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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Promises'
A Teaching from Songee 3rd August 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
Walking on Air
My sore back
Rebirth and renewal
Seeing Colours
Teaching the Child
Learning to Trust Ourself
Discerning Lies
Tithes to The Second Well Trust
White Beaver - Ceremony of Cleansing and Gifting
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This Gathering was held at the Pt Chevalier Community Rooms in West Auckland. The Essential oil was Patchouli and the Incense was Black Beauty.

We've got the right music. OK everybody, uncross legs, shut your eyes please. Take a deep breath.


Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind...

(More Guests arrived and were greeted... Then a name round was done.)

Roberta-Margaret: For those of you who have not been before and haven't experienced deep trance channelling. Have you experienced deep trance channelling, seen it, heard it, done it? (Laughter) Been there, done that. How about you Irene, Irena have you experienced deep trance channelling?

She's seen one.

Roberta-Margaret: In trance?


Roberta-Margaret: OK. So if you've got any questions you want to ask then please do. My awareness of this room completely goes away from here. My spirit itself leaves this room and goes out into the World and does things out there. So when I come back I don't know anything that was said in this room. So if you say anything to me, I might seem to give you a fairly lucid answer however I'm really not with it. I don't know anything that's happened here. People often tell me stuff straight afterwards and although it may seem to make a lot of sense, about a week later if somebody said to me you remember when I told you about that on, after the meeting, its blank because I don't fully integrate for about an hour to two hours afterwards. It takes me awhile to sort of really get back to earth and I'm better to be told stuff even as long as the next day. Would you say the next day is relatively safe sometimes...

Usually too late then...

Roberta-Margaret: So yeah so anything relating its best to talk with Christene or Diana or Angela or Brian or somebody, Sarah, Heather. Anybody but me. I don't make a lot of sense. Anyway. OK if there is anything you want to ask me before I actually go...

OK, you alright with what we are going to do. We are going to read a small prayer, listen to some music, play some music to focus on and I go away to the music and Songee will come and speak with you. The Energy of Songee.

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Music: tracks 17 "Interlude" and 18 "Anzara"from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here, greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: So, gathering together is it not of old friends together once more. Walking once more, as the soundings say to you, on sacred ground. And sacred ground is anywhere wherever you are gathered together in love and harmony together. To honour Oneness, to honour Life. All of this puts you on sacred ground. So welcome.

Do you have anything for I this night?

Walking on air

Songee I have got a question. In the Bear stories you are talking about how the bears taught the... Windrunner and the She-Bear were talking, teaching the little bear cubs how to walk on air and Christene and I were talking a few days ago what that actually really meant. We had our perceptions however really would really like to hear from You what that means and how we can apply it in our lives.

Songee: For I to answer this question you are going to have to have readings of this that I give to you and that is to talk about the story of the lessons that was given. Do you have this thing with you?

No because it hasn't been published yet. We have the first lesson where they go to the sacred place but not when they go on the journey and they come back again. No, No this is back a few times. They went to a clearing and the Windrunner was talking, teaching about how to walk on air while the mother went and got food.

Songee: Do you have this scribings?

No I don't.

Songee: So I am going to say for you that you would perhaps be prepared to have this thing. To have the scribings so that the scribings can be spoken and then you can have this talkings together about it because it is not a simple, (Songee claps the hands) just to answer you this question now. I am not going to refuse to answer you this question however those that are curious about it mayhap you would like to have a – let your Souls have a look at the story of 'The Great She-Bear'1 for youselves. Then mayhap you will questions of your own that you would like to ask I about how the creatures learnt to walk of air.

I'll bring it next Thursday for you.


Songee, how did the Stonehenge place. How'd that it get named and what did they use it for?

Oh that's a good question.

Songee: Ah this is the place of the Ancients of this land that you speaking about. Where the peoples came together and they raise-ed up the great stones in a circle, is that right?


Songee: It was made to be a place such as we have just spoken about, a sacred ground. It is a place of coming together, of being one with the energies of the earth and the sky and with nature, everything around. So it was a special place of being. There are sacred places all over your world that the peoples of the earth have come from many times to honour the ancestors of their peoples and they come to the sacred grounds to do this. They to make medicine for their people, to do honourings and so on and so forth in the sacred places. And this is one of such. It was built many, many moons ago... by the people that wandered about and travelled about the world and you have names for these peoples in some of your languages. Ah one of the namings for this is Celts. These, these are peoples travelled all over your planet. They came from the dawn of time and travelled all over the lands and the oceans. And wherever they went to they set down places of power, places of ritual, places that were sacred to them. They also used knowledge of the stars, of the heavens because they bought with them the knowledge of the heavens when they came to the land. That is how they managed to travel you know from place to place by knowing about the heavens. Does that answer your question? Yes.

