she sent him to market and told him to go and get something for her home and of course he was a bit thick like, he wasn't really all bad, he weren't that he was naughty all the time or something, he just was a bit thick. A couple of pennies short of a shilling, he was.

Anyhow on his way to market, he never got a good deal for wot he went to market for and he always came home with less than wot he went out with, yer see. And his poor old mummy didn't know wot to do. Anyway she sent him to market to go and sell their cow, their poor cow, anyway he met this man on the way to the market and the man said, "You give me your cow and I'll give you these beans". And Jack sort of remembered that he'd got told off by his mummy before, didn't want to sell his cow for three beans 'cos he said, "Well I know I'm a bit daft but that's too daft, I can't give you my cow for three beans".

And the man said, "Oh but they are magic beans, yer see."

So Jack says, "Well if they are magic, wot do they do?"

And the man says, "Well they go to a special place and you can get all sorts of riches and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams". So that was him being tempted, see. He was being tempted so he sold the cow to the man and he took the three beans and he didn't go all the way to market he went back home again yer see.

And he says to his mother, "Well I sold the cow and I got these beans, and they are magic beans".

Well she was furious, because she lost her milk cow for three beans so she was furious with him. So she picks them up and she throws them out the window and she gives him bullocks and she sends him to bed see.

'Or Yer better not put that in the kiddies might not like that might get into trouble eh? Alright I'll behave meself.

Anyway he goes to bed and he very unhappy and he's crying and she's ranting and raving and shouting and carrying on and then she starts crying and they all got to bed yer see. And in the middle of the night the beans start to sprout and they start to grow and they grow and they grow and they grow and they grow real fat, down the bottom like great big fat trees and the all grow together like all entwined. And then they go all the way up in the sky, up into the clouds and that's the story.

And then Jack gets up in the morning and he sees this bloody great bean stalk going all the way all right going all the way up to the clouds.

I'll take that word out.

Sally: Yeah yer don't have to, you sort it out that's alright I can just be myself can't I?

And it goes all the way up to the clouds see and then it goes through the clouds and he can't see the other end of it. Well he's a bit of an adventurous sort of chap is our Jack, so he decides he is going to climb up the beanstalk. Well his mother's not too keen on the idea but of course he doesn't listen to her, very hardly anyway. So up he goes, up the beanstalk all the way to the top and when he gets to the top he comes to a new land.

Right now that where this space ship thing comes in 'cos wot happen is really is that it is a space ship and the giants come off the space ship. This is where the story gets all muddled up in the telling of it. And it's the little people of the earth wot have discovered that the giants living in the space ship and they got all this wonderful technology and stuff and wot they want for themselves and of course they are not awfully bright but they want it for themselves so yer see.

So they go and climb up and it ain't really a bean stalk, it's a sort of ladder wots got twined up with a vine. Because when the craft came down and it landed and it sat there and put its little legs out and the other things out and it stayed there. It wasn't going to get off the ground and go back up in the sky again 'cos its come home to sort of stay here. So everything started to grow up all around it. So it was like there was all these vines and things all growing up around the legs and everything. So the story was that this little boy coming along and of course there's this great big huge thing and he climbs up and where the space ship is, it is SOOO HUGH that there is all these steam and things and that coming out of it. So it is making clouds and things. So they have to climb up through all the steam and cloud to get to where you gonna to go inside the door and find the giant, yer see. Well the people wot come from the stars were all big people, much bigger than wot you got now. Yer get occasional people wot grow almost as big but not really, they grow to about seven foot and eight foot and ten foot tall. They were real big yer know. Great BIG PEOPLE. Well as they grewed and grewed new people to mate with the people wot was here on the earth they came down a little bit in size, see. So they weren't nearly quite so big as wot they was when they first started out. But they were still big see. Much bigger than they people wot was here. So when they went out and they went out and travelled all over the land wot was there then, they took themselves off and all the people that were there's wot saw em went, AHHHHH There's giants!!!! And they ran away because they were great big giant people. But they were very bright, very intelligent. They had to be coming from the stars otherwise they couldn't have built the space ship to come from the stars could they? And wot they did was they gave their intelligence and their brightness to the peoples wot was here, by mating them. And making new babies and things.

So that's how that story came about, 'cos Jack climbed up into the space craft and he wanted to score something for himself up there see. He wanted to get it the easy way, he didn't want to work hard for it like everybody else. But remember when the story was written it was written for people and written for them in their time and wearing the clothes and with the understanding of wot they had of that time, It weren't written how it happened.

