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Songee at Stratford
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee at Stratford'
A Teaching from Songee 22nd June 20030622

Roberta-Margaret introduction
The Quest of love in Life
Arranging Destiny Path while in Spirit
The Doorkeepers and Guardians
The Christ Power
Loving One Another
Instant Heaing
The Fall from Grace
The Task of the Souls
The Voice of Truth
Channel for Healing Energies
The Breath of Life
The Breath of Life is the Sun
The Miracle
Singing with Jeffree Clarkson

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On a second occasion The Second Well Trust had been invited to attend a meeting held by the local Spiritualist Church in Stratford which is a small township on the west side of Mt Taranaki in the North Island of New Zealand. There were approximately 30 people present in a large room. Everyone sat in a circle. The Group had begun the meeting with its usual rituals and we were in the guest spot at the end of the meeting.

Roberta-Margaret Introduction

Roberta-Margaret began by talking about the process of her full trance channelling and answered questions from the audience. She then took off her glasses and shoes explaining that Songee does not seem to like them on. The Music 'Passage to the Earth Mother' was played while Roberta-Margaret went into full trance in preparation for channelling.

(The Music was from Denean's Tracks 1 "Passage to The Earth Mother".)
Music: from the album "Fire Prayer" by Denean.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Denean's music in our dialogue recording.)

White Eagle, Roberta-Margaret's Guardian comes to overshadow at first and seems to be preparing Roberta-Margaret's body for Songee to channel into.


Songee: What have you for I? Do you have any question?

Can everybody hear Songee?

Songee: May be I have to go fishing! That is a beginning. (Someone coughs and Songee comments on this That is a start. It gets rid of all that is in the way so that you can speak, you know? What was it that you want to say?

I am drawing a blank at present.

Songee: Ahhhh There are many birds flying around. I see many birds and many things, all manner of things. What is this thing? How is this happening? What is this thing about? So on and so forth and many other things besides. Now the birds are really flying. That is very good.

The Quest of Love in Life

Songee is love a quest in this lifetime?

Songee: Is love a quest?

It is our quest?

Songee: love is for everybody, you know. It is the thing that everybody needs to come to learn. To learn, to live, to be, to breath, to walk, you know. This is love. To do everything that you can for everybody, anybody, how so ever you need to do it, with love, with kindness, you know.

Very big lesson, is it not?


Songee: Very big lesson. It is not something that you can do like that (Songee clicks the fingers) is it. Don't manage to do it just like that. You will find that your ability to make love happen for you, for other peoples, will be very testing time, sometimes, is that right? Very difficult, especially those peoples who do not good things to you, you know. And when they do not good things to you, you say Oneness, I know you say I am suppose to love however it is very difficult just now. Could you help I please? You know? And then Oneness can send all the love down to you so that you can find it in your heart to give it out.

So certainly everybody is here to learn about love. What is it that Jesus say to you when He come? Love one another. Is that right? As you would love yourself. Ha, and there by hangs the tail. I am not quite sure which animal's tail it hangs by. However, thereby it do hang because then you have to say to yourself, How much do 'I' love 'I'? How kind are you to youself?

Come on be honest with I. Tell I how are you to yourself?

I don't think we have been taught to love ourselves as we grow up, that society...

Songee: That is right you don't love yourself very much. So how do you get past this?

We blame karma and say well I mucked up last week... (The rest could not be heard for laughter.)

Songee: Very good. So it is always good to blame something. (Much laughter) So you blame something else so that you don't have to look at how it is that you did not be loving yourself.

(Songee turned and faces the person who spoke saying -

I am very sorry that will not work any longer. (Much laughter)

Now I am going to say to you, karma is part of that experience of the spirit, from another lifetime to this lifetime, therefore you did not learn the lesson of loving yourself in the other lifetimes so you are being shown how to do it in this lifetime. Is that right?

That's why we keep getting that lesson isn't it?

