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The Pain of Easter
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Pain of Easter'
A Teaching from Songee 27th April 2000

Destiny Path
Relating to The Path of the Christos
Human-kind Interfering with the Law of Nature
Battles between the Heavens and the Earth
The Bear Stories
How to Make Choices!
Using the Examples of Courage
The Rim and the Hub
Becoming a Warrior
Channelled Healing
Roberta-Margaret Returns

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This night the Essential oil was Frankincense, Myrrh and Neroli, the incense frankincense.

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Destiny Paths

Songee: Greetings to you, I am here.

Thank you.


Songee: So where to begin do you suppose?

I have a question Songee. You probably know it anyway. I was wondering what, I believe what you could do to help our friend (Roberta-Margaret) who is very, is there anything we can do to assist her in this process she is going through?

Songee: There is nothing.

Great that is not very helpful.

Is she going to lose the house, no I don't feel that will happen?

Songee: I not answering it.

Something that I realised that Margaret has to go through this process, I was hoping there might be something that we could do to help besides giving her love and just being there.

Songee: That is all that is needed at this point.

That's very evasive.

Songee: No, it's not good to give information about things about life that are going to make for difference that will go against the Destiny Path.

All time you need to understand that there is battle between the forces of Light and Darkness. And those that do the fighting of this needs must be strong. And the best way for them to become strong is to do battle.

The last, I believe that you know, I might be making generalisations which I don't really want to do I realise that the battle is happening and all that sort of stuff but the last time that I was aware of that had occurred was when Margaret had her stomach (?).

Songee: That was a battle that occurred on the Spiritual Plane that effected the earth and at the time when the battle was ensuring there was great tempests of great magnitude felt all over the earth. You will remember it. And that instance was on the Spiritual Plane.

So we are talking about more of the physical plane or everything?

Songee: There has been battle on the Physical Plane, there has been battle on the Spiritual Plane, now there is battle on the Emotional and Mental Plane. And when this is completed then the Soul will have done the task it has come to do.

So will have Roberta...

Songee: That is right.

Does that mean that she is going to pass over?

Songee: Oh I not going to answer that! There is work for Songee to do on the Earth Planes, so the body is going to remain.

Oh that's fortunate. Is the Soul going to remain.

Songee: I not answering that. The Soul does not need to reside in the body even now it can leave at will. It is not bound to the body, as you are bound to your body.

Oh wow that is...

Songee: It's not been bound to the body for a very long time of your earth. Short time, in spirit because there is no time. So there is no bondage to the earth for that Soul anyway.

No that's true.

Songee: The ties were broken at birth and then were given a little journey of life, and then there was a change again and another journey of life and a change again and another journey of life, and we are now on the completion of the journey.

There is a preparing of the way that has been taking place for the whole of the life time, a preparing for what is to come and what is after this. It is not for you to conjecture about what is to come. You would be best to imagine that you are on a great adventure and you don't know what is quite around your next tree. All very exciting. Sometimes a little startling, sometimes disturbing and sometimes very exciting and sometimes Oh la la.

As long as there is a little Oh la la in there that's alright.

Songee: Oh there is always a bit of Oh la la. That is so. So this is what life is about, it is a great adventure. I have sayed this to you before. And that is all you have to know. And remember the Path of the Christos...

She is going through crucifixion.


Songee: It was given, it was already told and it was given so it was not a great surprise you know. Because the information had already been given so all that is happening is the fulfilment of the prophecy. Now, know the Organism1 has not made the prophecy and fulfilled it, the prophecy was given to the Organism. That is the difference. When people say to you that when you have things in your mind you will create them upon the earth, that's very true. That is your ability to do this thing, it is called manifestation. And you can manifest negative things as well as positive things can you not? So everybody says, 'Well when I have bad things in my mind I have to be careful because they just might happen to I.' That not so? 'So I will do I best not to have bad things in the mind.' And everybody who is learning say to others, 'When you say this thing you are making it come true by saying it.' You understand? That is different in this situation. The information was given to Organism, it was a prophecy. There is a different between the manifestation of your own, your own imaginings and a prophecy. The prophecy was that the crucifixion would take place at the time of the celebration on the earth of Jesus' crucifixion and So Mote It Be.

Well that just the way it is.

Songee: And it's not going to be any different. A prophecy is a prophecy and that is all there is to it.

So where does the prophecy actually originate, does it come from Oneness?

Songee: The prophecy was being given from Oneness through to the Spirit Energies of those that are part of this life cycle and the life cycle was given the information so that it would be prepared. That is how you will find that there will very swift movings from one thing to the next thing to the next thing. There will be no shilly shelling about in one place, digging up holes and putting self in it. Because that is not the teaching. That is not the way of it and that is not the nature of the Soul that inhabits the body of Organism. You understand?


Songee: So what you have is a living, walking, breathing example of what you have been taught to practise and an example of how you move forward swiftly through your difficulties no matter how they are, that you will just go no matter what your reasoning is, because your reasons will tell you lies. You all know this and Organism knows this and although there is reasoning you can't stop the reasoning because you are human-kinds. So the reasoning will be there, however the reasoning will go round and round and round and round and round and round. And you say, 'Oh I feel sick. Let me get off. I want to get off. I don' t like it any more. I feel sick, I need to leave it.' You know?

So the reasoning has to be acknowledged because you are living as part of the earth life are you not. So you have to acknowledge the reasoning on one level of awareness. To say, 'Oh well this is not right. This is not reasonable. Or this is right, and this is reasonable.' And then you have to put it to one side and say, 'However,' take deep breath inside, 'I give my life to You Oneness. It's all yours You show I what to do. I don't understand it, I don't ever pretend to understand it however You know everything so I give it to You.' And that is what is being done under your very eyes. That is the reason that there is swiftness of movement in actions and deed. Do you understand?

So you don't have the full picture, and you are not going to get it because this is learning for you also because you are connected, in love you are learning something from this. You will learn a great deal from the transpiring of events. Jesus sayed to you, 'Come follow I, I will show you the way.' He also sayed, 'I am the way, the Truth and the Light.'

Relating to The Path of the Christos

Now the Law of the Christos that applies in your life is just as true now as it was then. It is a Universal Truth. It does not change it is not going to go away. It is not going to be different. At the moment Organism is the Christ Power in example. You understand? Not the Christ you know - not saying this, Songee is not saying this at all so you don't make any mistakings about this.

