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Partners of Life
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Partners of Life'
A Teaching from Songee 15th June 2000

Roberta-Margaret introduction
The Crystal Light of Love
Responsible job
The Breath
The partner of life
What kind of Parents
A troubled child
The Grandson's karma
Helping The Second Well Trust
The Power inside us
The Poem
The Party for Roberta-Margaret
Songee The Oracle of Delphi
The different Civilisations of the Earth
Songee here to teach the lesson of Karma
The Breath of Life is the Sun

There were 20 people present at our Pt Chevalier venue in Auckland. The introduction music was Songbird by Jeff Clarkson. The Aromas Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

We began by everyone introducing themselves. Roberta-Margaret encouraged the new people to share their personal spiritual experiences, which they did.

Roberta-Margaret introduction

Roberta-Margaret: Its very informal here as you probably gathered and what will happen in a moment is that I will hand over to the Energy that will come and talk with you. Tell you about Her in a minute. I'll play, put some music on so I can focus and I go away to the music. I don't need the music to focus to go away however I enjoy it, get a lot of pleasure out of it and I can sit and relax. Sometimes people get up and dance if they want. Um...

My awareness is not in this room when I am channelling. It goes completely out of this room. And the Energy that takes over just borrows me, my body for while to come and talk to you. It is Songee. And She tells us that She is the Energy of our Earth Mother, that She is the Holy Breath, that She is not a spirit being, She has never had a life on Earth She has never - so on and so forth.

And as such we record all the evenings, so if there is anything of the evening that you can't remember that you want to know what's happened you are more than welcome to ...

Hello, you made it! Good on you. Grab a couple of chairs. (More guests had arrived, then a general shuffle and talk while extra people are fitted into the existing large circle.)

Now you can ask Songee any questions you like, you can ask Her any questions you like. Any that is on your mind or whatever and um what happens after I'm gone is between you and Her. It's not between you and I. So...

So have you got any questions you would like to ask me, before I go away? Nothing OK. You need to know that anything that happens here I have absolutely no memory of so if you need to talk to me about it all you will get from me is a very interested - Is that so. Because I have no idea what's been going on. You need to tell me when I come back what's happened because I don't know. And if you want to discuss anything that has occurred please feel to talk to Christene of D or whoever or A or any of the other people that have been coming on a regular basis - to tell what happened here, OK.

Oh don't start. (Colin1 has said a quiet Woof.) He usually starts woofing when the spirit people start arriving. We christened him the Spirit Dog (Colin) and we christened him Elroy the Earth Dog because I like to hold him when I come back. He grounds me. It's in that bag down there if you wouldn't mind D.

What do you want?

Roberta-Margaret: The lead.

Songee actually works with him, this dog. She uses him to channel healing energies. But because he's been so naughty lately he has been left at home. And he needs to be re-educated so he can come back to work.

Roberta-Margaret: Thank you. Elroy is very good he just sits there quietly and goes to sleep. Very often he comes with me on my journeys when I am out on my journeys. he is often with me. Every now and again he sort of disappears, you know, which means he has woken up and he is back here. But very often he is actually with me, stays with his Mummy.

Alright well we will push on. Oh um No 12 Fire Prayer. We are going to read out a poem that Songee or someone gave us a while back. We read it out every time we have our meetings, it is very beautiful. It reminds us about how our mind gets in the way of the things that we want to do in our personal growth. It lies to us, and what to look for - 'The Crystal Light of Love' inside us. And the words are called The Crystal Light of Love. And at the end of the evening there is a little after bit that got given to us called 'Remember the Crystal Light' - so that gets read afterwards.

Sometimes if we are not totally blown away.

You going to take your shoes off?

Roberta-Margaret: Good on you J, yep that's good. Songee doesn't like my shoes, She doesn't like my glasses. So I take them off so I can find them later.

Ok arms and legs uncrossed please. If you would like to close your eyes because we can all hear so much better with our eyes closed.

The Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The music plays - titled 'Spiral to the Centre of the Earth'.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.


Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

(Everyone greeted Songee.)

Songee: So what have you for I this night? Moment please, Organism is not very balanced.

No she's not she has been quite sick actually.

Songee: So mayhap we are going to do some balancing go through this meeting of you. Is that right? So, what would you like to ask? We need some little soundings you know. Not too much.

What is this? (Songee has noticed Roberta-Margaret cardigan and takes it off.)

Ah ha ha We were wondering if you would keep it on.

Songee: What is this little bit, little bit too much you know. So that's better is it not? There. It is not cold you know.

Oh thank you, beautiful. Child of the Universe this is you know. Thank you most beautiful child. This has to have to have some water for it to drink. (Someone has presented Songee with a flower.)

There is medicine in that in case...

Songee: Oh that's alright, the plant will not mind the medicine. That's right, there you are. The plant won't mind the medicine. And Organism won't mind the rose. That's right.

So... You hiding? You are looking very sad. Oh.

S tissues. (And she takes the tissues)

Songee: Oh dear. Things are not so good. What is happening? Oh there are things going on inside here? Never mind. Keep these because that is alright. All you need to know is that it is not going to be as difficult as you imagine, you understand? You are going to be able to do without a great struggle. Imagine that at the moment you are going to have a great struggle. That is not so. Put that to one side. Have faith in yourself. You know? Is that not right.

So what would you like to ask I this night? Anything at all.

(There is lots of laughter as Songee seems to be looking about intently to see what she can find. Everyone hopes to avoid being picked out.)

Songee: Oh! Mayhap I will go and have a rest.

Ok right then I will ask. I was waiting for other people, but no. I will go next then.

