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Don't Play Games
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Don't Play Games'
A Teaching from Songee 26th January 2000

Roberta-Margaret Introduction
The Crystal Light of Love
My Back gets Sore
Star Families
Souls of Greatness
The Triune Power
Lessons of Life
Neighbours abuse our cat
Creatures bring Lessons of Life
Remedies and Oils for the First Trimester
Learning to be a Shaman
About my father's life
Skin Eruptions
Life Decisions
The Car
Boy and Girl meet then...
The pain of dying

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The meeting began with each person introducing themselves to the Group including a number of young children.

Roberta-Margaret Introduction

Roberta-Margaret: Have you talked to the children about what will happen?


Roberta-Margaret: Now have you got anything that you want to ask me?

No not really.

Roberta-Margaret: Now the children. Have you got anything you want to ask me? About what is going to happen? Have they been to any channelling before?

Yes they have been. (Not able to hear all the words that were spoken.)

Roberta-Margaret: With the concept of what is happening. Good. And have you been able to explain to them about who Songee is?

No I didn't go into any details.

Roberta-Margaret: OK. Um I feel it's important because I always talk to people when they come first time on Songee Gathering Night because Her energy is very different and you know it's important for people to understand sort of what it is. So from the children's perspective Songee has told us that She is the Energy of our Earth Mother and from the perspective of New Zealand I guess She is actually, She has actually said that She is Papatuanuku (the Maori name for Earth Mother)... So She has also told a Chinese Lady, and I can't pronounce the name that they call the Earth Mother in Chinese

(laughter) I don't speak Chinese, however She has also confirmed that with Her that She is that Energy. Every different, every culture of the World has a name for the Earth Mother and She is that same Energy for all those people.

She is also the Energy that when you talk about God and you hear people talk about God, Father God, She is the Mother God, She is the Mother Energy. She's female. So when you are talking about God or you hear anyone talking about God, they are talking about Mother and Father really. Its only in the Christian faith, you know where we talk about Jesus that people tend to have a concept just, just a man sitting up on a big white cloud waving His hand at everybody, you know. They forget there is a Mother side to the Energy as well. And this is the Energy that She tells us that She is.

She has explained that She has come to speak the truth to people and help people to speak the truth, their truth that is inside of them and to learn cosmic truth. And many, many other things.

Alright? So hold that in you awareness when you feel Her Energy coming through. Are you children able to feel the energy of the Spirit People? Do you feel Spirit People when they come through, when they come around.

(One of the children spoke very quietly.)

Roberta-Margaret: How do you feel about that? How do you feel about it?

I don't know.

Roberta-Margaret: Do they follow you? Do you see them? Or feel them? Yeah. You see?


Roberta-Margaret: OK. And when you are at home do you see many people at home, coming in and out?

You mean now or like... (Rest unheard).

Roberta-Margaret: Well anytime, you know. I mean do you still see people?

This year?

Roberta-Margaret: Well anytime. When was the last time you actually remember seeing a spirit person, really clearly?

I don't know. (Other comments made that are so softly spoken.)

Roberta-Margaret: That's OK. And what about when you walk out on the land. Are you ever aware of the spirit people on the land when you go walking in the forest? In the bush. No. OK.

Because certain areas, certain parts of the land have got very, very strong energies attached to them and they do have some of the spirits of the ancestors walking around still there. Their presence is still very much able to be felt.

So in the event that you do see anything or feel anything tonight would you please speak out about it? Would you please tell us? Because there is a lot of spirit energy here in this house and all around in the ground, and I have a very special spirit person who actually guards this property, a Tohunga. And he is part of Waipa. And he called me onto the property when we were looking for a house and land to buy, and he said I have been waiting for you, so yeah.

I read the story in the magazine.

Roberta-Margaret: Oh did you. That was the story. Yeah. So yes he is here.

She doesn't say anything. She is probably a bit shy.

Roberta-Margaret: Most people are when they first come. It will take a little while to settle down. OK. I will finish this and go. We are going to read a few words out and then I'm going to put some music on and I am going to listen to the music, and while I am listening to the music I am going to drift off.

Don't rush.

Can I take my shoes off.

Yes might as well take your shoes off.

Roberta-Margaret: Then I will know where they are, won't I. Provided Sally doesn't come along and hide them we'll be right.

(Lots of comments.)

Christene says, So if you like to get comfortable, sit without your arms being crossed or your hands being crossed, or your feet. Sit on the cushion that's what that are there for. Softer under your bottom.

Roberta-Margaret: Shall I put that over here. Then you can reach it.

(Lots of settling down.)

Christene: OK We ready? Close your eyes please. And I am going to read you these words...

Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The Music is played, 'Children Dawn Blessing' by Denean.)
Music: from Denean’s CD Thunder by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: I am here.

(The Group welcomes Songee.)

Songee: Greetings to you. So what have you for I this night?

My Back gets Sore

My back gets sore all the time.

Songee: Because you don't take enough waters of life into your body Little One. That is it! So to make it correct, to 'fix it' you must drink more of the Waters of Life. Is that helpful?

What else have we? Am I going to have to go fishing? I hope not. It is much better for when anybody else wants to have listening of the answers that Songee gives to you, that they have the question beforehand. It is all very well and nice for you to not open your mouth and to make your throat chakras work and speak out however it is much better for you to do this. Good practice you know.

Also it means that people know which questions you are actually answering to.

Songee: That is so. Sometimes when questions are being answered, occasionally something else, a bird will fly past my nose and I have to catch it you know, and answer the question it brings.

You know the story, do you not, of how Brother Eagle carries your prayers and your hopes to Sky Father - to Oneness. And how Brother Hawk brings back the messages to the Earth for you. So it is that when you have questions in your mind Songee calls this 'The Little Birds that are flying around your head' because all the things that you have in your being, that you want to have answered, all the questions come as little birds. And when they finally come to roost and they sit on the branch then we know that this is going to be the moment when throat chakra will open and the tongue will wag, like so. And you will ask your question. Occasionally because of fear the questions are held back.

So, what would you like to ask?

Star Families

Songee what are Star Families?

Songee: What?

Star Families.

Songee: Star Families! Haa...

This is a term that has been - how can I say for this... put together by the understanding of a particular group of peoples of the Earth and it is a term that they use to refer to, the energies of Light that bring certain peoples together, to work in unity, to accomplish tasks. You understand? There are many different - how say I this? Many different expressions from many different peoples about many different things. And often in order to explain something that is happening, a phenomena, peoples endeavour to gather together words that will describe something. Now were Songee to describe Star Family Songee would perhaps have a very little different expression of it because there are many peoples on the Earth that are aware and sensitive to the presence of beings outside of themself, from the Stars. And when this awareness comes into being within the Soul that is upon the Earth and the connection is made, then it enables your Soul to become reunited with your family from the Stars.

