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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Reincarnation'
A Teaching from Songee 20th April 2000

Crystal Light Of Love
Accessing information from Akashic Records
The Story of Mrs Robinson
The Path of the Christos
Meditation Ancestors
The Song of the Earth
Reasons for Head Noises
Fantail - Messengers of Spirit
How Often do we reincarnate?
Meditation Another Life Time
Meditation of Forgiving

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This Gathering was held in Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland. The Essential oil was Patchouli and the Incense was Black Beauty.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The Music 'Fire-Prayer' is played while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to channel.)
Music: "Fire-Prayer" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: I am here.

Greeting Songee.

Songee: Greetings to you. So, how many of you believe in reincarnation?

I do.

I do.

Songee: Reincarnation. Do you know about this thing?


Songee: What do you know about it?

You come back as another person. (More was said but it can't be heard with the background noise. The doors are shut and the noise of the fountain disappears.)

Songee: So who believes in it, in this reincarnation? Do you believe it?


Songee: No!

I do.

Songee: You do, good. Who else does not?

I do.

I have a feeling about it.

Songee: Do you believe it?


Songee: Do you?

Um I am open to truth, so I believe.

Songee: Ah, so. What of you?

Yep there is something about the (?) of the Soul to learn lessons and um, yeah...

Songee: So, for those that believe it it is not too big a jump of imagination to imagine that this life is one of many lives that you have come to live. Is that not so? Is that so?


Songee: However for this little one here, this is something that is very difficult to absorb is it not?

Not really.

Songee: Not difficult to absorb or you just don't believe it?

Well it's a bit like I have learnt so many lessons otherwise why is my life so screwed up at the moment?

Songee: Ahh! Because perhaps you did not learn them in your other life. And also too that when you coming into this life you are coming not just to learn lessons, you are coming to pay back a debt that you owe.


Songee: So by acknowledging the Law of Karma, by natural progression you have then needing to acknowledge the Law of Continuous Living. It is a natural progression, you know. As in nature it follows a pattern.

I have speaking to you many times before about how you can breaking the Law of Karma have I not? The Law of Karma, breaking it is requiring of you complete acceptance of the events of your life and saying thank you to all those many things that seem to be not good for you in your life, that all the bad things that have happened upon your life, and to say thank you to those that have done these things unto you. You don't have to say it to their faces, you can say it from your heart to their Soul, from your Soul to their Soul and mean it from your heart.

All the very bad things, so that you don't harbour inside you anger and resentment, do you understand? If you are feeling any anger inside you about anything that anyone is doing or has done unto you then you have not fully forgiven. That is very simple. You understand?

And this is one way that you can learn to measure whether you have truly forgiven or not. If you find yourself losing your temper and getting angry then you have to say to yourself, 'Ah ha. I have not truly forgiven something, that needs to be forgiven for I am still allowing myself to feel angry about something that is happening now.'

This is not an easy thing to do because you are all very stubborn, like the mule, you know. Just like the mule. You go 'Heehaw' and then you kick up your feets and you say, 'No I'm not going to be kind and nice, and no I am not going to forgive and they did all these dreadful things to I and I want all these terrible things to happen to them because they did all these things to I...' And so Karma gets perpetuated. And you come back to another life and you have to have all these terrible things happen so that you can learn your lessons of learning to forgive. Learning to forgive from the heart, so that by the time you have gone through your life you come to the end and you get back to Spirit and you say, 'Well that was a tough one that I arranged for I to do, however I have managed, I am now free of Karma. I have forgiven everybody from the heart, and by the time I left that life I was loving all of humanity no matter what they were doing or not doing, the bad peoples and the good peoples, I love them all because they are part of Oneness, even the bad peoples.'

The bad peoples are just good peoples that the Dark One has got hold of you know? And their Souls were all part of the Light at one point with you. So they are all your sisters and brothers in Spirit even though they have gone over to the Dark Energy. Remember that before you condemn them. And remember that sometimes perhaps in another lifetime you may have been tainted by the Dark Energies yourself. And you will have been very pleased to have somebody love you, love your Soul even though you may have been this way. You know. It is a good lesson to learn.

How do you discover whether you have had other lives?

Now first of all the only good reason for you to go and find out about your other past lives is when you are going to use that knowledge in your here and now life...

(One of the dogs bark.) Greetings to you. You say hello. Don't go and poke your nose at him he does not like it. (Songee is talking to one of the dogs in the room.) No go and sit somewhere else. So you have to - moment please. Well if you want to come and sit down here instead. Very well.

When you gather all the information from your past life, you must bring it into your here and now life, this one you are living now. This is the most important one, because this is the one you are doing, is it not! Not doing those other ones, you have done those other ones, and you have lived them and experienced them and then you have left them behind however they have got lots of valuable information attached to them.

Accessing information from Akashic Records

Songee: And all that information is stored somewhere. It is stored in your Soul consciousness, within your own being. It is also stored in the Akashic Records. So for those of you that cannot access it one way, you can learn to access it the other way. Many peoples find it easy to go to the Akashic Records and see the Guardian of the Akashic Records and talk to him and ask him to show them what it is they want to know and other peoples need to learn how to access it from within their own Soul, their own being.

