Songee TeachingsSongee Teachings
Discerning the Truth from the Lies
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Discerning the Truth from the Lies'
A Teaching from Songee 30th March 2000

Roberta-Margaret explains her experiences while deep trance channelling
Crystal Light Of Love
Listening to the Music
'Songee is The Holy Breath'
Discerning the Truth from the Lies
Learning the Gift of Discernment
The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Son is my nourishment
The Question?
The Waters of Life
Abraham's relationship with the Creator
Blessing the Waters of Life
Songee Channelling Healing Energies
Who is the Spirit Person With Me?
The Frequencies of Homeopathic Remedies Matching the Body
Finding the Spirit with me
The Message from Spirit
A Babies' previous form from their past life

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There were nineteen people present at this gathering. Because here are a number of new people Roberta-Margaret asks if people have any questions about what happens when she channels.

Roberta-Margaret explains her experiences while Deep Trance Channelling

Deep Trance Channelling1

Roberta-Margaret: Have you got any questions you would like to ask me at all? No, good?

You are not here in the process?

Roberta-Margaret: That's right. Yes I'm totally gone from the process. Yeah that...

You are awake somewhere, somewhere else?

Roberta-Margaret: I am awake somewhere else and I am usually busy doing things, helping in the world somewhere. I get taken and asked to do certain jobs and depending on where I have been I can come back and tell you some of the detail of where I have been. I can't always tell you where I have been in sort of like say an exact location and part of that is because in my own consciousness I have a lousy sense of direction in my geography. I am absolutely terrible at it. I have a rough idea and can give you a description. And when I see it on the news, and I see the pictorial images I don't have to hear sound, and I see pictorial images I say Ah yeah that's where I was. I know instantly and I get an instant connection and the energy just sort of powers through me so I know I have made the right connection. It's not, you know like there may be a lot of helicopter crashes, there may be a lot of air crashes, there may be a lot of earth quakes - whatever happening, I don't go to all of them. Other Souls get taken to some of those other places but the ones that I pacifically go to when they come up on the news I know instantly that was the place I was at and then when another one comes up I'll, no I wasn't at the one. You know. I just know I wasn't at that one.

So we are starting just now, because we got advised to start writing down - where it the book by the way - where I have been when I come back from these trips. Excuse me I will just pop through...

Yes so we are writing these down, and when she comes back she talks all this stuff and we make notes about it. Where she's been and what she had been doing and I have just recently bought a big scrap book and when this stuff comes up in the newspapers we cut out it in the newspapers and put it in the scrap book and then sort of get it together with what's written in this book. And it's a record. And it a job we are just about ready to allocate this job. (Lots of laughter) This is one of the jobs I wanted you to do!

Roberta-Margaret: We are just starting now. Like I have just taken this one out, I did that one there and it's just recently happened. I did that one where those four hit the mountain. I remember doing that one.

What do you do when you get there?

Roberta-Margaret: We take the Souls over into Spirit. We talk to them and we help their Doorkeepers and Guardians take their Souls into Spirit. Usually they are pretty shocked, so it is that transitional period being on the earth and going into spirit. They don't always see their Doorkeeper and Guardian waiting for them, they are sort of - Oh what's happened, you know. They literary wake up dead and you know they really don't know what's happened, so we get to them at that transitional point and guide them to the people that are waiting to take them further and take them on.

So there are all those and there is this thing here, that would be the boys in the avalanche that were killed over in Japan. I remember doing that one. And this one here...

Do they come back and thank you?

Roberta-Margaret: No not really. It's not really need it.

It is not needed.

Do they ever find the bodies?

Roberta-Margaret: No they haven't. Not yet. Sometimes they get cold weather they will find them or not. Sometimes, I am told they won't find them for a number of years. Sometimes I am told, yes they will find them. And then there is this one here with this bomb thing going on...

These are just the ones we have saved recently. So we are gradually starting to get them, what we are going to do is correlate these with what I am saying when I come back. We are going to tie them together and put my reports from there we're put those together with those in here so there will be one report to a page may be or something.

This all happens weeks before the...

Roberta-Margaret: It can happen days before, it can happen weeks before, or months, or it can happen years. I never know until I come back and then, however I have become very, very curious and I have started watching sort of the news regardless whether the sound is on or not, and I have started sort of doing this with the newspaper which I never read newspaper. I don't actually sit and read it but I flit and flick through like that and something will jump up and Ah I remember and the energy comes through, and that was the one I was at. So I can cut that one out, you know.

So do you prepare the Souls because they are obviously still living if it hasn't happened?

Roberta-Margaret: Um no because we are travelling out of time um we have gone beyond the time frame that we are living in here it doesn't exist. So it is all part of their particular Destiny Path. It is what they have arranged for their life. And all we are doing is going and helping them with the transition and like for instance we did the Erebus and all that stuff, and the (?) and we did the Ponsonby express and things like that, all those sorts of things that we did.

Can I ask a question before...

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah.

The whole idea of choosing your kind of your future life or arranging what's going to happen to you and your future through your birth in this existence etc, how does that follow through with your experience your guiding these beings because they are confused? Why is it that they don't understand that these Gatekeepers or Guardians need...

Roberta-Margaret: Because when they are born into a life although in the early stages like when they are this size they've got still got connection with spirit and they can communicate with spirit but they can't communicate that knowledge to you on, like verbally. They can communicate it may be spiritually, but can't communicate it verbally.

And then they get to a certain point where literally a veil is bought down on their memories of prelife so that they have to live this life though with all the knowledge and whatever is happening with this life. They are living, we are all living - well I can't include myself in this one - you are all living on faith and trust in your process of your life and regardless of whether it is a good one or a bad one with its ups and downs and everything, you know you develop your own faith as you go along through your life whether you are going to have faith or not have faith and become a pagan, become a you know an atheist, it will all be part of that experience with that life.