There is the energy of the Christ Power at work within the structure of events that are taking place. And the structure of events require a crucifixion. And so the crucifixion is taking place to set an example of - This is the way to go, This is the way to follow, This is the way, This is the Truth, This is the Light.

Not the events, you know, not the events - the management of the events. The Courage, the Strength, the Power that is behind it will be the example and the adventure is not yet played out. You know. It is not yet played out.

Look at what has transpired in the last few of your earth days. What have you learnt from observation and knowing, what has it done inside you. What emotions have it made for inside you about yourself? What has it made you feel inside for yourself?

My problems aren't as bad as I imagined for me. I have been feeling extremely sorry for myself until I came here and found that out, so it took me away from my sorry state.

Songee: However your, your own imaginings our your own sad and sorry state are just as valid for you as they are for someone else their own things, of their own emotions. So don't discount them.

Look instead at how you might use the example of courage and strength in your own life, you know? Where do you go from here is the question you might ask, and the answer is, 'I don't know, I don't know where I am going to from here. Where ever it is, will be where I am meant to be.' is the answer. And although the process is painful it is essential for growth.

(There is talk in the background)

Songee: However don't forget the pain is not always your own, sometimes it is someone else's pain that will assist you to grow. When Jesus was nailed to the cross, what of Jesus pain? All the peoples that loved this one standing around watching and saying, 'This can't be happening. This can't be true. How can this be? How can we stop it happening? It's happening - what are we going to do?' There is nothing that you can do except to learn from example. Don't let the sacrifice be for nothing.

Now that lesson of truth is just as true when Jesus was on the cross as now when your friend, the Organism is on the cross. And when you are on your cross of a similar nature others will be around your feets saying the same things and learning the same lessons. And they will say, 'What do I do? How can I stop it? How is this happening? How can this be?' Do you understand?

So the truth of Jesus is just as true now as it was then. And it is happening right under your nose. You know. And that is to do with the emotional and the mental aspects of this situation.

The physical situation is another story. There is still a battle happening between Heaven and Earth. And because Organism is of Heaven and because Evil is of Earth - to the two are going to be in conflict and when the two are in conflict you have great battles and there is much fisty cuffs happening. So there is a war going on for the Soul. Now do you understand?

And the Power of Evil will use anything and everything it can, including you to destroy. Your best way of making sure that Heaven wins is to remain true to the Faith of Light, to the Faith of Oneness, and all that you have been taught about the Light and the Power of Oneness, and trust it. Know it will be fulfilled as it is meant to be fulfilled, you know. (Long silence)

For you of the Earth, your celebrations of the passing of Jesus happens once each of your earth years and you have your celebrations for such. You need to take to yourself all of the teaching of that celebration, not just part of it to suit yourself. Take all of it and apply it to your own life. You won't have your Gethsemane at the same time of the earth celebration, you will have your Gethsemane at another time of your earth life.

What is Gethsemane?

Songee: Gethsemane is the place where Jesus went to pray to Oneness, for strength and the courage to face what was to come.

Because He knew what was going to happen.

Songee: That is exactly right. And in the morning time when the soldiers came that was where he was taken from. However during that time all the peoples that were behind him all went to sleep, and that had transpired also in the life of Organism. At the time when it was the Gethsemane most of you did not know or were unaware and were you aware you were like everybody else, 'Oh that can't be true, that can't be real, that is just too much.' And so it's alright to go to sleep and sleep with easement. And so this is what happened. That is normal human behaviour. Very...

It's not good though.

Songee:...very usual behaviour. Not abnormal at all. So this transpired. And then the soldiers came and the trial occurred and then the crucifixion.

Now the time of this is always three. Now it can happen on different levels as I have sayed to you before. So you can have three minutes - or three seconds, three minutes, three hours, three days, three months, three years, three thousand years, three million years, three trillion years - it will always be three. Oneness is a little more compassionate and does not usually let you go for very long for earth time in this state of crucifixion to resurrection, you know. Usually this happens a lot swifter than three hundred years you know. Although your Soul evolvement can follow a Path of the Christos also and be in a karmic phase of crucifixion for a number of earth years that may span three hundred earth years. So that you will have mayhap three life times that encounters that section of the Path of the Christos. The truth is universal. It is 'A Truth' I give you. It is not going to change, not now not ever.

We actually live pretty privileged lives anyway like sometimes we feel a bit hard done but ultimately...

Songee: All life is a privilege. All life is sacred. When human-kinds wake up to this knowledge within their own being that they are sacred within their own being, then you will start to see some changes happening upon your world that will really count for something. You know.

So while this is happening to one that you have connection of love with, apply the truth to your own life. Apply the truth to other peoples in your life. See where you have stood at the bottom of the cross of others before. See where you have been on the cross yourself looking at all these powerless people beneath you, feeling the Heavens clouding over with darkness, with the wraith of Oneness coming to let everybody know of the wraith.

What was your Earth like at this celebration time in this place of living?

You mean the weather wise?

It was miserable.

(Lots of chat in answer to that question.)

Thunder and lightning all over the place.

Songee: That is the reason that has happened. When Organism is doing work for Oneness it effects the earth atmosphere, the earth weather. And the last time it happened you had the same thing only it happened over the whole planet. You want to know about it you can talk to someone about it.

I wondered if there was a connection there, because I knew it wouldn't be happening just for nothing all that stuff.

Songee: That is so. And remember when Jesus died there were two that died with him. In this place of living there were two innocence that died that night. Did you know that?


Songee: There were two young white birds...

Oh yes...

(Roberta-Margaret kept white fantail pigeons in her back garden.)

Songee: ...of peace and they died also for that night. Now do you understand?

When you start to see a little bit more you can see a bit more of the picture and there is so much more that you do not yet see. It is there and you are not seeing it, yet. You will see it. It will unfold in front of your eyes because nothing is being hidden, nothing is a secret from you, everything is there for you to bear witness to, to learn from, to use in your life to assist you in your process of growth and your connection to Oneness. To bring you closer to Oneness not for any other reason, not to take you from your place of worship or your belief or anything else of your life, only to bring you closer to it.

Organism is not Jesus, right!


Songee: That is a truth I give you. Organism is someone else, not Jesus. However you have the example, that is it. And the rest is going to remain a mystery, an adventure until it unfolds in front of you. And because you love you are involved and because you are involved you will feel and because you feel you will suffer in your own ways, big little whatever, you will feel something and that is part of your growth. Part of your coming back to Oneness.

Can I just ask about the storms again? Like...

Songee: Which ones?

The ones, the storm that happened over Easter.