There are many ways that you can access within your own being and we will come to that in a moment.

First of all - I did warn you. (One of the dogs growled and Songee is speaking to him.) You are being very naughty childrens. Would you like to please make for some soundings, soundings that are very bright and lively, I have been listening and hearing the soundings of the Earth and this soundings is for you can dance or you can sit and listen and dance with your arms, however listen carefully to the wordings because this is going to be part of what you need to know.

I just need a little bit more help here Songee. I have three choices here, Simon and Garfunkel or is it um...

Songee: Ohh. Moment please I have to ask Little One (Sally) what is it? Number thirteen she says. Do you know which it this?


Songee: Ah that is good I'm glad somebody does know. Very good, very helpful is it not. What are you doing? Ah you are going to assist with this, you are going to do the colours too, very well you are very helpful. Where is she? (Songee is asking Sally where Roberta-Margaret is.) Ah, yes that is right.

OK are you ready?

Songee: Ready everybody. Close your eyes and get ready to listen to soundings for yourselves and get ready to dance with the musics in yourself. Nice musics, dancing musics. Listen to the wordings.

The Story of Mrs Robinson

(The Music begins to play. 'Mrs Robinson' by Simon and Garfunkel.)
Music: Simon and Garfunkel's 'Mrs Robinson' from 'The Sounds of Silence'.
(We do not have permission to include this track on our mp3 recording.)

Songee: Bells!

Listen to the story underlying.

So, what do you see? There are two things happening, what is happening, two things? What is happening in this story? This is a story you know. What is happening?

Well I think they are talking about everyday life but also talking about the spirit life and how they weave in your everyday actions.

Songee: There are two things, what is happening is there are peoples who are saying to this Soul, here, this is a beautiful place for you to be, you can have a place where you can rest and Jesus loves you, it is beautiful here. And the lady she is saying I, I'm sad everybody is gone from (my?) life. Everybody has left and gone. And there are so many things that are sad in the life of this one. And all the people that are with this one all they can say is, rejoice everything is beautiful, look everything is beautiful.

So on the surface everything looks beautiful, underneath there is sadness. There is misery in the Soul that is not being acknowledged, is not being recognised, not being allowed to have expression. And this is what happens with all of you on this Earth, you are, all of you got things down inside that does not have expression. That is this veneer of everything is beautiful is put over the top to make it all look beautiful. Is that not so? Is that not so?

Yep. Sweep all the shit under the rug.

Songee: That's right, it doesn't work, does it? All you get is a big lump under there that you got to step over every time you walk on it.

So ponder for a moment. Here is a Soul, here is a story about a Soul come down to the Earth to live a life and it has a life of misery, you know. Seems to be a life of misery and yet here are all these other peoples saying, 'Oh look Jesus loves you, you are not alone Jesus loves you.' You know. However the Soul of this one doesn't hear it, doesn't feel it inside because of the sadness that's inside, because of the discountings that have happened upon the life. And yet the life is part of a plan that they arrange for themself. So they have had to come to this life to learn something and part of this is to be with the peoples that are saying that everything is being beautiful. Do you understand? So there are two things happening here.

Now what I want you to do is to consider your own life, consider all those many times when you have been sad and hurting down deep inside of you, and over the surface has been stretched this beautiful mask of 'everything is beautiful'. Peoples that are in terrible, terrible pain inside them go to their places of worship and they sit in their places of worship with all the other peoples and they talk to Oneness...

Do the other peoples that are there with them know that they are hurting deep inside. For the most part no they don't know, do they? Were they to know perhaps some of them would care, some of them would not. However again it is part of a journey. No-one can live your life for you, no-one can undergo your Journey of Fire, only you can undergo your Journey of Fire.

The Path of the Christos

Songee: Part of the journey is the Journey of the Christos1 whereby you travel a cycle of events from birth to death, to resurrection, to rebirth and so it goes around like this the Cycle of Life. Like the seasons you know.

And those Souls like this Soul that was in this story, this singing story, are in their own world locked in their own world, not being heard by anybody, only being given the words to make them feel calm and yet the words don't make them feel calm because their pain is inside and they are locked away. They are in a prison. A prison where they have to look at themselves, look at what it is that is happening upon their lives and look at where they are going to go from this place forth into the world. It is not a place of movement it is a place of stillness, hence this Soul has to go to a place of respite, a place of peace hopefully. And the Soul that is in this place is the - where on the Path of the Christos? Anyone want to have a guess?

(There is a long silence.)

Songee: Very well I tell you. The Soul is in the Tomb. You are now at the time of your earth life celebrating a very special time (Easter) are you not? You are celebrating the passing from the earth of a very special Soul. A Soul that first of all was betrayed, was taken and was made a judgement upon, beaten, made to carry the cross of crucifixion on which they were going to be placed. Very cruel. And then executed according to the laws of the land. And when this was done the body was placed in a tomb you know. When the body was placed in the tomb the Soul was allowed to go free. The body was confined but the Soul was free. Free to go and visit all others who are locked in their tombs at this time. At this time of your celebration know you this that your Spirit of the Christos is alive and well, and moves among all of you coming to the prisons of your Souls to help you with the pain that you have locked inside you, to help free you. This is the meaning of your celebration of this time. This is the true lessons of this celebration, to celebrate the freeing of your Souls from the pain, like this Soul in this story song that is locked away so your Souls, all your pain, you have now the opportunity to hand it over. To say to this Soul that went for you, 'Thank You. Thank you for doing this for I, thank you this was how you showed the way for I to go. I now know that I have to follow the Path of the Christos in my life, I have to follow it in all areas of my life - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual - in order to free myself to become whole once more so that I can shed the Bonds of Karma and fly free.'

