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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Miracles'
A Teaching from Songee 13th May 2003

Roberta-Margaret talking about full trance channelling
Opening Prayer
Dimensions, an earlier teaching
Strife as the Earth Changes
Dishonour, a sickness of Humankind
How to change the dishonouring
How to remain True
The First Prayer for the Miracles
The Great She-Bear Parable
The Reason the People came this Night

This was the first public meeting the Second Well Trust had held for 2 years.
The Aroma oil used of this occasion was Rosewood.
The Crystal Light of Love was read to the group who had gathered that night.
Roberta Margaret had been talking to the group about the imminent arrival of her husband to New Zealand.

Roberta-Margaret talking about full trance channelling

Roberta-Margaret: I want to play this piece of music and go away with this now. Before I go, has anybody got any questions they want to ask me before I go, about what happens? Any questions at all that you've got from before to now? There are two people that haven't been with us before.

What happens from my perspective is I focus on the music, and I hand over my body to the Songee Energy and I allow that to come and talk to you. While it is talking to you, I am elsewhere in the world doing other things. I am spirit travelling, and when I come back my reality is totally different to the reality that you've experienced. There is no good asking me or telling me that 'I said this' or 'You said this, you said that', because I won't relate to it at all. This is the reason Christene is always around for she's my minder! And she will be always able to tell you what's been happening and confirm things with you and talk about things with you. Any other questions than that, I can probably assist with, but not your personal experiences of the Songee Energy, I can't assist you with that, because I'm not here.

Okay, I'm just going to say a wee opening prayer for us.

Opening Prayer

Roberta-Margaret:Infinite Spirit, source of all light and love, we welcome you to this gathering and ask you to surround us with your loving care and protection. We welcome all the Angels of Light, all the Spirits of Light and we welcome all those souls who have gone before, who have trod the path of the masters on this earth and returned to Spirit. We specially welcome into our midst the energy of Jesus the Living Christ, to walk amongst us, to touch our hearts. We welcome all our Doorkeepers and Guardians and ask them to stay close and be with us through this evening.
So Be It

Enjoy - enjoy the music!

(The Music of Denean's 'Walk in Balance' plays while Roberta-Margaret goes into trance offering herself as the channel for The Oneness Energy.)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.

Dimensions, an earlier teaching

Songee: Greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: What have you for I this night? There have been many moons since last we speak. So welcome to all of you, and all those who are yet to come. So, where would you like to begin? (No-one has yet responded.) Don't all shout at once, will you!

Can you talk about the other dimensions?

Songee: The other dimensions? This night?

Well, the next dimension after this one.

'Cause if you did, it would take a month!

Songee: There has been talk given about these things. Perhaps you could find the talkings about it and listen for it. Would that be sufficient for you? There has been talking given about this thing. You have only to ask Little Mother and Little Mother will give it for you.

OK I will.

Songee: There is great speakings about it! You have to be very careful because sometimes the speakings have already happened upon a time when you were not there. This is how it is that the machine is used now so that the speakings can be heard by anybody when they need to have answer to these question. Is that content for you?

Yes, thank you.

Songee: So. All manner of things going through all manner of minds! And nobody have a bird come to roost yet!

I would like to apologise because I arrived late and I interrupted people in their meditation. I would like to apologise to everyone.

Songee: You are most welcome. It does not matter whether you come late or early, Songee will be here and will continue and you will soon absorb that which is happening, so that will be sufficient. So long as people are respectful and quiet of others. This is very acceptable, is it not? However, it is very kind of you to make your apologies to the peoples.

Now - what do you want to talk about? Anything at all?

(A guest thanks Songee for her teachings.) I have been writing stories for boys and I feel I would never have done it had I not come to these meetings.

Songee: Very good. So you have found your spirit wings and you have learned to fly, so, this is how you listen to the whisperings that are speaking of in the musics that you have, the whisperings of the Ancient Ones who come to teach you, to bring teaching for you. And then your soul - if you listen with your heart - your soul will fly, for as the soundings say to you, "This is the dawning of the cosmos, the dawning of a new beginning".

