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Finding Freedom
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Finding Freedom'
A Teaching from Songee 6th July 2000

Bullying and Fear
Sage smoke to the Sky Father
Skills of Life
Process of the Warrior of the Light
Suppressed depression equals take the life
Stealing our Power
Bodies Violated
How to practice Forgiveness
I am beautiful

There were 13 people at the Songee Gathering held in the venue at Pt Chevalier, Auckland in New Zealand. Everyone introduced themselves to each other including the three Maltese - Elroy, Colin and Darius who were also there. The music 'The Ancient Ones' was played while Roberta-Margaret prepared herself to channel.

(There is one instance of swearing in this transcript.)

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

Oh Songee we have got lights in our (?)

Songee: That is not very successful for you, it will make much heatings of things. Is that not so? And already bits of things are not going anymore. Is that right?

Now what have you for I this night?

(Much laughter) You looked straight at me!

Songee: There are many things that are flying about, the birds are flying with all the different questions you have in your heart. Some of them you have formed and some of them you have not. Is that not so? What is this thing?

It's a nice blue one?

Cardigan. It's her new cardigan Songee.

Songee: I don't want it. What is it?

It's what we call a cardigan it keeps Roberta warm.(Songee is taking off Roberta-Margaret clothes.)

Songee: Oh this is not needing. That's better.

But the next one is.

Songee: Oh you mean this skin I have to keep this one.

Definitely. (We are talking about Roberta-Margaret's dress.)

Songee: Oh. Oh yes. I have to make for decorum, you know? Otherwise it is not polite.

Could be a bit of a shock when she comes back. (Much laughter)

Songee: We are not allowed to make this happening, it is not polite. Remember Songee have teaching you all about being polite. This is all part of learning how to grow up, you know. Is it not?

So what would you like to do this night?

Well I am going first then. (After a moment of silence.)

Songee: Are you going to have a nice about it?

(There is much chatter and laughter.)

Bullying and Fear

Well, no, I would just like to talk about what's going on with the person who promised me my thing and kicked me out of the house. I find that quite upsetting and um I was you know sort of said what would Jesus do in the situation and He says if someone attempts to steal something from you then you give it to them and let them steal it. He wants me to pay for this thing that he believes I broke - I didn't break it I have already said that and that I would just pay the money and get me stuff back anyway. Now I can't get hold of him and I have spoken to the police and they said that they will assist me to the things back. And, it freaks me out like I feel like being ill, like 24 hours a day at the moment I hate this but I am going to go round there tomorrow and with the police and get my things, and yeah...

Songee: So you are learning a great lesson because you have got this peoples who are coming to assist you and you have to be very brave to go and do this thing. However it is the correct thing to do because you cannot allow one that is of darkness and weak to bully you. So you have to stand tall for yourself.

Yeah cos first of all I felt I would pay the money...

Songee: Ahh no, no, no that is not the right attitude.

Not getting him, no.

Songee: No I am just saying for this one, the attitude of mind, you know. It is just that you are going to, make certain of your rights of life.

Cos I know that I have been falsely accused, like well, so I'm not going...

Songee: In the event that you are giving to this one coin of life out of fear you will discover that you will be made responsible for giving more coin of life and more coin of life because they would do this thing until they have everything they can get. And then when get your things for your own self you will find that they will not in good condition.

Oh Ok.

Songee: So by doing it as you are doing this way now, then things have to be in the correct condition.

Oh where is he at the moment? How is it to have (trouble?) contact with him?

Songee: This one is not good person. Is - how say I? I not have wordings for it, I have to find wordings. What is it about peoples of disrepute?


Songee: That is, that is it and not quite the wording I finding - nefarious, that is it. You know this word?


Songee: Oh it is very similar to Wise One say.

Criminal, sort of dodgey.

Songee: That is right, nefarious. And so this one is this thing and you will have to...

I am really scared about going round there...

Songee: No, no don't be that thing.

He's not going to do anything is he? I mean...

Songee: This one cannot do anything to you because you will have accompany you, ah peoples to protect you, is that right?

Yeah. I am not going there without them.

Songee: So you are doing the wise thing. You are taking care of you-self and protecting you-self on the earth, that is what you do. However you must not have fear because to have fear is going to open the door to the Dark Energy to whisper some more in your ears. Also to it is giving power to this one because that is how they manage their life, is ruling others with fear. That is what bullies do. So you don't give them this opportunity, is that right?

So how did I come to be in this situation anyway?

Songee: You have lessons to learn.


Songee: Many lessons to learn, is all part of your path that you have set for you-self. So you have to learn the lessons. This is something you will not be doing again is it?

No. Well no hopefully...

Songee: Also to you have to look at your self for your attitude of mind that gets you into situations to begin with. How you sometimes allow yourself to deceive yourself. In order to achieve something that you want and when you do this thing it is going to have a result that is not always one to your liking.

