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Changing our Attitude
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Changing our Attitude'
A Teaching from Songee 31st August 2000

Crystal Light Of Love
A Mystery to remain a Mystery
Global Warming
The Consequence of every Action
The New Mysticism
Changing our Attitude
Creatures that have gone from the Earth
Learning to Walk on Air
The Dinosaurs
The Earth People that lived here before
Embrace the Stories
The Lesson of the Possum
The Consequence
Full Circle
Channelling Healing Energies

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This Gathering was held at Pt Chevalier in Auckland New Zealand with thirteen people present.
Roberta-Margaret talks about her experiences while in spirit and the conversation can be heard on Part One of the mp3 file.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The Music Tracks 13, 14 and 15 played were "Path to Beauty" "Interlude" and "Sacred Fire".)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: I am here, Greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

(Roberta-Margaret laughed out very loudly.)

You not gone yet. Shhhhh... Shut your eyes please and behave yourself.

(Everyone is laughing. And 'Sacred Fire' plays and everyone settles down.)

Thank goodness you are here, the girls are being very naughty Songee.

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you.

(Everyone is still laughing)

Songee: Did you wonder whether Songee come see you this night?

No not at all.

Songee: That is very good to know that you have this confidence.

Yes I do have great confidence.

Songee: There was a little bit of argy bargying about as to whether somebody was going to come and give you little surprise...

Oh Yes.

Songee: However Songee say - No.

Is it the wish that M asked for?

Songee: Oh no this is not this peoples that you speaking it was somebody else. However there is not much of your earth time for you to be playing big games you know...

That's right.

Songee: have to be very serious now. Is that right? Not too serious though.

It is very important to know when to be serious about your life and when to let yourself be as a child because it is the fun inside of you that comes out and makes you laugh, that lets you play, it is the Healing Energies for your life. And sometimes at times of great stress in your life it is often a very simple thing to look at something from another perspective and to find for youself the humour in it.

Sometimes this is called the dark humour is it not, however as long as your energies of humour are not causing hurt of harm to anybody and it is then helping you to ameliorate how you are and helping you to raise your spirits out of the depth then there is no harm with it. Remember this thing that humour is Healing Energy, when it is used correctly of course.

Now have you got any questions for I?

A Mystery to remain a Mystery

I have a very short question I would like to know what an emarod is please?

Songee: What is this thing?

E M A R O D Emarod. It was one of the things that were put in the Ark of the Covenant after it had been stolen.

Songee: So you are wanting to know which this thing that is put into this this ah receptacle.

There are other references to about it, they seem very strange to me, painful references that Oneness felled people with these Emarods and it sounded as though they were rather painful. And then golden ones were made and put in the Covenant but I don't know what the are and I can't find out what they are.

Songee: You will need to have searchings within yourself and to find for yourself this thing...

I knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Songee: ...because the things that were placed inside this were of a nature that was holy (?) that have this thing.

That's right.

Songee: For it to be knowledge of everybody - its not meant to be.

Oh I see.

Songee: You are looking at an area of mysticism.

That's right.

Songee: And there are reasons that surround mysticism, rules you know, certain rules and these rules are there so that you will not come to harm because - I have to give you example. I give you supposing, supposing that you have the power within you to create an energy that is like lightening...

Oh yeah...

Songee: ...and you can send out of the physical plane and strike anybody with it and they go like this into puff of smoke. And you do not have sufficient management over your temper.


Songee: Let your imagination go for a little journey. You know what would happen do you not? Many things that not want to be cook-ed will be cook-ed, is that right? So this is it, the same thing. It is better to not have all the knowledge at once until you have learn-ed first the other laws of management of you own being and this is one of them. Do you understand?

Yes I do.

Songee: That is the reason I am not giving you this answer.

The same would go for the mice too I suppose. Because there were ten golden mice and there were ten emarods.

Songee: You are not giving answer to any of these things.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: You may have this mystery for yourself and enjoy the mystery of it.

Thank OK.

Songee: There is many things of your life that are meant to be kept just like that - a mystery, so that you will not be destructive with the knowledge, and remember that many things were given in symbols.

That's right I know about symbols.

Songee: Now, now that is gone what else is there?

