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Spirit Made Manifest
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Spirit Made Manifest'
A Teaching from Songee 23rd November 2000

Roberta-Margaret introduction
- Questions from new guests, Spirit people who work with Roberta-Margaret, Conscious Channelling - Full trance channelling, What is the Songee Energy, Spirit people who come to help us, Free will, Living with spirit, Names of spirit people, The Songee Energy and Her expression, Work Roberta-Margaret does while away in spirit
The Crystal Light of Love
Manifestation of Tao
Songee Manifesting into a Physicality
A Truth
The Plan
Evil Whispers in your ear
The Breath of Life
Saving a Soul from Darkness
Oneness Cares for each of us
Forgiveness and the Law of Karma

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This night was held at Pt Chev, Auckland New Zealand. Each of the ten people present introduced themselves to the group. Several people had not been to our meetings before and Roberta-Margaret begins by asking them of their previous experiences with full trance channelling.

Roberta-Margaret Introduction

Roberta-Margaret: I usually talk to the people who come for the first time N about what they have experienced, what they have experienced as far as deep trance channelling is concerned. To find out just where you are at with it. Have you ever experienced it?

No I never.

Roberta-Margaret: What about any psychic stuff have you been to any mediums or tarot reading done or...

No (Other words spoken ?)

I visited a psychic once.

Roberta-Margaret: What was that like?

I can't say because I wanted some answers and they didn't happen as, well maybe it is to happen in one or two years. I don't know what time frame she was saying.

Roberta-Margaret: So you got some answers but they have not manifested.


Roberta-Margaret: Ok yeah. That does happen sometimes when you go to see people they very often will get you some information and depending on who they are and how good they are, they will or will not tune into the people, spirit people properly. Were they doing cards, working with cards?

No just talking and...

Roberta-Margaret: Talking to you.

She was meditating, she was meditating for it every couple of minutes, I see that...

Roberta-Margaret: Right so, that is what we call, what we would call just ordinary tuning into spirit and giving information. I could, I can sit here and listen to White Eagle, who is my Guardian, and I can listen to Fo Yung, who is my Doorkeeper or Sally or one of the other people who work with me and ask them to give me some information that maybe, that's going to help somebody. And I would listen to what they wanted to tell me and I would pass that information onto you, and I do that quite consciously with my ego-self still in my body, OK.

The only part of that that I find a bit tricky is that in the event that anything needs to come through and the person is unsure or sceptical or whatever, I am not responsible for their scepticism of course, however the whole point of what we are doing is an attempt to actually bring some information for healing and enlightenment to the life.

So many, many years ago I arranged with my people to start consciously not being present, that my ego-self would leave the body and go away, so that they could come and talk to people. And that I would, Roberta-Margaret my ego-self would not have any knowledge of what was going on in the room. So that started on many years ago. And I was working with my spirit people initially and other people that would come through, it wasn't just my Doorkeeper and Guardian there would be other people that would gradually come through and talk to people and share information and share knowledge. And over the years that happened and then one evening I offered myself to be a channel and I went away and that's when the Songee Energy came through. And everything sort of changed since. Nothing has quite been the same (laughter) since then.

What is Songee Energy?

Roberta-Margaret: Well, Songee Energy She is not a spirit person. She hasn't had a physical body. So the people in spirit have lived a life like we have, had a physical body, died, been buried, their spirits have gone back, you know into Spirit Land, and then when they are there they often take on jobs of being Doorkeepers, Guardians, Guides so on and so forth to all of us who are coming down to...

They don't come back, they just...

Roberta-Margaret: They do come back yes but they might have a little bit of space, I can't think time because there is no time in spirit so I can't say time, but they have a space where they actually give themselves to the Soul to be a Doorkeeper or Guardian to that Soul. So every single person that's living has a Doorkeeper or Guardian. Some people call these energies, these spirits that are with them, they will often call them their Guardian Angels. They are not actually Angels, but they are - excuse me no you are not an Angel! She is naughty. Um they are there, sort of one on each shoulder looking after us and taking care of us and that sort of thing. So we do have these people that are with us, in spirit.

And then we have other people that come along to teach us things and help us through the lessons of our life and help us with the things that we are learning in life i.e. we might want to learn music so someone in spirit, who has passed into spirit, that used to be good at music may come and attach themself to you and say right I'll help you to become better and more proficient at this particular skill. And they will work with you until you actually achieve that. Some people have been known to suddenly wake up in the morning and have this great desire to start writing poetry and start writing stories and they suddenly become very, very good and writing poetry and stories and they don't know where it's come from. It is usually because a spirit person has come along, they had this desire in their heart, this person has had a desire in their hearts to learn something so a spirit person has come along to help them achieve it. So they are not doing it for them all the time but they do come along and inspire them and get them going. And then as their rapport begins to grow so the spirit person can actually pass information through. And that's how a great number of people that we have got that have gone through history have received their inspiration and their vision, you know like Leonardo De Vinci, Einstein you know. They all could have been inspired by the spirit energies coming through.

(A person went out to attend to someone who had knocked on the door.)

A person capability to receive that energy is it set before birth or we got free will to...

Roberta-Margaret: How do you mean? open ourselves to that.

It's all set before you come into the life.

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah. But you preset the ability to learn it, in your life. So you will get drawn to the areas the areas that are going to actually assist you to develop it if that's what you are meant to do in your life. Um...

I have a struggle, it won't take a lot of time. OK. If life is like a movie with certain things and promises were going to happen where is our free will?

Roberta-Margaret: It starts before we are born.

Free will before you are born.

Roberta-Margaret: Basically. We have an illusion of free will here on the Earth...

That's what I thought. But I just, because a lot of people say you can make decisions with your own free will, you have got free will. I started to doubt it. It's more like tuning into something then just being dragged.

