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Managing Our Energies
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Managing Our Energies'
A Teaching from Songee 15th July 1999


Crystal Light Of Love
Digging Holes
The Breath
Using the Energies
Stolen Energies

Energising Ourselves
The Coming Tempest

The Great She-Bear 'Soul's Flight'

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This Gathering was held at Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland, New Zealand.

Close your eyes please -


Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

The Music was from Denean's CD Fire Prayer Tracks 15 and 16 "Sacred Fire" and "The Tree".

(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here, Greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So are you all One? One in your hearts and in your Souls? What it is the most important thing to know of your unity with each other, of your connections to each other is it not?


Songee: Now there are many birds flying this night. What have you for I? Who is going to shout first?

You are very brave...

Digging Holes

I have a question Songee. I was, had a dream this morning oh I will go straight back a bit we were doing (?) during Class. I was doing a lot of the um reading the base chakra one, and the dream this morning was I was walking along the footpath but I was slipping and um on towards, away from the road but towards this big excavation. And I know, I was managed to stop, by this small fence about 6" high, from actually falling into this big hole and um I have a feeling it has to do with issues I have around and to the base chakra but I'm not sure how to go about dealing with it because at moment they seem so deep and vast.

Songee: So what your dream is telling you is that you are in danger into falling into a big hole of your own makings.


Songee: And you have been given all the means of managing this however you must practise them, must you not?


Songee: And there are two most important things that you need to do - one of them is that you must waggle this a little more and speak of what is inside and what your feeling as you are feeling it, and the other is to do with this and you have to scribe down.


Songee: Two things you don't like doing.

That's right.

Songee: So when you start to master this then you will begin to start to come away from the leap of the great chasm that you have dug for yourself because it is not this manner of things of down in the bottom of this hole it is that you will put yourself down in the hole in order to avoid looking at those things that you need to look at inside you, you understand?


Songee: So you don't have to go down the big deep hole to find for them because they are not there. That is just one way that human-kinds do things in order to avoid something, they like to dig a big hole climb inside it and say, Woo is me I cannot get out! This is terrible don't do it, you have already stopped at the little fence.

After, the second part was we actually working with the colours a part where we put a blue corrugated iron fence, beautiful it was a light blue, so it felt a little safe to walk along the pavement just to um yeah to form the greatest protection at the moment because I wasn't in a state to look at it.

Songee: You don't have to look at the hole at all. The hole has got nothing to do with it. The hole is not where your issues are...

Oh OK this is what I needed to know.

Songee: ...the hole is what you have made for yourself to go into to hide from your issues as you have them. A means of escape, an you will, except it is not a very good one because most peoples when they get down into the bottom of their holes they have to have somebody to bring them back out again - do they not Little Mother?

Yes they do. I have lots of rescuers.

Songee: Little Mother and one or two other peoples are very good at making big holes to put themselves in. Songee has knowing of this, this many peoples of the Earth do this thing and it is only by learning by learning to speak your truth, by sharing yourselves with each other may being empathic with each other and loving that you are going to get yourself away from this habit of digging holes. There is more than enough holes in I at the moment without you go to dig some more to put yourself in. Is it not so?

(Everyone is laughing)

Songee: So please, have a little kindness for yourselves and for others peoples as well.

Would you just remind me just so I know what my um next step is to far, you mention the speaking and the writing...

Songee: Breathing.


Songee: You have to breathe also. When you stop breathe then you do not take the energy inside yourself. Everybody you all need to take The Breath, you know this thing? To take this deep breath in down into your middle self. You all need to learn how to do so because this is one of the most important connections that you will have with Spirit Energies, with Universal Energies.

Little ones are wanting to make love. (One of the Maltese dogs is barking. There is usually a large group of dogs and some of the cats come to the Gatherings.)

Oh is that what they do, it sounded quite excited.

Songee: And the other one does not want to. So they are going to have a little conversation about it so that you know what is happening, this is what is happening.

(Much laughter)

Songee: And you know what it is like when gentlemen wants to make love and lady doesn't, sometime he is very persistent. Especially when they are married together. However very soon he will be able to know that this is not going to be so.

We have moved away from the big hole have we not?

A little bit.

The Breath

Songee: Not too far away however a little bit, so perhaps we need to come back do we have to come back and speak some more of The Breath or do you know about The Breath?

I understand, does everybody else?