Strife as the Earth Changes

Songee: However, it is heralded by much strife. And this strife has already been written. It was spoken of many aeons ago. So, do not be surprised about it. However, be cautious, be aware that there are many things happening upon your planet now. Do you have any questions about this? (Long silence.) Do you accept this? You must do, you don't answer.

Will there be more devastation to come?

Songee: There will be. There is more yet to come. Unfortunately I cannot make it any different because so it is written. However, it is the prayers of those that work in the Light that will bring about the changes that are needed when the destruction is over. Do you understand? The teachings that you have now are the teachings that you will take to heart and teach unto others as you go through your life, and teach to the small ones, the childrens that come to you, about these manner of things.

It matters not where you have your temple on the Earth, because all peoples have one God that they worship, and that one God is for all peoples of the Earth. It is difficult, however, for some to understand that other peoples have the same concept. All the Power of Oneness. Is that not so? And when this acceptance comes into the heart of an individual and the individual embraces all as One - even though they may elect to have one way of demonstrating that - when they embrace all of that in their hearts, this is the power of the Christ Energy that comes to the Soul.

And this comes to all, no matter who you are or where you are born, or how you have been brought to your concept of Oneness. It does not bar you from it. For when the acceptance comes, comes enlightenment, enlightenment of the Soul. And once that is there, you cannot look back. You cannot change back into your old ways. You have to embrace it and move forward.

What of the peoples that do not have the temples? What of the peoples that have not the knowledge of the Christ Power, you say? These peoples also, when their time comes, will accept it in their heart. In some places of your planet there are groups of peoples who have a different understanding of the Oneness power. They bring to their form of worship different deities that they will use to intercede for them with the Oneness Power. They do this, and many of these deities will be the spirits of the Nature around them. For some on your planet, they would view this with great trepidation. They would not like it, they would say that it was wrong, and that these peoples need to have enlightenment about the right way to do things!

Dishonour, a sickness of Humankind

I ask you now, who are you to ask or tell anybody else that their way is wrong simply because it is different, and you do not understand their way of doing? Ponder on it, because there will be many peoples that you will encounter in the days to come who are going to be as these people I speak. They will - you will hear them saying the wordings of - not honouring the peoples who are different unto themself. And this, I have to say, is a sickness of humankind, because it spreads among peoples, and even the most kind and generous of peoples will find themself saying the words of dishonour about others who are not the same as themself.

And then come the little ones. The little ones learn at the knee of the adult. Imagine, an you will, a house of a family with little ones, and in this house is Mama and Papa. And the little ones hear Mama and Papa talking to each other, you know? "You don't want to let this little one play with that one down the road because they are from a different land. You don't want them to play with that one because they go to different temple to us. They don't understand, they have different ways. So this child must not go to play with this one."

Now the child goes to the place of learning, and in the place of learning are all manner of childrens from many different lands and many different temples, and in the place of learning, they are taught to honour and respect each other. For some childrens it is very difficult, because in their place of living always is the dishonour spoken, always is the fear, do you understand? This is what is needing to be stopped, because the future of your planet lies with your childrens. What heritage are you going to leave your childrens? What have you taught your childrens, so that they can teach their childrens, you know?

Now these wordings come to you, and most of you in your hearts already have your hearts open to this, so I am not giving you teachings you do not already know. What I am wanting for you, now, is to look about you in your life, so that when you go from this place of being to your own place of being, whenever you hear this manner of thing being say-ed, this manner of dishonouring being done, I am going to charge you with the responsibility of challenging it, right then, at that moment. Nicely - with honour and dignity please! However, challenge it. Mayhap you can say, "I did not like those words you just used now. They were dishonourable to that person, to that person's life". And so on and so forth.

How to Change the Dishonouring

Songee: You will find that there will be many who will come to you and you will discover these little dishonourings. Quietly, gently, in your own way, begin the work of Light, begin to assist the changes that need to come to bring about the much needed, much lauded peace on your planet. I say to you many moons ago that your time of waiting is over. That the time is now. The time for practising is done, it is time now to stand up and be counted. The storm has come. And you all know what that storm is, do you not? It is the storm of bigotry, of racism, of hatred, and all of these things breed chaos for the Lord of Chaos to feed.