Songee: Does anybody have anything else?

My sore back

How come my back's...

Songee: How is it that your back is always sore?


Songee: Always sore!


Songee: Mostly all the time?


Songee: Now we have the truth of it. So when is the sometimes that it is sore?

On Mondays...

Songee: On Mondays. What is Mondays?

The first day of school. The end of the weekend.

Songee: Ah. So this is the first day for you to go to do your workings. Is that right? Mayhap you don't want to go to do your workings. Ponder on it. Mayhap either you doing too much runnings about or doing too much lyings about. Is that right? And now you are coming to the time when you are going to be able to go away from this place of learnings, is that right? However having been at the place of learnings now you are enjoying it and you don't want to leave it because you won't be able to have as much fun. So you have to change for this in your mind. Also to you need to drink lots of more waters of life. You change what is in your mind about what is happening in your life and the best way for you to do this is to start taking responsibility for yourself in your life. You are not too young to begin responsibility. No childrens is too young you know to start learning responsibilities. You teach them as soon as they are up upon their own feet. Before they are up upon their own feet they are not to be responsible. As soon as they start to get up onto their own feet that is when you start to be teaching responsibility about the world in which they live in. Is that right? Very important. You start with the little lessons and start building up to the great big lessons. So responsibility begins at soon as the child starts to walk.

Rebirth and renewal

I have a question. It is nice to be with you again Songee. Thank you. I'm just come back from a scared place Machu Picchu and while I was meditating on the rocks there, two words came quite powerful and quite strong language – rebirth and renewal. I waited a (?) - just those two words. I was wondering if you could explain those words.

Songee: Those two words contain everything that you need to know. You do not need to look any further. They tell you everything. It is time now for you to move on with your life, to set aside now everything of the path on which you have been walking, time to put it to rest. You know? Time for you to go forth now, into the rest of your life, rebirth with your new beginnings - this is what it is saying to you.

Whether you will do this is for you to find out for yourself. However it is time, you understand? It is time.

There is a time for birth, there is a time for death and everything in between is a cycle of life. And so it is with the lives that you live. You undergo a process of this cycle of life and as one phase of your life is concluded then a new beginning is born, and now it is time for you to step forth into the new birth of your new life.

There is one other thing that has been given to you to know in this manner so that you will know that Heaven supports this movement. You understand?

Seeing Colours

Songee when I put my hands over my eyes I can see all these colours and I don't know what it is.

Songee: There is a physiological reason for this, it is when you press your hands over your eyes it stimulates the nerve endings in your eyes and you will find that all the colours of light that you eyes have perceived will come and dance in front of your eyes, like little sparkles. This is as close as you will get to looking at an electrical field. Is that right? Because you are looking at the little sparks that come from this electricity in your nerve endings of your body. All these beautiful sparkles of light. Mayhap other peoples have been playing doing this thing in their life when they were childrens.

Songee we had a telephone call, the Trust had a telephone call from a lady that lives...

Songee: Oh this is your bells.


Songee: The bells. I like the bells.

As she has asked three questions and I rang her tonight to have permission from her to ask the questions during this meeting. And the question, that she asked, wanted to know the answers for was – Why don't I trust my husband? What is wrong with my son? And will my own girls be fine? Her major problem was not trusting her husband.

Teaching the Child

Songee: This I will come to last because it is the childrens that need to be address-ed first. Ah the female child has been born to the life and there are certain lessons that this child is going to receive, receive because this is how they arrange-ed their life. There is something that all womens-kinds that are mothers to childrens need to know and understand. So this is a lesson for all.

And that is that you are not responsible for the lessons that your child has elected to have in this life. The life that was chosen before the Soul came to the earth. Your responsibility lies in to guide the child and teach it the very best that you can in all aspects of being for this life. To give that child all the tools that it will need to survive in the world in which it has been born. So to teach that child love, truth, integrity so that no matter what happens in the life the child will always return to the early lessons that have been set down by the parent or the one who is loving them in their early life. All lives of all Souls that come to the earth are journeys of discovery, are journeys of lessons of life.

Many things, Karma that has to be repaid, lessons that you have elected to learn on this life for youself so that your Soul will advance forward in knowledge and understanding. All these things you have planned before you come to the life. So no matter how seemingly perfect or imperfect a life may seem to be in the eyes of anyone else, or in the eyes of the one who are living it you need to remember that the life is a journey, an adventure, a place for you to learn as much as you possibly can to make yourself strong and powerful in your spirituality and in your integrity and your honesty. And when you remember all of these things then mumas you will know that your childrens will always be alright. No matter what their lessons are that they have come to learn, no matter what their ups and downs may be, no matter what the severity of them may be and no matter how hard the lessons seem to be remember the Soul has elected to have this life.

