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Raising the Kundalini

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Raising the Kundalini'
A Teaching from Songee 13th July 2000


Thanking Songee
Shivers up the Back
Feeling the rising Kundalini
Channelled Healing
Kundalini Rising through the Chakras
Putting aside our emotions when we channel
Working as an Empath
Finishing Channelling Healing Energies
Learning a New Way to Channel Healing Energies

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This evening was held at the Point Chevalier Community Rooms in Auckland New Zealand.

Music: is from Denean's CD Fire Prayer..
Track 12 - Spiral to the Center
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Thanking Songee

Songee: I am here, greetings.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: You made soundings disappear.

Yes I know. Songee would you mind shifting your chair slightly forward. Running out of room behind you to get to the machine.

Songee: I know this sitting thing. I can make for this you know, and then you can do whatever you like.


Songee: So. What have you for I this night? First of all did you searching in your Souls last time we meet? Have you been diligent and searching your Souls.


Songee: Very good. Most important - oh you have great long legs like a spider. That right?

At least they're on properly.

Songee: I hope that is what it is. You don't look very happy.

I'm not then.

Songee: Oh might be lots of them (?) very interesting. Is that not so? I am look deep down inside. How soon that you are leaving this night time, earth place of being. Is that right? All of it. So.

What do you have for I?

Only to thank you. Thank you very, very, very much that I am aware that there is a possibility of meditation and um, and how to do it. I'm, that has held me back for a long, long, long time. But your suggestions have helped and it's like being in a darkened room, a dim room and then seeing a window in front of me with the light of the sky shining through. And I 'think' that if I go towards the window and look out I might see further.

Songee: Oh no doubt about it, not 'thinking' about it you will certainly see for a long way, however you might like to consider making your window a door that is like you can open it and then when you are ready you can go through it so that you are not just looking out of the window of what might be, you then have the opportunity to open the door and walk through.

That would be good. Thank you.

Songee: Or mayhap you can have both. You can have window and door. Is that right?

Even better.

Songee: Then you can have a look first before you go out of the door.

With me it is wise to look before I leap.

Songee: Oh you won't have to leap you just have to take one step and you be in the other realm. It is very easy to go from one place to another.

So what have you for I? Everybody sitting very silent like little soldiers in a row. Nobody speakings.

I had a dream last, this morning, I...

Songee: I knew...

I knew I was going to get that.


Songee: Oh my, what are dreams. I know what we are going to do. So you have for this. You stand up there and tell everybody all about in your dream. And we will sit here and listen. Is that right?


Songee: Good sit. (Songee has changed places with the person who is speaking.) Tell everybody about your dreaming, and everybody you can all have your saying of what you feel. Is that right? And then everybody sharing it with you.

Oh OK. This morning I dreamt that I was with Margaret who was going to be, move into a big ar, I can see it, it was a big paddock sort of thing and you were there. We were doing all the preparation work and everything you know. And um Peter was there and all the people that belonged to the Trust and other people that wished to help out were there too. And then Peter came to me and there was this lady that needed the toilets and she wasn't well, and Peter could not understand what was wrong with her. So I went, and he came and got me and I went and had a look. She was obviously a lady that was in labour and I could see the baby and the way it was positioned and everything like that I was talking to the baby and it was really awesome. And I believed it was going to take quite a while for her to have the baby by the way the baby was positioned. And then whatever happened, happened because I can't remember that bit.

And then I was in this maze thing, looked like a maze with all these steel things and there was this white car that went through, right thought this maze and went out the other end, oh that's pretty cool. And then I found myself in a bus, and Peter was there too in the bus. And we first went back, reversed back and we came out the front through this maze, and I was quite impressed by that. And as we were going through it - as we were coming out the front there was that lady that was pregnant that is no longer pregnant, I'm not too sure what she was any more, because I felt I would not leave a lady in pain cos it's not the correct thing to do. It's not safe. And I woke up.

No comment!


Songee: Any bright ideas?

Well I felt what it was is the maze is what I have been going through at this point and I am going to see the light in the tunnel of what I have been through. I went, I was dragged backwards and I come out OK. I believe I will be coming out OK.

Songee: Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to go forwards do you not?


Songee: And the maze will represent all the many twists and turns that you have been taking in order to avoid what you have been needing to face.

Oh that's so practical.

Songee: Is that right?

Yeah that's right.

Songee: Just feel it, don't believe it cos it is something that Songee saying to you.

