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Breaking the Law of Karma
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Breaking the Law of Karma'
A Teaching from Songee 21st September 2000

Crystal Light Of Love
The answers to the unasked questions
Being Responsible for Yourself
There are ways to break the Laws of Karma
The Law of Forgiveness
Forgiving Ourself
The Right Reasons
The Breath of Life is the Sun
Channelled Healing

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This Gathering was held at Pt Chevalier in Auckland New Zealand with fifteen people present.

Roberta-Margaret says, SA hasn't been before so she needs to know what we are going to do. So OK what we usually do is read out this, ah these word Songee or somebody gave us a while back. Who gave us those words? And um then I usually, we usually put some music on to listen to. I use that to focus on to go away. I don't need music however I enjoy the music so I like to sing along to it so if you fancy singing along to it you know the tune you are welcome to. They change from night to night depending on what they want, (?) they are wanting. And you can ask questions and or sit quietly or whatever you want to and please yourself basically. OK.

Tinkle bell.

Show them.

(Roberta-Margaret has little bells on a chain around her ankle.)

Roberta-Margaret: Nice isn't it. I've actually got...

Bare on the other ankle.

Roberta-Margaret: I've got one for the other foot too but I put one on tonight felt I would break them in one at a time.

The world is your oyster now.

OK well come on this is getting a bit thingy...

Roberta-Margaret: Lets be having us.

Right. I am going to read this poem, these words out and it's a good idea if you close your eyes you can actually hear it better. And by uncrossing your legs and uncrossing your arms and sitting up nice and straight it means that the energies will flow through your body more freely.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

The Music was from The Tarot Suite, 'The Lady of the Dawn'.
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The Answers to the Unasked Questions

Songee: I am here, greeting to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: Greetings. So what have you for I this night? Oh everybody knows everything again, is that not wonderful then you don't need to have Songee tell you anything. Is that right?

No, its not, its not fixed.

Songee: Its not fixed you say what is fixed?

It's sort of like lies and fun.

Songee: Oh untruths, its like untruths. Oh you would not tell Songee untruths would you?

There's not much point is there. (Laughter)

Songee: So what would you like to know this night? (long silence) I don't know whether I will do that or not. It makes it much too easy for you when I go fishing. However mayhap it is going to be important for I to do some little fishing.

So many birds flying around and so many that are not being allowed to have voice. That is never good you know. And that is the thing that I am going to say for you at the moment until you all begin to get your voices back for youself.

It is important that you learn to open your throat chakras and speak your truths. And in particular this is true for – let I see one, two, three, at least three of you at this particular point, you will know who you are - of a certainty this is A Truth for all peoples however I am speaking to three of you in particular, You are keeping silent about matters in your life that you need to speak out. You are afeared that at the moment the time is not right for you to speak the word that you feel needs to be spoken. It is not so much that the time is not right, so much as the word that you would speak is not quite correct. You are being ruled by your mind and not by spirit-energy.

When you are – and this is two aspects of the same thing – when you are fighting for something that is right then you need have no fear about the wordings that will come from your mouth because when you give youself to the Power of Light and to Oneness then you will find that the wordings will come when they are meant to come and in just the manner that they are meant to be spoken, you know.

So don't be afeared of not having the right wordings. Learn to trust yourself, learn to trust your intuition, your instinct. It may be that you do not yet know of your Doorkeeper and Guardian in Spirit and that is alright and fine however know that you do have Doorkeeper and Guardian in Spirit and enlist their support, their guidance for what it is you need to say. Make earth time to waggle your ears, put you tongue behind your teeth and bide your time and wait and then when the moment is ready let the power of Spirit move you and then the words will come.

When you worry in your head about whether or not it is the right time or whether you worry about, Will I do it now or will I do it later or when can I do this, and how can I do this and what... And you go to other peoples and you say the bad words and you say, What do you 'think' about it. I know you say these things because you have not yet practised not saying them enough yet, and this is the three people I am speaking to. You keep using these words and you will find that as long as you are using them you will demonstrate the doubt in your own self.