Songee: That is quite right. You don't learn it so you keep getting it back and back. So you have to break the cycle, you know? You have to break it, you have to say 'No More', I am not do this anymore. So you have to find out what is it that bring this karma unto you.

Not all things are karma. Not all of your ill health is attributable to karma. Remember that before you came to this earth, to be born into your body, you decided what lessons you were going to have upon the earth for this life. You decide how you are best going to learn upon those lessons, you know?

Arranging the Destiny Path While in Spirit

Now in order to do that it is a very, very complex thing because in spirit, first of all you have to talk to all the spirits of the people who are going to be part of your life. Sounds easy? NO you have to bring them all into spirit and talk to them. Some of them have already been born and have become one on the earth and they have to agree as part of their own life pattern that they will have you in it.

Now take this back and back and back and back and back...

So, in the beginning, it was written, that the souls would come to the earth and would bring with them all the knowledge of their lives so that they will be able to live their lives and fulfil the lessons of the life. So when you come to the earth you come with everything ready for you to do it.

What is that? (Songee looks into spirit and is talking to a spirit person) Oh that is a very good idea. Little One she say (Songee is referring to Sally a spirit guide who is working with Roberta-Margaret) that when you go and you make your chariots go somewhere, before you go you decide what you are going to do, how much you are going to take with you in your chariot, whether you need upon yourself to feed the body, or rest the body, or how much you need to make your chariot go and so on and so forth. You make it all before you go, is that right? Before your journey. Such it is with the spirit, before you come to this earth you make ready for your journey, you get everything arrange-ed.

No you don't do that, (Songee is answering an unasked question that She has picked up in someone mind.) you don't get part way along your journey and say, Oh my goodness I left that behind. You are not allowed to do that. Not with the spirit journey. You are not allowed to say, That I left it behind. So everybody in spirit says, Have you got everything? Have you arranged everything? Have you done this, have you done that? And so there are people in spirit who will assist you to do this.

The Doorkeepers and Guardians

Every being that is living has with them two people that assist them through this process in spirit. These two spirit people come with you and they bring you to your new beginning. They assist you to come to birth, they assist you from the moment of your conception they are there with you. These two people are your Doorkeeper and your Guardian.

These two people never, ever leave your side to go to anybody else or to be with anybody else, ever. You understand? They never leave you.

You have with you when you have your lessons of life to live through, people who come to assist you from spirit, from time to time. They will come to guide you through the lessons of your life. Do you know? These peoples, you give name of Guide, you understand?

(Songee puts a hand behind the ear as though She was unable to hear the reply.)

(Many people laughed and said Yes.)

Songee: So you have Doorkeeper, you have Guardian and then you have Guide. And then on top of that you have Helpers, different to Guide. Helpers are those spirits that would like to be Guide to people They are learning how to do this thing, so they go to many different peoples all over the world, you know, everywhere, and assist the Guides in their work.

They are not responsible for you. The Guides are not responsible for you. They are there to assist you in the lessons of life that you have elected to have for youself. The Doorkeeper and Guardian are responsible for you in your spirit and to assist you in your waking. However they are also not ultimately responsible for you.

Who is responsible for you?


Songee: Exactly. So when you hear people saying that their Doorkeeper, their Guide and so on and so forth has not done this right, not done that right, or done something else wrong, you look at them and you say, Ah Ha is that so!

In the event that these peoples in spirit have been so negligent in their duties, and I am talking to all of you. (Songee looks around the room to include the spirit people present in this comment.) Then you have to ask yourself, Is it truly them or this something that I am not doing? Is there something that I am neglecting also?

Mayhap you are not listening the voice that they are telling you things. Mayhap they tell you to do things and you say to youself, I don't need to bother with that, I don't need to worry about that. That can't be right, I am not going to bother with that today. And then it happens and, Oh my goodness! There it is in front of you. And you say, OHH I ought to have listened they did tell I. I didn't listen.

How often does that happen to you?

(Many people laugh as though they know what Songee means.)