Now is your time to be strong, to stand firm yet gentle. To open your hearts to Oneness' Power, to allow that power to flood into you, so that you may be the means by which these little pockets of chaos can be extinguished.

It is a battle. As the battle is being wage-ed upon the earth, so it is being wage-ed in the heavens. Be assured you are not alone in your struggles. Keep working with it, work with anything and everything and everybody that is striving for the same goal, of love, light and peace for the planet.

There will be many who will give up their earth life for this purpose, you know. For those Souls, they have already agreed, before they were born, to do this thing, and Oneness knows who they are, and Oneness will take them unto Themself. And those that are left behind will continue the work. This is how it is, this is how it will be.

So do not despair, there is much that you can do. There is many things, and the strongest, most powerful of all is - what?


Songee: Very good! Very good! This is it! And you have this love, you say it in your heart and you let it come out for everybody. Even those you do not like very much. Not easy. Very necessary at this time because the Lord of Chaos would like to feed on it. Every time you have in your mind the bad things going through your mind, you know it is the Lord of Chaos speaking and whispering upon your ear. However, it may be that you are the only one who can resolve this for youself.

I speak of this because in times past I have given you examples of how you might help others who have fallen into the pit. Is that right? And that is very good. You must remember all those wordings because they are Truth. However, at this time, the lesson is a little more advanced. You need to learn to employ all of those gifts that have been given to you, all those teachings, all those gifts of yourself that you can, to help yourself not to remain in your pit. This is the time now, where you can, an you would like to, learn to discover your wings. You know? And when you learn to discover your wings, you can fly out of the pit, can you not? Indeed, when you feel yourselves falling into the pit, you can remind yourself that you have got wings and then make them go so - and stop yourself from falling in too far. Is that right?

So find your wings! Time to find your wings, you know. Ask Oneness, Oneness will help you, Oneness will send the assistance that you require to help you find your wings.

How to Remain True

Songee: Now there are one or two burning questions going in some people's minds, I am not going to fish for them, you are going to have to be very brave in speaking them out.

Come, come!

Songee, in the light of what you said, I am asking for the advice and direction and um to continue with work for Light. I felt I haven't done much and sometimes I have felt even guilty, well, day by day goes and yes, sometimes things get a little bit weaker.

Songee: This is the way it is for all, this is not unusual, it goes like this, you know? Like the wheel, it turns, and you have to always keep sight of the hub around which the wheel turns, you know. For without the hub, the wheel will not turn. Is that right? Can you turn the wheel without this thing in the middle?


Songee: Of course not. What is the thing in the middle?

The hub?

Songee: Not a hub. Getting closer!

Is it Oneness?

Songee: That is right. Oneness. You must keep your sights, keep your focus on Oneness. No matter how irritated or angry you get by your life, remember, you have planned your life. Everything in it, even down to your times of nearly falling in the pit. You know? You have these times to learn lessons from them. However, through it all, through it all, you must not lose sight of Oneness' Power. You know. This is your hub, around which everything will turn, you know? The centre of the Universe, an you were. The centre of the cosmos, an you were. It is there.

And something very special happens when this is turning around, you know, and all this energy is going round and round and round. It goes out, it goes outward like that (makes a gesture) to the outside, where is everything else, you know? And reaches everything.


Songee: Who believes in miracles?

I do!

Songee: Do you all believe in miracles?


Songee: Very good. When you pray to Oneness for your miracle, whatever it is, when you pray to Oneness for your miracle, what is going through your mind, and what is in your heart about it your...

(end of tape - when the recording stops some words are lost. A guest seems to have responded.)

Songee: What about somebody else? Other peoples? What is in your mind and your heart when you pray for this miracle? (Long silence.) Oh my goodness, no wonder your miracles do not happen!

I pray, I know the miracle's going to come from Oneness, and if that miracle is going to come to you then Oneness will send it to you.

However, sometimes in my heart I am really angry because it takes forever!

Hmmm - patience!

It takes forever, and every morning I stand in the shower and ask and ask, and ask and ask, and it just takes forever, and I get very angry about that.