Now I say this Family from the Stars because the peoples of the Earth came from the Stars, that is where the origins are from, is from the Stars. From the place of origin they travelled through the void and on their travels as they came through the void so they seeded the different planets on the way. And as they seeded the planets and then they arrived at this beautiful place of being. And once they arrive here this is where they stayed. They did not go any further this particular group of people.

Now over the ensuing Earth time all the peoples that were seeded onto the different planets on the journey have all evolved in their own way, you understand, depending upon the atmosphere of their planet and the forms in which they were placed upon the surface of their planet. However as is often said all are brothers and sisters underneath the skin. And so those who come from the Stars to bring assistance to you, to bring counsel, to bring wise words are your Family from the Stars.

How does that fit in with what you have already been given?

(The answering words to soft to hear.)

Songee: However also too you have been bought together to complete task, this is another aspect of it, and it is a description that is given of peoples that are bought together to achieve a task, or several tasks. There are many different phrases, I not have this word before - little words of putting together that give a description. You have the Brotherhood of Light, people talk about the Counsel of Twelve, people refer to the Masters, the Ascended Masters. People refer to these wonderful beings that present themselves, you understand. And all these different words are given by man-kind, by the ego of man-kind. They are not given by Spirit. Do you understand? This is a very important lesson for everybody to learn.

Souls of Greatness

There have been many Souls upon the Earth of true greatness, not necessarily perfectness, yet there is a greatness of the Soul that has come and is subjected to an Earth Life and all the mores of the Earth living. And so lives the life with all the trials and hardships, all the happinesses and the joys and the sadnesses. And these Souls go through their life unrecognised in their greatness. This is how it is meant to be. They do not say, 'Look at I, I am Master. Look at I, I am Great'. Do you understand? Those that claim to be Masters, always look closely at. Look at the ego self. Now, this is not to say that the Energy that is being channelled through is not pure because Spirit Energy will channel through the most impure of Channels in order to bring the message through however the difficulty lies in that occasionally the ego self of the individual gets in the way, you understand. So learn the gift of discernment when you encounter these individuals. Learn of where the ego self is standing in the way of the Spirit. Do you understand? Very important lesson.

Those that are strong in their energies of Spirit, in the Spirit Realm usually will not tell you that they are Ascended Masters. They will present themselves in whatever persona they are coming to show themselves to the people of the Earth. And they may give an indication to the Channel of their nature however this is not usually for the Channel to repeat. Do you understand?

So when you look at the imperfect life and you look at (these?) of love coming from the imperfect life, that is the most important thing to watch for. Unfortunately human-kinds are subject to allowing their ego self to get in the way. There are many peoples upon the Earth who have appointed themselves leaders of men and women and children, giving themselves fancy titles. Even Jesus did not give himself a fancy title. The people gave him the fancy title. He spoke the truth however he did not give himself fancy title.

On the Earth 'That One' travelled the World and learned about all the different beliefs of all the peoples of the World at that moment of knowing. And when the journey was complete returned home to the home of birth. And because of the learning that was done on the Earth, because of the studies that were done on the Earth, earned the right to be called Rabi. You know, Rabi. Rabi is Priest, Teacher, Holy One, however it is a earth given name to one who has learned all the spirit things. In many different places of the World many peoples give names to their holy teachers, do they not. The Shamans are one name, Kahuna, Tohunga, and many moon past it was Pharaoh, because the Pharaoh was likened to the spiritual leader of the people was considered to be the holy one of the people and the word was law.

Was that in Egypt?

Songee: That is so. So there are holy leaders or spiritual leaders who are among the people of different tribes and all have different titles that they peoples of the Earth have given to such a one to describe the nature of their Earth training. This is acceptable, this is usual and is acceptable. When the Earth teacher, or the Earth spiritual leader, then says to the people, 'I am not just spiritual leader, I am more than that, because I speak to a very special person in spirit, a very special ancestor, or a very special energy, and this special energy or ancestor is greatness itself and that makes I greatness itself'. This is a little exaggeration however do you understand what I am saying? That this is what happens, this happens even now it happens and more so because it was written that there would come upon the Earth those that would set themselves up as 'demi gods'. And in doing so they depower the people beneath them.

That is not what Songee has come to speak for you. Songee comes to say to you take your power for yourself, take charge of it and manage it for yourself. You don't have to rely on anybody else foretelling you about anything to do with Spirit when you know yourself. Get yourself to be trained. Everybody, get yourself to be trained. Be your own Shaman, be your own spiritual leader.

The Triune Power

Songee: And the only energy you look to beyond that will be the Triune Power. The Triune Power is what?

The Father, Son and the Mother.

Songee: The Father, Son and the Mother, as you say. Father, Son and Holy Breath. Because the other name for the Mother Energy that is the female half of the male energy is the Holy Breath and Songee is the Holy Breath.

Songee's name means 'Song of the Earth'.

And it was written that The Holy Breath would come and speak the truth, to the peoples of the Earth. It was ordained.

Feel it!

You don't have to believe it because you hear it with your ears and because it is coming out of this mouth.

Feel it!

Feel it inside. Let your Soul open up and feel, whether it is true - or not.

And when the truth goes into you it lightens you up. It strikes the Crystal within your Heart and it resonates, and it sings and all the beautiful colours of the rainbow light then shine out for everybody to see it, hear it and feel it. And this is possible for everybody, not just for one special person who is the leader of others. It is for all of you.

Believe it. Feel it. Believe it. And then learn how to do it. Learn how to be your own Shaman.

(Very long silence.)

Is there anything else?

Does that raise any questions for anybody that you would like to ask?

Lessons of Life

Excuse me Songee.

Songee: Big girl voice please.

When I am older will I, when I have a job what will I be, will it be my hands or my (feet?)?

Songee: I don't believe it is going to be so simple little one.

I wondered how you were going to differentiate.

Songee: I don't believe it is going to be so simple. You will probably find that you will use both. You understand?

Excuse me again. One of my friends...

Songee: Speak properly please.

One of my friends and all of the rest of them well all of the rest of them haven't got in with me and cos they think we stuck together like glue, that we are not good at sports and are a bit left out all the time. There is only one and the boys that plays (Lots of words softly spoken) with me but it's that think that I am stuck to her like glue.

Songee: How did this come to pass?