You know, this is it. Until Soul is able to grasp this in the consciousness and not just in the unconsciousness it will continue to have karmic rebirth because part of learning to be free is learning to forgive.


Songee: All the peoples that have done bad things to you, that have hurt you, you have to say 'thank you' to them. Learn what you have gained from the experience of them hurting you, all the positive things. Not the things that say, 'Well I have learned never to trust anybody anymore.' That is not a good learning, that is a poor learning. That is a Karmic debt learning. You have this way of being, you are going to have to come back and repay your debt because you haven't forgiven.

You say to them, 'Well it hurt however thank you because the hurt taught I to be strong, taught I how to look at I self, taught I how to find ways of doing things in the Light that would move I forward and help I to be strong for the life I am living. Thank you. It taught I that I can love even though I have been done ill unto, I can still love. Thank you.'

And when you do that, that is when the miracle happens, the miracle of this time of your celebration because that is when the stone rolls away from the tomb door and that is when you can rise up and you can walk out and strep fourth into the world and say, 'Here am I newly born.' You know.

However you are still in a state of transition, that is point, so that when you go to different places people will not believe you, will not believe that these things have happened and you could not possibly, not possibly at all not hate anybody, and that you still love even those that have hurt you. They will want to see proof because there will always be one Thomas that doubts. You know, there is always one that doubts and says, 'Show I the truth, prove it to I. Prove I that you are forgiving people now. Show I that you are free, show I that you are love come again.' And that is when you will have to demonstrate your truth, your power, your Light for them to see because they will only believe by demonstration. They will not believe by faith alone.

So that is how your life is part of the cycle of the Path of the Christos. Now all the lives you live are part of that also. So that you have one life, perhaps mayhap in one life, you may be warrior, you may be very ferocious warrior, chopping everybody up, chopping off their heads. And you come back into another life, somebody chops off your head for you so that you don't have head. And eventually you come to a life where you say, 'Oh enough I don't want to do this anymore. I am tired of chopping off heads, I am tired of somebody chopping mine off, let's change it, let's make it different now.' You know, time to make things different.

So you say to the peoples in Spirit, 'I'm ready to make changes now, I have had enough of chopping off heads and things and so on and so forth, and I don't want mine chopped off any more. It's very painful you know.' And so you arrange with these peoples to put down and scribe down your new life. And so the next time you come to a life, instead of coming back as a warrior chopping everything up, you come back as a butcher chopping up the animals for peoples to eat. You know, you do this thing. So everybody has foodings to eat. You are doing a good job are you not. It's a good job. Then you go back to Spirit and you say, 'Ohh I don't whether I really liked doing it because I was chopping up all these beautiful animals and I don't want to chop up the animals.' So you arrange with the peoples to come back and to live a life, this time you come back and you are chopping up bodies, people bodies but you are not chopping them up to eat them, you are...


Songee: That's right, making, fixing, making everything better. So you come back as this type of person you know. And this is the purpose of the many life times so that the Soul can learn to evolve and get better and better and what it is doing.

Maybe in another life you were warrior that used to enjoy burning down people's houses you know. Doing all sorts of things like this, getting excited and setting torches of fire onto peoples. And you get to a life and you say, 'Oneness I tired of this, the smoke gets up my nose and I don't want to do it anymore. And the Karma is terrible, I don't want to do it.' So you come back to another life - what other life could you do. Perhaps you become charcoal burner. So you get the standing peoples and you chop them down and you burn them up and you make the little sticks of wood for peoples to put into their fires to burn. You become charcoal burner. You know.

And you get to the point and you say, 'Oneness I don't want to cut down anymore standing people. They are starting to shout at I, every time I cut one they shout. I can't cut them anymore. It hurts I every time I cut one of the standing people. I can't do it anymore.' And here is a lesson that because there you have the standing people have been a teaching lesson you know. Everything in nature comes to teach a lesson.

So Oneness says, 'Very good what a wonderful person you are, you have learned this lesson, what are you going to be next?'


Songee: That's right. This is the one that the rides the big red beast. Is that right?

Yes it sounds like it.

Songee: And those sounds and puts out the fires and helps the people so that they don't get hurt. You know? So they become the Mens of Fire. And it doesn't change because down in the Soul is a little spark of memory from the first life that says, 'Oh there is a fire, oh that's lovely, oh that's good I like that, that's exciting.' However the energy has been changed from being destructive to being constructive. So here you have the many life times where the Soul can learn their...

(end of side one)

(A conversation took place while the tape was being turned over.)

Songee: Oh very bright...

That's the one.

Songee: It is the sun look you have a sun. You are very clever.

It helps you see in the dark.

Songee: How does it get in there?

There are batteries that power it.

Songee: What it that?