Songee: It happens to Organism all the time. (Songee is referring to Roberta-Margaret) All the time, never listen, never listen, always having to learn the lessons the hard way, you know, same as everybody.

So this is it, and in amongst all of that, you have your Love because without Love how can any of this vastness work. It does not work, does it? It does not come together in one whole. It is, as nothing. It would be disintegrated. It would be like chaos.


Could you imagine all the Souls of the planet, all the Souls attempting to find their path. This is includes the Souls that are in the situations you see that are to your eyes - poor, suffering, and so on and so forth. You know these thing where you have the peoples, the childrens that are dying. The small childrens that have no foods for their belly, that have no water to make their skin fresh, you know?

All these peoples, every single Soul has elected for its own life, for a lesson of the life. For your eyes it is tragedy. For your hearts it is tragedy. How is it, it is tragedy? How is it you feel it, as tragedy? Do you know?


Songee: That's right. It is because of the Love inside of you, the Love that you have for other peoples, for the other living things, that Oneness has given unto you. This is how it is that your feel this things so hardly in yourself. So when you feel this thing, know that this is Oneness Love at work, within you. This is Oneness compassion, at work within you.

The Christ Power

Jesus came to be with you, to teach you the way of working in Love. Follow I, I am the Truth and the Light. You know? And this is the same thing, it is the love that Jesus gives to everybody that comes from Oneness. So when you feeling this things inside you, you are getting in touch, inside...

(end of side one)

Many peoples on this planet say, How do I know how I am making the Christ power inside? How do I know it's there? When can I recognise it? Is this true? How you ever say this for youself at times of You life? You hear many peoples talk about the Christ Power, is that right?


Songee: And when you ask about it and say, How do you know what is it? Some will be not able to tell you what is it. I tell you now, it is this thing, it is this response from within you that tells you that you have the Christ Power within you. You know?

There are some that may seem to not have this inside them. They may say, Well, so there is suffering. They may say, Well so there is suffering, there is always suffering. Doesn't affect I, so it doesn't matter. Is that right?

You will find these peoples who come to your life, from moment to moment, they have something to teach you. Something very valuable. Do you know what it is? Anybody like to guess.

Tolerance. Forgiveness.

There are other different lessons in life people have. They might have learnt their lesson of love and they have another. They are going on. You have love is one and there is also materialistic people out there that need that perceptive. There are other forms. It is a balance. The whole thing comes down as balance in all the different degrees.

Songee: That is right. So they are coming to teach you all these things, they are coming to show you that although you have compassion, although you have this love you have to balance it, so that you don't get lost in it because imagine what it would be for you to get lost in all of the tragedies of your world.


Songee: That right. You would not be able to stand up tall and straight. You would not be able to dance through your life and enjoy the things that you have come to enjoy in this life, It that right?


Songee: So you have to have the balance. These peoples come to teach you the balance, to teach you that where as you may feel all this compassion and all this love, that you need some part of you to step back, to come away from it, you know? So that you may better be of assistance to those that need it when it is required of you. Do you understand? This is it.

No man is an island unto themself. Every single Soul is like this. In the event that there is somebody like this... (Songee has the hands clasped together an pushes one thumb out which She waggles out beyond the hand.) You know, then you have to find out what is happened to them. How is it that they seem to feel that they are all alone and out here and abandoned. Because they will be in their own, devised hell on earth. They will put around themselves a brick wall. They will isolate themselves inside it and they will present to the world, I'm all right, I'm happy. You know? I don't need anything, I don't need anybody. I am content to be by self. I don't have to have anything to be of great import in this life except those things I elect to make import. You know?

Loving One Another

Do you know peoples like this? Do you?


Songee: How do you feel when you are near them?


Songee: Drained.


Songee: Frustrated. This is anger, very good. (Laughter) What else.

You probably want to hold them.

Songee: Want to hold them, you go to hold them like this and they disappear. (Songee demonstrates how it would be, the arms out straight.)