Songee: When you take The Breath you are taking inside of you 'The Breath of Life'. And when you take The Breath inside focusing your energies and your attention on the purpose of this then you will find that The Breath will help you immensely. It will draw close to you your people in Spirit who work with you. It will be as though you are opening the door or the window to let air into yourself. The air that is fresh and will blow away all the disharmonies within your being. All you have to do is to remember to do it and this is often what happens that peoples do not remember to do this thing. They become so emersed in their own 'dramas' of life they forget these little things. Remember nothing is so bad that you will not be able to manage it. You may imagine that you are not going to be able to manage it and get lost in it for a few moments and then sensibility will assert itself and you will take deep breath and say to yourself, Ah I don't have to be too deeply concerned it will all be as it is meant to be. Is that not so?

Oh yeah!

Songee: As I say sometimes it is the forgetting that is the difficult part. You may like have soundings that will assist you to do this thing. Sometimes great soundings that will stir your chakras will assist you to take inside of you this deep Breath of Life, is that not so?

Yep. I do agree.

Songee: Do you know how to doing these things in your body? You find some soundings that you like and you make for it so that your whole body vibrates with the energies of this until all the chakras have opened and all the disharmonies that are in the aura have been dispelled, you understand? And in this manner you will be able to bump into many peoples of your life without having to be too deeply concerned about how much of their energies you are taking into your own being.

Using the Energies

That comes to another part of something I am going to tell for you because it is something that is needing to be heard. And that is when you are going about your daily living sometimes you may feel extraordinarily tired. You may feel as though all your energies have drained out through your toes and disappeared down the holes in the ground. And when this do happen what do you suppose is taking place?

Using your own energy.

Songee: It is a little bit more extended than that. That is part of what is happen is that you have use your own energy this is true this can cause this feeling to be. However it can be also be that you have opened up your chakras somehow, perhaps by accident rather than by design and because you are sensitive everybody that you bump into in your daily living takes a little bit of your energy, or you give it. Sometimes its taken, sometimes you give. And then you wonder how it is at the end of your day of workings that you have no energy left to play.

Sometime when I experience this it actually feels very painful. I find it, someone like maybe is standing on the left hand side and I feel it and I get so sore. It just gets very painful when I experience that.

Songee: And this is something that has to be changed because when you are sensitive you have to learn to work with the energies, not to keep using your own, your own energies.

Let us just for a moment touch on something that happens with human-kinds and that is everybody, within their own being, have their own personality, their own character - know this thing? And everybody whether you work in the Light or not always manages somehow to - how can I say for this? Moment I am going to find the wordings for you. (Songee appears to be asking Spirit for information.)

They forget all those things, those many things that they have learnt and that have been taught to them by a teachers or by Spirit about how to manage themself and how to manage the energies. Some people have no knowing of how to manage their energies so they have a little excuse. Those that know do not quite have the came excuse however all do it because it is a human frailty that human-kinds enjoy indulging in a little bit of self sympathy - is this not so? Everybody chose to do this a little bit do they not. Some enjoy it more than others. And when they enjoy it more then they will experience this situation more often. Those that don't enjoy it however occasionally have a needing for some kindly attention from somebody around them, will indulge in this self sympathy and be as small child that is having temper tantrum for a moment, is this not so?

What I find which is rather a shame is that people don't go along with it. It would be very nice when you did feel really tired and whatever and you were having the temper tantrum as it were for a few moments that somebody didn't come along and say, What exactly is the problem can I help you here I will give you a big hug and help you out with this. But people usually don't what they do is they say, Oh you've had a rotten day you ought to have had my day. You know their troubles are always bigger than your which usually makes you crosser.

Songee: That is what you saying your feelings as happening for you.

That's right it often happens to me.

Songee: What happens for other peoples when this happens to them?

Mother says go to your room.

Songee: Ohh you have to go to your room! What would you like to have happen?

Don't do that I don't like it.

Songee: So when you're feeling grumpy inside like a grumpy bear and you don't want to do something what is it you really want, do you know?

TLC. (The little girl speaks very softly.)

Songee: And what is this?

Tender loving care.

Say it out loud. (The child's Mother says.)

Tender loving care

Songee: Ah... So you want somebody to say, My word you are grumpy come here and I give you a hug. Is that it? So next time somebody is grumpy just smile at them and say, Oh my goodness you are very grumpy come I give you a hug and you can tell me all about it.

Oh OK...

Songee: Now this works both ways. When Mummy is grumpy you have to do the same for her you know. You cannot just have it so that it is done for you, you must do it back. Do you understand? This way then you can start to come together more. And then this feeling of self sympathy will begin to go away a lot more swiftly, it will not last for so long. And then you can together perhaps make for the loud soundings to get all your chakras energy going and stirring up and dance and sing and this will bring your energies up. Even when you don't feel like it, it is the best thing for you to do. You need to restore the energies into the body from the Universe because you have lost them, you have given them away, you have squandered them or somebody has stolen them.