When the Soul goes over, because it is consciousness is still locked into Earth, when it first goes into Spirit it has a moment of not confusion, but a moment of disorientation and that's where we come in. Because we are still of earth and still have a physical and euphorial body we are more visible to them than some of the beings that are brighter. So we can actually come and say, Giddy you know and they say, Oh good somebody is here we can talk with somebody. And we say right come along and we will introduce you to somebody else you can talk to and that's when we take them through to the brighter people, and take them through from there. And it just helps that transition.

We had better shut that door it is starting to get cold.

It's hard to hear.

Roberta-Margaret: It is hard to hear and we will shut that too when I have gone away because you will be too cold with that draft on your back. Um Is there anything else you need to know?

Do you mostly feel a shock when you get back?

Roberta-Margaret: Um depends on what you call shocking really. Over there, there is no such thing as a shocking death. It is only shocking from the earth's perspective. But from our perspective yes, a lot of them are traumatic although we did go to people who are just passing over from you know illnesses and things like that in hospitals and stuff like that as well. However I have to admit that recently they have been taking me more to the action areas, what I would call action areas rather than the passive areas.

(Someone is speaking very softly.)

Roberta-Margaret: Sorry?

Are you only dealing really with people that have recently passed over?

Roberta-Margaret: No...

Ones that haven't yet passed over.

Roberta-Margaret: People who have passed over yet at all!

No time, no time.

Roberta-Margaret: No time. It means the people, the people that I end up helping are still walking around in their corporeal body somewhere at this moment.

Might be some of us! Oh dear!


Roberta-Margaret: Um I have had that happen, not in this but when I was running a group I had a young boy that was in the group and we were doing a meditation. He was doing the meditation and I was keeping my eye on where everyone was going and then I got taken out of my body and someone came and sat here and I got taken actually to take him back into Spirit. And when I can back he was talking about how he believed that his life was going to end very soon but he didn't know when but he knew it would end very soon. And I had to keep my mouth shut. I was going to sort of, wondering how I was going to offer him some comfort but I wasn't allowed to. I actually had to, my people said No, you know, don't speak, you mustn't speak, you have to wait, because you have a role to play.

And was it a role in a half that we had to play because this young boy when did get injured he was in Intensive Care for three weeks and while he was in Intensive Care his spirit kept coming to see me and getting me to do things for his Mum and his Dad. Little things that would just let them know that his Souls was continue on because they were devastated of course, naturally they had lost - there were two sons, the eldest one had died and this younger one was critically ill. So they were devastated.

There were little things like um he got me to buy her a little thing of violets, a little pot of African violets. And I said what do I want to do this for Michael, and he said just take them and give them to my Mum and say this exactly about this, and I which was that he used to pick the African violets that were down the side of the back stairs on the farm. So I went and told her and said look Michael came to me last night and asked me to buy these for you, these are not from me, these are from Michael and he wants you to know that he is going to be alright, he will probably be in Spirit but he is going to be OK and he is not in any pain and you know he loves you and he wants you to have this present. It made a big difference, she was emotional but it made a big difference to her. Gave her comfort that she didn't have before. And what he said about picking the violets she said that when he was a little fellow, when he was about three or so he used to go outside and play and when he came inside he used to pick the violets down by the steps and bring them in for his Mum, a little posy of violets. So it meant a tremendous amount to her.

And when it was his brother funeral he got me to go and get a sheath of flowers and they had to be a certain colour and he said it has to be a sheath not a bunch of flowers. And I said what is the reason for this Michael and he said because it is going on the coffin with Donald. He said, It is the only one that is going to go on the coffin. And you know it was, it was the only bunch of flowers and the rest of them sort of were there but that was the only one that went with him. You know so that was Michael's tribute to his brother for his mother and father on the physical plane.

So it was amazing this whole thing that took place. And then when it came to a point, it was three weeks and I said to him, Well Michael what is to happen now, and he said I am going to go now And he said, You can tell Mum and Dad that I am going to go now. And I said are you sure you want me to tell them? And he said yes. So I did and I rang them up and said look I have to tell you that he has just come to see me to say that he is going to go. And you know she was upset but she went down to the hospital and she was there and she wouldn't have been there had I not rung. So it worked out, it worked out very well. It was a devastating thing, it was absolutely devastating. But yeah that happens. That happens but the whole process was you know it went on for you know weeks. It started at the class and went on for weeks and week and weeks. But it had a poignant ending you know.

So anyway I will be off.

Name round, otherwise people won't know each other.

Roberta-Margaret: I'm Roberta-Margaret.

(And the rest of the people introduced themselves.)

Roberta-Margaret: If you forget anybodies' name you can say who are you! What was your name again!

Right I had better take my glasses off, already got my shoes off.

Good job. Songee when She comes the shoes had got to go. So its best they go before and then at least Roberta-Margaret knows where they are.

Roberta-Margaret: Where to find them.

So we will just wait for S to come back. You operate the door. You do it how you feel. She wants to leave it open. You won't be here love so it won't matter to you.

OK now we usually start off by uncrossing our arms and legs and things so we can be open. And closing our eyes because I am going to read you some beautiful words that were given to us from Spirit, to consider.

OK close your eyes please.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The Music played was from Denean's The Weaving track 8 'Walking Gently Walking'.)
Music from the album 'The Weaving' by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: I am here. Greeting to you.

Listening to the Music

Now I am going to ask you, did you listening to the words of the soundings?

Did you listen?

I did I did!

Songee: And when you listen to this words what did they say to you inside? I am not going to go fishing. You have to make your voices work. Open your throat chakras2 come along. What did you feel inside, when you hear the wordings?

I feel the Mother all around me.

Songee: Does anybody else?

It was saying, well some of it was saying listen to your heart and not your mind.

Songee: That's right and also it talks to you about how the Mother is like the Breath of Life flowing through you, that you are to be the hollow bone for the Breath of Life to blow through you you know. Do you know this? Did you hear this words? And what do you imagine that that may be?

Doesn't matter, there's no wrong, no right answer - whatever you feel.

Well it would be, to me it would be connection with Spirit, connection with the Creation, the Creator, Creation.

Songee: That is right. That is exactly what it is.

