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Discernment and Meditation
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Discernment and Meditation'
A Teaching from Songee 17th December 1999


Roberta-Margaret Speaking on Full Trance Channelling
Crystal Light Of Love
Doorkeepers and Guardians
Ego - Personality Self
The Wordings
The Look of Aliens
Discernment - continues
A Personal Question
Meditation - Instruction
Meditation Guided Christmas Journey

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This meeting was held of the 16th December 1999 at Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland. The aroma oils used on this night were Frankincense Myrrh and Neroli. These are the oils always suggested to us by spirit at this time of the year as they create the vibrational energy of Frankincense Myrrh and Gold, the gifts bought at the time of the Birth of the baby Jesus.

Everyone introduced themselves to the group.

Roberta-Margaret speaking on full trance channelling

As there were new people in the Group who had not experienced the way things worked here Roberta-Margaret says:

I must check with M about where he's at with things. I always check with people M when they first come for making sure that you are going to be OK and a lot of people arrive that don't know diddly and get scared. So I need to make sure you know what's happening and are comfortable with what's happening. What are your experiences of deep trance channelling? Have you had any experiences? Either have you been, have you watched it? Have you done it?

Don't know if I have actually done it but there is stuff that has come through me that obviously I don't know what it is or if it's still there.

Roberta-Margaret: So you are channelling inspiration. You've got inspiration, is that right?

Um not inspiration more knowledge.

Roberta-Margaret: Knowledge, yeah. Describe to me what happens to you from your perspective when this is happening, what do you feel like when it is happening?

Speaking truth more than anything else.

Roberta-Margaret: And what do you feel internally within yourself? Like what sensations do you have in yourself, in your head, in your body?

Oh my mouth opens and I just start to talk a lot of technical information sometimes.

Roberta-Margaret: Right, stuff that you don't have knowledge of.

Some things I have knowledge of but um it's a great understanding of. More like a um, like I've tied two things together and then I will have a reason for it and like that, could be intuition.

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah OK but while you are doing this you are conscious of your surroundings.


Roberta-Margaret: Right. That is channelling information through from spirit and helping you to make those connections, is inspiration which is different from trance channelling. OK This is the reason I like to talk to people. I like to find out what they have experienced, for everybody has experienced different things, to different degrees. Um and then I need to tell you what happens to me is that I go away, my consciousness actually goes away and I travel and when I come back its all over. So I have no recollection of what's gone on in the room while I have been away.

That is different to what I...

Roberta-Margaret: Right OK. Songee is not a spirit person. She has not had a physical form or a physical body or lived on the Earth. So in that respect She is very different from the other energies that we often hear about. She is not an extra terrestrial. We hear a lot about extra terrestrial energies channelling through people these days. I have had extra terrestrials channel through me a couple of times over the years. Not on a regular basis by any stretch of the imagination, they just popped up a couple of times and just appeared, you know. Oh there's an available, you know, let's see if can go through here.

I have encountered one or two of, myself and taken unawares because I have actually creep up behind them and took them unawares. That's another story I won't go into it now. However um so I'm comfortable with the concept, some people aren't. However Songee energy is not that. She is none of those things. So when She does come through sometimes it helps to just close your eyes and just feel, and just feel the energy as She's talking to you. That's the best I can say at the moment.

Anyone got anything else you want to add that might be helpful?

Do you know how extra terrestrials actually contact you?

Roberta-Margaret: Telepathy.

Yours or theirs?


Roberta-Margaret: It's a combination of both, mostly theirs, the power is more, as far as I am concerned the power is more on their side than it is on mine. I don't feel that my particular telepathic abilities are very strong. Everybody's got a gift in different directions and I, although I have a telepathy with animals I don't feel as though I have a very strong telepathy with people. Um you know my sort of skills, my talents are in this direction that I am working in now. So...

Alright, do you want to ask anything? No. OK. Let's be off.

Shoes off, glasses off.

Roberta-Margaret: Yes. I'll put them where I can find them, then I don't have to worry about where.

Like last week one of the spirit people hid them.

Roberta-Margaret: I will put them there and then I'll know exactly where they are.

Sally came and she hid them.

Roberta-Margaret: Yes. I couldn't find them, couldn't find them at all. She hid my shoes around there and out my glasses on top of the dress patterns down in the corner.

