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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Hypnosis'
A Teaching from Songee 8th August 2000


Crystal Light Of Love
Hypnosis is a Trance
Hypnosis during Surgery
Placing ourselves in Trance
Primal Fear
When our Soul leaves the Body
Overcoming Primal Fear
Walking on Air
The Great She-Bear – Confidence and Trust
Confidence and Trust - Continued

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This Gathering was held at the Community Rooms in Pt Chevalier in West Auckland with 11 people present. The Incense was Rose.


Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

Music: "Anzara" from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: Greetings to you I am here.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: What have you for I this night before I come to give you what I have for you.

Would you have the time Songee to get an in-depth description of Hypnotism this night or would you prefer to do that on another occasion?

Songee: I have already done this thing.

Yes and I would like to go over it again.

Songee: It will not be exactly the same language as before you know.

So you are speaking about this when someone helps another to go to sleep, is that right?


Songee: It is for many people who do this thing who use it and something I say to you before time that I will say and repeat for you this time of your earth, and that is that you need to be sure of the one that you give yourself into their hands, understand?


Songee: This is something that have been given to you before. This is very important.

Now... Welcome. (Someone has arrived late.) We wait for you to find seating. You need to put your behind-self on the seat, is that right?


Songee: And the speaking is just beginning now about how to put peoples to sleep.


Songee: Is that right?

I really wanted to go a little bit deeper than that and find out whether or not it is beneficial to the recipient, whether it has lasting effects. Also there is a series of questions that no doubt you will answer while I'm speaking that are related to that.

Songee: So first of all you need to be able to trust this one that you have entrusted yourself to, because remember that they must have integrity for you to place youself into their hands. I have speak to you before time about how this is sometimes misuse and abused by some of the peoples who have the gift of this thing. Have I not sayed this to you?


Songee: And how many things are given for peoples to do that are, they, it makes them small in the eyes of others. It denigrates them and makes them small. And because they have entered into the ‘game' of this they have to laugh. They are forced into a situation where they have to laugh at their own self however inside they cry and they are upset because they realise that they have been made small of. And because they have this realisation it then pushes it down inside and the anger is another anger to be pushed down inside. It reinforces this lack of self-esteem of themself, you understand?

So this is the misuse of this thing. That is, it is always good to talk about the misuse of things because there is always a good side and bad side sometimes to things you know.

Now not everybody that do this thing are without honour, so let us talk now of those that are with honour.

This Talent may be use-ed by certain peoples to assist other peoples to find information that is locked away in their psyche. Now inside you brain, the part of you that is your reasoning self, that stores away all the information of your day and all the encounters that you have with everybody. It is all stored away inside your brain and there it resides and – no that is not so, it is not that you only have a limited capacity to store things and that when you attempt to put into it information and you are full up that you cannot put anymore in - that does not be so. It is not, it is not finite in that sense, do you understand? What may give the impression of it being finite is because the individual may have difficulty bringing to the surface and speaking of the memories and the information that they have stored inside of them over a life time.

Your brain is the most wonderful tool that you have. However it does not work independently. It works simultaneously with your spirit-self. It is your spirit-self that gives you the ability to store information infinitely. Do you understand? And it is that aspect of your being that enables this to take place. And what happen is that most of everything that happens from the second you are conceived right through to the moment that you pass from this life and go back Home to Spirit everything of your physical life is recorded like your machine, it is recorded in your brain and in your spirit, together. You understand?

Absolutely everything!

Songee: Absolutely everything - every conversation, every smell, everything that you do, every deed that is done to you, every time you open your eye close your eye, every time you stand and sit down, everything is stored away in your brain.

So, I give you a second or so just to digest that. Don't get indigestion will you!

Everything from the moment of conception is stored in your physical with the assistance of your spirit-self.

Now what happens is that your consciousness is very selective about what it will and will not remember, and so a large portion of that which you have in your storage sits there and never has the lid taken off it – ho that is very interesting, Little One (Sally) is showing I the top of a hole that has got lots of webs from the spider and also has got bats up there. So that sums up this places where this information is store-ed is like these places, got of lots of webs from the spider and some bats in it. You know! You don't take the lid off because it is not needed to be taken off. It is still there, stored away. And there it is and there it resides. It doesn't go anywhere, it is there. For the most part it is forgotten about, it is not needed for everyday use. However there is also in some of this place, where is the spider and the bats, there are some containers that have locked away inside them information that you need and you don't want to unlock this containers and look inside because you are afeared of what might be inside them, you know.

Now this technique and talent of putting peoples to sleep can enable your spirit-self to softly and gently take you to these places to open up the containers to look inside at what it is you need to know inside, and that is what it will allow you to do.

Now among human-kinds there are different sorts of people, you are very, very different all of you. And for the most part you have a protection, and that protection is there for you to protect your mind from intrusion, otherwise you would have everybody listening in to everybody else's mind and that would be very, very wrong. It would be very nosey. You cannot poke you nose into others people's mind. It is none of your business what is in their mind. It is none of your business what it is they have locked away in there. And so you have a natural protection so that this does not happen. Also among your human-kinds there are peoples who have been born-ed with the ability to reach into the minds of others, not to be intrusive, simply that they have this ability that when somebody is in pain or is suffering or has a difficulty that they will open themselves up and then there is this person that will be there who mayhap be able to sense through the mind and the spirit, because also remember the mind and the spirit are together and be able to sense what is happening inside and so go down into the feelings and the emotions and things like that with them, with the person.

