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Pure Love
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Pure Love'
A Teaching from Songee 8th July 2003


The Law of Karma
Pure Love
Human Slavery
The Old Ways
The Golden Truth
Managing Fear
Soldiers of the Light
Story of Darkness
Lost Souls
Helping Others
Different Faiths
The Word of Oneness
The Seven Levels of Spirit
Rescuing Lost Souls from Darkness

This meeting was held at Roberta-Margaret's home in Ranui Auckland with five guests present. There was music playing while Roberta-Margaret offers herself as I channel to the Oneness Energy and Songee manifests and overshadows the channel.

Songee: Greetings to you I am here. What have you for I this night?

Do we have some questions?

The song was very appropriate mainly because I have a lot of fear, so yeah.

Songee: Of Course. Nothing is by chance you know, everything has a purpose in it. And it is important that when these things come to pass that you always heed them because there is always a purpose behind them. You may not understand the purpose of them for, the work of the Oneness is hidden from many. Only portions of that work are revealed to different peoples at different times and this is also for a reason. The reason is, because human-kinds have a predilection for sabotaging themself, so it is very important that you not be given too much, too soon.

When Songee came to first speak with the peoples of the earth in this millennium, Songee believed that She would give human-kinds the benefit of doubt, you like that?


Songee: Knowing that doubt is fear, so Songee give information of different nature to different peoples, to test them, to see how far they will go to sabotage their own progress. This may seem to you to be a little malicious however it was not, it was as I say everything has a purpose. The purpose of this is to teach a lesson. To show the peoples that their greed for an outcome often is the thing that prevents that outcome that they so much wish to achieve. Does that make sense to you?


Songee: So the lesson is, when Songee give you information listen to it, be aware of it, see how it is that you can use it to enhance your life. However feel free to question it and also feel free sometimes to put it next to you like a companion so that as you go along your life together - you know - that your companion is with you and you are not attempting to make it manifest. When it is ready it will manifest itself, for what is written, is written and cannot be change-ed. You know?

That has brought a question up.

Yes I feel that I am a bit confused about since I was little, I was always questioning this that you call destiny which means that what has been written is written will not be changed. And in the olden times I use to say to my Grandfather why does God write things for us and then punish us for, for... obviously now I understand slightly different, it is not God that does that every time but ourselves but I still fail to see the point of coming to this life and doing what happened in life before without any possibility of changing it. (These words are very difficult to hear for transcription.)

Songee: This is because when you are in physicality you are using the mind of the physicality so you use the reasoning of physicality, you understand? When you are in spirit you have all knowledge, you can see all things, so you have a greater understanding of what is required for you for your Soul growth. So that you put everything together for yourself, on your life, so that you can come and learn to the best of your ability.

Law of Karma

Now the main task of life is to learn how to grow and how to break the Law of Karma. You understand?


Songee: To break the Law of Karma you have to Love. It is so simple and yet it is the most difficult thing in the world for people to do. How do you love the man who rapes you? How do you love the man who kills your wife and child? How do you love the man who destroys your home? How do you love the woman who comes and steals the man from the home? And so many things like this. How do you love the man that goes with other mans and makes for the big explosion to go and destroy other peoples in their own homes and their own places of life? How do you love these people? And yet you must love them because unless you love them you cannot break the Law of Karma.

Certain areas of your planet have got very large Karmic debt to pay. Souls that have large Karmic debts to pay are born into those places of being. They then have to learn to grow, to change and to move away. When they have done this to a certain degree then they will find that their life will open up and they will move forward and away from that place. And they will, as they see it, escape from this place of torture and yet they still have to learn the Law of Love. They have learn-ed it in part, in some place in their being in order for this door to open in the first place. They will have written it into their script of life for them to do this thing and to move forward because mayhap it is that they have learned that first part of this Love in another life time before, you know? And bring that gift of it into this life with them so when they have to go to the next step of evolution for this spirit, to move away from it and back into Love, back to Pure Love.

Pure Love

The wordings of your soundings (music) say to you, "Oneness show I how to see the people through your Pure Eyes of Love", you know? This is the message I am giving for you this night. It is not by chance that this soundings is given for you to have for your ears this night. Because the questions have already been asked and so Songee have make for you to begin to have answers given to you, do you understand? Songee knows before you come what it is in your heart that you are asking to know.

Now, in time past there is conflict, remember there is not confusion, it is conflict, between information that is given and the way things are done in the community of the living where you are. Peoples where you live have different ideas about how to conduct themselfs, what is right, what is wrong, so on and so forth, what is acceptable what is not acceptable. Is this right? So as human-kinds develop and grow so they add and subtract to these things so that they become better societies in which to bring up the new generation to teach them the new ways. Do you understand? This is growth and this is how it is with human-kinds and this is how it is meant to be.