Songee: You know, like that, they don't want to know, that right. And in the event you are very, very, very, very fortunate to get that close to do that, what is their like? Like this. (Songee shows that they would stand very stiffly upright.) You know and they would go, like that (To shrug off the touch) They are like boards, is that it? Is that right?

Laughter and agreement.)

How are you when somebody does that to you? Do you stand there like that? (Like a stiff person that Songee demonstrates) Do you go like that? (Pat the person on the shoulder.)

Or do you go Haaa that's nice! (Fully relaxing into the person with pleasure.) This something for you to practise.

When you next time put your arm about each other for a Hello how are you, I am happy to see you, this is not to be man woman together and so on and so forth, not those things, this is just to be love one Soul to another.

Practise it. Next time you have this greeting, be aware of what your arms and shoulders are doing. What your hips are doing. Are you standing there and you are tense? In the event you are be aware upon it and make a note to yourself to ask yourself, How is it I am feeling like this? How is it I am not comfortable? What is it that makes I feel I am uncomfortable?

It may be that you are, uncomfortable with something inside of you, not something to do with the other peoples, within yourself. And then you can make a conscious effort to take deep breath inside of you, down into the middle self and you know breathe out and relax, relax your body, relax everything. And you will be surprised at how much of that love and energy will then flow through for you for the other peoples. Be aware also of their energy flowing to you. That you are not rejecting it like the peoples that are being stuck out by themselves, you know? You are not putting this barrier around youself so that the love and energy cannot reach you.

This is all love, unconditional love, is that right? Love you give each other when you channel for the Healing Energy is the Love of Oneness flowing through you to the other peoples is that so? So this is the Love that has no condition. It does not say, I will give this to you provided you give something back. Is it? It is only love given freely, without asking any return for it. Is that so?



Songee: Now what else have you needing to know?

Instant Healing

Could you tell us about instant healing and the teaching of kahunas and things like that.

Songee: Instant healing! Well... again this is part of this process that I have describe-ed to you also. In all things known to Oneness there is a Plan, you know. You may hear many times of God's Plan and everyone's says, Phew What is God's Plan? You know?

Well... I am telling you it is quite, vast. (Songee stretches the hand out into the distance, or so it seemed.) And it is not for individuals to know of every little nuance of it because you would not be able to follow it because it is quite vast. However everything is as I say before, it is like this, nobody is separated. Everything is together and is part of the One, so in the event that you have somebody that is bringing the Healing Energies to another who is requiring it, then that peoples have the opportunity to be healed like that. (Songee clicks the fingers.) And it can happen and does happen, you know. And it happens because that Soul has written it into their life that this will happen upon them. Do you understand?

So why would that particular person such as Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha, how is that is happens more frequently around those people rather than, then you get the kahunas again who have taught it as a religion and created it amongst their beginnings in pre-history, is pre-Maori time out in the islands, where that it was a life style rather than a now and then occurrence?

Songee: Because in the evolution of human kind, many peoples went away from that, you know, they grew away from it. They became lost in the God manner, you know? And they lost it. These teaching of the Masters that you know of, and of Jesus who come to be among you are all taken from the teaching that were given to the human kinds eons ago. They are not secret.

The Fall from Grace

In the beginning everything was whole. In the beginning everything was pure, it was perfect. And then came corruption and when corruption came into play then became 'The Fall' you know the 'Fall from Grace'. And in the Fall from Grace many Souls were lost.

The Task of the Souls

So the Souls of Oneness now have a task upon themself, it is to bring back to wholeness all the Souls that were lost. This is how it is that you have this meeting that you have because all of you have a task to do. You have a task to bring to you all those other Souls that are seeking their way. That are lost to Oneness Energy, Oneness Light and Power, and yet they know it is there, they need only companionship to bring them back to the fullness of what it is they are seeking, which is the perfection and the unity with the Oneness once more.