Love the child, love the Soul. Always give love no matter what happens, always love the child. Even the muma of one who does murder, loves her child. She does not necessarily love the deed that has been done however she will still love the child, such is the nature of mumas. So remember that this is the most important thing as childrens grow, teaching them from as soon as they begin to walk on their two feets, teaching them about love, about integrity, about honesty and about responsibility. You teach them from this until they are a-grown.

They get to the age of about seven earth years and about that time of their cycle of life they start to move away a little from muma and papa and they start to go into the world a bit more by their own self. It is at this time that muma and papa's start to wonder whether their child has suddenly changed Souls because as they grow from this age through they begin to seem to be different people and all the lessons that have been taught to them sometimes they wonder whether the child has truly learnt those lessons.

I give it to you now don't despair mumas and papas because the child will have learn-ed the lessons have you given to them well between the age of birth and seven years of your earth life, their earth life. You understand? And they won't really come back fully to these lessons of life until they start to come into the age of being grown into their bodies. And that is about the third cycle, the third cycle. You have a cycle of seven years – earth time. So your third earth cycle is about the time when the child starts to come back to the lessons of very young which you have given, you know. It starts mayhap at one two year before that, just - you start to see the change beginning to happen. Remember it is not chop like a knife, here and then suddenly chop like a knife everything will stop being that way.

There is a blending of the time you know, so there is a transitional period between the two ways of being – the child slowly grows from earth seven year through the next cycle into becoming this strange creature that you wonder where did it come from, you know. That is usual. And every so often you may get a little glimpse of the child that you knew that was your child you know, that was your baby, you get little glimpses of this baby that you had that was growing and was so beautiful, sweet and nice and everything else. And somewhere in the middle of this it disappears, this child, and you have what peoples in time passed used to call changelings. They used to believe that they did not have a true child of their own that it was a changeling, and so this is how it seems to be.

And then when the third cycle comes, just before it is beginning to come to the third cycle, the child begins to start reverting back to the lessons that were given very early in life and starts to take back the responsibility, starts to become more at one with the world and the people around them in it and so on and so forth, and this is part of the growth. So although this is a very long answer – the short answer to that question is that the child is going to be fine. The child will be alright, the child will do well in its life only Muma you have to be aware that there is going to be a time when you will seem to lose your child don't worry the child will come back to you. The child always comes back to Muma.

The boy child is very disturbed. The boy child is having difficulties in learning about becoming a grown man. Learning about responsibility, this lesson has not been absorbed very well by this child. There will be difficulties. I am seeing now two aspects - I am seeing a small child, a small child that has yet to grow, small child that has not been taught responsibilities, that has been allowed to do things and behave in a manner that is not going to give the child the tools that it needs when it is grown. So these are two aspects of this that I am giving, that I am seeing for you to know.

So it is very difficult when the lessons of life have not been set down in the first of the seven years because then the lessons have to be learn-ed when the child gets past the third cycle. They cannot be effectively taught when they are in the second cycle. It goes in one side of the brain and out the other you know! As though there is nothing in between to stop this information to go through. So although you can keep saying and keep saying, keep saying it does not get absorbed by the child not until they begin to come to about – between sixteen and eighteen of the earth years, then some of it will start to stick a little. Not very much, some of it. At this time there is a lot of anger, a lot of rebellion in the Souls.

This Soul this male child of which we are speaking now has got a very rebellious Soul and as such is going to have many trials of life. And I am very sorry to tell you Muma that you are going to have lots of trials of life also. However do what you have been given now to do – Love the child, keep teaching the child the rightness, teaching about the truth, integrity, love, responsibility. Keep teaching it. Don't stop. There will be ups and downs of health with this child which will not make things any easier. Again you need to remember that these are the lessons of life that the child has elected to have in this life. However looking down through time, the child will grow to be a man and all the lessons of the life will have made the man to be strong, compassionate and very intuitive and sensitive. In order for this to be able to be manifest it has to be taught to the child in early years now that it's alright to cry. This is very important, very big lesson for male childs to learn.

It is alright to cry.

You are not going to be made sore of, because you are sensitive. And sometimes sensitivity, remember this everybody – sensitivity in male child is hidden by aggression. All you have to do to defeat the aggression is to assist the child to find their sensitivity within themself and be comfortable letting be seen.

Learning to Trust Ourself

Don't trust the husband...