Roberta-Margaret: It's a little bit more than just being dragged. What it is that you start to actually become sensitive to your own process, your own destiny path and where it is you are heading, what it is that you are going to do and it's not a very easy process. Sometimes it can be a very painful process because you having to let go of all that stuff, take up new stuff and when you have got used to that you have to let go of that and take up another lot of stuff, you know. So the process is quite painful at times. It also can be very hilarious at time and a lot of fun. And even with the painful parts for the most part, I can say from my own perspective I enjoy my contact with spirit, I really enjoy it. I can't say it's a laugh a minute however it is very joyous most of the time. Frustrating yes, annoying yes, helpful most of the time, yeah when I listen I know. And you know it, you know sometimes that can be really hilarious. Actually if I am talking to somebody and I am in a situation like at work and someone says something and one of my spirit people this particular one I've got Sally is really, she's right there all the time. And she will interject something before they have even finished speaking and its usually something absolutely hilarious. And it's all I can do to keep a straight face you know because she will take something they said and turn it around the other way. And it I haven't had time to do that in my brain because I didn't know what they were going to say. I'm standing there listening to them, waiting to hear what they are going to say and she'll catch it and turn it round and it will be something really funny. And I can get quite distracted when that happens. These are the funny parts, the real little funny things that happen, you know. And um...

How do you get the name Sally and...

Roberta-Margaret: Sally, Sally came and told us her name. White Eagle came and told us his name. Fo Yung came and told us his name. When they came through when I was trancing they actually came through and spoke their names and said who they were and where they came from and when they had lived on the Earth. And a little bit about their background and then just a little bit and then came through bits of information over the years.

The Songee Energy is different. She hasn't had a flesh and blood body. She calls Herself the Holy Breath. She says She is the female half of The Creative Power. You know we talk about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the Trinity, right in Christianity - She says She is The Holy Spirit. That, you've got the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit - that the Father and the Holy Spirit are actually the Father Mother Energy. They are the Creative Energy. She also calls Herself The Mother of the Earth, The Earth Mother. And Mother of All Things. So it's the Mother female energy that has come here you know to represent itself on the Earth. And She quite often talks about the one who walked before and She is talking about Jesus. She, She often - what else does She call him.

She calls him the Christos.

Roberta-Margaret: The Christos. Yeah and She refers to the God Creator Power as Oneness. That's right She calls him Hayzeus (This is Songee's pronunciation of Jesus).

She doesn't often say Jesus, does She?


She generally says Hayzeus. We didn't know what She was saying when She first started saying it, it is not a term we are use to in our environment.

In everyday life its different.

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah and they is lots of little things that She said and does that are very, very different to my own.

Also its very, a very long time ago like She would much prefer to talk about us riding around in our chariots rather than being in cars. The concept of cars is just doesn't sit well with Her. So She talks about chariots. There is a whole heap of stuff like that that She talks about. So that was what was happening when She was...

Roberta-Margaret: Last time.

Last time she was here. Every thousand years She comes and talks like this. And She talked to us about being the Oracle of Delphi. She was the Oracle of Delphi.

Roberta-Margaret: And then when the Christ Energy came the Oracle of Delphi bowed out. And She says that She is coming again to do this. She is coming to clear the way for the...

The second coming.

Roberta-Margaret: The next coming.

The next coming of the Christ Power. Or whatever the Soul is going to be here.

Roberta-Margaret: That's right.

When is this going to happen?

Roberta-Margaret: That we haven't been told.

Ask Her!

Roberta-Margaret: We haven't been told that. (Some conversation which is hard to hear.)

Ask Her. A good question.

Before you pass over?

Roberta-Margaret: I don't know before I pass over or what but She said that as long as there is breath in my body She is going to speak to the people of the Earth. I have got visions of me one day when I am old and decrepit, one hundred and two.... (Laughter) Waiting, waiting and hanging over.

(Much discussion.)

On Tuesday She said you were going to live a long, long time.

Roberta-Margaret: So I can push off this mortal toil.

She talks about keeping, Roberta-Margaret and I young, not to age any more than we are.

It might be new lives.

Roberta-Margaret: This is true. I will look in the mirror and this old woman...

(Much laughter and conversation.)

There's another illusion that hit the dirt.

Did She say about your physical features?


No. I can't remember.

Roberta-Margaret: I didn't hear it, you heard it.

Yeah that's right.

Roberta-Margaret: And told me about it. Another fifty years, Oh God. I don't need it.

You will be one hundred and fifty.

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah I will. Anyway if I live another 50 years!

Anyway. Are you going to start Sweetheart?

Roberta-Margaret: Anyway yeah.

Is it a problem if I ask questions? I want to know...

Roberta-Margaret: I need to go to the...

(Conversation went on for awhile.)

Roberta-Margaret: Anyway the other part of this is that when I leave my physical body, my ego-self goes away out there and I get involved in doing all sorts of rescue stuff in the world but I go out of time and I go ahead of time. So I go and do a lot of work that is not, hasn't, events that haven't taken place. One of the ones that, that's most jumping out of my mind at the moment was the Russian submarine. I actually went and took all those sailors and took them back with help from other people, took them back to spirit down in the water and actually into the submarine and helped them to pass into spirit. And they, when we do this work and we go and see them, we are solid to them, they can touch us and feel us, we are quite solid to them and they are not frightened when they go over into spirit, you know. We help them to go without fear. So the large number of those men that actually died in that submarine ah didn't pass over with great fear. They passed over with a sense of peace, and a sense of sort of that it was the right thing, that it was going to happen and they were OK about it, you know. They had sadness and they knew they weren't going to see their families again and all this was happen with them. but when it came to the actual moment of transition from Earth into spirit, they came over very happily and quite contentedly and peacefully and we took them all through. And then...

How many of you?

Roberta-Margaret: I don't remember there must have been twenty or thirty of us taking them over, yeah. As we, what we do is we gather the Souls up, we introduce them to their Doorkeepers and Guardians and then together we take them into the Light. And then the Doorkeepers and Guardians take them on the rest of the way and we go back and get some more people. Because very often when people are dying they don't always see the Doorkeepers and Guardians. They are more likely to see one of us when we go and see them because they, we are in a physical body, we are attached to a physical body so our vibrational energy can be, it is a lot less someone who is not attached to a physical body, so we can travel between the worlds, we can travel between Earth and Spirit, so we can be in both realms at the same time. That is the gift we have because we have come down to live on the Earth.

Ok. Do you have to come back?


Yes the Soul of Roberta-Margaret every now and again has to come into land.

Roberta-Margaret: Yes I come back here.

What happens if you don't?