Global Warming

Songee on the news this evening it was announced - was it the news but was it um - but I think it was the news so anyway it was the World is warming up at a most astounding rate that it has ever and it is a danger and I suppose we have all heard little bits about ice movement etcetera and they mention the danger to plant and animal life. It is as serious as they say and will something, is there a plan to intervene this destruction or just man just have to suffer and learn from it please?

Songee: This thing that is taking place - Songee have already given lots of people lots of information and warnings about it many, many moons ago, many times it has been given to the peoples of the Earth that this is going to be, this is going to take place upon the Earth. And Songee also say to you, all of you, that when the waters rise that this is the way it is going to be. It will not be any different. It is rising because of the iniquities of human-kind. Human-kind have contributed to this process that is now taking place.

Also it was given many moons ago by others that came to speak from Spirit to the peoples of the Earth, long before you have your chariots that move by themselves, that this thing was going to come to pass on this Planet on which you live. However because of sickness of the mind and because of intolerance and prejudice and jealousy and a desire for more power and greed the teachings were ignored. Now human-kind pay the price. Do you understand? For every action that is taken there is an effect. Is that right?

Songee it is also known as every action there is a reaction.

The Consequence of every Action

Songee: The same thing. So when you do something there is a consequence of it. You do something nice there is a consequence, you do something not nice there is two times consequence. It seems very unfair does it not. When you are not very nice you get two times, when you very nice you get one times. This is not very fair is it not. (Songee is laughing.)


Songee: However you need to know that everything has a consequence including everything that goes through your mind. This is how it is that Songee comes to you now to teach you how to change yourself, to change what is in your hearts inside of you and to change how you give that out to the world around you. Do you understand?

That is the nature of the teach that I bring for you to do. To change this inside and then so that you give it out to the world around you in a different way how you are. Anything and everything, there is no limit to how you will be able to change.


And the law of manifestation says that when something is created in Spirit in Light then those with the power to do so can bring that down and manifest it on the earth plane like so, to take from the air, from Spirit to bring it through the physicality and to manifest it on the earth plane.

In your scribings of your cards you have a Magician is that right? And this Magician will make for this to take place. Part of the journey of the Souls is to learn how to be this person of magic. How to learn to use those parts of your being, your physicality that you have lost many moons ago.

There are lessons to be learned by human-kinds and that which I am giving to you now is the same lesson that I give to just before time about the power within the being to have lightening, you know. Human-kind have been granted the ability to open their hearts and their minds to the Power of Spirit so that teaching would come from Spirit inspiration and then it will be made manifest. These other magicians you know, the ones who come and say, Ah I have just have this very bright idea, supposing we do this and supposing we do that and supposing we do this other thing and bring them all together look what happens, it this not wonderful. As so you get all the beautiful wonderful things that you have in your life this day compared to those things that were around in human-kind life many moons ago. It is very different is it not?

You now get around in your world in chariots that move by themself, is that right?

No we take control.

Songee: Oh you have to feed them. Ah....

With lots of money.

Songee: To give them munchings they need to be feed is that right? So you could for one aspect of viewing this would be to say that this chariot that you have are alive because they need to be feed.

They have to be looked after.

Songee: That's right. I will come to that in a moment.

The New Mysticism

Where come the idea for this chariot?

You mean bought?

Leonardo De Vince!

Oh yeah yeah.

He made lots of wonderful machines.

Songee: And at the time that that was given, this inspiration, what did everybody say?


He's a lunatic. Not quite.

Songee: Possessed of the Devil or Satin, possessed of Satin because of all these amazing and miraculous things that the ideas were given. Visions, visionary peoples. Are you visionary peoples? Or among you are visionary peoples. Do you know any visionary peoples? They are very strange. They do not view your world in the same way that you view it. And they seem at times to be not even in the world in which you are living at all, they just seem to drift through it like this. And somebody that is very much of this world will find it very difficult to understand these peoples that are like this way, you know. And it is because they are living and breathing in the physical world and at the same time they are living and breathing in the Spirit Realm as well and so all these wonderful inspirational ideas come to them and they get put down scribing onto the parchment you knowledge, is that right. And sometimes there is something there that is just beyond the understanding of the peoples around them. And these visionary people are still in your world. They are being born to be visionary people to bring to the Earth the knowledge from Spirit to the Earth however the visionary person that brings this to the Earth is not responsible for what it is that human-kind does with their vision. Do you understand?