This is a little difficult to answer because first of all I am going to say to you – what about yourself?

Do you trust youself?

Are you so insecure in yourself that you cannot stand with your head up in the air and know of your own truth and your own beauty inside.

I am challenging you to look at yourself. And this is for everybody. When you find yourself being mistrustful of others around you look to yourselves. When you are distrustful especially of your partner of life, look to yourself. You are mayhap placing upon your partner those things that you yourself may be tempted to do, to say, to be...

That took hold in a few places!

You need to know yourselves. Know yourselves inside and out, outside in. And learn how to let go of your own insecurities of yourself. Start learning to trust youself and then you will find that you will be able to trust others.

And this brings I back to something that I speaking to you about before time. When last we meet I speak to you about how you are when you encounter peoples in your life...

(end of side one)


Songee: ...of all the many things you can say about this thing, about whether you are comfortable or like peoples touching you, or coming close, or bumping into you, and so on and so forth. However when you are secure in youself, when you trust youself you will not have a suspicious mind, a suspicious being about those around you. You will not wonder whether somebody is going to steal from you. You will not wonder whether somebody is going to be unkind to you in the way they touch you. You will be able to sense within your being whether someone is to be trusted or not because your power will be large enough to protect you and you will not have to live in the fear of these other things in your life.

So this thing about not trusting the partner of life is part of the same teach I give you before time. Learn to trust yourselves. You know. Learn about yourself.

Have you got any questions about this? (Long silence.)

You all know the answers. Wonderful! You're so clever.

Are you talking about this particular subject?

Songee: This thing I am speaking about now.

Discerning lies

Songee what if you can't tell if they are lying or not?

Songee: This is something that is part of the gift of discernment Little Shaman. You need to learn about the gift of discernment and this is learning to trust yourself and learning to trust your own sensitivity, your own ability to reach out with your sensitivity and touch others. To be aware as I have said to you before time, like the warrior that is lying in the long grass, the hunter, and waiting and knowing where lies the enemy, or where lies the other peoples that are with you who are also hunting.

You cannot see them so you have to read the signs. You have to know by the way the breeze moves the sage grass you need to know, the rustlings and the sounds around you. You have to be sensitive to everything. And you stretch out your being until you can feel everything around you so that you become aware of Grasshopper going through the grass. You can hear him, you can feel him moving through the grass and you can say, 'Grasshopper what do I need to know?' And Grasshopper will tell you. You can hear and feel Beetle going through the grass and you will say, 'Beetle what is it I need to know?' You may also hear Snake going through the grass, and you say, 'Brother Snake what do I need to know?' And then there are the creatures of the air. You have Dragonfly, you have Butterfly, you have Crow, you have Hawk, you have Eagle – talk to them, ask them.

In your world of jungle of towers of these things you have of your livings, there are still signs you can read in this manner. Learn to be familiar and be aware of your world. Be aware of the sounds of your world. Be aware of the creatures in your world. Come to know them, come to know where they are and ask them for their help for you.

This is the path of the warrior, the Warrior of the Life, so you need to follow this path and you are going to be Warriors of the Light you need to become sensitive. And that is what you will learn Little Shaman how to be sensitive in this way, it is part of your learning and your growing of learning to be Shaman, you know? And this is called discernment. And the Gift of Discernment is a very essential gift that all Warriors of the Light need to have.

And another question is – What do you do when you find someone that has been telling you lies or what do you do when you sense that someone is telling you lies. First of all you need to say to yourself, 'Well do I challenge them about them telling I lies or so I let them believe that they have got away with it?'

Now sometimes it may be important that you let them know that you know that they are not telling you truths, that they are speaking with forked tongue, you know you have to let them know these thing. And other times you don't, you keep your counsel to yourself because you will also have the Gift of Discernment that will let you know that this one will be found out in their lie. And then they are the ones that will feel this small, not you.

Do you understand?

So never be too concerned about somebody is telling you untruths because when you are Warrior of the Light, when you shine your light onto others the darkness will always be revealed sooner or later.


May I ask you something regarding to what you have just been talking about. I visited with my brother in the last two days, I felt very angry about the way he behaves in that sort of the repercussions of behaviour. And it's not the first time it has happened and because I don't like to be sort of harsh and yelling I sort of went Oh OK and tempted to be understanding about it but I was really angry, I felt very, very upset about it. And um I didn't really know how to manage what I was feeling. Like I attempted to sort of let go but the anger was really - really, really strong.

Songee: So this is a lesson for everybody to know when something happens in this way, let us go back to everything, the rules, the foundations of things. Not The Foundation Stones2 that I have speak to you about before time – this is the Foundations of the Knowledge I have given you before – when you are angry what is causing anger?