Songee: Let me have a look. Ah that is alright. Little One has shown I what it is. That is very good. It's got energy in it. Is that right?

That's right.

Songee: Energy, power, like Oneness Power. That is a little bit of Oneness Power harnessed into one place of being.

Now, look upon yourself on your own life and ask yourself what do you imagine that you are come to do in this life that is a refined version of something that was not so refined many moons past perhaps. And you can also ask yourself, 'What have I come to learn? What have I come to improve on myself? And what Karma have I come to pay back?' And remember the only way to break the Law of Karma is to Forgive. To say Thank You.

Now you need some more soundings for them to listen to the next part of a different story, part of this reincarnation. Ah the peoples of the land... Ah, moment please. Who's this peoples of the land?

Sons of Somerled.

Songee: That's it. The peoples in the, in the, in the, that wear the skirts. Is that right? Oh I am very sorry, I am most apologetic to you. Ho, White Eagle does not like I to call them skirts! Because White Eagle had a life as one of these people before time. He used to be called The McGregor and was chieftain of these people, and does not like this wording of skirt. He's very upset about it. You have it.


Meditation Ancestors

Songee: So you can dance, close your eyes, listen to the story of this. It is very beautiful, very beautiful.

And breathe. And remember to breathe. And listen to the story. Fine your connection back through time to the same peoples, to the peoples that these peoples came from. All of you have origins to these peoples. Back through time, through history... Breathe...

(The Music was the first three tracks of Steve McDonald's CD 'Sons of Somerled'.)
Music: The Sons of Somerled - Track one 'Introduction', Track two 'Sons of Somerled', Track three 'Live on my Warrior Son' - by Steve McDonald.

(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Steve McDonald's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: So... What did that story say to your Soul? It's all with you. All of you are connected by blood down the ages to each other. Your blood that runs in your veins of your physical body - all of it, all of it comes from your ancestors, the people that were there before you. And those ancestors that were there before you, the ancient ones have bequeathed to you a gift, a gift of life, a gift of continuance, a gift of reincarnation. So reincarnation is not just a myth it is a fact, and you are living proof of it. You are the descendants of your ancestors are you not? And you are the living flesh, the proof that life continues. You are in part the reincarnation of your ancestors. You bring with you in your blood all the characteristics of your people, of your land of your culture. All your heritage is locked in one drop of blood. You have lots of blood inside you, you understand?

So here you have your reincarnation.

You want this one?

Songee: Not just at the moment.

Songee, just out of curiosity, you know how we have blood transfusions when you were talking, I don't know if you are talking...

Songee: There is no difference at all because in your blood, all of you, you are all connected together. You have all got connections somewhere to these people. These people, you have name of Celts, you know. The name Celts goes among all human-kind. They are a race of people that bonded with many, many different tribes over many centuries, many millennium. They were wanderers, travellers, people that went across the waters, across the lands. They were adventurers, seekers after new places and new lands, new purpose. They bonded with many peoples on their journeys until they came to the lands where they set down their roots and stayed. And then they took that land for their own self, just as all human-kinds do you know. Finally they get tired of wandering and they want to stay. However the wander lust stays inside the blood stream and takes them everywhere around the world. So that it doesn't go away you know. It is there inside you. You can't escape it because it is in your blood.

And this is the physical proof right under your nose, it is you, reincarnation, in the flesh, here you are to prove it. So it is not just one Soul who is coming back into another body, it is the continuance of life down through the ages. You were promised there would be continuous of life down through the ages were you not? Here you are and you will be here in days to come. Your blood will flow in others to come.

Sometimes people believe that because they pass from this life that they do not have issue, that they are not going to continue on the life. Nonsense, of course they are going to continue because you are not the only example of the blood that is on the earth. All of you are part of it together, so you are going to continue.

Human-kinds as a whole are going to continue. This is part of the reincarnation that is going to take place.

Now the other part of the reincarnation which is the Soul travelling from life to life - that is something else, that is also part of the pattern, it is part of the intertwining of it you know. And in order to understand this a little perhaps we can listen to some more soundings - another story of song. That be alright? And I will tell you some more.

Now is for the next part of the story of sounds. Remember that these peoples also came from across the waters, they have long hair and blue eyes and the peoples they came to had red hair and they have green and brown eyes.

Songee: Feel your love stir. Feel your connection with the blood of these others around you and all those who have gone before.

(The Music was the first track 4 of Steve McDonald's CD 'Sons of Somerled'.)
Music: 'The Sons of Somerled', Track four 'All you can know' - by Steve McDonald.

(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Steve McDonald's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: Did that say anything to you, that story? Did you hear the words that tells you to seek, seek. Look for the names, look for your history the names of your families, the names of your people, your ancestry. Look backwards through the mists of time, you will find their names written in books, scribings down there will be names written somewhere, you will find them. And when you look at the names that are written there and you say to yourself, 'Who was this Mary what was she like? What did she feel like when she travelled to a new land? She was only young when she travelled to a new land. I wonder how she felt.'

And all you have to do is to feel inside yourself, feel deep inside you and you will find in your blood will sing the song of Mary to you, you know. You will feel how she felt in that life many moons past.

You have people did you not, who make pretend about the lives of people past for your pictures that move, is that not so?