It is human-kind on mass that is responsible for taking the visions, taking the teachings and corrupting them, becoming greedy with them. When somebody comes to the Earth with great and grand vision of how to make well all the peoples of the Earth that are suffering from a severe sickness, does this gift of the vision and the means to bring healing to these people be given to the people freely? From the visionary person, yes for the most part, however the greedy peoples say, Oh we can't give that away we can make lots of your Coin of Life with it. And so the peoples that are sick have to pay Coin of Life to have this what ever it is to help them to be well again. Do you understand?

So when somebody comes to you with a great vision then it is something that needs to be offered to human-kind and it is the responsibility of other human-kinds to come together to support it and make it possible without it having to be great big Coin of Life so that only some peoples can afford to do this thing and others cannot. So it is that all these visions have been given to human-kinds over many, many moons and you have developed many things, machines and other things of your life and have gained great understanding and are still learning even more. And your physical mind is very finely tuned to the Mysteries of the Universe where they applied to the physicality. And this has become the new Mysticism, the new magic of your Planet and of your peoples.

Forgotten is the other part of you that is locked away in here that has the power to transform things, to move things and to change the shape of objects, to bring things from the air into manifestation on the Earth and so on and so forth. To transport the physicality from this place to another in the blink of an eye. All these gifts and all these abilities have been locked away in here, in the brain, that organ of your body that you revere so much and use so little of. Even the great visionaries do not use a large portion of their brain to bring their visions to the Earth.

However there are now come to the Earth Souls that are coming and being born into bodies that are allowing a little bit more of this part of the brain that has been locked away to be used again - I will come back to that in another moment.

So the warming of your planet is the responsibility of all the greedy peoples that came along and took all the bright ideas of the visionary people and corrupted them and made it as it is, and it is very serious and it is going to keep doing this thing. You will see many, many changes taking place. There will be many great waters rising and covering the lands. Peoples will find that their mountains will fall down, the inside of the earth will spout out into the skies, the waters will rise and cover all the dwellings that are close to the edges of the waters. The Earth will split asunder and swallow up whole towns and cities and villages and so on...

I'm looking forward to that (laughter) I'm being sarcastic.

Songee: You wanted the truth, I give you the truth and this is how it is. Songee have sayed to all of you that work in the Light that you do not have to be afeared. And the reason you do not have to be afeared is because you will be coming here to do your work for Oneness. And when you are here to do your work for Oneness, Oneness will ensure that you are here to do it. Simple! You give your life to Oneness every moment of your day - Oneness what would you like I to do this day? How would you like I to manage this, Your word on the Earth? Remember you are 'The Kingdom' through which will manifest the Word of Oneness into the World. You are the magicians...

We got a lot of work to do then.

Songee: Certainly you do because you have to work on how you are viewing your world. Your attitude has be adjusted so that you don't use your bad temper to bring hurt and harm to others.

Changing our Attitude

Are you speaking to me?

Songee: No, to everybody.

I was going to say...

Songee: You have to look at that because you have to - everybody has to learn about their own attitude and whether they are able to manage themself in a proper manner, with dignity.

What about, can I just ask, um the people that are our age, my age I mean they are all tripping basically and they are all on something if its not one thing is another or all of the above, how does that relate to the, to the, how does that going to help the future of the Earth when people are like that? I don't understand. I mean they are good people, most of them are very good people but they still like they are.

Songee: I needed to look inside you to find out all the meanings of these strange words you using.

Oh right.

Songee: Ah so you have peoples that are engaging in ingesting substances that change the mind. Remember what I say to you - the mind is very powerful and is capable of great construction also a great deal of destruction. While you are using these substances then you are at risk of used by the Dark Energy to use your power that is locked in here for negative things. This is how it is that when you have these things in your body and your body is corrupted with this thing that much disharmony and destruction happens. Not just to the physicality also to the mind that lives in the world, also to the peoples around in your world and about you, and you will see the results of this in the peoples that do this thing.

Now, for the most part sometimes these childrens grow up and they cease this nonsense. This is another example of a vision that was brought to the Earth to bring healing to human-kinds that was taken by greedy peoples and corrupted and so is now being use-ed to continue the corruption.

Mmm Are you saying the future will be alright so hopefully all this long abuse, like most of the Earth that how it is, is going to get over it when they grow up?