However there are laws, laws that govern these things. It is the Law of Cosmos that you do not use this talent or any of your talent in a negative fashion to be intrusive, abusive or to pry into corners that you are not meant to pry. Your gifts are given to you to be of assistance, to be of benefit to other, not to be a tool for destruction.

And part of your learning is to learn – I will come back don't worry – and part of your learning as you grow and develop your talents in this area of your life are to learn the disciplines of management of yourself because when someone has great psychic energy and they do not have the spiritual understanding, their psychic energy can cause great destruction to those around them. Sometimes wittingly, sometimes unwittingly. And it is both that are just as destructive as each other. The difference lies in that when it is unwitting it is because the individual does not have knowledge and therefore they, although they are breaking the laws, they are forgiven for it. However were somebody such as Organism to break the laws there would be no forgiveness because the knowledge is there and so there ought not to be a transgression of the laws. Do you understand?

When you have the teach there is no excuse for you to not abide by the laws. And this you need to know because this is about all of the workings that you do with your spirit-self and your learning of your talents. You know.

Now the peoples that are receiving the ah Hypnosis, is this right? I have the right word. The peoples that are receiving the Hypnosis, because of this natural protection some will succumb very readily to the effort of Hypnosis and some will not. For some it will be an exercise in relaxation and they will not respond to the Hypnotic suggestions that are given. Do you understand? So in this sense these people will not benefit from the Hypnosis. Then are the peoples that are – I go back one step – these people have the very strong protection of their own self, a very powerful centring of their own self and they don't give themselves up readily to others. There is an element of ‘control' attached to it, as well as there is the natural protection. In the situations that you have where people are using this gift and abusing it, that element of self-control may be excused and forgiven, however I would still prefer you to learn about management rather than control because whenever you believe you are in control it means there is the chance that you will lose it. So learn management, learn self-power and that is very different from controlling. So that when you are with somebody that is not honest and does not have integrity you will have developed your sensing and your abilities to a point where you will be able to sense, and your ability to use discernment will tell you whether you may trust this person or not. So there you have your talent working straight away – discernment, ‘I cannot give I-self up to this person, I don't feel comfortable and safe with them. I don't trust they will take care of I if I hand I-self over to them.' And so you don't do it, that's management.

In situation where you go to see these peoples that are making game of this things then you can do again the teach that you have been given. You take deep breath down inside yourself and you breathe, and you expand your aura out in front of you and you say, ‘No. My Power stays with me, I do not give it to you.' And that is all you have to do. And you will find that you will not fall under the spell of this Hypnotist that is playing games. Do you understand? So you can protect yourself like this thing in a conscious way. And your unconsciousness will already be protecting you.

When you going to see somebody even with an intention to look inside your dark places, where you want to find all the things that are hidden away and you going to see these peoples, there needs to be within you a certain element of trust. You are going to go to see somebody and talk to somebody about doing this thing so you have to have to bring into being the gift of discernment first. You meet them, you use your discernment and then either go forward with it or you don't.

Now supposing that you like it and you going to say yes to this thing, you then are ready to begin the first part of it and with this you can then say to yourself, ‘I am going to hand I-self over to this person.' You understand? And you either trust them or you do not.

Hypnosis is a Trance

Songee: Now, in the event that you trust them they will be able to impose a state of trance upon you because Hypnosis is a trance. You can learn how to put yourselves into a place of hypnosis or trance. There are many, many words in your languages all over your planet, in all the different peoples have many different names, I am going to simplify it for you – you are most welcome – and that is that when you are learning to practise Meditation you are in fact learning to place yourself in a form of self-hypnosis and self-trancing. Do you understand?

While you are in this place of self-hypnosis and self-trancing, in this place you can travel the dream spirals and the dream spirals can go back into your own unconsciousness. They can go back into all the histories of your life, do you understand? And it will come to you as a dream, when you go to sleep and you dream and you go on the dream spirals part of this journey is going into your own mind, of the events of your day and living them again, briefly, and going through them and then coming out the other side into Spirit and going your journeys in Spirit.

However in Meditation, Meditation is the best way of learning how to get into your dark corners of yourself. You don't have to go to somebody else and do this thing. You can do it for your own self. Is that not wonderful?

Yes well we do.

How wonderful.

Songee: When you go to somebody else that is all well and fine, and you can do this thing, however know that it is the same place, the same state of being, the same place, you know.

Now there are different levels and degrees of depth of trance that you can go into whether it is by your own self or with Hypnosis.

Sitting before you is a body (Roberta-Margaret's body) that body has been vacated. The Spirit has gone it has left it and gone to journey. And in its place have come the Energy of Songee to speak to you and to be with you. The consciousness, the intellect, the Spirit that works the intellect is not present. It is gone. In order for that to take place the body and the psyche has to let go of the world and all that's in it, to let go of everything that is around it, to go into trance, a form of Hypnosis, a trance that is so deep that were you to do this or this, you know, it will not bring back the Spirit.

I have been of the understanding that what prevents that from happening with most of us is fear.

Songee: That is so.

But I haven't understood what the fear is, because one of my biggest difficulties I have with meditation, yeah I go and whatever however there is still a portion of my awareness left behind and work as I may for that not to be it always is and I would like to be able to resolve that.

Songee: It is not necessarily a talent that is going to be resolved for everybody in this life. Do you understand?

Oh yes. OK.

Songee: Do make yourself ill over it. Don't get sick.

Hypnosis during Surgery

In the case Songee where there is hypnosis in place of anaesthetic, in operations, has the Soul vacated the body so that physically what pain would be felt in the body if the Soul was there, is not felt, because the subject that's being operated on may not be in any predetermined state. They are only being put there by the skill or whatever the Hypnotist has.