Songee: What would you like to know?

Responsible Job

Well I would like to ask about my job search, of course because I remember last time a while ago I was having a bit of a tantrum and you said how I was too proud, um. I understand how I was feeling at that time and definitely don't feel that way now and um I would like to pursue something that was sort of, um not sort of bitsy kind of, unprofessional jobs anymore. I would like to take on some responsibility. And have something a bit more serious.

Songee: Very good. You're growing up.

That's ok because I felt that like I don't want to seem too proud or something. I don't feel like I am being proud at all.

Songee: No. You are now coming to the part of your life where you are beginning to realise that you got to have a foundation in your life. You cannot be all time going nilly willy everywhere, you know?

No I don't want to do that anymore.

Songee: There has to be like this, a firm base for thing, is that not so? You know the great, great ancients from before did not build their great pyramids on a shaky foundation. They building them on a very solid foundation and this is what you have to do. So find for yourself what is to be your firm foundation.

MMMM Is it...

Songee: You are looking in the right direction.

Oh yeah, thank you very much. All I needed to know.

Songee: Good. So keep working with that principle that you have now begun and the rest of it will begin to take shape as you move along.

Yes hopefully not too slowly because...

Songee: You will be able to feel as you go you know?


Songee: Don't be in too big a hurry. Not about this workings that about the other thing.

Oh. Oh right. Yeah...

Songee: I know! I know. So you have to be slowly with this.


Songee: Don't rush. Find yourself first. You are just now finding yourself, keep with this process of finding yourself and then you will have so much more to give, when the time comes. You know?

Yeap. Thank you.

The Breath

Songee: You are much more well now than before time, are you not? (Songee is speaking to one of the young children in the group.) Is your head all better now? That is good. This little one have very sore head last time she and I meet, is that not so? You get tired then you have to make for it like this. Like the little ones and get yourself down on the floor.

That is true for anybody. You tired, you want to go on the dream spirals then please go on the dream spirals. Your Soul will still hear the voice of Songee, will still take in the teach and the energies of Light that are all around you. That will not change just because your body needs to rest. Songee knows that you have all been very busy with your earth lives and that this coming to meet at this time, is something that you do out of your hearts. Sometimes it is out of curiosity, you know, like the pussy cat is very curious about things. And this is what you do, you get very curious and come to visit with Songee, or somebody else, however you have got physical bodies and physical bodies get very tired.

What is the lesson I give you, for helping you with this not getting tired?


Songee: Breathe. Well done! Very good! Breathe.

When you are very tired and you have got no energy and all you want to do, it fall in your bed and go to sleeping and not wake up for long, long time. (Songee is speaking in a slow sing song voice and people are laughing.)

Breathe, into this bit here. (The middle bit.) Because that is the most important part is it not? How are you managing with the breathing now?

Sometimes alright, sometimes not.

Songee: And what happens when not alright?

I ask for help.

Songee: Ah, that's alright. That's not quite what Songee meant. The times you manage to do this thing you say it's alright. Does that mean you can do it without any great difficulty?


Songee: And when you have great difficulty then it is not alright?

I try to take a breath...

Songee: Now when this is happening you are facing your fear at the same time, and that makes it very hard so you are going to have to develop for yourself a trust. A trust that nothing is going to happen before time.

I know that.

Songee: You have to trust in it. And in trusting it - let go. And as you let go of the fear, the fear of the pain, then you will find is easier to take the Breath of Life. Don't be afeared of the pain. It will not return. When it is your time you will go to sleep, and go on the dream spirals and just not return. So don't use that as an excuse to not go to sleep! That is not what I say for you this for, not for you to go from one worry to the another worry. This one worries all the time you know. Haven't got one worry so has to have something else to worry about.


Ha - that's very, very good. That's excellent! The mans in the white Coat (Dr Sven in spirit) say that the little one ah not the other one ah, Fo Yung is saying to you, "You need to worry beads." Where is the worry beads?

(Fo Yung is Roberta-Margaret's Doorkeeper.)

We have the dolls. I have a little packet, a cloth packet with all these little tiny dolls all perfectly dressed. And you take them out and you hold them in your hand and give them all the worries, to the little dolls and you put back again.

Might be better to stick with beads.

There are rosary beads.

There is the rosary.

Songee: That is right. These are very much like worry beads. So you mayhap find something beautiful like this thing, you know? That's alright. Very beautiful. Very beautiful. So mayhap you find yourself some of this thing. Worry about those! When they fall off the string! (Much laughter) That will give you something to worry about. You have to worry about picking them all up. Better than worrying about anything else.

This is the problems with most of human kinds - you worry so much about everything. And I know Wise One, you say that everybody has so many responsibilities and have to honour all these things and there is lots to worry about. However sometimes, and this is not for you this for everybody - you have to say to yourself, "How long am I going to be worrying?" It like for you say, people say, "I want to be small like this one here, you know? Small, beautiful, slender, beautiful live body. And all the life for me to have this size, this age, to being - this age. (Songee indicates a much older person) there is worry about how I am going to rid of all these extra bits of I that I've got! How am I going to get rid of it all? I don't know." And all the worrying and the doing all manner of things to get away these things from the body.

And there is a whole industry out there Songee dedicated to that.

Songee: That's right. And what happens is you come to this beautiful age now like this, where you have reach an age of wisdom...

Does that mean when we ought to know better! (Laughter)

The Partner of life

Songee: That's right, you reach the age of wisdom and you say, "Well I not looking to attract a mate anymore so I don't have to worry." (Songee claps the hands) Is that not so? Because very often you say, "I don't really want a mate anymore. I've had one and I don't want a mate anymore, they are too much trouble." However all man kinds do the same thing you know? And you spend a w h o l e life time worrying about it.