'Songee is The Holy Breath'

Songee is The Holy Breath, is the Breath of Life. Songee comes to talk to people of the Earth about truth, about The Breath, about how you can be part of this Breath and it be part of you so that when your breathe deeply inside your middle self, into here you will find that you will take inside of you all that you acknowledge within your being to be The Creative Power.

The Creative Power you know is not just male, it is female also. There is not division between the two. Both are in harmony together. So that when you come to look at Creation, begin to look at it as a whole, as male and female both.

Discerning the truth from the lies

I'm going to (make?) sideways a little and just talk to you just for a moment about the many voices of Spirit that are coming to human-kinds at this time of evolvement. There are many voices that are coming from Spirit to talk to human-kinds, to bring teaching of Light, of wonderment, of enlightenment.

They will bring to you teachings of the Universal Truths and then there are those that will come and bring you teaching that is rubbish. There is no other polite way to say for this. It is rubbish. You have to learn to develop within your being the gift of discernment to know the difference between the two things. And this is where very many peoples begin to get lost, is that not so? They get lost about what is the truth and what is not the truth. There are so many stories that you are given upon your life, is there not, about very many things. I not here to discount all the very many things. I am here to teach you the truth about discernment, you understand the difference? Because then you can make for yourself you own connection with the truth and not with the lies. You will find the difference.

Not that anybody is deliberately lying to you however they are in a great number of cases lying to themself. They are not aware upon it that they are telling lies to them self. And this is because the ego self is too present in the foreground of their workings and bringing the teachings to people, you know? They have not set aside their ego self sufficiently and so some of their own ideas, their own imaginings, their own reasonings start to colour what it is that they saying to the peoples that are listening. And you will learn as you grow and develop how to learn to discern the difference between this happening.

I have give this teach before however I will continue to give it as long there is a requirement for the knowledge to be received. Someone who is working to be the mouthpiece for those in Spirit, when they are remaining in their incarnate bodies while they are acting as messenger, with the best intentions, with the kindest of hearts they are still going to have part of own ego self express-ed in what they are saying, you know, it is going to be so, it cannot be any other way because your ego self is important to the day living that you have. Every day of your life you need to have your ego self to assist you with the decisions of your life, your consciousness, do you not? So you can't just say, 'Oh let us put ego self away, we don't want any more ego self, let's throw it out.' That is nonsense also. You need it.

Learning the Gift of Discernment

When you are listening to these other peoples, the gift of discernment will assist you to know when the energy that is Spirit is speaking and when the energy of the ego is speaking. You will learn to feel the difference in the wordings. You will find that you will have in one phrase that is being spoken, mayhap there will be two or three words from spirit, two words from the ego self, two or three words more from spirit and some more from the ego self and you will find it will switch like this all through the phrase that someone is saying. What you have to do is to learn to pick out the bits that the spirit being has attempted to get through and sensor that which the ego self has putting.

Those of you that have learned to be channels for your Spirit Beings, for your Doorkeepers and your Guardians, for your Guides and Helpers in spirit will know that sometimes you hear them say something to you and you go to repeat it and you change it just a little bit to make it perhaps sound a little better or because you don't remember exactly what they are saying at that moment so you give your best interpretation of it. You are not doing it to be bad or to mislead however it is not entirely truth either is it? You know? Now this happens a great deal all of the time, and you need to learn the gift of discernment. Songee always says to you don't believe what Songee says to you just because Songee have say it, no matter whether I am saying to you that I am The Holy Breath or not. Because I am here to teach you truth, and I cannot teach you truth unless you learn discernment, you understand? You must learn discernment and you learn it by testing, testing the teachings I give you.

Learn about the teachings, read about them, listen to them and then the next step is to do something with them. To practise them for a little while in your life and see whether or not they work. So you don't have to believe blindly. You can learn to test it for yourself you know. You don't have to follow.

Now the difference between Songee Energy and the energies of those Souls...

Would you like to come sit, come sit...

(One of the guest is unwell and been coughing.)

Songee: You can sit listen while you sit, close your eyes. Now the difference between the Songee Energy and the energies of those that are speaking to you from other mouthpieces, are that Songee Energy has not had a corporeal body, ever! Never in any of the evolution of flesh beings, on any dimension...

(Someone laughs, as though he had this very idea run through his mind and Songee is smiling.)

Songee: So this is going to be, Songee is never going to have a corporeal body because Songee is not of the flesh, Songee is of the Spirit and part of the Creative Power. The Creative Power of the Earth...

Breathe down into here. (Songee is instructing the person She is channelling too.) Imagine this is coming to be great big sun in your middle self, you know and breathe down, down into here not into here, that's it and when you breathe in this gets fat, when you breathe out it get thin you know, like that. You keep doing that.

That is the difference. Now you don't have to believe it and it will not make any difference at all to whether or not you practise the teachings you know. You can practise the teachings, nilly willy regardless of what you believe about Songee. You can put whatever title or label that makes you comfortable about I. I will not object however I will not lie to you about my nature.

Have you got any questions about that? Have you got something?

Yeah. You are talking discernment, people giving us information, could it be anyone we come in contact with?

Songee: Oh certainly. You may have been listening - ah I am talking first of all about those people who come to be the mouthpiece of spirit and say that they have um ascended master coming and speaking through them, you know this thing I am saying? That is what I am speaking about however certainly on the day to day living of your life there will be those that will come to you with some voice of spirit and some voice of their own. And you need to be alert because sometimes you may not be hearing your peoples in spirit giving you message, you might be deaf to them so they have to go and shout in the ear of somebody else's helper or Guardian or Doorkeeper and say please will you tell this person to go and do this thing.' And so out of the mouths of this other person will come this wonderful advice and they will stand and be very confused or puzzled about this, where did that come from, I did not have that in I mind to say this, you know?


Songee: And you will find that the message will come to you and it can come from anywhere at all, loud and clear!

Does that feel better?

(Songee has been channelling to the person with the cough.)

Yes thank you very much.

Songee: Now all you have to do when you feel this coming is to put your hand one here, the other one here and breathe. And when you breathe - and everybody can do this - to take inside of you The Breath of Life and to say, what do they say?