Songee: And those people pretend so that others can get a feeling of enjoyment and adventure by watching the moving pictures that tell the story of Mary travelling across the waters to a new land, what it was like sailing across the waters in those days. Is that not so? So that you can enjoy it and - for to get, make it seem real on the pictures that move, the peoples that are doing the pretending have to do something. What so they have to do?

(One of the dogs barked quietly.) You be silent.

You have to feel it, to be in that...

Songee: You have to feel it. They have to get right inside the feeling. And the best way to do that is to get into the song of your blood. Some are better than others getting into the song of the blood, you know. And it is important to do that, to learn to get into the song of your blood because - as I was just saying to everybody, you are living flesh, the incarnation of your ancestors, you know.

Because of this you are here on this Earth and you are a living proof of it just by living, by breathing, by being here. Every drop of blood in your body has its link to your ancestors in time past. Just as everybody here have the same linkage to their ancestors in time past. You know.

Now this is the physical aspect of reincarnation. There is always, when you look at something you must always look at it from all levels not just from one level. You have to look at it from the mental, the physical, the emotional and spiritual, all of it. You can't have one truth for one thing and not have the same truth for something else, can you? That is not how the Law of the Universe works. That is nonsensical to imagine it does. So if you are a living, breathing proof, a reincarnation in the flesh then your connection to your ancestors must also be there through your blood. And you already know this, this has been proven to you by the mens in the white coat. They have proven it to you, have they not?

What are the little dancing spheres that you have?

DNA. Genes, genetics.

Songee: That's right. That is inside of each of you.

Now although you have your own pattern for this body, that pattern has a complimentary pattern in Spirit that also travels back, you know.

Here have this one. (Songee is dealing with the dog that is growling.) Have the Little Woof. Look after the Little Woof for a little while.

So you have the Mental, the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual - dancing spheres, everything is there.

The Song of the Earth

Songee: Have you heard of the 'Song of the Earth'? I have talked to you about the Song of the Earth.

Songee is the Song of the Earth. The Sound. There is a sound, that's right, there is a sound that belongs to the Earth beneath your feet. (Songee has hit one of the drums.) This (and again) sound. This sound the Sound of the Earth beneath your feet. That is it. Deep down into your Soul will it go. Down beneath your feet.

Then there are the Song of the Spheres. They go up that are beyond, again the soundings of your ears, as this sounding deep down in the Earth is beneath and below your hearing. It is there. The ancient peoples knew about it. Your ancestors knew about it. They knew about this down deep in the Earth and they also know about the Song of the Spheres.

Everything has a vibration, everything in life and beyond has a vibration and you are a vibration, all of it. And that vibration travels through time, and every now and again it comes down in the flesh form and has a different life. So your Soul is a vibrational energy of light and sound and colour and flesh that travels from life to life to life. Just as you may have been warrior in the past life your may have been born mother in another life. And then you will be born some other kind of warrior in another life and then you will be born to woman body in another life, so on and so forth. But your energy that began at the beginning is still the same, coming now into the different lifetimes, different bodies.

You can have your Soul elected to do so, be your own ancestor. Ponder on that...

You could be your great, great, great, great grandfather and have come back to this life in this life, to redress the balance of something that you perhaps did not do so well in the other life and to help your family, your descendants in this life, that is happen before many times. So you can do this thing.

So there are many things to consider when you are considering reincarnation, are there not?

What is our earth time?

We have about twenty minutes.

Songee: So have anybody got any questions before we go onto some more things?

When you are talking about the Song of the Spheres, like you are saying the Song of the Earth and I know it's like when I was training in audio engineerings, I forget the actual measurement of the term but it's around about seven is it mega hertz or something below and I know we can't hear it. The Song of the Spheres is that on the higher level?

Songee: That is right.

What frequency is that one?

Songee: It is higher again. What is below so is above.

If it is seven below it will be seven above.

Oh OK. So would like so below what we can hear is equal distance and that one be equal distance above.

Songee: That is right. And it is heard by some. Your machines can hear the sounds because you can trade them - is that the right word? No, I am being told it is not the right word. You can make for them to be on the right vibration so they can hear it, is that right?


Songee: That's better. Somebody said it is better.

Reasons for Head Noises

What is that kinda buzzing in my head. I hear it a lot, it's there.

Songee: Don't mistake the Song of the Spheres with the sound of your own energy. That is different. Some peoples are very sensitive to their own energy sounds and they hear them in their own ears. They hear their own energy sounds. Sometimes they find them very disturbing because they can't seem to get rid of them. Of course you are not going to get rid of them, it's your sound. If you get rid of the sound you get rid of you. What you do is you learn to understand it and learn to tune into it and you learn to listen to what it is saying. Everything has a vibration so it will oscillate and vibrate at a different speed regarding whatever is happening upon your life. So when you are not so well it may vibrate faster and become annoying to you. And when you are at peace it will be softer and you will not hear it because you are at peace. This manner of things, when you have something bothering you, you are feeling and hearing your own energy when you are hearing this sound. Like perhaps lots of bees buzzing with a high note, is that right?