Songee: Those they do not, those that do not change their attitude, those that do not learn, those that live their life with disharmony - bigoty, anger and hatred inside of their beings will find that they will be destroyed. And in the event that some moments that some peoples of the Light, some Warriors of the Light become destroyed, you don't weep because you know that they are going to come back to assist everybody a little bit further along, is that right? So it will be because they have arrange-ed for themself to leave the planet at that time. So though you might say, Oh I'm going to miss them because I can't be touching them in the physicality anymore you know that their Spirit will continue and come back to continue the workings in the days to come.

Are you saying that people are dying, is that what you are saying?

Songee: Oh no not these peoples I am talking about the peoples of Light.

Oh OK.

Songee: The peoples that be come to this corruption come in part to learn lesson about the corruption. Their Souls are coming to learn about the corruption...

(end of side one)

Songee: ...that when the Soul comes to the Earth to learn this lesson very often they will also write into their plan of life that they are going to walk away from this, you know, and come into the Light. And usually those that have being doing this thing will find that their compassion for others will be heightened as a result of their own suffering.

The sword that is tempered by fire is very strong and very powerful. The sword that is not tempered by fire is very weak and very brittle and will break at the first blow. Is that right?


Very beautifully put.

Songee: So when the sword has been tempered by the fires then it can withstand anything. I'm talking about the Fires of Spirit and the Sword of Spirit, because the Warriors of Light must be very powerful tools for Oneness in the fight for Light and Truth and Peace among human-kinds. Everything that you know now will begin to change, it will alter and become different. Your land will become very different. This is not the same thing as Songee have given to you before time about the changing of the axis of the Planet that is something else that will not come in your life time. Do you understand? That is something else again and has nothing to do with this thing I am speaking of now which is in response to this question about everything getting warm and the waters getting more because the ice is melting.

The other thing I am speaking about that is not going to take place in your life time, it will take place in your descendants life time in the next millennium, and this is where there will be a change in the axis of this place on which you live and everything that is down will come up, and everything that I up will go down and everything that was together will become asunder and other things that are asunder will come back together again. Do you understand?


Creatures that have gone from the Earth

Can I just ask about the animals because that's what I worry about, like the environmental things that go wrong, is there anything that can be done to help them, I mean is there anything can to assist the environment?

Songee: Everything that can be done is being done in Spirit to bring enlightenment to the minds and the hearts of human-kind to assist wherever possible the creatures that need to continue their existence. You need to know that there are many, many creatures that no longer have existence. They have passed from the minds of human-kind. You have only knowledge of them because of the remains that have been locked inside the stones, is that right?


Songee: And they have sometimes the pictures that other human-kinds have made of these creatures. And so these creatures have gone from the Earth and there will be many more that will go from the Earth. Their evolution will move on and they will leave. This will leave human-kinds a little poorer because those that come after you will not have the experience of these creatures. And for some eventually down the mists of time the creatures that you have now will become as mystical beasts.

But they are ok though do they go to Spirit are they alright?

Songee: Of course they go to Spirit.

Do they live elsewhere, I mean what happens to them when they go...

Songee: They are in another dimension.

Oh ok.

Like the Unicorns.

Songee: That is right, they are...

As long as they are ok I don't mind.

Songee: You have to leave your mind from this limited perspective of this world that you have to understand dimensions. I am not going to give this talk this night...

I know that, they just seem to suffer so much...

Songee: They come to teach you lesson you know, lesson of life.


Songee: Ask yourself - What is it I'm needing to learn from the sacrifice of this creature? What can I learn from it? What it is coming to teach I?

I had a very interesting experience a couple of weekends ago I went, I felt I needed a treat so I went to the Zoo and you know I was watching all the animals...

Songee: Zoo?

Um it's a place where they have animals so people can come and see them. It was very interesting because of the people...

Songee: Oh I know this thing is, this is how the Star People see the peoples of the Earth, that's right.

That's right!

Songee: Very good, lets continue.

(Much Laughter.)

What I suppose concerned me I was watching not only the animals but I was also watching the people who had come to see the animals, and watching and listening to some of their attitudes towards them, some were joking and not I suppose being derogatory about how they saw them, some were wanting them to get up and perform in front of them and um its like they weren't willing to just be and admire their beauty, some were, but it was all these interesting different attitudes about animals. I suppose it was it was going through my mind about how best do we get a message through, the stories or whatever to um make people more aware of what they are doing.