Good Friday.

I know to me it lasted the whole time.

Songee: That's right.

It kept on raining especially out where I lived. It was full on.

Songee: That's right.

And so what, it is, was that Oneness angry about something because the Darkness was attempting to get to Roberta? Is that what it was?

Songee: That's right.

Because I felt it was kind of like a relief, there was a lot of pressure and tension in it attempting to release it all, or something...

Songee: Look to the story. You have it, you have it right under your own nose. Look to the story. When Jesus passed from the body and left the body behind, and all the suffering behind, at the time of the passing, just before the passing happened, the sky darkened, did it not?

That's right.

Songee: And they came upon the Earth great forks of lightning to strike the Earth all around. Great crashes of thunder sounding from the Heavens. You know.

And this was the Energy of the Heavens saying, 'The prophecy is being fulfilled as it is meant to be fulfilled.

Be afraid! Be afraid because I am here watching everything.

I know everything that is going on. I know what you have done, you who have sat in judgement, you know. I know. You who have been friends and loved without condition, I know all things.

I am here. I am with you. I am above you. I see everything. I know everything. And this is My Presence I am letting you know of My Presence - that there is a Light now leaving the World.'

The Light. Jesus represents the Light. Is that not so? The Light of the World.

And the Light of the World left and so there was darkness and tempests across the face of the Earth.

So when the Mental and Emotional being of Organism, the Light of the Earth left so came the Darkness to the land. And then was a time of entombment - a time when the Light was still not in the World, so anything was going to happen. The Light had left the World.

And then the Light Returns to the World. And when the Light returns to the World everything will change.

Doesn't mean you are not going to still have stop having storms, you are still going to have storms however this one was right at the same conjunction as your celebration. It was at the conjunction with the prophecy that was given that it would take place. So in this instance your storms were not happenstance. Do you understand? And the time before of which you speak Little Robin that was not happenstance either.

Remember the Prophecy was given that the Soul would go into the underground and fight the Demons of Darkness for the sake of the World. Remember? And that in the process of this that you Earth would see the manifestation of the battle all over the surface of itself. And if you want to make sure of this truth I give you all you have to do is to go back into the histories of your scribings and you will find they were in many, many reports of the disharmonies, the storms and tempests and all the other manner of things that struck the Earth in the time that Organism was fighting the Demons in the place that you call Hell. Fighting for the Earth, for the Planet, for the people on it, for the whole structure that is your Earth. There was great battles done, and the Soul was sent to perform this duty. And it was done also to save Souls, to save Souls on the Earth from the Power of Darkness. And as fanciful as it may sound to your ears you can - thank you that's very good - Chuck it out! Little One says. You can Chuck it out for yourself. You don't have to believe I about the manifestations of things. You can find out for your own self.

That's about three years ago eh? I had just joined the group then.

Songee: Five.

Five years ago! When she had the stomach thing. Have I been coming that long?


It feels like. Oh well it must have been another time then.

Songee: That was very big job to do.


Songee: There required of the physical to be a physical death for it to occur. And the physical death transpired. On your earth plane it was only a short moment, about one earth minute. In Eternity one earth minute is an eternity.

That's so amazing. There is so much more than meets the eye when you, even though all the spiritual knowledge and the experience I have had I still find myself viewing things in purely a physical way. And it's like there is so much more to it than that, people just aren't aware.

Songee: That is so, there is much, much more than people are aware upon.

Yeah. Like I'm always worries about how my life is perceived by others, than I sort of sometimes go back to oh my life only has value because people see me achieving in a conventional manner but actually it's got nothing to do with that.

Songee: That's right.

Nothing at all.

Songee: The agonies of the Christos were undergone so that others could pass the same way, you know, could go through that door. Is that not right?

Yep. So that they could follow the example that He had set and thus find that within themselves.

Songee: That's right. The Souls this is what is happening here, now. Wonderful is it not.

When you are looking at the big picture...

Songee: That's not the big picture that's only the bit that you can see from perhaps where you are standing at the entrance to something. You cannot yet see round the corner to what is the truth behind it, around the corner you can only see the shadows of some things.

Well yeah...

Songee: And yet for you even that looks like a big picture. And yet it is not. I am saying to you it is not. You have not yet been able to see around the corner. You are not being to be shown and you are not going to be shown, because to show you will to stop you from learning what you need to learn right now! So you have to live, you have to agonise and you have to worry - do all those things that human-kinds do, because it is part of the growth.

Now I'm not going to tell you that everything is going to be alright, because it isn't. And I'm not going to tell you that everything is going to go exactly as you would like it to go, because it isn't.

I knew that was coming next.

(Laughter and comments.)

(end of side one)

Songee: I was just saying that your life is already planned. You planned it before you came. Its only sometimes when the Soul goes back Home for a short moment and then returns that it can sometimes change what is up ahead to make a new plan. Each time that the Organism die from the life and return, the life takes on a new meaning and the life is then reorganised and planned accordingly as to what it needs to come next, you know.

And then when the Soul returns to the body and gets on with the living of the life and then Spirit says, 'Remember, you said that this was going to happen on this day and this was going to happen on this day, don't forget now.' 'Oh very well OK, that is alright.' say Organism. And there is the prophecy, it is already there. It's already been written.

Oh thanking you, mens in the white coats say you do this for your own self. You have a scribings down to put these things down, dairy, is that right? So this is what the peoples in Spirit the Doorkeeper and Guardian do. They come and they say, 'This is in your diary, this is what you are going to have happen, don't forget now.'

Only girls keep diaries.

When you write down things down each day as soon as they occur that's a diary.

Going to the doctor next week.

(More chat.)

Songee: Is there anything else you want to know?

Human-kind Interfering with the Law of Nature

I would like to ask about the animals and what they - I know animals are here so that we may learn from them as well but it just seems that so many animals like such hideous things happen to them. And I am wondering if it is a karmic thing or do they just sort of go, Oh of OK I had that happen. Is it Karma or anything like that?

Songee: No!

What about animals that are, it has always kind of intrigued me that I know it was only a movie but based on a true story, where these lions killed hundreds of people and you know I always see animals as good but sometimes animals do horrible things to each other and also to people as well. I kind of wonder what causes that, what brings that about?