Songee: And the bees will not go away and you wish they would, they are not going to go away they are your bees and they are coming to tell you something. Slow down! Don't do something. You are doing something that is destructive to the body. You are hurting it in some way. You don't do it. Ah Ha that is very interesting, thanking you. Ha Little One is saying to I that human-kinds like to have taking into their bodies things that they describe for themself as having a buzz. Is that right?

That's true.

Songee: Going to have buzz. Sometimes you can buzz so much that you break down the barriers between here and there. There is a damage done and it is never to be repaired because the damage has been done. So the buzzing noise will be increased and it will not come at the right times, it will come at other times like lots of busy angry bees, rather than gentle, soft, kind happy bees.

So the lesson here is not to take inside your body anything that is going to give you this thing happening, it will damage you. Damage your aura, it damages your psyche, it damages you beyond repair. Channelled Healing will not repair it. It is your envelope of protection between yourself and the Dark Energies that have been scarred and damaged. Ponder on it!

Would that therefore mean the Dark Energies have more accessibility?

Songee: Oh they do. It makes it as though there is a very thin wall and they can come to that thin wall and they can poke through it much more easily so that you become a little more vulnerable to it. Now your Doorkeeper and Guardian will do their best to protect you however you are the one that has to do, on the physical plane, the protecting. You have to say 'No', you have to say 'No' to these things that are going to harm you and 'No' to the energies that will come and use you. And don't believe that it is so simple to do because the Dark Energies whisper in your ear until you believe that what you are doing is the right thing to do you know? And it is not the right thing to do. It is the wrong thing to do because what you are doing will bring hurt and harm first of all to yourself and later on will bring hurt and harm to someone else. And when that happens you will feel great remorse because you will say, 'I did not mean to do it. I did not intend for this to happen. I am so upset and so sorry.' Too late! Too late to be upset and sorry. Too late the damage is done, the harm has been done caused. Not just to the others, to yourself as well. So you have to learn to say 'No' very early on.

There are many stories that are bound in your peoples of your lands, about how the different Shamans take into their bodies a substance to enable them to speak more with Spirit. The Ancient Ones in times past and indeed some even now still follow these practises. I say to you, you have no need of these substances to achieve communication with Spirit. When you have true gift and talent to do this thing then you are in the right job. When you don't have the gift and the talent to do this you ought not to be taking substances to make it happen. That it not putting you in the right job. Do you understand?


Songee: You want to help people, use it with the healing that is channelled. This you don't need substances of the earth to do it. You don't need the substances of the earth to get the biggest feeling of euphoria that you can possibly get. One that when it does wear off will not leave you feeling sick, lost, abandoned and angry, because as the power of love...

(end of side two)

Songee: ...and each time that it builds, this Power of Love builds a little more. It always leaves a little of itself behind for you, you know. It never completely leaves you so that you are not left with nothing, you are left with a legacy and a gift from Oneness to give you the power, the strength to get on with your life, whatever that is that is happening upon your life.

So there are many things to learn, many things to know and anything at all that changes your mind from being one way into another way, any substance that does this thing is not good for you. Sometimes peoples take the strong drink that makes their head swim because they find it exciting. And for some it is a enjoyable pastime and they say, 'It is not hurting I, I am only doing a little bit of this exciting thing, I will only do a little bit.' And while you are growing and learning in your life, you live with this illusion because it is an illusion. It is not until you grow up, and I don't mean grow up in years, when your Soul grows up and recognises the futility of this. And the wastage of your earth time, your earth life when you can be applying all that energy to something else. You don't have to do as others do in order to be a friend, a companion, a mentor. You be the leader, not the follower. Show the way by demonstrating your Light, your power of Light and Strength. Very soon, those that are ready will cease to do the things and follow you instead, follow your example because they will cease to want to be that other way anymore and see how well you are and so will know how well they can be. Do you understand?

Be the example, be the living, breathing, walking example of Light. Be the reincarnation of Oneness on the Earth, which is what you are, that is what you have come to do. You are all in your own way Jesus. You all have that spark of Oneness inside of you. You all follow the Path of the Christos down through your earth life, down through the ages. The land on which you walk, the peoples of this land all, the land itself follows the Path of the Christos, the cycle, the passage of time and what it represents.

Fantail - Messengers of Spirit

Songee can I ask another question? I had a really quite lovely experience about a little over a week ago. I was up north and I had just gone through these glow worm caves and I was coming out and walking down the top of this bush with their lovely big rock formations and native trees and there was this little fantail that came really close, like it within a metre and this fantail would sort of stop still, as still as a fantail can ever sort of stop, it stayed in one location for a short time and the sun for a little while. And I felt it was a gift but I wasn't aware enough what this was actually meaning. Can you assist me in this?

Songee: This little creature is very special in this land because it brings the spirit of welcoming, it carries the spirit of others along with it to speak. It speaks for the Ancestors of the land you know.


Songee: It is as though it is the mouth piece for the Ancestors of the land and comes to say welcome, welcome. Just as the peoples of the land in another place of living, those that wear the feathers in their hair, they are - Oh many peoples wear feathers in their hair do they not? However the one I am speaking about have got red skin not brown skin. These peoples have for themself the Eagle that flies to the Heavens to take the message to Oneness and have the Hawk that comes back. In this land there is this little bird, this little one that come from the Spirits to bring a word to the people, to the living, you know. It is as though it is a voice between the two worlds, this little bird. Do you understand? Do you know this thing?