The Breath of Life is the Sun and The Son is my nourishment

And as you breathe you will feel it coming and coming down into here and whatever is bothering you here will ease and not be so severe for you.

And supposing it is up here, sometimes you have it here do you not where it is very sore?

It is when Spirit is coming to talk with me.

Songee: Oh it doesn't have to be you know. So you can with the other hand, you can put it there - and breathe deeply. One hand in here and then breathe deeply. And in the event that it is hurting it is because you are resisting!

I know!

(Many people are laughing. They have experienced this themselves.)

Songee: Very good.

Very powerful... Thank you very much.

Songee: It doesn't matter how powerful peoples are from Spirit are, it is only you that create your own difficulties. You create the difficulties, the pains within you when you resist. Nobody else is doing it. Spirit will not bring pain to you like that. So when it happens you breathe -

The Breath of Life. The Breath of Life is the Sun, and the Son is my nourishment.

And this has many, many meanings because the Breath of Life is the energy of Creation which then transforms into the Sun which is the male energy's symbol for your peoples of Creation - the Father Energy, you know? It also means that you are building up inside here the chi energy that you will send to all parts of your body to feed it, so this is the nourishment. It will feed the physical body, it will nourish the Soul - so you need to be aware of this. In just a few simple words, when you get to remembering them, you can achieve this happening.

And the Son is my nourishment. So the Father Creative Power is your nourishment...

(end of side one)

Songee: What were you going to ask? What were you going to ask?

The Question?

Oh Um about how, how important, how significant are other people's lives in your nourishing yourself? Like ar is it sometimes that you have a link with someone and that they help you to open up to nourishing yourself or... I mean...

Songee: Moment. You be silent and I look inside and I understand better what you are wanting to ask.

Ah... I am linked to all peoples just as the Creative Power is linked to all peoples. The Father Power, you are the Father Power, you are the Mother Power - your Light within you, your White Light that lives within you is a portion of that whole, you know? And so when the physical expression of the Mother -which is the terrain underneath your feets, in any dimension, in any Planet - when these parts of this whole are requiring healing energies, yes all of you have a very important part that you can play in the healing of these things and the undoing of the damage that have been done by others before. And in that way it strengthens the whole, so it not just strengthen the Mother Energy it strengthen the Father Energy and all of Humanity and all the other sentient beings also. Do you understand? Is that what you wanted to know?

I think it, thanks... (The person sounds a little overwhelmed.)

The Waters of Life

Songee: So when you want to bring healing to the waters of the Planet and to the Earth because it is always important you know to bring everything from the vastness of out there

down here to where you are, to where your organism is, on this life at this moment. It's all very well to know about everything else, what is important is you, your life right now, at this moment, on this Planet, in this Universe. You know?

So when you want to bring healing to it then you all you have to do is take the Waters of Life - Little Mother have we got some Waters of Life?

Yes we have. Would you like a jug full or a glass full?

Songee: Just a little vessel will be alright. Mayhap you have other vessels of life for others to have and you could put a little bit of the Waters of Life is each of them. And I give you a demonstration - would you like that?

How many vessels do you want. One for everybody.

(All this is being organised with a lot of talking and noise.)

Songee: Could you find I a little vessel that I can transfer from here.

Like a dropper.

Songee: I don't mind what you find. You have something that is a scoop, that will do. Let me show you now. Could you not find one a bit bigger? I am teasing you. I ask this one for a something, a scoop and she bring a shovel! I not want to dig a great hole you know. I leave you to do that by your own self. You have all got Waters of Life?


May I ask a question while we are waiting?

Songee: Certainly.

Abraham's relationship with The Creator

What relationship did Abraham have with the Creator?

Songee: Abraham was an incarnate Soul that came to the Earth to perform certain duties upon the Earth to prepare the peoples for knowledge that needed to come to the peoples of the Planet at that time. So this one was a teacher for the peoples of the Earth. And all Souls are connected to the Creative Power, how do you know that you were not some great teachers in another life?

(Soft words spoken.)

Songee: So what I'm saying for you is that all of you have behind your veil of forgetfulness the possibility that you have lived a life as a great teacher before. No matter how humble this life may seem to you, you may have been great teacher in another life time. So do not discount yourself in this one, or discount your life as not worthy because you are all worthy, you are all teachers in your own right just by living and breathing and being who you are, you are teachers. And when you learn to take the teachings I'm giving you and bring them to your life, when you discover how it will change your life for the better you will start to become living, breathing examples of Light for others and your lights will shine brightly and others will come to you, you know. And such was this one Abraham that you know.

Blessing The Waters of Life

Now this is Waters of Life. To those of you that are familiar with your Earth this is just water from the ground somewhere and has been brought The Plan you by very extraordinary methods to come out of a little hole that you turn a dial and out it pours like magic. Is that not so? However it is going to be more than that because we are going to ask for the Blessing of Light -

'The Mother Creative Power, the Father Creative Power and Power of Light from the four corners of the Universe
to come and enter into this water and to bless it that it might carry the Power of Love, Peace, Harmony and Healing.
That it have the Power to repel all forces of Darkness wherever they are, in whatever form that they may take.
And we say for this to be, in the name of Jesus the living Christ, you know.
And So Be It.'

And then we are going to take a little bit of this, and we are going to put a little bit of this with yours. Now it doesn't matter whether you have a small glass like that or your have a big portion, you can take a little bit of this and put it in the ocean. And when you put it in the Ocean it will touch all the different cells of being within the waters of the ocean - you might like to put some on your finger and let the baby have some, and then this will go to all those different cells. And your water now that you have in your hand, is now Bless-ed Water and that is all just there.

You are not going to escape.

Now when you look at this you can understand perhaps how it is that you have the blessings - I leave this for Organism for later - this is how you may understand, how the blessings can be, when you celebrate and have been given to celebrate the taking of - I have to find the word just a moment, I have to poke around in some bodies' head, ah that's it, yes that's it - the sacrament is that right? That right?