It was hilarious.

Oh I missed it.

Roberta-Margaret: OK. Songee doesn't like having my shoes off, She takes them off and last week, I have this little spirit guide here that comes through, her name is Sally and she's really quite naughty sometimes and she hid my shoes and my glasses. So it is easier now to just take the jolly things off before I start.

So there is a suggestion that your shoes take some filling?

Roberta-Margaret: I don't know. Maybe they are too small for Her, too small for Her.

Well are we ready, uncrossing legs and feet and stuff. And close your eyes and I shall read you some words for you to ponder on. It's always easier to do that with your eyes closed.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Roberta-Margaret: I am just going to use some music and I usually use it as a focus to go away, I don't have to, I have worked in the middle of a field in the middle of all sorts of noise and stuff however at home I'm able to indulge myself.

(The music plays and Roberta-Margaret offers herself as the channel for the Oneness Energy and goes into trance. Songee then channels through into the body.)


Songee: I am here, greetings to you.

(Everyone greets Songee.)

Songee: Are you all well in your hearts? It is very important now for human kind to learn to be one in the heart, is it not? No matter what is your differences in other things. And the Oneness in your heart is what?


Songee: Love and unity with Oneness is it not. And when you are all unified in your love and your service to Oneness then you are One in your heart and then you will all come together no matter what the your differences are. The difficulties within differences with people's life is their insistence upon holding onto their ego of the difference. Do you know what I am saying with this or is this unclear?

I believe it would be better to restate it.

Songee: When peoples hold onto the egos of an idea, they close themselves away from being open in fullness to the Power of Oneness. Unfortunately the large portion of humanity does this thing. This is something that will begin to change although like a small child that is growing teeth for first time, humankinds will become very fractious about it. You understand? Because they will not want to let go of their control that their ego gives them with the idea that they have.

Now I have promised you (Laughter) a special treat, have I not? (Songee is also smiling.)


Songee: However before we get to that there there something I have got to say for you. And it is important before you begin asking questions you need to allow yourself earth time so that you can have opportunity for your treat. So it is your responsibility to ensure you don't go over your time of earth otherwise Songee will just keep asking your questions and answering your questions as you need them. You understand because I will respond to the need.

I come first of all this night to give you little talk about something that is very important. I have speaking about this before time with you. Other peoples however it is now needing to be spoken about again.


Songee: It is about the gift of discernment. Now when you are small childs you are taught are you not by your mumma and papa how to learn to know the difference between rights and wrongs. Is that not so? And you learn to discern the difference between right and wrong, do you not? Now in spirit work that you do you also have to learn the gift of discernment. And I'm going to now, I hope not taking too much of your earth time, let you know how you may do this. How you find the yard stick to measure so that you know the right from the wrong, you understand?

Many times as you journey through your path, seeking enlightenment, seeking all the answers to the many questions that you have, you will encounter other human-kinds who are the channels for the different energies of spirit to bring information to you, is this not so?

That's right.

Songee: When you go to some of these gatherings, sometimes it is a gathering where there is more than one peoples there, you understand? How do you know whether what you are hearing is the truth?

By the way you feel about it, by your feelings.

Songee: Now supposing that you are a people - Ah thanking you (Songee is speaking to the spirit people assisting Her) Supposing that you are a person - I have been given to say this instead, a person that has a lot of fear inside, a great deal of fear inside and you are unsure about your own abilities, you have been given many stories that have given you frightenings. How do you feel that with all this locked away inside, it is going to be? How are you going to know the truth?

You shine the Light in front of you.

Songee: That is very good Little Shaman, however some peoples don't know how to do this you know. They don't understand how to shine the white light or the Light of Oneness allowing it to come through.

So let us begin first with the peoples, the very many peoples who are in the world, in your world, that you encounter in your life from day to day, as you pass through it. You will encounter some who will say, "What a lot of nonsense." You will encounter some that say to you, "How can you possibly believe in something like that, and you will believe anything that you are told." And then you will have those that come and say to you, "Oh that is not good it is coming from the Dark One you know." And they do this. (Songee makes a sign of the cross) And they are very afeared.

How do you show them or let them know the truth. How are these peoples going to know the truth? Supposing you take one of these peoples with great fears and you take them to some gathering or another, how are you going to know?