Songee: It is the Law of Nature, always the Law of Nature you have to apply the truth of this. When human-kinds interfere with the Law of Nature then you will have disharmony, disruptions and you will have aberrations. Now when you look upon this and you ask yourself how is it that the creature suddenly wants to eat you, when before time it would not eat you. It is because somewhere human-kinds have interfered with the process of Nature. Mayhap human-kinds have pushed this creature off their place of living and they no longer have a place of living any longer. And mayhap these creatures reach a point where they say, 'No more.' And they fight back, you know.

There are peoples living in the path of the great Elephant.

Oh yes and they go on the rampage.

Songee: And they moan and get upset because Elephant walks across their pasture. What a dreadful thing. So Elephant has to be destroyed. Elephant gets cross so starts to make enemy of man-kind when before was not enemy of man-kind at all. Man-kind interfered with the Path of Nature. It is their own fault. Who suffers? Elephant. Because human-kind in its greed wants something that it has not a right to.

So how come animals sometimes you know you see on documentaries how they will attack and kill another animal and the male kind of almost rapes another, you know a female and it sort of, I mean you put your human emotions onto things but it still looks like a little, dramatic. So I kind of...

Songee: It is the Law of Nature.

Oh OK.

Songee: How does it be that the bird kills it chicks?

Well if they don't have enough food, they will do that.

Songee: Also too they will do it when they want to ensure that their parentage is pure with a new mate. Which is what happened here, however it happened because it needed to happen at that precise time. So you are looking at not a just happening of Nature you are looking at the timing of it. And it is not human-kinds that make that timing. It is Oneness that makes that timing, you know.


Songee: However the death blow was dealt by the parent bird.

The daddy?

Songee: That is right.

Oh, I believed it would have been the female.

Like the same thing the lion kills the cubs.

Songee: That's right.

When a new thing comes into the tribe and kills all the other ones, so his children will be alive after that.

Songee: That's right, that's right. It is the Law of Nature. You may not like it, you may not approve of it however it is the Law of Nature and must not be interfered with.

Cats do it too.

Is it kind of like the parents get a bit funny and they want to get rid of the old ones.


Songee: That's right. It is the Law of Nature. That is right. That is right. However human-kinds are here to learn lesson of how to rise above their animal instincts. Some do it better than others. Some never learn to love their children that are not their own. That is not what you are here to learn, you are here to love all children, no matter who's they are. No matter whether you like them very much or not. You don't have to like somebody to love them. Do you understand?


Songee: Some days you may not be very likeable at all. You might be very unlikeable. It won't stop those that love you from loving you even when you are unlikeable. Do you understand? How many parents have sayed of their own children never mind anybody else's children, 'I don't like you today. You are not a nice person. Go away I don't want you near I.' And it doesn't mean were someone to come and say to that parent, 'Oh you don't want that child I will take them away.' The parent will say, 'Don't you dare touch child, it's my child. I kill you first.' You know.

There was a child climbing on the car this morning, a little one, we were down the street and I was watching them and I said to B and another two young ones got on the car. You can't really go down and take off the car. The first thing they do, the parents do would be to tell us off for interfering.

If we touched them. They were jumping on the top of the car, they were only little people.

Little children.

If we had interfered they would have rushed out from their house and said leave my children alone.

We just left them jumping on the car.

Songee: Whose car were they jumping on?

I don't know.

Songee: This is the car, this is the chariots that you have?


Yes that's right.

Songee: So was it yours?


Songee: Oh that's alright then, let them do what they like. Not your responsibility.

That's what we thought.

Songee: Oh don't 'think'.

We had the feeling that we didn't want anything to happen to them.

Songee: That is so. However you can always go and say to the peoples in the house, 'Excuse I did you know that your child is jumping up and down all over the top of a chariot outside. Ah I don't feel it's awfully safe. However I will leave you to manage the situation. Farewell I am going now.' So when it is possible you can say, when it is not possible you don't bother and you let them have the responsibility. Don't interfere with the Law of Nature.

That's right. Same thing.

Battles between the Heavens and Earth

Songee: However human-kind interfere with the Law of Nature all the time. And as long as human-kind does this there is going to be battle between the Heavens and the Earth, between Light and Dark, good and evil and where ever there is a battle like that to be fought you will find the Souls of the Warriors of the Light battling, doing, facing the Power of Darkness, face to face, that's right Little Woof just like that. (One of the dogs quietly woofed.) Face to face and saying, 'No we are not going to do that, you have to make this body demise before you do it.'

This is it, this is the call of a Soul to the challenge, the challenge. The challenge has been made and it is being meet. The trumpet has sounded. The Heavens and the Earth are at war. The Angels have sounded their trumpets and called all the Souls that are needing to come to assist with the fight. All are being called now.

You have been given this, I told you this some moons past, did I not?

And Gabriel was going to sound the trumpet and call all the Souls of Light to the battle. And that Michael was going to lift his sword with another and fight the Powers of Darkness once more. And the battle will take place in the Heavens and on the Earth. And the manifestation of this willbe seen around and about you everywhere.

And while this is happening there is to be a resurrection and a new forthcoming and then there will be an ascension. That is not a secret, that is part of the picture that you are not yet seeing. It is not a secret because the Path of the Christos it is not a secret - there will be a resurrection, there will be a showing of the self to the people new born.

Remember - 'Don't touch I yet because I am newly risen.' You will find there will be a reference to this will be made and you will know then that the Organism has risen. You know it will be said the words of this will be said. That will be your - 'Ah Ha' I remember Songee saying this. And then there will be the showing where there will be the meeting and others will not recognise the presence, to beginning with, until after it is gone. 'Didn't I know that face? Didn't I know that person? I wonder where I saw that person before?' You know.

And then will come the ascension. You know? Where the Soul will return once more back to the Heavens and prepare itself for a rebirth - now do you understand? The process is going to take place. That is not going to change. That is going to take place. You will see it happening. How it is going to take place, what all the tiny details are that's the adventure, you know? That's the adventure.

So with your animals just make certain that you don't interfere with them. Let them follow the natural course of things even though you might not like it sometimes.

The Bear Stories

Speaking of animals, Songee could you please give me the book or the chapter headings for five, six, seven chapters? I have up to four, one to four.

Songee: Oh.

For the Bear stories, please.

Songee: I must remember now. For I this is all one big story you know. I already have the rest of it already, sayed however you have not yet heard it. So where are you up to?

I, I can't give you the information about what the content of five and six was because I haven't got in contact with them yet.

Songee: Oh.

Well that just the way it has been. Seven was about where he went and he meet the, he meet White Eagle and I can't tell you what five and six were about.

Songee: So mayhap you need to find out. Mayhap you need to get in touch with the feeling of the stories.