Songee a little fantail where I'm staying at the moment is attempting to get in the window all the time, does that mean the same thing?

Songee: No that is because a Spirit of, of the, of those that are in the house there, that someone in their family that is soon going to pass into Spirit, or is very close to it and that is the reason that this little bird is coming to say that this Soul is getting ready to pass into Spirit. They haven't passed yet, they have not passed into Spirit yet.

And if they fly inside the house cos...

Songee: The Spirit will leave the body of the one that is going to depart, leave the land.

This is for any bird?

Songee: No just for this little one.


So it is in the house that I am actually looking after.

Songee: So it is to do with the family of that house.

So in New Zealand what is the one that, the bird that has the job of like the Eagle over in America...

Songee: Moment please. What was this?

(People are speaking in the background.)

What is the bird that relates to, you were saying that the fantail relates to like the Hawke that brings the message and what is the bird that relates to like the Eagle that takes the message out?

Songee: In this land?

In this land.

Songee: Ah well there used to be Eagle here also you know.

Oh right yes I knew that.

Songee: Now gone.


Songee: Oh greetings to you little one. So, haaaa, well the Eagle has gone you have the Hawk now. What you have in this land now for taking the messages, you have not something that flies so high in the sky anymore, not quite to the same height as this creature used to fly. However you do have a creature that comes and it is the creature of the night, that flies at night.

The Moorpork. (A New Zealand Owl.)

Songee: That is right. And it is the creature of night, the creature of the Moon. And as a creature of the Moon it flies not to Father, it flies to the Mother, do you understand?

So it is the moon is female.

Songee: That is right. For this creature from this land has not got a spirit-bird to fly to the Father, it has a spirit-bird to fly to the Mother.

So how does that make that different now?

Songee: It means that the Mother Energy is very powerful in this land. It is not by accident that Songee have come to this land you know. It is because the Mother Energy is very powerful here that this has come to pass.

Songee can I ask you, the Blackbird, the speckled bird that is often around me, what are, who are they or what...

Songee: You must ask that for yourself child.


I have but I can't hear them.

Songee: Oh then you are going to have to learn to be patient. Don't make assumptions and don't jump to conclusions. Wait, and you will be shown.

How often do we reincarnate

Could you tell me something about reincarnation, when is it decided that you've learnt enough lessons? You hear people say, Oh this is the last time...

Songee: One hundred and forty thousand lives.

What! (There is a lot of muttering in the background.)

Songee: A hundred and forty thousand lives.

It's a lot of lives isn't it.

Songee: Not really. Not when you begin way back at the beginning of earth time and perhaps before that on another planet. It is not so very long.


Songee: One hundred and forty thousand lives is only very small. Very quick.

What happens after that?

Songee: Well, (Songee claps the hands) then you don't have to come back unless Oneness says to you, 'You are going to volunteer now for this next life.' And then Oneness will volunteer you to come and do a life. And of course when you come to do this life you have be like the one that pretends on the moving pictures to have a life exactly like anybody else's, with all the ups and downs, and all the ins and outs and all the pains and everything else. So you have all these different things happening upon your life and you have to live them and pretend that you are living them with everybody else. You feel them, you experience them then all the time. You have it as part of your life, the difference is you know down in your Soul, you know.

However there are not many peoples of the Earth that are in this way of being. So don't imagine that you are this person at the moment because you are not. I tell you now you are not! You have come to live life, to learn your Karma, to learn your forgiveness. When you are like this you will not have anger inside of you. Not real anger. Not a violent anger that makes you bang things and crash things and swipe things away. Not anger that makes you stamping your feets. (There is whispering in the background.) That is right.

How is your earth time?

Two more things to do.

We have probably got about twenty minutes.

Meditation Another Life Time

Songee: Oh not long enough! Very well, we are going to do it very swiftly. Is please to have the Child of Music (Jeffree Clarkson). The first thing to do - Close your eyes, take deep breath inside and with this to listen to the soundings, and to go on a little journey, just a short journey, very short. And ask your people in Spirit to show you something from another life time that you have lived that will be helpful for you in this life time.

And when the music stops I want you to say thank you, finish what you are doing and take a deep breath, bring yourself back into your body and then you are going to have piece of your scribings and colours and make a drawing of it. That is what is going to happen.

Close your eyes, take deep breath.

I have this, (?) you sit on there and mind your manners. (Songee is talking to the dog she gave to someone to look after.)

Close your eyes, breathe. Make the soundings a little louder please.

The music plays Track one 'The Garden of Life' from the album "Simpilicy" by Jeffree Clarkson.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: Something from a previous life that you can find useful for this life...

(Everyone is sitting meditation. When the Music ends Songee speaks again.)

Songee: Now remember to finish what you are doing and take a deep breath inside of you and draw a picture of whatever you felt.

(Someone is crying and Songee is talking softly with this person.)

How do I draw feelings, I can't draw well. I need some pen and paper to draw on.

You hold the pen in your hand and put it on the paper.

(There is lots of muttering going on.)