Because J plays with everybody but doesn't just play with S... (And more soft words.)

Songee: So where did this idea come from? You say they think, so they are having ideas which means that they have been thinking they are frightened. What do you suppose they are frightened of? Remember the lesson I give about 'think'. When somebody is 'think' and you use the word yourself 'think' it is saying there is a fear. So what are you frightened of? Are you frightened they will not be your friend?

I am a little deaf you know. You have to shout.

Mm mmm That if I don't have any friends people will call me a loner.

Songee: So you are frightened of being called names.

And I will be (?).

Songee: It doesn't sound very friendly to I. Now as long as you have that idea in your mind you are going to reflect that from your heart. Is what is going to come out. You are going to give out negative energy to the peoples around you. You have to start practising the things that you have been taught and that is, when you get up in your morning time, the first thing that you do when you are in your place...


Songee: Place of washing. This is it. I not have it, when it is raining inside your house.


Songee: When you are under this raining thing, you are to speak to Oneness. And you say, 'Oneness here I am please I want to wash my body and wash away all the not so nice things'. You have the words to say. 'Please replace it with something beautiful bright that will shine out of me for other people to find so they can see me today. Mayhap I can be of service to you.' Give yourself in service to Oneness. Let your light shine from in here, and then very soon all the peoples around you will start to be a little more friendly, as long as you keep playing the game you are playing then you are going to become isolated because people are going...

(end of side one)

Songee: Oh I feel it is so important that I have to say it very quickly. You must stop playing games. You are playing games and everybody does this they play games. You must stop. I have given teach about the right words and good words. I have given it so that anybody can listen to it and learn from it. In practicing this teach I give you will change your life, you will change how you relate to each other. You will stop the violence that is within your being and within the being of others around you. It will cease. And when you play games with each other you are being untruthful. You are lacking integrity.

Don't do it anymore. (Songee claps the hands for each word.) Because this is where you come to grief. This is where many of your troubles of your heart come from is because you let your head rule your heart and tell you what to 'think'.

Stop it. Stop being like this and playing this game - learn now at your age now so that as you grow to be ah, full grown person you will not be taking with you all these things and ways of doing things that cause you great grief of life. Do you understand?

Yes Songee.

Songee: Very good. Start being smilely. Start being open of heart inside you and talk to Oneness in the morning time. Give yourself in service to Oneness. Everybody needs to do this and then your lives will change, for the better. You will be very busy, however your lives will change for the better, because Oneness is like (this?), many times will always take you up on your offer.

So you will find that your little friend at school will slowly start saying, 'I got a problem M.' Is that not so. 'I need to talk to somebody about it.' And you will say, 'Come let us sit down tell me what is happening.' And you will be able to say to them some of the teach that Songee have given to you. You don't have to say that Songee has given it to you, just say to them that they not to play games. Tell them what you do about opening up and giving yourself to Oneness in the morning. Let them know that Oneness is God Power. That that is what they want to know, what is Oneness, you say, 'Oneness is God Power.' You understand? And let them do that and show them little bit at a time.

Doesn't matter if for beginning they laugh a bit because they are not sure and it is the first time anybody has been truthful with them. However when you are truthful and you start to be so it will start to rub off on the people around you. And that is how you change what is happening. This is for all the childrens to know. Don't play games. Don't let yourself play the games the others would have you play in this way. The games of the emotion, this is good lesson for grownups also, don't play the games of emotion that other people will have you play with them. That is not honest. Be truthful.

How many times do somebody say to you, 'I will tell you something when you are ready to hear it.' And you have something special to say and you don't say it. And yet you say to them, 'Ah I have something I want to tell you. Oh I can't tell you now there isn't time.' And you leave the person wondering, 'What was it they wanted to tell I.' And so you get all this curiosity going along. In the event that you have this and you do want to say and you know there is no time then either don't say anything at that moment or indicate to the person that you will most definitely saying something when there is this earth time to do it. Don't leave them wondering whether they are going to find out or not.

Boy and girl meet and they go out to play, at the end of the time of playing girl says to boy, 'I will ring you. I will contact you.' I know about these ringing things. I have been told about this that you pick up and you ring. Rings make bell sounds. 'I will ring you.' (You see?) And the boy goes away and says, 'Ho.' (Songee makes what appears like a excited expression. There is laughter.) And so waits and waits and waits. And the girl doesn't ring. And in the end eventually they bump into each other again and they have or he contacts and rings her. 'Oh yes ,' she says. 'I was just about to ring you.'

Big lies! Big lies. Don't play those games! You not want to go and see somebody then say to them, 'Been very interesting time to be with you however it is not something I envisage continuing.' Don't play games. It is much better to do that than to play the game, that is there, the game of illusion. Don't do it. It is not truthful.

You would not like to have it done to you, so don't you do it to somebody else. Very good rule to follow. You don't want somebody to beat you up with 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts'. So don't you beat them up with 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts'. You don't want somebody to be calling you names, behind your back, don't you call them names behind their back. Ah Ha - it that right?

That's right.

Songee: Ha That is where the problem is, is it not?

(Laughter by another person in the group and Songee laughs.)

Songee: I know. You see I know this thing. That is where your problem is started because you have been calling each other names behind your backs. It doesn't work. Friends don't so that, don't say names. You may talk about each other however remember very important rule - never say something about anybody that you would be ashamed to say to their face... and take the consequences of it. Do you understand?

Neighbours abuse our cat

Yes. Our next door neighbour is (angry?) to our cat. Why is that?

Songee: Because they have a lot of anger in their Souls, little one. They have the malfunction in the way that they are seeing the world around them. They are closed off from compassion, and that is how it is with a great deal of human-kinds. These are the lost sheep that Jesus spoke about and it is a very big task to bring the lost sheep back into the fold.

Now perhaps when you understand that all the creatures that come to live with you and be in your home are bringing lessons of life for you. So you have to ask yourself what is the lesson of life is this creature teaching you or teaching these other people. There is a responsibility when you have a creature coming and living in your home. You are responsible for its life, its safety, its feeding of it and the loving of it. And the defending of it when powerless to defend itself. So therefore it is important to speak to those that are outside the fold and to say to them, 'You have been seen doing certain things to this small creature. How do you feel about being observed doing these dreadful things?'

Not really happy.

Songee: No I am not speaking about you child, I am speaking about the people. They have to be spoken to. Not necessarily by you, however they need to be asked how they feel about being witnessed doing these dreadful things to an innocent creature. 'You have been seen to do these things, how do you feel about that?' Perhaps they don't care or they will say they don't care. Then you can say, 'Well I feel very sorry for you because you seem to be lacking love and compassion in your life otherwise you would not be doing these things.' Tell the truth. They may not like the truth however you tell it to them, you understand. Muma!