Roberta-Margaret: Ah well it depends. I mean I'm not destined to leave this life yet. I mean if I was destined to leave this life I would leave my body and not come back and my body would die. But I am not destined to leave this body and never come back to it. So in the event that I go away sort of tied up somewhere one of my people will come and look after the body and take over where I left off and do what I have to do in life, and things like that. That has been known. They are very good at running my life and doing things and most people who don't know me don't really know. They just sort of feel that I am a bit different today, but they don't know what is going on and that has happened many times. I have had some of our patients when I used to work at, I used to work in the acute wards and the sometimes Sally or one of my other people Dr Sven would come and work and I would be away for a few days doing something and they would come and take over. Those times were a blank you know for me. From my perspective I don't what happened in this world. I'd come back and I find that events have taken place there is a signature there, but the writing is different to my usual writing, very different. And then the clients well patients who were very psychotic, acutely psychotic would ask for me and say they wanted this nurse and would describe me and they would describe me as the blond nurse with the green eyes. OK! (Laughter)


And they were seeing the spirit person who was overshadowing.

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah so they would talk to, I have actually heard this happening where one said - the nurse I had the other day, I want her I want that nurse I had the other day. And I was coming down the corridor and he said, and this person said - Oh you had Roberta-Margaret - no no no but she's got dark hair. No no no blond hair with green eyes, blond hair and green eyes. And then he said - that's her. And as I was walking down the corridor I could actually feel Sally overshadowing me really strongly and I knew that she was the one that they were seeing, not me.

And another time they wanted to speak to the male nurse that had been with them and there was no male nurse on duty, and who they had seen was a person taller than myself and it was actually Dr Sven that they had seen and he has dark hair and, light browny not very dark brown, but browny hair, and his eyes actually, his eyes are quite blue, quite a bright blue - and the same person with sort of the brown hair and blue eyes. You know. And then they'd say - the man, that person there. Start to look at me and say - No no that's not a man that Roberta-Margaret and she's a lady. And they would sort of look at me blink and say - Oh but he was there just now. You know. So I have had these experiences you know over the years and are quite fascinating which confirmed for me that my people are working through me.


Are you ready?

Roberta-Margaret: Yip.

I am going to read some words to you people, all these legs uncrossed and hands uncrossed. And if you sit up straight sometimes what happens when I read these words it tends to open your chakras and it's always nice to have your back in a nice straight line. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths please, help you to relax.

The Crystal Light of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The music played was Denean's 'Passage to The Mother' while Roberta-Margaret prepares herself to go into trance.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

(Songee can be seen to be with the channel and She smiles.)


Songee: I am here.


Songee: So what have you for I this night? Does anyone have anything to ask? So mayhap I give you somethings to do. Would you like some workings to do?

(Laughter from the person Songee is 'looking' at.)

You are getting very choosey.

Songee: Oh my goodness. What will happen for you when you get to be choosey too much?

It's an illusion anyway.

Songee can you tell me about the Chinese entity Tao?

Manifestation of Tao

Songee: (Songee breathes out heavily) Ahhh This one was great prophet for the people and came to bring to the peoples of the Earth much wisdom and knowledge for them to govern upon their life. There had been many such Souls that have come to the Earth to bring these things. No it is not an incarnation of Jesus in another life. It is a different Soul. There are many Souls of advancement, of knowledge, of wisdom that have travelled the pathways of destiny, that have elected to come back to the Earth to bring wisdom and knowledge to the peoples of the Earth. This is not an easy thing to do you know, because when the Soul returns to the Earth very often it is, it is having to succumb to some of the influences of living in a physicality, however this Soul came to teach the peoples how to become one with their Universe, how to become one with their inner self and with all the things around them. Did you want to know more?

Yes please.

Songee: What would you like to know?

I'd like to know whether the spirit came within the body of another or came manifested in its own, in his own form because I understand there were many visitations.

Songee: Many visitations of this spirit coming and manifesting in the physical form...

Over many, many years.

Songee: In the beginning - note 'In The Beginning'! The spirit entered the flesh body ready to bring teaching to the peoples of the Earth, do you understand? And then over the life time the spirit learn many things about how to be one with the Universe. And in the process of this learning the transformation took place where the Soul was then able to come to be made manifest also with another physicality. So that there were physical body born, and child grows and the spirit energy comes and lives through the body at the same time that the Soul of that body is with it, you know? You understand? After much of this happenings and practising in this way the next part is for the Soul to come to manifest without the physicality. This has been done by some of the Souls that have moved forward in their abilities. Very often you will find that when this is transpiring that although they are presenting in the physicality and peoples can see and hear and touch them, that their physicality of the Earth world lies in a different time frame. Do you understand? So the different experiences of the life make it possible for the spirit of that one to travel through time, to go forwards in time and manifest itself in its physicality and at the same time it retains its physicality in another Earth time frame.

So basically it's in two places at once?

Songee: That is right. The physicality in one place and the spirit energy manifests in the physicality in time forwards, you understand that? That is how it is that when the peoples come to see and to speak they can see and speak and hear and touch and feel and everything is, is as though as it is ah part of the solid world around them, you know? And this physicality for them is like everything else that is solid in their world, you know? Because the vibration is brought down to that level so that it can be made manifest. When the need for the spirit to not be there any longer arrives then they will just disappear. Pffff like that. And the peoples of the Earth will say, "Oh wonderous thing this one have managed to disappear like that and is travelling and is able to move from this place to that place, they can move their physicality of their body." That is not quite how it is happening, it is because they have moved out of time and gone forward in time to achieve this effect, do you understand?

When they go forward are they manifesting in a human body or are they more like the Holy Breath - a sense of feeling, of surrounding?

Songee: They will manifest in a physicality such as you have however there will be around them a light and an energy of Light that suggests to those that are looking upon the physicality that there is something just a little bit different about this one, you know? So they will have a sensing, a knowing that this energy has a spirit power with it that goes beyond something that they can comprehend at that particular moment.

Thank you.

Songee: In this way that spirit that has the life many moons ago can manifest now in this time frame that you have that you call your life to the peoples that it needs to come and speak with when it needs to do this thing. I am not saying it is doing it, I'm saying to you that it has the ability to do this thing. And the peoples, were this to take place, the peoples of the Earth now would say, "Oh look at this person has come to bring these beautiful teachings and wordings to I." And then when the teachings are done and the people, ah the person that has come will Pfff disappear, like that. You understand?