No it isn't.

Songee: Because it is not, ah it is not for you to do that, you have to feel it inside yourself. And you are being shown that you have much around you, much peoples and lovings around you. And this ah, this one that was giving birth, this woman-kind is showing you how there is to be a beginning, a new beginning.

I do recall that too. It did say that to me. Now you said that.

Songee: Very good.

They did tell me - sometimes...

Songee: Sometimes this child not listen you know! It is very difficult when child not listen is that right? Is that right?


Songee: Do you like sitting in this seat?

No I prefer that one actually.

Songee: Go back to your seat if you want to.

What do anybody else to say? All silent. Everybody knows all the answers and all the answers to the questions of the Universe.

Talking about dreams I had one, I don't normally have a dream but can't remember most of them. But this particular one was very, very strong in my mind when I woke up. I had these five little, actually heard of them that day, five little - like those, I call them police boxes that policemen stand in. Like those ones outside Buckingham Palace that one person stands in with a door.

A sentry box?

Yeah a little sentry box, it wasn't actually um, then I worked it out it was at a railway yard and it had the guard there. A guard standing in the railway. Four same side, four in a row along way back. And there was two old ladies that I know very well, one that's in spirit now and the other one (?). They were great friends of one and another. And I rang up next day to find that she was still around the one I had dreamt about you know. Because I had had an idea it might have been, could have been something to do with (?) passing into spirit. But it's um it's, I could look at the building and see it so clear.

Songee: So mayhap you are being shown that this one is soon to pass to spirit however there is no time for soon. Is that right?


Songee: No time for soon. Songee's soon is not the same soon of your Earth. Is that right? Songee say soon and you complain bitterly because it doesn't happen to you very quickly of your earth time.

Sometimes it happens too quickly. Speaking from my perspective that is.

Songee: Anything else?

Those five boxes what does that represent?

Songee: Five is a number for communication. So you are being given a message of Communication from Spirit. Understand?

Shivers up the back

Yes. Something I was going to ask you is ah you (?) probably been asked the question a dozen time before when I haven't been here. Is you get a very cold shiver up your back and we had an old saying years ago that some people still say it, that someone has walked across your grave. I wondered why it was, why it happens, why does that happen?

Songee: It is Spirit coming close into your Aura.


Songee: And you are sensing it in your physicalities, so you feel it as this feeling.

Feeling the Rising Kundalini

Songee:When you do the breathing that Songee teach for you down into your middle self then you will find that when you do it correctly that your middle self will get very warm and you will get an (fusion?) of energy go up your spine which is the action of the Kundalini Energy going up into the Crown Chakra, you know.

When you feel that shiver, that's what happens then?

Songee: That is when you do the breathing, it is that the Chakras are opening so the Kundalini Energy will come up and it is a response to Spirit coming close to you. You are sensing it, you are responding to that. And so you feel it in your physicality. You understand?

Yes I do.


Songee: It is the same when you are standing to be channel for healing energies, when you are breathing properly and you are doing your workings properly you will find that you have this (fusion?) of energy will go up your physicality because your Chakras open you know to the energy, that is coming to be with you.

I was wondering like when you know how we did the Kundalini course and we worked on raising Kundalini, and that, that was very intense and does that mean that before we did that the Kundalini wasn't really raised? Has it gone back down now once we stopped doing that work?

Songee: Kundalini goes back down and lives in the Base Chakra. That is where it resides. The difficulty lies that many of you have had your Kundalini released at some point of your life, it has shot up through the Crown Chakra and come back down very swiftly and then lodges into one of the other Chakras. And when it do for this thing usually that Chakra become block-ed for a while and you have all many of disharmonies in your body that relate to that Chakra point. So by learning how to release the Kundalini energy you are learning to release it softly and gently taking it back up to the Crown Chakra and back down to where it belongs in the Base Chakra.


Songee: And then when you open yourself each time you do workings of Spirit then you are opening your Chakras from the bottom all the way up to the top, you know?


Songee: And as you do that the Kundalini comes a little each time so you open the Base Chakra and it says to the Kundalini - Time to work, get ready, wake up. And then it comes to the Orange and you are going to have the Kundalini come up to that Chakra and waits patiently and then you go to the next which is the yellow and it rises to that point and waits patiently, and so on and so forth. Until you go through all of them.