I have been putting it off because I was wondering how I was going to tackle the situation.

Songee: You have to let them know what has been witnessed and you have to let them know of the distress it has caused and then to say that it seems that the reasons that they have these action that they do must be as a result of not knowing the meaning of compassion and love in their own lives so you will offer some compassion and love, for them. You can say, 'I will ask God to send compassion and love into your heart so that you will understand the meaning of it.' And then do it. And leave. As you do it you do it silently and you leave that gift behind as you leave. What happens after that is entirely between them and Oneness, you understand?

Do we write them down in our healing book?

Songee: You can do that.

Creatures bring Lessons of Life

Songee can I ask a question on same the topic of cats? I have a wild cat round the place where I am staying at present. Its homeless, it appears to be around the age of one and I have been feeding it however I don't believe it is eating the food. The other cats appear to be marking their territory and I believe it is scared. I have asked around. I've got 2 options either to get it neutered or get it put down and get it put back there because I am leaving. However I can't be sure that someone will take care of it and it is very, very wild. And what to do about it...

Songee: This small creature has been born without the benefit of a home that will take care of it and love it. And yet it is coming to bring a teaching. It is coming to bring something so that you can learn something. Look at what it is that you are learning from this encounter. What are you learning?

I'm learning compassion, deep compassion, a need to or a want or a need to take it under my wing, take care of it however it's something that I can't do because I am leaving.

Songee: What is that teaching you?

Um a responsibility. I feel responsible for it.

Songee: And what do you do when you feel a sense of responsibility?

Make sure that it's taken care of, its provided for. That can't be provided for them to pass it on to somebody who can.

Songee: So you are looking at the situation where you have a conflict, a dilemma, an you will. It is a conflict between a want and a need.


Songee: Very many people refer to this as being confused about what they are going to do. there is no such thing as confusion. Confusion is an illusion! You are in conflict. This is true for everybody when you find yourself using the word - I feel confused. Remember Songee says no such word, you are not confused at all, you are in conflict between a want and a need and in this instance it is a very good example. You want to take care of this child, this little one - do you not?


Songee: However you need to move away. So you cannot do both. So what you have to do is you have to bring the want and the need onto the same side. So you need to bring the want onto the same side as the need, not the need onto the same side as the want, you understand. Need is always the most important thing, want is the least important thing. I want this however I need that. So you want to take care of this creature however you need to move on.

Now when you start to look at it this way, when you bring the want into the same side as the need what is going to happen when you do that? What is the action that will bring the want to the need?

I'm a blank. I'm not sure at the moment.

Songee: What is the want? You want to do what for this creature?

I want to make sure its provided for and taken care of.

Songee: And you need to move on.

And I need to move on.

Songee: Now bring the want into the same side as the need. You have another option.


Songee: Take it with you.

Take the cat! It's a wild cat!

You can't catch it can you.

It's a wild cat, I don't know. It wouldn't be fair on the cat.

Songee: Mind, you bring the want onto the same side as the need. It's very simple. You take it with you. When you take it with you it doesn't matter how long it is with you it will teach you something. It will teach you much. You will have to keep it confined, to teach it how to be friendly. You will need to give it remedies to make it well. You will have to make it so that it does not have babies because it is a she cat. And you leave it where it is you are going to be leaving it to a destiny of - unknown.

If its left where it is?

Songee: However it has not been brought to you for no reason. So you have to look to yourself and ask, 'What is the reason that this creature has been bought to I. What is Songee telling I in this bringing of the creature?'

All the creatures of the planet are Songee's children. They all come and bring you messages and they bring you teaching and bring you something that you need to know of your life. And when their task with you is done they return to Spirit either because you helped them on their way or they go by accident or from sickness, do you understand?

I understand what you are saying but there is a conflict there is it not possible for me to take that animal away with me.

Songee: And what is the barrier for you to not take it with you?

Barrier! It is the responsibility its huge. I'll be travelling I don't even know where I'll be living, I could be living in a Hostel. It's impossible to take it.

Songee: And when is this thing going to happen?


Songee: When is this great thing going to happen.

In about six weeks, six and a half weeks.

Songee: And what is going to happen between then and this six and a half weeks?

I will be taking care of the cat.

Songee: Where?

Where? At the present place where I am which will be eventually up for sale.

Songee: So you will be taking the cat with you.

For six and a half weeks.


Songee: And at the end of that earth time is when you look to see whether the child is going to return to spirit or whether it is going to have a new destiny on the Earth and go on to teach somebody else something.


Songee: It is not a great big difficulty you know, it is only a little one. All you have to do is to look at the want and the need and put them together.

Thank you. Thank you Songee.

Songee: You may be surprised at the results. (Songee is laughing.) I'm not going to say anymore about it at the moment.

I can lend you a cage.

Remedies and Oils for the First Trimester

Songee I have a question regarding the woman that I look after. Sometimes they get really nauseous you know the first trimester.

Songee: Ginger.

Oh OK. That sorts that out.

Songee: In the mouth and in the smellings.

The smelling too oh OK.

Songee: Oh course in the smellings.

Learning how to be a Shaman

Songee how do you learn to be a Shaman?

Songee: You are already learning. You are already being taught.


Songee: You have good Teachers. You are all learning that are coming to be sitting in your meetings. You are all coming to learn to be Shamans. Every little thing that you learn and absorb and take into your being will lead you along the path of learning to become a Shaman in your own right. Learning the gifts of discernment, learning the gifts of integrity and truth, learning how not to play games, learning how to speak and know Spirit - particularly your own people in Spirit, your Doorkeepers and Guardians who are yours only and nobody elses. Knowing who they are, knowing what they feel like, knowing when they are close to you. This is part of learning to be Shaman. When you learn all those things and you master the little things then eventually you become master of the big things and yet you do not walk about like the bird with the big feathers behind it.


Songee: This is the one, beautiful. And says look how beautiful and wonderful I am, I master now. You don't do that. However it will not change what you know. It will not change what you have learnt and what you have gathered into yourself. Learning to be Channel for healing energies, learning how to use your intuition, to help other peoples, learning how to allow Oneness Energy to work through the Spirit Beings that are around you, to speak to other people the wisdoms that they need to hear of their life. This is all part of learning to become Shaman. Not mixing up the potions and saying all the little stories of the things, hobduggling things. (Laughter) You don't need to do all of that. Too complex. Good fun to do, not necessary. All right to learn about it, all right to have wisdom and knowledge about it, but it is not necessary. You can achieve the same results when you apply your power, your personal knowing of the power and how it is, and how it works.