Look at all the energy that you put into that. That one thing. Better you spend that energy doing something else, being creative in your life. Make something beautiful, create things for your life, for all around you that are going to bring pleasure to yourself and to other peoples when they come to your place of living and mayhap you can make some beautiful things to give to other peoples, is that not so?

(Someone said something)

Songee: That's right. And this is where you need to be putting all your energies into this.

When you are young you are looking for partners of life, and so often peoples come to Songee and say, "Songee am I going to have a partner of life? I really would like a partner of life." And Songee says - Ahhhhh. Well first of all I say to all the young peoples what have you got to offer a partner of life? Are you a clean wholesome person? Do you honour Spirit, your concept of your God? Do you keep your vessel pure, ready to produce childrens from it? Do you contaminate it with things that are not good for the body? And I say to all the peoples, all the young peoples - when you are looking for a partner of life these are the things that you need to assess - your prospective mate.

There is a little bird that weaves its nest and hangs them from the trees. The thorny trees in the land of the great sun. And this little bird very diligently weaves the nest and then calls for a mate. And the mate comes along and will only select the mate for her that has built the best nest.

She's got brains.

Songee: That's right. She will only go to the one that has built the best nest. So she's looking for a clean nest, she's looking for a solid nest - one that is going to be secure and not fall off from the tree when she has her babies in it. Is that right?

So you have to find partner of life that is going to be clean in themself - and this is both ways. Mans have to find women that are clean and woman have to find man that are clean. Not just clean in body - clean in habits of living, clean in their mind, in their spirit, in the way that they conduct their life. And in the event that you meet someone that is not this way, do you really want to have childrens with them? Do you really feel that bringing childrens to birth in the world is going to be sensible? Because when you meet someone and they are not in this way and they say they want to have a partner of life then mayhap you have to say to them, "Well, you want I to be your partner of life - Shape up!" You know? "You got to do something about yourself!" And that is the same for mens and womens - you say to the women kind - "Shape up!" And the same in other ways. "Shape up. You not, you not very good material for husband, for lover, for father - the way you are right now. So let us wait a little while, while you change things about yourself in this way. Get yourself clean, wholesome and then mayhap together we can take this journey." This is not an unsensible thing to do.

You would not necessarily say this to them as I have just say-ed to you. I am being very truthful to you. You would need to be a lot more sensitive perhaps in how you speaking to someone that you are going to be want to be partner of life with. However bear it in mind that it is a very important thing, a good stick to measure against, whether someone is going to make a good partner of life.

That is only one part of it. Of course the other parts of it is are you going to enjoy each other's company? However they must go together, you know? You must be in harmony together, you cannot have one without the other - they need to come together in partnership with things. And sometimes it means that you have to work at it. And sometimes you have to work at it for all of your life - that is what marriage is about, is it not? That is what true partnership is about, is that right?

So when you embark on a relationship of love, it is many things. It is beginning first of all with making sure that your partner of life is clean, wholesome and have similar interests to yourself - then you progress from there. And together you work out your differences. Together you share your inner most fears, hopes and dreams. And yet even with that there will always be a little of yourselves that you will keep back for yourself. You know? Not because you want to be secretive, because you need to. Your spirit needs to have some place where it can retire to sometimes from public life. So it needs to have a special place it can retire to, in safety. So it needs to have knowing that there is a little part of itself that it can keep to yourself for this reason, however there are many things that partners of life need to share.

What was it like when you were small childrens growing up? What was it like? Now this is something that mens can talk to mens about and womens can talk to womens about when they are looking to find out how they are going to make themselves strong for a partner of life, you know? Is that right?

You mean like share experiences and learn from each other.

Songee: That's right. It may be that there is an idea to have childrens, however there is a certain unknown about this in the life of one, so the other mayhap be able to give some information about childrens, about the good ways to be with childrens and the not so good ways to be, and exchanging ideas about themselves. What was it like when you were a small childrens? What was nice about your life? You don't have to answer that. What was not nice about your life, you know? What would you like to pass on to your childrens? What would you like to have happen in your life with a partner? And this way you start to get an idea of how you would like your childrens to be.

What kind of Parent

What kind of parent you would like to be to your childrens. And this does not all time mean that the best parent is the one that goes out to find the coin of life all the time. The best parents are the ones who give their life to the childrens in the growing years of their life, especially the first seven years. After seven years it is time for them to begin to branch out and go among other people more. To learn more responsibility and to be with other peoples you know, so that they can learn responsibility. And when this doesn't happen then things go wrong with the child, where they are forever being told - no you can't, don't (?) and being shouted at. And smack and then with great remorse the parent says, "I didn't mean to smack, very sorry." - it's too late. It's too late!

You have to be consistant and give one lesson of life consistently - all the time. Whether it is being firm with the 'No', and both parents are saying No - together. Not for one parent to say Yes and another one to say No. Or for Papa to say - not ask I go ask Mumma. This is not good. So you have to be able to come together and say - "Well we agree that this is the right way to have childrens, these are the right stories to give childrens, these are the wrong ones to give childrens. And we are going to stand together side by side and give the same story to the children". And that way the childrens do not grow up with any delusions about mother and father. They know mother and father are the power in the house, and that they are united together in love, you know. So when you for partners of life, young people, you must look for love as well as everything else so that you are going to be like this, side by side...

(end of tape)

Songee: your machine happy? (Songee is referring to the tape recorder)

Have you got any questions about this?