Songee: Now Kundalini channelling will go to the Crown Chakra and come back down and go out through the Third Eye. It will manifest out through here, not through here (The top of the head). Interesting. So it goes to here and it goes to the Crown Chakra and opens it and then it comes back down to this one (Third Eye) and goes out through there.

Does that mean you can see it? You know sometimes when I lie in bed and out doing I can see all the different colours.

Songee: That is the Chakra that has opened, that is right, however you find that when you have not done this working of the Kundalini where you have realigned the Kundalini Energy with purpose behind it, that you will be existing and practicing your workings sometimes with Kundalini resident in the wrong Chakra.

Now there are many peoples that are about in your world who will say to you that they can align for you your Kundalini. And this mayhap is something that certain ones will have the ability to do. However they do not have the ability to make it stay put! Do you understand? They can help it to come out of the Chakra which it has resided and caused disharmony and return it back down to the Base Chakra however they do not necessary be able to make it stay there. And sometimes when they return it to the Base Chakra it gets locked in, in the Base Chakra, either can take place. And so then the person will start to manifest disharmonies in the Base Chakra. However when you learn how to raise your Kundalini your own self by your own management, your own training, your own awareness - it will come up the way it is meant to come gently.

Kundalini is the Serpent Fire, the fire of the Earth. It comes in from the Earth and into the Base Chakra and then up and then out. It is like the Serpent, it is called the Serpent Fire because it is like the Serpent. The Serpent that uncoils itself and when it come up it doesn't all time have its head like this, sometimes it is like that (Bent forwards) you know that way and so it comes up and out that way. Do you understand?

So where it go from there?

Songee: Into the Aura.

So by doing Yoga does that raise it or like when we were in class we opened the Chakras is that raising it...

Songee: When you are doing these, ha - when you are doing Asanas you will be raising your Kundalini through the Chakra points. The difficulty lies in the many peoples that do this thing have had the Kundalini stuck before time and they have to practise much for to make then to return to the Base Chakra. They are not practicing with the intent of moving the Kundalini however it is moving anyway.


Songee: And as such that part of the teaching is not given until much later when you want to learn more about this way of doing things.

Oh OK.

Songee: It is very usual that you learn to do these many things without being told what it is that is happening to you. You are told that you can do these different Asanas and that you will improve your health, is that right? You are not told how it is that you will improve your health. You are told that mayhap that the energies of the body will become realigned and that is true, you are not given the information about Kundalini because there are too many peoples around and about that would not be able to receive this information kindly. They will be - how say I for this? unsure about it, mayhap they would afeared of it. And so this information is kept away from them. Do you understand?


Songee: Is that very clear for you?

(Another question was asked)

Songee: No.

If you have had it raised by a teacher who can do this and has done it for many, many people and she teaches Meditation, is it possible that in some people or myself who isn't very evolved that it could not have the results expected by the teacher that it could, as you say, block in various Chakras and how would one clear, clear these Blocks?

Songee: First of all I'm going to give you question - how do you know that this one has indeed the gift of which you speak. What is your proof?

Proof um... Oh well this Shemataki is, was a born realised Soul and...

Songee: How do you know?

I've been told. I have to accept on faith...

Songee: So I want you to just look at this thing I'm giving you this to open you up, your awareness, you know. Because it is important that you open up your awareness. So how do you know that the Soul is such?

It is said that the effect is like when it is raised its like feeling a small cool breeze on top of your head as the Crown Chakra opens, or I felt this cool breeze and felt it on the over the heads of many other people. And also coming out of various Chakras when they are healthy and working well. So I can actually feel it come up the peoples' spine but as I say I am open to relearning of what I've been taught if it is not correct so could you tell me whether this person is doing it correctly?

Songee: First of all you have to first of all let us say about the Soul and its, who is making this claim about the Soul being, what was this, word that you say? Born is...

Realised, born self realised, a realised Soul. It means that she has her Kundalini already raised and the Crown Chakra open.

Songee: And when this one was born to the Earth how do you know that this was so?

Un well because I have been told. I not, I'm not thoroughly clairvoyant so I can't see, I have only accepted in good faith.

Songee: That is not quite what I meaning for you. That is very good, however when you have this gift of seeing that can be very advantageous. What of the speech with this one. Is there anything in speech that would demonstrate to you that this is a Soul of such a nature?

Yes I 'think' so.

Songee: So what would you say is the speech that would demonstrate this thing?

It's just her knowledge of spiritual matters and she has given counselling to various people which has been a help to them but I have never obtained that counselling myself but I know other people who have.