How about alchemy? Is it another thing?

Songee: Alchemy is an earth word. It is from the ancient texts of the peoples of the Earth that refer to the transmutation of metals and other things into something of more, of greater purity. You'll often heard speaking about peoples speaking about the Philosopher's Stone, that is something that all those who practise Alchemy are looking for the Philosopher's Stone and I'm not saying anymore about that. Everybody searches for Philosopher's Stone because they believe when they get the Philosopher's Stone that they will have all wisdom, all knowledge. I have given speak about the Philosopher's Stone. I am not giving it again. Not just now anyway.

About my father's life

Songee my Dad...

Songee: Will you please speak in your grown up voice.

Oh. When my Mum was with my Dad, he had cancer - will he get it again when he gets older?

Songee: Ah I see your concern. There is... There is going to be a return of this condition however the condition that will finally take the parent from this life and return them to Spirit will be the ceasing of the heart beat. Do you understand?

Will he have a heart attack?

Songee: Something like that. The heart will not function very well and it will stop. But however you are looking a little way yet, don't worry your head about it. I will not lie to you however do not make yourself worrying about whether or not you are going to see this one ever again because you will. You understand? Lots of times, many times. You will be well grown up person before this one leaves the Earth.

Will he be eighty?

Songee: I'm not telling you.

Will the next house we get will it be brick or wooden.

Songee: I'm not telling you. Were I to tell you everything you will have no surprises and you would have not beautiful funs doing things, would you?

Which school will I go to? (This is a different child asking this.)

Songee: I'm not telling you.

Will I swap schools?

Songee: I'm not telling you. As I say to you, I tell you everything then you are going to lose a lot of the fun from life. Can't do that. Not allowed. You have to enjoy that have fun with life. It is a great adventure. Life is a great adventure. From the moment you are born into your bodies to the moment you go Home to Spirit, you are on an adventure.

I hear you, many of you are saying 'Some adventure, I could do without some of things on this adventure.' People showing me pictures of themselves and they're up to the waist in dirty water wading through all these roots and tangles of things and wondering how on earth they are going to get out of it because it is so yucky. However it always passes. Everything is transient. Everything is transient.

Skin Eruptions

May I ask some questions please Songee? OK... I don't know which one to start with.

Songee: Close your eyes and point.

I know which (?) Um OK then.

Songee: Let somebody do the looking for you. (Songee is laughing.)

Well Um I just want to ask about what we talked about last night in class, because it sounds trivial and tedious I know and that's why I'm reluctant to bring it up it does sound very pathetic and compared with some other things I have worked through its nothing but it's kind of like there and I want to resolve it finally because I don't want to feel like that anymore. The tension and the nervousness about it. I don't want to have it and I feel that its, I don't know, I don't know if its related to one of those...

Songee: Tension and nervousness about what?

My skin. Its just, I don't care what it's like or whatever its I always start to sort of get anxious about it and I've always been that way and I don't want to be anymore.

Songee: The only way to overcome it is to practise overcoming it. Every time you get the feeling here, you take down the big breath inside of you and you say, 'Please Oneness, please Breath of Life cleanse this feeling from I. I don't want it anymore.' And you practise it and you practise it and practise it.

I have been doing that you know but like I wonder if there's more I ought to be doing, something I need to do...

Songee: No. No. The healing energies will come with the Breath of Life. All you have to do is breath it down in you. Songee is the Breath of Life. Every time you take the Breath of Life inside you, you will bring that energy into your being, the Energy of Oneness. You understand?

Yep, yes. I do. However I was just wondering if it might have been still recurring because still things I hadn't faced yet, you know because that was the reason that was given in the past the way it continued.

Songee: The feeling inside you or the fact of your eruptions on the skin?

Well the eruptions yes.

Songee: The eruptions on the skin are your, I like your word about your phoning, your bells that are telling you that something is happening upon your life that you need to pay attention to.

Oh OK.

Songee: And this thing inside you is the fear of the responsibility of it.

Oh I see.

Songee: And so when you take the Breath inside and you breath down into here then Oneness can help you.


Songee: And then the realisations will come between this and this, and the ones that come on the back, and the ones that come on the front...

Yeah Ok...

Songee: ...and the arms, and on the bottom - so on and so forth. That is, that is probably very true of most of the peoples of the life that encounter these things. Remember that your body is your bells and it your Soul, your Spirit is telephoning you to say, 'I have a message for you, I would like to tell you now not later. Please listen to the message I am giving you.' And you don't play the game of saying, 'I listen to you later.'

That sounds right. (Much Laughter) Another day or two.

Songee: Everybody does, everybody will do it in a day or so, that is so.

Life Decisions

Can I also ask about I came to see you and we spoke about the responsibility of growing up and things like that.

Songee: And how are you getting on with it?

Well I got that I had made good progress then I sort of um collapsed back a bit but I know I am moving forward.

Songee: That is the way of it. This is the way of life. This is what growing up is. You grow a little bit, you move forward a little bit and you fall back a little bit. And you say 'oh oops', and then you go forward a little bit and forwards a little bit and then fall back a little bit. Oosp again. And each time you oops you learn something new.

I am asking in that particular reference of what we discussed in regard to the opposite sex and the things that have been going on with that, I'm just wondering because of the work I don't want to kind of like equate the two because I don't want to do the growing up for its own sake however because of the progress I have made is it possible that things in that area will then change, is it possible that things can be different now. Or...

Songee: Of course they will be different. You have to give then opportunity to be different however they will change and be different as you grow, so your perspective on life will change and grow. So the importance of things that are so important now will change, the focus will change. That is what will happen, the focus will change. The other things that at the moment seem very important right at this moment of your life will not be so important in the days to come because you focus will change as you grow up. That is how life is. That is usual you know.

Yes I do know that. But so does that mean I will go overseas? Because sometimes now I don't, I still feel a need to go overseas but at the same time I feel like I'm going to be twenty seven this year and there is other things that I want to start achieving now apart from just sort of roaming around places. I mean I know there's things to be learnt from roaming around but I sort of feel I would like to kind of concentrate on like I'm meant to be here to serve the creatures of the ocean and stuff. I don't really feel that I'm progressing forward with that at all. So kind of...

Songee: So you are doing what all grownups do. You are doing some searching of the Soul to discover where it is that you are going to put your energies of life.

Yeah because I feel like I want to be gallivanting around anymore.