It is very simple... Beings of Light, Beings from Oneness will not give you information that will bring hurt or harm to you-self or to those around and about you or to your life or anybody else's life. They will not tell you to do things that are not reasonable. They will not tell you to hurt yourself, they will not tell you that you are stupid or ignorant. They will not malign you. Beings of Light, Energies of Light will come to you in the Truth of Light, as Songee comes to you and say words of teaching to give you Power to you-self, to help you be strong for your-self, not for their self, for your-self.

Doorkeeper and Guardian

Human-kinds have lost their way. They have gone off the path and are looking now to bring themselves back on it again, you understand? So when you go to the many meetings listen very carefully.

Also part of the gift of discernment is to learn how it is to that information that is coming through the one who is the channel for this, is allowing information to come through without their own ego getting in the way, their own personality. When you are first learning how to allow the spirit energies to work through you, naturally, there is a time of earth where there is a learning that needs to happen between the peoples in spirit - your Doorkeeper and Guardian and yourselves. Forget about all the other spirit peoples, we know they are there however you must learn to know your Doorkeeper and Guardian first. When you know them then you can get to know everybody else.

When you are small child you learn who is your Mamma and Papa first, do you not? And as you grow you learn who the other peoples are that belong in your family, so your family in spirit that work with you will come and show themselves to you as you grow and learn. First things first, learn about your Doorkeeper and Guardian, first.

Now the information that comes - when it is coming while you are learning some of it will come from your own skills of life, you understand, your own abilities, the things that you have come to this earth to learn and to study and have a gift for, of earth, of the earth to do, you understand. So it may be that you are very good at making things with your hands, it may be that you have a very good understanding and are very skilled at making beautiful sounds and so on and so forth. You will know what you are good at and you will pursue it as part of your life. These are the gifts of life that you earn the coin of life with are they not?

However when you employ the gifts of spirit alongside the gifts of life you will find that you will have an overlap of the two things so you will have your own ego, your personality saying things and then you will have the inspiration coming from your Doorkeeper or your Guardian bringing you the information that you need.

Ego - Personality Self

Now a teacher that is skilled will be able to hear and discern when you are working from your own personality and when you are working from inspiration. And until You learn it is always wise to have teacher. Having said that you also need to know that when you are doing this thing you can be saying something all in one long string of words and one part of the information will be your personality, the next bit will be spirit and the next bit will be your personality and the next bit will perhaps be spirit again. So that - thanking you (Songee is talking to spirit who are offering her words). Sentence is the word, so in one sentence you can have the influence of your personality, spirit personality spirit happening, and believe that you have all spirit.

Now, when you go to these gatherings sometimes you will hear the peoples that are channelling energies that they are doing the same thing. You will hear when it is their personality and when it is spirit personality. And this happens because they have not yet learned to let go of their ego self when they are working with spirit. Not this does not mean that you have to attempt to get rid of ego self. That is not correct because you need it, it is your personality for your life. It is, it is the self that you portray to the great world and you need it. So don't attempt to annihilate it will you? (Songee is laughing.) It is a very important part of you however it is also important to learn the gift of discernment so that you learn how to know - first of all listening to others and discerning when you can hear when this is happening with others. This will then train you to be alert when it is happening within your own being.

The Wordings

And part of the way that you can learn this is to learn about the wordings. I know that this is one of Songee's Chestnuts however the Wordings are important they are part to learning about discernment. When you use the word 'should' and 'shouldn't', and 'think', and 'why' - you then can be immediately alert to yourself. It will tell you immediately when you using these words in your language, with other peoples that you are working from your personality, from your head and not from your heart, do you understand? That is the secret, it is really very simple.

So all feeling words someone is saying the more likely they are to be channelling from spirit?

Songee: That is so.

And the head words come from the ego-self?

Songee: Comes from the ego-self.

But being conscious of what you are saying wouldn't that be working from the ego, just to be aware of what you are trying to say rather than actually letting it come out?

Songee: No, because it means you are 'thinking'. You have just had to 'think' all of that through however what you need now is to feel. You feel inside and you say whatever the feeling is. "I feel I need to speak".