Now, I let it be known to all of you that this thing is a lesson for all of you. This is not just a lesson for this one. It is lesson for all of you, also. You understand? So learn from this thing, learn from the teach I am bringing to you now.

So, that adds up.

Can I ask a question regarding what S is saying there, she said that she didn't damage this sink, is she responsible to pay for it in this situation even though she said she didn't do it?

I don't think I'm not.

The police said you are not.

Yeah well they said if he wants to take it up he has to take it up through other means. He said, they the policeman (?) take them to court or something. It's just an old sink that's got a crack in it and is very old.

Songee: And then supposing it is going to this manner of speakings then in the event that you have to make for the paying of the coin of life then it will be done properly, and then you will be saying farewell to this one.

Yeah I just want to get it over with because I just feel sick all the time, it's horrible.

Songee: When you are saying for you-self that you are feeling sick inside - what is this?

It's fear.

Songee: It is fear. Fear of what?

Well ah just fear that he is going to harm me.

Songee: How might this take place, do you suppose?

I don't know like I just got - I just sort of expect he would hold me down and attack me when I go round there, something like that. It's silly. It's not rational...

Songee: You are expecting this.

Well, ok then.

Songee: All these things, this may seem to your Soul that Songee is going into something very little in a way that is not making much sense to you, however every Lesson of Life is important. When you become a Warrior of the Light you have to learn many lessons. You cannot just go out and be Warrior of the Light nilly willy you know, not allowed. Too much power in the hands of someone who is not experienced with it, will because great harm and damage, not just to other peoples also to the one who wields the power. So in order, to learn how to use this energy correctly, first you must have the lessons of life. Now this Lesson of Life is teaching you to rid yourself of your fear...

That's one of the message I got yesterday.

Songee: ...all the fears you have inside are all the things that get upon your own way. They get where you want to go and they are there in front of you, you know? And you fall over them, and you land on your nose, or you attempt to run away from them and you land on your behind self. That is not very sensible. When you want to use the power wisely, you cannot be given the power to use it and to have this attitude of mind that you having before time where you say to go and get them, that is not it. You cannot do this thing because that is going to reap karma for you-self and you don't need any more. (Lots of laughter) Is that right?

Yeap. Certainly not.

Songee: So you need to surround yourself with the love and light of Oneness, to say your prayers, to send your prayers up to Sky Father. Did you listen to the soundings? (The music that was played at the beginning) Did you listen to it?

I did but I still not in the wise about what the words were, from Tuesday night.

No now!

Songee: The soundings!

Oh that one, Oh I felt Tuesday.

Which soundings are we talking about.

Songee: This night!

Yeah I understand them.

Songee: My goodness you childrens are very, very silly - I am going to go away.

You not allowed to do that, that's throwing a tantrum. (Everyone is laughing)

Songee: Oh No, no, no, no. You childrens are being very silly, Mother has to turn away and walk away somewhere else until you stop being silly.

No we go into 'time out'.

Sage smoke to the Sky Father

Songee: So did you listen to the soundings.

Yes about the Ancient Ones.

Songee: Yes the Ancient Ones...

And it was going up with the smoke.

Songee: That's right. The smoke, the prayers going up with the smoke. What have you this thing? You have this thing that smokes. Where is it?

Um. Yes. I'm not quite sure what she did with it.

Will it go?

Songee: I show you, you know what it is. So that you know all of you then know what it is that you are going to do, is that right? Is that right? And this is how you are going to change things for you-self.

Oh this is very interesting?

You want to play with this? (It is twigs of dried Sage bound together to form a smudge stick.)

Songee: Oh. May I?

I had this feeling that you might.

Songee: This is a very (?) for fire.

Maybe its run out of get up and go.

Songee: Oh look there is the fire, it's got fire in it. Beautiful, this is, this is how you make... You saying your prayers to the, to the Sky Father, and you have this, and you ask for blessing to come with you and this as you say your prayers up to Sky Father. And as you are doing this you would go like this, and this, you know. (Songee is using the hands to draw the smoke towards Her and then make it go upwards in a circling motion.)

You are burning Sage as well.

You are using Sage as well.

Yes Sage.

We better have a sage party when we go home. We got lots of sage. (Everyone is talking together about the Sage. There is a lot of deep breaths happening and the aroma was enjoyed. Songee is helping everyone to work with the Sage.)

Songee: Not make thing go on fire. Right. Ask for the prayers to go up. Bring the smoke to yourself and you go up into Heavens, you know? You do this thing, like that. You need to bring the smoke to yourself and you go up into the Heavens... Only a little bit, it won't hurt you. That's right. I'm going to give this to you now. So you understand now?


Songee: You send them all the way up to Sky Father who will take care of everything for you. You know?

I sent strength and courage, that's what you said to do isn't it?

Songee: Strength and courage?

And love...

Songee: Oh, strength and courage and love, very important you need all of these things for your life otherwise you fall on your nose.