Songee: That is correct. However the person that is also ah giving themselves to this has to have faith that this is going to work as well. They have to have given themselves over to the process of this taking place you know. And they will have in their being will have accepted that they are going to do this thing, they are going to give themselves over. Now that is not to say that there are not susceptible human-kinds that will fall under the spell of the Hypnotist, like that. (Songee clicks the fingers.)

I have been Hypnotised just like that by a therapist who was doing counselling with me.

Songee: However in the instance I'm speaking you have to said yes...

That's right.

Songee: ... I will acquiesce to this.

How about if somebody is being operated on and they are not necessarily, to bring a body in and it needs to have an operation done to itself, that person is not necessarily in a state of any sort accept shock. So I'm interested to see how the Hypnotist can actually use that subject in place of anaesthetic.

Songee: When somebody is in this shock as you call it they are already half way to Spirit. They are betwixt and between to two places. Their awareness has been narrowed down like this to a very narrow space, and it does not take much to send them just that little bit further over into the next space. What you speaking of - the Spirit does not completely vacate the premises, it will remain it's body. What happens is that the suggestion is given to the brain to put into place, blocks, to the nervous system of the body so that it will not feel pain. Do you understand?

Yes. I am beginning to understand.

Songee: That is what is being done. The outside influence of the person that has the Talent, that is going to do the hypnosis, makes the connection with the spirit and the brain of the one who is to be hypnotised, keeps them just a little bit further into the realm of Spirit and then places the suggestion while they are in that place about not feeling, about where the blocks are going to be and so on and so forth. They use many different wording, everybody is different to use the wordings they are going to use. The effect is the same.

There is also the Talent that you have of putting space into people, no! That's right. And this also blocks the nervous systems so that it does not feel pain. You can do this with pressure on the places that you have on your body to help you to not feel pain. And this is something that is just now on your Earth becoming known to some people, it has been known for many, many, many moons to one groups of peoples, tribes. Some tribes know about it and yet it is only just now being given to other tribes around the world. You understand? So it is the same thing in that one is done with pressure or done with pricking (Acupuncture) the centres that will block the pain and the other is done with suggestion.

The mind is the most powerful instrument. You only use a very small amount of your brain in your life. Do you know that?

Yes, you told us that.

Songee: So what you are doing is learning when you are doing your Meditations, you are learning to get into that other part of your brain that you not using much. That part of you that has been there since time began almost, since you became the hybrids that you are, that power that has been there and inherent in you it's still in there lying dormant because you don't access it, you don't use it. And when you learn to do Meditations you are learning to access that part of your brain that will enable you to do so much more on the Earth. Many of these Talents, these Skills have been lost. It is this hidden part of the brain that is responsible when it is activated for being able to move things about...


Songee: That is right. And this gift was known by the ancients. It was passed done through the Priests of the different Facets of their Diamonds of the time many, many moon passed. And it was the Priests that had the gift of this movement to enable things to be moved this way. So that very large and very unwieldly objects could be moved with the focus of energy from the mind. Also sometimes with the assistance of physicalities of other human selves to assist with the process and a little bit of both, something was move-ed. Because remember that they also were beginning to lose the use of this part of the brain, very slowly human-kinds were losing it.

Now the long term effects of this are that suppose that the person that is giving the suggestion is telling somebody to do something that goes against their integrity and their values, goes against the Spirit-self, it will not be successful. The protection that is in place will protect especially when you are strong in your Spirit-self. It is the ones that are weak in their Spirit-self, not the ones that have handed themselves over, the ones that ah can be made to do things ah that make them small and denigrate these peoples that allow this to happen, they have agreed to it, agreed to consciously so it is easy for the Hypnotist to make them do things that they would not ordinarily do. And the effects of this will last sometimes well pass when they are supposed to have let go of it and much damage can be done to the psyche because of this. When the peoples are being given as you say this ah operation and once the operation is finished then the Hypnotist can reverse the trance so that the person can come back from the trance. Hypnotist can put in place a block that says that when they come back their full consciousness they will not feel pain. Do you understand?


Songee: Now it is pain that is the bodies way of telling you not to do something. So it must be very carefully used, this gift, and so that the peoples that have these thing, don't believe – Oh well I'm alright I don't feel pain anymore, and I can do this and I can do that, I can do some other thing - and so causes disharmony in the body. The Hypnotist can also say to the body and the Spirit - You will heal quickly, you will heal up much faster than usual. And the body system will then start to work to bring healing to the body.

Placing ourselves in Trance

Songee: When you are standing to be Channel for Healing Energies and you hand yourself over to the Power of Oneness and you say, ‘Oneness here am I, your servant, I offer myself in service to you to be a Channel for you for the Healing Energies for this Child of the Universe.' You are placing yourself in the place of trance, you know, where...

(end of side one)


Songee: ...put yourself in a place where the peoples in Spirit can overshadow you. And this for a form of trance, it is the beginnings of a trance, you know. You are allowing this energy to come into your aura and to be part of you. You are letting you mind and your spirit and your being blend with their spirit form. Do you understand? Their intellect of spirit, you are blending the two together and what happens then is that that energy takes over and becomes in front and you step back so that you have not your consciousness to the fore, you have the awareness and consciousness of the other comes to the fore. And in that state of being you are in a form of trance.