Stolen Energies

Now when they are stolen this has a different effect upon you. Do you know what effect this does have upon you when your energies are stolen?

It makes you angry.

Songee: That is so. You get very, very cross like the little creature with the sting in his tail - the hornet do you not - and you go about with a frown between your eyes because somebody has stolen your energies.

Now you may be able to retrieve your energies from that person who have stolen them by letting them know that you have been given some...

(end of side one)


Songee: ...and that you don't particularly like what it is they have said done ectaras ectaras, and then you can start to communicate OR you can look at what it is that you allowed to take place, you can either chase it up as I have sayed just now before time or it you can let it go and say to yourself, Well I'm going to change it now, they stole however I'm not going to allow them to have the steeling, I am now going to voluntarily allow them to keep it. I have the power to go and chase it and I am not going to. Instead I am going to replenish myself from the Universe, you understand. And in this way you will regain your own energies or more energies to replace the ones that you have lost.

Now better still learn how not to lose it in the first place. That is much more sensible and then only those that come and steel will be the ones that will give you greater difficulties and even those you can manage at the time it is happening. When somebody comes and stands in your aura and you sense that they are needing the energies, give it to them. Not your own, open your chakras to the Universe and willingly allow it to flow to them.

Energising Ourselves

Begin your day of living by offering yourself in service to The Oneness, to the Universe for whatever is needing to be for this day of your life, for the Healing Energies of Life to go to whomsoever may need them in this day. And ask, while you are asking, that you be able to achieve all those many tasks that you have set for yourself before you come to the Earth, not the ones you have imagine you have set the day before - all the ones you have set for yourself for this day that you will be able to achieve them and for the energies to do so. And you will be surprised because all those manner of things that don't need to be achieved that day will melt away like the snows under the sun. Did you know that? And the things that you need to do will remain in front of you and you will find that you don't have to worry about whether or not you are going to get them all done, take deep breath and you just do your very best. And in the event that you can not complete something, understand and know you weren't meant to complete it, accept that and arrange for yourself to complete it at the next available opportunity. Don't dig a big hole and throw yourself in it and have a tantrum because you didn't get it just because somebody or you have demanding that you do it so.

This will make your life so much simpler.

When you start your day - I know I hear what you are saying and that is not true because when you start your day and you offer yourself to the Universe, to The Oneness as a channel for the Healing Light and the Healing Energies then that opens the door for the Light and the Energies to flow through into your day of living and everything will beginning to sort itself out. You will still have to go through the motions of imagining that you are 'controlling' things, you have to play that game of pretending that you really are doing this however that is not what in effect what will be taking place. What in effect that will be taking place is that the Energies of Light will come and facilitate whatever needs to happen to happen for you and this will work every single time without exception. No exceptions. And when you are feeling that you need to have some moments for your own self because you have been offering yourself as channel for humanity and you feel, I am in part of humanity I need a little bit for myself now. Then you say to Spirit, Please I would like day off. And you get day off - did you know this thing? Practise it. This is part of the practising that you must do. Not just hear it, write it, scribe it whatever you have to do it. Practise it, live it, make it your life.

There is a saying among you peoples of the Earth about walking a walk and talking a talk - is that not so? Dreadful wordings! Shocking wordings!

What you are going to do however is you are going to be a living, breathing example of what it is to do this thing without great consideration. Remembering to breathe by opening yourself to Oneness at the beginning of your day of living and knowing in your heart that everything is going to fall into place that is meant to fall into place. Remember you have already ordained it before you came. So don't worry, it will all sort itself out. It does not mean that your don't have to learn, that you don't have to examine yourself and examine your motivations for certain things that happen upon your life, that is also part of it, that's all part of the whole.

And those peoples that come to your business will be only the ones that are meant to come on that day and the business that you are meant to achieve that day will be achieved. And then you will be able to know that the Healing Energies will work and go out to everybody that you are going to encounter in your daily life.

Now when you come to the end of your day of living you may have a normal physical weariness because your body will have expended some physical energy in order to get about your physical world. This will be usual for you. It is the excessive tiredness, the excessive lack of energy that is not usual and it is that that I'm speaking of. However at the end of your day of workings you will have some tiredness of body. What do you do?

What do you do?

(The children offer their actions.)

Songee: You go home from your workings and what is the first thing that you do.

Have a drink.

Remember to take some...

Songee: And then what you do you have some to eat, something to drink perhaps. What else do you do?

Go to the toilet, do some homework.

Songee: And you do homework. Who else does homework?

My life is just one big long homework.

Songee: Who else does work in the home?

(There is a discussion about what is done at home.)