Songee: And what of the life and times of this Soul? What do you know of this?

She was born in India and her parents were of royal birth and during the uprising against England before India obtained an independence she lived for a short time in the Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi. Her family had great sufferings but she, she endeavoured to bring self realisation to as many people as she could but her father said that unless you can raise their Kundalini unless you can give them the experience they will not understand. So she married and she bought up children, her children two girls, and when they married she then started to teach self realisation. She worked out a way to raise people's Kundalini to have that experience. And she was able to open Crown Chakra and the effects of this that you feel that's there's a cool breeze on your hands and you can detect on each finger what Chakra is catching in order to put vibrations into the Chakra to release the blockage. But I must say that personally I must be very, very blocked because it doesn't seem to have had the right effect on me. That's my own personal experience. Other people have apparently it's been very good for and they have been fine and they have obtained good Meditations and become very peaceful and well balanced people. I wish I could say the same. (Laughter) Sorry.

Songee: Very good. Now we go to a talk about this raising of the Kundalini and when you say about this cool breeze that passes under the hands and on the Crown Chakras...

Up the spine. Comes up the spine.

(Songee is moving towards the person.)

Songee: Could we find one of those seating on things. Back here. That is very good. Now we need to take off these things. It makes lots of soundings. That's it. Have a seat, not you, this one, sit, sit.

Sit on here?

Songee: That's right. Come here. Now. Would you like some soundings? I make for you some soundings. What soundings will I make for you?

This one is going at the moment.

Songee: Ohh that's alright. We make it not go. Is that all right.

You haven't got that little thing to play with. (There is a remote that Songee often gets to use.)

Songee: I have knowing of this machine because Little One (Sally) has teaching I about this one. Will we have this one. We have the singing of the People's of the Earth. That is good for People's of the Earth. So you are going to have now, I have to find this, you have to have these things, is that right? That's good this one here, is that right?

That's the play one.

Music: is from Denean's CD The Weaving..
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Channelled Healing

Songee: Now are you ready. What I want you to do is close your eyes and be alert and what Little Shaman is going to do is to open himself to be channel for healing energy. And I want you to sit with your eyes closed and to feel what whatever you can feel. Is that alright?


Songee: Nothing very strange is going to happen to you. Are you ready? Breathe.

(Little Shaman is the young boy who with his mother and sister attended the Trust's Classes and Public Gatherings. He is an experienced channel for the healing energies. Songee is standing close by. Usually those of the Group who wish open themselves to also be channels.

Songee talks through the Channelling explaining the Channelling Process. The Music is very loud and the words are difficult to hear.)

Songee:I will get you now to come over the chakras... keep your eyes closed... (The lady is talking with Songee.) What do you feel heat, cold?

... we do the same for you and when you stand to be channel for Healing Energies the Kundalini comes up, it rises up and when you are working with somebody you are drawing Kundalini from the Base Chakra up through to the crown of the head, this is the reason you have been given that you must start at the crown of the head and finish at the crown of the head because when you place your hands on the crown of the head the energies go down to the Base Chakra and say to Kundalini - Wake Up! Come along, time for work. And then it is having to come up through the Chakras, and when you come back to the crown of the head and you are saying thank you for allowing me to be a channel for healing energies to Oneness then that is the signal for the Kundalini to begin its journey back down through the Chakras to go back down to where it needs to be in the Base Chakra.

So it's not constantly going round, it needs to reside...

Oh OK.

Songee: You need the Kundalini Energy in your life.

(There is more conversation that can't be heard over the loud music.)

I was just curious about that.

Songee: What happens is Kundalini Energy will be residing in the Base Chakra and when you reach a point of your own awareness it is set (?) to when you have to come to do the workings the Kundalini Energy will rise up like that... (Songee clicks the fingers.)

Will it react to the heart...

Songee: If you have Kundalini Energy come up too fast this is going to be something....

I was also going to ask the question is that really good... (Unheard comments.)

(Other people talking.)

Songee: If Kundalini Energy is working and functioning well with you, very well in yourself, in all aspects of your being, when it is stuck in a charka you are not feel so good, you will be feeling unwell in yourself. You may have to feel too restless, mayhap to feel too sad, you mayhap have a pain in your body somewhere.

(A comment was made.)

Songee: It's alright keep going you have got to remember to try and breathe and do what you would ordinarly do.

Very good.