Songee: That is what Songee have come to do, to bring to the peoples an awareness of how they are with not just animals but with each other and Songee come to bring you the Bear Stories is part of the teaching that brings you towards this thing, to start to see the creatures around you in a different manner, in a different light. Also to teach you how to manage your, your powers of perception within you so that you will view your world in a different manner. How many of you have yet to learn-ed how to walk on air? Have you learn-ed to walk on air yet?

Learning to Walk on Air

Done a little bit of practise but I haven't get any where near mastering it.


Songee: That is alright. All you have to do is practise. That is all that is being asked that is all Windrunner is saying to the little bear cubs, practise, practise, practise. When you are full grown you will have practised enough and you will be doing this walking on air without even having to consider it. You know? And you will suddenly arrive at this place of mastery without really realising that you have arrived. Just as the little bear cub when he is walking across the grass and he is walking so softly that he does not leave behind him foot prints and then when he stops he turns round, there behind nothing is disturbed behind him, and he says, 'Oh look I have done it, I have walked on air.' You know. He has arrived at this point of doing something without realising it. The difficulty is that with the little bear cub and with most of you - that happens to most of you, when you get excited down back down to the Earth you come and then you start to gallop along and leaving all these great big things behind you, you know. (Songee is laughing.) All these four paw prints behind you. Is that right? And you look back and you say, Oh I forgot.

So when you are going through your life and you are coming to a day and everything is going wrong in your day and you are moaning and groaning and crying and weeping and nashings of teeth and tearing out of hair - this is you galloping across the grass leaving behind your footprints, you know. And when you stop and you stand still and you stop with all these behaviours and things and you say Deep breath of Life Haaa, Oneness I give it to you, it's all yours. I'm certain that you don't want I to be in this pickle. Show I how I can best serve you with all these manner of things that's going on around I, show I how I can serve you in amongst all this pickle. Is that right? And when you do that and you come back to your center and into the calm peace of within you then you will begin to move through your life again. And you will walk through it focusing on this breathing, focusing on being a Channel for Oneness, focusing on everything that Oneness wants you to do. Oneness wants you to go and comb this person hair. Oneness to go and write this letter, these scribings. Oneness wants you to go and use your bells. Oneness want you to go and do some other thing and so on and so forth. And then you come to the end of your day and you look back behind you and you see that you have left no footsteps because you have walked on air.

Do you understand?

Learn the lesson of the Little-Bear cub, learn to walk on air.1 Is that right?


The Dinosaurs


Do the dinosaurs still live in another dimension?

Songee: They, these big creatures you have in your mind, they are in another place that is right. They have not - they have left this physicality however they have their existence in another physicality and other beings of this physicality they are having to learn to live with them.


Songee: You know?

And they are a very much different size?

Songee: Oh no they are the same size.

No, no I meant the one where the dinosaurs have gone the ones that are having difficulty having to learn to live with them?

Songee: Oh no they are the same size.

Oh same size. All very large.

Songee: No, no these creatures are very large and the peoples of this place are the same as yourself.

Oh ok.


Can I ask?

Songee: Somebody ask whether there were peoples on the Earth the same time as the dinosaur that you speak in your mind, and other peoples are saying no there is not and I'm saying to you there were human-kinds, there were creatures on two legs that lived about this time on the Earth. You do not know about them however you are finding evidence of them slowly now and it will be found that I am giving you the truth of this thing that the peoples that live-ed upon the Earth at the same time as these large creatures of which you speak. You will find evidence of them because they were here, they were the peoples of the Earth that lived here before. That answers that question.

The Earth People that lived here before

What were the people like?

Songee: Very black. Very hairy.

Read The Mammoth Hunters book by Jean Auel called The Mammoth Hunters.

Songee: What's this thing?

It is a story about what you are talking about but its pretend. But its quite true.

Songee: Ohhhh.

Not very suitable for children though is it?


I'm sure J would love to read it.

Songee: A pretending story, not pretending story, it's a story about truth. These were peoples that living on the Earth many moons past.

Songee were they the first people? The first on Earth these people?