Songee: It is much the same thing when Organism goes away to do the errands of Oneness, the workings you know. And goes to visit the peoples of the Earth in their time frame, not in your time frame. Your time frame is here and now, is it not? So Organism is now in a different earth time frame somewhere doing the workings of Oneness, doing work Oneness wants this one to be, this Soul to be. And in that time frame Organism may or may not depending upon what is required of the situation, may or may not manifest and the peoples of that particular time frame will be able to touch and feel flesh, and blood and bone and sinew. So that when the hands are clasped they can feel the warmth, they can feel the solidness of the body, you know? And yet when the task is done and the work of Oneness is completed they will turn around and pfff, Organism is gone. Just like that. And for them they will say, "I have been visited by an angel." That is not an angel, you know it is not an angel because it is one that you know and this one is not an angel! Is that right? So you know that it is not an angel however this peoples not know this thing. They have a concept in their mind that when something is there and they can feel it, it is real to them and is warm and then suddenly it is not there, they will say, "Oh there is something very havy cavy about this thing. (Songee laughs) I don't believe that this can be here one minute and gone the next that has to be something very special so it has to be an angel."

And this is how they make it right in their minds so that their minds are comfortable with the event that has taken place. They make sense of it with their minds so that their emotions can accept it, you know? And that is how it is that these things can take place.

Songee Manifesting into a Physicality

Songee when you die your Soul goes up and your body remains here and Roberta-Margaret is up there now and um so what is she seeing?

Songee: What is Organism seeing now?

Yes. I mean she is going to help people so what does she actually see if she doesn't see somebody in a body or does she?

Songee: Organism will go to places of the Earth such as this and manifest when or whenever it is required, sometimes it is not always required for manifestation of the physicality in this time frame. Sometimes it is simply that the spirit of the Organism will overshadow just as your Doorkeepers Guardians and peoples in spirit will overshadow you sometimes to bring their energies into your life. So she will go to this place and mayhap overshadow somebody to assist bringing something into their life or assist them to take an action that is going to save their life or somebody else's. So there are many ways that the influence can be made manifest upon the Earth. Do you understand this part?


Songee: The Energy of Songee is this much (Songee shows a little bit) using this physicality. Songee create a form, a Form of Light, much as you know a spirit body to be - a form of Light and that Form of Light is placed within this physicality so that there is a vessel for the...

(end of tape)

...A physicality without this vessel inside this physicality because it would be much too dangerous to the Earth life to do this thing it would make all the e.lec.tric - this is a nice word I am getting to know this word - electric in your body, in this body it would, it would, it would go like this, you know? And get too excited as it would make the flesh not work properly. It would make the physicality of the brain cease to function and this is not permit, you know. It is not permit to bring the energy in to destroy the energy comes to enhance and to make better, bring truth, bring healing and so on and so forth, not to destroy the physical body. In much the same way sometimes Organism cannot overshadow somebody in a different time frame because the energy of Organism maybe too strong for that physicality, so instead that is when the manifestation will take place so that the person that is needing the assistance will see and hear and feel the physicality of Organism. (Long silence)

It is interesting what some of these words that have been accredited to Tao are very much similar to what you have to say. I have been reading several books about it at the moment so it is interesting that the truth has definitely survived the transition of our time.

A Truth

Songee: The truth has been spoken throughout many kinds of progress on this beautiful world for many eons. It is locked in the secret places of all the different tribes of the world. The teaching is the same. This is how it is that I come to you and I say - I am the Voice of Truth, I come to speak to you about truth. To teach you the lessons of truth so that you will take them into your life and make your lives better for it, for knowing the truth. And the Truth, this Truth that I, Songee bring to you, I will call it 'A Truth'. I say to you this is 'A truth' that I give you. I do this because 'A Truth' now that Songee give you when you apply it to all aspects of your life and when you offer it to others for them to apply to all aspects of their life will remain true. The concept of the truth will remain true. Truth stands the test of time. It is the same many moons past and it is now and will many moons to come.

Now your truth is different. Your truth will change as you change and you may speak the truth this day and in many moons to come your truth may alter as you gain knowledge and wisdom, is that right?

So, that is the short version.

The Plan

Songee you may have explained this to the group before, or before I started attending but I have heard many different groups refer to The Plan. Can you explain briefly to me what The Plan is please?

Songee: Ahh There is not anything very brief about The Plan! I have to tell you that first of all. I will attempt to give you something that is not too many wordings for you. To tell you about The Plan first of all I have to take you back to the beginning.

In the beginning there was One. One Energy, One Power. Within that Oneness there resided many separate energies that all came together in unity and harmony and balance. And so they existed for an eternity, and then at some point in the eternity one part of that unity developed a need within itself to be separate, to be powerful by itself, to become more powerful than the unity itself. It began to develop ideas of how it could become more powerful. It had been given tasks by the unity to perform certain deeds in the Universe and the result of this had begun to believe itself greater than the whole. Certainly it was a very powerful energy, very powerful expression of the energy. It was one of those parts of the energy that you call Angels. There are many, many Angels that are part of the unity.

Now when this energy conceived this idea to become greater than the whole it attracted many other aspects of the unity to itself with promises of grandeur, with promises of Power, with promises of many things beyond that which they imagined they have at that moment. Remember this is happening outside time. There is no time. This is in infinity. So for those of you that have not knowing of infinity you have only to have concept of a Void. And another concept that may assist you is that you have this thing you call atom, so this will give you some, something to make your mind to give you Um ah yardstick, you know, to measure it.

Now this one pulled away from the unity and the unity was very disturbed by this and asked for those of the Angels that required to stay, that wanted to be with the unity to do their very best to retrieve as many Souls as possible from this other one. And so came the Heavenly wars, as you may have heard about them.

And out of this Angels came, some that you now have the names of in your Earth life that you know about. You know about Michael, you know about Gabriel, do you not. And so on and there are many others that have got the names that you know as well. And the one that is wanting all the power to themself was Lucifer. Lucifer was very beautiful, the most beautiful of all the unity of Angels. However inside the great beauty lay this heart, this desire that was not as pure as the looks outside.

And this is how came about 'The Spilt'. And so there became a division in the unity. And some of the Souls went with Lucifer and a large number of them stayed with the unity, with the Oneness, you understand. Oneness was not content to let these Souls be lost to it. Not even Lucifer. Oneness would like Lucifer to come Home also because Oneness does not hate, Oneness is all love, and Oneness loves Lucifer and would very much like Lucifer to come back to the unity, to the Oneness. At the moment this is not going to happen because Lucifer claimed a planet for himself to be in dominion over that planet and all creatures on it. This planet was a place that has been called by you now on the Earth as the Garden of Eden, is that right? The Garden of Eden, the garden of beauty, of new beginnings of innocence. And when Lucifer came to the garden of innocence, then innocence was lost. And that was the beginning of the fall of the creatures of that place.