(More unheard comments)

Songee: It is not always one thing, it can be many things ... fear, you don't know they are being quiet ... anger ...

This would be a very good opportunity for you all to do this thing, would it not? So mayhap you like to have some more of this things. You all have this things for the experience...

(Lots of furniture was moved and people talking. The room was being set up for everyone to channel Healing Energies.)

Songee: Do this dance you know? ...

Oh certainly you have lots of spaces here.

(The guests are talking about who will be where for the channelling.)

Songee: Who is going to put their behind on the seat?

So, those of you sitting you know what to do. Closing your eyes, taking the deep Breath of Life. Close your eyes, deep Breath of Life down into your middle self. Keep breathing.

Those standing remember to open yourself to Oneness -

Great Spirit all Life and Love, I offer myself to you to be a channel for the Healing Energy for this Child of the Universe, I ask that nothing of I pass to them and none of their's pass to I ... Thank you Oneness for allowing I ... Everybody breathe... The Breath of Life. Feel the Breath of Life ... breathe ...

(The music and the channelling continued for some time.)

End of side one


Songee: You need to change places ... Don’t ask just go and do it... He’s in training you know ...

(There is a lot of conversation while they sort themselves out.)

The Lady who spoke earlier says to Songee - I have never done thing sort of thing before in my life.

Songee: Oh that's no matter I will teach you, I teach you. Just wait a moment. We are not in a great hurry.

Everybody needs to take a deep breath. I have for you this for you to sit because this one is very small and you will not have to bend down so.

It would be good.

Songee: So you can put your behind-self on there to workings. Sit up straight Little Shaman, straighten your back. Straighten your back. I am only making fun of him.

White Eagle1 would give you a bit of a push to get it right.

Shake you upside down.


Songee: Now it is very simple what you got to do it. It is called The Dance of Love, you know this thing. The love without condition. Close your eye, close your eye and take deep breath into your middle self (?). And you are going to now be aware that you are going to be a channel for Healing Energies you are going to offer yourself to Oneness. (?)

So... (Songee is giving information for the channelling of healing energies but the music is so loud the words cannot be heard properly -) Now you are standing there, what purpose are you are standing there for. Take a deep breath into your middle self and you are going to now be as a channel for Healing Energies, offer yourself to Oneness.

'I offer myself to you in service as a channel for Healing Energies that nothing of I goes to them and nothing of theirs comes to I.' So...

(When the channelling was completed Songee went through the finishing words.2)

(They now change over so the person who received now channels. When that is completed there is a sharing of experience between everyone.)

Songee: Now you can all have talkings about what you do and what you feeling while you doing these things.

Everyone come closer now. Are you alright there? Bring your seatings come closer together then you can all speaking together. Is that right?

So you need to know that when you are being a channel for Healing Energies that you - do you have to make your machine go?

Oh yeah it turned off.

What machine is that?

This one.

No, no, no, it's going. Don't touch. I did it before.

Songee: Did you make your machine go?

Yeah. Would you like some music?

Songee: Oh, I have making for soundings for you all to go home away with.

No the recording is - I did it before.

Kundalini rising through the Chakras

Songee: Very well. You need to know that when you are being a channel for the Healing Energies that all the chakras will be open for the energies to flow through. And when this happens the Kundalini is also going to be raised for you to go into the different chakras however you also need to know that the Kundalini is not to stay in the chakras, it is to return back down to the Base Chakra.

When you are acting as a Channel for the Healing Energy and you become skilled at it, you will start to feel the energy flows through your own body. You will start to be aware of when your chakras are being used to bring energies to the person that you are working with.

You have seven major Chakra points in your body. You have thirty two, all told, chakra points in your body. Every single one of them is going to be used to be channel for Healing Energies. The seven main ones are the ones that you are most concerned with. So any one of these will be used, or more, and are given moment of channelling. So you will be using the Crown Chakra, the one here at the third eye, the one at the throat and the middle self and so on and so forth. So when you are standing to be channel you have to not be afraid-ed to touch because sometimes you need to align your chakras with those of the person you are working with.

Putting aside our emotions when we channel

Songee: It is good to be able to hold with love another being, to bring that Light of Oneness into their life with kindness, with compassion - nothing else, just kindness and compassion. And anything else has no place in this, it has to be put aside. All feelings of the Earth must put away.