You talk about the younger ones but what about us older fellas?

Songee: What would you like to know? (Much laughter) What would you like to know? The law is the same. This is what I come to say. Just as the young ones need to have this so do all the peoples some times - because you did not have this teach at the beginning of your life, your friendships, your partners - you go like this, different directions, for whatever reason.

Sometimes it is Karma, you come together to be with someone for awhile and then when the Karma is done you go your separate ways. Now, I am not going to get into Karma speaking about this, this night - I am going to speak as though it is not Karma. You understand? So we forget about Karma for a moment. Supposing you have friendship, you have a relationship and it goes different ways, and then you come back to yourself and all you have is yourself, when you start again you have to start with the same truths that I have given to the young ones. The Truths remain the same, they do not change just because you are older. The little differences maybe that you are not coming together, mayhap, to bring more childrens into the world, it may be that it is not your time of life that this is going to be part for you to do this thing. However the Truth still abides, you will apply the same measure and say, "Would this person have made a good mother to I children? Would this person have the same views as I about bringing up childrens?" You don't throw it out because you are not going to have anymore because although you may not be going to be father again or mother again you could very well find yourself grandmother grandfather - great grandmother great grandfather, so you going to have to have the same opinions and views when you teach your grandchildrens - you know? So the law, the Truth does not change at all, you know? So this is what has to be, this Truth, that right.

(Someone has come into the room late and found a seat.)

We are talking about partners of life.

So do you keep working at that partnership with their... (a few words unheard as a tap was being turned on). What you said with the young ones you are looking for something that you have to keep putting something into it to keep it going. If it comes to an area where there is (?) where your ideas are going different ways...

Songee: That is Karma.

...Or do you stay there and suffer with that?

Songee: You have to follow the heart and you have to follow where your spirit guides you because this is where Karma then comes into being. Because mayhap it is that the Karma says that your time together is finished, and now it is time to go a different direction. And you cannot ignore that, that is what is to be, you know? You cannot ignore it if you need to go different direction.

So you have to follow your heart and follow your spirit where it wants to be and needs to be. If your spirit says that unconditional love - which is compassion - at the end of the Karma dictates that you stay then you will stay. Because once you reach a point of unconditional love there is no need to go, anywhere, because the love you have is surpassing anything that is of the earth, and it transcends it, so there is no longer any suffering because there is only love.

(Word softly spoken.)

Songee: If there is anything that is coming back that is not love then it does not have the power to hurt because it will just go by like that. You know...

Thank you.

Songee: Does that answer? Is there anything else that anybody else want to add?

A Troubled Child

Songee could I ask about D, how she is not sleeping all the time?

Songee: This one is travelling the dream spirals and not going out into spirit properly, this one is very troubled, there are things going on in the life. There are a lot of fears and disharmonies in this child and the reason is for this is because of the disharmonies in the mother and father. And this is now beginning to reflect upon the childrens in a very, difficult way. And because this one is so little they are not able to use the mind to rationalise all the things and so the heart is sore, and does not settle well.

You need to talk to the child and ask the child about the fears inside. And get the child to bring out the fears onto - like this - onto scribings the paper, and putting with colours, you know ...


Songee: ... that's right, and then they will find that the fears are not inside anymore they are outside. And when they are outside then you can help the child to find something powerful and strong that is going to be there for them in the dream spirals to go with them on the dream spirals.

What do I ask her to draw? She is so little you know it's a hard concept.

What is her favourite toy? Has she got a teddy bear that she relies on?


Songee: So what you have to do is you get the child to tell a story about the dolly - is that right? What is dolly.

Little pretend baby. Baby is a good girl. Very good girl.

Songee: So you have to have the child make the story and do the scribings, with colours that represent for the child what is the story of the journey. What is dolly going to do? What journey, what is she going adventure is she going to have? And when she is on this adventure what sort of things are going to be happening to her. And then when she is on this journey mayhap there are things that are not very good and a little frightening so mayhap you can say putting down scribings in colour - what it is that frightening of this thing. So how can dolly be protected from this frightening thing? And let the child find the power within her to put down that which is going to make her strong. You don't have to give it to her, she has it inside her, as do all of you. You all have the power and the light within you to make you strong, you know? All of you, and all you have to do it find it.

So talking her through it basically?

Songee: That's right.

And very simple.

Songee: Very simple, at the same age that she is, you be that age. That is the art of being with childrens. Not being above them, being with them, having the knowledge and the experience of life and yet being with the child at their age and with the fun things within at their age, you know? That is it, is that right?

So does that answer your question?

Not yet it is too soon... oh no, no, no take her somewhere else, it is too soon. Has anybody got any other questions.

You want to ask something?

I did but can't remember what it was.

Who were you talking to just then?

Songee: I am talking to the Little One, (Songee is talking about Sally) the Little One, and the Little One was wanting to know about bring back Organism, I say no it is too soon.

Oh right.

The Grandson's Karma

I have a young grandson he's three, he is three and a half years old and the last three months he's done (?) is there any reason for that?

Songee: Child is being not quite right within. And the fears are growing as the child grows and getting more. And this fears are going to continue growing and getting more until the child receives some assistance with it. There is nothing that you can do except to, channel healing energies and love for the child. There is a karmic influence at work in the child's life that needs to transpire, you understand? A doorway has been opened and it has been slammed shut, you understand? And you cannot do anything youself to open the door. It is one of those situations where you are going to have to sit back and watch. You won't like it! You will hurt inside yourself for the child, and yet you can do nothing more than you are doing which is loving, keep loving, you know? You cannot force something to be different when it is not meant to be different yet. (Long silence)

What is it that you wanted to know about the old one?