Songee: They became, they evolved to be the first peoples of the Earth that is right. They change-ed from being how they were when the peoples from the skies came. Do you understand?

Peoples from the skies came and um...


Did the wild thing...

Songee: ...did bits of hanky panky you know - and you have yourself. You became as you are now, slowly.


Songee I know that you've asked...

Songee: Ah, moment before you say. There is a question that is going about, about the story of your scribings about the um beautiful garden in which live-ed ah...

Adam and Eve.

Songee: Is that right. Ah the two, peoples, the first peoples and this is um great - I'm going to - a great consternation about this because ah this is a story that gives a story about how the peoples from the stars came to the Earth, to ah, to have this thing come to pass you know. And it is a symbolic story, there is truth in it however it is symbolic. So don't say that it is nonsense because it is not nonsense, it is true that story. Like the other stories that you have among your peoples that I speak to you about before time, all your stories are true. They have their basis in truth. They have just been made to be simple so that the story can be passed along to the peoples in a way that would be understood, and the story is given to childrens in this manner. And the peoples came from the Heavens, from the stars and they were made into the first man that you know as yourselves, the first beings.

Now because the peoples of many moons past would not understand about 'the visions', the visionary peoples, they did not understand about this thing. So it was given to them as a story to remember how they first came to be the first man and the first female on the planet of this place.

So the peoples that came from the stars have the same magic that you have now in your world and more so, more magic you know. The magic of physicalities as well as the magic of that which is locked away inside your heads, you know. And these peoples when they came wanted their childrens, their creations to know from whence they came. They wanted them to know that they were special created beings - they were special created beings - and they wanted this to be passed along through the knowledge and so it came down through the peoples, passed along in the stories of peoples all over the place.

There is much in this and there is much questions that can be asked, I will answer to you about all these things. And you have the symbols of the Tree of Knowledge. You have a symbol of t\The Serpent. The Tree of Knowledge on which is the fruit that the peoples of the Earth knew creations partook, this is the knowledge that was given to them to enable them to grow and to move forward and to develop. Without this knowledge they would have remained stationary in their evolution. They needed this knowledge in order to move forward.

However there was a little warning given at the same time and that is that not all knowledge is good knowledge, that sometimes the knowledge can be used for destructive purposes and not constructive purposes which is part of what I've been bringing to you this night, this teach. Is that right?


Embrace the Stories

Songee: So don't make small of this talkings about this teachings. You need to look at them with different eye. Don't reject them, don't throw them away. It is just another Facet of the Diamond you know, embrace it. Embrace it as you would the stories of fairies and unicorns and dragons and witches and wizards and so on and so forth. Enjoy the story and look into what is behind the story. Look at how all the different little pieces of the puzzles come together to make the big picture in front of you. It may be that you only get to see this little piece of the picture first and then you might get to see this little piece of it, by the time you get to the end of this life you will have managed to connect up those two pieces of picture, you know. And the picture - this is the bit that you get to see, you know - and the picture is t-h-a-t big, many life times for you to see it all. So don't get lost in one thing. And know that everybody's Facet is valuable. Don't make small any bodies Facet, honour it and honour the peoples that follow that Facet. Don't make small of them. You would not want them to make small of you, don't you make small of them. This is the Law, is it not? Is it not?

Yes. (We all agree)

Songee: This is the teach that was being bought to you many time, many moons by many different beings have bought this teach to the Earth, don't make small of others because they follow a Facet of the Diamond.

Now what of your earth time?

Three quarters of an hour.

Songee: Just enough of your Earth time for you to share love with each other is that right? Would you like to do for this?

The Lesson of the Possum

Songee can I just ask you one, one... Its about an animal in the country called the Possum and its eating the trees in the forest and they are all being poisoned with cyanide or shot. Is there another solution to this problem?

Songee: This is another lesson that needs to be learn-ed by human-kind. This creature is not going to go away. When you take for something from one place of living and you put it in another place of living and you have taken it from a place that it is native to itself then it will do something different. Sometimes it will thrive more than you would like and sometimes it will disappear altogether.

When you have - it is not just creatures you know - you have ah plants that grow that are taken from one place to another and put into, in to the earth to grow and these plants where they come from, in their native place of living, are beautiful and are treasured for their beauty and yet when you put them into another place of being everybody gets feed up with them and everybody gets cross with them because all of a sudden there is too many of them. They don't like it because they become dominant and that which used to live in this place of being is made to go away, does not live anymore.