Now you may still be aware of things around you in your place of being, sounds and smells and everything else that is happening, however part of you will not be taking any notice of it. You will be behind it you know, behind the other energy. And when you are in this state of trance it makes it possible for the Energies of Light to come and to assist with the healing of things, you know. It will heal sores, it will heal broken bones, it will heal anything of physical nature, of an emotional nature, and it does it in the same way, the forces and the power that are at work are the same, you understand.


Songee: The same.

Is the Hypnotist calling on Oneness or where does that skill... I understand what happens to the recipient but how does the Hypnotist ...

Songee: This is where you have to have the discernment, you have to know which of the people that you will entrust your being to. You have to know that you are going to entrust yourself to somebody with integrity do you not? And the ones that have integrity are usually drawing on the Power of Light. They may not have the same wordings as that, they may use a different way of explaining it or giving you how it is done. They may not acknowledge any spirituality involved in it to you and yet in order to learn it they will have had to learned about the spirit.

Primal Fear

Songee: Now what prevents you from going that extra step is your fear. And this is a fear that is primal. It is a primal fear. Do you know what is a primal fear?

Our basic animal nature.

Songee: Does everybody else...

No I don't really know what primal is.

Songee: Primal is that part of you that goes back to pure instinct of survival. You know?


Songee: Somebody comes and lifts a sharp sword to chop off your head...

And you duck. (Laughter)

Songee: Or you run the other way. You get a lot of energy suddenly in your arms and legs and you run the other way, is that right?

Flight or fight we call it.

Songee: That's right. It is primal. It is an instinctive thing that you do to protect yourself.

When our Soul leaves our Body

Songee: Now couple that together with knowledge of Spirit, knowledge that there is a Spirit in the body and that when the spirit leaves the body what's there? Who is looking after the body? So there came into being all the different rituals and teachings about this thing, about what is in there looking after the body while you are sleeping. Every culture of your planet, every tribe has a different story of its origins of what happens to the Spirit when it leaves the body, and what happens to the body when the Spirit leaves it and how it gets taken care of. You understand?

Read your stories! I tell you this over and over again many times, read the stories of your peoples. All the peoples of the different lands, the stories that are told to childrens, the stories of your myths, the stories of your legends – read them. Involved in those stories are all these aspects of things I'm giving you now. The origins of the beliefs of what happen when the Soul leaves the body and what is left. And out of this came the fear. What is going to happen to I for then. Also too many moons past there was not the understanding about some of the illnesses of the body and the mind that you have now and it was believe-ed very strongly that when somebody have something not well with their body or their mind that they have been inhabited by a bad spirit. When somebody becomes sick they were talked about, and indeed still are in some places of your planet in some tribes, they are spoken of as being inhabited by bad spirit. And it is this fear of the bad spirits that is primal. Do you understand?

That's kind of legitimate as well because that also does exist. Doesn't it?

Songee: It is so. It is something that does happen however not usually. You have protections that you are born with. You have protections that you come into the world already equipped with, you know. You have these tools. It is born with you. However it is also born with you the primal fear. So you can't have one without the other.

So the primal fear be in a subconscious level that you can't actually do anything about? And on a conscious level you have this awareness of being looked after. But the primal subconscious still takes over and produces this unknown type fear.

Songee: That is right. To protect you.


Songee: Now with this – there are two answers to that yes and no - Yes it is there to protect you and yes it is there and it will not be able to be removed – No it will not ah have to stay there. For example I use Organism again for you. Organism does not have this primal fear for letting go for Spirit to come to speak however this has been develop-ed in this life, especially to do the work. And so the Soul when it was born allowed itself to be born without the need for this primal fear to be supreme. Now this is not to say that doesn't - there isn't an element of it - because there needs to be in order to have discernment. Do you understand? You need to have discernment, without this little element of primal fear you cannot have discernment, it is that which gives you the signals in your body and in yourself and in your spirit that says – Danger, keep away.

Otherwise we would be very reckless.

Songee: That's right. And there would be no safe guarding. And there will be too big a chance of the negative power to place into the body a substitute Soul or a Demon. So there needs to be still a little element of this to give alert, however it is not as upper-most as it is with everybody that has not been born to do this thing. Remember it is an elected part that has been decided before the Soul comes to the Earth, you know. Understand? So it has been elected that this will be this way so that the Soul can say – Well I'm ready now at this point of the life I'm going to hand over to the peoples in Spirit that I have with I. I am ready now for the workings. I have learnt all the lessons, or most of them, I ready to do what you want I to do.

There needs to be trust and love between youself, your consciousness, your unconsciousness, your spirit-self with the people in spirit you are going to work with. Without it ...

It doesn't happen.

Songee: There is not much that you can do about it. You must learn to trust yourself, your own ability to take care youself, and your people in spirit to be part of that effort of taking care of you. And you also must trust Oneness to help you take care of yourself. And that is all part of your growing and learning.

So when you are deciding mayhap to go and see a Hypnotist for you to have your teeth pulled out of your head, you have to be very trusting that what they are going to do is going to work for you and it is the primal fear that this Hypnotist has to get past in you to assist you to sublimate it, to push it down.

Can anybody be a Hypnotist or is it a born gift or can it be learnt?

Songee: It is something that can be learn-ed however some people are more gifted at it than others. The people that are more gifted at it are the people that have learned about management of their psyche, learned about their spirit-selves, learn about their own selves and have learned to trust their own process to a certain point of development. I won't say they have learned all the things they need to know in their process of development because very often they go just so far themselves and don't want to go looking, poking into their little corners their own self.

I am looking at this purely from a beneficial aspects not to be on stage to do silly things but I am curious about the beneficial aspects.