Patience... (Words unheard)

To you my dear, but I haven't won that one yet!


Songee: So, many things go through the mind and the heart when asking Oneness for the miracle. Your miracle. Now I'm going to be very naughty.

What makes You believe that you are deserving of your miracle when there are so many peoples on your planet who are being made to fall into pieces by great big bombs going off?

Songee, my miracles are asking for those people. And asking for the people close by me to achieve the things that they need to achieve. It always takes so long. All the children and all the mothers who have lost their sons, that was my last miracle I asked for to help them.

Songee: So what of your own miracles? That take forever and ever and you get so cross about?

No, I'm talking about these other things.

Songee: Ah. I was talking first of all about your own personal miracles. About what you need to have for your life now, and this is very valid this thing you say, this is very true. And it is asking for miracles for others, and this comes from the heart that peoples do this thing. I'm talking about your own miracles, when you ask for things to be done for Youself.

When I put that question, when I asked that question before, I was considering the idea miracles for other people. Most times not for myself, I don't ask very often for myself usually for other people, so I'm the same.

Songee: So I'm now going to ask you the next question - how is it that you do not ask for miracles for Youself?

Well, I'm happy the way I am. I feel that my spiritual life has grown and in growing I suppose in itself that would be a miracle, because each moment I seem to be more spiritual and there's always Oneness' help there. I don't ask for it, but it's there, I suppose because I'm in the spiritual world.

Songee: How did you come to be here, in this place of spiritual world?

How did I come to be there?

Songee: How did you come to be there?

Well, I would say it was, in my life I suppose I felt, you know, love your fellow man, which I do, and I felt that there was... I was always very religious, or I've been for a long time, and I felt that I could do a bit more something else and when the spiritual... I was actually brought here by A, originally, and I never regret, I loved it, loved coming here, I felt that I get a lot out of it, it's great, its great. My life is greatly improved out of it.

Songee: Thanking you. So I now going to ask the next question. Were you always during your life, were you always like this? Or did you be naughty boy sometimes?

I been a naughty boy many times. Its such a big change, I used to drink and I have given all that up.

Songee: However before you give these thing up what happen? I don't want you to go into details, something happened, something happened that make you say, "I can't do this anymore."

My son died, that was a bit of a trigger and then the second one died, He wasn't punish me...

Songee: So. Oneness I can't do this anymore.

I felt He wasn't punish me I think it is an honour as you said before, Oneness takes them into Spirit.

Songee: That is right.

And I was pretty pleased with that, honoured for that but it has changed my whole life because I feel that it's so different now than what it was before.

The First Prayer for the Miracle

Songee: That is right because the Souls come to bring the lesson and to bring the teach to make you look at youself. To make you decide are you going to continue in this way, you know. And when you come to this place of being, for some, they say, "I am not going to do this any longer, I have got to make this different. This cannot continue this way Oneness". And then comes the prayer for the miracle. "Oneness this needs to be different. Please Oneness make it different. Help I to make it different." Is that right? This is where comes the first prayer for the miracle, you know. "Please Oneness I need to make this different." This is the prayer for self. It is not wrong, it is very important and it is important you recognise it for you now need to look back upon your life and say to yourself, "When did I pray for the miracle? What sort of miracle were I praying for that time. What is the manner of it? Was it because I have this wish for sometime to be solved and I am clinging on to a dream, an illusion?" When you are doing this of course Oneness will not grant your wish because it is not as you have arranged for it for Youself.

So you will find yourself continuing in the same pattern over and over and over until you reach the point where you say, "I have had enough Oneness, I don't want this anymore, I don't need this anymore please change it".


Songee: And then you have a very special ingredient that you need to ask for Oneness. You say to Oneness, "Now please! Not next week! Not next moon time! Not next several moon time! Now! I want this changed please".

And then there are questions can that come many times to Songee - How is it that Oneness can answer this miracle and that miracles and that miracle and that miracle, surely to Heaven's Goodness, Oneness cannot answer people miracle, nonsense. Of course Oneness can answer all people miracle. Oneness is everywhere. There is no time, no space, no limitation. Oneness is Omnipotent, Oneness is in all things. It is not separate. It permeates all things, even the void of space. This is Oneness. And it transcends your concept of time.