When you take human-kinds from one place of living and move them to another place of living, you know, is may be that they will thrive more than you would like. Do you understand?

Many moon past the peoples of the Earth would take human-kinds from one place of living to another place of living and would by force they would take them from one place to another place, you know, and then when there were many of these peoples of this, from this first place of being there's many more come together, the peoples that bring them to this place saying, There's too many, there's too many of them. What can we do about them? What can we do to change this?

Do you kill them all because you no longer want to have them there because there's too many of them? Or do you learn to live in harmony together, even though it may mean some of the original habitants will have to give up their place to those that they bought in? Same lesson applies. Do you understand?

There's a lesson. The animals come to teach you lessons. Apply that lesson to everything else. You will find I keep giving you now this is a teach of truth.

The Consequence

Can I ask a question relating to that because there is lots of places in the world where the native peoples are really having to fight to um I suppose hold their own culture, hold their own way of being in a place because these other people have been imported or whatever, or have migrated into these areas. How do these types of things can be resolved?

Songee: There is a different between when peoples come and conquer applies, when peoples come and invade and conquer a place to when you have somebody who comes and takes people from their place and bring them to their place of living. There is a very big difference. These peoples that are fighting to retain their unique heritage will fight and have the right to fight because they were invaded like parasite coming in you know. So they were invaded and so they have a right to fight for their own identity. However peoples that have stolen other peoples from one place of being and taken them to another place of being - I say to them stop whingeing.

I know this word, I find this word...

Yes it's a good word.

Songee: It's when somebody is making noise with their mouths and in their mind and they don't want this like a small child, I wanted it before now I don't want it take it away - like this. You can't do that. You cannot take something from its place of living - steal it, and put it is a new place of living and not have a consequence. Is that right? You cannot do that. And it is the same with all things. Human-kinds, animal-kinds, plant-kinds.

Coming back to the original question the possums carries Bovine Tuberculosis that's one of the main reasons they are eliminated.

Songee: I am not giving you any argumentations about the lessons 'why' you might want to make this creature go away. You may have many good reasons for 'why' you want to make these creatures go away. The peoples that have stolen peoples and have put them in new places have many reasons that they say are good reasons for 'why' those peoples ought not to be there anymore. Or WHY they must be 'controlled'.

Are you speaking about Afro Americans?

Songee: Not just this. There have been peoples stolen of fair skin and taken to dark skinned countries. It happen all over your planet throughout your man-kind history.

And its still going on.

Songee: That is right.

There's for example I hear stories when families go to somewhere like Disneyland and babies are stolen, young children are stolen. I've heard stories around Asia there is a great trade in child because families, are born to families and the families cannot feed them and look after them so they are sold.

I am aware of that.

So it does go on.

Songee: Ponder on it. The Law is the same it is The Law of the Cosmos od which I speak, not the law of the Earth. However the law of the teach and the learning is the same, and it is a truth I give you. Apply it.

Inside the bodies of those that come from one place to another there may be sickness in their bodies that the peoples of the other place don't want among their people - and so on and so forth.


It seems very harsh.

Songee: The world in which you live - moment Little Shaman - the world in which you live is a place for learning, a place for your awareness to be heightened, to be brought out, to teach you how to change your attitude, how to change the way you look at your world, how to change the way you are with everything and everybody around you.

You change youself and start to be different with everybody around you and everybody around you will have to change also.

This is the Power of ONE, you know - The Power of One.

It is also the Power of One-ness working through the Power of One.

One person can make a big difference. All you have to do is do your day of your life for Oneness, without reservation, everything in it, This is your Oneness all the Coin of Life the energy of it I give to you. You can't give Oneness Coin of Life. Oneness has no use for the physicality of the Coin of Life however Oneness can use the power and the energy of it to manifest through the peoples of the Earth that needs to manifest through to bring more enlightenment to the peoples of the Earth. That is how it is. And all the other things that you have of your life, it is all part of the power.

What about when like you are meant to be like learning all this stuff and I have grown in a lot and everything and sometimes like just in the last week I have felt quite down which is quite unlike me these days but its been other people who are sort of spiritual but not following any particular thing or anything but they have come along and helped me. I have been very grateful of the help but at the same time its well aren't, isn't me I'm suppose to be setting the example and here I am being picked up by other people all the time. Its like...