Well people would be frightened. If the real facts had been written people would have been very fearful of it.

Sally: By the time it came to be written the real story got lost see and all that was left was the fairy story. The story to tell children and that's wot was left. And you'll find that in all the stories, all round the world wot was told to children. They all got their basis in something else wot has got lost now, see.

Would it have reminded the Souls about what really did happen?

Sally: Well the Souls know and the parts of them wot was human, the people wot was earth people, that's better in't it? The people wot was the original earth people that part of em would remember the giants and remember em from their history of their genetic history, they would remember it. But they wouldn't remember it in their mind and their conscious mind, or anything like that because, because yer don't.

They didn't bring that knowledge with them to have in this life, did they?

Sally: No. But it's there, it's all locked inside, it's all locked inside everybody. And some people like the stories and some people are frightened shitless of them. I ain't!

No neither am I.

Sally: I use to enjoy the stories and the kids use to like the stories but they used to get a little bit frightened when we told all them spooky stories. We use to sit at night and have a little fire going in our crate. Well we didn't have the fire in the crate cos it would have set fire to it, but we had the fire just outside we would sit there and tell stories in the night time with the fire going. And the little kids use to get all frightened cos they would be worried that all these spookies and goblins would come and get them.

Yeah I know we use to do it to.

Sally: Anyhow Jack goes up to the clouds and he goes to the giant's castle and he has to knock on these great big doors, see. GREAT, BIG, HUGE doors, well you can imagine them in the space craft can't yer. And anyway then he gets into the castle and this giant has got a absolutely phenomenal sense of smell. He's gotta big hooter see. And of course he can smell all sorts of things wot maybe other people might not be able to smell. And his sense of smell is very, very, very, very, very good. So he can smell, mind you yer can sort of imagine it can't yer, this scruffy lookin' herbit coming from down on the earth. He probably stunk to high heaven.

Never had a bath.

Sally: No, that's right and he's coming up this here bean stalk, and coming into this cove's house and he probably stinks to high heaven yer know because he ain't washed nor nothing. Well the people on the space craft were a lot more fastidious than that. They were a bit more clued up yer see. Anyhow there's our Jack, skulking around in this here castle wot's really a space ship and the giant comes along and says, "Sniff, Wot's that funning smell. Sniff, It smells like something dies in here. Pooor it doesn't half...Sniff Poor it pen 'n ink something awful, Sniff..." Well in the story see, that ain't wot the giant says. What the Giant says is, "Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman." Now 'nother part of this is because there's a story about, about politics and things as well. So that's all wrapped up in it an all. Because remember the people wot wrote about it at that particular time put all their politics and things into it when they wrote it, but the actual story, the memory for the story is in the genetics and it comes to do with the giants and space ships.

So, "Fe Fi Fo Fum," he says, "I smell the blood of an Englishman." Now he could have been a Welshman, an Irishman of a Scotsman or something else couldn't he? But wotever, he pen 'n ink. He was terrible. And he says, wot does he say? Oh that's right, "I smell the blood of an Englishman," and then he says, "Be he alive or be he dead", cos it were he dead he wouldn't half pen 'n ink, wouldn't he? So, "Be he alive or be he dead", so he ain't too fussy this cove, he's "Gonna grind his bone to bake his bread". OOOO Yuck Yucky in't it. Anyway that what the man in the story say, the giant in the story says. Only that's ain't wot the giant says in real life. In real life he says, "Cor it ain't half pen 'n ink, where's it coming from?"

Now a natural like Jack don't want to get caught.

No of course not.

Sally: Because if he's caught he's worried he's gonna get killed. He doesn't want his bones ground up. He's a bit worried about that, it would spoil all his fun and his poor old mother won't have the riches will she. But yer see the other thing is, wot the people of the earth knew was the people would go up in the clouds, or the giants would come and take em up in the clouds and sometimes they didn't come back down again. So they got lost and also too they got ground up see. They got grounded up and eaten by the giant, that's wot they believed happened see, because the people wot did come back didn't remember being eaten but they did remember being put through all sorts of things and bits taken out of em and bits put in em. All sorts of things like that, they weren't never quite the same again when they come back down. It's still happening yer know.