Songee: So therefore you need to have a place of focus. In the event you are going to go away across the waters then you are going to have to have a place of focus. A place where you are going to go to achieve the task that you most want to achieve in your heart or meant to achieve, that is closest to your heart. So you are not doing all the wrong things.

Yeah I don't feel that I sort of know the outcome of, I can already see what will occur and it's no different to how I have behaved in the last seven years or whatever except that it's been in this country and so um yeah I feel the need to kinda focus that true task that I have now.

Songee: And how you going to do that?


Songee: How can you best achieve that where you are? What would you need to do to achieve it.

Well I need to finish my degree, I feel.

Songee: And then what?

Um and then well what I've always wanted to do is go to a marine reserve and do a masters there. Or go overseas. I don't know. That's what I've always...

Songee: As long as you vacillate you will not come to a decision. You will not find the place you are meant to go.


Songee: Because you are looking at too much. You need to look at one thing or the other. Now with the wanderings, you can wander the oceans of the world however in order to wander the oceans of the world you going to have to either wander them as a sailor or wander then as a person that is trained in the work of creatures of the ocean.

That's what I want to do.

Songee: Can you wander the Earth sailing the oceans while functioning and working for another and at the same time studying from a distance the information you need to study?

Mmm Well that's what sort of came to me in the last few days actually. Yeah. So when you talk about that do you mean like on a proper scientific vessel, I could work on one of those. Yep because that's what I would like to do. Because I was considering jobs on the super yachts and stuff and I said to myself no I know what that's going to be like and I don't want to do that.

Songee: Very wise.

Thank goodness you confirm it! Because I was just saying oh it just seems like I don't want to go down that road.

Songee: Very good. You are learning.

So where do I find this vessel? Is it the one I have found on line.

Songee: Ask.

Ask people at University.

Songee: Ask everybody, ask Oneness. It will be shown you.

Oh how exciting. Cool.

Songee: And make arrangements to do study while you doing this thing and then you are getting experience at the same time as you are learning. Always a good way to learn things.

Because I was considering going straight back to study but that really didn't feel right. I sort of felt...

Songee: That will not gain you very much at all. All it will gain is discontent, an you do that. So you need to combine the two. And your peoples of the Earth now have made things possible for you to manage to do such things in your lives. Many moons past you had to either, to had to become an apprentice to someone. Suppose you want to become a Blacksmith you have to go and work with the Blacksmith for so many years. And then at the end of that time you become Blacksmith. You go to be apprentice, do you not, to a Blacksmith.

When you want to learn how to make pretty the hairs of your head you go and you apprentice yourself to someone who will teach you and at the same time you go away and you have your lessons on how to do this thing, do you not. So that is another way of doing things that you have of the Earth. When people wanted to become Masters of the Sea they had to go and get on a ship and sail before the mast, did they not.

So it's finding the person I need learn from, approaching them?

Songee: That is so. Knock on every single door.

Yes I will.

Songee: The one that you are meant to walk through will be the one where the light shine the brightest and you will feel it just...

(end of side three)

Songee: Ah Thanking you. So what else is there? Have you gone through them all?

The Car

Ha ha. Um Oh yeah um. It's about my car because....

Songee: Ho oh the Chariot!

It's causing me worry because I'm attempting to be responsible and so on, it's a wreck and it's not meant to be on the road and that kind of thing, I don't know what to do about it because I don't have any money to fix it or buy another car.

Songee: When, when something is dying you usually put it to sleep. (Much laughter)

I need something else to take its place though, I don't know.

Songee: So ask. Ask.

Is it safe enough to drive it home to get the tire tomorrow, or shall I - what shall I do in the short term?

Songee: How far have you to go in your chariot.

Quite far.

Songee: When the chariot loses its steel off the outside of its rim it does not go so well it is a little rocky you know, goes a bit up and down.

Is that what is going to happen to it, yeah I'm, just wondering if it will last.

Songee: You will have to go very slowly, make the horses go slowly. (Laughter) Walk the horses don't run them. Is that not so Wise One?

My opinion in this case is that um...

It would be good if I could take it back though cos then I could get the tire tomorrow as I need to go to work on Saturday. It would be ideal if it could make it. I would like to take it home.

Songee: The wise thing to do is to leave it.

Well I feel more comfortable with that actually.

If you get half way home and somebody sees your car on the side of the road they would pick it up and put it in the pound and then the cost of getting it out will not be worth the value of your car.

I had considered that. OK.

If you were a gambling person...

No. I don't want to take it.

Songee: So that is the answer to your question. See sometime it only takes a little bit of talking to find out the real answer does it not.

Boy and Girl Meet then...

Yeah. So can I start on the (banner?) Sorry... Well my run. I run with males we have discussed, is that going to continue? Cos I don't want to do it. It's horrible. I am doing my best, I'm doing my best. You know, hopefully you know what I am referring to.

Songee: Don't play games.

I haven't done anything though!

Songee: I'm not saying you have.

Oh Good.

Songee: I am saying don't play games. When you don't play the games it's very difficult with the other peoples to attempt to play the games back - because you are not playing a game, you understand?


Songee: And when the games are not being played you will find those that are not interested in playing games and the ones that are interested in playing games will go that way.


Songee: Understand?


Songee: So you don't play games, with anybody.


Songee: Anybody else got any questions. It that it?

Songee... (One of the young children speaks to Songee.)

Songee: A moment please. Is that it?


Songee: Is that it?

Ah! No. I'm not sure at (a hog?), get away ask all these questions the whole night.

Songee: You have not. You have only just started, the other peoples have asked questions. Songee has answered a few that were not spoken.

Well no but it's a trivial thing though.

Just get on with it S.

Get on with it...

Sorry Ok. The person that approached me on Friday then, is that game playing or not. I'm curious and all that.

Songee: Apply the teaching you have been given and ask yourself the question again.

Well I really don't know. I don't know.

Songee: When you enter into relationship with anybody you must enter into it with honesty. So is there honesty or is there not?

Well so far... I don't know, I gather... because I haven't heard anything, so I assume no.

Songee: Games.


Songee: The truth is always the truth. It is not going to change just because it is applied to one thing or any other thing. When you apply the truth to anything it is going to come the same. You have the same answer. Now you may have to wait until the other is prepared to be truthful and not play games. How long you wait is entirely up to you. Is it not?

I guess. But I haven't done anything. He approached me da-di-da. I was just like Ok then here's my phone number kind of thing. And that's all, so I'm not really...

Songee: Then don't worry about it.

Well I am waiting because he said that he would contact me. So I can't help but wait.