Songee: It's because you have be galloping across the grass and leaving behind footprints. You have forgotten to walk on air.

Full Circle

Now Little Shaman?

Was it any person that could use all of the emarods?

Songee: Not yet it would be too dangerous for your Earth. You understand? It would be too dangerous for your Earth. This is how it is we come now back full circle to the beginning that all knowledge is allowed to be given and because we have come back full circle it's time to finish this speakings, is that right? We have come full circle around. Thank you Little Shaman.

Channelling Healing Energies

So now it is time to engage yourselves in the Dance of Love. And the Dance of Love is Healing Energies that are channelled through you to each other and will teach you don't get frightened by it.

I'm going to stay with this body and I'm going to watch for you.

What sort of music would you like?

Songee: I'll have to ask Little One about this. (Songee is referring to Sally, Roberta-Margaret's Spirit Guide.)


Songee: You are need to having the soundings of the Peoples of the Earth, ah about the Angels.

Yes some people need to sit on the seats.

Songee: Peoples who have not been receiving this you need to sit first to experience the feeling of it and also to learn to understand what is taking place. I will speak to you first.

(So everyone is getting organised.)

Songee: Let this child sit first.

No I would rather not join in at all because I still have influenza and I don't want it to, I don't want to expose anyone else to what I have got.

Come on guys come on we will be here all night, crikey dick.

Songee: Moment please. Do you have another seating?

Yes we can make one.

(The Music for the Channelled Healing was from Denean's CD The Weaving.)
Music from the album 'The Weaving' by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

(Lots of chat and background noise.)

Oh I don't want you to catch this.

Songee: Oh I catch lots of things especially when they fall down. Lots of soundings and remember the dancing. This is the dance of love and being a Channel for Healing Energies flow through you from your chakra. Those of you that are sitting, those of you that are sitting you have a job to do - close your eye and take inside of you the Breath of Life and you are going to talk to Oneness, tell them all about your problems and Oneness will come to see you with Energies of Light to lift your burdens and the agents to lift your burdens are the peoples in Spirit that come and work with the people that are standing with you to be the channel for Healing Energy.

And there is going to be for those of you that have not receive-ed this thing before and asking you if you mind being touched. If you are going to say no I don't like it because it is good to be able to touch each other with love and kindness and to use this over the parts of the body for protection of the body, you know like this...

(The music is loud. Songee is explaining how the person standing as a channel will ask the sitting receiving person if they mind being touched. If they do mind then the channel will take the receiving persons hand and hold that against the chakras of the body so the Healing Energies can flow from hand to hand to chakra.)

Songee: So like that so that you can go to all the chakras...

(end of side two)

Songee: When you got to know each other very well mayhap you will be quite comfortable with each other and not mind having been for yourself touching by somebody that you know and you know respects you however working with peoples you not know you have to respect the earth laws, you know.

Those of you that are standing your task is to be channel for Healing Energy. You will stand and offer yourself to Oneness.

There is a short prayer you say -

'Infinite Spirit source of all Light and Love I offer myself to you in service to be a Channel for the Healing Energies for this Child of the Universe. I ask that nothing of I be passed to them and nothing of them be passed to I. So Be it.'

And then you move forwards. You always start with the crown of the head and you always ask your peoples in Spirit to finish their workings with you at the crown of the head, you know.

And that is how you are and in between you let your hands dance like so. And they dance around and if they find anything that is not right and you ask that the energies go to that place. You will find you will know what to do. You do not have to make your mind do it.

You will arrive, you will walk of air, you know. That is how you do it.

Are you ready?

(The Channelled Healing2 begins. Half of the people are sitting on stools in a circle and the others are standing behind them. When the channelling is completed water is offered the those who have been receiving the Healing Energies.)

Songee: ...You know that you take with you a little piece of this inside of you.

I'm going to go now and leave the Power of Light and Love to dance through your life. Share it with each other at every opportunity that you have and then when you come together use the soundings to dance and to sing together to be happy and share yourselves with each other.

I leave you with the Power of all of this,


So Be It

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

(Roberta-Margaret returns and tells us that she and Sally had been carrying an elephant who had fallen down a hole.)


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