So it is going to be OK tomorrow, I will get things back and it will be alright?

Songee: There will be some argy bargee however and a little crossness mayhap, that is all. There may be some pretending not there...

So is he there...

Songee: ...This one does not like this, ah the protectors you taking with you.

Policemen No.

Songee: So there have to be no letting them know before you go.

Oh Ok just turn up there tomorrow.

Songee: Or mayhap just say that you are going by your own self, just coming to get these things. You don't have to say you are having company. And all you have to do is to keep away out and let your protectors do the talking. What are you saying? (Someone was whispering in the background)

The police always do that they handle that, you just point out what's yours and they take over.

Songee: So that is all of this - what else have you?

Skills of life

Songee I have a question - I am finding myself in a situation at the moment where um, because of, from the way that people generally view it I'm not actually working for an employer as such, I'm not saying it from a way that you view it, however um I'm finding myself, I am doing a lot of training and I'm in a situation where people are saying to me, "Oh what do you do, or who do you work for?" And I understand because I work with Oneness and I work for you however I am having a bit of a difficulty saying, knowing what to say and how to put it across.

Songee: What is your skill of life?

I am a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator.

Songee: So that is what you say.

How do I deal with the situation, I suppose its peoples um expectation that you are employed by somebody else or are self employed and that moment I don't see that I am actually either.

Songee: Do you have to answer this question?

Probably not.

Songee: Mayhap then when you get ask-ed about who is the one that is you doing the working for, you say, "Oneness". That will make them close their mouth. (Much laughter)

Sometimes H people are just making conversation and that is a way to lead in. You are probably very sensitive at this moment. They are probably being very friendly it would seem.

You are on a contract.

Are you that for the rest of your life...

Well you are.

Quite common now days.

Songee: Where you are doing your workings for someone, and then for someone else, that is for someone else. Is that right? You can do for this thing, that is what Songee have given for you to do, is that not so? So that you will have coin of life for yourself. You must honour your earth living as well.

You need to have your coin of life. So you need to make for yourself to be, having the workings of life with this one, and this one, and this one. How are you going to have the coin of life unless you do this thing?

Well I have made endeavours. And ah one lady was not very positive about it, sorry she was helpful however she said that she didn't see that she would put me out there because I did not have the working skills and the programs that I needed to have um the is the computers that's the machines right. Um another lady said I have received your - I rang her back have you got the CV how are things going, she said well I have received your CV I looking through it if anything happens, or anything comes up I will be in touch, well I had to let it go I couldn't take that any further. I've um postponed another appointment with another lady for an assessment because I didn't quite understand the programme enough for her specifications. I now have that understanding and I've got to reset her assessment and I need to make an appointment later in the week to do that.

Songee: Also have you been seeking in the right direction, with the right attitude of mind and heart? This is part of the lessons of this night that I am bringing to you. Is about the attitude of mind.

When you have an attitude of mind it gets in the way of your achieving things - is that not so little one? (Songee had directed this last question of someone else.)


Songee: So you need to alter what your mind is telling you. Remember your mind do tell you lies. It will tell you what you are wanting to do because you are afeared of something.

I have been working a lot with that. Um I had a perception of, um even though I in the vicinity for quite some time I still have the feeling that I wouldn't handle it well out there doing, going to different places etc etc. And doing the course work that I am doing at the moment, training, I was telling my father tonight that I feel that each course I do I feel that I am growing in knowledge and that knowledge is giving myself confidence in the programmes that I need to operate so I feel that I am working with that one.

Songee: That is very good. That is going, to helping you, to achieve that which you need to achieve, however at the same moment you are going to need to let other peoples know that you are here and very clever at what you do.


Songee: You have to say this thing. You have to say, "Look at I, I may not have this clever of this thing that you are looking at, or this thing however I am very clever at this thing. So where can I go with this thing, I have?" You know?

Am I talking to the right people or do I have to go to totally different direction?

Songee: Oh you have to go everywhere. You not talking to the right peoples. Do you have got to start somewhere however then you got to keep going, don't stop.

Oh, we have singing bells. (Someone's cell phone)

Oh it's even louder.

Songee: What is singing bells. What do singing bells do?

It's a telephone. Someone is ringing her up Saying yoo woo are you there, hello hello...

Songee: This is what this singing bells are. I go and have a listen.

You probably hear from here. We don't have to go to hear. (We can hear the lady speaking even though she has left the room.)

We wait and find out what was (?)this scribings.

If you are going to employment agencies...

The three avenues I've been to are the main ones I could find that look for techno graphic design work. Most of them tend to deal with advertising agencies and design studios um and I did, because of my background as mainly print design and real estate I really haven't got the back ground that they are sort of looking for and it's because it's not mainstream industry, its aside a little bit, and um...

It broad, too broad...

Songee: You needing to find for yourself, ah this is it, You needing to go and find for yourself something else - you know the things which ah, peoples that making your scribings into ah... books...

