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Managing the Trials of Life
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Managing the Trials of Life'
A Teaching from Songee 6th October 2000

The Crystal Light of Love
Sally's Visit
I'm a dead person
Egyptian Embalming Oils
Songee's Letter
Thanking people for their donations
Managing the Trials of Life
This world in which you live is the illusion
The Obstacle
Help along the way
It is Transient
What is a Trial
Have Mercy on yourself
The Symbols
The Great Tapestry of life
Have we evolved
The Reality of Meditation
The Inappropriate Question
Aromas for the Bear Stories
Answer for a puzzling Meditation
Gift for Songee

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On this night, the 6th October 2000 at Songee Gathering there were 14 people present at the public venue at Pt Chevalier in Auckland.

The Crystal Light of Love

Are you ready?

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The music is played and was 'Walk in Balance')
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

(A presence was seen to be channelling through Roberta-Margaret. It was Sally.)

Sally's Visit

I wonder what we did to deserve this? (People are laughing with Sally's antics. Sally is walking around with Roberta-Margaret's shoes in the hand looking for somewhere to hide them.)

Hello Sally. We weren't quick enough. (To put the shoes out of sight.)

Sally: Hello. (There is a big sigh.)


Sally: Don't you tell her where they are!

Of course I will.

Sally: No! I tricked her I did.

She went and you came!

Sally: Yeah. (Sally looked very pleased with herself.)

So what are you going to tell us?

Sally: Nothing!

What are you here for?

Sally: Only a few moments haven't I.

Enough to do some mischief.

Sally: I wanted to come say hello I ain't see nobody for a long time have I. Hello everybody.

(Lots of people say hello to Sally.)

I'm a dead person

Sally: I'm Sally and I'm a dead person.


Wouldn't we all wish to be that way.

Sally: I like being a dead person, it's a lot of fun. It is you can do all sorts of things what you can't do when you living in a body. You can tickle people's noses and they can't see ya, and you can stick things in their ears gentle like, not allowed to hurt em and they don't see yer either. And you can see them do all sorts of funny things like twitching their noses and sort of rubbing their ears and things like that and awful lot fun. I have a lot of fun doing it. I'm not suppose to.

Oh well I suppose I better go them hadn't I. Otherwise we going to sit here like a lot of pillicks aren't we? (Lots of laughter, people unsure of what to make of Sally or what's going to happen next.) Better go hadn't I?

You have such a polite way.

Sally: Oh Thank you.

After last night I'm surprised you don't hit her over the chops.

You have!

That's what I say, it was going through...

Sally: Oh she's alright. I wasn't going to give her a kick up the bum.

In the Psychometry reading.

Sally: No I won't going... all I did, I said she needed a good kick up the bum.

Right well.

Sally: Oh no you can do that all by yourself. You don't need me to help you.

My exhaust pipe. (There is a lot of laughter.)

Sally: Now, now, now we won't get personal. Oh alright then, He says do you want to ask any questions because otherwise I will go in a minute.

I have been considering asking you not now, about another one of those beautiful stories. You remember Jack in the Bean Stalk story may be you would consider another one. Would you like to consider it? Please?

Sally: Yeah alright.

We'll talk Roberta into letting you come and giving it to us, right.

Once she knows about this...

Sally: She doesn't have to know does she. No it's pretty good isn't it. Alright. Do you want to ask me something? I'm going to go in a minute.

Egyptian Embalming Oils

Sally do you know about the Kypee they used to burn in Egypt times.

Sally: I don't no. I'm only 300 years dead yer know. I ain't that old. You want to know about what.

Kypee. It's an incense they used to burn.

Sally: Yer I know what it is because he's telling me what it is - what yer want to know about it?

How many oils were there actually in it? Do you know any of the names of them?

Sally: Yeah there were um - say that again - write it on the board it's a lot easier, all right. He says there were Sandalwood, and there was Cedar wood and there was Myrrh and Frankincense, and what else did they put in it? (Sally seems to be getting this info from Dr Sven.) Put that one down again - Jasmine. There is something else isn't there?

I heard there is about 16 but I'm not sure.

Sally: There was some spicy ones in there and all, like Cinnamon there was Cinnamon in there. Do you want to write em all down later? All right then. He says what we can do is write em all down for yer.

Oh that will be good yeah.

Sally: Rather tell you all sixteen of em otherwise yer going get yer eyeballs all gonna crossed ain't they. Yer got Lemon and yer got Sage and yer got Fennel and yer got, oh bleeding hell I'm not going through all that lot. We write it all down later. They used to use a lot of that in all when they was wanted to do all that embalming stuff. And they used to use all the herbs and things and whatever things and stuff em inside the bodies. Take out all the bits and pieces like put em in jars and pickle em and then they used to - what's pickling em? He says they put em in some sort of stuff and it sort of stops em from rotting, well that's pickling em in't it?

Depends on if you going to eat them afterwards.

No it stops them going bad.

Sally: Yeah the pickle em and then what they do they get all these herbs and things and Lemon grass is one of em, and they shove the herbs in that thing and all. And they shove that inside the body cavities. Did you know they put a hook up the nose and pull the brain out?

A what?

A hook.

Sally: In the nose and pull the brain out. So they don't have to open the skull up, they have to get the brain out otherwise...


Sally: get a bit rotten wouldn't it.

No I've only seen it where they open it up.