So will you look at first of all what was happening when you were listening and what was happening within yourself while you were listening to the wordings of Songee, what did you feel inside?

All the time I was just actually trying to compartmentalise it. I was trying to break it down.

Songee: That is so, that is exactly right, that is what you were doing. And that is something you do with your head, it is not something you do with the feelings. Now although you use your intellect to sort things out, then you have to take the results and put them down into your feelings. And when you express yourself you begin to express yourself with words of feeling.

The gift of discernment will show you that when people are expressing them-self with their personality - from their mind, they will use words of the mind, not words of the heart. Does that make it a bit clearer for you?

Yeah it does.

Songee: So that way you still using your intellect, that is not going to stop because this is part of the process of how you work things out. Songee refers to this as pondering. Pondering is much better than 'thinking'! Thinking is doubting, pondering allows you to go on a journey, a journey of discovery, of examining things, of going down into your feelings, about things. Not just having it up here in your head when you want to then express something, to express it from your personality. You hear it often when human-kinds say, they hear a number of things happening about them and they say, "Well I 'think' it's this. What so you 'think'?" And the other people say, "Well I 'think' it's this." And someone else will say, "Well I 'think' it's this." Before you know where you are everybody is 'thinking' something different!


Songee: It's very exciting however it does not get anywhere.

It sounds like a crowd of doubting Thomas's to me.

Songee: That is so because 'think' implies a doubt, doesn't mean it is a doubt, it implies a doubt. And doubt is fear. Whether it is a big fear or a little tiny fear, doesn't matter - fear is fear! No matter how big or little it is. So when you say - somebody says to you, "Well I would like to go and sail on the great oceans, what do you 'think' about that?" And you say, "I 'think' I'd like to go, I have to 'think' about it."

What is that saying? It is saying that you have a little doubt about going sailing on the great ocean but it does not say, for what reason you have the great doubt - does it? So better to reply, "Well I don't know about 'thinking' about it however my feelings are that I am not very sure, and I'm not very sure because, my tummy gets upset when I go on the great waters - or I have got something else in my life I have to do that, that moment I don't feel I can come with you." This then brings out the truth of the situation not the 'think'.

All time it will do this thing, it will bring out the truth. And that is how you learn to find the truth and also to learn about discernment. When you hear yourself, be alert, know that you have a little fear of some description inside of you about either what it is that has just been say-ed to you or what it is that you are about to say to somebody else. Does that make sense?

Is there anything else anybody else would like to ask about this?


The look of Aliens

What do aliens look like?

Songee: Oh we are jumping away. All sorts of different shapes and sizes. And remember that they are not aliens, not to them own self they are not, you are alien to them. And just because you look one certain way does not mean that everybody else has to look one certain way does it? This is part of the fear that is in the minds and hearts of peoples. They are frightened often by things they do not understand and things that they do not be familiar with in their life.

Yeah I find they get mocked at lot, actually.

Songee: You do!

Discernment - continues

A lot of the time by a lot of people, and its like when I start to say something to somebody and then before it even gets out of my mouth half the time they will say, "Oh you are talking garbage". Then I end up retreating back to myself and not even bothering to talk about it, and I feel like sometimes I feel I need to say things to people and then its like you know to them maybe to find out of their own accord and not for me to tell them, you know.

Songee: That is very true. However when you see the information or the strength of the energy that says that you need to speak, what usually happens, what sort of language is used?


Songee: Make an example.


Songee: That one will do...

Usually it's reasonably difficult, sometimes I try to explain as easy as I can explain it but, and it gets to a point where I sometimes just draw pictures and try to get people to understand pictures.

Songee: And what is the purpose of giving this information to begin with? Do they be looking for an answer to something? Are they asking for an answer for something?

Not all the time, sometimes they just shown an interest in something that I might be reading of talking about or drawing or thinking about and they will want to know something, they will say oh what's that and I will tell them and I sort of like try to tell them a little bit and if they come back and want to know more then I talk to them about it and they, it doesn't usually get that far because they look at me like I am a weirdo.

Songee: So what sort of things do they come and ask you about?