Whether you are aware upon it or not, when you use the word 'think' you are demonstrating doubt about yourself, your abilities, your words that you are about to say, the ideas that have just gone through your mind and so on and so forth.

So learn to trust yourself.

Now two of you are going to be experiencing a need to share the words of Light with another and you need to do this very swiftly. The time for hanging back is not there any more. The need to come forward. For the other person you are going to have to bide your time just a little moment. There is a large gathering of peoples coming together, and in that large gathering you are going to be able to stand up and say the truth of things that are in your heart. And when you allow the truth of Light to flow with those words then you will be heard. You will not be gainsayed either because when something is a righteous cause then you have the Power of Light and of Heaven behind you.

When you have your own ideas of things and you want to enforce those ideas then you will have a great, great struggle. Do you understand? That is what will happen it will be a grand struggle, you will not be able to achieve it. It will feel to you as though you are crashing your chariot into a cliff, you know ,and that doesn't do you any good at all, does it?

No it's rather hard on the nerves and the pocket.

Songee: Not to mention the chariot. The chariot does not look so good after you have finished smashing it into the cliff face does it.


B did you want to...

I have a question. Within my family over the last couple of days there had been a lot of ups and downs and my (?) one of my sisters because she has been through quite a difficult patch and she would like to know that hopefully things would be eventually come right for her.

Songee: I have already answered you! (Songee is laughing.)

(Everyone is laughing.)

About five answers.

Songee: I have just given you the answer.


Songee: I say there's two and there's one you know.


Songee: So? What of this answer you have, do you recall what Songee just say to you, is there anything about it you need to make more?

No, well I know in my heart things but it's a little bit different for me because we are so close, its yeah sometimes its hard for other things.

Songee: However you have the question and the answer has already been given. The answer I give you is the one that I have given you because the question was there so Songee answer it. You have to learn to speak your truth, say what is in your heart. Learn to trust your intuition.

Yeah I know...

Songee: Stop going from one person to anther person to another person and asking them what they 'think' about it! Stop it!

I haven't done that.

Songee: I'm not saying this is something that you have doing however don't do this thing and its not speaking just to you Songee is speaking to the other peoples too. You know? This is two...


Songee: ...who have question and Songee give you answer however the answer also applied to another one who is separate to you.


Songee: Somebody else...

I know, I do know... (laughter)

I find the whole thing quite mind boggling. (The other person Songee is speaking about says.)

Songee: I know what I'm saying.

So do I.

I understand what you are saying. It's like for me something that occurred last night I knew in my heart that, then these other people were coming and saying these things and its like - well may be. But in my heart I knew. You know when you go into your feelings instead of what your heads telling you, you are right and sometimes its hard when the...

Being responsible for yourself

Songee: When are you going to start saying 'I' instead of 'you'? When you say 'you' you are taking yourself away from the emotion and the issue of yourself. You must speak about it as I, not as You. It does not matter to Songee. I know things that you don't know...

Oh I know that. I wouldn't be here...

Songee: So you don't need to say 'you' you have to say 'I'.


Songee: Is that right?

You got to own your stuff.

Songee: You got to own your stuff! That's a very nice phrase. Stuff – what is this stuff?

Everything, can be whatever you fancy.

Songee: Stuff – that you push inside something. Is that right?



It's about taking responsibility for the words that you are saying.

Your emotions and your ideas.

Songee: That is right. So all this is very important because this is something that you do is to distance yourself from things and you cannot do that. When you learn to be accepting of whatever it is that is happening within your life, to yourself and you take charge of it then you will become strong and powerful. When you say 'you' you are giving it away up there to somebody, anybody else provided you don't have to...

Oh yeah...

Songee: That's right have it for youself.

Oh well thank you.

(Long silence)

Songee: Are there any other questions?

Now is the time to speak to Songee.


I would like to ask a question please Songee in regards to Karma...

Songee: Good evening.