Songee: However it is good to look at both sides. Now the benefits as you say of this thing is that yes it can unlock the doors that are holding the secrets that are chaining the Soul to a behaviour pattern in life, to a illusion or delusion that they are living out in their life. It can create a healing for them. This is how the healing takes place with the Channelled Healing that you do because you go into that realm of unconsciousness. And the person that is sitting to receive, when they hand over completely, will go into that realm of unconsciousness.

Overcoming the Primal Fear

Songee: I give you demonstration. Have you sit, have you one of these for I? (A Stool)

Which way would you like to go?


Songee: Now you close your eye and prepare for being receiving of the Channelled Healing Energies you know. And as you relax your body, just let yourself relax.

Now, when you are trusting, something will happen. When you are not trusting your primal fear is in the way, you will not be trusting.

(There is a long silence while Songee is demonstrating what happens when someone receives Healing Energies.)

Songee: Now while you are like this, like in this place of being, if somebody say-ed to you, somebody kind and gentle and warm and soft for you and (took hold?) of your Soul and your Soul will absorb it and take it into itself and nourish itself with it. It does not have to be sayed out loud, it can be sayed quietly from one Soul to another. And then the benefits of that will last with you, and how to make changes. Because while you are in this place of being anything that is said to you your Soul will take to itself, for itself. This is how it is that your Meditation are Journeys of Discovery, Adventures in Light, in love, in harmony, of meeting of Old Souls together sharing and exchanging information, love, all these things come in this place of being.

Now take a deep breath inside of you and bring yourself back into your own being. And bring yourself all the way back down to your toes.

When somebody is not trusting they will not be able to let go and lie back because they will be frightened they are going to fall. And you will find this. Do you understand?

So in this place it is always beneficial to ask for the healing for the person and ask for them to receive whatever they need to receive and may they also receive peace, love, harmony for their lives because then you know they are going to get this thing (?).

Have your got your feet back in your toes?


Songee: Do you understand a little more.


Songee: And yet you not have to lose your awareness of the place in which you are in order to achieve it. You don't have to lose consciousness, you don't, yet you are still in trance, you don't have to let go and be afeared of letting go.

I could hear the clock ticking and your voice.

Songee: You will be aware of all these soundings around you yet it will not have any great meaning. They are just there. You are in a different space and that is how the suggestion can be given to stop pain in things and the events will continue as long as psyche need them.

Thank you.

Songee: You are most welcome.

Would somebody like to have a play with this thing, would you like to put some soundings and do this things with each other? (Channelled Healing) See how you trust each other.

(No reply!)

Songee: Very well what else do you have for I?

Walking on Air

Songee I asked last week about the Bear story about walking on air and I did bring the words, you asked for that.

Songee: Good now you need to read them.

Oh good. (And laughs)

Songee: Because this way we can answer the questions as they come to your mind, can we not? So read it and ask the questions as we go.

So you would like me to start from the beginning?

Songee: Its always a good place to start, you know!


The Great She-Bear -
Confidence and Trust1

Songee says, So we have to journey once more, do we not. So take inside of you a deep breath of life, down into your middle self and let us step upon the spiral and journey the spiral once more, letting go of all the matters of your life, putting them all to one side, unburdening yourself and setting everything down. Those things that you need for earth life you can pick up on your way back. The other things they can disappear. As you travel the spiral ever closer towards the centre until you come to the centre and then you pause for a moment and contemplate what it is that is going to come next and that is to step from this place of the spiral into a new place of being.

You are going to go now from the spiral, take one step into the void. Trust and lo, you find yourself standing once more in the brilliant sunshine on the side of the great mountain. All around you is the beautiful green of the meadow, high up in the mountain side. And there, near the sleeping rock is the mother bear with the two baby bear cubs.

The mother bear is often called The Great She-Bear and the boy cub is called the Little-Bear and the little sister is known as the Little She-Bear. And before time the Little-Bear had been talking to his mother and sister about travelling the winds with Brother Eagle, has he not? And has shared all that beautiful flying and all the manner of things that he has learned and seen in his journey. And the Great She-Bear agrees with him that this is indeed something that he has done, that is to travel with the Great Brother Eagle to the skies. The Little She-Bear is a little jealous because she wants to go and travel with the Great Eagle in the skies and is very upset because she was asleep.

However that was the story before. It is now time to move on.

So let us go a little closer now and see and hear what transpires next.

The Great She-Bear yawns and stretches herself. And she gets to her feet and shakes herself from the tip of her nose all the way down her body to the end of her little tail and then she bends her face forward and she washes her daughter and then she bends it forwards and washes her son.

Now she says, "It is time for us to move on a little further. Come with I, I show you some more of your home." And with this she sets off down the mountain towards the trees that are beginning to grow a little way below them on the mountain side. A great forest of trees that goes all the way down to the valley below.

"Come along," she says to them, calling over her shoulder to them. And the Little-Bear cub and the Little She-Bear jump about and fall over and roll about and then they bound after her as fast as their little legs will take them.

"Not so fast," says the Great She-Bear, "because you can fall over on your nose and you will roll down the hill. The Little-Bear cub is so full of himself because he has been flying with the Great Eagle in the skies.

So he bounces about and jumps up on his back legs and says to the Butterfly, "I have been flying like you. I have been flying with the Great Eagle in the skies." And the Butterfly just flies around his nose and sits just on the end of his nose. And the Little-Bear cub sits down, plomp on his bottom and he looks at this thing sitting on the end of his nose and his eyes are crossed as he looks at this. And the little Butterfly creeps along his nose towards his eyes. And the Little-Bear cub stayed very still and very quiet and watches.