Sally: You wouldn't want to be around there when it get a bit niffy would you.

Just what bodies do it all gets a bit niffy.

Sally: Speak for yerself!

I am. I have been near dead bodies.

Sally: I ain't niffy. Not anymore. Any way I used to be real niffy cos we didn't have no soap or nothing. I used to do my best I just sort of did my best and wash myself a bit and sometimes I pinch a little bit of lavender water from somewhere, splash that around it was nice. Yer know...

In those days they didn't like to use water did they. (There was lots of chat going on in the background.)

Sally: More like its fellas wot don't like water, they horrible. They don't like going near water no matter what you do with em. No don't like drinking it nither, don't like it outside or inside. That's right.

You been caught out.

Sally: I got yer haven't I. Alright I better go then.

Thank you.

Sally: What! No yer can't. You have to do it another day, yer can't do it now I gotta go. Alright. Her wants me to tell yer, her not Her the other one. (Sally refers to both Songee and Roberta-Margaret as 'her'.) That little one over there tells me she wants to come and say hello to yer one day. She want to come now but I say yer can't come now cos I gotta go and Her wants to come and she can't come and talk to yer yet. So alright.

Yes I understand OK.

Sally: Alright?


Sally: She's only little, only five. She was only five when she died. There she is, yeah yer can come another day. Oh well I better go then hadn't I. Tra ra. Don't tell her where her shoes are!

You know C will.

Sally: No yer no allowed to. Don't let her, put a gag in her mouth or something. (Someone said something) Oh yer being real rude. Yer mean yer are. Yer are yer worse than me.

I can't believe that.

Sally: You worser than me. Yer want me to go do yer? Aright Tra ra.


(Sally leaves us with our laughter.)

Songee's letter

Songee: I am here.

(We are still laughing.)

Songee: So.. what have you for I this night?

I have a question that came by mail. I have a letter for you actually Songee.

Songee: Oh what is this?

I will read it to you. It is a piece of paper.

Songee: I listen very diligently.

Very good. It says - Dear Songee.

Songee: I know what this is I see it.

Ok - Thank you very much for the tape you sent me regarding my question...

Songee: When did I do this?

A little while ago. Oh well I sent the tape that's how come you can't remember doing it.

Thank you very much for the tape you sent me regarding my question on trust and concerns for my children. Your answers were a great help to me to help me my children. Yes the trusting with my husband did wake me up and make me realise my insecurity however I was very interested when you commented on the trials of life, could you please answer what the trials of life I am going to experience. And she sent us a lovely donation. Thank you for helping me.

Thanking the people for their donations

Songee: So perhaps I need to say for this peoples, ah much thanking you for your gift for the peoples that are, the busy bees for The Trust, for this is where it is needing to be so that the Word can go out to more peoples so I be thanking you for your gift of coin of life.

All of you, thanking you for your gifts of coin of life. Sometime Songee not always say this thanking you however when I not say this thing please understand that it is most welcome and much appreciated by people who are doing workings and bringing the Words out to the people.

Managing the Trials of Life

Now the Trials of Life, this is a talking, a speaking everybody, not just for one people. The Trials of Life are those things that transpire upon the Destiny Path of your life that come to test your courage, to test your strength, your fortitude, your integrity. And before you come to the earth into your bodies you speak with each others in spirit and you ask each others, "Will you please come into the life at this point of the life and bring with you lessons that I need to learn". And the other Soul will say, "Certainly I will come and help you with this lesson. What would you like I to do, how would you like I to be, for you to learn the lesson?" And this is what you do. You arrange for this things to take place.

Sometimes this Souls will say would you at the same time also be ah come for I for lessons of life and would you come and test I to see whether I have learn-ed the lesson that I have set I self with others in days before and so on and so forth. And this, this is something you will agree to do for each other. So the Trials of Life are those places upon your journey.

Imagine yourself upon a journey of meditation where you begin in the Silvery Mist and you go to that other place on the other side of the dream spirals. And you step off into the other world. So it is that your Soul came from Spirit and where you are now in the physicality is the Other World. You came through the Silvery Mists to this journey on the Other World, the difference is you spend all of your consciousness in this realm and you spend a very small amounts of consciousness in the realm from which you came.

This World in which you live is the illusion

I say to you many times - I am going to digress a little here because it is important - that this World in which you live is the illusion. That your Real World is the place of Spirit from whence you came.

The reason I say this for you is that this World in which you live is finite - it is of limited duration. Everything goes through a cycle of birth, life and death.

In Spirit there is only Life. There is only continuance, do you understand? So you might like to reverse you view a little just for a moment of this life and imagine that this in the dream. And in this dream you can encounter many different obstacles, many different trials that you have to overcome.

When - I am going to step sideways now a little - when in this life you do meditation journey and you have the concept of going back to Spirit and treading the dream spirals to go back to Spirit and you do meditation journey and you encounter certain obstacles. Mayhap you have to walk along a rocky path. Sometimes you have to go through a great forest. Sometimes you have to cross a great river or stream, or fast flowing waters. Sometimes you have to go into the great oceans and other times you climbing the great mountains and so on and so forth, is that right?

So this life that you are living now is just such a journey and in this life that you are living now you have got certain steps that you need to take to overcome certain obstacles.

When in your meditation journey - I'm going back to meditation journey now - you come to a fence that has a step to go over it, what is this thing?