I had a friend of mine whose been reading about (?Jemantrea) and about Sacred Geometry. I have been into Sacred Geometry for a few years and read a lot of information, drew a lot of things and come to different conclusions and um he's read one sort of book about it and especially about um (?affimination) spiral the way nature grows and he, he has one idea about how he thinks it's not right and it's not a part of God's Way and he's had a real Christian upbringing and I have sort of come in from a different angle and have a different understanding of it and think if its nature how can it be a bad thing and we have a very...

(end of side one)

...Um I have felt, I've felt almost a threat from this person, so I put a certain shape around myself like a, I put a like a dodecahedron around myself and filled it with Light and he thought I was trying to put him to sleep and he was feeling really anxious around it. And he's taken a couple a months to come up to me and tell me what was that you put around me. I said I didn't put anything around you I was just protecting myself because I felt scared. And um yeah he thinks I'm coming from a bad place and I'm trying to put spells on him and I'm saying I am not trying to do that at all I am just trying to shine the Light on you.

Songee: So, this says a lot of information because Songee comes from the place of simplicity. All those things that you are studying are complex. And Songee says that you don't need all the complexities that you are discovering. They are very exciting, they are wondrous however they are not the whole of it. Now between the two of you - your friend and yourself, Songee is in the middle because Songee is balance. The Path of Light lies with Oneness, and these many Souls that have been taught about Jesus the Living Christ, have been taught a truth and they find it very difficult to bring together the information that you have and the teachings that they have also.

Now in order to understand a little further. First of all close your eye, just for a moment. You can open them again in a moment - close your eye and down inside into your tummy self a breath through the nose and down into your middle self. Take it in and hold it for a moment and then release it - HAAAAA (Songee has the mouth wide open to let the breath out.) Like so and do it again, breath normally in between and do this thing until you feel your middle self beginning to glow like a small sun.

Now listen to the words that I am going to give you. All those complex things that you have learned are true, they are very accurate however they are very unnecessary for you to find your place in the Universe, to find your journey back to Oneness. For you to feel the Light of Oneness in your life and for you to resonate with others. You don't need it. You don't need it for protection. All you need is the Power of Light, the Power of Oneness and you do that by asking for it to come to you through the Breath of Life. And you breathe the Breath of Life into your body. And the Breath of Life is that part of the Trinity that human-kind have called The Holy Spirit or The Holy Breath. Some call it The Holy Ghost. I say for you I am not Ghost. Songee is The Holy Breath. So you have The Father, The Mother and the Son. And the Son was Jesus the Living Christ. And when you have this you have all the information that you have studied, all part of everything that you know combined with all of this other information and with it, it comes together as One. And when you breathe you will be breathing in all those different shapes that you know about, all of them will come and be one with you, and make you one with Oneness, that energy that you call God and that your friend calls God. Feel it!

This does not mean that your discard your knowledge, it does not mean you have to stop pursuing your interest in it, just learn how not to be too lost in the maze of complexity. Bring yourself out of the maze of complexity, out into simplicity. Do you understand?


Songee: Can you feel it?

Yes. (More unheard words were spoken very softly)

Songee: So this is, when you having these feelings - what is this feeling you have in your middle self?

It's like, it's like letting everything go almost you know and you just sort of, you got all this information but doesn't really matter that much as long as you just feel good about yourself, feel good about what's around you and you're happy.

Songee: And this feeling in your middle self, where it is jumping about, what is this feeling? What word do you have for this feeling?

What the physical, in the stomach?

Songee: You said it is doing flip flops.

Yeah that's like spinning around like jumping up and down, like...

Songee: Is it jumping up and down with excitement, or apprehension?

Bit of both.

Songee: Bit of both, and is this part of what I have been saying before time that people's are frightened. This apprehension is fear. Fear of letting go, of letting go of the ego, of letting go of control because in letting go of these things you have to take a step of faith and that is very frightening for most human-kinds. Know it, that Songee understands this thing. So when you understand it then you can do something about it, can you not?

So this is it, learn how to take that step of faith. And when you do you will find that you will resonate with your friend because your friend has made one step of faith and now has to make another step in order to understand that all the complexities that you are interested in are also part of what this one, that he believes and understands also. And perhaps when you have made that step then he will be able to make it also.

Remember that other peoples reflect to you what is within your own being. So you are reflecting to him the fear that is within him and he is reflecting to you to fear that is within you.

That's pretty much on the button.

Songee: I usually am.