How far does Karma fall on the individual. I've heard, read whatever even if you were like to take a pen from your place of employment that in some way the Karma will fall upon you and then that if for example whatever deed you may do on Earth is the Karma fulfilled on Earth or can it sometimes be a new life time that that Karma is paid to you whether it is good or bad?

Songee: These are very good questions to have because everybody have different ideas about Karma. I have given speaking about Karma before however I don't mind saying some more about it.

You have for yourself many different concepts about it and your look at some of the peoples of the Earth and they believe that when you are living in an earth-body in the event that you do a misdeed or take the life of something that you will earn Karma for that and in this instance there is a belief among these peoples that were you to crush a bug that you are taking a life, an innocent life, and because of their belief that the Souls go from human-kind into animal-kind or into insect-kind or bird-kind or so on and so forth in other life times, there are concern that when you tread upon a small creature or take the life of a small creature that you are indeed taking the life of another human soul that is locked in the body of that creature.

Now this has come to pass because of the abilities of human-kinds to move themselves out of their bodies and to see through the eyes of the creatures you know, and so to experience what it is like to be those creatures – much as the Little Bear Cub went flying with Brother Eagle in the skies in the story you know. So it is very similar to this.

Let me say now and once and for all that the Souls of human-kinds do not migrate into other bodies of insects or into birds or animal-kinds. In other places there are beliefs - I am coming to it don't get impatient – in other places there are beliefs that there is the ability of the human being to shape-change and that the ability to shape-change have been lost down through the ages, you know. Just as there is belief of Fairy Folk there is belief in the Devas of the plants and so on and so forth and all these things have been lost.

Now what has this to do with Karma you ask. Well when you are taking the life of something you would perhaps suppose that you are going to occur Karma – is that right? So you tread on a bug and say, Oh sorry bug I didn't mean to take your life. And then worry about whether or not you are going to have to come back into another life as a bug so that you can be trodden on by somebody – Karma! NO that it not so.

When you come into your life first time as a small child for the most part most human-kinds have no memory of Spirit. When they come to being speaking they are further away from their spirit time so they are not so able to talk about spirit and the time before coming to the Earth and being born on the Earth you know. This forgetfulness is there for a purpose. It is there so that you will live your life to the very best of your ability, learn your lessons well, move through your life and as a portion of your life there will be Karma that you will pay back, Karma that you have incurred from previous life-times. You understand?

Now for the most part Karma is large. You do a large misdeed or disharmony to another life then you will have that disharmony brought back upon youself, you know. Then you look at all the things that you are taught in your life. In your earth-life you are taught certain rules about living in among your tribes are you not? You are taught among most of your tribes that you must not steal, you must not take those things that belong to other peoples, is that right? You are taught you must not tell the fibs, is that right? You must not tell untruths. You are taught that you must always be honest, that you must have courage and integrity and not very tribes differ in these basic rules of living you know. Most tribes live by these rules no matter how they make them be sayed to the people. These are the rules.

You don't take the life of another just because you're cross with them, you know. That's not allowed because when you take the life of somebody in your tribe then you are diminishing and making small your tribe and you are making small yourself as a person, as a human being, you know. So it is not permitted, these are the rules of the Earth.

The rules of the Earth were given by the peoples of the Heavens so the Rules of Heaven were given down to the Earth so that you would learn how to live together in peace and harmony – not that its done much good of course because you are always fighting each other about this thing and that thing and so on and so forth.

Now it is the disregard of these rules that incur Karma, do you understand? So when you are born into your body and you don't have the knowing of Spirit, Spirit have given you on the Earth, Oneness has given you on the Earth - the Laws which you need to follow to live your life you know, and the live your life well and in harmony with each other, with nature, with all around you.

When you ignore those rules, when you flout them, when you convince yourself in your mind that it doesn't matter that just this once – then you are breaking The Law. You know The Law - you are breaking it.

And so you are breaking Earth Law, you know, you are also breaking Universal Law because it is a Universal Law one that is among all the peoples of the tribes of the Earth.