And then as he's watching he says very quietly, "Mama what is this? It is tickling my nose."

"Ah," says the Great She-Bear, "that is called a butterfly. It is a little insect and it flies about and lays its eggs and they grow into little caterpillars. Little things with little legs. They are very tasty only you don't eat this one because it has to go and make babies for us."

"Oh," says the Little-Bear cub, and then he gets a little tickle in his nose and he whiffles the end of it. And then it tickles some more and he whiffles it again. And then all of a sudden "AACHOO!!!". Out comes the explosion from his nose. And the little Butterfly leaps up into the air and flies off. The Little-Bear cub sits there and watches her go and then gets up, and shakes his head and snorts down his nose, "Shhhh" and then starts to follow the Great She-bear and the Little She-Bear, because they are a little way ahead of him now.

So he bounds along after, soon he overtakes and goes in front. The Little She-Bear only bounces a little way in front. She never goes too far from her mother, you know. And the Little-Bear cub bounces along and he reaches the great trees first.

"I got here first," he says "I got here first." And he bounds through the trees and around an especially large tree and skids to a halt, all four feets are digging into the soil. And he sits back on his bottom once more. This Little-Bear cub spends a lot of time on his bottom, you know. And there in front of him, looking at him very sternly, is a creature with a long pointed nose and great pointed ears and very, very strong bright eyes, a big body and a great bushy tail coming up over the top and long legs and is a funny colour, like the sky when it is going to rain. And the eyes have got a glow in them, they have got a light around the outside of the darkness inside. And he is so surprised.

"What are you?" he says. And the creature looks at him and is very silent.

And the Little-Bear cub begins to get a little nervous and says again, "What manner of creature are you?"

The creature does not answer, instead he just sits down on his be-hind and adjusts his two front feets in front of him and puts his head a little on one side and studies the Little-Bear cub very carefully.

And then the great She-Bear and the Little She-Bear cub come along and they come round the side of the great tree.

"AH Ha!" says the Great She-Bear. "There you are. Thank you Brother Wolf," she says, "For taking care of my son."

"You are most welcome," said the Wolf, for such is who he is, Brother Wolf.

He says, "Your son, Great She-Bear, is going to get into much mischief in his life. I can see this already."

"Indeed he is," said the Great She-Bear, "Would you care to accompany us for a little while, we are going to walk through the forest."

"Certainly I would like to come with you."

By this time the Little-Bear cub has got over his little fright, however he is in great awe of this creature that seems to have so much power about him. His mother is very big and very strong and he feels that he one day will be very big and very strong, yet the power that comes from this creature is different and it also is very powerful and very strong. And there is something about him that the Little-Bear cub cannot quite find the answer to within his being, so just for a little while he is silent. OOOh this is quite an achievement for Little-Bear cub to be silent.

And as they walked through the forest, all four of them together, out of the side of his eye he watches the wolf and sees how he walks and watches how he places his feets upon the ground. And sees how light he is on his feets. "It is," he says to himself, "as though he in walking upon air. The Eagle flies through the air, this creature walks through the air because he does not make a sound. Not anything. There is no cracking of twigs beneath his feets. There is no rustling, just movement forward, silently." And then he looks at his sister, the Little She-Bear and she is putting her feets forwards and bouncing about and making lots of soundings. Crashings and cracklings and snappings of twigs. And he looks to his mother, the Great She-Bear, she also makes some crackings of twigs and shufflings in the soundings beneath her feet. Not as much perhaps as the Little She-Bear and he watches how she places her feet. She places her large feet very gently, very softly upon the ground and in doing this, watching carefully, the Little-Bear cub says to himself, "I wonder if I can learn to walk on air. I now know what it’s like to fly through the air, I wonder whether I can walk upon air like the Wolf." So he starts putting his feets very carefully down in front of him, one and the other and the back one and so on and so forth. At first he makes cracklings and snappings underneath and then he discovers that he can spread his feet and his toes out and they act like little cushions and they don't make so much soundings when he puts them down onto the ground. However he is still making some soundings and this bothers him. He does not want to make soundings, you understand. He wants to learn how to walk on air and that's when his curiosity gets the better of his silence.

"Brother Wolf," he says, "may I ask you a question?"

And the wolf looks at him and says, "Most certainly you may. What would you like to know, little one?"

"I would like to know," he says, "how you manage to walk on air?" And the Wolf stops in his tracks and he turns and he looks at the Little-Bear cub in astonishment.

"Walk on air," says he.

"Yes," said the Little-Bear cub, "I have been watching you, and I have been watching Mama and sister and they make soundings when they walk through the forest. You do not, so you must be walking on air. The Eagle does not make soundings when he flies through the skies, so he flies on the wind, you must also be walking."

"Ah, you are very observant and very wise for your years," says the Wolf, "Because indeed that is my name. I am known as Windrunner. And I have this name from my people because I run like the wind and like the wind all I leave behind I, is a little swirl of dust as it lifts the leaves up into the air to float gently back down to the ground."

The question that Christene and I were talking about was how, what was actually the meaning of this there and the application of this to our lives I suppose you could put it?

Songee: Now everybody have been listening to this story. What do you feel when you hear the story?

Its an example of a child being away of differences of the parents and the other animals and creatures around and seeing benefits ???

Its about how you use your energies and how you move around in the world around you and you can walk through it like an impact you know like when some people when they walk the sort of drive heels into the core of the earth it sounds like. You don’t have to be like that when you got through life. Its about how you use your energy.