(Someone agrees with the word Songee has found.)

Songee: So when you have this ritual that you do, one drop of that put to one drop of that over a whole Ocean of that, is going to bring the same blessing to the Ocean, and you can use this on your plants, on the Earth, on the Rocks, you can use it on yourself you know - this is yours. And that is how it works, it spreads out like that. When you take it inside of you, you will learn to discern and feel how the energy is as it comes inside you. Water like this that has been bless-ed, provided that you don't stick your dirty fingers in it, will not become soiled or disharmonious in any way. You can keep it in a vessel that is of natural materials, that is dark, that doesn't let the sunlight into it and you can keep it forever and it will not change or become bad. And in the event that you would like to experiment here is some you may, someone may take it and do just that. All I ask you to do please is to respect its' energy - do not throw it away. In the event that you find after several years of keeping it that you tired of having it sitting around your home then please give it to a plant or something, you know something living, give it to the Earth.

Would anybody like this? Have you got small things it can go into for somebody that want to take it away?

No we haven't really.

Songee: It matters not. Would you like to hold it? There you are. Is there anybody that wants it, it is there. And in the event that you don't mayhap you like to, ah like to share it around between you and, and consume it before you go. It has not to be wasted. It needs to be given so that it will bring Light and Peace and Harmony somewhere.

Songee Channelling Healing Energy

Songee: Now, how is your neck?

My neck? Painful.

Songee: Would you like to come and sit? Bring your Waters of Life with you.

What would you like to sit? Would you like something soft for your behind self?

And my back.

Songee: I am going to have my hands upon your back. So that will not be a problem. So while we are talking to everybody and answering all their questions you can learn to do this breathing deeply you know, in here. And certainly you need to sit back a little more onto the seating, that's right. Now I want you to sit up straight as far as you can for I, and bring your hands down towards your knees. Come forward some more. I see what is happening here. That is right, I see what is happening. Now close your eye, just breathe, breathe down into your middle self, just breathe because the tension on your body is going to make the pain seem so much greater you know.

(The rest of the Group are talking together in the background.)

Songee: It does not need to be. So breathe down into here, big breath into here and out, that is right and in again and out, that is right.

Now does anybody have any questions for I?

Who is this Spirit with me?

Can I ask a personal one?

Songee: Certainly.

I bought someone with me tonight they have been sitting on my shoulder, they have been with me all day, I tell them to go away and I don't know who it is, do you?

Songee: What do you want to tell them to go away for?

They make me cold.

Songee: They make you cold.

MMM and sometimes they just take energy straight out of my heart chakra at the back there. And that's what they have been doing today. It is a bit of a nuisance as I do have a headache. I find that when that happens I stop...

Songee: Now, who taught you?

Oh OK.

Songee: Who taught you how to work?

Yeah I think she is sick at the moment. I actually contacted her in the spring. I have been trying to get through to her for about two weeks. I try to get in contact with her this week.

Songee: Now sit up straight, breathe, close your eyes, do the breathing. It is the only way to do this thing. Now, talk to this one and say 'Hello,

who are you?'

Now when you feel the feeling of coolness this is only just your physical interpretation of the presence of that energy. You can learn to adjust to whatever energy is brought to you from Spirit.

Little Mother, this one needs the medicines of the Earth and requires... the one for the bones...

(Songee is referring to the person She is channelling to.)

The Oestoarthric one.

Calc Carb.

Songee: It is the first one that you are speaking. Also you need...

Just a moment, the one D spoke of or the one I said?

Songee: The one you are speaking of...

Oesto arthriticum (Nosode).

Songee: Also the one that is Rhus toxicodendrom.

Yes I know.

Songee: Now how are you getting on with your person? Have you found out who they are?

I think it was my Dad with me.

Songee: Don't 'think'.

Well he said Tony so I guess it is.

Songee: Feel it! Trust the process of yourself and what you do is you have to learn to trace the thread back to its source. Ah you need the ah Medicine of the Earth that is for the central nervous system.


Songee: That's it. And the one for the sleepings.


Songee: That's the one?

Right you are.

Songee: Now I am going to ask you please will you accept these Medicines of the Earth for assisting you.

Do I have to swallow them?

Songee: To take them in and ingest them into your body. They are not going to give you any harm. They are natural medicines of the earth.

They are homeopathic remedies.

(The person being channelled to spoke.)

Songee: This is not like the medicines you are speaking about.

Natural things.

Songee: This is different, this is working on vibration. This is not working on, it is not working on just the flesh. It works on the spirit as well you know. And there is a reason for this locking up in your body.

I don't recall it though.

Songee: And there is much work requiring to be done to assist you to unlock. It is not just on the physical plane that you are locked you know. There is much in here, in your heart that is locked. Locked up tight because of fear of letting it go. Is that not right?

(There is a long silence. Songee is still channelling healing energies to the lady sitting in front of Her.)

Songee: Now... Give me your hand, relax your body. Let it go, let it go, let it go. You have it. No you have got it, I haven't got it. Let you arm drop down. That's it, that's better. Now let it drop, see what happens, people don't like to let go of 'control'. You understand I want you to let go, that's it, that's it, relax. I know it has been very sore. Ah ha did you hear that!... Breathe, keep breathing. Talk to Oneness say, 'Oneness I need some help to unlock this body, I don't want it to be locked up like this. I can't do your work when I'm locked up like this. Show I please how to unlock I body so I can be servant to you.' You know? Breathe keep breathing, breath it, breathe it away, breathe.

Now, has anybody got any questions? I will talk to you. We will wait for a moment. Now I want you to take a deep breath in, and I want you to say to yourself in your heart that you accept the healing energies in the name of Jesus, you know, in the name of Jesus... Breathe, breathing, breathe the Breath of Life. Down into your middle self... Now (?) It will get a little better and a little better and a little better. Alright.

Songee I have put the medicine on the stool there.

Songee: You don't have to, we offer it to you only. If you would like to it is there. Are you alright or do you need to sit down into a softer seating?

It's hard getting up again.