I'm getting close to getting them set up in layout form and I was wanting this information to put in so it was correct.

Songee: So when you actually take some of your earth moments and you read it and feel it and then I will give you title.

Oh OK.

Songee: Is that alright?

Oh its fair enough I suppose.

Songee: Don't you feel that's good? And then they can all have their own wordage, can they not? There is another part of the story to come yet you know. There is lots more.

I know but I have been asked to work up the ones that we have so far and I'm been working my way through Trust work to get to it and I'm just about there.

Songee: Read the stories!


Songee: It will give you a little insight.

How to Make Choices!

Songee I've got myself into a bit of a state over my job situation at the moment.

Songee: What have you done Little One?

Well I've got an offer, a job four days a week and I don't know if I want it and yet I offered myself to Oneness and I'm not sure if I'm meant to be there. So I'm having this spate of resistance of not wanting to be there and wanting to stay with Daisy. And, a lot of, I don't know funny things going on between the mother and I.

Songee: Then close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that in front of you are two doors. And as you look upon the doors study them well. What do they look like these doors?

They are brown. Ones got white gold on it and the other ones got the colour of silver a smoky look.

Songee: So are they open or closed?

Open partly.

Songee: So let them open up now. Let the one that has the light open up wider and look into the light. Go closer, closer, closer. What do you see through the door.

I see Daisy's kitchen.

Songee: There you hare you have your answer. Don't go any further with that.

Thank you Songee. I didn't want that other one. Thank you.

Songee: That is how you find out which door you have to walk through. There is only one door. You cannot walk through both of them. Sometimes everybody believes they have a 'choice' - nonsense! You don't have a choice at all. You made all the decisions before you came to this Earth you know. How many time have I got to tell you all this story? So your decision is already made, all you have to do is wake up to it.

I know, it just felt too good being with Daisy that I felt that maybe I had to leave.

Songee: The Light will always shine out of the door you are meant to walk through. All you have to do is to look at it, find it, walk up to it and have a peep through to see what is behind it. And when you see what is behind it you know that's the door you have to walk through. The door that is not so bright, that its light is not shining so well. It looks like ordinary light, it's not got Oneness Light behind it. That is not the door that you go through because it is an illusion sent to confound you by the Powers of Darkness.


Oh. Yes it certainly did.

Songee: And this is part of what is happening, the Powers of Darkness are sending many energies about now. The Powers of Darkness are on the rise. The Powers of Light have got to step back for a little while and gather their strength, to gather their courage, their power and then every now and again to jump out of hiding and kick something in the soft place and then run away and hide again. And kick out and say, 'Ah ha. I won that one.'

A bit like the message I have always got, trust your heart and my heart was telling me about Daisy and I wasn't listening, once again to my heart.

Songee: Songee is not responsible for that.


It is so easy to do though isn't it. You force yourself into things that you feel like obligated to do, they make sense and stuff like OK I will do that, even though part of you not taking action on it because you don't want to do it. That's what I'm doing at the moment.

Songee: Ah.

Or is that just being lazy oh I don't know.

Songee: Little Snake, would you be able to put the soundings on about Beauty?

I'm going to need a few more clues please.

Songee: Oh. The soundings of the Peoples of the Earth.

The Weaving or Fire Prayer?

Songee: The one about the fire, not about the weavings. It is about the fire and it is about beauty. This is a lesson however you can have fun with a lesson while you are learning it.

Path of Beauty?

Songee: That's the one. Now when you dance to this, listen to the words. Sing them in yourself inside of you, sing them out loud to yourself. And listen to them. Close your eyes and listen carefully to the words and dance with them and learn, because this is the answer to your question that you just asked now.

(One of the dogs barked.)

Songee: Oh Little Wolves don't get so cross with each other. Sit.

(The Music "The Path of Beauty" Track thirteen begins to play.)
Music from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: Does that answer your question?

Ah what I feel it means is that it doesn't matter what you do, is what you are meant to be doing at that time it doesn't really matter what it sort of maybe perceived of by others and you simply need to, there are just some things that you need to do.

Songee: You do them because you are following the Path of Beauty, the Path of Light. Not because you are following the path of judgement and duty. You don't follow the path of duty.

If something has no light for me in it then that is answer enough isn't it really.

Songee: That is right.

My mind say, Oh that is a good way to earn money, and you need to save and you need to do this. Yeah.

Songee: That is when you need to go back and discover which the door that is true and which is the door that is illusion. The door of illusion is the one that comes to you from your mind.

Well I am still waiting for the other door. Nothing's come yet so I am just waiting.

Songee: That is right.

Ah I trust that it will appear.

Songee: Remember that there are times on the Path of the Christos when waiting is needing to take place just as the waiting in the Tomb.

Yeah that's what I felt as well. And that's what the Runes2 kept telling me as well. That this is the time...

Songee: So believe it!

Yes, yep, yep.

Songee: Believe it. It's when you fight it that you will have difficulties.

I will be the postal(?) girl...

No thanks.

Songee: Don't fight it or always you will have problems with it. 'I don't want to do it, I don't want to do it, I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it now, not ever, not at all. I am going to fight it, I am not going to do it.'

However when you say, 'I will give it up, I will do it, I will do whatever I must do, however I will fight injustice, I will fight the Powers of Darkness.' There is a difference. This is part of the lesson that you are living with this example of Organism. There is a fight going on of Justice and Right that is taking place. You know?


Songee: There needs to be the fight going on however the fight is not fighting against what is to be, the fight is against injustice and the wrongness and the evil, not against what is to be. Because already it has been spoken whatever to be will be.

My will to Thy will, My life is yours to will it as you will.

The words have been spoken, they were spoken a long time past, many moons past, have been repeated many times. That truth has not changed. It has not gone anywhere. So all you have to do is take the example and use it in your own life, do it yourself.

Using the Example of the Courage

People that come into your life don't come into your life by accident. They come to teach you something. Somebody who lives a life and by the very living of their life it demonstrating an tremendous courage in order to face the iniquities of their life. Mayhap they have been born with no arms or legs. Mayhap they have been born with no voice, no eyes to see, no ears to hear. And the way they have managed to live their life with courage, with fortitude, they are a living, breathing, walking example of what you must do in your life. They are not there in your life by accident. They did not elect from Spirit or choose that life just for the fun of it. It is not fun to have life with no ears to hear or eyes to see or mouth to speak. The Soul is trapped and has to live the life in this manner.