Now in order to retrieve the Souls that have become manifest on this place of living, those Souls that have begun to follow in the path of Lucifer, Oneness sayed I need to bring the Souls back. The only way to bring the Souls back is to dispatch you down into the realm of Lucifer, for you to help those Souls to come back to the Light, to Oneness. Who is going to go, which of you is going to go and be manifest. You need to know that when you go to be manifest that it will begin a journey for you of many life-times, many lifetimes of learning how to retrieve other Souls and at the same time retaining your own and slowly bringing you-self back to the unity. And in the process of these many life-times all those Souls that you touch, that you bring your energies to will change and make them come closer to the Light. And so The Plan was given, The Plan was born. The Plan to retrieve the Souls from darkness and to bring them back to the Light.

So the Souls that came to get these others from the Dark Energy they actually had to go back to that energy and work their way back up to the Light. Is that what you are saying?

Songee: Not quite. Lucifer has dominion over the Earth. This place you call the Earth this is the path he elected to have for his dominion. Oneness has dispatched Souls to come to bring the Souls that Lucifer stole from the Oneness, to bring those Souls back to Oneness. And in order to achieve that they have to be born into physical body, into lifetime.

So they actually begin to understand, I guess that the thing I am asking is that the ones of the Light understand what the ones of the dark are going through from the point of view of having experience this energy on this planet they're able then to inspire and guide these others through the life to where they are meant to be.

Songee: That is right. That is right. The damage that Oneness did explain to them is that when you get to be manifest in a physicality on the Earth plane you will be subject of Lucifer. You will find that you will have to do your very best to not hear the whisperings of Lucifer in your ears that will be attempting to turn you from the Light to the path of Lucifer, do you understand?

Yes I understand.

Songee: And this is how it is that those of Light, the closer you get to Oneness, the closer you get to Light the more determined you are to be a living, breathing, walking representative for Oneness of the Earth, the harder it becomes, because Lucifer will whisper in your ear more loudly. Will attempt to turn you away from your path.

Yes I know Songee.

Songee: So you have to know that the closer you get the harder it is.

Is there a breaking point? (Laughter)

Songee: Very often there is, that is so. Some Souls indeed they lose their, they lose their ability to stand tall and strong in the Light. They become seduced by the offers that Lucifer offers them, you know? The prises that Lucifer offers to them - power, dominion over others, you know? And Lucifer makes all these promises to human-kinds. And very often Lucifer will do this in the guise of other beings. Will make it in the minds and hearts of the human-kind that the human-kind is taking an action, or completing a deed for the Power of Light when the essence of what it is they are doing is coming from Lucifer.

I give you example - there are many, and I have done this many times and I know it hurts those of you that are working in the Light and are close to Oneness, I know how much it hurts you however it has to be spoken because it has to be passed onto human-kind. In times past of this Earth you have peoples of the Earth that do many, many evil deeds - of torturing, of maiming, of destroying the physicalities of the fellow mens and womens, children-kind and they do it in the name of Jesus, or they do it in the name of Allah. Do you understand? And they will do this things in this name. The names that they say are pure and good and right, and yet they manifest this evil in the life and transgress against others in this way. When human-kind pits themself against other human-kinds and they use as a distinction that somebody is different by their colour of their skin, the belief in their power of Oneness of their God then they are following the path of Lucifer, not the path of Oneness. Wherever you see human-kinds in conflict together where you have somebody who is attempting to destroy and take the life, the physicality lives of others in the name of their deity then you are seeing the manifestation of Lucifer. When you see Souls of human-kind in the flesh combating this thing and standing between the innocent and the attacker, those Souls are Warriors of the Light. And they are Warriors, they are Warriors, they come to fight, they come to do the fighting for those who cannot do it for themself.

All of those of you that are called here this night are Warriors of the Light. You in your turn will be called to stand between the innocent and the attacker. You will be called upon to shine your Light, the Light of Oneness into the darkness of all those things that Lucifer whispers in the ears of the attacker. You understand?

There is no room in the hearts of the Warriors of the Light, no room to make a distinction between you-self and another living being in a physical body because they are different to yourself. It doesn't matter who they are, what colour their skin, what tribe they come from. It doesn't matter what is the name of their God or how they practise giving their love to their God, you are not there to make judgement, there is no room in your being for you to make judgement about them, you embrace all of them equally. Do you understand? This is the lesson that Songee comes to teach human-kinds. One of the lessons there are many lessons, that is one of them. It is a very big lesson and it is a very big lesson that is not going to be easily learnt by human-kind so it has to start somewhere does it not? It doesn't start with that person over there or that one over there or this one over here, it starts with this one, right here. You know? The one that is sitting in that seat there, in this here and now and it is that person, that Soul, that Light that is going to make the changes in the rest of the world. One person can make a difference, one person can make changes, all you have to do is be strong and powerful in the Light and go where Oneness sends you and do what Oneness needs you to do bearing in mind at all times that you are Child of the Universe, you are Oneness messenger to the Earth, that you have come to do the deeds of Oneness in all the things of your life not matter how humble they may seem to be in your life. It doesn't matter what you may imagine you have been supposing to do, Oneness knows best, Oneness knows where you need to be to bring changes. They may always seem to be this small however the changes will take place and as you change within yourself and start to embrace this concept your light will shine brighter and brighter and as you come in contact with others so others will change also. It is a beautiful thing this thing, most beautiful because your lights gets so bright and so glorious it is a wonderment to behold you. You are all so beautiful. That is it!

So there is the answer. That is 'The Plan' to bring everybody back to Oneness.

Thank you Songee. Thank you.

Evil whispers in your ear

Is there any relation between evil and what psychology is calling evil?

Songee: What is the relationship?

Is there...

Songee: Certainly there is some relationship. Nothing is an island unto itself, everything is connected you know. You cannot separate one thing up from the other. The ego self, the you of consciousness is the most vulnerable part to the Lucifer energy. It is this part of you that is your weakest part, very often. It can be your strongest also when you employ it correctly. Now you may be exploring your life, having your adventure of your life - and just for those of you that don't know about it I tell you, I tell you always from birth to dead your life is a great big adventure, enjoy it! All the good bits, all the bad bits, enjoy it because it is a great big adventure. You won't have it again make the most of it. It is the only one you are going to get right now this Earth time because you are in a time frame here.