Um I know which old one you are talking about but I don't know why I wanted to know. I can't remember Songee. I can't remember what happened an hour or so ago, let alone tomorrow!

Helping The Second Well Trust

Songee: With difficulties like so much workings to do.

While I am here I am going to say to everybody to say thankings to you once more for your gifts of your coin of life for the people that are, doing the workings, to bring the word of Songee to the people. The Trust is like a living thing. It is like a tree, that grows. It has been putting down its roots and getting a firm grip on the Earth. And then the shoot has begun to come up, and your coin of life is assisting the process of this growth. And Spirit, Oneness supports this happening, and is most grateful to you for your offerings of your coin of life that is assisting this process.

There is another way also that this process is needing to be, assisted. And that is in the workings as you all know when a tree puts down its roots there are many, many little petals that go down into the Earth in order to make the foundation strong. And those that tend the tree are getting now that the tree is so large that they can't tend it all by themself. So Songee is saying to all of you that in the event that any of you are able to assist with the tending of the tree and the tree's growth, please some and offer...

I have offered quite a few times.

Songee: ...and be able please to do it. Offers are wonderful however it needs to be carried into action.

There is also a commitment that is needed as well.

Songee: That is right.

And its a commitment to, because I know that I have run away several times but I have come back. It's, it is a big job, it's a hell of a big job. But its a matter of having the commitment to see it through, it's not easy time, and that's when we need each other.

Songee: That's right. And there is so much to do to bring the wordings out to the people so that more people can know of the Teachings and the Word of Songee and to bring it into their life. And not only that all the other many things that can come under the roof of the Trust, You know? The Trust is like this tree that has all the branches now coming out and all the branches have on them little things that are of value to the peoples. We have this one who is working with the babies, is that right? And we have this one who is working with the babies in a different way. And then there is this one that is working with these drawings, are beautiful look at this. Is that not beautiful, beautiful drawings for the stories that Songee is giving to the people about the Great She Bear, you know? This is most beautiful. And what's more besides, is that not so. (The lady is doing these drawing during the meeting and Songee is showing them to the people.)

And then there is this one here, the Wise One here who is also helping in many different ways that are not shouting out like this. Very quietly, little things that not everybody know about. So all these things are most gratefully accepting with love and oneness to bring to you the energy that you need, for your life to achieve all that you need to achieve for your life. Songee ask for this for you.

However there are still many things, you need to ask Little Mother. Little Mother give you a job to do. Songee can give you job to do! And I am giving you this asking now because it is getting that it is important now for more peoples to be involved in this growth that is beginning to take place. Growth to bring Teaching, to bring medicines of the Earth, to bring assistance to people who need help and who mayhap don't have a great coin of life to give, however this has to happen that they come to be help-ed, and they need to have somewhere they can go. Sometimes they are lost, so they need to be able to come so the Trust, the Tree, needs many people to come and be workers with the Trust to assist with the giving back to the peoples of the World. That is the Trust, that is the Tree, that is Songee - the giving out of this energy.

The power inside us

You all have inside of you a Power, and so many people come to I and say, "Songee what is the path of life I am on?" And I say to all of you - you are on a path of spirit or you would not be here. You want to help people in your life or you would not be here. You are just at the moment a little lost of direction. There are many ways to help peoples - there are the medicines of life, there are the rubbings of the body - what is this word it not have it?


Songee: Massage! You speak it. There is the talking to people to bring healing to the heart, to the soul. There is a teaching of each other and then there is the healing that is channelled to others. This and so much more that can be done. Scribings down. How many of you give scribings down to go into the book...

The Magazine?

Songee: That's it!

The Trust has a Newsletter.

Songee: How many of you bring this and say, "Look I have this offering for you. This is a teaching for the peoples of the world and I would like to share it. This is a dream I have, a spirit journey that I went on and I want to share it with everybody." Write it down, and keep it, so that it can be made for others to read. You have a power in you, all of you - let it out please! Let it out! Stop sitting on it. You can't sit there and wait for everybody else to do it first. You do it - now, don't wait for tomorrow. Do it now.

Look at the beautiful scribings that you all did before. Have you got those Little Mother? Or are they gone already?

They are all gone. It will be in the next Newsletter. (After a Class meditation a piece of paper was written on by one person who folded their writing over to hide it and passed the paper onto the next person who wrote their words, folded over the paper and passed it on and so on around the group.)

Songee: Peoples that came to meetings. You have it? Is it going into... Ah this book.

Yes the next one.

Songee: This beautiful wordings.

Here it is.

I bought a book tonight.

Songee: Oh very good. Now this is a wordings that was done by everybody that came to a meeting. Everybody wrote down one thing that was soundings did for them inside. Beautiful thing feeling inside. And then this is what came out. Everybody's wordings and it is beautiful.

And everybody was given one everyone that was there that night received one of those.

Songee: You have, you have the (?) would you like to read it?


Songee: Read it out.