Songee: Depowerment. You have been made to feel small somehow, made to have your power taken away from you. So this happens.

Mayhap – I give you another example of this – mayhap the child comes to Muma and Papa and says, Is it possible for us to do this thing of life, and Muma and Papa say, Certainly we will do this thing of life I promise. And the child gets very excited and gets ready to do this thing and then Muma and Papa say look I'm very sorry we can't do it. Once, the child will forgive however when it continues many times, the promises made and then not kept, this creates a feeling within the child of small worth, a feeling of depowerment and so the anger builds up and builds up and builds up inside until one day there is a great explosion that comes from the child. And Muma and Papa say, My goodness what a dreadful child you are. No! What a dreadful Muma and Papa, I say to you because you have broken promise once too many time.

So important lesson never make a promise you cannot keep. Never promise something unless you are prepared to fulfil it. Be careful of what you promise. It may not be within your power to grant that promise.

Promises are like the wishes in the fairy stories that you have for childrens, where the fairy comes and gives three wishes so that they will happen for the person. The three wishes are like promises, they are promise of something that the child or the person wants and would like to have in their life. And it is the breaking of these promises that create the disharmonies in your Souls. Learn from a very early age to teach that promises are always kept otherwise you will have an explosive child on your hands.

And this is the manner and the nature of what has happened with you with this thing. Promises made and not kept. When this transpires it is because it is a pattern that has been learn-ed from others before, from the parents have taught this promises, don't keep promises, you don't have to, it is not important to keep promises. So when this happens you now have a lesson to learn You-self and that is to speak your truth, to say to this person, 'Now you made promise, you have not followed it through, that is dishonourable. You are without honour.' Tell the truth because that is where the roots of this tree are. When you make promise you must honour it and we are speaking here about truth from this, honouring, integrity. Honouring of part of integrity is it not? You teach it to the child with responsibility as soon as it starts walking.

So these lessons are not being given, not being learn-ed. Have you been learn-ed of these lessons – No you are just now learning them. You understand? So you are seeing reflected back to you, is part of the other lessons I give to you, you are seeing reflected back to you some of the behaviours that you have had in your own life you-self. So although you see these things now it is time to change you-selfs so that you become aware of promises not kept, the damage it does.

However in order to regain your power you have to say, you did not honour your promise therefore you are without honour and leave it at that. You are not then responsible for the conscience, the conscience lies within the other person. You'll find yourself feeling much more powerful when you say these words because you will regain your power back to yourself.

Because I said I'm really upset and I feel very angry about what you've have done, but it didn't make me feel that much better. I still feel...

Songee: Because you need to know about this honouring of promises...


Songee: ...promises we have not talked about this before time. This is the first time I have speaking to you about this.

I mean...yeah because I know he probably doesn't even realise he's even doing it. I didn't realise I used to do it either.

Songee: The lesson here is always treat each other with respect. Treat each other the way that you would like to be treated for you-self. Be honourable to each other and be honourable to you-self. And being honourable to you-self means that you do not allow others to take your power away from you willingly. This does not mean you come to fisty cuffs over it, that is not the way. Gentleness, firmness, deliberate honouring is the most important thing to learn. And telling the truth, the truth of what is in your heart and saying, 'Well I understand what you are saying and what you are doing however I cannot agree with it because it is not honourable'. Is that right?

Have you got anything you want to ask about that thing, this honouring of things?

Songee I was going to ask you a question that does relate to that. It actually regards to my son. It was just today he was badly let down, or you could say lead astray or it was dishonouring again by a future business associate that sort of thrown everything out and actually the question I was going to ask is did you have a ray of sunshine message for him. But I think, he rang me up to tell me just before I left to come here and I felt very angry for what this person had done. I'll get over it, can I also ask this is there a ray of sunshine for my son or...

Songee: I have given it to you already. You can pass the teach to your child and say about the honouring, about the promises not kept. And how this one now needs to speak his truth and to say to the other, 'What you did or not do was not honourable. You are without honour.' That is enough, that will bring the power back to this one so that he will then be able to move forward with the life with power and strength within him to do whatever he needs to do whether it is to just let this pass now and move on to another part of this life. It will give the strength to do that. Do you understand?

Yes I do.

Songee: So in this way you can give him this teach. This will make you feel powerful for you-self because you have lost some of your power. You may have given your power to your child in order to give him the power and in doing so it you have depleted your own. Mumas tend to do this thing you know. However you don't need to do this thing. You don't have to give your power in order to help somebody else to be powerful for themself.

Alright. Yes.

Songee what if you give someone something that you get that they said they would swap you something but then they didn't give their, give to you?