When you are working in Spirit and you are working with the Light and working with the Power of Oneness you also have access to Cosmic Law and Cosmic Law reinforces the Earth Law. When you in your wisdom flout the laws knowing full well that you as a Being of Light, an Agency of Light are flouting the Laws of Oneness upon the Earth then your Karma is even greater than when you flout it with the innocence of just living in the life. So that the degree of karma increases the more you learn. So you cannot pretend that you have not heard this teach and go and do something because you now know, and you would be breaking Cosmic Law. Once the teach has come out of the mouth and gone into your ears you have a responsibility and your responsibility is to adhere to the Law, the Law of the Cosmos.

Love each other, be kind to each other, do not tell each other untruths. Be gentle, when you need to be, be firm with kindness. Have integrity, honesty. And when you live this in your life you will not take this scribing thing from your place of living of workings or so on and so forth, without first asking permission because your sense of integrity will not let you. Do you understand?


Songee: And so when you come down to this part where you say about taking something small certainly, when you are working in the Light and you are working as an Agency for Oneness, certainly you will incur Karma, more so even than before you knew this teach. Do you understand?

(Much talk about this.)

This seems hard.

Songee: These are The Laws. These are the things that you need to live by. Always tell your truth.

So that sounds Songee that someone who is a real scoundrel, and I would suffer more for being of the belief I would suffer more than the scoundrel who just continually does it, that isn't of the belief.

Songee: Until that teach is given in the Light to take one. Certainly it may seem that way however I remember that that Soul will have to incur the Karma in the next life. You are as a Being of Light and working with Oneness, when you have given your life to Oneness your Karma will be paid back as you go.

That sounds better.

There are ways to break the Law of Karma

Songee: However there are ways to break the Law of Karma. There are ways to break the Law of Karma. The Law of Karma can be broken between peoples by making forgiveness, and forgiveness comes from saying 'Thank You' to the things that have been done wrong unto you.

Yes I am looking at you. You have to say Thank You for the things that have been done unto you and learn what it is that those things have taught you, all the strength that they have given you. And gather all those strengths to yourself and say, Thank You I have learnt a lot from what you have sayed and what you have done and how you have behave-ed and now I am much stronger, much more powerful person as the result of that, I have learned much. And as you do that the sense of forgiveness will come up from inside you and will feel like a warm well spring coming from down inside you and flowing out. And when that happens in will cleanse away all the pain of the hurt that was done unto you. It will just float away on this Wellspring of Forgiveness.


...That is very well thank you Songee.

Songee: Karma when you are doing something that you know is wrong, you are suppose to be Beings of Light, you are suppose to be giving your lives to Oneness and saying, Oneness here am I this day is yours everything in it is yours. Whatever it is all the ups and all the downsides I give to all to you. My life, my family everything I give it all to you, this life, take care of it, look after it, keep it safe and show I where I'm going to do your workings this day. And you will find that Oneness will guide you to where you are going to do your workings this day. It may be just a few words of kindness in the ears of somebody which you are working with, that is suffering, you know. And those few words of kindness will turn their emotions around, it will make their face light up. Mayhap they will go to their place of living and they will release the emotion that is locked inside of them and they will find peace and come back to the place of workings and look at you with a different eye because they will feel the Power of Light, of Spirit and Oneness working through you.

Never ever look at your life as being 'beneath' you. All the tasks of your life as being 'beneath' you. Nothing is 'beneath' you when you work for Oneness. It mayhap be that you have to – as I have sayed before to you many times – have to clean the body's of the peoples that are not able to manage their bodily functions, you know. And in the event that this is something that you need to do then you do it with love, you do it with respect, you do it with kindness. And as you do it you say to Oneness, I do this for you, I do this because this is one of your Souls that you have placed on the Earth and thank you for sending I to do this task for You, you know.

That is how you need to view your life, that nothing is too humble for you to do it, because when you are in this manner you will be exalted in the Heavens. When you serve humanity in the name of Oneness and Jesus, then you will be serving yourself as well. You will be storing up for yourself your treasures in Heaven as is said to you many times before. That is how you do it.