This continues all the time. When peoples become dissatisfied with certain aspects of growth they attempt to go back to the old ways. This does not work because the mind has changed, the spirit have changed and moved forward, and all that is achieved is oppression, fear and subjugation. You understand? So, when you are looking at this conundrum of destiny you look at it and say, "I have come to the earth and everything is written. I know it is written however I must still strive to do the very best I can with the knowledge that I have and with the truths that I have at my disposal." You understand? You continue to do that.

Part of the seeking that you are doing now is part of your growth of your spirit and it is one of the things that you are going to use to further yourself for your spirit growth towards Perfect Love.

I think that in the old days, 10 and 20 years ago it was probably easier to love than it is today.

Human Slavery

Songee: Very easy for some, not for others. Remember that all through the history of mankind there have been peoples who have desire to go to conquer others. There have been people who have wanted to make slaves of others. This is not something that endears the conqueror to those that they enslave. In many moons past before even the birth of Jesus there were peoples who enslaved each other all the time. It was the way of the world. It was the way of humankind. It is still the way of humankind. There is still human slavery and (?) among human-kinds. There is among individuals in all societies where man dominates woman and says, "Woman is less than animal." And this is the minds of the man that is living in this time. It is not all peoples so much now, more individuals in different places, you understand. And yet still there is some places where woman-kinds are made to be subjugated to the male, is that right? And as long as this is happening you are going to have imbalance. This is also a part of Karma, part of the Karmic Law. The peoples of these areas will have their, messiahs who will come and rise up from among the people and cry out to the Heavens and say, "No more, you will not do this to these people anymore." And they will be shouted down, they will be persecuted, they will be destroyed and in doing so others will rise up, more will rise out, until eventually there is some changes made.

It is not an easy process, this destiny. Now it may be written that you are to be part of the destiny of change for peoples. It may be written that you are to be a big part of it and so you will find your life moving in that direction. It may be that in your heart you wish you could be and yet it is destined for you not to be a big part, and yet I say unto you - that everybody plays a part in the business of change.

When you teach your little ones how to be good, kind and compassionate, how to love one another, how not to call each other names in malice - I say that because childrens always call each other names you know, it is part of growing and can be fun for them - not to call each other names in malice, not for any of you, each of you to call each other names in malice. It is the malice that comes from the dark energy that creates the chaos, that creates the darkness in the heart and mind and clouds this thing that happens in the mind, you know, the processes of the reason. And so it is important to seek, it is important to ask the question, it is important to seek the truth, and it is important always to Love.

And so I counsel all of you to continue to do this and to continue to ask and in this way you will learn to conquer your fears and learn to conquer all those things, those obstacles that get upon your way and prevent you from achieving all the things that you need to achieve. When the destiny is completed then it will be time for you to move Home to spirit and there you look upon your life and assess all the things you have achieved.

Now, when you come to the Earth, in the event that this is the special life where you are going to learn Perfect Love, then when you have achieved that you will not quit your body however you will discover that you will be able to communicate with the Power of Light and Oneness and will be able to write your Path that is in front of you. However for most human-kinds it is not that life, yet - do you understand? - it comes when the Soul have reached a development and is able to give the compassion and love out even unto those who will destroy their home and all that they value of life.

Why is love so important? Is it important to God or is it to ourselves?

Songee: It is important to all the Souls of Earth because it is Love in its purest form that will bring and unit all the Souls of Light back with Oneness. It is Love that will surmount the evil of the Ancient One that fell from Grace.


When the Ancient One fell from Grace he took with him many Souls, many Souls believe-ed that he was the new ruler of the Universe and followed him into his exile. When this transpired many Souls became divided from the ones that were their partners, you know their other half, their Soul Mate you may say. This is your term, this is not Oneness term, this Earth term, you call it Soul Mate. Many of these peoples were be taken and separated, the energies of this became 'split' and so came the division, in Heaven the division between Light and Darkness.

Always Darkness fights Light. The Light defends, Light does not attack Darkness. Darkness attacks Light. Can you perceive the difference?


Songee: When a Soul full of Love confronts a Soul that has absorbed darkness and the Soul of Darkness attacks the Soul of Light, when the Soul of Light simply shines with the Love of Oneness in completeness, then darkness cannot face it and retreats, you understand? And this is done with no blows, no attack, simply to Love. When the Souls that came into darkness and came to the Earth to be born to live the life under the Lord of Chaos, there came from Oneness the promise of redemption for those Souls. Do you understand? Those Souls were to be redeemed, to be claimed back for the Light. And in order to do that they were acquired from the cohorts of Light to be born also upon the Earth, to bring them back to the Light, to show them the way. You understand?

Unfortunately and this is a process that cannot be averted, when the Souls come into the realms of darkness inevitably some of them, or some part of them becomes corrupted and their light is diminished. You understand? Depending upon their ability to maintain their integrity of faith and light through all trials and tribulations of life, they will achieve their goal of bringing the Souls back to the Light by the simple act of their being. Understand? So be being a shining example of Light and following the path of righteousness for Oneness' Sake, you know, then you are the beacon of Light that will shine for all others to see.