Into books.

Songee: Into books, these thing. Go and find some on them and talk to them and anybody main thing to these things.

How did you get on with the scribings that you sent to somebody - we hearing all about it! (Songee is referring to the phone call)

I was hoping I was quiet.

Right so I go to all the publishers.

Songee: Oh all manner of things, don't stop at one thing, start to explore with your mind all the different directions you can go.

Am I looking for something permanent or something to (?) earning.

Songee: Oh you don't have to worry about what you looking for, just let it all come to you. When it comes you will know. The right door will open for you. Just open for anything at all, you know? Only make the most of the moment that you have this time because you are going to be so busy you are going to wonder which part is your head or your heels. You know?

Ok. I hope so. (The person is crying)

Songee: You understand? It will come. It will come for you and you have to change direction so that it can come for you. This is all that happened. Remember Songee say for you that everything is going go downside up. Well that is so and it is going to go downside up again wherever it is now it is going to go the other way. So look upon this time for this is sitting at the feet of the masters you know? Where you are going to do all these learnings every which way, it is called sitting at the feet of the masters, you know? That is where you are on the Path of the Christos. And in your emotion you are experiencing your crucifixion.

Is that is what's going on.

Songee: That is what it is. When you understand the process of what is happening it doesn't take a great tangle bit however it makes it a little easier to bear because you have an understanding of it. Is that right? So don't be afeared, so it going to be alright. You know?


Songee: You will be surprised at how alright it is going to be.

Yeah I hope so.

Songee: Oh no, no, no you don't have to do that. What you have to do is to trust, trust in Oneness. This is your lesson, your attitude of mind to learn to trust Oneness and the Power of Spirit. You know? And this is very difficult thing for you to do however you are not able anymore to run away from it. And that is where you are finding it so very difficult. That is what is lying in your path, inside because you don't know what is going to happen, where it's going to lead to, and this where trust comes. Faith you know.

I was doing my best to stay out of my way.

Songee: You have to have faith, faith in the process. It works, you know? Faith in Oneness, letting Oneness know that you are there, you know, that is how it is. What am I going to do this? I leave it here for little one she'll mind it for Songee.

So. What else have you for I?

I have been writing it all down what you said to me. (There were a number of people who carefully made notes of the Songee Teachings.)

Songee: Very good, you are very cleaver you know. Good for everyone to be as diligent as this. Is that not so? What would you like to ask I now?

Process of the Warriors of the Light

Songee could I ask a little question relating to the two girls here tonight. When you say leave it to Oneness, and Oneness will help - what do those who say, ask Oneness whether they ask their God whoever their God may be and they feel that they get no relief and its gets so exaggerated that in the end they take their own lives.

Songee: Oh that is different. That is because there are many things that are contributing to that. With this things that is happening there are a process that are taking place of earning. This peoples are students. Already students, you know? Students to become Warriors of the Light so they have already have many Teachings and although it is a very painful process they know that they are not walking alone and they will not be abandoned in their time of need, you know? So they are being very carefully nurtured with the process that is happening unto them.

Suppressed depression equals taking the life

What you are speaking about are peoples that have a concept in their mind about their God, and yes they have not learn-ed how to change their attitude of mind. They have not learn-ed how to allow themself to speak their truth, they have not learn-ed how to stop using the words that damage and hurt them and other people, they do not know of this thing. So all those many things contribute to this situation that you are saying now.

The most important thing to remember is that when somebody is s o sick of life that they want to leave it, that they reach a point of their life where they seem to come to a decision to take their life - they do so out of one emotion and that emotion is usually, despair.

So let us look for a moment at this word - 'Despair'. Close your eyes for a moment all of you, close you eye - and ponder for a moment on the word Despair. Now as you say the word to yourself in your mind, feel down in your middle self how it is. And I want you now to say out loud the wordings that come to your mind about the feeling that represents, to you, despair. There is no right or wrong for this.

(Everyone offers their feeling about this and Songee repeats each word.)

Songee: Heartache, feeling alone, (anguish) sinking feeling inside in the stomach, stomach churning, feeling in the tummy do this, tingling in the fingers, this is an action of what happens. The body does this thing that is certain, it does this thing. What else is it? Being at the bottom of a pit, deep crying. So all those things now, what is one word that would describe that feeling?


Songee: Not despair we start with despair and now have all these other words. Now one word that would describe it, perhaps?


Songee: Sorrow, sorrow is a word that is - sadness, this is the same thing you are right, sorrow - sadness - grief, is that right?

So, how does this sorrow, this grief come to be inside? How did it get there?

An accumulation of events that have occurred, depowerment of what has happened, you allowed it to happen, also it's happened to you.