Yeah. (Laughter)

Songee: So this is very important this gift of discernment. Is it not?

How is your earth time?

Time for a treat.(Laughter)

You would.

A personal Question

Songee: Little Shaman wants to ask a question.

Make it quick.

Songee: Make it quick Joshua. Little Shaman is called Joshua.

Yeah I know.

Then the answer will have to be quick.

Songee: I will tell you when you ask your question. Whether it short answer.

I want to do a newspaper drop will I get it or not?

Songee: Oh that is to do with telling fortunes is it not. Because will I do this thing? For you Little Shaman I will answer you. It is not good for you to do this thing at this moment of your life. Don't be in too big a hurry. Have some time for yourself. There is much for you to learn and to do, enjoy playing and being a child for a little while. Is that not so Mumma?


Songee: So my Little Butterfly. (Songee has names for all Her students, the names were an indication of where each person was in their development at that time. This person was Little Robin for years now she has moved into this.)

So that is absolutely gorgeous.

Better than the other thing you were considering.

Yeah, yeah its completely different, oh where did I get Raven from then?

Songee: Ah you have been talking with your totem. You are not that, that creature. You are butterfly - now. For Songee you are a butterfly.

Least I am not in a chrysalis state.

Flitting here, there and everywhere.

Songee: I haven't called you little caterpillar have I, I call you butterfly.

That's true.

Meditation - Instruction

Songee: So... Are we ready to begin your treat?

Yes, music.

Songee: Music of the Angels. Now, this little treat I am going to give for you is a journey. Have you all done journeys? Do you know how to curb your impatience and to wait for the words to come to guide you on your journey or are you a peoples that are going to sit and say, "I am not going to do that I am going to do something else! I don't feel like doing that tonight so I am just going to sit here. I deciding that is so!" This is all coming from your personalities, your ego - know this thing! Every time you do it, every time you say it, it is your personality that is doing it. You are getting in your own way of your own progress, not Songee, not spirit, not anybody else. You want to get cross with anybody, you get cross with you own self, please. Not with I.

Now I cannot make you go on journey. I cannot pick you up and whisk you away.

Oh... What a shame. We would like that. (Laughter)

Songee: Your peoples in spirit can journey with you, indeed they are waiting very eagerly to come and join you. When you are upon your journey these are just some little things for you to be careful of. When you are on your journey be careful not to get so caught up in one part of your journey that you lose sight of where it is that the rest of the journey is moving along to. Some peoples do this. They get into a part of their journey and they start to 'Think'!

Very dangerous! 'Thinking' is very dangerous. It gets you into all sorts of difficulties.

Perhaps, for example supposing journey takes you into past life and you are sitting and watching something of a past life. And you start to 'think'! about - "Is that really I? Did I do that? Am I like that? Is that what I am doing?" And you start to 'think' about it. And you start to talk about all the many things of it until you convince yourself that it's all a load of nonsense.

That happens very often. Instead of allowing the visions to come, to gather your emotions with them and to travel into the story of the journey. Like your moving pictures, allow your emotions to follow like you follow your moving pictures so that you travel this journey with your emotions following it, feeling it, experiencing it on all levels of awareness within yourself so that when you come back to your physically body in the life you have now, you will know the truth of your journey, the truth for YOU. You are not going to have to prove it to anybody else. This is your journey, your experience and the only thing that will get in your way is you, your fears. So when you find yourself saying, "I don't want to do that, I don't feel like doing that. I am too tired." These are all excuses.

When you follow the journey properly you not be too tired because the energy of Light and Oneness will follow with you and will come with you and bring energy to you, will relax your Soul, will relax your physical body and bring you to where you need to be.

Ready? (There was a long pause. The music for the Meditation was the first few tracks of Atlantis Angelis by Patrick Bernhardt.)

Songee: So first of all take inside of you the...

(end of side two)
Meditation - Guided Christmas Journey

So first of all take inside of you the deep Breath of Life, relax your body, and breathe deeply into your middle self. Close your eye and prepare yourself. You are going to travel the dream spiral.

So imagine now with your eyes closed that you are standing in a space just on the edge of your dreams and all around you is the silver mist. Is warm and light and it encompasses you like a warm blanket... Feel it... Just experience this for a moment. And when the music begins then the mist will part and you will step out onto the dream spiral. And the dream spirit begins in the indigo heavens, surrounded by the beautiful stars of the Heavens.