Peoples that have souls that have been in darkness that mayhap they are souls of Light and bits of them have become corrupted will need to find their way back and looking for that way to find their way back and they will look to you and say, "Ah there's a Light, I'm going there. I am going to see this Light." And so in the process of this become Friends of Life and it is written when you come that that Soul that is seeking - because remember Oneness knows who is seeking and who is not - and says, "This one will be bought to this one for salvation". Sometimes you are bought to each other for salvation.

Now these wordings I am using for you, you will have heard many times and you will not have fully understood or comprehended their true meaning of them. Redemption, salvation, you know. Salvation! What is salvation?

To Save.

Songee: Save. That is right. So you come together to save each other from what! The Darkness and to bring each other back to the Light, to assist each other in your process of growth, to come back, this is the nature of destiny. This is how it is written. You are not being punish-ed when things go wrong in your life by Oneness. This is you having written something in your life for a purpose for something you need to know, to learn, and also to, to free you up for the next step of your evolving of your spirit. Do you understand?

The Old Ways

Sometimes you have to be purified by the flame and the fire will purify you. The fire of Light, Love - of the spirit - it will fire though you and burn away all the dross, all the illusion and leave only the truth behind. The Purity of Truth. Do you understand? So remember that the old ways are the old ways and the ways you have now will in the fullness of time become the old ways.

The Golden Truth

You are the beginning of the new way, to show the new way for those that come after you. And yet the new way is not entirely new. It brings into being and into manifestation all the teaching that have gone before amongst the people of the Earth, do you understand. So that they can be bought together in one crucible so that the flame can burn through and burn away the dross and leave only the truth, the Golden Truth. And the Golden truth is - that Love is the Supreme Power of all things, Love will save all things, however it has to be lived in the mind, in the heart, and in the spirit, you know?

Is it important how much perfect we have because we always say we are only human and we cannot be perfect but if we could have part of it, it is almost better than nothing.

Songee: That is right. You strive to be perfect and you don't quite make it. However whatever you can manage is always acceptable, is always good, always good, some is better than nothing. You know. And certainly you are going to make mistakes, you will have moments when you will slip. You will say to yourself, "Oh drat that person." You know? When somebody step on your toe, do you say to them, "Oh my dear I love you however you stood on my toe." You don't, you say, "Get off the toe, it hurting. You are terrible." You know and so this is an example of how peoples are.

You are not perfect! Only Oneness is perfect you know, however the Love that is being bought to you is to show you about that. To demonstrate compassion as much as you can, as often as can, to know when to show it, to know how to show it and it is important that as you learning all these manner of things you are learning how to be sensitive to your own development.

Part of your growth towards Perfect Love is knowing about yourself. So as Little Mantis say...

(end of tape)
Managing Fear

...Little Mantis say its fear, it is important because it is a personal, how I say this thing, measure for you of where you are at the moment of you feeling it. When you feel the fear you must stop with whatever you are doing and ask yourself, "How is it that I am feeling this emotion? What is it about what has gone through the mind of that it being planned by I for the next moment that I find so distressing to create fear." Do you understand?

You have to ask yourself this. You need to stop. This is the thing that humankind do not do well. You go through your life and do this and you do that and so on and so forth, and then something comes alone and your body tells you this, your emotions tell you this and you very gaily in your mind dismiss it and say, "Oh I don't need to do that now I put it away, I don't want to listen." And you move on. And then you wonder how come that thing comes and jumps up and bites you on your face and bites off your nose, or comes up behind you and bites your bottom self. Is that right? And then you say it all goes wrong and you say, "Oh my goodness it has all gone wrong, what did I do wrong".

I beg your pardon, what did you do wrong - you didn't listen, you didn't heed, the signs, that came to you to tell you. You didn't read yourself, you did not listen to yourself. You feel the fear, you dismiss it, "I am not going to be fearful, I am going to overcome it. I am going to be brave." Certainly you need to be brave, however know what you are being brave for. Is that right? You don't say to the small child, "Be brave put your hand in the fire. Yes it is going to burn you, it is going to hurt but it does not matter, be brave put your hand in the fire." And the child look at you - Has Mamma, Poppa lost their mind? You know, is that right? You would not do this thing would you. So you would say to the child, "Child as you put your hand towards the fire, feel the heat. As you feel the heat and you go closer and closer, when it become so much it is painful but not hurting you that is the time to stop. That is the time for your body and everything is saying, Oh I'm frightened, I'm frightened, I'm frightened." And you say to the child, "Learn from this, you don't go all the way and put your hand in the fire. You hold your hand away from it and learn where it is safe and where it is not."

So your fear has a purpose it teaches you how to manage your life, how to manage yourself and it teaches you how to overcome it. So when you want to overcome fear of this, what do you do? You say to yourself, "Fire is good because it warms and it is somewhere I can make for the foodings and to make hot for the fluids to drink, you know. It is very many benefits however when it is not managed correctly it is a very dangerous tool. Is that it?