The Poem

The journey wasn't spiritual,
The return of another time or life.
Hello everyone I am here!
Love is togetherness and the ultimate power - so let's fly.
I felt love of the purest, I felt safe
I felt the boats leaving, however it would still return,
I felt free like a dove,
Thank you Oneness for being here, that is from the heart.
Light so bright, fill me up tonight.
Jesus saying, look after mother when this happens He will return.
And so I drown, in the midst of battle I drown
And while my cries of anguish sound
I fear not
For I know that it is only my earthly body that dies and I will rise again
Love will never die.
The feeling is to let go of past deeds and strive towards the light
I will return into the light of love and allow all the deep seated worries to disappear,
Feel the love.
I am who I am and only me
For a time and place I will be with you
I will leave and come again.
And as we share and exchange the learning of the Soul in light and love.
The music made me remember my connections with my family in Wellington,
It also made me believe in Jesus returning to our earth,
Out of the silence I will return
Wisdom, peace, love, kindness - oak, herbs, animals,
Warriors of the Light.
So Be It

Songee: Is that not beautiful? And everybody contributed to that and nobody knew what the other person has written. And this was to scribe it down exactly as they have scribing it, at that time. Would you like to see?

So this is how you can be - unified together. And this is the beauty of the Soul coming out for each of you and there for everybody to see. There was a soundings made, a beautiful soundings - everybody listened to it and go on a journey and when they came back this scribing down just one thing from their heart, that the music bring out of them. And that is what you have. Congratulations all of you that did it.

It's beautiful.

Songee: It is beautiful. Beautiful. And it doesn't matter, it doesn't have to be rhyming, it is still story, is it not? Your story in there. The story of the Soul returning, the story of love, of the continuance of love and life and many other things - of families and of unity.

So... scribing down anything. You can scribe something down. Find your power in you and offer it to the Trust, do it. You know? And let other benefit from your experience. Don't be, afeared that you, have nothing to offer, because you do. Everyone of you has something to offer - that is beautiful. And that shows it, does it not?

Can I ask a technical number here? Just from a technical point of view. Can you supply nicely hand written or typed on a piece of paper or if you are into computers in Microsoft word. And we have our next Newsletter which we are starting work on in about a month's time, so we would love to hear from you. And Roberta gave us some really positive feedback about, because we have been doing these for awhile, Roberta, Christene and I. I am a graphic designer to help get this thing together and um she gave us some really positive feedback for the last one this morning. It's nice to hear because we are putting a lot of effort into this to make it consistant, and get it out and she told me a lot of people are hunting down our newsletters to find the contact because they are now beginning to get out in the shops - to find the Trust because they wanted to be a part of what they receive from it, and that's really good.

Songee: And it is to go to more, more peoples. So anybody can help that is beautiful. Have you got one of these scribings?

Yes. B there are some on the table.

Songee: Have you got some. Where are this. Ah... Beautiful. (Songee 'looks' at the magazine. The channels eyes are closed.) Mayhap they like to look and to pass it about. So...

And the children please. Those of you who have grandchildren we can very easily copy their paintings and pictures. So a little picture and a few words is brilliant in the newsletter.

Songee: That's right.

(Someone said something about art)


Songee: Everybody.

Everything, anything.

Songee: Now. How are you for your time?

Thirty five minutes.

Songee: Have anybody got anything they want to ask? Or would you like to do the healing that is channelled?

The Party for Roberta-Margaret

There is one thing we would like to ask. Now our friend Roberta has her 50th birthday on Wednesday and Friday night at 7 o'clock...

Songee: Oh she is a crone now! Wonderful!

It was A idea to ask now while Roberta was away and she is not going to know, as this is a surprise, OK. Seven pm Friday night. Come as you are ten minutes, and hour, bring something to eat, don't bring anything whatever suits you but you are all very welcome to Roberta's house, seven o'clock Friday night.

Are you going to keep the cars hidden?

No, no she will be home.

Songee: Is Songee going to come?

It's up to you Songee, you are very welcome.

Songee: Songee come Organism not there!

(Much laughter)

Songee: What will Songee do?

Well it's up to you.

Songee: Maybe Songee come and visit - that will surprise because there will... I get White Eagle to come and take Organism away. Is that right?

Well it would have to be a special party treat.

Songee: No. So I have to tell White Eagle to bring Organism back.

Take her somewhere nice.

Songee: Mayhap he take Organism away for a little while and then bring Organism back.

Oh when everybody is there. I understand.

Oh then every bodies there. I understand what you mean.

Songee: Mayhap just to have meetings somebody come to meet with Songee.

Yes Ok.

Can you take her somewhere very nice, something she would really enjoy.

Songee: Oh no no no no, has to be great big workings because otherwise...

She'll be on to it.

OK So what we need is A has just offered to be an appointment.

I have to try and invent some problem.

Roberta will believe it too!

Remember she is always late, so you will have to have your appointment at half past six.

Songee: You are going to have to come and visit with Songee.


Roberta will believe it, I always need help...

You will have to be desperate because Friday is her day off and she has time with Peter...

Songee: So what are you going to do about that?


Songee: You have to be very, very sick. Only it won't be pretend...

(Everyone laughs - it sounded as though Songee would help her to feel sick.)

Songee: Not without you lie. You not allowed to tell a lie. There has to be the truth. However being very sick won't last too long you know.

Oh No! (there is lots of laughter and chatter.)

Songee: Is that right?

So this is tomorrow we are talking about.

Songee: Is that what you want to do? Songee can come visit. Or not.

No I'll be alright.

If not I can arrange a meeting to discuss the website. So it's not a problem I'll just make it work. This is the um...

Songee: Web like spider.

Yes that's the one. Web like spider. The communication network throughout the whole world and they come to talk to Songee on the computers. (Long silence)

Songee: How this happen, Songee don't talk on these machines.

Through words, you know we type on the keyboard on the machine.

Songee: Oh making wordings. Oh its very clever. Songee getting very clever at this now, learning about machines, not having machines last time Songee come to visit people of the Earth, there was not machines like you have now. There were nothing like this, at all.

Songee The Oracle of Delphi

When was the last time you came?