Sometimes people say, How can I possibly store up treasures in Heaven. What are these treasures I am storing up? The treasures you are storing up are all the feelings of Light, all the emotions of Love that will surround you and go into the ethers and join with the Powers of Light. And when these are so they will go a long way towards being there to say well you don't have to pay so much Karma back in this next life because you have done so much good things.

Songee can I say something about Karma?

Songee: Certainly.

I felt it worked the other way too if people do nasty things to you they pay for it eventually you do not have to worry about revenge or...

Songee: That is right.

...or the nasty things that we feel as human beings because eventually what goes...

(end of side one)

The Law of Forgiveness

Songee: ...and then they learn the Law of Forgiveness. And then when they learn the Law of Forgiveness then they will be able to ask you forgiveness by saying, I have done many things wrong to you will you forgive I. And then you will need to then say, Do I truly forgive this person or am I just saying that I don't need to worry because I know they are going to get their comeuppance. Ponder on that because sometimes by knowing that somebody is going to get their comeuppance is also a good way of hiding your revenge.

Be very careful that when you do this thing that you are genuine and honest to youself. That you have truly forgiven the person for hurting you and that you don't have to worry about them any more because they are going to get it back, that is still vengeance. You have to say, I am not going to worry about it because I am going to forgive them, what they have done to I have taught I these things, have taught I how to be strong this way and that way.

And so when that happens and that Wellspring of Forgiveness comes up inside of you, then without speaking it you know that you are cleansed and there is no more Karma. You know. It doesn't matter what happens to them, you are not responsible. You have broken the Karma between yourself and them. When you hold this belief of this thing you say that 'what goes around comes around' this is a little like have vengeance and then you are perpetuating the Cycle of Karma. Do you understand?

But what I am also saying I guess you don't have to be (?) eventually? Circumstances change and that person may come to you or may never come to you but you don't have to do anything about it.

Songee: You do have to do something. You need to forgive them. And to forgive them you need to say thank you to them. Not out loud, you don't have to say it to their face. You only say it within your own being. From your Soul to their Soul and you say, Thank you I have learned a lot. - Without you taking that action, without you saying those words. - I would not have learned something. I have learned something about I-self. I have learned something about yourself. I have learned something about other things around and as a result of that I am now a much wiser person than I was before. You know! And you look at it with this attitude of mind and heart, not just in here it has to come from in here, you know.

Forgiving Ourself

Songee I'm having great difficulty in forgiving myself for an incident, incident that has occurred and I know that I am, and I am aware of all the teaching and everything like that, I sort of feel a little bit lost I suspect...

Songee: You have to, the first thing you have to do is part of what you are doing now only have to do this for your, your own self, you have to confess it to youself, out loud where it is safe to do so and look at it and ask yourself what did you do, how did you let yourself down, what rules did you break, how did you break them. And then what did you learn from the experience. Was it sufficiently painful enough for you to not repeat it?

It was very painful.

Songee: So this is all you need to do. And then you have to allow yourself to forgive youself and that is where most peoples become stuck.

You can be very, very good at forgiving each other sometimes however when it comes to be forgiving youself Hooooo this is not good thing you know. (Songee is laughing) You don't like to forgive yourself you like to keep kicking yourselves in the soft place and dig a big hole so you can jump inside it and pull down all the soil on top of yourself. You like to rub yourself in the ashes of the fire and tear your hair and rend your clothings – is that right?

It was going through my head the other day that that was what I was doing to myself – Whoa...

Songee: Oh you are all very good at it.

So where are the people, aren't there people who actually have a name that do that?

Songee: Martyrs.

That's right.

Songee: Martyrs to their own self, to their own woes.

From my perspective they are sabotaging themselves personally.

Songee: Oh you do that as well. Everybody does that, is very good at it, all very clever at this thing.

However Songee come to show you how not to be so clever at these things, how to look at things differently so that you be more honest to yourselves and let go of all of that, that part of your life.

All very quiet over this side like little mice hiding in the bushes. Mayhap I have to send the fox after you, come and bite you on your tails.

A flying fox that flew out of the tree.