Songee: Oh no you don't, you move on. You don't wait. You move on. How long are you going to wait? Till you get no teeth and wrinkles and white in your hair. So...

I have had enough of waiting already.

Songee: So stop. Don't do it anymore. Next time someone say this thing, this play this game with you. Say 'Well I give you this thing to ring bells for I and I will speak to you however don't leave it too long because I won't hang around and wait for you. I like to see you. I like to speak with you however don't take too long.'

Mm. OK Thank you.

Songee: And then you are not responsible for the fear that is in the others heart, you are only responsible for yourself. You have to give a little bit of something to give an indication that you would like this to happen because the game is that the girl gives the boy - I have already answered you this. You don't hear it. The boy asked the girl for the number, or the girl gives the boy the number for the bells to ring and then one or the other, whichever the way round it is sit around and waits for the other one to call.

It's a game! It is a game of control. A games of having power over somebody else. And most of the people around of life practise this game. So you learn to change it by not practising it, by not giving it out. You don't give it out you don't get it back. Law of Karma you know.

You don't know what made this one change their mind. You don't know what has transpired upon the life that has taken them away from you.


Songee: Did you ask for the bells back?

No. It never occurred to me.

Songee: So therefore you did not give any interest, you did not demonstrate that there was any great interest on your part to have a continuation. Everything was so...


Songee: Maybe, maybe not. Do you then have a right to complain when the other says, 'Well I'm not going to bother ringing because that girl was not really, seem all that interested anyway.' What you that one want to expose themself to a chance of greater ridicule or rejection?

I don't see what I was meant to do, cartwheels! I mean I'm not going to go overboard, I'm not going to...

(Someone yawns.) Sorry, sorry.

Songee: How does the male know that you are going to be interested.

If I didn't want him to phone me I wouldn't have given my phone number.

Songee: How does he know that?

Well isn't that common sense.

Songee: Not necessarily because the game is to have these thing for the bells and then to not do it. That is the game. Go away!


Why ask me in the first place then.

He is demonstrating an interest in you.

So I am meant to get his phone number?

Songee: That is so.

Oh. (Laughter)

What you've done is have given...

Songee: Ask a male about it.

...You have given away the initiative and now you are in an area of dead karma because you were doing something you ought not to because you had expectations that you were going to get a call.

Well if someone tells me they are going to phone then I expect, I do expect that, they will do what they say.

Yes but don't know where they are coming from.


Or what they have in mind either.

Why would he hound me so much if he wasn't going to do it.

There is a school of thought that says that says that the...

Songee: Orr.... (Songee is pointing out the 'thought' word and the man laughs at his mistake.)

...the chase if more important than the arrival. A little difficult.

I understand what you are saying...

However all I can suggest to you is, from many, many, many years experience. Of course many years ago there is that perhaps the girl said yes I would be interested in talking to you but do you have a number yourself? If he doesn't want to give you a number then it would give you an indication that he one hasn't got one, or two he really doesn't want you to know how to contact him. He doesn't want you to know how to contact him... Suggest you move on.

Songee: It is playing the game. It is not truthful.

That is right.

I just want him to ring me though because then...

Songee: Oh you want it all your own way. That is what it is.

Yes I do. I admit that.

Songee: So change it! You cannot have it all your own way. You have got to give something.

But then if you get their number - like you both got each other's number, so it's like is that person going to ring, and they don't. And then it's like shall I ring because they haven't rung.

Songee: Oh No no no no. There is no question about it.

I don't know. I haven't got past this stage.

Songee: Well you need to get past it.

I need to know...

Most men will never expose them, excuse me Songee...

Songee: Of course.

...Most men will never expose themselves to rejection.

Songee: That is all to say for you.

So he had the balls to come up and ask me to dance, talk to me...

That may have been the very limits, the absolute outside limits of what he was able to do. I have sat in dance halls and looked at all the girls and felt really uncomfortable about getting up enough courage to go and ask them to dance with you. You don't if they are going to turn out to be a superb dancer and you are going to look a fool.

He didn't mind doing that, he came right up and asked me...

Yes but the point is that he made a commitment to that point, now beyond that point he probably, he could really fancy you but might have a feeling that you are going to reject him. Actually you didn't bait the trap firmly enough. That's the bottom line.


I didn't want to because I wanted him to come to me.

Yes but you haven't baited it sufficiently. You know what I mean.

Yeah I do.

Songee: It's all subtle. It is not just, it is not just that it is not playing games. You want these communication. Partnership is a two way thing. It is not a one way thing. You do not say, 'I'm here you come to I.' You say, ' Oh very well I come here I meet you there.' And that one says, 'Oh wonderful if you interested in meeting I, I come and meet you there.' It becomes both coming together from a mutual interest. Not because - well you want I you come get. That is not how it is to do. that is not a relationship. That is controlling. You are using this to control another and it is a misuse and abuse of power. You have to stop it. You mustn't do it anymore. You don't want to be interested in somebody you tell him so, kindly with compassion. However you tell him gently that you don't want to pursue this thank you very much. Not you don't give out your bells, you know. And then supposing that you are interested and you say, 'Yes, very well I will give you my bells however I would like to have your bells'.

Well I mean I don't just give out to people that I'm not interested in.

Songee: You are making excuses because you are up here, and you are making excuses.

I was under the impression that in this day and age it is the woman that do the chasing.

Oh Wheee...

No I'm serious.

Well I'm not going to do that.

Well Songee has just said that it is a two way street.

But that's the thing you just said that women do the chasing that is just reversing the situation.

No, no, no, OK what I said to you is my belief is that in that in this day and age the women does the chasing, but perhaps as Songee says you got to meet in the middle. But you have, if you don't mind me saying you have totally depowered yourself because you have given your number - obviously fancy the person of you wouldn't have given your number when you felt there was some potential there, to put it more politely, and then you had an expectation, it's the word that's wrong it the expectation that is, that perhaps you oughtn't to have had the expectation. If you didn't want to have the expectation then you needed to be a little more encouraging to the person. Most men are extremely apprehensive of rejection which I have already said. And most men will not risk rejection if they happen to meet somebody else later in the day or next day and they feel that this person is warmer towards them then that's the course they are going to take because they will not risk being rejected without they are the sort of person who believes they are um (?) Gift to womanhood. Of course there is that type of man too. But that type of man ought to be fairly obvious to you. Anyway sorry that's just the way see it. I am speaking from how I personally felt myself you know when I was younger.

Mm Mm no that's good. It's good to know because I don't know.