So when you make your plea for your miracle to come that is the spark that comes to light the fire to move you into the next part of your development and the next part of your learning. Until you reach this place as this Old One says, you know. You don't always be good boy or girl, you have to learn to be good boy or girl, is that not so. And so it is. And even now, at this time of the living there is still room for more learning, more growing, more moving forward and that, as you say Old One, it is a miracle, in itself.

So when you ask for things from Oneness before you leave it to the point where you are so desperate, learn to ask a little sooner, and ask for it 'Now'. And in the extreme situation, and Oneness says it is too soon, when you are attuned to your spirit people you will hear very clearly from them - "It is too soon. It will not happen Now. It will not happen until days to come, weeks to come, months to come, you know, the passing of the moons".

So when you have this knowing you may not like this knowing, you may find yourself very, angry at this knowing because it is not what you want to happen Now. And so you say to Oneness, "I don't like it". And Oneness says, "I'm sorry child, you have things to learn first before this can come to pass. There are things that have to take place you know before this come away to where you want it to be".

So it may be that you will hear such a one who have this knowing say that they know that this in not going to happen, and they don't like it and they will make for great moanings and groanings and so on and so forth, is that not right Little Mother? Until your ears become so ringing with it, you wish you could say, for goodness sake be quiet. Is that right?

If I answer I might incriminate myself.

Songee: So when this do take place you cannot 'Fix it', you cannot make it better, you cannot use any teachings to make it different to make it better because the knowing comes from within the Soul of the one that have the knowing, do you understand. You cannot 'Fix' the knowing of another. You cannot make a judgement of the knowing of another. You have to acknowledge it and be silent and keep loving because in the fullness of time it will change. When the lessons have been learnt that were meant to be learnt, then the miracle can come to pass, you know? Is that right?

Practise it. See how you come along with it.

Are miracles chosen before we were born in this life?

Songee: To some degree that is true because when you are planning your life you have to have certain points of your life where you get a reward for your efforts. If you do not get reward you become despondent and give up and walk away and go in the other direction, is that right. That is normal human behaviour.

So you usually give yourself little bits of light along the way to light your way especially through the times of darkness, you have these little miracles that will come your way, little insights, all part of the learning.

The Great She-Bear Parable

I am going to digress a little. Many moons ago I give you a story, parable about the Great She-Bear, is that right. And one of the story I give to you and some of you will remember it and others will not, is how the Great She-Bear and Windrunner and the two little bear cubs go down inside the Mother through the caves following what?

Water, the sound of water.

Songee: Going down and down and down and all the way down there is darkness, is that right? And in the story, in the parable it tells you how to see in the dark. Read it. There is your lesson, in the stories already given, in the teachings, the truths already given, are the answers to this times of difficulties. How many peoples have turned to read the stories of the Great She-Bear when they were needing to know how to walk on air? How to tread across the shivering rocks, how to walk in the darkness, how to follow Raven?

So you need to go back to your childhood and learn some more and enjoy the stories because they are there for you. The teach is there for you, to learn, all these manner of things I have given for you so that you will learn how to walk the Path of Light from beginning in the Womb of the Mother, to the end, which I have to say to you, you have not been given the ending yet. The journey is still continuing and the next lesson will come at some point, not this night.

So remember these things and look upon them and find the way for yourself. Some of you have already been journeying through from the womb and out. Like the Little Bear cub you were born into the darkness and the warmth of the Mother's Womb and then the Great She-Bear very slowly and very gently lead you out of the darkness into the Light. Into the Light of the New Day with the sun shining brightly above you onto beautiful, beautiful white snow, the frozen water, is that right? And you all have been learning how to walk the path the Little Bear Cub and his sister have been walking with the Great She-Bear and Windrunner. And all the manner of creatures that they meet upon their journey. What about Turtle? Remember your Turtle? And of course Raven as I speak before and the lessons that Raven bring to you. And then there was the Two Legs.