And part of the process of this are the teachings of the Kahuna and the Tohunga and the Medicine Man, the Shamans and so on around your planet, everywhere. They come to teach and to show you what is possible by bringing the knowledge of the ancients into the now, to show what is possible. And the Souls that come to bring the manifestation of that, to be healed, to show how it can be manifest, they are Souls who have come specially to be part of that Plan, do you understand? Because the teachings, of the Ancient, were given, so that human kind could use it now. It is now that you are going back to the teachings of the Ancients. You are relearning the teachings of the Ancients. You are rediscovering the truths.

The Voice of Truth

This is how it is that Songee Energy come to speak with you, all of you. I am the 'Voice of Truth'. I come to speak truth to you. Not 'A Truth' of human truth, I come to speak to you 'Oneness Truth'.

You keep searching, you keep looking for what you are needing to find. Keep loving each other, keep putting all of your energies out to each other and those that are seeking. Keep asking Oneness for Healing Energies for the peoples that come to you and you will discover occasionally in amongst all of this, you will find your instant healing will come to pass.

Channel for Healing Energies

Instant healings... Humankind's view this often as a physicality being healed instantly, like that? (Songee clicks the fingers to show this.) Is that right? Where there is a cut and it heals, like that. Is this right? However remember that instant healing is not just the flesh. It is the mind, it is the heart, it is the spirit. When you are working as a Channel for the Healing Energy remember that you are Oneness Channel, you know? The energy coming down to you and out to the people. You are not the one doing the healing! You are not IT, you know? You are the Channel for the Healing. You say, I am Channel for Healing Energy. I am not Healer, I am Channel for Healing Energy.

Doctor is Healer because doctor deals with physical healing of the body, healing of the all those things which are ouch and bite and sting and cutting open and so on. They come to heal it with the tools and things in their, at their disposition. You know. When you come with only your hands, you are a Channel for the Healing energy, you are not a Healer. That is very grand! You are a Channel for the Healing Energies. You are Oneness Channel.

And somebody says to you, 'Are you a Healer?' You can say to them, 'No I am not a Healer however I work as a Channel for Healing for Oneness'. Is that right?

(Many voiced agreement.)

Songee: A Channel for Healing for Oneness. You are not doing it for your glory, you are doing it for Oneness Glory. In the process of doing this someone will come to you and they will be deeply disturbed in their being. They may have something wrong with their physicality however it will be the healing of the spirit and of the emotion and the mind that will happen. And they will leave your place of being Channel, and they will say, It's a miracle. It's gone. I don't have that worry anymore. The worry it has gone. It is as though a Light has come on in the life. It is as though all the weight I have been carrying on the shoulders is been lifted. How often have you hear this thing? It that right?

(Many voiced agreement.)

Songee: And this is instant healing. It is your ability to be the channel for the energy that has allowed this to take place. Don't make small of it. Celebrate it, celebrate it with greatness of heart. When you are meant to be channel for somebody who has physicality difficulty and they need to be healed like that then they shall be healed like that.

When I came to visit this place to see you in the flesh, like this, once before, there was a people here who had something wrong with the leg, it was something to do with the spirit being sent from another to cause harm on that one. Makutu, is that it? (Songee turned to ask this question of a Maori lady who sat in the audience.)


Songee: Songee speak with the spirit and say - No more, it is not to be. The next day, there was no sore on the leg. Something that had not healed for many days because going for the spirit energy and saying to the negative energy - No, I disallow it. I disallow it because I have the power to disallow it. I am Songee, you will not do this to this Soul.

You as channels can do this too. However you must be strong in youself. You must be pure in Youself to say, You will not do this thing. Or to put youself between evil and the innocent, you must be girded up with your Sword of Light and your Shield and your Armour - ready, to do battle. You know? You must do this thing because unless you do you can become injured youself.

So it is that some people will be able to do this thing, this instant healing because they have been trained to stand between the Lord of Chaos and the innocent, you understand? (Songee holds one arm up to the Heavens and the other points down to the feet.)