So you learn and you teach the child and you teach each other how to be safe with it. Likewise you do not go to the one that is ruled by evil and walk up to them and put your face in their face and say, "You're evil, you are terrible", and then hit them on the nose. Do you? What would happen?

They would knock you out.

Songee: They would probably come and make you into, into small pieces, is that right? They would do their very best to, you could become suffering.

When you are working for the Light, you see the patterns of evil. You become aware of how they are working and where they are working. You hear the words of evil coming out of people's mouths. You hear when chaos is beginning to undermine good people's hearts and souls, and what you do then is go and sit quietly and you then with your Love and Light you shine it and every word you speak you send out the Love and Light. And you challenge them on their rational. You say, "How is it you do this? What do you benefit from that? Who gains from this? Where is the Love in this?" And then you let them sort it out from themself. Let the Light from within them come up and shine out.

What happens is that your Light reaches out and goes into them. The Light that is trapped down within and submerged by darkness is touched. It is vibrated and even though it may not respond at that moment because it cannot, it will be activated and it will be made to move. It will be triggered off by your Love and Compassion, your abilities to reason for Light, to reason for Love. Do you understand?

Soldiers of Light

And I will say to you that all those people that come to Songee to listen to the speak, you are part of this process of growth of bringing the Light to others. This is your destiny, it is written for you to do this thing in the way you can best achieve it and it is not all peoples who are going to be the messiahs of their race, you understand? There are very many more soldiers than there are Messiahs, you understand? And the soldiers are extremely important because without them there would be no army of Light. There would be no victories because there would be no soldiers you know. You have to have the soldiers to be there, to be counted for Light.

Doesn't it depend on how the Soul's are used (?).

Songee: Oh Oneness is the one that uses you. Oneness is the one that uses you. When you are in spirit Oneness will have say-ed to you, "Would you like to be Soldier of Light? Are you ready to be Soldier of Light?" You will have said, "Certainly Oneness, I am going to be Soldier of Light for you." And then you will look at how you can best do it. What is the learning and the teaching of the life you need to have in order to prepare you to be this Soldier of Light. And yet in the process of learning and developing this you are still a Soldier of Light even from being a small child because your questions and the things you ask and the things that make other peoples ponder on what it is they are going answer to you and the fact that you keep asking the questions is the thing that will make others sit up and wonder, "Well there must be something about this." And they will begin to wonder, they will begin to ponder on things and so the doors of Light open for them also. Do you see how it is?


Songee: Simply by being youself, simply by living your life and fulfilling your Destiny Path that you have set it out for yourself. You are being that Beacon of Light that Oneness desires you to be. And Oneness will guide you in the path that you need take, all you have to do is hand over for it. The difficulties that you encounter are all of your own making and of your own imagination. The delays that you have are delays created by your own process, you know?

Let me show you. You are living your life, you have no previous knowledge of other life, you have no previous knowledge of spirit before you come. You wake up in this body, in this life and you begin to live it, you understand? In this way you come into your life and into this world with certain tools and hidden knowledge within you, it is hidden from you for a reason. When you begin your journey of life things happen upon that life. All the things that happen unto you, that come to you, the peoples, the stubbing of the toe, the banging of the head, the tears, the laughter, the sorrow, the joy so on and so forth, all these things are written into your life. You wrote them in your life, nobody else out them there, you put them there and in the process of doing this, it presses little buttons, and in pressing the little buttons certain things are remembered. Certain things that have been hidden come to the fore and the spirit takes them up and says, "I can use this, I can do this." And when it is used correctly it can be strengthening. I come to the Souls that lose their way in a moment, don't go there for this moment. (It appears that Songee has answered a question that was in some person's mind.)

So you are going through your life and you are being yourself and living your process of your life. And in the process of that life you learn to develop intuition, you learn to develop all those senses of yourself that make you a sentient being, you know. You become more than simply a body with a mind attached, you know. You have a spirit inside of you. That spirit drives you forward to seek all the things that you need to seek for the life. That spirit is guided by the peoples in spirit that work with you and they come and whisper and tell you to go here and to go there, to give you guidance so that always there is the little voice of Oneness speaking to you, letting you know where to go next, what to do next. Now it may be that you have written into your life that you will have to learn the gift of discernment. So in order to do that, there has to be within your nature a certain resistiveness...

(Laughter) Excuse me.

Songee: You are most welcome. Because it is the resistiveness, your nature, that you then have to learn to combat, to become sensitive to the discernment that you seek to learn to know about. So when you are born to the Earth you arrange for all the gifts that you are going to need, to assist you to seek your discernment for your learning how to be compassionate, to seek how not to be fearful, how to overcome your fears, how to learn to master youself and become master of all these things, so that when you eventually return back to spirit you can sit down with the Beings of Light there and say, "Well I did manage this, and I managed that. That one I did manage only not so good, and I did this one."