Songee: Oh this this creature with the skins, ah there is also snake, we can send snake in there to chase you out.

Snake in the grass.

Songee: Is that right? Snake likes to eat mouse. Mayhap we send chicken, chicken likes to eat mouse too.

Chicken? Do they Really?

Songee: That's right. Oh they are very good at it eating mouse.

So have we managed to get you out of your hiding places?

So anymore questions?

Long silence.

Songee: You better ask very quickly because I am going to make you all do some workings in a minute of your earth time. You have workings to do.

The Right Reason

Songee I have a question. I meet someone at the hospital and I am considering going along to his church to meet new people and I'm not sure I'm to do it or not and I don't know if it's for the right reasons. And last time I went along to something which I felt was right I found out I really wasn't meant to be doing it. So I don't to jump in head first this time.

Songee: How are you going to learn about other things unless you go and do this things? Also too don't believe that the reason that you have for going isn't necessary the reason that Oneness might like you to go. What did you learn from the last time you went?

Um You mean the last time I went that I wasn't meant to be going?

Songee: How did you know you weren't meant to be going, what did you learn?

You went.

Songee: You went.

Yeah I went anyway um well I learnt that I didn't really need to go anyway.

Songee: And what was it about it that you didn't need?

What they were actually doing?

Songee: What were they doing?

Learning meditation (?) of doing it.

Songee: So they you went for what reasoning? What was your rational in your mind?

My rational was to meet like-minded people because none of my friends are like-minded (?) It wasn't (?) for meditation.

Songee: And when you went you did not find this thing you were looking for?

Um I don't know I didn't stay there long enough to find out. It came with a catch that really they were very involved in that...

Songee: What was this thing you call a catch – this is something you lock a door with, is that right? What is this? What is this thing?

Well a lot of people that involved in spirits and that they tend to sort of want you to be involved in that group you know...

Songee: What happen to you? What was looked for you to do?

What was what sorry?

Songee: What was looked for you to do?

What was locked?

Songee: Looked!

Looked, for me to do.

Songee: That's right, what was it that you had to do?

In the class? Just stare at a light or stare at a candle.

Songee: Does anybody know what Songee is saying?



What did you find out?

What did you learn when you went? You said that you knew it wasn't right for you.

Oh OK I wasn't understanding...


The lesson for me um what I got shown later that it really wasn't doing what I imagined that it was doing and...

Songee: You are hiding and you are getting yourself into what is airy fairy land. Now go back to the beginning. You went to this place you say, I went to this place to get to know other peoples because they were of like mind, or I believe them to be of like mind – is that right?


Songee: That's what you need to say.


Songee: And when I get there to this place – your turn...


Songee: When I get to this place...

What happened?

When I got to his place well I felt that they were very nice people.

Songee: Very good. And did they have like mind?

No. No not really.

Songee: What was it about their mind that was different? It's like pulling teeth is it not? What was it about it that was different?


Songee: You were looking for them to be a certain way...


Songee: ...they were not, what was it that was different from the way you were looking for them to be?

Um because they honoured, I suppose they were different because they honoured a (goose?) being They had different concepts to what the Trust, oh I don't know. Haa...

Songee: Do you hear what you are saying? You are not able to identify for yourself what is was that was so different about these people and youself. It is not wrong to be there differences you know. It is not wrong for peoples to have a different way to the way you are doing things. It is not wrong for you to learn different ways of doing things.

I wasn't really, my decision as such it was it was other people that said that it wasn't a good idea for me to go there.

Songee: And what occasion this response, it would not just come out of the air just like that nilly willy would it, it would be because you have been moaning about something. Is that right?

Um, it must be yeah.

Songee: Did you or did you not say that you did not be sure about it, that it was feeling very strange, that you did not feel right something about something for yourself?


Songee: So, you say this thing and so you get a response back from peoples who said to you, Well if you don't feel right about it don't do it, is that right?


Songee: So what is the difficulty? Do you understand? You making this bigger than it really is. It is very dramatic to make it big like this. You don't need to do that. You can go and visit and investigate and keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy the experience and come away and say, Well that was very nice however it is not for I. Do you understand?