A stile. (Everyone knew this answer)

Songee: That's right, you have to step over it to get to the other side, is that right?

The Obstacle

So in the meditation journey you will encounter this fence and mayhap in your meditation journey there is no of this thing, this stile, and you are asked to get to the other side of the fence and there is no guide, no way of getting across. It is a barrier in your way preventing you going forward in your progress of your journey. The fence represents a Trial of your Life. It represents an obstacle that's in your life. So you may like to say to yourself that you are blocked by a fence, that you are fenced in. You are fenced out - so on and so forth. So you are then meeting the challenge of how you are going to get to the other side, to follow the journey of your path on the other side of the fence.

Now, some peoples may put a stile there and say, "I am going to make a stile so I can walk over the top of it - to climb over the top of this obstacle, this problem, this trouble I have in the life." Some peoples will say, "I am going to put gate in it and make an opening in it." Which you can do, can you not in your meditations. You can change things like that, can you not? And make something how you would like it to be so that you are able then to get through this thing. Some peoples are very, very clever and they sprout wings on their feets or their backs and they fly over the top. (Songee laughs.) Is that right? And other peoples will jump over the top.

It doesn't matter how you do it, so long as you do it. So long as you find a way to overcome the obstacle of the fence. So in this life that you live now, you come against a problem, a difficulty in your life. You come against it, it is like the fence, and you have to look at the fence and look at the nature of it. See what it is made of, see how high it is. And ask yourself, "How is it I am going to get over this difficulty, this problem? Am I going to build something that I can climb over it? Am I going to make an opening in it so I can walk through? Am I going to sprout wings and fly?"

And there is another thing that can take place - that I have not spoken of yet, what do you imagine it may be?

Just go through it.

Songee: That is one thing to do. What else?

Hand over the problem.

Look at the obstacle and resolve what is the cause of it.

Change direction.

However my feeling is that if you don't resolve the obstacle, or look at it and learn the lesson of it you get a bit further down the road and the jolly thing reappears in front of you.

Songee: That's right. So you can give it to Oneness, you can walk right through it, what else?

Go invisible.

Songee: You can get invisible, so nobody can see you. (Songee laughs.) That's very clever.

What about going underneath it.

Songee: You can go underneath it.

Remove the fence all together.

Songee: Leave the fence all together.

Remove it.

Pull it out.

Songee: Remove it. Pull it out be brute force, is that right? How, how do you remove it?

Take the staples out, take the wires off. (Everyone laughs.)

Songee: So you take you take it all to pieces.

Yes. By brute force.

Very gently.

Songee: There is another way that no one has yet tried.

What able becoming one with it.

Songee: Where are you going to go on your journey when you become the fence?

What I was meaning was if (I) become it then you have some idea of knowing what's it's about. And then you could move on after sorting it through.

Songee: That is a very interesting concept. However sometimes in this event some peoples do become this fence and then they forget how to become themself again.

Some people sit on it! They sit on the fence.

Songee: That is not a very good place - that's right a lot of peoples do that.

Get wedges. That would sort out your sore bottom.

Songee: Oh sore behind self. Oh very good.

Half the fence would depend what the problem is.

Songee: Very well I tell you.

Give it love.

Songee: Remember that this place you can do anything at all, you can make it anything. You can make it happen, you know? Whatever you need to be, you can make it happen.

So you can change it into something else.

You could just take it away.

Songee: However as Little Mother say, you may not have grasped what is the nature of the fence and you may not have faced the difficulty it represents and so therefore when you go further down your road although you have made it disappear it is going to come back again.

I speak from bitter experience!

Its suppose to be sweet darling.

Songee: So what about that when you come to your fence you say, "Hello, is there anybody there that can help I to sort this little problem out." And somebody comes along and says, "Oh my goodness you have a problem. Would you like some help with it?" And you say, "Yes please."

Help along the way

Where is it written that you have to solve your difficulties all by your own self? The nature of life is that you come to the Earth and you come with peoples, other Souls who are going to come and encounter you on your journey, who are going to assist you, sometimes at the most troublesome fences of your life. Some fences you will be able to do what you need to do to get beyond them, other fences you might find a little more difficult. They may not respond how you would like them to respond. They may not go away. They may not produce a stile because you wanted one there. They may not put a gate in it and when you attempt to pull it down and take it apart it will spring back up again. And as fast as you taking it down there it is going to come up back here, you know? That is the nature of problems when they are not managed properly.

So the Trials of Life are, that when you have one of these things, one of these problems, these difficulties - at first you may attempt to solve it your own self. And when that does not work then very often peoples will sit down and they will be like this. (Songee is showing a dejected look with head in hands.) I don't know what to do? I have great despair. I don't know how to manage this. I give up. I have done this, I have done that, I have done some other thing and still it is here. I don't know what to do with it."

That is when you talk to Oneness and you say, "Oneness I need some help where is that person that you promised I in this life to come and help. Send this person, I need them right now. I need them now. Send them along." And that person will receive the message and say, "Oh I now have to go and help this person because I promised I would do this thing." And this knowing is happening on the spirit plane. It is not happening on the consciousness. Remember this. So the people that is going to help you come along and between you, you start to work through all your difficulties.

Now this is very, very true, especially true of your emotional difficulties. Your relationship difficulties, you know? Sometimes it will be with other difficulties of your life, like perhaps to your coin of life, to the way in which you are managing yourself in your place of workings where you get your coin of life. Sometimes you will need help there.