This is how it is that they have their ability and the teaching comes from the Ancients and is given to human kind, to know. Jesus came to show this way and the key of it all, is the one that was bought up at the beginning of the met which is Love.


Loving human being, loving life, all life, to such a degree that you would stand in the way of chaos, you know? When you ask youself this question, you ask youself, How dedicated am I in this life now to give up this earth life and mayhap return to spirit forever, in order to protect this innocent here. Some are called to do this in this life and some are not. It is not for everybody so don't believe that you have to go out there and wave battle with everybody because you don't.

(Everyone laughs.)

You Know you don't have to do this thing. All you have to do is to Love, keep loving, keep being open, keep being free and ready for these things to come to pass. And be aware of the Power of Light and how the Power works and comes through you and manifests itself through you, don't belittle anything that transpires for you, you know?

Have I answered your question or have I gone too far round your house?

(Everyone laughs.)

We are getting there although you are creating a lot more though.

Songee: Songee is here to make more question because it is the purpose I come so that you will listen, hear the words, ask yourself, This is interesting how do I do that, I wonder about that. So on and so forth. And We will never answer all your question this visit, this time however you can ask question anytime and the answer will be given.

The Holy Breath

Now you have here Songee voice, when you need to have a Songee answer then be quiet, go to the place of Silence within youself.

Take inside of you the Breath of Life, for Songee is -The Breath of Life.

You know The Breath of Life? Have you heard of The Breath of Life?

Songee is The Breath of Life. I am not a physical mortal being that have passed into spirit.

You can hear the words and accept or reject them as you need for youself, you understand? I am not giving these words for you to say you must believe this. You know, that is not Songee. Songee want for you to question things, to ask the question within yourself, to find the truth of it within yourself, you understand?

Songee say to you now, is The Holy Breath, The Breath of Life. The Breath that comes, you hear it speak of in your Book of Words, (Bible) that come to tell you of the Ancients and of Jesus and of the coming days. The Breath of Life. The Breath of Life came to those people that followed Jesus and breathed into them so that they would have the gift of seeing, of hearing and of being channels of healing energy.

AHHH... Ponder on it...

The Breath of Life

Now I show you something. You take the Breath of Life within your body every time you open your nose and your mouth and do that, (Songee breathes in.) you know? When you do it with consciousness before you begin to work as channel for Healing Energy the first thing that you do is what?


Songee: You breathe. You stand, you prepare yourself, you do a prayer and then you go... (Songee breaths in and releases the breath to breathe out.) And then you are ready to start. Is that it?

The Breath of Life. Songee is The Breath of Life. Not here in this room, everywhere, everywhere you go, every peoples you touch in your life as a channel for healing energy you can bring that energy to the people. You may have been in a place where you buy your foodings, where you get your foodings somebody is looking very sad. So you brush past them and you ask Oneness, Please Oneness healing Energy for everybody, especially for these people I can see they are looking very sad. And so you take a breath and you brush past them, and they go... (Songee looks around and makes a big smile. Everyone laughs)...I feel much better now, you know?

This is it, very simple, The Breath of Life. You take the breath and you are ready to be channel for healing energies whenever you are needing for it. You don't have to be formal channel for healing energy, you don't have to have people sitting in and do this thing for them. (Songee demonstrate the hands moving over in front of Her.)

You can do this, this is very good. I teach how to do this, many times for people because many people don't do it correctly, however I digress.

You don't have to do that for everybody. Somebody has a sore head - Oh your poor Soul. Oh that feels better it is gone, where did it go, is it in your fingers?

This is how you can do this thing. So practise it. The Breath of Life and I teach you...

The Breath of is the Sun

As you take your breath in, you take it in to your middle self, into your middle chakra and this chakra here is the Yellow chakra. The Sun Chakra. Is that right? Breathe it into here. (Songee indicate the tummy region.)

And as you breathe in you have a very conscious thing about this process and you say,

The Breath of Life is the nourishment, you know? This is the nourishment.

The Breath of Life is the Sun, and the Sun is my nourishment.