Songee: Last millennium. One millennium ago...

One thousand years ago.

Songee: come speak this way to the peoples of the Earth, you have hearing of The Oracle of Delphi?

I've heard of it.

Songee: What do you know about it?


Songee: What about you Wise One?

Only references.

Songee: Oh that's very, very casual. (Much laughter) What do you know?

Nothing pacific.

Songee: The Oracle of Delphi came to speak with the people to give them speakings about their world at that time, and to guide them with their life. And many peoples would come from many directions to this place of Delphi, and speak to the Oracle. Many people believed that it was somebody sitting up inside the stone giving the speakings. It was not somebody sitting inside the stones. The voice came through the channel as it is coming through now. So in that respect their was body, physical body however the psyche, the ego self was gone, you know? And so this came to pass.

At that time The Oracle was necessary for the people. They needed it. However then there came to be born upon the Earth another that was going to bring a new way of being. And it was written that when this Soul came to the Earth and was born on the Earth, that the Oracle would cease to speak. At a certain point of the life of this one the Oracle would cease to speak, because the task was done you know? There was not further requirement. And also too it was preparation for the other was to come so that when the other make the travelling around the different places, the different ah, countries that were known of this time. When this one came to the place of Delphi, the Oracle spoke for the last time and say-ed that - now that the greater power is on the Earth for you, you no longer have need for I. And then the Oracle passes, not to return until now. So... So you know who I am speaking? I am speaking of Jesus. Jesus went to all the different places of the known world of the your time, that time, not now.

So that was when Songee came to speak to the people in this manner before time. And that was not to be again until now, again because there is a way being prepared, you know? It is time to prepare the way, once more. So there will be speakings from Songee for the duration of the life of Organism until Organism draws the last breath of this life. And then there will be no more because then will be coming another to speak the Truth. You understand? So this is how it is going to be. And this one have reached the first half century in order to learn all that needs to be learn-ed. Now the next half century is to spent bringing the voice of Songee (Laughter) to the people. (Songee claps the hands and smiles.)

I'll tell her. She will absolutely delighted. (Laughter)

Make her a big card.

Songee: So. Ponder on it.

So what are we going to do tomorrow...

Songee: You can have your own fightings. Somebody can come and tell I, White Eagle can come and tell I, supposing I am needed.

The Different Civilisations of Earth

May I ask a question Songee?

Songee: Certainly.

How many civilisations have we had that have...

Songee: Come and gone?

Come and gone, and we created the thing to devastated the civilisation. You know what I am talking about?

Songee: You talking about civilisation. There is only one word that describes what you saying and that is Civilisation. What is civilised and what is not, you know? There have been three, comings and goings. There have been the coming to the Earth and the technology are the machines and everything else that came with the people from the stars of the other place of living. And then this went away. And then others came and bought some more, and then they went away, you know? And now you are just now creating the third. So there is three, that come and go. Because this will go too. Not straight away.

Not tomorrow.

And a new civilisation will come in again?

Songee: That is right. Only the peoples of the Earth will never leave this Earth. Do not believe when you are told that the Earth is going to disappear and be no more. It is not. There are going to be human kinds on this Earth for many, many moons to come. So stop worrying!

No I am just thinking about, curious about places like Atlantis.

Songee: That was one of the second part of, the peoples that came first and then their descendants were part of this, that went away, this great city.

So would there be another flood or, like there was at that time when this civilisation is gone.

Songee: The Earth is going to turn on its axis.

And we are all going to fall off! (Laughter)

Over the edge.


(end of tape)

(Much laughter continues with every speculating about this event.)

Who are the people who are going to stay on the Earth while all the resources are being used up? What is going to happen to them?

Songee: You won't need them. You go back to the beginning. You won't need them. There won't be so many peoples because a lot of them will have gone back to spirit, so you have less peoples to worry about and what is left will be ample for the people that are left.

Will they be wiser?

Songee: Probably not! The learning goes on, because the souls go back to spirit and then come back to Earth and go back to spirit and come back to Earth.

Songee here to teach the lesson of Karma

I am here now to teach you how to break the Law of Karma. Just as Jesus came to teach you how to break the Law of Karma. Same thing, the lesson is the same. You don't have to be ruled by Karma, you can break it. However the difficulty is that most human kinds cannot do it, the task that is required to break the Karma.

When you break the Karma do you still get to come down and play on the Earth?

Songee: You don't come to play you come to do workings for Oneness. And you have to be pure in yourself or come to a purity in yourself, in your life, for it to happen. You may not all time start off that way, you have to come to it. You know?

So um, if you break the cycle of Karma that's to say you don't have to come and work on the earth or do you evolve onto another realm or another dimension, another existence?

Songee: You can move on into something else. You can do whatever you want to do. However those that break the Law of Karma usually are very willing to come back for one (?) to assist others to break the Law of Karma. You are not bound by the laws of the Earth and the limitations of your mind when you are in spirit. So what you are using now is your limited mind of the Earth to attempt to rationalise something that is beyond this Earth. Cannot do it? It is a feeling, it is not anything in your mind, the feeling and the knowing when you do come for the working.