What purpose had this Soul come for, apart from their own Karma and anything else they come to do? They come to be a living, walking, breathing example to you of what you need to be for yourself in your life. You take onto yourself some of that person's courage, use it in your own life. Every time you find yourself digging your hole as you have just said Little One and you imagine that your difficulties of life are so great, imagine living this life in this other way that this other Soul has come to live. And say to yourself, 'Well my life seems to be pretty terrible at the moment however that person has got so much courage I'm going to copy them.' Not to discount your life and your happenings of your life just to take the example of the courage of that other one into your being and live it for yourself.

That is the way of Light, that is the way of Jesus, that is the way to follow,

'I am the Truth and the Light.'

Is that not so?

And all Souls that come from Oneness that are born of the Light come to demonstrate a Truth.

YOU demonstrate the Truth to somebody else. You will demonstrate something that somebody else needs to have in their life. Generosity of spirit. Your generosity of spirit is an example that other peoples can take to themselves and learn to make it part of their lives also. Do you understand? Everybody has a gift to give to somebody else. That is how it works.

I feel I am going, a bit, I don't know, of a failure really cos I let myself down. I am aware of that but it also enlightened me about my character heaps.

Songee: As long as you keep seeing yourself in that light you will continue to feel the way you do. It is time for you to start to look at the examples around you and take them to yourself. That is the Teach I am giving you this night.

I figured that.

Songee: Take the courage of Oneness into yourself that is being shown through those around you. Take Organism courage for yourself. It is being demonstrated for you. Copy it, take it into your life.

I just don't feel worthy of it, that's all.

Songee: Oh then you are going to have to do some very big workings on accepting. You are the only one that can do the copying, nobody can do it for you. Is that not so?


Songee: And either you are going to get off your behind-self and do it or you are going to wallow around in the bottom of your pit and everybody is going to move off and you are going to be there behind everybody, saying, 'Where has everybody gone to?'

(Laughter and comments.)

Songee: Somebody will come back and look down the hole and say to you, 'What are you doing down there? We have all gone up there. You are a bit slow, come on hurry up, get out.' You can do it as much as you like...

It will not get you anywhere.

Songee: You will not move you forward, all it will do is dig your hole a bit deeper so that you, the deeper you go now, the more wet and sloppy down the bottom it's going to be and your feets will get stuck in the mud, you won't be able to lift them up, they will be get heavy. And you will say, 'Oh How am I going to get out, Everything is, I am sinking into the ground.' What a waste of energy. What a useless pastime that is.

(Laughter because everyone recognised themselves in this story.)

Songee: Look around you. Look at the examples of courage, of light, of joy, of sacrifice - selfless sacrifice, not sacrifice of the martyr, that is not what I am speaking of. Sacrifice that is selfless, that is given with love.

Can I ask what the different is, I know what a martyr is, can you please explain it to me?

Songee: A Martyr is a Soul that gives themselves to a cause of some description, is that not so. Very often given to the cause of a belief or a faith, you understand. However they don't always do it with love. Sometimes they do it to be aggrandised, to make glorious themself. It is a little - ah I have no word for this...

It's really about, it's about the ego isn't it.

Songee: That's right, that is it.

It's about the ego saying, 'Hey' or the person saying, 'Hey I'm great. I can do this, and this is happening, we are plotting for this, we are going for this.' And etcetera, etcetera.

When you are selfless you are simple doing, not expecting anything.

Songee: You do it. You don't look to get the trumpets blown or any fanfares of anything happening. You just do it. It doesn't mean the trumpets won't blow, doesn't meant the fanfares won't happen, you just do it. You do it because you must not because you have to, not out of duty, you do it because you must. It is the way of the Light, it is the way of the Warrior.

Again example, Organism is fighting the Powers of Darkness because Organism must fight the Powers of Darkness knowing that the fight is already lost, knowing the fight is already lost however the fight must go on. Not for Organism. Because the fighting is going to bring up in the breasts of all the people involved that are agents for Darkness their inequities, to face them in their times of sleep. And when they attempt to go to sleep they will find their sleep disturbed by their conscious telling them. They will not be able to get Organism out of their minds and what has transpired out of their minds. They will attempt to make reasonings for their actions for the reasons they did these things, and didn't do these things, and it is not going to work. They will be haunted until their Souls acknowledge the wrongness of what they have done. It doesn't mean that Organism is going to win on the earth plane however...

(end of side two)

Songee: ...this funny sound. Then we are ready to go. What were you going to say?

It's like another re-enactment of the Path of the Christos as well isn't it?

Songee: That's right.

I mean it's the whole picture, or part of it.

Songee: It's all part of it.

So look at things now with a different eye, with a different heart and you will find so much more there.

(Long silence.)

Songee: Do you understand?

I know I am keep going back for you to the Organism however you asked the question and I have given you the answer. And the hub of the wheel is Organism, is the crucifixion that is taking place, you know. That is the hub of the wheel and the wheel turns.

You have among you, you have cards of telling do you not?

The Wheel of Fortune.

Songee: And you have in those cards of telling you have a wheel do you not, and also you have a man that is hanged do you not?

Oh the Hanged Man upside down, he looks really quite (?Kosher).

Songee: However he is also on the wheel and he turns and turns and turns. Although you have the separate cards of reading with different meanings and different portents, they are indeed all one. The Wheel of Fortune is the Sun, it is the World, it is everything to do with it, you know. And the person on the journey travels the journey.

The Fool?

Songee: Of the cards of portent, he travels along on the journey. And at each point transforms from being the innocence at the beginning to being one or the other of the different characters that are part of this Wheel of Fortune that turns. So all the characters are on the wheel, The Wheel of Fortune, The Wheel of Life, Cosmic Wheel, you know. You are all on it.

Sometimes you are The Fool, sometimes you are The Magician, sometimes you are The (?Hero), sometimes you are The Priestess, sometimes you are The Mother, sometimes you are The Warrior, sometimes you are The Child of Light, sometimes you have to step between two worlds, sometimes you have to have a little death, sometimes you have to sit in Judgement of yourself or have Heaven sit in Judgement upon you. And the wheel turns, all time the wheel turns.

I have not looked at it like that before.

Songee: Don't forget on the Wheel also is the, is the Wise One on the wheel. And then you come to the fulfilment of all things which is The World. The representation of Oneness coming full cycle back to Oneness.

The Rim and the Hub

Songee: When you look at a wheel what do you have in the centre?

It's still.

No is it a hub...

Songee: That's right.'s the part that goes on the cart.

Then the spokes.