Songee: You are going to have to learn to trust things. Hold onto that. Are you happy to do some drawing about how you felt, what you would like to have ahead of you in your life, the beautiful things, the happy things, the joyful things. Things where you are going to be happier with peoples mayhap. This is your drawing, nobody else is going to have it. You will be able to take it from this place to you place of living and have it for yourself to remind you of what you need to know for this life, that is going to help you in this life. Things that will help you.

(Everyone is drawing.)

Songee: You need to know that the talking of the life, before life, the learning about reincarnation is always a painful part of the Journey of the Soul to come to acknowledge. It brings up all things from inside your memories and releases them into the Light so they can be healed, you know. So never attempt to block them down or shut them away. Let them come up. Let them show themselves so the Light can bring healing to them, all the pain inside you. With the strength and the knowledge of your ancestors flowing in your veins and the power and strength of Jesus...

(There is an amazing sound of drawing happening with music playing in the background.)

(The Music was 'Dancing on a Still Pond' Track two from Jeffree's CD 'Simplicity'.)

Songee: You are not going to have earth time to discuss these beautiful drawings of yours, so you are going to need to write on the backs of them your emotions and your feelings, to talk to yourself about them. You don't have to share them with anybody, they are yours, they are sacrosanct. In the event that you would like to share them that is different, that is your decision, something that you are meant to do for yourself. However be assured you can keep them for your own self. Nobody else has to know what it means to you and what you and what it is saying the expression of. If you have not, make sure that one part of your picture holds an image, a symbol of your connection to Oneness. Ensure that whatever you put on your page that you have that symbol there to remind you of your connection to Oneness, that you are a Child of the Universe and are loved very dearly by the Oneness Energy. No matter what you have elected to do for this life, your life.

So little like that your Soul is a song that you listen to. Remember that no matter how bad the pain is for you that you are loved by Oneness. Use it as a

lifeline for yourself. Let it's Light shine on you and bring healing to your Soul.

Little Snake would you let us know how you are for earth time?

It's about over. Yeah about five minutes.

Songee: After this next song, this next soundings I want you to stop this musics. Let this one finish and then I want you to make it soft. Not switch it off altogether because you are going to need another soundings of this from the Child of Music. Let this play first.

(The Music playing was 'Springtime Harmony' Track three from Jeffree's CD 'Simplicity'.)

(Many of the people are still drawing.)

Songee: Time to complete your drawings. You can write on the back and if you haven't you can write on it later on.

Time to put everything away so it is tidy. You need to put all these things away because you are going to need lots of space. You know. Lots of room. Can you guess what for?

Dancing. Jumping.

Songee: Celebration of Life. Of this Life. And before you do this celebration of this life you are going to set yourselves free.

One last thing to do before we close your time together.

Meditation of Forgiving

Songee: So sitting up straight, with your backs straight, and your eyes closed and taking a deep Breath of Life, breathing deeply down inside of you, what is the thing of this life that most requires you to forgive it? The thing that comes immediately to mind. The first thing that comes into your mind. Breathe deeply down inside yourself, take a deep breath and get ready.

Hold this thing gently in your mind and ask the Beings of Light to gather around you and come close. Your Doorkeeper and your Guardian that are with you in your own special tomb, your own place of imprisonment where this thing need forgiveness. And as these Beings of Light present themselves to you like Angles from above, to wrap you round in Light and Warmth, to be with you and enfold you in their Love, as you say from your heart to whatever it is and whatever and whoever it was, thank you for all that you have taught I, thank you from my heart, from my Soul. I have learned much from the experience.

And as you do this, breathe deep inside of you and allow the Light of Oneness to come into you now to break down the prison bars around you, to burst them asunder and set you free. And do not be deeply concerned if you don't feel it right at this minute because you will feel it. It will come to you. You will find it. You have only to allow it to be.

I am going to go in a moment, and when I go, before I go I am going to get you dancing and as before I am going to dance with you and in part way I am going to leave you. You understand.

So as you're breathing now I am going to say unto you that at this time of your earth celebration, celebrate for yourselves, in three days to come, your resurrection from your prison. Celebrate it with love, with understanding and with grateful thanks to Oneness and to Jesus for showing the way. Showing you how to do it. And every time you come to this celebration it is a reminder to you to learn and practise how to do this thing and how to teach others to do this thing, to set themselves free.

And I am going to leave you now with the blessing of Jesus to be with you in your life, to guide you, to show you the Path to Light it for you so that your steps maybe forever light.


Now you are going to come together, you are going to need the last soundings of the Child of Music and everybody is going to join in including Little Snake. Are you not!

Yes Songee.

Songee: Everybody to join in. Lots of sounding.

(The Music playing was 'Life is Forever' Track ten from Jeffree's CD 'Simplicity'.)

Songee: Time to celebrate, everybody. Know this song? Do you know this song? Feel the energy building up around you. Everyone in Spirit is busy getting ready to dance as well to join and bring this Light into your Soul.

Breathe it in, this Light, breathe it into your Soul...

(Roberta-Margaret returns to find everyone dancing and laughing and joins in.)


1. Path of the Christos - One of Songee's 'chestnuts' teachings. When we work out where we are on the Path of the Christos we have clues as to where we are, how to move forward and what will come next. This Teaching is also mentioned in many other transcripts.
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