So in this life that is an illusion, you have the ability - because it is a dream - because it is a place of illusion, you have the ability to change it, (Songee clicks the fingers) like that. And you do this by exercising your trust and your faith and the Power of Light. And you bring that into focus on whatever the difficulty or the Trial of Life is. No matter what the emotion, no matter what the trial, no matter how big it may seem to be -

It is Transient

Remember these words, IT IS TRANSIENT.

It will pass.

It will not go on without cessation. The nature of the difficulty also will change.

It will be transient

And it will pass. As you learn how to overcome your obstacles and how to face the Trials of your Life with courage, with strength, with fortitude, with integrity, with honesty - then you will find that the nature of your difficulty will change, it will alter in its structure. Parts of it that were difficulties will fall away. Other parts that before were hidden will come to the surface, you will be able to see them and work upon those difficulties as they come to you.

How can I give you example? ...

What is a Trial?

Difficulties - Trials of Life... First of all what is a trial to you? What does this word mean? Trial.

A challenge, a problem, an obstruction.

Songee: Anything else?


A worry.

Songee: How about being sat in judgement upon? A trial where you are going - going to be questioned and having everything in your life looked upon - and questioned. To look at the rights and the wrongs of it. To look at the what you did and what you didn't do of it. To look at how you did it and how you might better have done it. To look at your culpabilities. To look at those things that you are responsible for. And all those things do bring to you, a challenge, they do challenge your integrity. They do challenge your honesty, because when you are sitting in your Court Room of Trial that you have set for youself you are judge and juror. You know? You have set the trial, you will sit in judgement upon you-self and you will say whether you are guilty or innocence, you know? Oneness does not do this thing for you - you do this, this is the Trials of Life.

So you are now gone on this journey and find yourself sitting in this place of judgement and you look at everything upon your life. You say to yourself, "Did I say that nicely to that person? Did I say that wrongly? Was I kind? Was I unkind? Could I have been better? What did I do that was so very wrong? Did I do anything at all that was so very wrong?" Mayhap you did not however something will come to you to make you ask that question of yourself. It may be that it is somebody other's point of view of something or someone or of you, that challenges you to look upon yourself and open your eyes and see yourself truly. And ask yourself whether or not this person may be right. You understand? Do you know what I am saying to you?

So these are the Trials of Life and they challenge you and they make you consider your life, make you consider everything in it, everything that has gone before, everything that is happening now. And you cannot go on your journey forward until you have fulfilled the Trial of Life whatever it is, that you have set for yourself. And you must be honest and truthful with yourself. You can tell lies to anybody and everybody around you. You can - that's a very interesting phrase - (Songee is talking to the people in spirit who are working with Her) Short change. You know this? Short change peoples on information so that they only have as much as you would wanting them to have at some moment. And so making them believe something that is not so. And then you are setting yourself a Trial of Life because then come all the witnesses of your life, to come along and stand in, in your Court Room and to bear witness to your iniquities. Is that right? And sometime these peoples don't even have to even say anything...

(end of side one)
PART TWO is enough to be a presence, you know, in your life. So when you come to your fence, your obstacle, your trial, remember out of all those ways of overcoming your obstacles that there are also others, other Souls that can assist you in the process of overcoming your obstacle.

You are not alone. You don't have to fight or do anything alone. You may elect to do so and sometimes it may be the right thing to do. However when the obstacle is larger than you are able to manage remember that there are always those Souls that you have, enlisted before you came to the earth plane to help you through this trial. Because remember in a trial, in a Court Room there are also peoples that will come and speak for you. Remember? There is not always people coming to speak against you, there are peoples who will come and speak for you, who will come and say that you are a good person, that you have done many good deeds and so on and so forth.

And after all this evidence have been presented to you, then you have to make your own judgement on yourself. And this is an interesting thing because this is the part where most humankinds fall down. Usually they come to their Trial of Life, they listen to all the pros and cons of what is happening and then they step forward believing they are going to go on their journey, they have done this now. And what do they do - they don't see that on the other side of the fence there is a big hole that they have dug and they fall down it. And then they are down this big hole and they are feeling sorry for themself because they don't know how to get out. When you come to this part where you need to sit in judgement on yourself, you need to be truthful and honest.

Have Mercy on yourself!

However remember that there is another element that belongs in a court of law - what is it?

A Judge.

Songee: There is one word that I am looking for you know.


Songee: It's not as long as those words... It begins with an M.

Morals? No.

Songee: Mercy. Lord have Mercy on us. Father have Mercy on us. Jesus (Songee pronounces this Hayzeus) have mercy on us. Jesus say, "Father have mercy on them. Forgive them for they know not what they do."

Have Mercy on yourself!

You understand? You must employ this, gift in your court, of judgement, on yourself. You must employ mercy. That way you don't dig big hole because then you will extend that mercy to yourself, and be kind to yourself without making small the lesson that you have had to learn.

Mercy admits the mistake. And I am using that word in that particular way although I don't say that you make mistakes because nothing is truly a mistake. It allows you to admit that there was a wrongness. It allows you to admit that you were weak, that you have a weak moment. It allows you to recognize where you went wrong. It allows you to make a promise to yourself and to others that you will not repeat that same actions, word or deed that created the difficulty.

Mercy is a wonderful thing.