Songee: That is right. So you have many, many, many incidents of depowerment or being made little, of being discounted, of your word being made small either in the eyes of others or in your own eyes. Being made to feel small. And when you are made to feel small - enough times, all the times that you are made to feel small you get angry about it. And yet you don't speak your truth, you push down inside your anger down into your middle self. And that anger that is pushed down inside here becomes - depression, it become sorrow, it becomes sadness and grief - and when it becomes so big a burden then the Soul says, "I cannot carry this burden any longer, I have to leave this life." Do you understand?

The secret is when you encounter such a person as this...

(end of tape)

...feel little and to then say to them you have to find this for yourself, so they come back from being sad, to being angry. And you may begin a little bit by just talking a little bit like that, just a little bit, just to get them a little bit... "Don't do that, don't do that." Then they are starting to get irritable, irritable is a small anger and they get irritable and then they say, "Don't do that, leave I alone." Then you say, "Do you feel angry?" And they say, "Yes I do, go away." And you say, "Wonderful, what is making you angry." And they say, "Because you keep on talking at I." And you say, "And it makes you angry? How do you feel about telling I that, that I am talking at you too much?" And you open the doors, then the doors begin to open into new places of discovery, because, when they are angry that is energy, that is power that can be directed in a positive way in to bringing a healing. Now this will not uncover all of their angers, it will not uncover all their little belittlings - it will only uncover what is coming to the surface at the moment. However once you have done it once, you can do it twice and three times and so on and so and so on. And once that has happened the person will never go right back down to that place even again. You have to beget the process. Understanding how the process starts you can work it back the other way.

So you have depowerment, belittling, discounting - that equals anger.

Suppressed anger equals depression. Suppressed depression equals taking the life.

So you work backwards, like that, until you come back to how it is that person have allowed themself to be made small of. What has happened upon their life to cause them to be made small of? What wordages have been given to them, what deeds have been done to them? And then you teach them how to speak their truth - how to say, "I don't like it when you do that. I don't like it when you say that. I don't agree with you when you say that." And you teach them to be strong in their, truth of the moment. And remember it is only the truth of the moment because your own personal truth changes as you grow however it is still important to be able to speak it. And most of these peoples that are reaching this point are being prevented from speaking the truth. This is not a (creditable?) place to be. Sometimes you have to bide your time before you can speak your truth, is that not so? You have to bide your time and wait until the moment is right and then you can let your truth out from inside. Wonderful to make you feel strong and powerful.

Now having saying this to you I would like for you to also know and to learn that as Warriors of the Light when you start to speak your truth you must speak your truth with compassion, to speak it with understanding, you understand that? The peoples that are learning for the first time such as you're speaking now, you have to let them say whatever they need to say how so ever they need to say it, just so as long as they are saying it and learning to say their truth from inside, and you have to let it happen. And it is as though sometimes there are great, ah a lot of arrows coming like this, from the hunter's bow coming out, and they don't hit you they go past you like this, you know! (Songee turns sideways to be a smaller target.) You don't let them come and land in your heart to wound you. You know? Because they are not angry with you they are angry with all the things that have happened upon their life, sometimes very angry with them own self.

So you teach them. You teach them how to not let these things happen upon their own life any more. Tell them about this - I show for you, about this formula that I give for you. Tell them about it. Scribe it down for them. Let them see it, for their own self, with their eyes. Teach them about it because when they are reading about it they will start then to make their connections between their feelings and their actions. And then it is just a short step from there to make connections between, their feelings and their attitude of mind and make - and so on and so forth.

Because the action come from an attitude of mind. "Somebody does something wrong to I, I am going to hurt them back." No, you teach them then that by doing this that is not the correct way to get your power back. Somebody hurts you, what has happened is that they have make small of you. They have made you this size. So what you do then is you get your power back for you-self. And that is what you will be doing, you will be getting your power back for you-self.

Stealing our power

I was just considering though, in the Aquarium Gospel and when Jesus says well if someone goes to steal the shirt off your back then you give it to them. And I mean I suppose now that I examine the situation it is different to that, although not really because he is taking my things, um so just if you could explain that other question as I don't quite understand the difference.

Songee: About taking...

I realise not to go over there right, Right! You know anything like that, I realise that but, yeah I don't quite understand.

Songee: What you are saying is that when somebody comes to you and they go to take something that belongs to you, mayhap they steal from you, and instead of saying to them, "I'm going to, I'm going to take it back and I am going to punish you." You say, "Do you really need it? Have you a great need of this?" And then you will, you will give it to them. You say, "Well you need it therefore you keep. I will give it to you."

Because what is happening is when somebody is steal something from you, they are taking your power. This is the meaning of this. So you look at it from that perspective. As when somebody is taking your power from you, it is as though they are taking your coat, your protection, your prana, your energy, your life - is taking something precious from you, something that you require. So when they taking this from you, in order to get it back you get it back in a different way from being violent or aggressive.

Oh I see. Oh right that's ok then. Yep.