Now it may be that when you come to be Soldier of Light for Oneness again, Oneness will say, "Well this one that you did a little so good you have to do it again only do it better next time." So you will come back with your life with that aspect of having to repeat that lesson however you will be given the gift by which you can hone the skill of it. Do you understand? So that it will be there for you and yet all the time you are working for Oneness to be Soldier of Light, for Oneness.

Now, in the process of doing this there are Soul's that lose their way. They become corrupted by the Dark Energy. Their immersing themself in the physicality of life, mayhap they have been given the task to do this, you know it is all written, that they will do this and they will be told, "You, will, find that when you get into a certain area of this, that you will be, to all intense and purposes in your conscientious, you will be alone. You are going into enemy territory". Is that right. I have a soldier here coming to tell me this soundings for you. (Songee is referring to a spirit person who must be there with her.) "Enemy territory, you are going to enemy territory and you are going in disguise, you know?

Now when you go there, there are certain rules that you must abide by so that you will not become lost to us, to the Light. In the event that you forget those rules you will be trapped in darkness until you (?) do you understand". Now these Souls are Soldiers of Light that become lost because they have not been able to hold to the faith.

Story of Darkness

In your world you have stories, I keep telling you about these stories of different peoples, I am going to give you this one. There is a story of a young and beautiful girl who when is walking the Earth everything is beautiful, the sun is shining and the grass is growing and the flowers and so on and so forth and everything is blossoming and beautiful. And there is one who is love with this one, however the Lord of Darkness also has lust for this beautiful, beautiful woman, you know. And one day he comes to the surface of the Earth and he steals her away down to the Earth below and on that day all the beauty of the Earth is gone. The sun does not shine, the grass does not grow, the flowers wither and die and everything goes back to sleep. And the young man is destroyed because his love has gone away. And then low, 'The Mother Of All Things' come to him and says, "There is a way to bring back your loved one once more only it is a very dangerous journey. You have to travel down into the underworld and you have to retrieve your loved one, you understand. And in the doing of this there are certain things that you must not do. You must not take food or drink when you are in this place for to do so will trap forever in this place so you do not take the food or drink from the hand of evil, for you will be forever trapped. Equate that (?) as I tell the story. And so the young man goes and he has with him his instrument of Light, the thing that brings Light to all. It is a thing that makes soundings and he a most beautiful voice to sing like the birds in the trees, to bring the Golden Light to all who hear it. And he goes with this into the underworld and he passes through and on his way he sings and plays. It enables him to pass through all the dangers because it brings the Light shining out around him and he walks in a Golden Light until he comes to his love where she is with the Lord of Chaos in the underworld.

And the Lord of Chaos says, "Sit you are most welcome, sit and share some fresh meat with I." And he (?) this and says, "No I cannot do that. Thank you very much I cannot do that. I have come to take the one I love back to the surface once more." However the Lord of Chaos says, "No you cannot. I will not let you do." So she says to him, "Master what if I go for a short while and then return to you (?)." And he says after much deliberation, "Certainly I can let you do this however there is a rule, when you go you must not look back."

There is another story that you know that someone is told, you must not look back. And so the young man singing takes the girl back up to the surface. However on the way she cannot resist and she turns round and she looks back and as she does so there is a great cry that comes from below of rejoicing and delight because Chaos has won. And the young man has to go forward alone and leave his love behind and so loses his love to Darkness.

Now I have told you about 'The Split'1 and this is an example. There are rules for those Souls who become lost because there do not obey the rules. Had this Child of Light been able to bring the woman out without her turning around they would have returned to the Light, and the Soul would have been redeemed, you know. However it did not happen and this is the lesson, this is the teach that is in the story, that when those souls go in there they are Soldiers of Light. This is how it is that you have to love those that often may seem to be doing the most evil because you don't know which ones might be Oneness Soldier of Light that is lost and needs to be redeemed. This is how love is important, this is the Golden Light of the soundings and the voice letting the love, The Golden Light of Love shine out in order to bring the Soul out of darkness and to teach it how not to look back at what it might be leaving behind. You know? Is that right?

Lost Souls

So you have to learn to love even those that are not nice, are not good. You have to have the compassion of the Golden Light of Love. It does not mean you condone the actions, you simple send your love to the spirit, not to the flesh body that has done the thing, to the spirit, for it is the spirit that is needing the redemption, the salvation. Is that right? Not the body. So where on one hand you can say, "I do not accept this behaviour from this body, I do not accept the rational for the mind of that body - I am still going to send love to the spirit of that one because somewhere there, is a spark of Light that belongs to Oneness and I am going to ask Oneness Light to touch it and bring it back into, into the light of day.

Do we say when we are going into the body of (?).

Songee: That is right you are going into the spirit that is within the body.

No, no I mean I have done this with a particular person and just recently I have avoided meeting this person because I knew that I would not be able to not say things that I felt not to do that, not to say, not to meet, because it really wasn't any of my business what happened however I still knew the fact that I have avoided and I did not know what to do in that situation.