So these are the things that you can come back to. To find your way and find where you are on this journey now. Some of you will have walked through the dark passage that comes out down by the river and comes out by the place where the water falls. Its starts at the top where the water falls down into the great abyss below. And the creatures do not know how they are going to get down. The Little Bear Cub is very distress, does not know how they are going to get down however the Great She-Bear is very wise and so is Windrunner and leads them down through the caverns down, down, down in the darkness showing them the way until they come out below.

All of you have walked through that cavern in your life. Some of you recently. You will have felt as though you were walking in darkness, as though you were alone, and then in the darkness as your prayers go out and are heard by Oneness, so a Light comes. 'Yeah do I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I will fear no evil for thy rod and thy staff they comfort I.' Remember always, and so it is in the story of the Great She-Bear how the Light is able to be seen in the darkness.

And when coming out into the light of day at the bottom it is like a miracle because behind you all the troubles, all the darkness is behind you now and you are moving forward now in the Light. And then the creatures come to a place of rest, eventually come to a place of rest were they have time to find themself, to rest their bodies, their minds and their Souls and this is important for everybody to do this thing.

This journey of the Great She-Bear and the two bear cubs and Windrunner are a story of the peoples that come to Songee night, Songee Meeting. These are lessons for you to learn, lessons and truths for you to take to You heart and to put into practise in your life of everyday so that when the times comes for these things to happen upon your life you will know how to employ these skills in your life and it is all part of your spirit energy itself that will enable you to do these thing.


So in this way this is the answer for you question that I have given you. You know? And when you look at youself and you look at 'Guilt', what is the nature of this emotion? What is the nature of it, what is it doing, what does it come to teach you to do? Anybody want to hazard a guess?

It's useless having guilt!

Songee: Oh that is not true because guilt is very important. Do not under estimate it. When somebody says they are feeling guilty, you say, "Oh that is good, I am very pleased you are feeling guilty because it is a reflection of an emotion". It means that they have some conscience about something that's happening in their life. It mean that they have an anger at themself and then you have to help them to find out what is it that they are angry about. So guilt is very good because it is the child saying, "Mumma Papa taught I not to do this thing and I have gone and done this thing and I have hidden it from Mumma and Papa and now I feel bad about it, I feel guilty about it". Let me say to you Mumma and Papa Oneness knows everything, you can hide nothing from Mumma and Papa Oneness, you know. All is known.

So you have to look at yourself and look at what has caused this anger within you. Anger is caused by what?


Songee: That's right. You become powerless and you depower yourself, you diminish yourself. When you diminish yourself what is it that you are doing to yourself? I will give it to you because I don't believe any of you will guess it.

You are dishonouring yourself. Ah the lights go on. When you dishonour yourself, when you belittle Yourself it makes you angry. You know that which is right and that which is wrong because Mumma and Papa taught you so, you know. Is that right? And when you don't do it right and you dishonour yourself you feel angry because you know that you have also dishonoured the teaching from Mumma and Papa. So what do you do to make it right? Because you can't be stuck with this guilt for the rest of your life. Mumma and Papa would not want you to do that, you know. So what do you do? You have the power to change it.


Songee: That is right, who to?

The person you have, you are angry to, you have dishonoured.

Songee: That's right and in the event that that person is Youself?

Give it to yourself, ask forgiveness of yourself.

Songee: You have to say sorry to yourself, do you not?

That's right.

Songee: You have to acknowledge the lesson of this thing that you have done. And you have to then say, "Mumma and Papa I know that you know I have done this thing and I have let I self down by doing it. I am very sorry for it". You know? And then you have to say to yourself, what have you learned from it, "I have learned first of all that Mumma and Papa know everything and the other thing is that it's alright to make mistake because after the mistake come the learning".

In the event the learning does not come then the mistake will be repeated, will it not? Again and again and again.

And no miracles!

Songee: The miracle is the learning of the lesson so that it doesn't repeat itself over and over. Because when the learning is done the forgiveness is automatic, it will come, it is there, it is never not there. It is only that you do not allow it to come into your being.