So in this time frame while you are having this great big adventure and you are moving along in your journey of your adventure not knowing what is going to come next, whether you are going to have a boulder land on top of you, whether you are going to fall down into a pit of snakes or whether you are going to find the beautiful lady in your life, or the wonderful hero in your life and so on, this great big adventure is happening. And then whether you are going to have lots of little babies together and so on and live happily ever after, and all this sort of nonsense you know. (Much laughter)

This is your great big adventure, and it is yours and you are there to enjoy all of it - all the heart ache, all the miserable things, and then all the joyful happy things and all the good positive things that come your way. For in reversal there is always something positive that will come to you. The reversals are only there to take you away from the path that you don't need to be on and to put you on the path that you do need to be on, you understand?

So on this great adventure and you are going along this great adventure Lucifer comes along and says, "This one is getting far too big for their boots. Their light is shining much too brightly, they are taking too many peoples away from I, and I don't like it." So Lucifer will dispatch little bits of energy. You may call them Imps, you may call them Demons, you may call them Lost Souls, you may call them whatever you like. However there are Imps and there are Demons and they do exist, they are different creatures. Now they will come and sit upon your shoulder and they will whisper into your ear.

And you may be going through this great adventure of your life and somebody has say-ed something not very nice to you and you say to yourself, "Oh they said something not very nice. I'm hurting. I can feel the pain and the emotions. I must be a very terrible person for them to say that thing to I." Or mayhap you say to yourself, "I don't want to be doing this anymore. I don't want to be doing this workings of all these things. This person is always making bad words to I. I don't like it and I am not going to be here anymore. I am very uncomfortable about it."

It is the whisperings from the minion of Lucifer that is saying to you, "Oh you don't want to be doing that anymore, you can't manage that anymore. You don't have the power and the strength, you are much too weak. Leave it alone, come away from it, you can't do anything about it. You are useless, you are hopeless." You know! And all these whisperings will come in your ear and into your mind, into your conscious mind. It will come through the ear through the subconscious and into the mind. And the conscious mind will start to believe it because the conscious mind is a slave to time and to the physicality, you know? And it begins to believe all these lies that are being given to it. Do you understand?


Songee: And that is Lucifer at work on the ego self.

Now, ego self has power, it has strength and it can fight back. And all it has to do is to learn to practice certain things to retain in its, in its system - the system of the mind to retain certain knowledge. Remember when Lucifer came to the place of innocence, he came to the place and he destroyed innocence, but part of that destruction, the exchange, was knowledge, you know? The exchange. In exchange for loss of innocence you were given knowledge.

Now I am here to teach you that knowledge. It is very simple knowledge. It is knowledge that everybody on this Earth can practise and use every day of their life all the time. And the first most important piece of knowledge is?


The Breath of Life

Songee: The Breath! To breathe. To learn the Breath of Life, to learn how to bring the Breath of Life into your physicality. The mind says, "I am useless, hopeless, no good and everything is bad, and I don't want to be here, I am going to run away, I am going to dig a hole and put myself in it, nobody loves me, nobody wants me" - so on and so forth, and on you go and go and go!

Now this is where your mind and your ego self can become very strong when it has the knowledge in the mind and it is there. It can say, "Look at what you are doing to you-self. Is this very sensible? No. Now come along what is the knowledge that you have to bring yourself out of this nonsense?" You have the knowledge of the Breath.

Take the Breath inside, breathe it inside and as you breath it inside and you say about -

'The Breath of Life is the Sun
And The Sun is my nourishment'

So the power of Light and Oneness will flood your whole being, your whole physicality. It will cleanse your mind, it will make it strong, it will drive back the demons of darkness that come to destroy your Soul!

That is the beginning. To maintain it you have to take more deep breaths, more breaths inside of you and as you breathe them in you say to yourself - "Oneness I am your Child, I am your Kingdom on the Earth, I ask for your energies to enter into I now to drive away these demons for my Soul."

And this will be done. So then all the whisperings and everything else that you have been having will go away from you. They must go away, they cannot be with you when all this beautiful light and energy of light is coming to you, when you are allowing it to come to you! Is that right? Is that right! You have to allow it to come to you. You got to ask for it, you got to work at it and you begin by using the knowledge that has been given to you in your mind and putting it into practise and making your connection once more with the Light and with Oneness.

Now that this have two effects. One it drives away the darkness and two makes Lucifer very cross. He doesn't like it. I am afraid he gets very cross. So sometimes he will redouble his efforts and attempt to come back and make you even more miserable. And you have to come back to the teaching, come back to the knowledge, the knowledge that I am giving you now in this place, this time, this everything - you learn it, you practise it, practice it every day. When you are feeling as though the bottom has fallen out of your world - Breathe! You know? Breathe, because the bottom has not fallen out of your world. The bottom is still there in your world. And you are still on your adventure, the great adventure of life. Beautiful adventure. No matter how dire it may seem to you it is still a beautiful adventure.

Ha That's right it is very easy for I to stay I have not had physicality to live in it however because of the nature that is I, I am one with all of you all of the time in all of this life, in all of the lives that you have lived before and in all of the lives that you are going to live - I am one with you!

So I feel your pain, I feel all the things that happen to you, I know of how it is in your life. And sometimes I will weep for you. And sometimes I will feel wrath for you. And when this transpires you will find that the Heavens will open, rivers will change their course, the Earth will open up and swallow down the land, until the balance is restored.

The Powers of Light will whisper in the ears of the Beings of Light to attempt to guide them to bring peace, to those that would fight each other, that would use their power to destroy each other. Now this does not change the hearts of great number of peoples, it does not change their minds however it does beginning a process of bringing balance back to humanity. The process is very slow, very gradual. (There is a long silence.)

Saving a Soul from the darkness

Songee may I interrupt? I've got a um oh I would like your assistance please basically, like I know that the path, I suppose there are many paths, one of the majors ones is letting go at the moment is - I believe my guilt of not being able to save - my delusions, of not being able to save that one Soul that I feel that I am suppose to be with for the rest of life.