Songee: This is a little different because you looking at nature of youself. It is within the nature of different peoples to love individuals to a point you want to interfere the life and to say things and to do things in order to influence them to do a certain thing in a certain manner, and in the process of doing that - when they don't do it - you become angry and cross and distressed about it because they are not doing it and you can see they are making the mistake. So it is better to keep the mouth shut, better to keep the council until they are ready to hear it. You do not throw, what is it, 'pearls before swine', is that right? What is the point? You don't give them the pearls of truth because they will trample all over it, so you keep your counsel. However that does not stop you from sending the Light of Oneness to their spirit, to their Soul, so that one day you will meet for them and they will be open for the truth to be given.

The other part is lesson for you to learn to look at your own inequities, and I say that on purpose because when you, are wishing to influence somebody to do something a certain way that is to a certain degree, is pride within yourself that needs to not be there. You may know the answer, you may feel you have the right answer for them however only they know only the right answer for them, only Oneness do know.

When you are prompted to speak and no matter what you do and how much you button your mouth you find that when you open it, it just comes out of your mouth then that is because Oneness wants it to do so and not because your head says I want to make this person see the Light. No, you, individuals as your humankind, sometimes are very prideful of yourself and very arrogant about your knowledge and how you give it and this is not a condemnation, this is giving you how you are. So you have to learn to discern between when you are being like this and when Oneness is pushing you to give an answer and you will find that when you relax youself and say, "Oneness it's all yours," and then you open your mouth and this thing come out, you can say, "Well that's very well and good Oneness, I suppose you are going to assist I with the consequences of this." You know? Because there will always be consequences you know, and Oneness will help you with the consequences.

Do you understand?

I considered a long time and it was not the right time.

Songee: So sometimes you have button the lip and you have to be very patient because it is the pridefulness and the impatience that sometimes forces you to things and say things before the right, seemingly right moment.

It was also the feeling of pain that I have to by the actions of these people, their pain was effecting me.

Songee: So there is a lesson there for you to learn how to...

(Something was said by a guest that could not be heard on the tape.)

Songee: That's correct, that is correct.

It is very difficult to, isn't it, to button the lip when we see something, people destroying themselves, more than others would do and just sit there and not be able to do anything.

Songee: Sometimes it is very difficult indeed however you have to learn to breathe and hear and listen and you need to know when the time is right. You say to Oneness, "Look at this destruction, look at these terrible things, I am feeling all these emotions about this thing and I would like to change it. I would like to help them to make it different so it does not be that way anymore. It gives I pain to see them do this destructive thing to each other." Is that right? And then Oneness will say to you, "In the fullness of time you can give them information you need to give them until then you bide your time. When it is time, when it is time and it is right you will hear one word...


Helping others

Songee: NOW ! The word that you will hear before that is WAIT. That's all it is, Wait. And you wait, sometimes you might wait for years until the time is right. And then one day you will hear very clearly in your head NOW. And that is when you take action, that is when the voice will speak, that is when the action will be done and that is when the most progress will be made.

Sometimes you have to step back and sit and watch as people go like the fish - flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop as though they are out of the water and don't know how to get back. You cannot go along and pick them up and throw them back in. You have to watch then go flip flop flip flop flip flop flip flop. You know? Gasping for breath and not knowing how to make themself achieve what they want to achieve, and then you hear the voice NOW and you set forward and you pick them up by the tail and you walk into the water with them and you put them into the water and you hold onto the tail and say, "Right are you prepared to listen now? I am not going to let you go until you are prepared to listen". And they are in the water going (Songee makes fish breathing faces gasping for air through the mouth) and they can't go anywhere because you have fast hold of them.

What if they have finished (?).

Songee: Ah believe I that in the process of this they will go flip flop flip flop, they will not lose their dying and go from the life, they will continue to flip flop, it is not that they will lose their breath and die.

You know what I mean. Talking about people when they are in trouble if you do not help them and they make some damage for themselves which will be very terrible. That is the reason why we suffer so much (?).

Songee: Sometimes you can step forward and do you best to assist somebody and in order to prevent them from doing this damage unto themself, is that right, and sometimes it work and very many times it does not. When you do this and you do it, how many times are you going to do it? How many times will you do this before you learn your lesson? This is part of karma, this is part of Destiny Path remember that you sometimes will do this thing. You will do again and again because you are doomed to repeat your pattern until you learn the lesson and you will have it written into your life that you will do this things so many times before you get, a light comes on and says, "What are you doing this for? What are you spending all this time and energy doing this, when this one so obviously does not respect what it is you are attempting to do for them. You know.

There has to be respect, there has to be an honouring of what you are attempting to do. So then you have to step back and that is the hard part, stepping away and saying, "No More. I do this no more. When you are ready you come and say, and I will be there for you, until then you get on with it. It is your life, it is your destiny, you have written it and do it". And then wait. And you keep talking to Oneness and you still pray for the Soul that is trapped within the body of this learning. And when it is time to redeem that Soul Oneness will send a message to you and you will hear it very clearly and it will be the word NOW.