And Breaking the Karma means saying - Thank You to everybody for all the misdeeds they have done to you, and mean it. Not just saying it with the mouth, and intellect, you have to say it from here. Songee indicates the heart) That is the true meaning of 'turning the other cheek'. You know this saying, a phrase of this One that say 'turn the other cheek'. Learn to 'turn the other cheek', means, learning to say Thank You for the slap on the face, for what the slap on the face has taught you. Not for the deed, not for the pain - you saying Thank You for what it has taught you. And it doesn't mean - Thank you I have now learnt not to trust anybody! That's not the lesson, that won't break your Karma. That will just increase it! You say - Thank You, because mayhap the slap on the face has woken you up to an inequity within yourself, is that right? That right? So you are looking at yourself and also then saying to yourself, "Well what is this inequity that I have learned and thank you for it, because it is now going to mean that I can become stronger and better Soul for knowing of this. And I will ensure that I don't repeat this in my life." So you say Thank You. And then you also say, "Thank you because although what you have done is not very nice, it is very cruel, it is very hurtful, it has enabled I to see the pain that is inside you and that has given I a vision of the work that I am coming to do on this Earth, mayhap."

So then you start the process of letting go of the pain inside you. Forgiveness brings you freedom! You know? Because you are saying Thank you, thank you makes you free and there is forgiveness. True forgiveness, coming from the heart. That does not mean to say that you put yourself in the way of getting a slap on the face from the same person twice. However you don't bear animosity and you don't go seeking revenge. You know?

There are many instances happening now around your planet, all isolated ones, where great misdeeds have been done unto others and those that have had the misdeeds done unto them are saying to those who have done the misdeeds, "We forgive you! We are grieving, we are sad, we are upset, however we understand that perhaps you did not know what you were doing." You know?

Songee is that in my case where I am at the moment with this impasse that I feel I am at the moment, or what effects me at the moments, whatever...

Songee: You have got to wait...

That makes a lot of sense.

Songee: I know what you are saying, you have to wait because things are going to change and you cannot force the change because you are uncomfortable with the place you are in now. You have to start practicing all the things you have been taught about being strong, and powerful, and focused. Speak your truth, do the doings - whatever the doings maybe. Scribe down, breath, breath! Study the Runes. Many things you do. Do the doings! All the time do the doing and when you do the doings it takes away the strain.


Songee: Are you tired little one? Would you like to lie down. Bring your things and come and lie down, come and lie down. Not this one is going to lie down! You allowed to lie down too, would you like to do that? No no no no you don't have do that. You can have sleepings if you want to, travel the dream spirals. How long can this one go on the dream spirals for?

Fifteen minutes.

Songee: There you are. I know what you can do. Close your eye take a deep breath inside, sit up straight. Take a deep breath down inside of you. Breathe deeply through your nose and down into here, your middle self. And when you breathe out, breath out with your mouth a little open like this - Hhhhhhhh. Get rid of this in here, all the air, bad feelings inside of you. Breathe in, holding it and out. Like that, you know. Deep breath in and each time you breath in hold it a little bit longer and what will happen is this Chi Energy will build up like the Sun inside of you. Remember.

Do you remember the wordings I give to you.

Songee I have a friend who practiced that to get warm and she never got warm and she was very puzzled about how come it didn't work?

Songee: You have to do it lots of times and also to, you have to sometimes put on the skins. (Laughter) Is that right?

Especially round the middle!


The Breath of Life is the Sun

Songee: You breathe down in here and this energy builds in here, it builds up warm like the sunshine. And it is the Chi Energy and you send it to your hands and you feets, and all the rest of you. Feel this now. Is that warm enough.

Yeah. (This person wears skimpy clothing and Songee has put the hands unto the bare flesh at her waist.)

Songee: You go out inside where there is the stiff rain and you could roll about in it and it will all go SSSSSS like that - when you do this breathing.

The Breath of Life! Songee Energy. The Breath of life - the Holy Breath, breathe it in.

'Breath of Life is the Sun - and the Son is my nourishment'

There it is, in there 'The Breath of Life is the Son and the Sun is my nourishment'.

The Holy Breath of Life is the Son of God, the Son of God is I nourishment.

The Breath of Life from the Sky Father is my nourishment because the Sun is the Sky Father. You know? So you have three meanings to the Sun. You have the Sun on the physically Chi Energy, you have the Sun in the Heavens, and you have the Son of Spirit. Understand? You have the three in one - here in your middle selves.

Find it! Breathe it in! And make it work for you. This is your Power! This is your Power. This is your Truth and your Light - is in here also, because when you want to know the truth of something put it into your here, into your feelings and middle self will tell you whether it's true of not. That doesn't mean that you won't like the truth because your middle self may go like this, and be a bit shaky like that, because the middle self is saying, "I'm afraid because that that is the Truth." So it will show you your fear in here also.

One last little thing before I do go from you, cause I am going to go from you now very soon - and that is that when you let go of your fears then you will be truly free. And in order to let go of your fears you have to know yourself - and that is for another time, not for this one.

So mayhap you would all like now to take for yourself a deep Breath of Life, to breathe it inside, to feel it filling you up, making you strong and powerful and filling you with light and energy.

And as you breathe it out, feel the nourishment going to all the parts of your body.

And I am going to go now and mayhap you like to have the dancing of the Child of Music for yourself.

Ah this is nice one.

We don't have the dancing music.

Songee: Perhaps you have the Childrens of the Earth music, and dance into this. And then you can enjoy yourselves.

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power of knowing, of feeling, and of living your great adventure of your life, for the young ones to discover each other and the old ones to discover each other.

I am going to go

And leave you with the Power of all this

So Be It

Thank you Songee

So be it.

And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of love to burn bright within your heart,

And may the Light of the Oneness and bring forth its brilliant colours of light to drive away the darkness from your Soul

Be at Peace.

(Roberta-Margaret returned from her spirit travels reporting the war she had been to.)


1. Colin and Elroy - See this link for more about our beautiful Maltese dogs.
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