Songee: Simple, not a great big performance you don't have to be, Oh it doesn't feel this, it doesn't feel that so on and so forth. You can enjoy the experience in the energies that it is meant to be, unless of course you go somewhere and the energies are very dark energies then certainly you would say, Oh I not going into that place, because you would feel it would you not?


Songee: So that is different. You don't go to this place to enjoy, you would go to anywhere else. Songee is not here to say not to follow your Facet of the Diamond, you follow whatever Facet of the Diamond that you want to follow, Do you understand? You don't have to not follow your Facet or a Facet that you would like to follow. Just remember the teach Songee is giving you as well and embrace it with your Facet. Take it in with your own Facet. You will find that it will not take away from you what you already have, it will only make it greater. Do you understand? So it doesn't matter what your Facet is take the words and embrace it.

You want to follow the path of Allah, you want to follow the path of Buddha, you want to follow the path of Jesus so on and so forth. Whatever it is that your tribe wants you to do and you have been raised in your life to do, then embrace it. And bring the teaching I am giving you into that Facet for yourself. You don't have to change everybody else's Facet do you to this way of being you just have to embrace it yourself. And then by living the teaching that you are being given and still following your Facet the changes within you will bring about changes in the peoples around you, you know, it will happen. And sometimes it is that peoples will come and have a little change with you and then they will move away from you out of your life. They will learn as much as they can and then they will have to move out your life because they can not learn any more at the particular moment. It may be that they will come back into your life later on. Sometimes they may never come back into your life it does not matter. Do you understand?

And you, when you are working fully as a Beacon of Light for Oneness where ever you go you will go because Oneness wants you there for a reason. Not because you have got an agonising reason 'why' you 'should' or 'should not' be there! Do you understand?


Songee: So when you go you say, Oneness I'm going to do this thing I do it for you, you don't want I to be there close the door. Simple. You want I to be there what is it you want I to be there for, what am I here to learn. I am going to enjoy it while I am here, what am I going to learn while I am here. It may be that just by being there your presence is going to bring a Light to the place that was not there before time. Don't ever look for something more complex than it really is. Always look for the simple things first, not the complex things.

Now are you ready?

I have a question. I have a client at work and I was just wondering whether I was managing her in a correct manner? I believe I am but I would like a little bit more assistance in a way to help her.

Songee: There needs to be firmness, kindness and patience. And when you are feeling yourself getting tired it is because you have forgotten to breathe.

I figured that out...

The Breath of Life is the Sun

Songee: Breathe. You must breathe. Unless you breathe then your Prana is going to go from you and you will have nothing left for youself and then you will want to go like this. You know. (Songee is making as though She is going to sleep.) And that is not going to serve any great purpose you know. Oneness needs you to be wide awake and alive...

I found I was doing that the other day. I was doing that on Tuesday I was feeling really tired then I listened to the tape last week about the breathing and I went ah that's right.

Songee: You know how to do the breathing every body. Come lets all do the breathing, practise it, good practice. Know you take the deep breath down into the end of the middle self.

'The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Son is my nourishment.'1

Remember this very simple and you breathe in through the nose and down, down into here and you hold it and then you breath it our of your mouth – Haaa, like that without this thing (the nose). Is that right? And it is a little bit like breathing in like this and breathing out like that. Breathing in, breathing out. This is the middle, this is where you use the muscles of this part of the body to take air out and to breath the air in, you know.

So for example you would breathe the air out – Haaaa, and in. Hold it and out – Haaa.

Did you do that? That is The Breath. The Holy Breath, The Breath of Life. Take it inside of you, close your eye for a moment and do The Breath, do it three, four, five times taking a breath in between of ordinary breathing. Don't attempt to do this breath more than one time without taking an ordinary breath in between. You do this thing and you leave your body. You fall off your perch, is that right? Like the bird you fall off the branch. So you need to breath in and as you breathing in close your eyes and your focus and you say, The Breath of Life - I breathe the Breath of Life – the Breath of Life is my nourishment.