Songee: I give you a hand, and the other one. Are you ready. Very good, keep yourself straight. How does that feel? You must keep straight that is good, only don't let yourself get stiff. It is not just up here, it is all the way down your back down into your hips. You would benefit from being rubbed on the flesh. You might like to talk to Little Mother about it, there is much that is done with the healing that is channelled, with the flesh...


Songee: That's right, rubbed, stroked. Very nice.

Thank you.

The Frequencies of Homeopathics Remedies matching the body

Now the nature of the Medicines of Life, that they are vibrations. Everything has a vibration you know, I show you. What is this? What is this? Is this yours?

Its Roberta-Margaret's. (Songee is asking about the blessed water that was left for Roberta-Margaret for when she returned.)

Songee: You might like to drink that it will help you. I have this you know. (Songee is hitting a drum.) It is vibration, it is not inside, you have vibration inside you. Everything about you - Oh this is very big is it not? You have vibration in you, everything is vibrating like this. Everything around you, every sound, every atom, every small thing is resonating. And when you are resonating on a particular, frequency - thank you Wise One. (It would seem that Songee found this word in this person's head.) When you are resonating on a particular frequency you will be the same certain ways of being in yourself, so mayhap how you are at the moment with your sore body, this is vibrating on a certain frequency, you know. The Medicines of Life, that are offered to you, are given to assist by coming to you at that frequency at which you are vibrating. Everything has a use you know. Don't discard it just because you want to see great miracles. Great miracle come in many different ways you know. And you have been given all the knowledge to use, so use the Medicines of the Earth just as you do anything else. And when this comes to you it gets inside all the different cells of your body and it talks to them. It vibrates at the same frequency that you are vibrating at. And it brings it into harmony.

And I disrupted that? I took something that I disrupted that is why I had difficulty.

Songee: This will bring back the harmony, bring back the balance that you have not had, that you have disrupted as you say. However the disruption did not come by chance or happenstance. It has come to you for a reason of your life, so you have to ask yourself what is it I needing to learn in I life at this moment? What is this malady telling I about I self, about the life I am living. What so I need to know.

I know why.

Songee: And then you need to ask yourself, what do you need to do to change it. So we have to go back to how it came to be there in the first place. Now all the very many things that you have got locked away inside you that you have had very carefully under very tight 'control', all your emotions of your life, all the many pains and disappointments of the life. Some of them you are aware upon and other ones you have totally discounted and pushed down inside to attempt to obliterate them all together. And some of those you are not even aware of the name of them, you only feel them, feel their presence in the manifestation that you have now.

Now I want you to ponder on this and consider it deeply. And I am going to give you a supposings. Supposings are wonderful things you know, you can make anything you like with supposings and they don't have to be exactly right, it gives you something to consider.

Supposing that you have written for your life that you are going to come to a point of your life where all these manner of things that you have allowed yourself to lock down inside are now going to be set free. However in the setting free of them your Soul is going to experience the greatest fear of all, fear of what will happen when I do this - fear of the unknown. So you are going to have to step beyond that which you know into the realms of that which you don't know, that you cannot foresee. You are being challenged by yourself, your own Destiny Path that you set down for yourself to step beyond and to let go of this 'control', you know.

That's what's happening now.

Songee: And part of that can be b before you, that which has transpired. Although you may imagine that something you have done have created this situation that you have had not good reaction, I would challenge you on that and say to you that it has had exactly the reaction it was meant to have and that is to make you look at yourself.

That's why I took this thing when I did.

Songee: The resistance within the being is what causes the ailment, not the remedy, not the things of nature - it is the resistance within your being that creates it. Ponder on that. And I am giving you this, this is a Truth I give you, and the Truth how do you test it, it will be true now on this thing of life and it will be true on any other thing of life that you apply it to. The truth of it will remain the same, not just for you but for everybody. This gentleman here, the resistance causes pain up here, in the chakra up here. When Spirit come to speak, you say it is your resistance that create the difficulty, the pain, your resistance to the changes that your Soul requires you to make are what you are experiencing, not a bad reaction to the Medicines of the Earth.

It's just that I took something and damaged the liver so of course that has been my problem. I took something to cure something and sent myself to Hell for nine years.

Songee: I am offering you the opportunity to bring yourself away from, that is all, the rest is with you. The Waters of Life will begin the process, they will begin it. Just being here among the energies of this room with all these beautiful Souls will begin the process, will add to it, and will begin you healing energy within you to get better and better. Each day that goes will be a little better, from this day forward I tell you, I not lie to you. And in case anybody is curious you can come and tell them about it later on. I'm not saying it is going to go like that, all of a sudden because you have much yet to learn. You have to let go of all these things inside you.

I have only just started doing that.

Songee: So the process will gradually come to pass.

Finding the Spirit with me

Now somebody was asking something, what was it you were asking? Oh moment please. Now are you content with the person you have made your contact with?

Yes I am I have been wearing his socks all day.

Songee: Now you know how simple it is to find them. It's much better for you to find them than for I to tell you who it is. I could tell you it is anybody in the Universe, it means nothing, nothing at all unless you know, yourself, who it is that is talking to you from Spirit. Don't believe everybody that tells you anything, learn to do it yourself. You are quite capable of doing it yourself, all of you. And what you don't know we teach you so you can do it yourself. When I say we, I'm talking about Father Creator as well as Mother Creator and all the little sparks of light that you know are Spirit Beings and they will come and assist for you to learn because you are part of the spirit being, the Power you know, it's just that you have flesh bodies and they don't.

Thank you.

Songee: What's that again? Ah it is something to do about - I have to go fishing sometimes you know.

(Songee seems to be looking into the head of whoever it was that asked the question before.)

Songee: Inside... It was to do with something Songee was saying a little while past, is it not? That you had a question come into your mind and you didn't want to speak it because you were concerned it might disrupt the flow of energies, is that right?

Are you looking at me?

Songee: I am looking at you!

I don't know.

Songee: I have to go fishing. Slide back down the spiral of time and have a look...