Bodies violated

Songee: Those peoples that have been suffering because of a Lesson of Life that mayhap they have had of the life, where they have been abused - and we speaking about the words 'should' and 'shouldn't', how these words are words of abuse that you use to each other - all the time. And it is for your responsibility to stop using them, to stop abusing each other - they are violent words.

Now those that have been violated of their bodies, when they are young - grow with many fears inside of them, many, many fears. Many difficulties in their life. Mayhaps they do not let others come into their lives so very readily. They are frightened to have friendships and many other things of this nature. It makes things very difficult.

Sometimes they work diligently to make for the world that they have afraid to face, with a smile on it. And yet inside, deep down inside, they are crying with the pain. And they learn to put a blanket over the pain, to hide it away, to tuck it down inside - and only very occasionally do it come to the surface to show itself. And now the most difficult part of this process for this Souls is to learn, to forgive. Because forgiveness is the answer to releasing the Soul from the torment of the event. Now remember that all events of your life, no matter what they are - good, bad or not so good bad - are things that you have all elected before you came to this earth to experience.

Also you have Karma. Once the Karma is done it is finished. In order to break the Karma of that cycle you have to forgive. However peoples do not understand what is forgiveness. So I am going to tell you this lesson once more because it is a very important lesson, and although many of you have hearing it before it is still have to be given over and over again because there is always another pair of ears that need to hear it.

How to practice forgiveness

Forgiveness comes from saying 'Thank You'.

Oh! How does someone who have been violated say 'Thank you' to the Violator? Horrors! (Songee claps the hands) You don't. You don't say 'thank you' to the face. What you do is you say 'thank you' in spirit. From your spirit to their spirit. Because remember that you came to either pay back karma or to learn a Lesson of Life.

Now in the event that you have paid back Karma, you say, "Thank you, thank you for coming into this life with I to help I complete the Karma of this. Thank you. Now that it is done I am no longer bound by it, so thank you." And with that, when that is heartfelt and comes from inside, that is when the Soul goes free. And that is when forgiveness happens, forgiveness, true forgiveness from your Soul to their Soul - it happens. You don't have to say, "I forgive that person", because there is nothing behind those words, it means nothing, unless you have first learned how to say 'thank you'. Thank you for the lesson. What have you learned from the lesson? You have learned to be strong in this life. You have learned that you can surmount all manner of emotional obstacles in your life.

And that when you reach this point of being able to say 'thank you' for this Lesson of Life then it no longer has power over you! You can let it go, once and for all time and beyond. It will not come back to you in anymore life times ever, and you will not be responsible for being such a one to give to others in a life time as a result of Karma. So you earn to say 'thank you'.

Somebody hit you on your face, it is the same thing - it is a violation of yourself. Somebody say bad things about you that are untrue - it is a violation of you. Ponder on it! ...

Songee what is the process of learning that leads to that point.

Songee: It is a realisation that needs to come. The Teaching that I am giving you now is the Teaching that you would pass on to such a one and say to them, "This is what you need to do. This is the process, and in order to free yourself of the pain and all the power that it has in your life up to this point, you need to do this thing. And you have come to I to hear this. You have been brought, been directed most probably by Oneness to I to hear this Teaching, so that you will know how to begin the process of letting go of your pain. Of letting go of all that has been locked away inside for so long. Otherwise you would not be here listening to the Teaching."

So you passing this on, as you do. And each person you pass it on to, then you need to be there for them to help them as they learn and grow. As they learn to find each little thing that they have to, they have to let go of. So that they mayhap saying to you, ah "This one say bad words to I." And you say, "Well how did it make you feel inside." And they say, "Not very good." "What did you say back to them?" and usually they say, "Well they didn't say anything."

Small depowerment straight away. And then you say to them, "Well what happened next?" And they most probably will say to you, "I didn't do anything and I went away." "How often have this happen to you? This person how often they do this thing to you?" "They do it all the time." So then you can say to them, "Hmm that's very interesting, do you usually stand still while somebody beats you up? How did you learn to do this thing? Where did you learn to stand still while somebody hits you like this whether it is with words or with fists - how is it that you learn to do this thing? When did this first start in your life?"

Oh then you start to find out all the little secrets of where it is coming from inside, then that is when they will make their realisation. They will say to you, "I have this happening when I was small child. It has been this way all of my life."

Oh we have big loud noises. (Someone sneezed)

So this is it you know. Then they will make the realisation that - "This person is doing the same thing to I now, in this life now, that was done by another person so many moons ago when I was small child." And they will make their connection with it, you know? And then you can go further with that and be there for them to give them love and nurturing, you know. To give them the compassion - unconditional love. This is compassion.

The word 'unconditional love' it drips off the tongue so readily by so many peoples and nobody knows what it really is. It is compassion - compassion is unconditional love. Love, Universal Love, the Love of Oneness that come through from Oneness into your heart and shines out for everybody who needs it. Compassion.