Songee: Do you go home, do you make for yourself the hot drink or the cold drink or the something to eats? Do you make for your home to have the beautiful smells? Do you stand or sit for a few moments in the silence of your home absorbing the energies of your home, feeling the sounds, feeling everything that is happening around you? Do you make for some soundings that will make you feel refreshed? Now it may be loud soundings or soft soundings it matters not whatever you need on a particular day of living. Find some soundings perhaps. Perhaps you like the soundings of the waters coming from the sky. Do you have soundings of this that you might close your eyes and listen or the sounding of the silver stream rushing down the mountainside or the sound of the ocean washing up onto the beach? Do you give yourself some moments for this or do you charge into your house throw things down, say I'm so tired and now I have to do this and I have to do that and have to do some other thing - nonsense. You don't have to do anything.

When you give yourself this little bit of space in your life for a few moments, doesn't have to be a long time five minutes of your earth life you will find, and you take inside deep breath, remember to do this thing, same time you (Songee takes a deep breath) down into your middle self, feel the energies of your place of living and say I'm home come to I all the beautiful energies in this place of living, all my comforts and feelings of love in here and breathe them all into yourself. And then, then go and get your drinkings and your eatings and carry on with the manner of things that you need to do because your will then have the energies to do it. You may have to find your own special place in your home, in your place of living. You may have to ask other peoples in your families to respect you for five minutes while you do this thing. Once you teach them how to do it them own self then you will find there will be greater harmony in the home because everybody will learn to do it. Everybody will learn to come and take deep breaths of their own place of living. Do you know to do this?

The secret lies in slowing down a little bit and taking a little bit of earth time to remember to practice the skills that you have been taught - the breathing is the most important one. And when you do this everything else will cease to be for that moment. It will not be important and when it starts to become important that is when you know that you are space of time 'out of time' is now at an end because your being will say, You are well rested now come along let us go and get on with the busyness. And you will do so.

There is something else I am wanting to do for you this meet so you need to watch your earth time. How many questions have you yet to ask? You have to practise it in your busyness. When you practise it by opening yourself at the beginning of your earth day you will find your busyness will - it will begin to form around you. Don't panic, or don't worry about it. Every time you say, I can't do, that won't work, it doesn't happen that way, that's not what happens in this world I in which I am living - then you are putting up barriers. You have to stop putting up the barriers otherwise indeed it will not work. And it is not because it won't work it is because you are blocking it. That is all I'm going to say about that.

The Coming Tempest

Songee I have a question. Lots of people in New Zealand Astrologists and ordinary people around Astrologists.

Songee: Oh I know this thing.

And people in Australia and people in America and people in England are talking about this some big planetary configuration that will happen of the eleventh or twelfth or thirteenth of August and all sorts of people in California are talking about it and people are saying what shall we do, what shall we do, this is going to happen and that's going to happen and... Now what do we say to the people who are talking about this now? What's your advice?

Songee: First of all there are two things - one they need to have the knowing within their hearts that everything that everything has been ordained before they come to the Earth for their own life you understand?


Songee: Because when they accept that then they will accept that they also arranged to be born into this life at this time when all these things are going to happen. They will also have arranged that they are going to be at certain points on the planet surface when other things do take place You understand? Once they grasp that in here and in here (mind and heart) then it will be a simple matter of just letting go. They can't change it. They are not God. They cannot change what is going to happen and Songee already had say there is going to be great Tempest coming and this is something that I have giving you before time is it not? And it is going to happen and over the next six earth months you are going to experience The Tempest. The beginning of The Tempest is already rising. It will reach a peak where it will swirl about the whole planet and then - I tell you in a moment Little One - and then it will begin to slow down and at the end of it when everybody comes out of their little holes and has a look around they will see all the devastation.

Now this is not necessarily devastation on the physical plane although there will be devastation on the physical plane. There is going to be much shakings and rockings of the Earth. There are going to be much changes with the waters from the skies coming down and there will be places that will become very, very wet and other places that will be very, very dry and all this I have already given.

This is not that which people fear that the Earth is going to shift on its axis and everything is going to move - that is not it, that is not yet. I know I have given this to people that this is to take place however I have not been given to do it yet. The Earth is not going to move on its axis yet. Certainly not for this that you are speaking of. And that is the big fear that is in the hearts and the minds of all these peoples.

The Tempest is going to leave a destruction behind it as a Tornado - Little One like the big winds that whirl like this, and as it comes across the Planet it is going to leave behind it a trail of devastation, and this will be devastation of heart, of mind, of Soul because it is - ah that is very good I give you this one. I was about to tell you some other things but I have been given image to show for you to connect with it the important of it - this is as in your cards of the Tarot that you have which are taken from the Kabbalah, that your Tower is going to be struck by lightening. And this is applicable to the whole planet. Not to just one individual, to everybody and everybody is going to feel the effects of it somewhere in their life.