So use guilt, the feeling, the emotion of guilt as a sign post, you know. Use it as a sign post, certainly you don't need to hold onto it. That is not helpful for you. You need to look at it and you need to find the lesson the guilt is attempting to show you for Youself. It is something that you need to look upon for Youself so that you are not blaming everybody else for it. There is only You, that is responsible for it. Is that right?

Very much.

Songee: And it does not mean that you beat yourself up with big stick, learn to love yourself. You have to give the love to yourself that Mumma and Papa give to you knowing that as a child you have make mistake. And all that Mumma and Papa want from you is to see that you have learnt your lesson and learned it well and do not repeat the same mistake. That is all. So you have to do this for yourself. You can do not less and you do not have to punish yourself by holding onto the guilt forever and ever. Is that right?

Then you can let it go. However it is a very powerful emotion, it is a very useful one as is the emotion of jealousy. Well this is a very powerful emotion is it not? However I will not talk to you about the emotional jealousy this night.

You need to contemplate things that have been spoken to this point, for a moment. The time is short so you need to make as much benefit for yourself, is that right?

So. (There is much rustling going on in the background) That is good thank you Little Mother.

I don't know which hole it is, do you know?

Songee: I believe it is one.

Shall I make it go?

The reason the people came this night

Songee: Not for a moment. Each of you have come for different purpose for this night. Would you like to say for yourself the purpose that you come so that you can tell the others here the purpose that you come. To share with each other. Songee already know however you can share with each other, you don't already know. So tell each other how it is that you come to be here. You are brothers and sisters in the Light are you not? So share it with each other, how you come to be here. Everybody is on a journey remember.

I came here because I really miss being with like-minded people. I was holding groups up in Pihia sending light out to the Earth and I enjoyed it very much, the people who came enjoyed it but I had to come back to Auckland and I haven't got involved in group work and I really felt like being in the energy of people who are on the same sort of journey, share that sort of energy. So that's what I'm here for as well as listening to you Songee.

Songee: Thank you.


Songee: Thank you.

I'm next now. Um. Yes my, hard to say when things start. When I was introduced to Songee's teaching that was probably 3 or 4 years ago, earth time and the personal change the truth that coming through the teachings um was so compelling I was so attracted to the truth regardless of if I would process it intellectually on a deep level the truth would staying with me and it would just through the life, the practicality of life, it would just come out when I needed it, not always but helped me deal with my practical life. Um yes previously the teachings that were given to my parents and the people around me, its like they teach you how to subtract numbers but they don't tell you exactly. Sometimes they tell you that 2 plus 2 is 6, then if you want the bigger picture something is always missing but with Songee's teachings its truth. And all the little pieces of the mosaic more and more I spend time with Songee teachings the mosaic was brighter, the picture was more complete and me as a person feel much more complete and um I really feel gratefulness and um glory in Songee's teachings for my life. That's of the Oneness, like Songee, it's part of the followings that She does and brings life onto this Earth to all of us. Thank you. And thank you to each of you coming here and making this happen. Without each of you these nights wouldn't happen. So again I'm grateful to each person I have meet and the same reason being with people that abide in the same energy and enjoy the truth and just need to better Warriors of the Light or just for their personal lives or what else. Yes so thank you, each of you.

Yes well I'm am here because I have dedicated my life to Oneness and Songee's teaching, Oneness teaching and so I am doing my best. I considered just before I came Songee that I would only do it for You, I would only be here for You. It would be nicer to stay home.

This is my first time and I am not very good at speaking this is my third language. Before I have been very depressed so I want to...

You bought the book didn't you?

Yes, I like the book.

Bought the Facets of the Diamond.

Enjoy it very much, the book.

I gave it to her one night.

The books of Songee's teachings.

I just come to enjoy the love that Songee shows to everyone, that is why I came tonight.

Not many words I just love to come and listen to Songee talk and be with everybody.

I find the energy when I'm with Songee to be powerful, you can feel it in the air and in your body and everything and the people who come are people in your own spiritual way, we are all with the same spiritual trail whatever and that makes a lot of difference because everyone loves one and other and I know that each time I've come its got very stronger and stronger feelings and I love coming to the Songee night and tonight lovely to be here. Thank you Songee.