Songee: Then they are without honour. And you have to say to them same thing. 'You have make a promise, you have made a promise to I and you are without honour because you did not honour it.'

This way, what happens is that the shame goes onto the person that has not honoured their promise, you understand. The conscience gets poked, you know, in the right place. And then you walk forward with your life and you don't ever say to that one, 'Well I give you if your give I back.' Because you know that this one is not with honour, you don't do it. And supposing that they look at you and they say to you this thing 'I give you and your give I', You say, 'No, I did this with you once before time and you were without honour. I don't know that you have learnt the meaning of honour since then.' And then you poke this, poke this conscience again. So then the responsibility lies with them to show you that they have learned the lesson of honour. Is that right?

Ah, that is very interesting, thank you. Ah the mens in the white coat (Dr Splen) is saying to I that you have peoples of your earth that are responsible for matters of honour of this nature among you-selves. And that sometimes you have to go before a Judge, is that right, in order to distinguish who is with honour and who is not. Is that right? So that when somebody is saying they will do something and then do not do it in the manner in which they have promised to do it becomes contract. Verbal contract, sometimes you have scribing down contract, is that right? Is that right Wise One?


Songee: And so you then you can go to see this Judge who will then decide who was honourable and who was not. It is all about promises made and promises not kept, and the ways in which human-kinds avoid keeping their promises to others.

Now I am going to throw all of you challenge. How often have you not honoured your promises to other people? You don't have to answer I, I don't need to know, just look inside yourself and ask yourself that question. And as I say to you before, in before teach, when you want something for your life then you must first give it out. You want honour and integrity for your life – give it. You want love for your life – give it. You want Coin of Life for your life – give it. You know?

Tithes to The Second Well Trust

Speaking of Coin of Life Songee say to all of you many thanks to you for your gifts of Coin of Life that go to The Trust of the Second Well. It is most gratefully and honourably received.

The Peoples in Spirit that are all with you and that are working, also honour this gift. Because although it is a gift of Earth it is also a gift of Spirit, your Spirit, because the Coin of Life for you in your world is power. It is power of the Earth and it brings the ability to bring more teach to more people of your Planet, so it is most gratefully received. Some of the peoples that are part of this Movement of Light are already giving to this movement something that is called 'tithe' to the Movement of Light. And this is a portion of their funds that they have, their Coin of Life that they have, that comes into their life as part of their gifting to the Movement of Light.

And to those of you that are doing this thing Oneness and the peoples of Spirit say thank you to you also for your honouring because it is something that is not greatly known by others peoples however Oneness knows where it is coming and says 'Thank You'.

And although at times it may seem that this Coin of Life is slipping away between your fingers sometimes it is because you are in a transitional phase of your life and it will come back to you. All that you give out will come back to you. All the love that you give out will come back to you. Whenever you help somebody to be empowered in their life then you will get that empowerment back when you need it in your life and that is in all areas of your life – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and fiscal, you understand?

White Beaver - Ceremony of Cleansing and Gifting

Songee: Now I'm not going to go for a moment however there is something very important that is going to be taking place. Do you want to say and to speak? Grandmother! (Songee is speaking to White Beaver3.)

White Beaver: Thank you for being here tonight it was very beautiful. I knew, I knew I had to come over the seas so far to gather more medicine in this sacred land of Aotearoa. And then to make it easier for me, for the Wairua4. It is coming together very well.

Songee: You will listen to your love and your heart are welcome always. And as you walk the Path of Light know that Sky Father Earth Mother are with you every step of the way. There is much work for you to do and the path is not an easy one that you walk. There are many things, many changes that are coming of which you already know and of which Songee have already been speaking to many peoples. The changes that are coming upon the Earth that you need to be prepare-ed for, the changes to the Land, to the Oceans and everything around you.

Is there something that you would like?

White Beaver: I don't know if that's the right time but I have some gifts for you, so I don't quite know whether this is the right time.

Songee: Oh most certainly. This is the right time and the right place. You are in this place on sacred ground. This place is bless-ed and is prepare-ed for anything that you need to offer or need to do.

White Beaver: Thank you. I will do the saging5 first and some drumming.

Songee: You are most welcome to do whatever you are needing to do.

White Beaver: Thank you.

Songee: While Unchi prepares herself. I will spend a moment with you about this Soul. This Soul has come across the waters of your planet however the heart resides in this place, even though the body has removed itself to a different place of living. Part of the Soul also belongs in another place on the planet across the waters to where the 'peoples of the land'6 dwell, is that not so? So the heart is very large and encompasses two lands and many peoples. And the Soul is been a gathering point for other Souls to come to. A beacon of Light to draw others to the Light so wherever this Soul goes others will be drawn to the Light that shines from within. So Unchi – 'White Beaver That Walks Far' has return from afar once more only this time you did not walk, is that right?