So this is how you are going to be. Breathe in, The Breath of Life the Sun, the Sun is the chakra here, feel it, breath it in, hold it in. And then out through the mouth, The Sun is my nourishment.

Allow the energy to go through you to every cell of your body.

Now you have this.

Then rest and then close your eyes once more and go back inside.

Breathe in The Breath of Life is the Sun, hold it, feel it building warmth, And the Sun is my nourishment. Breathe out. The Sun is my nourishment.

And when you do this three or four times you will begin to feel the Sun in your middle self begin to glow like a warm fire. This is the Chi energy that you are building, by breathing in the Breath of Life.

You know about the Chi energy? (Songee turns to ask this of the man who leads the meeting and practices, teaches martial arts.)


Songee: So you bring it is to here and then you send it to all parts of your body, is that right? So that it comes out of your fingers.

So this is Light and this is energy, this is Power, Power manifest.

You have machine, you like to play with machine? (The meeting had been video recorded by one of the members present and it had stopped and Songee asks Her assistant...)

Yes but not that one.

Songee: So can you feel it now? Are you doing it? No! Some of you stopped! Keep doing it, breathe it in the Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment. Feel the warmth, feel it in here, a little Sun, breathe it in. Do this before all of your exercises, before you do your standing as a channel for being a healing energy channel. Do it before you do your meditation. Do it before you shout at the little one. (Everyone laughs.) Do it before you shout at the husband. Husband do it before you shout at the wife. (Songee is smiling.) Husband do it before you shout at mother-in-law.

You know all these things, do it, breathe it in. When you are in your workings of your life and the peoples...

I wish you would just get out of the way (Songee is shooing away in front of Her with the arms.) you are in the way all the time, move out of the way, thank you very much. So it... I beg your pardon, there are peoples that come and they want to be all around you know, so I have to sometimes find a way through. (It seemed as though Songee had a great feeling of impatience in her voice when She spoke to the spirit people.)

Now you are in your workings and people are making you very angry. (Songee looks very pointedly at several of the people present and they laugh. It appears as though it to them that She is speaking to.) Is that right?


Songee: I know this thing. Make you very angry and very frustrated, is that right? (Much laughter) And you are feel like going like this, you know. (Songee is pulling the hair out.) What you do is you shut your eyes and you take a deep breath in and you say, The Sun is my nourishment you know? The Sun, cut it short, The Sun is my nourishment. (Songee speaks as though with desperation in Her voice.) The Sun is my nourishment. (People are laughing.) You can do this thing. And take the Breath of Life, The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my nourishment.

Now you have a play on words, of course, because The Breath of Life is part of the Trinity, it is also part of the Son who is part of the Trinity.

So The Breath of Life is Oneness Energy. It is the Love and Light and Power of Oneness that you are breathing into youself, and it is the Son, the warmth of Jesus, of the Love teaching of Jesus. The Son is my nourishment, so you have the two fold thing. The Breath of Life is the Son, The Son is my nourishment.

The Miracle

And when you do this thing, then something miraculous happens because not only do you lose your anger, not only do you lose your frustrations, and, you can look at the person and you can learn to discern what it is that is really bothering them, what it is that is really happening for them. And then when you have the Power of discernment you open your ears and you say, You look to be very angry, what has happened to you? And then when all this verbiage comes to you, you open your ears and you listen.

Listen for what is happening underneath you know, like the river that run underneath the rocks, find it see where it is going. This river is in darkness, it needs to come out, and come out like a spring in the Light. Does it not? So you can find out what is happening and ask for the healing energies for them. And then, that is when your little miracles begin to happen around you.

Very good, thank you.(Songee is speaking to the spirit people.) I am being told that the time is past. It that right?

Is that right, has it been about an hour?


Songee: I am being told, they are all saying this to I. (Songee indicates tapping at the wrist.) I am being told they are all saying this to I, so I don't know what this is but I know it is something to do with the moon and the sun passing. Is that right? (Everyone is laughing and Songee is very amused.)