(end of side two)
The Message from Spirit

Songee: Your peoples in Spirit are telling I that there is a task for you to do and you are avoiding it, and it doesn't matter how much they say to you and attempt to nudge you in the right direction you keep ignoring their promptings. It is to do with something of your earth life and to do with ah... they showing I - you are standing in a place of making foodings and while you are making foodings they are attempting to tell you and you are talking to somebody else about these things that are upon your mind, about whether you will or - going to use your bad words, you say words of 'should' and 'shouldn't' - 'should' you or 'should' you not do this thing. And you are like this about it. Whether to tell somebody some information that you feel they need to know or whether to keep your mouth shut. You know? You know of what I am speaking to you? Do you?

Not sure.

Songee: Not sure. I wait for you to be sure. Find out...

When you make decision to take the step forward it will require of you a great risk. You are going to have to stand forth and speak truth, you know. You know now what I am speaking about? This is private to you so I have to make sure you know it...

That is right, you have to take your courage in your hands and you have to say, 'I am going to do it.' You know? Do you have it now?

I think so.

Songee: Do you 'think' so, do you or don't you?

You do? You know what I am speaking to you? There is only one thing that I am speaking about there is not any other things around you, and your place of preparing your foodings is very bright and very light, you have lots of light from the day comes into it and there are great ah openings ah...


Songee: Windows that you can see outside, is that so from you place of preparing foodings?

(An unheard word was spoken.)

And you can see outside this, outside you, that is where I am saying and there are something there in this place of workings where you are doing this preparing of foodings that you have got to make a decision and you have not been comfortable in your middle self about making this decision. And what your Spirit people have been attempting to tell you in so many different ways is that you have to take your courage and do it. You can't leave it, you cannot ignore it any longer. Do it! You know? That's was what it was, it was your people in Spirit that wanted you to have this knowing and it was they that wanted I to speak it for you because you cannot ignore it anymore.

You will feel much better in you middle self when you say, (Songee makes a big sigh) 'I am going to do it. It will be good.' And your peoples will rejoice.

Now what have you for earth time.

About ten past nine.

Songee: What would you like to do?


Songee M and I have been having a few augments and um one of them I actually saw this Soul crying, it was pretty sad actually. So what it this, what am I asking?

Songee: What do you need to know that you don't already know?

It was pretty ripping.

(The person speaking is crying.)

Songee: When you are given something, a vision of something it is for a reason, is it not? So you have been given a vision of something, what does this mean this vision? What does it require of you?

To love it.

Songee: That's right and that's all you need to do. It is no great mystery, no great difficulty, just Love, just give Love.

I just feel I am being...

Songee: You cannot take away the Destiny Path of others. They must walk their own Path. Live their own life, feel their own joy, cry with their own sorrow - all of you, you cannot take another's off them, you cannot make a judgement about their Path, their life, and no one is allowed to do the same with yours. You just Love, love, love, love and more of it. You don't have to like what someone is doing. You don't have to like the life path that someone is on to love the Soul. Even the most horrendous person on the most horrendous life will respond on the Soul level to Love. Mayhap not in this life time, their Soul will respond to it perhaps when they return Home to Spirit. This is the true meaning of intercession when you intercede on the behalf of another Soul, you can talk to Oneness and say, 'Oneness I don't understand the Path that this Soul has chosen before they came to this life and I don't especially like some of the things that they have done, however I am aware that they are here to learn and to undergo trials of life and so I ask for love to go to them and healing energies to go to them so that they might receive it whenever it is meant for them to receive it and in the best way possible that they can receive it.'

The healing energies that you talk about as absent healing you know are nothing more than intercession from you to Oneness on the behalf of another Soul. Every facet of every diamond over your Planet, no matter what Tribe you belong to holds somewhere in its thread of truth, this, this beautiful little truth, this little pearl, and that is that it will be recognised in that Tribe that someone can intercede for the Souls of others. The Souls that have just departed the Earth for example, the Souls that are sick upon the Earth and perhaps are not sure whether they are going to remain or go back to Spirit. I say not sure, not because the Soul itself is not sure however the person that is interceding is not sure you know. They don't know for certain because they have no knowledge of that person's life path in its entirety, however they will intercede.

So you have many that will do this thing. You have many Shamans do you not, who have different names, they have names of - let me go look fish, ah now that is good thank you - Minister, Priest, ah Priestess all the different names you have and then you have ah Shaman, Medicine man, Witches - how many other names can you find for the peoples of your Planet? Many, many names they all have these same names that mean the same thing. These Souls that have come to the Earth to practise the mysteries of Spirit of behalf of the Tribe. They come to intercede for the peoples of their Tribe, do they not. Is that not so?


Songee: However you don't have to rely on them, you can do it. You can do it. You have only to ask. You are also part of Oneness, your Light is part of the whole and so you can do it to. Everybody can do it, is that not wonderful!

A Babies' previous form of their past life

Little One has gone to visit the Angels for a little while, gone to fly, gone on a journey the dream spirals. This is a wonderful age for humans. Wonderful age because when they go to sleep in such manner they are so away with the angels, with the fairies and the other peoples of Spirit and they go back to the form that they have just before they came to this life and they use that form when they are in Spirit and they go back to it and it is only as they begin to grow in this life and go forwards in it they begin to let go of that other form and it begins to fade and become - ha ha I like it - ghost. And they start then to express themselves in the form that they have come in this life to take on. That begins to start to form as they learn to become more of this world and integrate their minds and open their minds and hearts to this world and learning about speech. Learning about all the things of this life once more. And the more they learn of this life the further away they are departed from their memories before they came to the Earth. And this is true of all of you with the exceptions of one or two of your Planet.

So when you are little ones, when they are lying there they got their eyes open and they looking around, you need to know that inside that small body is a Soul that has a body that mayhap was full grown before in another life and it is laying there in that body looking at this world and would like to say and move in a certain way only they cannot because the physical body is not developed enough to make those expressions, but the memories and the intellect, the intelligence is still intact.

So if I talk to him like he would understand?