White Beaver: That's the one, on the big iron bird.

Songee: The iron bird – that's right. Songee know about iron bird. It makes a great roaring sound.

White Beaver: I would like to do a blessing if I may, this is what we do to honour the Creator the Maker of All, for we are all the children of the God that create for the journeys I come here... I would like to ask the Element of Fire to light the sacred Sage.

(The Sage was lit and it's smoke was used to cleanse the room. One of the guests was concerned about the fire alarms.)

Songee: Mayhap you need to have a (?).

White Beaver: I thank Great Spirit for the Love you give us all. I felt you full of love... Your God is my God for we are all the children... (?we are honoured heart and Soul always...)

I ask the Spirits of the sacred land, the (?Kuros) to be with us. (Then White Beaver begins drumming and singing.) I invite Roberta and Christene to come over here.

Roberta will be here in Spirit I would imagine.

Songee: I will bring the body for you as the Soul cannot come. I will bring the body for you. Would you like to come. This one will come also.

Songee would you like a stool. (Many guests are sitting on the floor.)

Songee: That would be a very wise thing. This body receive a great below to it. I don't have the words and so it could not get on this floor for you.

The child likes the Spirits.

White Beaver: Kia ora.

Songee: Kia ora. This is the language of the people of this land. Is that right?

White Beaver: That's right. I like to give you this gift.

Songee: It is very beautiful. On behalf of Organism I will say thank you to you and I honour this for her and I honour you for the gift.

White Beaver: I would like to give that to you Christene.

(end of side two)


When I was in Samoa I lived at Tangamapua. We only had the keepers had 300 areas there and it's amazing the things what I have learned which I have been told what going to happen before but you don't fall off the mountain so far down if you know what's going to happen. Like a lot dishonour for them but eh no wonder I felt like keeping some of the land for it to be keepers of. When you spray it with the poison it is hurting our Mother Earth. Poisoning the Earth that's why we gets sick.

I have been told what comes the silence and eh show by doing this important ... I know you understand. (White Beaver is crying with the emotion she is feeling.) Also I feel that the so called religion when people label themselves in a certain religion by saying for I am the only ones, if you are not one of us you are lost. And I feel very...

... There are no rights and wrongs in life. You listen with your hearts you go with your true feeling. There is no reason to go to a special church it is what a church could be your garden and anywhere, it is not a building. It is how you feel and there is no right and wrong way of your prayer. It is the song, you sing, every bird sings it's song and you are part of this.

So I would like, if I may, to share with you a poem I have written, the wairua come what I feel my roots lie here, my parents live here and have come to Aotearoa for our freedom and our better life and this is beautiful that they have gifted us, our roots lie here and now I would like to put the roots in sound, a stepping stone for the purpose I come as a blessing to get off the land, to honour the land of The Mother and to live, and know the survival, and to honour everything of Her, whether it creepy or the crawly, no matter how big or small they are all wonderful teachers. They all teach us we are part of it. You already have the power from there.

So if anyone would like one I would like to share.

Would you like to read it to us?

White Beaver: I could do – I should have bought some more out...

It's alright we can copy them.

White Beaver: OK. Don't worry about my ideas of... I offer my...

(White Beaver is overcome with emotion.)

The tissues are right beside you.

White Beaver: Oh great stuff. Thank you.

Songee: Oh these tears are liquid crystals of love that come from the heart. Is that right? And they are an honouring of everybody that be here with you this night.

White Beaver: Now I ought to have bought my four eyes as well. Maybe if I put the light on or something. I don't have good eyes. I do a lot of bead work.

Songee: You will have the sun shining is that right?

White Beaver: Sure.

Songee: So you like to make for yourself.

Just by the door.(The light switch.)

White Beaver: This one here.


Songee: Do you have great big, big suns. Do you have enough suns.

Six of them. (The lights)

White Beaver: Oh man.

Songee: Do you have enough suns.

White Beaver: It might work.

(Much talking in the background.)

White Beaver: I am not a person for writing I used to like writing but a lot of things are coming now so I feel that its hard to do.

Oh man it sure works, thank you very much.

White Beaver's Poem

(The reading of the Poem7)

It says - They had a drink together...

"In my younger days I met a young man, who I will never forget.
I could see the Sun, for we had so much fun.
We shared so much, for our hearts came in touch.
The time has come, to become as one!
We got married in all. Blessed with four children, a gift of Joy!
For our dreams have come true, for the Creator was in you.
Blessed we are, the gift of life, the path of beauty.
Learning our lessons day by day not knowing the future.
What is on our way.
The Time is getting Near.