Songee: And then you have the bits that come out.


Songee: The spokes. And then you go further out and look at this wheel again and you see the rim of it.

And the curve and the tyre.

Songee: Is that on your chariots?

Oh the chariots doesn't have.... (Hard to hear this)

Songee: They have the outside, you have this spokes and you have the bit in the middle on which everything turns. When you are standing right out there and you look at this you can see the whole wheel. You can see the hub, you can see the spokes, you can see the rim around which everything runs. Or around which it runs. Which is it?

Is it anti clockwise?

Songee: It doesn't matter.

It goes around.

Songee: It goes around. So, does the wheel travel around on the rim, or does the rim travel around...

It's both, it's both, each supports the other.

Or couldn't one go one way and the go the other way?

No it would fall apart.

It's easy to say the world spins on the hub doesn't it like the axle, so it's the centre...

It's a bit like the chicken and the egg I'm feeling, which came first.

Songee: The rim turns around the hub and the spokes are the connections between to rim and the hub. The hub is Oneness, you are the rim. So you are the like the Universe, you are the satellites that turn around the outside of Oneness.

What are the spokes again sorry?

Songee: The connections between you and Oneness. So you are all the rim. The rim turns.

It's phenomenal isn't it!

Songee: The rim turns, not the wheel turning on the rim.

So how does that relate for example when you look at it from a chariot point of view that comes in contact with the earth? Where the rim comes in contact with the earth? That relationship.

Songee: When Heaven comes in contact with the Earth then you will have great stirrings up of dust beneath the rim because the Beings of Light will come to the Earth and will return, come to the Earth and return. They go up the spoke, come back down the spoke and so it is like this the whole way. So there is always Beings of Light on the rim turning, you know? The rim turns.

So what's the, OK we are talking about the hub and the spokes of connection, so what's that part that's, not the rim unless I'm wrong, because I was looking at the rim being that steel part, or am I wrong in making that...

There is a wood bit and there is the rim bit, is that wood bit where the Being of Light is between...

It's all kind of classified as one thing, you know the outside part like they got the wood and then they have the steel rim that goes around that's kind all the same thing, that's the rim.

Songee: That is the rim.


What about other people though? I mean is that everyone on Earth?

Songee: I was talking to you about the Beings of Light following their path on the journey through the Cards of Portent.


Songee: Remember?

Yes. Were you referring to us specifically?

Songee: I am talking about all those that are following the Path of Light and want to follow the Path of Light, they are on the rim. The rim turns. Not one of you is the rim you are all the rim.

No I definitely didn't feel it was one person.

Songee: And as such you are all important to the integrity of the wheel. Now do you understand this more? You are all important to the integrity of the wheel.

When you go up close, when you look from a distance you see the wheel, when you go up close you go closer and closer and closer and go up so close that you can see between the different molecules of the rim. You see the spaces between them. It doesn't mean that when you go back out away that the rim is not there, it is. It will still look exactly the same. It will still look as perhaps as solid as it did before and yet when you go very, very close you will be able to see all the spaces, all the gaps you know?

Yep. The gaps are waiting to be filled.

Songee: And each of the molecules are you.

I am a molecule.

Songee: Exactly. This, what do you see?

A crystal, it looks solid but it's actually made up of moving particles.

Songee: That's right. It is, to you in this dimension it is like this...


Songee: When you get into it very closely and you move into it and find the spaces inside you will see wherein lie all the different intelligences that have come together to make this what it is and the manner in which it is. You understand? And that is what you are like. You are like all the little molecules and you make a solid thing like this in another dimension, and when those beings look at you close up they can see you in your individual forms, when they step back from you what they see. Do you understand?

So are you talking about other people viewing us in another dimension?

Songee: I am.


Songee: Other peoples in another dimension when they view you will see this, (crystal) yet when they look closer and look into it, instead of seeing this, this will disappear and what they will see is individual living things with spaces around them, you know. Those spaces are your aura, your Light, you energy and then when the being from the other dimension steps right back again lo you have all disappeared and all that is left is this to pick up in the hand of the being. Oneness is the hand. Do you understand?

Oh. Yes.

The hand that holds up the hub.

It is the hub.

Songee: The Being that holds all things is Oneness. And that is as close as you are going to get to understanding infinity.


Songee: Any more than that and your minds will go pfff.

My parents were always telling me to be sensible and not to be away with the fairies...

Songee: This is not fairy work.

I know! It's not.

Songee: And you have evidence of it in your own life, the mens in the white coats have proven this to you. And because it is a proof of Truth, remember what I say to you, when it is 'A' Truth it will stand the test of time. You can imply it to anything in your life, past, present and time to come, and it will not change. So you apply the same Teach that I have just given you and apply it in your life and you will find it will hold true. When you look at this thing and you look at it very closely it looks to be all one piece does it not.

But it's not, nothing is.

Songee: It is not, it has got holes in it, spaces. And the threads are formed around the spaces. The threads are formed around the spaces and make a pattern for you. Look you have a pattern and you are part of Oneness pattern, you are part of Oneness Weaving.

That's very beautiful.

Songee: You know. All of you.

Now what is your earth time?

Quarter to ten.

Songee: Have you asked all your questions.

I've got one more. One of my partners she's having great difficulties having children, I know it's part of the Karma. I was just wondering if I could provide assistance for she might come to me for mayhap...

Songee: You cannot interfere with the Law of Nature. You cannot interfere with the Law of Nature. You cannot interfere with the Law of Destiny or Karma. All you can do it to be empathic and love and give whatever assistance you are able to give that is part of the process of the life. And in the event they are meant to have this thing happen upon their life it will happen for them. Learn the lessons that are under your nose. Back to Organism again.

Becoming a Warrior

Can I quickly ask, You said about the trumpet, the calling, calling...

Songee: Gabriel?

Yes. Do, how do you, does there come a time when it's like well OK you are ready to fight or do you fight without even knowing you are fighting, or does it come. Do you need to be truly willing to fight, like you give yourself wholly so therefore you are ready or...

Songee: The process is that you start to become aware that you have got a task. And as you become aware so you get given little battles and little skirmishes to prove yourself. Until you get together in the great battle and when you come into the great battle you join with all the others that are part of the great battle. And those that are the Generals will lead the charge you won't lead the charge. Organism is a General. So it is Organism and others that will lead the charge.


Songee: So you don't have to be afeared about anything. You'll not be given anything that is beyond your capabilities or your present level of learning.