And in front of you the spiral unwinds like rows of beautiful stars... winding its way through the indigo skies... and as you tread along this path of Light feel the coolness of the indigo sky all around you. Feel the vastness of it as it surrounds you... As you walk along the spiral let all things of the day, that you have encountered, pass through your memories, view each thing...

And as you move forward leave those things behind as you move along the spiral. Remember all the many things you have done, all the journeys you made, all the peoples you have spoken with, let your mind pour out its noise and as long as your mind is pouring out the noise you need to step the spiral and continue stepping the spiral...

The spiral moves ever inwards towards the centre... And you keep stepping along the spiral towards the centre... And when you get to the centre of this spiral I am going to show you how to step onto the next one... Breathe...

Now as you come to the end of this spiral, to the centre, just hover for a moment and look around you and there will be beginning of the next spiral for you to step on. This is the spiral of the journey which you are going to go on this night...

Step forward with courage... and journey now with I through the mists of times backwards along the spiral towards its centre, to another place in time and yet in no time, a place where you have been before and now are going to come again...

And as you come to the end of the spiral and step off into a land that is very different from the land in which you live. There are places of desert and mountains and at the moment in this place it is night time. The stars are shining brightly in the beautiful indigo sky... And you will be drawn to the top of a hill, a green hill, and this hill overlooks a city...

Feel yourself being drawn to this hill... and all around there are lots of little white creatures and they are with people that look after them, people who look after them are sitting around a fire... And as you look at these people allow yourself now to be drawn towards them... Some of you may know these people... some of you or one of you, you will know...

As you are with these people listening to them speaking, listening to them speaking about their life and their day, all the things that they have done... feel... And now something wondrous is beginning to happen because the beautiful indigo sky is beginning to change and its getting very bright and very light until a star is shining so brightly it has made the top of the hill shine like the day time...

And you look to where the Light is shining and you see the light shining down over the city and it seems as though there is a beam of light coming down into the city... Now allow yourself to be drawn down, down the hillside, down to the walls of the city... And you go with this light , the gates of the city are closed, as you approach them they open wide and you walk through them. Somewhere in the city you had your home, go now and find where your home was in the city, your place... on this memorable night... slowly go, find where you lived, find your family and join with them now... Because all the city has seen the beautiful Light and all are curious about it... Feel the curiosity, feel the wonder...

And as you walk through the streets the city begins to come alive, before it was asleep now it begins to waken up. And as you walk along listen to the peoples speaking, what are they saying? Feel what they are saying, feel your place in this Light, your witness to this thing of great moment...

You feel yourself being drawn forwards through the streets of the city and you are finding that others are walking in the same direction, until you come to a very lowly place to Traveller's Rest in the middle of the city, in the poor section of the city... And the city is full of travellers just now because many have had to come for far distant places because the rulers of the city want to count the numbers of the people, their subjects and so people are having to sleep in many strange places.

And as you walk along you see that some of the people are the shepherds from the hill top that you meet before... And one carries in its arms a young lamb... And come to the Traveller's Rest, and the light is so bright now and many are afraid and yet very curious... And you step forward now and go into the place wherein are kept the horses, the goats, the sheeps, and all the livestock. And what do you see?

There the Light is shining all around, it a Mumma and a Pappa and laying in the straw in front of Mumma is a little Child. And the Light shines all around the Child and you are there to feel, to witness and to carry the memory for all time in your Soul... A memory that no other can take from you... And as you look, the one who brings the lamb comes forward, places it next to the Child and says not a word... And all around are bathed in the glorious Light, and so are you, for the Light of this Child comes into your Souls, into your being to be with you ever more, to travel with you down the journeys of many lifetimes... to carry the Truth within you as you journey along...

Breathe the Light, breathe. Allow the Light to come into your Soul and to drive out all your fears, all your sadness, all your aloneness... And now as you watch the crowds part and three Mages come, they have travelled a long way following the signs from the Heavens, for they have studied much complexities of the science of the Heavens so they knew that this happening was going to take place and they began their journey many moons past so that they would arrive just as the Light was born to the Earth...