Songee: When you enter into a life and you have elected to come to bring the Souls back to the Light, all of you do your best to assist each other in the process. Sometimes Souls are lost to Lucifer, it cannot be avoided. And for a certain number of you will find that you will come to attempt to bring lost Souls back from Lucifer however sometimes the Souls themself are not strong in themself. They have not yet acquired the strength of Light Energy to bring them all the way out the grasp of Lucifer. Sometimes the task of retrieving the Souls can take many life times. You will do as much as you can for a Soul in one given life time and then it is time to move on and wait until the next life time when the circumstances may be more auspicious for you. Do you understand?

It still hurts.

Songee: Of course it hurts. It is always painful when you're involved with bringing a Soul back from Lucifer. Your life is a life of emotion, this great adventure it employs all your emotions, all your feelings and everything, your fears, your love, your devotions and all these things, your jealousies so on and so forth. Everything is part of this great adventure - all your emotions. You know, you are not separate from them. Were you to be separate from your emotions there would be something very seriously wrong with you in this life. None of you are truly separate from your emotions unless you are unwell. When you become unwell in your mind and you beginning to succumb to the whisperings of Lucifer your mind does not function properly, it listens to the demons, it does not listen to the Light Energy, to the spirits of Light, to the Power of Oneness - it does not listen to it. It listens to all these other whisperings and then the emotions begin to believe the whisperings, you know?

And the other aspect is that the Soul must have an opportunity to grieve, to let go...

(end of tape)

...That's an awful lot of noise you are making!

Maybe it's an opportunity. (While the tape is turned over someone was changing pages of the drawings they were doing for The Great Bear stories.)

I'd like to ask you something.

Songee: I will finish this. And you need to take the opportunity to grieve and to let go, do you understand?


Songee: And that is the only thing that you can do. You cannot fight the Soul's desire and the Soul's illusion and delusion to follow the path of Lucifer. You understand? The Soul that follows the path of Lucifer is the Soul that follows the whisperings to fill the body with any substances that are going to make it act and behave it a detrimental way to itself or other human-kinds or other living things. Anything that changes the way and the behaviour of the expression of that Soul in the Earth time that it is living. Anything that is whispered in the mind that creates the illusion within the mind of the person that are a certain way.

You have peoples that look upon their vision of themself and say that they are looking at their vision of themself and they see only ugliness, they see only something that is distorted and wrong and yet you may look at them and say to yourself, "How is it that they see themself this way? They are beautiful, beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful body, beautiful person. How is it that they are seeing themself in this way?" It is the whisperings of Lucifer and the imps of mischief in the ears that then go to the mind that creates illusion of something that is not real, in front of them. They see this unreality of themself and that is what they believe is truth.

To help these ones you have to bring to them a way to teach them how to find the beauty within themself. And that is not easy thing to do. So this is how the whisperings of Lucifer get into the mind and distort the mind's image of the physicality and of the concept that they have of themself upon themself. You know? And you can help to change that by being Light, by insisting on Light, by always telling the truth. By always having everything out in open where there is no hidden things. You know? So that you always are living and walking and breathing this truth.

Some days of your life you might succumb yourself to the whisperings of Lucifer and you might find yourself being very tired and very grumpy, because you are human-kind and you are going to get very tired and very grumpy sometimes because you will forget the teachings. You will forget to do the things that I am giving you. However that does not excuse you from continuing to forget when the teachings have been given again and again and again. You know? That is that opportunity then to say to yourself, "What is it I am suppose to do? I am forgetting. Ah that's what it is - Breathe." And that will bring you back to yourself.

When you are working with peoples that are locked in their world and their world is a world of distortion about themself, about belief in themself, you don't have to speak the word to them all you have to do is Breathe. Let your energies build, let your Light shine and imagine yourself embracing them with this Light and with this love energy and you will find that that one will at least for a little while change and become different. You know? That is how you do it and this is what you do and you need to do it for yourself. You need to take the breath and acknowledge that your task is done as far as it can be done. And to say your farewells in your own way with kindness, with love, you cannot turn a Soul from the path it has elected to go on following the whisperings of Lucifer. It does not mean the Soul is a bad Soul, it just means that there needs to be another time, another life before that Soul can be retrieved all the way back to Light. You have brought the Soul this far away from Lucifer and as such it can be brought even further away from Lucifer. Do you understand?

I still feel like a failure. I don't want that to hurt him. (Songee has gone to comfort this person who is very distressed, Songee is sitting closely in front of the person holding her hands.)

Songee: Come Child, that's right.

I will say for you there is no such thing as failure. Doesn't exist you know? It doesn't exist. Failure is whispering of Lucifer. You have not failed, Lucifer will say to you, "Oh you failed, I have won. I am cleverer than you." These are the whisperings. You know? Instead you take Breath of Life and you say, "No, you have not won because I have come this far in this life, I have won because we have achieved this much. This has been achieved, this has been successful, you have not won." And you will find that following this path that you are on now is going to be better for bringing the Soul away from Lucifer this day. Do you understand? Because in the loss will come real enlightenment, do you understand? The enlightenment will come yet and you must follow your path. That does not mean you stop loving because to stop loving is to take you away from Oneness. And this is the hard part about living a Warrior of the Light that no matter how much it hurts you must continue to love because that is the Power, that is the Christ Power, the Power of Jesus is love. And that won't change. You understand? That you will not lose that, that will always be there, however it will reach a point where it will not hurt. You will be able to love without condition and without hurt. You understand? That is the way of it. You know. That's the way it is. (Songee moves back to Her original seat.)

So, do you understand?

Yes. (Other words spoken. ?)

Songee: The love will always be there. You are too young. This one wants to grow hair on the face, look! Too young to grow hair on the face yet. (Songee is referring to the person's son.) Is that right? You want to grow hair on here, is that right? So... Greetings, greetings, greeting...

Now have you got any other questions?

(Songee is reminded of the person who was saying they wished to ask a question earlier.)

Oneness Cares for each of us

Um You have been talking about Lucifer how (?) he cares, his bribing, manipulation, threatening and doing all those sorts of things, and then like I always felt that God was indifferent about human beings. So on one hand side you have a devil who is trying really hard and then you have a God who sort of couldn't care less.

Songee: Ho! That is not so!

OK OK I won't talk. (Some religions are very different. ?)