Songee: So in the event that you have already learnt so much mayhap you have to go to the back. Sometimes you may have to be in the middle or the side or so on and so forth. You don't have to decide where you are going to be, you will just be there. That is what will happen.

Channelled Healing

So would you like to do some weaving of your own?


Songee: So mayhap you need to make for yourself your seatings and come and get ready for your own weavings. And practise the Healing Energies that are channelled.

What music would you like?

Songee: The Weaving!

From the beginning?

Songee: Oh most certainly. I will remain here.

Are we doing channelled healing?

Songee: I would hope so. Are you going to stand and sit for channelling? Take turns at it and be beautiful and kind and move the Path of Beauty with each other. Now is time is it not?


(Everyone is getting ready)

Are we going to (?) tonight?

I'm thinking that is a good idea.


Oh! I was considering what a good idea.

Songee: It might be a good idea to break you two up.

(Everyone agrees. The couple are already considering an argument.)

Last time I did Healing, I channelled the healing, is that right?

It doesn't matter.

Songee: Doesn't matter.

Oh OK.

You still get it through.

Songee: You are going to take turns. So you are going to do a bit, receive a bit, so on and so forth.

Are you going to come and join in?

I don't mind whatever.

We usually...


Oh no here we go.

Songee: This little one is not wanting to stay, now look it's got the body to run away.

(Laughter as the Music begins to play.)

(Music for Chhaled Healing was the first three tracks of Denean's album "The Weaving".)
Music from 'The Weaving' by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: Ready to dance. Lots of dancing. Mayhap you move this behind away. If I have to come and make for this soundings to do something, and then come and make with the sounds.

Oh it's ready. Breathe. And remember what I just said to you and taught you about the weaving. Let Oneness weave the threads to make the picture. And you are part of the picture. This is soundings it's all part of the weaving of the threads of life.

Joys, (?) laughter, children, flowing, soaring, coming together, blending, sharing, companionship, physical love, ecstasy... ...soaring part of the tapestry of life...

(Songee continues to speak but the music is so loud it cannot be heard.

Songee: Slowly it soars and joins with all the other Souls to start the tapestry...

(After three tracks of music people began to return from the Channelled Healing.)

(end of side three - On the mp3 a few tracks of music have been cut.)

Songee: So it is time for I to leave you now, now that you have been making the weavings together, the weavings of love.

So I am going to go and leave you with the Power of Light and the understanding to let you listen now to the soundings and sing and dance with joy and celebration.

May all of this be with you in your life and remember to learn the lessons of other peoples that are there to show you the way.


Thank you Songee.

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

(The Music continues with 'Walking, Gently Walking' Track eight from the album "The Weaving" by Denean.)
Music from 'The Weaving' by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

(White Eagle comes to overshadow Roberta-Margaret to set the energies to a more normal level.)

Roberta-Margaret Returns

(When Roberta-Margaret returns she is given Elroy, her little Maltese to hold as he grounds her and energises her and helps her to return back into her body.)

Where did you go?

Roberta-Margaret: It's a mixture. I need this.

Ok Where have you been?

Roberta-Margaret: Demons, yeah they have been showing me a few Demons and have been showing me where they are and where they are active and where they are poking their fingers in their little pies. . Lovely childrens, we were looking at lots of things he (the dog) and I. Weren't we. You are my speacial boy. It was quite interesting where they are doing the stirring. We were in another dimension dealing with them.

The lipstick tastes nice with this one. (Elroy is licking and licking her.) He is just so pleased to have his Mummy back. Mummy has been gone a long while. Well yeah there's places where these Demons were actually stirring shit and I had to go and holt and countermand what they had been doing. Sorry...

You don't tell us the place?

Roberta-Margaret: East Timor is one, Europe, Japan, India. The Zimbabwe thing of course. I say of course because we had already been there and taken all the people over that were to go over but we had to go and sort out these Demons. It was demon work tonight quite interesting really. So basically there were a lots of trouble spots. They could have a bit of an upheaval round where we have been sort of stirred it up a bit. They were a bit cross.

You are?

Roberta-Margaret: You are beautiful. No they were. A little bit cross. Ireland.

What's happening in Ireland?

Roberta-Margaret: Oh well these Demons (?)... Oh and of course the States, always in the States always there. And South America.

Collie-wobbys, how did you get off?

I dropped him off.

Roberta-Margaret: Then I got taken to have a little rest and then and then I got, haven't had a lot of rest lately, I got taken to, I got taken back to Oneness and I don't who gave who a great big talking to, but somebody gave somebody a great big talking to.

(Lots of laughter)

Roberta-Margaret: A bit of both. A bit of both went on. So there was a lot happening. We did all that stuff then all that stuff. Its all mixed up. Muddled up. Its muddled up in my memory. It makes more sense when I am doing it.

(Now its Colin's turn for cuddles. He had been on guard most of the night.)

Roberta-Margaret: How could I ever part with you. You are my salvation you and that dog down there.

(Colin was the cutest little Maltese dog, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, and a bundle of trouble. Now he's playing with his froggy.)

Anything else you...

Roberta-Margaret: Oh there is a few guns going off all around the place. Yeah rifles being fired. Oh in not Turkey, Instanbol around there somewhere, Sypris I don't know around somewhere over that way there is going to be some gun fire. Where is that? I don't know my geography is terrible. Hopeless. You know what that is about.

(There was a discusion about the area.)

Roberta-Margaret: Something is going to go down that way with riots and guns and machine guns, not machine guns, firarms and stuff. Something is going to go down over there. That, I remeber cos we had to take a few people like students, young people killed. Yeah anyway, sorry I am a bit vague.

Oh well at least you had a good talk to, one of the two had a big talk to.

Roberta-Margaret: Bit of both. You have to be able to tell the boss what's what now and again don't you.

Rather you than me.

Roberta-Margaret: When you been around as long as I have, you got every right to have a word.

Roberta-Margaret's comments about her spiritual journey has been included because the content of Songee's Teaching reflects Roberta-Margaret's activities during the meeting.

When Roberta-Margaret returns from her full trance state she often likens how she feels to a dream where when we awaken the dream slips away from us, there are bits and pieces, then it is all gone.


1. Organism - This is the name Songee always used for Roberta-Margaret.
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2. Runes - Reading of The Rune Stones to help with daily life.
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Essential Oils - Frankincense, Myrrh and Neroli - Songee used these three oils at Christmas, Easter and for other important occasions. The Neroli represents Gold (we could suppose the vibrational energy of both is similar.)

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