It is something that I have not spoken to you about before.

So Trials of Life - remember, when you hear this, you are undergoing a Trial of Life. Remember the Court Room, remember the peoples that speak for you and against you. Sometimes you need to speak against yourself because you have to be truthful about what you have done wrong. You cannot lie in this Court Room because this Court Room is in yourself. Nobody else is sitting in it with you. It is you, you are your own judge and jury in this, whatever it is the Trial of life.

The final decision of how you are going to move forward on your journey will come from you. So you, as the judge will say to you as the accused, "So what is it that you have learn-ed from this? What do you feel that you are going to do different now in your life? How are you going to behave now in your life? How are you going to be different? What steps do you have to take to be different in you life? Who do you need to assist you in this process? What do you need to assist you in this process?" And when you, the convicted have found all the answers to these things you the judge will then say, "Well you have done well, you have got all these things together now. You have them all. This is your power now, to go forward in your life and to live it truly in a better way. Go forth now and be free, and live your life in a better way." And this is the mercy that the judge shows to the convicted. You did wrong, you have now punish-ed yourself it is time for you to move forward now on our journey.


Do you have any questions about this? ... Nobody?

I was wondering that if we have the power to make changes, are these changes written into our destiny path?

Songee: Of course they are written in.

Are they all changes or just one?

Songee: There is usually only just the one. The difficulty that human kinds have is in recognizing it when it is jumping up and biting them on the nose. Is that right? Sometimes human kinds get lost in the Trial of Life or in the difficulty. They become so immersed in attempting to take it apart that they don't really notice that it is being built back up behind them. Do you understand what I am saying about this.

How does it built back up, is it because nothing changes basically, the attitude doesn't change...

Songee: That is right, that is right, nothing is learn-ed from it. It is not examined and looked at and faced with courage.

When you have done this thing then you will find that you can put on your wings and you can rise above it and fly over it. You can look at it, close your eyes and do that (Songee flicks the hand away) and it will be gone from your path. It will dissolve away, just like that. Those are the ways that would you get past your fence. You can do many other things. You can crawl underneath, you can climb over the top, you can take it to pieces - all very hard work.

The easy way is to face it. Look at the nature of it, test it out, find out what you know, what you need to know about it and then move along from there.

Songee that's pretty painful to you know. However I know that, I believe anyway, I am not allowed to make conclusions. I believe that once like you said once we acknowledge the understanding and got the awareness then you can, I believe that's what you're saying, we can move forward however the process of doing it is, is um, can be, not to all people I suspect, um is painful because of the emotions.

Songee: The Trials of Life are always painful child. Always. There is no exception. Trials of Life are always painful because the emotions have to be examined. Motivation has to be examined. Truth has to be told. The nature of the obstacle has to be defined... You know?... The story has to be told, otherwise... you do not move on. You only move that way or that way, along the fence. (Songee indicates to one way or the other way along the fence.) And the fence will go on and on and on and on and on, until you face it.

The Symbols

Just as you come to a great ocean in front of you and your path goes across the ocean. And you say to yourself on the shores of the great ocean, "Oh How am I going to get across that?" And remember that ocean is emotion, is that right? Ocean is emotion, so you know that you are facing a great emotional Trial of Life.

This is where your symbology is something you need to learn about, because when you are looking at your Trials of Life, when you do your meditations from this illusion of life and you go back to Spirit - you come into spirit and you are given symbology to show you what is the nature and the means by which you can face your Trial of Life.

Mountains, rivers, great forests, ferocious animals, little stinging insects, difficult paths that keep sliding out from underneath you - so on and so forth.

So on your journeys home, when you do your dream spirals and go on your meditation journeys from this place of illusion back to the place of reality, the place of reality gives you the symbology that you need to know for your place of illusion. So that you may change it. It will even show you how you are going to change it. It will show you whether you are going to need angelic beings or whether you are going to need the keeper of the secrets or whether you are going to need the keeper of the books or whether you are going to need the keeper of the forest or whether you are going to need the denizens of the forest or divas or whether you are going to need the nymphs, dryads. Whether you are going to need mermaids, dolphins, whales and all these creatures have a symbol, of what they mean. You need to learn about them when you do your meditation journeys. These will give you the secrets of what you need to learn.

What does Shaman mean? What does Kahuna mean? What is Tohunga?

Teacher of the ancient knowledge.

Songee: That's right. Teachers. Keepers of the ancient knowledge. Keepers of the secrets. Kahuna means keeper of the secrets. Shaman - teacher, wise mans, medicine man, keeper of the secrets, the one who speaks to Spirit.

What is Priest?

(Several spoke very softly)

Songee: It is one who also speaks to Spirit who speaks to Oneness who is a keeper of the secrets. Those that are known among your peoples as priests and monks, they have access to knowledge of your earth about the secrets of spirit. What about the Sharon monk?... Taoist monk... Christian monk... all keepers of the secrets, of the ancient texts ,of the ancient writings, the ancient knowledge. Also this writings came into being because, mankind evolved to a point where mankind started to scribe things down. Before that it was by word of mouth and so it was given to the monks to carry the teachings for the people. It was given to the wise man of the tribe, the Shaman, the Tohunga, the Kahuna. It was given to them to carry the secrets of the spirit life of the tribe. And then it came to an age where things began to be scribed down and it got put down like that so that others would be able to read it.