Songee: He would understand exactly what you mean, exactly. You don't have to speak as though you are speaking to a someone who knows nothing, when they are this size. You talk to them as though they know everything because they do. It is only when they start to get upon their feets and start to walk around and start to speak with the mouth that they begin to lose they contact with that other form and that other part of their awareness. And that's when you have to start talking to them a little bit more at the age that they are presenting in this earth life. But when they are this size speak to them as you would to anyone else.

I was talking to that to a baby like that this afternoon, just a little bit. It was the first time I had met the baby and I was talk and he was talking to me in a sort of spirit as well, yeah. For a moment.

Songee: That's right, that's right and when you are sensitive you will be able to make that connection. It is a very special time because it doesn't last for very long. It passes away very swiftly as the child grows and the veil comes down.

One of my sons came in, when he came into this world, he looked like a little one man at the stage and we would look at him and he looked like a little old man. And even when he was growing up he was out playing anyway...

Songee: So be aware of that won't you, they are special.

Now how are you for your earth time? Would you please make for soundings that have this ah Number ten, is that right?

That's the one.

Songee: That's right. Now all of you except perhaps for the little one he's asleep. This is your opportunity to celebrate, to celebrate yourselves, to celebrate your connection with Oneness and with each other, with life - everything.

So when the music begins to play and you hear this beautiful soundings coming to you close your eyes, those of you that want to and would like stand up and dance. You don't have to dance all over the place and knock each other over do you like great boulders falling off the mountainside. Just let yourself flow with the music you know, and as you doing this you might just like to sit or you might like to just dance your arms around like this and as you are doing so and breathing deeply, imagine that as you are doing this all this energies are coming down into your middle self, out through your finger tips, out into the Universe and going, and imagine your fingers going and touching all the little places all over your world that are sick are tired are needing beautiful energies of Light. Anything that comes to your mind stretch your fingers out and touch that place, and know that as you do this your energies are going to go to that place, and you do it with the dance.

And then when you have finished the dance I will leave you, I will say my farewells to you.

Close your eyes, breath your Breath of Life and get ready to dance.

(The Music played was "We Are One" by Denean.)
Music from the album 'The Weaving' by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music at our public gatherings.)

Songee: Take a deep breath. Now I am going to leave you and you are truly One, all of you together with the experience of this moment.
May the Blessings of Light be upon your life to light your path and to guide your footsteps,


So be it

White Eagle overshadows Roberta-Margaret to make whatever changes are necessary to her energies. He departs with his 'Ana Mushta Aho.

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns and speaks of her experiences in Spirit while Songee has been speaking -

Roberta-Margaret: Wow, wow... Hello.

We're here.

Roberta-Margaret: There is something going down in Russia... Well it is not going to happen straight away but there are things happening. There is going to be some very, very big changes happening and... A whole lot of new rules and laws are going to be changed and reintroduce new laws, old laws reintroduced and new laws abandoned. Yet there's, there's a light around the changes and the people are not going to like the changes. It's going to herald, it's going to herald a time of very, very great discipline for the country. They are going to be under a more iron rule and yet within that iron rule will be sanity. That is the only word I can find to describe it - there will be a sanity to it that will bring the changes that are required. There will be less oppression as a result than there has been recently of people and other peoples.

There is a lot of difficulty that's going to be showing itself in Europe in the Kosovo region again. The people there are not letting go of their, their vengeance and there is going to be... There is a lot happening that is not being told, that is not being made public and it is going to become public. So that is one of the things we went to do was to go and make this stuff public.

Where else did we go...

Oh that's right we went over to Africa, I don't know which bit, but we went somewhere, no it is not where all the waters not where all the floods were, this is somewhere south and there is going to be major changes happening there in the government there that don't know if anything was said or not said, there is going to be major changes happening there and the people are going to demand a greater voice than they've got at the moment, the indigenous peoples and their voice will be heard more than it has been heard before. It's not being heard now as well as people would perhaps hope that it would be, and it's going to be heard better in the days to come.

There are still fractions in Ireland that are attempting to overthrow peace. We had to go and tweck them a little bit because the idea at the moment is they need to be a resolving of some of the inner conflict within people.

Oh is that the man's name - who is Teto?

Used to be the (?).

Roberta-Margaret: Hero Teto, no Asian.


Roberta-Margaret: I don't know but there is something about him. There is something about him. There was something about him that we were dealing with. Something to do with him and, to do with the government again. We seem to be dealing with governments tonight, largely.

You went and saw him a little while ago.

Roberta-Margaret: Did I?

That Japanese guy.

Roberta-Margaret: I went to see him again, anyway. Whoever this person was we went to see him again. We did a couple of tornadoes. But there something that is going to happen in Hawaii.

I was just saying my trip is off to Hawaii!

(Lots of laughter. Then everyone went on to talk casually amongst themselves.)

Roberta-Margaret: There will be fires on the Savanna, on the Savanna, all the animals. We had to go and help all the animals. There were fires on the Savanna and we had to go and help all the animals so we went and helped all the animals. We did that.

There was something about a river... Oh I'm losing it. There is a river that burst its banks. Where was that? Oh its somewhere, oh I don't know. No I have lost it. Its somewhere in the western world. It wasn't in one of the other, it wasn't third worlds or the Asian countries. It was, yeah somewhere like the States or England or Europe or somewhere. I'm sorry I have lost it. That one has faded out now. There is something about that.

There are other lots of other little things that we did to but I can't...

A bit like a dream?

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah it gets to a point where if I get it as soon as I get back I'm fine but then it fades and its good because I can't bring all that back. I mean if I go into a house like we went into a house of burning children and I had to take all the Souls of the babies back, I don't want to come back with that into my earth life. I could not live with that in my physical body because my heart would break. So I can't bring those kind of things back with me.

(The group went on to chat amongst themselves.)


1. Deep Trance Channelling - there are various transcripts and mp3s of Roberta-Margaret talking about her experiences as a full trance channel and how she achieves this.
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2. Chakras - are the energy centres found in the body. The development of these chakras assists our spritual development.
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3. 'The Breath of Life is the Sun, and the Son is my nourishment.'
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