Some people walk through their lives and leave all sorts of things behind them, bad smells, bad feelings, bad attitudes. They dump their junk and continue on through their life as though it never happened. And that’s what I feel and how to learn not to do that.

For I it about being aware of what you have to walk lightly. Be aware of everything around you that is there and also trust that what comes up to be able to walk with trust.

Songee: Anybody else?

That is all quite correct. Everything that you have all said is quite correct. It is a lesson. All the Teaching of the Little-Bear cub are teaching for you, to help you with your life, to show you how you can be in your life, how you can tread lightly in your life and also to walk on air, to walk with Spirit.

Now you need to move to the part that says how Windrunner teaches the little bear cubs to do this thing because this is the next part of it. Can you do that?

I’m just looking for it.

Songee: Or keep reading from where you are. Don’t disturb the flow.

Ah, OK so that’s the next part you like to start at.

"I would like so much to learn how to do this thing," said the Little-Bear cub.

"Very well," says Windrunner, "I will show you how this is done. Perhaps your sister would also like to learn."

"Oh yes please," said the Little She-Bear, "is that alright Mama?"<

"Certainly," says the Great She-Bear, "I would be most happy for you to learn this skill. It is one that I was taught when I a youngster also and this is very valuable to be able to do this thing."

"Well," says Windrunner, "Is it alright if I take your two children along for a walk and teach them?"

"Certainly," says the Great She-Bear, "That will give me some of this beautiful day for me to go and look for some foodings by my own self, in peace."

Songee: Every Mother’s dream you know.

And so Windrunner takes the two little cubs out through the forest and as he walks along with one on one side of him and one on the other he talks to them about how he manages to walk upon the air.

"I don't really walk on air as you understand it air to be," he says to them.

"Well what do you do?" said the Little-Bear cub.

"I will come to that, you have to listen carefully," says Windrunner. "Come, I show you." And he takes them deep into the forest to a special place where the trees are not so many, where they have grown into a circle around an empty place and in the empty place there is great greenness like in the meadow. And there are flowers growing and it is a special little place.

"Now," says Windrunner, as he takes the two bear cubs into the middle of this beautiful place, "Sit down."

"How can I learn to run like the wind if I'm going to sit down?" said the Little-Bear cub.

Windrunner looks at him and fixes him with his beautiful eyes and he says, "Sit Down! Please." Little-Bear cub immediately sits down on his be-hind. The Little She-Bear has already sat down.

Songee: Pause there for a moment, what is happening?


Songee: Discipline. The Teacher is saying this is how you do it. In order to learn you must listen. You must learn the Teaching. You must listen to what I am going to say to you. Take heed, pay attention. Is that right?

"Now this is what you have to do," says Windrunner to the two little bear cubs, "For you to learn to walk in silence, close your eyes and breathe deeply of the beautiful airs about you and look inside yourself and find that little part of you that is alive inside your body. That special spark of light." And the Little-Bear cub is sitting quiet and his sister is sitting quiet.

And then the Little-Bear cub says, "I can see a little light, is that it? Is that who I am?"

"Yes," said Windrunner, "That is who you are. Look deeply now into the light, look closer. Can you see how beautiful and bright that light is?"

Songee: Now. You are being given an instruction a teach. Have any of you been practising this teach yet? No...

(end of side two)


Confidence and Trust - Continued

Songee: ...The stories of the Little Bear Cubs may help if you paid closer attention to from now and this moment forth because it contains lessons that you need to have about discipline of yourself and how to go on the dream spirals. It teaches you how to find your Light, the Light within you the 'Crystal Light’, it is part of you, part of Oneness, your Oneness Light. And so you can learn also when you practise the same things as the Little Bear Cub.

Let’s complete...

"Yeees," said the little bear cubs together.

"Well," said Windrunner, "That is the spirit of you and that is what is going to help you walk to on air." The Little-Bear cub's eyes snap open.

"How is it going to do that?" he says.

Windrunner takes a great breath and sighs and then he snorts down his nose.

"Phhff," he says, "You are very impatient. Close your eye once more and go back and find your light." So back inside goes the Little-Bear cub, inside himself to find the light that is himself.

"Now have you found it?" says Windrunner.

"I have," says the Little-Bear cub.

"So have I," says the Little She-Bear.

"Very good little ones," says Windrunner. "Now when you go walking across the ground you have to imagine that it is your soul, your spirit, your light within that is lifting your physical body, just a fraction off the surface of the earth. Not very much. It doesn’t have to be very high, just a few hairs breath off the floor, so that when your put your footings down you only go as close to the earth as two or three hair breaths. And in the event that you need to push yourself forward you just stick your little claws down into the earth and push. And in this way you will run swiftly and lightly over the surface of the earth. Feel yourself getting lighter so that all you have to do is breathe and then you will be able to move lightly, softly, with no sound."

And Windrunner says to the little bear cubs, "Still with your eyes closed, stand to your feets and begin to walk, keeping your eyes closed. I will not let you fall into anything or bump into anything. And take a step and imagine that your footings are not touching the floor any more than three hair breaths off the floor."

To begin the little bear cubs started to walk. They can feel the grass underneath their feet, tickling their toes. They can feel the coolness of it underneath their feets and their hand paws as they walk through it.

And all the time Windrunner is saying, "See yourself floating and getting lighter, floating, getting lighter. Imagine that you are like the butterfly."

"OOOOh," said the Little-Bear cub, "I know what is that, and it tickled my nose, and it was so light. It walked on my nose and all I felt was a little tickle on my nose."