For you have come afar, many seas away.
But something tells me, our journey to come.
This dream was a mist, but sunshine resists.
The smell came to me of frangipangi.
To come to the land where the seas are afar.
The Time is getting Near.

We came to Samoa to see Paradise.
It was in 1999, I see in your eyes.
The timing was perfect, for Great Spirit knows when.
Received with open arms of our relations at bay.
Feeling the love flowing my way.
Giving us stay for our rest, feeding us both (right for our test).
Thank you for this welcome, showing us love all the way.
Something special, I've never seen before.
Loving and caring you have opened the door.
The Time is getting Near.

As we first meet, we will never forget.
Just the two of us, we never regret.
To lay the foundation where our roots can be!
At Tanumapau, the land of the free,
Where nature is around us, the rest of our days.
The spaces of eagle, the birds and their songs
Sweetness of flowers, cooling of trees,
The plant life alone, there is so many words,
My man is at home now, has face shows it all.
I am happy for him this was his prayer!
Our children are happy in Aotearoa, the sacred place I departed,
But is with me for life, for I am connected for this I know,
For part of my body tells me so!

Our children are blessed what we left behind, giving the all,
All love and light to be like a star shining at night,
For I see your all, the people in Council sitting around,
Joining to cloud people not making a sound,
You all dancing so high and strong, I could hear you singing our song.
The rain people came with my tears and all, joining the circle of our call,
Sorry to leave you, this I feel deep in my heart,
I feel the pain, missing you so much.
What I've never known before, feeling homesick for the people I love,
Is this the Dream - the journey I have?
Help me Coyote, walk with me, you together, then I will see.

Fulfilling the Circle in Samoa to be Time to return, back through the clouds,
Big Bird will take me that is no doubt,
Giving strength to this longing of love,
Please Great Spirit bless me above,
Take me to the Land which I love.
The root have been planted here long time ago.
Bless me Great Spirit when I say Aho!

Coming in June for my three months' stay,
Gathering medicine along the way.
Climbing this mountain, I see so much more,
People around me are opening my door.
This is the vision that came to me many moons ago in 1993.
That is the patience Coyote give me.
But in the long run you just wait and see!
When time is right and tears turn to joy.
The water you share and the river will flow the depths of the seas.
And the you will know.
Seek with your feelings in your heart,
This is the message, this is the start.

For this is the purpose Great Spirit has given,
Let me receive for I am living.
May I have strength for this June to arrive,
May I surrender to be humble, for this is the blessings of more steps to take.
In Aotearoa for this is to wake
Wairua4 flowing, strong and deep,
Gathering knowledge in Council and sleep, sitting around,
Our vibrations so high,
Let us hold hands and reach for the sky.

'White Beaver – Unchi'

(The Group all held hands and raised them to the sky with laughter.)

White Beaver have we your permission to use that is our newsletter please?

White Beaver: Yes that's fine.

Songee: Do you want Healing Energies the Healing book?

So. Thanking you for this and all healing to you and your heart and your Soul.

And Songee is going to be going from you now because you time with Songee is now finished and Organism will return to you. So I am going to go and there is a special soundings that you might like to hear. It is the Path of Beauty because this will resonate with that which have just been spoken about the Path of Beauty and the beauty within that you have been speaking of love, is that right?

And it will bring to your hearts the love of Oneness for you all.

So I will leave you with the soundings of this in a moment.

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with the Power of Light and Love and the blessings of Oneness to be in each of your lives to light your path before you so that you may walk with knowledge, with wisdom, with discernment and joy and love.


So Be It.

Music: "Path of Beauty" track 13 from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

And Roberta-Margaret returned and received her gift from White Beaver and then began crying for the joy the gift had given her.

1. The Great-She-Bear All these stories can be found on www.songee.co.nz in Songee's Chestnuts.
And Book Four - The teaching about walking of air can be found at this link: Confidence and Trust
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2. The Foundation Stones – teaching at this link:The Foundation Stones
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3. White Beaver - a friend of The Second Well Trust sometimes visiting to hold ceremonies and on special occasions.
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4. Wairua - The Spirit, The Soul. The Spirituality of the occasion.
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5. Saging – A cleansing process using the smoke from burning the dried white Sage herb to cleanse and make sacred.
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6. Peoples of the Land - Songee is referring to where the tribes of native American Indians live.
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7. The Poem - This text was taken from a copy of White Beaver's writing. There were times during the reading when White Beaver was weeping.
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"Path of Beauty" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
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