When you go on the dream spirals from here back to Home, to the real world, from where comes your spirit, you bring back with you the symbols, the secrets that you need to know for your life - to help you with the Trials of Life, to help you with your journey, to help you with others peoples as they go through their Trials of Life, because remember you do not live by yourself, you all are like this together. (Songee make the fingers interlock together.) You know? All bumping into each other. All are like that interwoven together.

The Great Tapestry of Life

Songee: The Great Tapestry.

You take out one of the threads, it may not seem very much however it change the nature of the tapestry at one particular point, all across the weave it will change the tapestry. Ponder on that... You are all important. You are all valuable, you are essential to the Tapestry of Life. Not one of you is dispensable, you know. Unfortunately that brings with it responsibilities because you have to be whatever you are in that tapestry and you have to hold your course, hold your place in the tapestry so that the rest of the tapestry can form.

And the Tapestry of Life is a living thing. It is not put on the loom and then that is it. It is continuous it goes, on and on and on. And sometimes the threads that were down here will come and be up here and form another part of the tapestry as well. Ponder on that...

Does that answer the Trials of Life do you feel?


Have we evolved

Songee have people evolved on everything forwards?

Songee: That is a very good question Little Shaman. In some respects human kind have gone backwards, in other respects you have gone forward. In the spirituality and psychic abilities you have gone backwards. In learning about machines you have gone forward. In learning about yourselves, about nature, about how things work, how things are put together, how diseases come to pass and so on and so forth, and how they can be made better, how they can be made well, the inspiration for all the very many miracles of your lives and they are miracles of your life - have been passed to you by Spirit to souls that were born to be receptive to the inspiration from spirit. In this respect those souls are advanced. They are souls that have come back from the time before and have come into a life to bring evolvement.

To go back to where Songee take you before to Atlantis, and before Atlantis to Lemuria - at that time when the peoples came from the stars and there was much of your skills and talents in psychic and spiritual and machine from these people from the stars, and this Little One got lost. When the waters came over the Earth and when the Earth changed on its axis, and the peoples were cut off from each other, then they went backwards, do you understand? They went backwards into this thing you call superstitions, is that right? Is that the right word? Superstition - go backwards. And it was becoming in among the stories of the people - we talked about the stories of the people remember, the myths and legends - about all the wondrous things and they became myths and legends, they became part of the mythical history of the people of the land, you know, and the different tribe. And then as time passed so the truth become distorted and changed, and this is how you get the movement among peoples where the stories are different. There are similarities and yet they are very different. There are stories you will find among peoples about how for example, how the Sun came to be on the Earth, how the great chariot flew across the sky. And this God that flew across the sky was the God of the Sun. You know? Is that right?


Songee: And that this chariot would bring the Sun to the people and then go down into the cave of the Earth, back into the Mother. And then the morning time would come up again and fly across and go back down into the Earth, you know, and that was how the Sun was made to be. Now in the stories, that is beautiful story, in the reality the Sun that they are speaking about that came across the sky with great chariot was the space ship that came across the sky. However because the peoples of this time have not got the wording now for space ship, have not got the wording for peoples from the sky they call the peoples from the sky Gods and they call the space ship a chariot. Just as Songee call you horseless ones chariots, you know. You have horseless chariots, that right? It does not mean that they are not what they are however in many, many moons to come supposing there was no scribings down there could come out of this, a myth that in times past that the peoples used to ride the backs of winged horses, that went very fast, you know? Supposing that this Earth is destroyed and the peoples that come afterwards - that is just to clarify that for you Wise One - the Earth is destroyed and the peoples that come afterwards have no scribings and yet all they have is word of mouth upon this great miracles that used to exist in the peoples before. The myths and legends that would spring up from that would be very similar to the ones that the people have in times past, you understand?

So you have gone back and now you are coming forward again do you understand, is that right? You went back now you coming forward. In many respects you are very advanced in your knowledge and that is because those souls that have been born on this Earth have been born with the intuition to be able to receive the messages from spirit to create and to do so many things. Somethings are sensible and some things are not sensible - they are...


Songee: That is it, nonsense. That is right. Stu-pid - don't like that word, nonsense. Is that right? So you need to discern between that which is good and that which is not. And you are learning now and move forward. This is part of the teach I'm bringing to you to help you to move forward now, to use your inspiration to bring back to yourself the abilities, and the talents that you used to have in times past. Only before you can be allowed to have the talents of the time before there is a very important rule - you must learn the lessons of life first. Were Oneness now to grant you the power of life and death, to be able to create life or to take life, with one, focus of your mind and your heart and you have not learned to manage your anger... Do you imagine what is going to happen. A lot of dead people! A lot of people going back to spirit, to be dead people!

They could come back very revengeful to, you know. It's this Karma thing isn't it.

The Reality of Meditation

Songee: That's right. However you cannot misuse your psychic ability. That is how the World came to crash in the first place. That is what happened to Atlantis. You are not allowed to do it again... Is that clear! So in order to gain and regain your powers you must learn this lessons of life! You must come down and live the life in this illusion so that you can, learn, and suffer, and joyful, and everything else on this adventure, on this great meditation journey, that you are on now.

This is a meditation journey that you are having in spirit. (There is laughter over this. Songee is also laughing too.) How do you like that?

It feels very real.

Songee: Of course it does however when you go on meditation journey and you leave you physical body and return to spirit, that feels real also does it not?