Now I have already give for you that there are many, many Souls in Spirit. There is a great army of Souls - this is a good word to give for you 'An Army of Souls'. they are The Many, they are so many that your mind may not be able to comprehend. Now these Souls are gathering around in Spirit. They are not going to go away or step back from the peoples of Earth as they have been doing for many, many moons. Now it is time for them to gather around and to give support to all those people who are working in the Light because you are going to need it. They are the first line of defence against the negative energies that form the Tempest, understand? It is the negative energies that are gathering and they are gathering momentum and they will be come a great tornado of energies at the time that you speaking. Songee give this before time, not in so much detail however give about The Tempest, that it is coming and the Peoples of Light are going to...

Is it going to bring about a positive change for things within people and is that going to sort of...

Songee: It is going to sort out the men from the boys. (laughter) It will sort out the Light-workers from the Dark-workers. It will shake loose many that have been ensnared by the Darkness so that those of the Light can come along and pick up and give succour and assistance too. It...

What about people's perceptions of the environment, assisting the environment and things like that...

Songee: Oh much of that, that is already happening and it is just going to become more. There will be more People of the Light will say, No, no more. And there will be lots of people, of greedy peoples of Darkness that will say, Ah I'm not going to listen. So there will be struggle happening.

However remember, remember that you have this vast Army in Spirit behind you. Each one of you has this vast army behind you and it will bring for you a knowing within your being - of invincibility. Now this does not mean you have to be not sensible about your earth life because you must continue to be sensible about your earth life however at the same time as being sensible 'know' that you are invincible because you have this Light working with you one hundred of your percent of your time, day and night, waking and sleeping. And you will be working waking and sleeping also. This is how it is you need to learn now how to ask for 'day off'.


Songee: And then they will gather around you and protect you from all the influences that would come to be calling upon you for your assistance, you understand. They will protect you and your peoples in Spirit will assist with helping you to be protected. And you will have as much as you need of your earth time for resting yourself and gathering your internal strength and giving yourself some little bit of holiday from this great adventure that you have come to live.

(Laughter it was hard to imagine how our lives could be an adventure.)

Songee: Remember that this life that you live is a great adventure only sometimes when you go on great adventures sometimes you need to find a safe cave to tuck yourself up and sit quiet for five minutes. So you sit for five of your earth minutes and give yourself this quietness.

I think the most positive thing I've seen is that I think positive things are starting to happen or that things are starting to happen um I just got news of an old friend who had got a job that I thought was almost destroying his Soul but it was very, very well paid and I just found out that he has resigned, he just decided like he's suddenly realised like the scales have lifted from his eyes and its as if people now - earth saying putting their money where their mouth is, or something, they are standing, they're standing up and being counted to the things that are really important to them.

Songee: That is so.

And that is wonderful.

Songee: That is how it is going to be and especially for the beings of light. The Beings of Light have to be - Greetings Little One you are very wet...

(One of the dogs had just come in from outside. A child made a soft comment.)

Songee: So that is exactly so. It is...

(end of side two)


(There was a lot of laughter.)

Songee: That's alright Little One doesn't mind going to the place of learnings with just the skin on.

Na he won't mind.

Songee: And I'm sure that they won't mind if he goes with just the skin.

You don't mind do you?

Be a bit chilly.

Songee: Oh that won't matter use spirit energy to keep warm. Doesn't matter if he get wet. He will soon dry off. Is that not so Little One? Oh that will be very exciting.

Yeah I reckon it would.

Songee: Now. So does that answer what you wanting to know?

Yes. Thank you.

Songee: So what you have to tell for these people it don't worry about it. Just get ready to do lots of work. Be prepared to help pick up the pieces of other peoples around and about you. There are many people that are working in the Light that don't know they are working in the Light. They are not in this room they are out there in the world and they are going to find that they are going to be called. And many of them will resist. However resistance is going to be futile because the forces are such that they will not be able to resist it. This is, this is something that has to happen on the Planet. It has to take place. And when you hear of many different tragedies taking place again feel for the families however accept that they came to this life so that this would happen in this life or they would not have been born, would they not. Have loving and caring for the families and have knowing at the same time so that you don't get lost in the feelings and the drama. This way you will be free to give love, to give assistance whenever and wherever it is needing to be. And don't forget you also will need assistance and loving from time to time and it will be there for you also especially from those others around you who are working in the Light. It is up to you to not do this - turn the body with the shoulder away from it when it is offered to you. You know this thing? Don't be so...

(A comment is made.)