Anyhow so these people were real worried so of course Jack believed that he was going to end up like these other people and he might disappear and he didn't want that to happen so he had to be real quiet, like a little mouse, otherwise he'd get caught. And he didn't want to have things poked in him and stuff done to him and all sorts of things and be changed so he didn't look like he looked any more. He wanted to stay the same. So he went to find out all these magic things. Now remember, to the people of the earth everything wot came out of the craft was all magic stuff. It weren't really magic yer know. It just looked like magic. And because the people wot lived in the craft was able to use their minds to move stuff and do stuff like that, made it even more magical because these people could do stuff with their minds. And they could also read minds and they could go into other people's heads and that was a real worry. So he had to be very quiet and he had to switch his mind off which wasn't too difficult for him because he was a bit thick anyway. And then he would wait until the giant had gone to sleep. Now they didn't so much as go to sleep, they use to go into hibernation of sorts. They would go into their little capsules and they'd, then they'd be regenerated and things would happen in there. I'm not going to go into all that. Anyhow he'd go to sleep and this thing would be making all this noise so he'd be able to sneak round and steel all these things and take them back down the ladder, down the vine back down to his mother. See? It's all very simple, in't it? But they wrap this story up in this story about Jack and the Beanstalk and of course when he got caught in the end, in the final end he got caught and the giant goes racing through the space craft after him and he goes shinnying back the ladder and giant goes shinnying down after him and he gets hold of a big axe and he chops the tree trunks of the bean stalk and the giant falls off the ladder and he gets killed.

That was the worst part.

Sally: Well yes, because then he's murdered em didn't he?

That's right.

Sally: And then a great big hill growed up where the giant fell and he gets covered up with all sorts of soils and things and then things start growing on him.


Sally: And he becomes a mountain.

Well that's good. That was very constructive wasn't it?

Sally: That's right but yer see its all em things about the giants came to the earth and turned the earth people into new people and they gave them all sorts of new ways of doing things and they gave them a legacy of being able to use their intellect in a different way.

Good, that was very beneficial.

Sally: That's right. Can I go now.

Yeah, thank you very much.

Sally: That's alright.

Can I ask you again for another story some other time?

Sally: I'll have to have a little cogitation on that.

Because these kids need to know about this and the children's pages is a good place to do it in.

Sally: Then the grown-ups will say that yer fillin' their heads up with a whole pile of bleeding nonsense.

That's OK they can decide for themselves.

Sally: The kids can have a lot of fun can't they? It's another story about Jack in the Beanstalk what they haven't heard in't it? And they also need to know that Jack weren't really a good little boy, he was being a naughty boy cos he was stealing and yer don't steal from people. That's wrong and yer don't look for the easy way out neither and yer don't go round murdering people wot yer stole from just because yer can't get wot yer want.


Sally: That's not good it is?

No and maybe by telling them these stories they will look at other stories that they hear in their life to and look for the meaning behind them.

Sally: That right and look at whether they're not liking somebody because they're different. Wot about all the ogres and ogresses, they're just giants, they're just giants of another sort. Only they're called ogres and ogresses and they make them up to be real ugly and horrible looking.

Because people are frightened of them.

Sally: Because they're big and much bigger than they are and they get frightened of them. But they are not really they are actually very beautiful people. And it's just cos they have different sort of ears and eyes and things. They were a little bit bug like compared to yours and mine.

They're still have Souls, wouldn't they? Just like ours, would they have Souls?

Sally: Well of course they have Souls.

Right so therefore they're just like us, come in all shapes and sizes.

Sally: That's right. But yer still got signs of some of them in your people wots living around now, wot peoples living now cos they often have high foreheads and bug like eyes and sometimes they have funny shaped faces wot is sort of not round they sort of go that shape (Sally makes the hands into a triangle with the pointy bit at the chin) and they have long skinny necks. And yer can see little bits of wot they look like coming out in people, all over the place.

Yes, so it's part of the heritage, isn't it?

Sally: That's right. And their eyes weres not round like your eyes is round but their eyes weren't round they weres sort of long. People from the sea had round eyes, and the people wot was up in the trees had round eyes but the people wot was in the seas had these sort of slanty eyes. (These are the people that sound like the information we have about Xanos.)

Anyhow I'm going now.

Thanks Sally. That was really good, well done.

Sally: I feel real chuffed.

You did very well, that's good.

Sally: Alright then Tra ra.

Tra ra.

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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