It may come from the word and the mouth of somebody else. They may come to you and say, "This person has reached a certain point of their, life and everything that has been done, that can be done has been done, however there is one more thing that can be done and as yet we do not know how to do it, or when to do it, however we feel it needs to be done, Now. When you hear that word something inside of you will begin to tingle and become light. You will feel a Power of Light come flooding into you. You will feel the energy flow through you and you will say, "This is it, I must take action Now." And then you will know what to do because Oneness will show you. And you will go with that, the flow.


Now it may be that all the things that you do may seem to have no result. That is another aspect of this. You may seem to have no result at that moment. It is not for you to desire to have the result. You are only there as an instrument to sow the seed and to shine a light and the Golden Light of Love on it. And then in the fullness of time that seed will grow and the changes will take place and you will see those result of that seeding sometimes from a distance. And other peoples will be part of the life and will say to you, "I did this and I did that, and I did so and so forth and now this person is wonderful." And they will take credit for it however you will know that it was the seed that you sowed when Oneness told you to that has made it, change. And you don't have to say anything else. You don't have to make the soundings and say, "That's not true. I did it." Because that is not true either, Oneness will do it. Oneness knows when the moment is right for salvation and will push you forward to make it happen. Do you understand?

And the hardest thing to do is to wait. Hardest thing to do especially if those that are destroying themself are peoples that you love, that are close to you. That is always the hardest thing. Keep loving them, keep sending healing to their spirits, don't stop doing that.

Different Faiths

May I ask a question that is slightly different. This coming back to a life several times which we call reincarnation is not described in any religion, not specifically. Is there any reason for that is it, that we do not get the message.

Songee: It is in many different faiths that the spirit will return to the body. It is in very many belief systems about the planet. In many...

(end of tape)

Songee: ...That the spirit of the ancestor can be returned to the earth and be born back into the body of a new being coming to life and this is not new to many different cultures. It is there in many cultures, it is sometimes wrapped up in stories, this is the reason I say for you to read the stories if different lands, to read the story of fairy and of myth and legend because you have many truths locked into your stories. Read them, become as a child again and seek out these stories for yourself. Even Jesus came and said to you about following the path of Light and returning. And in the soundings that you hear, there are many soundings that say that you will return again. You will come to the Earth again. You will go away at death and return. You will come back to life. You will have life eternal. And life eternal you do have, because you have rebirth, you have spirits, you have birth, you have spirit, you are continuing recycling youself. You are forever, Life is Forever! Say the Child of Music. You have to find the sounding, it is a very good sounding for you to listen to, Life is Forever. Because you are always.

What I mean is within religions or least in what we call the most three (?) religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam they present in the religion as truly deny any existence of anything that refers to reincarnation in their respective books. Now is it because we do not understand the books or the books have been modified or is that God did not wish us to know about this for some reason?

Songee: This is a difficult thing to bring to people because in doing so you can be very disrespectful of their belief, so it is not to say for them that their teach is wrong. Each one have its own power, each one has its own truth. The biggest truth, the Golden Thread that runs through all of them is one thing, it is Love. Love each other, Love spirit, Love God, Love Oneness, Love, Love, Love - it is in there for all to see. It is there. And this is the focus of the faith is to Love, to Love, to Love, to Love. So that focus become this thing, to Love and not much attention is given to the business of reincarnation of the Soul. Now this does not mean that they deliberately left it out. It does not mean that Oneness did not give the information it simply means that the focus of these faiths is for Love which is the Truth, the focus is Love. Were people to follow those faiths, truly, to focus on Love there would be no wars, there would be no dissension because everybody would respect everybody else's belief and know that they were all following the path of Love. Is that right? However they don't, they don't. They say, "This is right, you are wrong." So they are not following the truths with purity.

So this then creates a dilemma because they are not following the Golden Truth, they are not following the Golden Thread, you know. They are breaking it and in breaking it the Lord of Chaos says, (Songee rubs the hands together in glee.) "Oh look at that I am so pleased. You have broken the Golden Thread. Wonderful, just what I need." And so more Souls are drawn into darkness because the Golden Thread is not followed. It does not mean that the truth is not there.

In other cultures around the planet this is where this other faiths lose sight of what needs to be known. They lose sight of teaching of the ancients. The ancients came and gave the teachings and when they gave the teachings they gave all the teachings. And then some came along and selected what they wanted of it and that is all they focused on was this part and then the others focused on this part, you know, so it became separated. This is how I come to say to you about the Facets of the Diamond. The Diamond is Love. The different Facets of the Diamond are the paths by which man-kinds find their way to Love. Every different culture of the planet have got a different faith system. You are talking only of three, is that right? Certain very big, very powerful however other cultures, in their time, were big and powerful.