"Just like that," said the Windrunner. "That is what you do, walk like the butterfly walked on your nose. You walk like that on the grass."

And this practice went on and on and on and then all of a sudden the Little-Bear cub said to himself, "That's strange I didn't feel the grass." And he opens his eyes and he looks down and where he has been walking back and forth across the ground there are tracks where his feet have shuffled through the grass. Yet the last few feets, behind him there is no markings. No flattenings of the grass and he stands where he is and looks at Windrunner who is sitting looking very proud and smiling his great smile so all his teeth show and he says, "Yes Little-Bear cub you have it."

"Oh my," says the Little-Bear cub and he looks round for his sister. She is not so far away on the other side of the great greenness and she also is standing and looking in great amazement behind her and she says, "I have done it, I have done it, I have not left a mark behind I. Look!"

And they are both so excited they bound towards Windrunner, leaving great tracks behind them. Windrunner looks and he laughs and he says, "Well done little ones you now have the idea of what to do however look behind you." And they look behind and they see all the great boundings they have just made.

"Oh my goodness." They both say together and they look up at their teacher and say to him, "Will we always remember how to do this?"

"Oh most certainly," says Windrunner, "You will always remember now, what it is, to walk on air."

And at this point the Great She-Bear comes into the clearing where the grass is and she walks across the grass towards them and as they watch her they see that she leaves no tracks behind her and she also is walking on air.

And this is where we are going to leave them on this part of their journey. We will continue this at another time. So say goodbye now to the Great She-Bear, to the Little-Bear cub and the Little She-Bear and to the special teacher Wolf, known as Windrunner. And we will visit them once more at another earth time.
Farewell to you all now until the next time. And may the blessings of the Oneness be upon all of you and all of those who have been listening and watching as the little bear family unfold their lives to you.

And may you all learn to walk on air. I leave you with the power of this, the power of knowing of how to find your own self within and how to walk upon air yourself, SO BE IT

Now you must gently bring yourself back along the spiral. Step back up from this place, back onto the spiral and begin your journey back home. Gathering all those things that you are going to need for your earth life, as you go, leaving behind all the unnecessary things that you don't need any more. They will be put to good purpose by Oneness, as you journey back now through the spiral back to your own self of your here and now, in your earth life.

Songee: So ??

Thank you H.

Songee: What happens you know when you learn to walk on air, when you learn how to find yourself inside. You can practise by walking about you know like this. And getting to know how to walk about, you know, this thing.

I used to do it when I was little all the time. Very lightly.

Songee: You learn how to feel this, to walk softly like this so there is no sound. I am not part of the bones you know!


Songee: However you not having these great thumpings with your feets and as you learn to do this with your body you learn to walk lightly with your feets you are also learn to walk lightly in your emotions, with your attitude, with your behaviour, with the way you view your world and everything in it. you find your Light within. You find your centre point within you and you use that, that is your power. When you are strong in that power then your Light will shine and you will tread lightly around those that are in your life. And they will know your presence and yet they not see how you came, how you left. They will not be able to see you do this thing. They will just know that you were there. By the energy that you have left. Little dust, a swirl of dust that is left behind as you move swiftly on to the next thing you have to do for Oneness.

Learn to walk on air, learn about the journeys of the Little Bear Cubs and learn the lessons that are contained within those journeys. Learn how to fly with Brother Eagle through the skies.

Now you don’t have to go find yourself just flying with Brother Eagle, there are many creatures you can look through eyes of. You can share the skies with all the things that fly in the skies, all the different birds that fly in the skies. You can go and ask them if you can ride their backs as the ride the winds and they will usually say yes to you. Especially when they know that you are learning to be Shaman which is what you are doing when you are learning to practise your spirit powers and develop your talents. You know. It means you are learning to be Shamans. And the Shaman is not just the male, Shaman is woman-kind also you know, female. So you have female Shaman and you are male Shaman – both. It is the same thing. So learn to 'walk on air' yourselves, learn to fly.

Now there is another part of this story that continues on from this does it not? Where the Little Bear cub and the Mother Bear – what happens? What is another part of the journey?

They meet a Shaman.

Songee: Oh that comes later does it not? Don’t they go for a walk and they go into the ?...

Is that the one...

Songee: They go into the earth. That’s right.

With the water fall.

Songee: You need to read this because there is lesson in this also about going within, about finding your Light, of learning to trust you Light within. All the Teaching I give to you is in the stories of the Little Bear Cub. And each time I give story I will give you a little more teach.

So learn the lessons that are wrapped up in this stories.

Close your eye and before you read them take inside of you the deep Breath of Life and allow yourself to become part of the story. Go into your semi-trance, go into your place of Hypnosis, your meditation place, go on the dream spiral and go into that other world where are the lessons and the knowledge and the wisdom for you to bring back. To know the truth of these things. you understand?


Songee: So that was a very good lesson to learn and be able to...

(The lady who read the bear story also illustrates the stories and is showing the guests one of her drawings of the dogs who are always present at these meetings.)

It is a creative streak.

Songee:That is right. Your wolfs can also be mischievous just like Little bear Cub.

So is it time for I to leave you now?

I will leave you now will all that you have learn-ed this night about learning to find yourselves, learning to go within, learning to find your own abilities within yourself. Your own powers, your own strengths, your own Light.

I leave you with the Power of all of this,


So Be It And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

1. The Great-She-Bear. All these stories can be found on www.songee.co.nz in Songee's Chestnuts.
And Book Four - The teaching about walking of air can be found at this link: Confidence and Trust
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