I feel for you that this is enough teaching for you this day. You have a lot to take inside of you, to go away and absorb and decide for yourself whether you like it or don't like it. You know? And it will give you many questions, scribe it down for youself. Scribe down how you feel, scribe down the things that have happened for you. Some of the things I have say-ed to you, mayhap make you feel a little irritated, some of you may feel very happy. Whatever it is, write it down for youself and exam it, look upon it. You know? Question it. Always question it.

HA that is a good idea, we have a soundings, soundings, soundings. (Songee turns to face her assistant) AH The Child of Music (Songee's name for Jeffree Clarkson) with the childrens singing, do you have this one. Oh I wait for you.

They wouldn't suggest it were it not here.

Songee: The Child of Music is very beautiful. Have you heard the Child of Music?

His name is Jeffree Clarkson.

Songee: That is right, the Child of Music. The Child of Music is very gifted and has the ability to bring the Breath of Life to everybody through the musics, soundings you know?

I have not got the one with the children in it?

Songee: Then you need, Little One says you must look in the other, other have not the word for it. This thing you are got, there is another for it.

In the car.

Songee: Not so, in this pouch, you have pouch. There are two of those things that you have.

(The assistant finds the CD Songee requires.)

Songee: I am very sorry, I do this all the time to Little Mother and I am very sorry. I apologize Little Mother.

I'm use to it Songee.

Songee: And this is beautiful soundings because you can all join and sing and enjoy, you know, is that right? Forever it is!

Songee could you please say again the breathing exercise, I have forgotten.

Songee: The Breath of Life is the Sun and the Sun is my Nourishment.

Nourishment, food, eatings, you know? Yum, foods. So...

(end of side two - some words are lost)


Songee: Ah this is a word I will tell you about while Little Mother finds 'Forever', it is the word Confused. I would like you to consider this word and not using it so much. Because the true meaning of Confused is not confuse, it is Conflict. It is because something inside of you is in conflict. You 'want' to do something and you 'need' something else, you know? I 'want' to go there however I 'need' to go there. This is what you 'want', 'need' very often is duty. You have a duty to do this. You don't want to do it, I want to do this. Uh is this it? So you have this thing happening, you have a clash, a fight going on in your middle self.

So this is Conflict, you know. Not confusion, you use the word when this happens of confusion because you say to yourself, I am confused, I don't know whether to do this, I don't know whether to do that, or to do something else. So on and so forth. I have no notions. When you then redirect that back inside yourself and you said to yourself, Ah I have just used the word confuse. Now Songee say to I, that's not true I cannot be confused however I must be in conflict. What is the conflict?

Have you heard of 'Conflict Resolution'? When you go about your business and you learn how to resolve conflict in your life, apply it to this. Apply it to this because when you 'want' and your 'need' come together on the same side you have unity, you know. You are back to where you are suppose to be. And you can get rid of your so called confusion like that. (Songee clicks the fingers.)

Have you found it?


Singing with Jeffree Clarkson

Songee: Very good. So we are going to sing 'Forever'. (Everyone laughs.( Is that right? We are going to sing forever. (This is the name of the track of music 'Life is Forever' however the people did not realise that. The music starts.(

Music: "Life is Forever" from the album "Simpilicy" by Jeffree Clarkson.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Jeffree's music in our dialogue recording.)

Songee: Sing and while you sing I am going to go. And leave you with the Power of Light, Love and the Love of Oneness to be with you forever in your heart and to be with you as you go through your daily Life.


Stand up, join in and dance, is that right, 'Life is Forever'.

Songee Energy fades from Roberta-Margaret's body then White Eagle overshadows to seemingly prepare the body for Roberta-Margaret's return.

The gathering is closed and everyone is talking and having cups of cups of tea and snacks.

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"Passage to the Earth Mother" by Denean from the album "Fire Prayer"
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"Life is Forever" by Jeffree Clarkson from the album "Simplicity"
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