Songee: The concept that most human-kinds have is that Oneness is not caring is as you say this thing, has no interest what is happening and will not make any efforts to make things different. That is not true. When you embrace the teachings I am giving you into your life, that is not to say that you have to embrace Songee, you have to embrace your concept of your God and bring that into your life. That is what I am giving for you. And the teaching is the Truth that I am giving you to help you to do that, to embrace that and bring it into your life, you know? So this energy of Oneness manifest itself through you, through all of you, you know? You are living, walking, breathing example of the manifestations of Oneness, of the Light Power Energy on the Earth. What you do with it is your responsibility while you are in the physicality. You can believe in all the bad things that you hear whispered in your ear, that go to your mind about failure, about not having achieved something, so on and so forth. You can believe it an you will, however in doing so you are going to be believing an illusion. Because there is no such thing as failure, there is no such thing, it doesn't exist.

You are a Child of the Universe, you are 'The Kingdom of Heaven' visiting the Earth. The Light of Oneness comes into you and manifests itself in the Kingdom. The Kingdom contains Love. Love is the Christos Energy manifesting itself on the Earth Plain within you. It is the Buddha Energy -

Oh you have great sounding in this life. (An alarm buzzer is going off, someone gets up to attend to it.)

So you will find that all these energies of goodness, of truth, of Light are written down in all your different tribes and all your different beliefs, all those beautiful things that you read about that have been scribed down. All those things, all those truths you are here to manifest for Oneness on the Earth. Do you understand? You are Oneness on the Earth. So when you are indifferent that will make Oneness seem to be indifferent. When you struggle and fight to make something change that is not meant yet to be changed, the time is not right, you immediately say, "It is Oneness doesn't like it. Oneness doesn't want it to be. Oneness has made this life a misery for I. How come Oneness make this miserable life, how can there be a Oneness when life is so miserable." Is that right?

Forgiveness and the Law of Karma

However what you have to take into consideration are all the other laws that are governing your being on this Earth, in your physicality. The Laws of Karma for example. I am not going to go into that is big lesson, we have talked about it many times, I can talk to you about it another time of your Earth. At the moment you need to know that the Law of Karma exercises itself in all the lives of all human-kinds and the Law of Karma dictates that you will reap what you sow - good and bad. There is good Karma, there is bad Karma. The more you practice the teachings I'm giving you the more you will incur good Karma. Do you understand? And as you go through a life you will pay back the Karma that is not so good and it will go behind you, it's finished.

And the way to break Karma is to learn how to forgive. And to learn how to forgive you have to say, "Thank you! Thank you for the experience. Thank you for letting I be in this life with you. Thank you for all the things that you have taught I. Thank you for all the bad things that you did because I have learnt so much from them and now I can let you go. Thank you." ...

Thank you.

Songee: ...And as you say it from your heart, from your Soul then forgiveness automatically happen. You don't have to seek it, you don't have to work at it, do you understand? You don't have to work hard at it, you will find that it will just happen. And you will find then any else about that person, about the situation everything will cease to have power of darkness over you. It will not cause you hurt or harm, it will not cause you pain to remember it. It will simply be information that you have gathered for your Soul in this life, and it will not have pain for you anymore. And that is a Truth that I give you.

So you say 'Thank You' for all the things that you have been given, even the things that you believe have been taken away from you. Say 'Thank You' to all the Powers that created the situation that allowed those things to be taken away from you, you say 'Thank You' from the heart because it has bought you now into a new way of being, it is bringing you into a place, and a space, and a time of Light. You are now truly doing the work of Oneness.

The work that you were called to do, that your conscious mind rejected. It rejected it and now you are needing to open up your heart and your mind and your Soul to allow the Light once more back into your life. And as you are doing that, the more you are doing that the more you are going to be able to effect changes. Not just for you-self but for all the peoples around you. You are already seeing it happen are you not?

Sort of.

Songee: Sort of! Sort of. This is still a little bit of resistance that is not wanting to accept it. And this part of you, you have to acknowledge it in yourself. This is what you are doing. Acknowledge the work of Oneness that is being achieved in your life. Say, "Thank you Oneness, look at this beautiful thing that has happened this day." How many peoples have you made the difference in your life this day. Have you made a difference in one person's life for that much of earth time, you know? One small piece of earth time. Have you made a difference do you feel?

Yes I did.

Songee: Then you have done Oneness work for the day. That is all that Oneness required of you this day and so you have achieved it. Mayhap you will have for Oneness to do lots of these little bits. Mayhap with one, mayhap with another, mayhap you have one big bit with one person. You will always achieve something. It is the achievement that is the power, that is the Light that you need to acknowledge in your life. Do you understand? This is the Power of Light, this is the Power of Oneness at work in the physicality of you-self manifesting itself in the world. Oneness doesn't NOT care, Oneness cares very much. That's the reason Oneness has say-ed, "Come along I need you, I need you to do this, I need you to do that. I need you to be this place. I need you to be that place. Go and do it." You know? That is what Oneness is doing. You are emissary for Oneness, as are all of you. Emissary for Oneness. Is that not beautiful?

Sounds lovely.

Songee: Is that not beautiful. So embrace it. I know it will bring big responsibilities for you and sometimes you will get very cross with Oneness however always remember - Breathe, Breathe and you will find all the energy and all the love and everything that you need will come into your physicality for everything you need for your day.

One last thing before I leave you, because I am going to leave you in one moment of your earth time now and that is remember at the beginning of your earth day to give yourself to Oneness in service.

'Oneness Infinite Spirit of all Light and Love, here am I Child of the Universe, I offer myself to you in service this day. I ask please for you to guide I to do whatever it is that you need I to do this day. Help I to achieve everything that needs to be achieved this day.'

And you will find that you will achieve everything that you need to achieve. And if you don't achieve it you were not meant to achieve it this day. It was not written for you to achieve it this day. Let it go, let somebody else achieve it, or achieve it perhaps mayhap the next day. You know? Don't make life so difficult for yourselves. It is a great adventure, enjoy it.

I am going to go now, and I am going to leave you with the Light and the Love of Oneness to be in your life and most importantly let the Presence and Light of Jesus enter into you-self, into your Kingdom of you-self for the Light of Jesus is Love, love without condition. Let it into your life, let it 'Breathe' through your life.

I leave you with all this Power

So Be It

So be it.

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of love to burn bright within your heart,
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of Light
To drive away the darkness,
Be at Peace

(White Eagle overshadows Roberta-Margaret body in preparation for her to return.)
Anamushta Aho

(Roberta-Margaret returns and tells us about her argument with her Guide Sally, how they were to go and do some work with corn crops.)

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed: Christene Hart

Music: "Passage to the Mother" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
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