So you be compassionate with the peoples that come to you in this manner and you love them and help them with their difficulties. And very slowly they will learn, not so slowly. I give you earth time of how slowly, as you are asking (It seems Songee heard someone considering this) - about eight of your earth weeks, you will find that they will undergo the process of letting go of this pain inside. And mayhap they have been living with this pain for many, many, many, many years of earth life. So in a very short space of earth time this pain will begin the process of going away and the person will become empowered, within their being. And this event of their life will no longer have power over them.

It does not get forgotten. You have to teach them that they have not to forget it. It was a Lesson of Life that they came to learn, they must not forget it however it will not have pain attached to it. However in remembering it when the time comes for them to help another who has had a similar difficulty of violation in their life they will be able to say to that one, "I know what it is like because I was violated once in my life, or twice in my life, before and now look at I, I can speak to you about it without pain, no suffering. And I can smile at you when I say it because it has no pain for I anymore and I can teach you also how to feel this way." Is that not beautiful?

And then that person when they have learn-ed enough from you will go and do the same thing for somebody else and so it goes on, you know. Each of you bringing this beautiful gift of love to another and another and another. Is that not beautiful. And that is how the love spreads out around the world, by helping other peoples to release themselves of their pain. Teaching them these things I am giving you now. You learn them, you listen to the words that I am giving you, put them into practice in your life and your life will change, you will start to understand you-self better and then you will start to be able to teach it on to other people and they will teach it onto other people, and so on and so forth.

The words of Songee are not for one, they are for all to have. All of you to have for your lives.


So Songee before you can help somebody do they have to, obviously you don't know whether something is wrong with somebody until they discuss it or talk about it, or release it, before you can help them.

Songee: Oh no, no. You don't have to have all the detail of things...

I am waiting for you to finish all your funny soundings.

Sorry. (Someone was getting a glass of water.)

Songee: ...No you don't have to know all about the details of everything to be able to help a peoples. However you do need to have compassion and you do need to learn how to use your, wordings of life in a correct way. Because unless you know how to use your wordings correctly you can inflict damage that you would not be desirous of inflicting without even meaning. to because your awareness is not there. You don't know that you have inflicted harm, because you are not aware of it you know. So you have to learn how to use your wordings in a kindly way without making for the 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts' and without attempting to tell them what to do with their own life. You cannot say to them, "What about you going this thing or that thing or some other thing." You have to use you wordings in order for them to find for themself inside, their own power. How to find it, how to use it. So you do whatever you can to enable them to find their power side themself and then you teach them about how. Give them the tools of how to make their connections, how to find their realisations. And when you do this thing then they will start to find their way out of their pain. Does that answer your question?

Some, it raises more questions in my mind actually.

Songee: Very good, so mayhap you might like to consider them and put them down into your middle self, because questions of the mind will then have to ponder on a little and take them down into here, to see how you feel about them. You know?

When you are speaking to somebody most of the time in this way you are better not to say to them for example, "Well you did this thing, what I would have done is this or what you ought to or should done is that." What you can say to them is - I am speaking this very much about the peoples that have been hurting in this way. This is what I am speaking to you about now, not about just ah, ah things of your everyday - you would say to them, "Mayhap, (Long silence) when you were small and this thing happened to you, what else would you have been able to do?" And then will come back to you all the answers for this. And you will hear things such as - "I couldn't do anything. I should have screamed, I should have kicked, I should have done this, I should have done that, but I couldn't, couldn't." And then you have to say, "Well of course you couldn't, how could you done something. You were only this big you know and that other one was this big. There is a big difference in size. So you didn't have the power. However you have the power now. You are strong now. So what was it about that thing that take place in your life that you have been made strong from it."

And this will then encourage the peoples to go down inside themself, to say to themself, "Well you know I am very strong, I have had to be very strong. I had to be strong because of what happened to I and I felt so unwell with it that I had to manage my life some manner, somehow, so I have managed it this way." And then they will come to it, and they will say to you, "Well certainly I am very strong. It did teach I to be very strong. I have learned that I don't have to do something that I don't want to do anymore. I can please I self. I have learned that when I want to go somewhere I will go somewhere by I self." You know. All these manner of things will come about the strength that have been found inside and so you build on this. And when they start to find another weakness of themself then you say, "Well what other strength has that taught you? What other thing has it given to you for your life?" "It has made I look at people more closely to assess them when I meet them."

In actual fact Songee it has literary fucked up every relationship I've ever had, ever had.

(This person is sobbing and very distressed. There were at least 3 other people in the group who were crying and just hanging in there with their own upsetting memories.)

Songee: So it is time to let it go, is it not. That is right, time to let it go. (The person was kneeling before Songee who wrapped Her arms around this one with comfort and love.) You stay with Songee.

And all those people that are here, you are all feeling something inside youselves, it is for you now to acknowledge - come if you want to come, come - and be with each other too. Be with each other because this is what... That's right, that's right share it together. That's right and share, because the pain of this child is moving more of you. And it doesn't have to be in there, let it all go don't hold it back...