Songee: Ah Ha. Which is it? ... I am telling you which it is however you ponder on it yourself.

What were you going to say?

The Inappropriate Question

I was going to say a question my feeling is that I am being told that we are getting very close to doing some finished illustration work for the young Bears and I was wondering what sort of aromas and um incense would you associate with the energy of the Bears?

Songee: Now I am going to answer that however that is very interesting that you ask that just now. Do you know what you are doing when you ask that question just now?

(Another Student answers) It cuts off, totally cuts off all the feelings, emotions and everything that went before!

Songee: Are you aware of this thing?

I was but I was attempting to find the right place to ask the damn question. (There are tears flowing.)

H and I wanted time set aside so these questions could be taken out of this public arena where people pay gifts to us for them to be here and take it into a private Trust situation and it can't happen because there is never time and there's always obstacles put in our path.

Songee: When you look at this, ponder on this because we have just been talking about the trials of life, you know? So let us bring this back to the subject of which we are speaking, because it is very relevant. You have the Trials of Life and there are things that you want to do and need to do and believe you have to do them in this particular way - and that is very commendable. However, when there is an obstacle you have to look at what it is there for. What is it doing? What is it challenging you to look at? What is it wanting you to know? It is not there by accident. It is there by design, the desire of the peoples involved in this process. You are not working alone, you are all working together therefore there needs to be an answer to this does there not, how it is that there is this obstacle. What do you suppose the obstacle may be


It's not necessary for it to be done just yet.

Songee: Also that there is something else that Oneness wants to have happen, first. You understand? So although this answers are required and they will be given and they will come, you understand Little Clam, they will come and they will be given.

I am just curious that's all. It was coming to my mind I know there is a point where I get to, I have been told that once I get my own space I need to work on these drawings.

Songee: That's right.

And I was getting curious about, this thing came into mind about...

Songee: That's right and that is a very interesting thing to know and to be - and I will answer it. However you need to understand that sometimes when you are speaking or we are speaking about something and then you come to something else then it will, it will - what is this? Make small a little of the things that have gone before. It is sometimes a way of pulling away from the emotion of what has gone before. You need to recognise when you do this for yourself so that you learn the lesson of it. This is part of this thing we are talking about the Trials of Life. And what you are saying is very important because when you come to do certain functions in your life, when you come to look at some of these things, that are obstacles of Trials of Life it does be very helpful for you, to use things like the smells from the plants so on and so forth. To assist you in your opening up to whatever it is, the inspiration that you are needing to receive. And so that is very valid, what you ask. However be aware of what has transpired and how it can take you away and cut everybody else away from the energies of what was going before.

So OK from another point of view - how does someone outside this conversation, discussion is happening understand when it is complete because um, how do you know?

Songee: It's never complete. There is always another aspect of this that can be told. There is always another picture that can be presented. There is always somebody that has a question of the beginning of it. Not everybody will hear this particular speaking, and mayhap I will come and speak some more another time, about this word Mercy. And the people will, hear those words and not have heard these words. So for them they will not have a completeness. They will have one part of it, and that is the part they are meant to hear at that particular time. There are many people who are not here, this night and that is because they are not meant to hear this speech at this particular moment of their life. When they are ready to hear it, they will hear it on your machines or they will read it where it has been scribed down, in your books, you know. So they will then have this message, this teach will come to them when they are needing to have it.

Aromas for the Bear Stories

Songee: Now... You wanting to know about the aromas that go with the creatures? Is that right?


Songee: For the Little Boy Bear you are going to need Bay. For the Little She Bear you are need Jasmine. For the Great She bear, would you like to (?) that?

Chanel number five. (Much laughter)

I was considering Fish.

Songee: Fish!


That's what I was coming to.

Songee: Rose.

Ah Yes.

Songee: For Windrunner?

(Laughter as the people consider what may be appropriate.)

No comment.

Opium, sandalwood.

Break the rules and say Lavender.

(end of side two)

I just don't know. (We were looking for the booklet on Aromas)

Songee: It was in your last scribings, find it.

Is that the last one. (Songee is meaning the magazine The Trust was publishing at that time.)

Songee: I make you work, you know. What is Bay?


Songee: What is the power of it?

It's a masculine sort of.

It says here it was used by the Ancient Romans as a symbol of wisdom and peace, um and is stimulating in small doses and sedating in large doses.

Songee: So now we ponder for a moment on the nature of the Little Bear Cub.

He is very curious.

Songee: And how he is growing. And how his character is forming. And apply this to him.

It says here it has distinctive sweet balsamic undertone and a spicy top note when put into the aroma burner. Well he definitely those.

Win, win when cooking.

Songee: So power of the Bay is... what does it do? When you smell this thing what does it make inside you?

Feel nice and warm.

Maybe it gives courage.

Songee: There is a strength to it. There is a certain, sharpness to it. Ah how say I this? A clarity, is that right. And a little Bear cub is bringing that to you. So Bay.

And jasmine, Jasmine is soft and sweet, sweet. (For the Little She Bear.)

But its Red, it has this Base Chakra thing too.

Songee: That's right, Base Chakra of the Earth , she is a piece of the Earth Mother, of the Great She Bear. She is part of the womb of the Earth. You know? And the Rose, Rose... (For the Great She Bear)

It is very spiritual.

Songee: Love. Heart. All those things are Rose. Gentleness, strength, all part of the Rose.