Songee: ...I was about to say stuffed in your nose. When you stuff yourself up your own nose then you don't see this thing coming for you - I'm going to do it by my own self, I don't need you, quite capable by my own self, go away - so on, etcetera etceteras.

Now, I'm going to do some thing a little different this tonight.


Songee then gifted the 'Soul's Flight'1 which became the third of The Great She-Bear stories -

The Great She-Bear 'Soul's Flight'

Songee says, Would you like the go on a journey? Very well. All you have to do is to make yourself very comfortable. Doesn't matter if you go into sleepings, Songee not mind. And pretend that you are like the small child that is going to have a little bit of special time to rest and relax. Close your eyes, take deep breath inside, and rest your weary bodies. You want to lie down, lie down. You want to sit up, sit up, do whatever you want to do to be comfortable. You want to go to sleep you can go to sleep.

Because we are going to go on a little journey.

First of all take inside some deep breaths. Feel the breath going into your middle self, holding it down inside and letting it out. "Haaaa". Pretending that you are lying down on your bed of sleepings and you are listening to mother telling your story before you go sleepings.

Because we are going to go on a little journey along the spiral.

This is the spiral of the bear. The Great Bear.

So come with I now through the beginnings of time and space and step your foot upon the spiral of no time, no space, and the spiral of the Great She-Bear. As we begin to walk along the spiral I want you to contemplate for a moment the story of the Great She-Bear. Those of you that have already knowing part of the story will know that the Great She-Bear has woken up from her sleep with her little bear cubs and begun a journey in the big wide world with them. And if you have not them you need to find the wordings for this later.

But journey now along the spiral until you come to the very center and at the center the spiral stops and I want you to stand very still because just in front of you is a light. And just before you step out into the light you are going to contemplate all those manner of things of your life. Let them all float through your mind, go out the other side and float off along the spiral once more so that they are not part of you. Let them all go.

And now take a long step and step into the light and as you step into the light you will find yourself in another world. You will find yourself standing on a beautiful green meadow, high, high up on the side of a mountain. And as you are there you will be able to watch everything that transpires.

In front of you sleeping deeply, underneath an out-stuck rock is a Great She-Bear and cuddled up to her middle-self are two little bear cubs. There is Little-Bear and Little She-Bear and they are all snoring in the beautiful warmth of the sunshine. And as you get a little closer you will be able to see that the little bear cubs are dreaming because their noses are whiffling and their ears are waggling and their little front hand paws are wiggling and so are the back paws, jumping about. They are having wonderful dreams of snow drifts and great shining fish and lots of beautiful milk from their mother's teat.

Their bellies are full.

Little Bear Cub and Eagle

And then high in the sky, circling round is Brother Eagle. Calling across the great valley, his cry sounding so loud in the high mountain air and as he makes his soundings Little-Bear has one last great jump and wakes himself up. And he looks around and his eyes are so sleepy and he gives a great yawn, and stretches his little paws out and sits up. He wonders what it is that has woken him up. His mama is still asleep and his sister. So he stands up and steps away from his mother and gives himself a little shake from the tip of his nose to the end of his short little tail and then he sniffs the air, "SHHS." he says, "SHHS. What can I smell? Ho, now I remember," he says and he runs and jumps up onto the great rock under which his mother is sleeping. And he looks out over the valley. And he looks up at the eagle flying in the sky.

"Orrr," he says to the eagle. "What is it that you can see from up there?" And the eagle looks down and sees the Little-Bear and flies down to him. He sits down on the rock, next to the Little-Bear cub.

"I can see for many great distances," says the eagle, ruffling his feathers and he runs his beak through his wing feathers to make them all smooth once more. And the Little-Bear cub looks at him in great astonishment because he is so large and then he stuffs his nose towards the Great Eagle and says.

"What manner of creature are you? You don't have fur like I have got. What are those things on you?"

And the eagle says, "These are feathers."

"Oh," says the Little-Bear cub, "I would like feathers too. Can I have feathers?"

And the eagle says, "No you cannot have feathers, you are bear cub and bear cubs have to stay upon the ground."

"Oh," says the Little-Bear cub, "But I want to come and fly in the skies with you and look for many miles across the land."

"Well you can't," says the eagle, "Because you don't have feathers and you're not going to have feathers."

"Well can I ride upon your back? You're big enough," says the Little-Bear cub.

"No," says the eagle, "you are much too heavy. I would not be able to fly in the skies with you on my back."

"Well will you tell me of what you see then and let me see it through your eyes?"