Gee I'm hot. (It was as though everyone was in shock and dealing with their pain alone as we all usually do.)

It's Songee that makes things hot.

Songee: You hold each other too, hold each other, don't just sit there, hold each other.

Now the healing can beginning, you know. Now the healing.

Now you all holding each other because you are all hurting inside. This is going to change.

I hope so Songee.

Songee: It IS going to change - don't hope. It IS going to change.

OK. Thank you.

Songee: All this began a long time ago, it is already changing. Everything is going to change.

It was such a shock Mum dying. It was such a shock.

You feel as though you are being ripped to hell.

(The Group are talking amongst themselves. Songee is bringing healing energies to the one still in Her arms and to the Group.)

Songee: You are very brave, now this is changing.


Songee: Because this is what happens you know it begins to change inside. And remember that it is a process of change that brings you freedom inside for the pain that is there. And all of you have carrying inside of you your own pain that you need to let go of. And all of you will do it in your own way at different moments.

And such is the Power of Light and the healing energies that you will not know when it is going to happen for you. You can resist it as much as you like however the healing energies will release it from inside you. Is that right? You have to be open to let healing happen you know. You have to be ready to make this step for yourself, to take yourself away from the pain, to be free of it.

Is it necessary to have a conscious remembering of it.

Songee: Oh certainly because the conscious memories are part of your life.

Well the one I am looking at the moment...

Songee: Not in this way that you are saying. Oh you don't have to have a memory of it in order to free it.

So just carry on with what I am doing?

Songee: That's right.

Because I am being shown it and I have worked through it, looking at it and went through it, I still don't have a conscious memory of it. (This lady is crying.)

Songee: It doesn't matter, your body knows, your awareness knows and it will show you in the fullness of time when you are ready. Don't force it. Never force it. That is too damaging. You must always let it be gentle. Let it happen naturally and be open. One of the biggest things is to be open, because when you are open about these things - I don't want this tree, this for you. (Songee was holding a box of tissues and was passing it over to someone who needed it.)

I don't need a tree either.

Songee: When you are learning to be open about this inside, although it will hurt you and you will have leaking will happen, you know, this will happen many times as it is all coming up to the surface. It will reach a point where you cannot deny it anymore and it has to be spoken out loud.

I am beautiful

Once it is spoken out loud it ceases to have power, that is how I say that the healing can begin on another level. The workings that you have been doing have uncovered much to this point however now the healing can go on another level, and start to heal the Soul more. So when you are able to say to the world, "This is I, this is how I am. This is what has happened to I in this life." And it doesn't matter whether it is something of this nature of whether you are saying, "Look at I, I am beautiful." You are acknowledging to yourself, to Oneness that you are beautiful. Beautiful Soul and you are bringing it to the attention of everybody around you. And you are all beautiful Souls and yet, I can hear you sitting there saying, "I'm not beautiful. Who is She talking about, I'm not beautiful." Time for you to now believe Songee when I say - you are beautiful! You are all beautiful! You cannot walk in the Light and follow the teachings of Light and not be beautiful. Because the more you follow the Light the brighter your Light becomes and more beautiful you become.

When we walk through the shops. S got stared at didn't you by everyone.

I didn't feel very beautiful though.

Songee: This is what I am saying to you. You are saying down inside yourselves - I am not beautiful. You have to say - I am beautiful, I am beautiful, that right? You are beautiful! You have to say it to the world and then the world will start to see your beauty that is inside. It is there you just have to let it shine out. You know. Let it shine out.

So how are you going to be? Because Songee is going to have to go however before I go there is some soundings for you to make. It is of the beautiful angel child ...

(end of tape)

Songee: ... doing you know, because something of this nature that comes from inside like this without decision of the mind it is the Soul speaking out its truth and saying, "I don't want to be this thing anymore. I want to be free of it. I want to let it go, so help I to let it go." And that in itself is a celebration, do you understand? That in itself is a celebration,

So we are going to celebrate together this wonderful thing and encourage the healing process to go on more. And I'm going to leave you to the soundings of this for you to join together and dance with your hands or dance up on your feetings if you want to, whatever you feel you want to do and to celebrate the Soul's release and Soul's courage, you know. Very important and you can all share it because you all shared the grief.

I am going to go now and going to leave you with the Power of Light and Love to be with you all in your lives wherever you are and in everything that you do.

May the Power of Oneness to be with you always,

And dance your dance of freedom, I dance with you for a moment then I am going to leave you.

Songee can I just ask one question?

Songee: No, we are done now for this night.

(The music starts to play)

Songee: Loud soundings, much soundings, feel it inside yourself. Reach out...

(The music was track 6 'Feel Free' from Pia's Benediction Moon, truly beautiful music, so healing after this evening.)
Pia's Benediction Moon can be heard at this link.

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