When you are working in the Light there is no room in you to be harbouring any of the negative emotions of life - fear, greed, jealousy so on and so forth. You put this all to one side when you offer yourself to be a servant to Oneness. That is the reason that I am teaching you to do this thing so that you will put all these things aside. And remember that what you have come to be, at that moment - if for no other moment - you are there to be a Channel for the Healing Energies.

Nothing of yours is to go to them and nothing of theirs is to come to you, so that you maintain your integrity of your own beings. And it also means that in the event you have many things happening upon your life that are not very pleasant that the emotion and pain of these things will not go to this one that you are working with. And in the event that such manner of things is happening for this one that you are working with it will not come from them to you.

Now this is not 'proof for the fool'3 you know because occasionally as you are learning you - how say I this? You are not very skilled at it - and so sometimes you waver just a little for a moment in your focus. You waver in what it is that you are there to do. You find yourself pondering on many things apart from what it is you are supposed to be doing, and in those moments of wavering you open yourself up to whatever is happening with this person and sometimes mayhap you may feel some of their pain within.

Working as an Empath

Songee: Now this is different thing to when you are working with them and you are being Empath. When you are being Empath you will find that you will feel their pain, their sorrow, as though it were your own. And as you feel it you are sharing it, and as you weep so will they weep. You will find that when you are empathing with a deep sorrow of one you are working with - that as the tears come down your face so the tears will come down the face of the one you are working with because they will be in synchronicity with you. You know? And that is different. You will not feel the suffering and go away with it in your life because as they are released of it with the Healing Energies, so it will pass from you and you will know then that it has passed from them. Do you understand? That is Empathing, that is very different from when you are not focusing on what you are doing, you are forgetting to do your breathing, you are forgetting to putting yourself to one side for the purpose to be this Channel for Oneness Energy. And when you start to allow your own ego to come in and to get in the way you become conscious of yourself and you wonder whether you are doing this right or not doing this right, and so on and so forth. And that is how it is when you are learning. I am letting you know this because as you become more skilled this will move away from you, you will not do it so much, you will not be so conscious of yourself.

Does that answer all your questions now?

We also mentioned about not speaking. We were discussing about not saying Bless You because some people say that.

Finishing Channelling Healing Energies

Songee: That's right. When you are learning it is important to learn also part of this, is that when you have finish your task and you feel that your task is done, the Healing Energies will continue long after your task is done. So then all you have to do is bring your hands back to the Crown Chakra and to say thank you to Oneness for allowing you to be a channel for the Healing Energies. And then when you have done this you very quietly step away.

You don't pat anybody and say 'Bless You dear' and 'Thank you' and so on and so forth. You don't do any of this thing. Because you have this person that is sitting there have gone on a journey mayhap and they have to finish their journey. And when you pat them and say wordings in their ear and they are away on their journey you bring them back too soon, too quickly, and it can bring them back feeling as though they have not completed something. Sometimes they will come back too swiftly and they will land with a bump back in their bodies and that makes them feel unwell for awhile. So you are being taught not to do this thing. Sometimes it is that you have not been given this teach and you don't know any better, and that is alright because you didn't know. However now you do. So the next time that you come to do this thing you know now, do you not, that this is not something that you are to do. You don't do it.

Is that understood? Is that what you saying?

And this is then able for the peoples to come back quietly in their own time. And always you must look after the person you are working with. Stand by them, sit by them, anywhere so long as you are close to them and can reach out a hand when they come back and are ready to be touch-ed once more. Don't touch them unless you see them coming back fully into their bodies. You watch their face, watch for them coming back inside their bodies. And then when they are back you have touch-ed them and say-ed to them - Are you alright now. And assured yourself that they are back completely in the body. Mayhap just a little snoozy. Then you go and find for them the Waters of Life. Always give the people you work with wherever possible the Waters of Life after you have been working as a channel for them. It does many things on the physical body, it cleanses the body, it makes the organs of the body clean themselves out of all the disharmonies that have been in the physical body and also to it enables the body to come back into a central point. You know? So that it becomes back into the Earth once more, fully. So all of these things.

Also too because you are offering the Waters and you are saying - Please here for you are...

End of side two


Learning a new way to Channelled Healing

(Little Shaman had channelled Healing Energies to the lady who was speaking earlier and then she had channelled to him.)

Songee: So you are giving them Bless-ed Water which also then will continue the healing process in the spirit as well as in the physicality and the emotions. Understand?

So how did you manage this, this day? Did you feel for yourselves the energies flowing through, giving and receiving? Would you like to talk about what you receiving?


Songee: What did it feel like?