"Certainly I will," said the eagle to the Little-Bear cub, "I will let you see through my eyes. To do this Little-Bear cub you must close your eyes and you must also take deep breath because you have to stretch yourself out, your spirit must join with mine and I will show you. I will go back into the skies once more and take your spirit with me and you will see all that I see." And the Great Eagle, with this, takes a couple of bounds and waves the wings and takes off, soaring into the great skies of blue. Soaring over the valley and as he goes he says, "Are you with me Little-Bear cub?"

"Yes I am with you," says the Little-Bear cub.

Are you with the Great Eagle in the skies also and looking down on the valley. Far below are the trees and the beautiful silver stream from the mountain has flowed down and become a great river flowing through, down the valley through the trees. There are more hills and mountains that can be seen from the great skies and the sun is warm on the back of the Great Eagle as he flies.

"Look down below," he says. "Look down there where that grey smoke is."

"I know about that," said the Little-Bear cub. "My mama told me about smoke. She said it is where there is the two legs."

"That is quite right," said the eagle.

"But you have two legs, is that where you live?" says the Little-Bear cub to the eagle.

"Oh No. I have got two wings also, but the people are there, they are two legs and they are called people."

"Oh mama didn't tell me that," said the Little-Bear cub. "What do people do?"

"It is best for Little-Bear cubs and eagles to stay away from peoples," said the eagle. "Because they are not always very kind to us. Come I will show you a little." And he flies down closer to the trees.

And the Little-Bear cub say, "Oh be careful. Don't crash into the trees will you."

"I am very skilled at what I do," said the eagle. "And I will show you, I will fly over the top and you will be able to see all." So he flies over the top of where the smoke is coming and in among the trees there is a clearing where there are no trees and instead there are funny shapes like pointed, pointed trees only with no branches, no green on them. Instead they are covered with all manner of drawings and pictures. And in front of these funny looking things is where the smoke is coming and in front of there is the great river. And there are many peoples walking about and doing things, all manner of things.

And Little-Bear cub says, "Oh, aren't they strange. What do they do with their two-legs? How can they run?"

"Oh they can run fairly swiftly," said the Great Eagle. "You have to be very careful because they are very cunning also. And they know how to hide and to be silent in the forest."

"Oh look!" said Little-Bear cub. "There is somebody and they are catching the silver fish from the stream."

"Oh that's not a stream," said the Great Eagle. "That is now a river."

"Oh," said the Little-Bear cub. "How did it come to be a river?"

"Oh," said Eagle. "That is because as the waters are flowing down through the land they make great hole and the hole gets made bigger and bigger as the waters flow through it until it becomes wider and deeper so that more waters can flow and so it becomes river. And this has happened over many, many, many moons. Not just recently, it has been happening for many moons."

"And do all the silver fish live in the river now?"

"There is many silver fish in the river," said the eagle. "I like silver fish. Sometimes the two-legs chase the silver fish and don't catch them however I can catch them because I can see them from a great height at which I fly.

"Mama," said the Little-Bear cub. "Says that the two-legged are not safe to be around."

"That is so," said the Great Eagle. "You must not go near the two-legs, for they may take you to go and live with them and you won't like it because you won't be free anymore."

"Oh then I shan't go near them," said the Little-Bear cub. "Although I must admit they do look very curious and I am very interested in curious things."

"Don't you even be tempted," said the Great Eagle. "Come you have seen enough now, I'm going to take you back."

"Oh but I don't want to go back," said the Little-Bear cub. "Can we not fly a little further on?"

"Oh very well," said the Great Eagle. "Come I take you a little further." And he circles around in the sky and goes higher and higher up into the great blue skies.

"Oh this is so exciting," said the Little-Bear cub. "What is that up there?"

"What is what, up where?" said the Great Eagle.

"That white thing, out there."

"Oh that is a cloud," says the eagle.

"A cloud," said the Little-Bear cub. "What does it do?"

"Not very much," said the eagle. "It just sort of hangs in the sky. It is full of water and mist. Sometimes it gathers with other clouds and comes together. And they make big clouds and when they come to mountain sides then they will release the waters. And their waters will fall to the earth and that is called rain."

"I don't know about rain." said the Little-Bear cub. "But I know about snow because Mama Bear told me about snow. She said it is water that comes from the skies and it is stiff."

"That is so," said the eagle. "It is, however this water, when it rains, is not stiff and it makes you very wet. I usually go and sit in my nest when it is raining because I don't like the rain on my feathers when I am flying too much, it makes I become very heavy, so I don't like to be in it for too long."

And as they go higher and higher into the beautiful blue sky the Little-Bear cub can see all around beyond the valley and beyond the valley are the plains, the great wide open plains that go for miles and miles and miles. Only he doesn't know, only there seems to be so much of it.

And he says to the Great Eagle, "Oh look at all that space out there. Will I be able to go out there?"