I'm here tonight because I am on a journey to discover my spirituality. For me its kind of the start um it means different things in my life and um speaking to Christene she has been telling me a few things that sounded interesting and good and I thought needed further exploring and that's what bought me here tonight. An interesting experience and quite enlightening, some where to start from. It's nice to meet you all as well.

I guess I am here for spiritual growth a need for learning and thank you Songee for teaching us. I enjoy the company.

Songee: You are welcome.

And I am here to say hello to everybody, its been awhile since I have seen you and to be with friends Um and also I am a bit like a vampire as I like to sit here and take in the energy that's in the room and that's the Songee energy that seems to permeate right through it. I just sit here and enjoy it but friends are things, people that I like to come and see and say hello.

(end of side two)

I am here because I feel everything around us is energy and vibration, living in the world around us sometimes feel that I live in the world where I am not understand well where I have no good enough and fast enough especially words and solutions in discussions and exchanging the feelings and exchanging the minds and meanings of the words but when I'm in this surroundings, the surrounding with the people who are saying or feel the same as I do I feel much better and I need these vibration you give to us and we share the thing with each other.

Songee: Thank you. I most humbly thank all of you for the wordings that you have shared together and share-ed with I also.

Now before you go back to the world there are two things that I would like to do with you. One is for you to celebrate the Power of Light and Love and Healing Energies together, by listening to some soundings. Only one song from the soundings and while the song is playing for you, to feel the Power of Love as it comes around to each of you.

In the event you feel like dancing please do. In the event that you would just like to dance with your hands, please do. This is a celebration, a celebration of life and Love for each of you. For you to give to yourselfs and to each other and then to the Planet, to all of mankind and to all the creatures of the Earth. Those that fly in its air, that are in and on its waters, that burrow beneath the Earth and walk on the Earth. The trees and the plants, everything, the Waters of Life. All these things and the Earth itself. And this is something that I would like you to all share now at this time.

Oh thank you, Little One says two! Little One must be right! We will soon know will we not.

We certainly will.

(Songee is referring to Sally who is one of Roberta-Margaret's guide and she has given the track number of the CD for the music for the Healing energies.)

Songee: Make it a little small in case you have to make it so different.

(The music starts.) That it isn't this one, it's not this one.


Songee: Very beautiful but not this one. Little One is wrong.

She'll never get to live it down!


Songee: That one you need before you go to your home place. That one is the one you need before you go to your home place. I have special one for this for you before you go to your home place.

(The music starts)

Songee: This is the one. Close your eye take deep breath into you middle self, down here into the middle self and close your eye and relax your body and rejoice in your heart and your Soul with Oneness, with your God no matter this name for you. Whether it be the God of Christ of whether it be Allah or whether it be Jehovah you know.

(The Second Well Trust does not have permission to play more than 1 minute of Patrick Berhard's music on our website however Patrick's CD can be heard at this link – Patrick Berhard 'Atlantis Angelis')

Songee: Breathe, bring the Breath of Life into your middle self. The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Son is the nourishment.

(The music plays to the end of the 1st track.)

Songee: Now you need to take a deep breath into your middle self and give thanks to Oneness for the energy of Love and Peace that you have shared together.

And I am going to leave you this night with the teachings that you have and the teachings that you have yet to rediscover, and for you to continue on your life, on your journey until next we meet. And in those moments when you are not sure and you speak to Oneness don't be surprised to hear Songee voice come to you sometimes and tell you something because it will come and tell you. I am everywhere, no time, no space. And I am perceived by many in different ways. Now you have one last soundings for you to share together and while you are enjoying this soundings I am going to leave you, and White Eagle will come for a short moment and then leave before the Organism returns.

So I leave you with the Power of all these things and the Blessings of Light be upon each of you and to shine on your path as you walk through your day and your life.


Thank you

Songee: No you need this last one and it is the very last one of it.

(The right track is found and begins to play.)

Songee: Right soundings! The last soundings as we go.

Songee leaves and soon Roberta-Margaret returns greeting those people who arrived at the meeting while she has been away.

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