So rejoice now with all that are there, for you were there also in this time, in this beginning...

And as you breathe deeply and bring the Light into your being and let go all your fears and let the Light of Oneness shine through your Soul to others around you... And all around you the Angels of Light are singing, singing their songs of glory and praise, singing for you...

And as you gaze upon the sight and as you breathe in the Light allow the healing energies of this moment to cleanse you and free you. And as you look deeper into the Light, deeper and deeper you will find that you will begin to be absorbed by the Light, and as you are absorbed you begin to rise, spiralling gently and softly up into the air, going up the shaft of Light, all the way up into the Heavens, into the Star that was shining so brightly, rising ever higher and higher into the Light.

And as you come into the Light feel the Light of Oneness surrounding you, welcoming you home... And a message comes to you from Oneness telling you what it is you understand, need to know for the life you are living at this moment somewhere far away from this place and Oneness will tell you what you need to know for your life, to guide you in the footsteps of the beautiful Child that you have just meet once more...

Breathe the Light, and now the Angels come and carry you up, wrapping you round with their warm wings and singing sweet songs to you... as they carry you back to your spiral of beginning, back through the indigo skies, back through the star light, back to the spiral of beginning and place you gently down in the centre, and you begin now to walk back along the spiral, moving ever outwards from the centre, coming back now bringing all your memories, all your feelings with you and your message from Oneness, coming back encountering some of your noises as you come back... some things you will be able to leave there on the spiral and some things you may need to bring back with you, pick them up as you come, coming ever outwards now, outwards to the edge of the spiral back towards the silvery mist... And just before you step into it look back along the spiral and right in the centre of the spiral you will see the Light shining waiting for you next time you need to travel the dream spirals.

Step now back into the silver mist and let it surround you with its comfort and its warm... And breathe deeply and hold yourself a moment in this place while you bring everything back into focus for your earth life, don't leave anything behind that you need in this life... And when you are ready bring yourself back into your physical bodies, in your here and now for this life... And when you come back, before you open your eyes take a another deep breath in, the Breath of Life.

And to make certain that you are completely back in your physical self you need to stretch all your bits and pieces.

And with that I am going to leave you, and leave you with the Light of Oneness to bless your passage of life through the days to come, until next we meet, and may your days of celebration be remembered with different eyes now.

Peace upon your hearts,

So Be It

And as Songee withdrew from Her Channel the completion of the Crystal Light was read -

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart,
May the Light of Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of Light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul, Be at Peace.

(The people slowly returned from their time of deep meditation.)

Then there was a spirit person overshadowing Roberta-Margaret.

Emily Visits

Does it feel funny, does it Emily. (One of the Maltese dogs had been placed in Roberta-Margaret's lap and Emily was so surprised to find Colin there as she channelled through.)

Emily: Oh deary deary me. It's smaller than my pussy.

Very much smaller.

Emily: Oh Oh.

Isn't he lovely.

Emily: Yes Oh. It is different holding this, than holding my pussy.

Very much so.

Emily: Oh. What am I going to do with him?

Just hold him, just enjoy him.

Emily: Oh I have to go deary.

That's alright. You hold him and I will make sure he doesn't fall.

Merry Christmas Emily.

Emily: Oh thank you. I'm going now.

Ok Bye Bye Emily.

Emily: Bye bye deary.

(Emily is a spirit person who seems often to be with Roberta-Margaret. She also works and lives at the orphanage where the new born Baby Souls1 are sent to when they are returned from the dark. Emily is well known spirit person who visits occasionally, usually she brings one of her own cats with her and has talked to us about her cats, her work and her garden. Her presenting persona to us is as an elderly English lady. This overshadowing seems to be used to change the vibrational energies of Roberta-Margaret's body for her return back to her life and to fill in any delays there may be in the transition.)

Roberta-Margaret returns taking Elroy, another of her Maltese up in her arms. She had been involved with 'the usual sort of mayhem' and says - We have got lots of natural things happening, some more floods, droughts, places that are needing rain aren't getting it and people that don't need it are getting too much. Earthquakes in America we had to take a few people Home.

The evening was closed with everyone having a cup of tea and toast in preparation of grounding themselves before they drove home.


1. Baby Souls - At this link:
'Evolution of the Soul'
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