"Oh not until you are a great big He-Bear," said the eagle, "Then you will be able to go out there. Until then you must stay with your mother and the little She-Bear on the mountain side. Come now, we must return back because I feel that your Mama is beginning to awaken."

"How can you feel that?" said the Little-Bear cub.

"Oh," said the eagle. "Because I am a wise one and I am the messenger that takes the prayers from the two-legs and the other animals to the Creator Power so I have to know these things. Come we fly back." So he flies all the way back to the mountain side and he lands down with a rustle of feathers next to the little bear cub and says, "Now take a deep breath and bring your spirit back into your body because here is your mama beginning to waken up."

The Little-Bear cub takes a deep breath and brings his eyes back into his own head and when he opens them and he looks around he feels quite dizzy because he has been flying in the sky.

And the Great Eagle says, "I am going now, Farewell. I will speak to you another time." And off he goes with a couple of hops and flap of wings up high into the sky.

And the Little-Bear cub lift his nose and whiffles it into the wind and watches him go. And then he hangs his little hand-paws over the edge of the rock and snuffs his nose down and says,

"Mama! Mama! I have been flying in the great blue sky."

"Oh," says Mama bear. "You babies always have such wonderful stories to tell I when you wake up."

"Oh but Mama its true, it's true," says the Little-Bear cub. "I have been flying with the Great Eagle in the skies."

"Ohhhhr," says the Great She-Bear. "Don't talk nonsense."

"But Mama," said the Little-Bear cub. "I did, truly I did."

And the little She-bear stretches herself and rolls on her back and "Yaawnns" and says, "You always have stories to tell."

"You don't believe I!" said the Little-Bear cub.

And Mama bear looks up at him and she comes out from under the rock and gives herself a big shake from the tip of her nose to the end of her little tail and she looks at her son and she says, "You had better tell I all about it."

"Oh Mama," he says. "It was so exciting. You were asleep and sister was asleep and I woke up I was so curious because I wanted to know about the people in the valley."

"The people in the valley?" said the Great She-Bear,

"I never told you about the people in the valley."

"Oh well that's what the Great Eagle called them Mama. He said the two-legs were called people."

"Ahhhhh," said the Great She-Bear.

"I did fly with the eagle in the great blue sky."

"You most certainly must have done," she said. "Because no-one else would have told you about people. I wouldn't have told you about people just yet. I was happy for you to know them only as two-legs."

"Did he really fly with the eagle?" said the little She-Bear. "Did he fly in the great blue sky?"

"Well I don't believe he flew on the back of the eagle, did you Little Bear?"

"No," he said. "I didn't. I joined my spirit with the spirit of the eagle and he took me flying with his spirit up into the great blue skies."

"Oh," said the little She-Bear. "Oh how marvellous, I would like to do that too. Will I be able to do that Mama and fly with the Great Eagle in the great blue skies?"

"You will have to ask him next time he comes to visit," said the Great She-Bear. "I am sure that he will let you do so. Now come my babies it is time for us to move on a little. We have to go and find some more foodings for ourselves. Are you ready to begin your journey to find some more foodings."

"Oh yes, and I would like to play," said the Little-Bear cub.

"Me too," said the little She-Bear.

"Come then," said the Great She-Bear. "And I will introduce you to some more of the peoples that live here. You have yet to meet the four-legs."

And that is where we are going to leave them as they begin to walk across the meadow, a little downhill towards the forest to find themselves some more foodings to eat. So say farewell to them for now as you watch them shambling off down the mountain side with the little bear cubs bouncing around their mother. Playing and rolling, falling over their feets and having lots of fun.

And come now back into the light and step back through the light once more back onto the spiral and begin your journey slowly back through the spiral. And there maybe some things that you have let go or that you need to collect on your way back. Other things that you will still like to leave go. Collect the ones you want, and the ones you don't leave them behind. They will soon disappear. And begin the journey back up the spiral, all the way back to the beginning place. To the place where you started and step off the spiral back into the place of the silvery mist. And take inside of you the deep Breath of Life and bring yourself back to your own body of living, once more.

And just before you open your eyes, remember all that you felt and you saw on your journey. And when you are ready open your eyes to your own earth life.

And I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the memories of that journey and the memories of flying in the great blue sky with the eagle and the little bear cub, to carry you along through your earth life. And remember that you too have only to stretch out your spirit and join it with one of the creatures of the planet and look through their eyes at the world around to give yourself a different viewing of matters in your own life.

Go with this Power now and may it bring peace and healing to your Souls.


After Songee completes this adventure and leaves, Roberta-Margaret returns and spoke of her experiences while she was away helping to rescue people out of the ocean and returned them to spirit. She then greets everyone.


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