Songee: Now you do. You have had it from two. Male and female.

I do give them the cold shoulder. The more I like someone the more I ignore them.

Songee: That will not get you very far.

No it won't.

Songee: So wake up to it.


I am actually running courses, on Saturday between massage sessions, if you are interested.

OK so thank you very much, that's all very useful to me.

Songee: Now little one what was it you wanted to ask? The bird has stopped flying. White Eagle knew you know.

It's about my Dad.

Songee: What about?

The Pain of Dying

Will he, will it hurt him when he going to die? Will it be a painful one?

Songee: That is very different to answer because when the Soul leaves the body, no it is not painful. However when the physicality breaks down and starts to go wrong it is always painful. When you fall over and you scrape your knees on the ground, it hurts does it not? When the flesh is beginning to heal up it is not very comfortable is it. It is still hurting a little bit while it is healing and that it gets itchy, it starts to itch. So anything that happens to the body is painful or is not comfortable in some way.

So yes, in that respect there will be pain however the pain will not last for very long and it will be, and it will happen very quickly, very swiftly. Now it is going to be while the person is awake not when they are asleep. There is difference. When the person is asleep and this thing happen to their heart the Soul is already out of the body. So the body still feels the pain however the Soul is separated already because they are asleep. So they don't interpret it in quite the same way. They will still feel that discomfort and that pain of passing, because even when you are in Spirit and your Soul is not in the body, when the cord is cut between the Soul and the physical body that transfers a charge of energy up the cord to the Soul and so there is a feeling, a sensation of something that happens. And the Soul feels the last little bit of physical pain that the body felt, just for an instant. It's not for very long.

And the same is when the body is having this happening and the Soul is in the body. When this happens, while it is happening, the Soul feels a great pain, the body feels a great pain and the most difficult thing for their Soul to manage at that moment, just at that moment for a split second, is that they cannot breathe. That is the biggest thing they feel, they cannot breathe. And then there is a switch where the Soul then leaves the body and there is a feeling of peace and a feeling of release, and there is no more pain. Even the body may still be reacting to the finalisation of, and completion process, the Soul is not feeling any pain - the brain, the mind, is not feeling any pain anymore. And it is only a moment.

When you see somebody, and you see pictures of peoples having this - where the heart stops to work, stops going and they clutch themselves like this and they cannot breathe. That is very true is only for a moment though because the Soul does not continue to feel that pain. They go like that. You understand.

Mm mm

Songee:So there will be no great pain for a great long length of pain. It will be for a moment. Yes there will be pain - I will not lie to you - however it won't last, there will not be hours and hours. There will not be lots and lots of minutes of it. It will be like that, (Songee snaps the fingers) because the soul does not stay in the body long enough to feel anymore than that.

Now in the event that this thing happens to someone and they have not written it in their life path, to go home to spirit at that moment when this happens and they are taken and the peoples doctors in the white coat come and make them all better, so when they come back to their physicality they then will remember because the brain will have remembered the physical pain. It will be a memory, it will be a remembering, a memory, and the body tissues will remember because they will be sore, they will be bruised-ed from the experience. And so there is a period of earth pain for the body and mind to recover that is required, and it requires great stillness and quietness of being to come well from this.

So just remember that no matter what you see the Souls only feels it for a split second and the body and the mind retains the memory only as long as the Soul returns to it. In the event that the Soul is not meant to return to it, the body and the memory it will expire at the same time, you know. So don't worry, and it's a long way off yet. So don't get all worried about it. You know?

Yes. (A little tiny voice of the child who has these things on her mind.)

Songee: And in the event you start to, have to watch out Mumma, this one is going to dig holes, you know? Big holes, put herself in it and then say, 'Oh I can't climb out.' We know all about hole diggers don't we Little Mother? We recognise them don't we?

Don't worry M Songee will come along and steel your ladder and you can't get in there anymore.

Songee: Digging holes is when you make great imaginings about all the dreadful things that are going to happen and you dig a hole with this. And you have all these great imaginings of all these dreadful things and the more dreadful the things are the deeper the hole gets. And then you put yourself in the bottom of it and you stand and say, 'Oh woe is me, all these dreadful things are going to happen to I.' That's the hole. Don't do it. I'm telling you now don't do it. Your Papa is not going to leave this Earth yet, you are going to have many years you are going to enjoy company with your Papa so don't worry about it. And when the time comes it will happen naturally. It is because it is meant to be. One day you will go back to Spirit. One day your Mumma will go back to Spirit. One day your brother will go back to Spirit. One day Organism will go back to Spirit. Everybody in this room is going to go back to Spirit, except for Songee.


Songee:You understand? It is life. It is what life is, it is the great adventure. To come, to be born, to live the great adventure and then to go Home.

Songee... (Another of the children ask)

Songee: Yes little one.

... when you reincarnate can you still tell if you were someone else?

Songee: Yes it can. However for the most part most Souls when they are born they are, they are given the gift of forgetfulness when they are born so that they don't need to remember the things that went before because sometimes it can be very conflicting. So there's better not to have the conflict and to come into this life as a new adventure. That is how it is and yet some Souls do come and they don't, they don't have this gift of forgetfulness, they have open - unforgetfulness is not the right word I know (Songee is laughing) however you know what I am saying. So there is a doorway between the before and the now, you understand? And it does not happen usually.

What's it like before you reincarnate?

Songee: Well I haven't.

No. Not you.

Songee: I'm teasing you. I am having little, little fun with you. I don't, however that is also very true, because I don't. I not have body so I not can give you this. However those that are in Spirit before they come will be able to tell you, the ones that remember it. Ask Organism. Ask Organism. It is beautiful place.

That is all for now. In the event that you have any more questions then you are going to have to scribe them down and bring them with you next time you come.

I am going to go now because White Eagle is waiting to come and sit for a few moments before the other returns.

So I go now and leave you with the power of knowledge, of wisdom and to know yourselves and to take into you all the lessons that you have been given this night, so that your lives will become more beautiful and brighter, and that you will have the power to move yourselves through your lives and be your own Shamans,

And this power I leave with you

So Be It

So Be It

Thank you Songee.

Thank you.

If you like to close your eyes for a moment I will finish reading the end of this little, these few words we were saying before at the beginning

And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love
to burn bright within your heart,
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
and bring forth its brilliant colours of light,
To drive away the darkness from your Soul,
Be at Peace.

Aho. (The Guardian White Eagle comes to prepare Roberta-Margaret's body for the return of her Soul.)

Roberta-Margaret returns and tells us she has been to the Akashic Records this night.

Reference Number: 20000126

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