Strange cos that person didn't touch me very much. And then she (?) my body (?). It appear she shake me.

Songee: When did this happen? Did this happen.

I don't think so.

Songee: What happened. Say again.

When I... At the end... You shake me and it made me come back quick.

Oh I'm sorry. I'm still not understanding what to do properly I'm learning.

Songee: That's right when you don't have the learning...

I think my ego is still in my thoughts.

Songee: That's right. However now you know you know not to do this thing. So next time you don't do it. So that's all right. This is for you to hear because then you can get it...

I have a lot of respect for her so I... so just have to learn to not worry, do things correctly.

Songee: That's right. What you doing when you hearing it from somebody who is on the receiving end of it you are hearing it from the mouth of the horse are you not? Not just because Songee say it.


Songee: This one is saying for you that this is how it feel, came back too quickly. So you have it, Ha...

So I know next time not to...

Songee: Not to do it. You finish at the crown of the head and say thank you to Oneness for allowing you to be a channel for the Healing Energies and then you wait. You watch the face, you watch the body until the Soul comes back inside it again. Very good. You did very well. And this child is very, very beautiful channel for Healing Energies. And you have discovered for yourself.

It has definitely, definitely helped a lot and I am very grateful, thank you. Yes.

Songee: So how did you manage? How did you manage because for you a practise was it not?

Well it was for this style of healing. Songee I actually go to the Spiritualist Church in Point Chev and we do healing there on the people who attend and I, I suppose I say I heard at the Church we have roughly seven minutes because we might have fifty people sometimes, and so the way we finish our healing is to put our hands either side and just bless them. And that tells them their healing has finished.

Songee: And this...

Here it is different and of course we don't go over the whole body cos some people object to it.

Songee: That's right. This is because this has not been taught about safe touching you know. And this is how Songee is coming to teach peoples about this. And certainly you can be long or short however you need to ask the Spirit People to make it short earth time and that way you are not governing when it is going to be start and finish. This is a lesson for them to learn also. They don't know how to do this thing. So they not been given the teach, they don't know any different. And when you have this so many peoples then mayhap there needs to be more peoples who stand to give the Healing Energies.

Ah yes. It's an hour session so they haven't got time, so they just got to, anyway it's how they do it.

Songee: That's right. So they have managing this way however it is not very good for the one that is receiving the Healing Energies. And this is - you have you have using the wordings of this you say you telling them the healing is finished. That is not as true you know. That is not so true because the Healing Energy does not finish, it continues for as long as they are requiring it. Your task only is finished. And what is happening is that the peoples that are doing this thing are being govern-ed by their own ego-self. They are attempting to meet an earthly requirement.

When you hand over to Spirit then all the requirements will be met including the earth ones. Do you understand?


Songee: And it is learning to trust that this will take place. Certainly there will be some that will take longer than others because mayhap they need more energy than others. They need, need more intervention, than others.

What I am teaching people is that you are not the one that decides how much, how long and so on and so forth. In the event that peoples want to offer the Healing Energies for this thing then they need to be prepared to give more of their earth time and not be so - what is this word I not have that word before, what is this stingy?

(Laughter) Tight.


Songee: Oh. I was going to say this - being poor with time - however this one is giving I word stingy.

That's right.

Very restrictive. They are restricting their...

Songee: That's right. So this is it - not to. This is a lesson that these Souls could learn were they open to learning it. I am not saying they are open to learning it however that is a good lesson that they could learn. Because when you are offering yourself to be a channel for the Healing Energies there is no room for the ego-self to be in the way of it. Healing Energies will go, and in the event that you only have short earth time that is alright. The peoples in spirit will work with you. You say to them, there is not a lot of earth time, then you carry on with the Healing Energies however let I know when I task is done after this amount of earth time. That they will do this thing and you don't have to do anything about it. Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes I understand what you are saying.

Songee: That's right however in order to change the minds of those people you alone may not be able to it by talking. You may have to do it by demonstration by starting to live and walk and breathe the teaching. Do you understand?


Songee: So that as you walk and live and breathe the teaching you will be the example, you will the living example of what is possible. And there are many ways to bring the Soul back to the body. When you are working to be a channel for Healing Energies and the Souls is leaving the body and gone on the journey - mayhap sometimes you have watch-ed Songee or Organism. Sometimes when somebody is - ah I borrow you again. So you pretend, you close your eyes and you put your hands down by your side and just let yourself go all loose, like that. That's better. Now let yourself begin to drift as though you are going to go out of your body, that's right.