And Windrunner - what have you for Windrunner do you suppose? Imagine this creature.

He's a Teacher. Wisdom.

And tolerance.

Songee: What do you have that is purple?



Songee: It's not Fish!... So Lavender... It contains the elements of both purple and blue. The ability to be with spirit and yet be of the Earth. You know? It also has a little, just a little the red in it...

What of the Skunk?

It's got its own aroma. I suppose we all have to.

He bought a lesson didn't he, the very important lesson.

Songee: What was the lesson the Skunk bring to you.

Don't be nosey.

Keep your nose out of...

When you pursue something to and it has to back it up it uses all sort of tactics to protect itself.

Well it's a wonderful defence isn't it.

Just because it is small doesn't mean it hasn't got feelings.

It's very pretty. Very pretty markings.

Songee: So what aroma? What smell. Not skunk smell.


Don't judge it by its looks...

Songee: Clove.

Is that an indigo?

Songee: Clove. What does clove do?

Helps with pain.

Makes wine taste better.


It's a spice so it adds flavour, aromatic... Use it medicinally.

Songee: And what happens when you bite into the clove?

It's very bitter.

Songee: It looks pretty, it smells pretty and it tastes horrible. Is that right?

Oh that's quite good isn't it.

Songee: Not all that it seems this clove and yet it is very powerful, very pungent, very pungent like the Skunk. That's right.

Does the Eagle have and White Eagle have the same energy or is that different?

Songee: Ah... Eagle flies. What is Eagle.

A prayer, bird of prey um freedom.

Carrying the messages to Oneness. Hawk brings them, Eagle takes them.

Songee: Sage.

I was going to...

Songee: Sage.

What about the Shaman?

You burn the Sage and it takes the prayers to Oneness.

Songee: Takes the prayers to Oneness. And the Eagle ascends taking the prayers to Oneness. You asking for the aromas for the creatures. The Great Shaman is not a creature, not in this thing you talking about.

It's interesting, the Sage came added to a 5 which is a communication thing.

Songee: What else is a 5? Messenger of the Gods?


Songee: That's right. Sage. That is all.

OK thank you.

Songee: I could tell you the Butterfly I suppose. Lemon.

What colour is the butterfly?

Songee: A myriad of colours. Any colour you like - all and none. Rainbows, translucent. They will change with the light shining on the wings. Some have a very definite colour, whatever they are meant to be, they will be the butterfly. The only time that you can pin the Butterfly down is when it is dead.

Something to look forward to isn't it. (Songee calls this person Little Butterfly.)

What She's meaning is when they put them in the boxes in the drawers that have all the butterflies pinned into it.

Trapped again.

I wouldn't worry too much cos you are not at that stage anyway.

Songee: We won't say anymore about that. (Songee is smiling)Is that right?

Its true though.

Songee: So you look for Lemon for the Butterfly. Lemon what is lemon? Fresh, light, bright.


Sour to eat.

Songee: Sour to eat. Have you eaten a Butterfly.

No never. (Laughter.)

Songee: It that all now? Time for I to leave you is it not.

Answer for a puzzling Meditation

May I ask a question before you go?

Songee: Certainly.

One of the reasons I came tonight was to ask you a pacifically a question. Um Over the past weeks and months I have had meditation I have been of going into a crystal cave where there is a man called Samuel who calls himself Keeper of the Book of Life. And he keeps opening it for me to read but I can't read it. It's in a foreign Sanskrit or something like that. And I just wondered what he wanted me to do?

Songee: So you are concerned that this have not been revealed to you?


Songee: Have you considered perhaps that it is that you have not opened yourself up yet?


Songee: So this is what you have to do. You have to open yourself up and not put there what you want to be put there. As long as you employ control about what is going to be there or not be there, you won't get it.

Fair enough.

Songee: When you hand over to Oneness everything of your life and you do it sincerely, and you are then going to this place you will be able to know what is written. You won't have to read it to know it, you will simply know it. There will be no struggle, there will be no debate about it. You have the difficulty now because you want it to be something that it is not. You want an answer that you don't be there. The answer you want does not lie there. Do you understand? You are attempting to make the answer what you want it to be. And so you cannot read the truth.

Thank you.

Songee: Does anybody have anything else before I leave you.

Gift for Songee

Songee was there ever an Ice Age or did the...?

Songee: Oh certainly. Yes there was Ice Age... Is that all?

Songee thank you for all your help. (A Students comes forward and presents Songee with Roses. Songee appears to be very overwhelmed by this gift.)

Songee: What a beautiful child. Beautiful child. Now how is Songee going to take this back to the Earth.

I don't know.

We can give them to Roberta to keep for you.

Songee: They are most beautiful. Would you like to mind for those? They have a little smell for them, they are beautiful.

So I will go now and I'm going to leave you with the Power.

The Power of knowing Truth, of being able to face your own Trials of Life with courage and fortitude and know that you will have given yourself all the Power that you need to get through all your Trials of Life. You would not set yourself a Trial of Life from Spirit that was going to not work. You are not so stu-pid.

So I leave you with the power of this knowing and remember it when you need to have the strength to move on.


So Be It

And to remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart,
And may the light of Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness of your Soul,
Be at Peace.

White Eagle (Roberta-Margaret's Guardian) came to overshadow Roberta-Margaret's body in preparation for her return.
Anamushta Aho

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