And this is it. You'll feel this beginning to get warm inside here until every part of you becomes warm. You can send the chi energy to your hands and your feet and your head to make your brain work and Wake Up and then you are ready for what ever needs to come next because you will have the Breath of Life inside of you.

When you forget to do this thing (Some one yawns) that is was happens.


Songee: Is that right?

(Unheard comment).

Songee: I like this, this is very good, that is very clever like the bells.

She was going to put two on.

Songee: Two.

One for each foot.

Songee: Oh so they can dance. Oh very good, that will be very exciting.

Are you ready to do workings or are you going to make more questions now. Do you want to have questions instead of workings.

Are you all warm enough?

Very well.

You might like to get for yourself the seatings and then you can practise for doing channels for doing Healing Energies. Those of you that are not being before you have to sit.

(Everyone starts organising the stools we used for channelled healing.)

Do you want to sit.

Come on guys we haven't got all night.

Songee: Behave yourselves. You can't do this thing when you are not sitting your behind self can you. Everybody to sit and everybody to do workings. Is that right? How many people to stand up? Have a look. Can you count?

One two three four five.

Songee: Do you have the dancing...

We've got the Fire Prayer one, we haven't got the other one with the angels. Somebody bought it we sold it.

Songee: So you going to have this thing. Oh that is very nice you play for this thing, the soundings...

I'll play this one, I'll play this.

Songee: Do you know the Dance of Love...

Do you like this one?

Channelled Healing

Songee: Which is this?

This one?

Songee: Oh I don't mind. You can have any dancing you like.

Now those of you that are sitting have a task to do, do you not. Close your eyes, breathe deeply the Breath of Life and ask Oneness to assist you with all the things of your life. And remember those of you who are standing that you are going to be offering yourself to Oneness for the Power of Healing Energies. I will take you through the little prayer in a moment.

And remember about your safe touching that you have been taught. Ask first whether the person minds being touched, and because you are all friends together you are going to say, No I don't mind. (Much Laughter) Is that right? Because touching each other is important because you are human beings you need to have the touch of each other. Touching that is with kindness that is unconditional love which is compassion. Everybody say this word of Unconditional Love and they throw it about all over the Universe and they don't know what it really means.

It is Compassion, having love and compassion.

When you have compassion there is no room for anything else in that emotion. Only Love, Pure Love. You know. There is no kinder love than compassion.

So remember that you take the hand (of the person who is sitting to receive the healing energies) and place it over the heart and then yourself and so on and so forth. You need to do that thing. Those of you that are standing to be channels you stand back for a moment and place your hands and now you prepare yourselves –

'Infinite Spirit source of all Light and Love
I offer myself to you in service to be a channel for the Healing Energies
for this Child of the Universe
I ask that nothing of I be passed to them and nothing of theirs get passed to I,
So Be It.'

Now you invite one of your peoples in Spirit to work with you, your Doorkeeper or Guardian, one or the other. And then you get ready and you step forward and begin at the crown of the head and you begin your Dance of Love. And remember when you are finished, when you feel that your task is done – don't squeeze the shoulders and shake your peoples back from their journeys.

You say to Oneness -

'Oneness thank you so very much for allowing I to be a channel for the Healing Energy.'
And then you say, 'So Be It'.

And you step back and then you must wait for your peoples to come back from the dream spirals by them own self.

(And the music played were tracks from 'She' a CD of Caitlin and Sika2. We do not have permission to play this music on our Website.
After a long while of Channelling Healing Energies to each other and when everyone had completed their tasks and returned Songee speaks again.)

Songee: I'm going to go now and leave you with the Power of Love, The Power of Healing, the Power of Companionship and trust.

So Be It.

So Be It.

(White Eagle overshadows Roberta-Margaret and she returns and talks of her work in spirit of a plane crash and war.)


1. 'The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Son is my nourishment'.
The Breath of Life Teaching at this link.
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2. Caitlin and Sika are New Zealand Music Artists based in Takaka in the South Island.
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