Now when you want the Soul to come back into the body and you have finished your task then you can speak to the peoples that are with them, the Doorkeeper and Guardian and you can say - 'Please bring this Soul back down into the body. Bring them down now gently and quietly' - like that. Take a breath inside now. Feel yourself... And you watch. Is that right? Did you feel it coming, going and coming back.


Songee: And this is how it is done when somebody is away for a little while and you are aware of the earth that someone else wants to come to be receiving the Healing Energies then you can call them back. You can say, 'Please is it time for you to conclude your journey and the healing will continue for you. Please come back now. Time to come back.' And you can bring them back to their bodies this way asking them nicely, quietly from your Soul to their Soul. And then they will come back.

Sorry to interrupt Songee. Do you mean to say that you say it from within you to within them rather than out loud?

Songee: Oh you don't say it out loud.

Oh good. That's what I wanted to know.

Songee: Oh no, no, no don't say it out loud. That's the same as getting hold of them and shaking them.

(Laughter) Hello is anybody in there.

Yeah that's right.

Songee: No you don't do for this thing. You bring them back gently like that. This can be done. Now mayhap it is that the Soul has gone on a long journey and has much to learn and much to assimilate when they are away and you have to let them do it. And even though you call them sometimes they will not come because they have got to finish what they are doing. It is polite to let them finish and be with them and sit with them until they do return. It does not matter how long it takes. Even if somebody else has to run about and do lots of other things and you sit and you wait with them because that is what is needed at that moment.

I have heard Roberta say she has done that for a long time, like an hour or more.

Songee: That's right.


Songee: And it doesn't matter. In the event that somebody has to make for these things to close and lights to go away then somebody stay with this one until such time as they come back, take care of them and together you can make for your things, doors to close and the your lights to go away. It is only to give space. You will find that you will not be so many that will do this thing because they will come back because their people will respect your request.

And when you start at the crown of the head and you finish at the crown of the head and you know that this is going to be the pattern of things then the Soul will also recognise and it is as though it is being given a signal without you having to do anything more. So that when you feel the hands come to the crown of the head you feel the energy flowing through the body down to the feets and back up and then the gentle(?) healing energies go and then you finish once more at the crown of the head and then you step back. And when you put your hands back to the crown of the head that is going to send the energies back down to reside right down into the base chakra you know. So that completes the cycle. And the Soul when it knows of this will respond to this and it won't be very long after that usually that they will come back to their body - usually. It is only occasionally you get one that goes on a long journey. So you might like to begin to practise a little differently and find out for yourself. It will be not be very easy because you will be finding your own ego-self being conscious of - I haven't got very long and I wonder whether everybody is going to shout at I for taking too long with this person or that person. And you will find that you will have to overcome that consciousness of self to begin with. It will take practise. Mayhap you like to practise here first.

Wouldn't it be one to one though if you had fifty and there're twenty five people doing it wouldn't it?


No don't they do that.


Oh. Because that would take a lot you need more time for each person then like we did in the hall that...

Songee: I was always present you know. However peoples are not sure about being channels for Healing Energy, they don't believe that they can be such a thing. They believe that everybody else that is doing this thing has very special gift and that they are the only ones who can do it. They don't believe that they themselves have the ability. Everybody has the ability to be a channel for Healing Energy. All that is required is encouragement and the teaching to show them how. If this little one and others like him can do this thing and be a channel for Healing Energy anybody can. Is that not so? So mayhap the teaching needs to take place. Mayhap Songee needs to come and teach them.

We'll put it to them.


Songee: And that would give something else for them to consider.

I'm going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power of all your learning and all your sharing and all your loving, and then I am going to give you some sounding to listen to, to go to your homes.

So I leave you with all of this,

To take you through your life,


So Be It

Thank you Songee.

Songee: Do you want to make for this to go? Just press it to go.

And you will be singing your song and dance in your song together.

The Music that played was 'Prayer' Track 5 of Pia's Benediction Moon.
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The Second Well Trust does not have permission to play Pia's music.

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

1. White Eagle - Most of the students had at some time been channelled to by Roberta-Margaret’s Guardian White Eagle. He was quite positive with what needed to happen during a channelled healing session.
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2. Finshing words - can be found at this link: And the other Prayers for channelling Healing Energies.
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3. 'Proof for the fool' Fool Proof.
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