The peoples that come from, the place of the seven hills. They believed in many gods, at one time, and they conquered much of the planet in the name of their different gods and were very successful at it. And then there were the peoples that came from the land of ice and snow and they also have great gods of power and they travelled across the lands and the seas and they conquered peoples in the name of their gods and they were very powerful and they believed that when they died they go to a place in the great heavens where all their peoples would go.

I beg your pardon (Songee is talking to a spirit person) Ah thanking you. Valhalla, is that right? These peoples of the ice and snow believed that they would go to Valhalla, is that right? And the other peoples believed that they would go to Mount Olympus, is that right? And all these peoples believed these thing before Jesus come to walk on the Earth. There is a peoples that come from the sand that build the great pyramids, you know? And they believe that when they die that their spirit will travel and go, where? They believe that their body will be reincarnated, so the belief of reincarnation is quite ancient, it is not new. It goes back a long way.

The Word of Oneness

The peoples of the place you have, the continent of the Americas have the belief that the spirit of the ancestors will return when there is time of need for them to return. There is the story of White Buffalo Woman who will come back to bring the people back to power so for these people the reincarnation comes into the animal of the buffalo so when white buffalo is born they say that this is Buffalo Woman returning to the people. Tatanka, White Buffalo Woman returning to the people to bring them power. Tatanka is Mother Earth, is 'The Mother of All Things'. There will be among the people the reincarnation of all the warriors that have gone before, that have fought for the people, will come back into the bodies of small children once more and be born to be warriors for their people, to fight for the rights of their people so that they will not be subjugated any longer. And so the power of Light once more comes back into the World.

So it is even in that one that you know of Christianity. It is written that you will return to bring the Light of Life, the people, you will bring the word to people. Sometimes you will need to come to be a Warrior of Light, to bring that word to others. You come because Oneness ask you to come. You come because there is a need for you to be here. And you come because there is a desire in you your being, your spirit to bring people back to the Light. Nobody is forced into reincarnation. Nobody is made to come back to Earth when they are not ready to do so.

When they pass from a life and return to spirit, they can remain in spirit for as long as they need to remain in spirit, there is no time there. This is how it is that you can have Souls that will jump several life times and come back many life times later and miss out on many evolutions. And then there are those that are constantly coming back and coming back, so they come back very quickly you know. And it varies from Soul to Soul. Nobody makes you come back before you are ready and in the event that you are never ready you don't need to come back, only most of the time people do because there is usually something they have not learned.

The Seven Levels of Spirit

And then we get into the other realms because then it becomes a little, I do not feel that you have enough earth time to discuss this last part, so I will only touch on it now. In spirit there are level of awareness, levels of all Light as you will. Now supposing, I love to say supposing, you have this great ball of Light that is Oneness. It is so bright and pure that only the most bright and pure Souls can belong in it. Do you understand? Now at the time of the spirit many Souls left it and then the Souls were sent after those Souls to bring them back. In the doing so they became corrupted, they became a little less pure, you understand? However they are doing a good workings, doing a good job for Oneness. So Oneness says, "I not going to abandon you because you are doing the work I have asked you to do however in order to rejoin I you have to go now through a process and this is the process and when you go back to spirit after a life time you will find yourself with all the learning you have on this level. So you may be on this level and be very happy there and then there comes a moment of your awareness when you say, "I like to go to this next level because you can only go so far and then you can't go any higher because the Angles of Light say, "Sorry you can't come up this next floor because you have not got the pass key for it." You know? So you have to go back once more. So you go back and you learn the lessons and you go back and the Angels say to you, "Oh you have won your pass key, wonderful come straight through to this level." So you go up to the next one and so on and so forth.

Now, this is the short version and its all you are going to get.

(Much laughter.)

Songee: There are seven floors in Heaven, you know, and the seventh Heaven is Heaven with Oneness above it you know. In those floors there are seven different levels again. Everything is seven, each one. So you have all these levels and each one you go up and up and up. Some of you may have experienced when you go in your sleeping time, when you do your meditations, you can sit and dream, you go to the dream world, the dream world is the level that you are at in spirit and you can return there anytime at all when you are still in your body. Now when you have the pass key to go to the second or the third level, and you may be that you can go to, for example you can go to level two and you would go to floor five. Is that right? So you would go into level one in your dream. You will lie down on level seven and go to sleep and a part of your being will leave and go up to level five, ah floor five level two, you understand. And there you perform all the things you are going to perform there with all the peoples you know and find out all the information you need to know. And remind yourself of all the things you need to do and then when it is time to come back and you pick up yourself that is in the first level and bring yourself back with all the knowledge of the things that you have done. You know?

You cannot go to level three because you have not yet earned your pass key to go to level three. Doesn't matter how high you fly you will never go through the ceiling. You know.

Some, somewhere they are trained to go up one level can they go down a level?

Songee: When you are up certainly you can come down. However you don't stay there you never go back you only ever go forwards.

So therefore karmic things and transgressions couldn't take you backwards? It could?

Songee: They are already part of what you are doing, remember that they are different levels of learning. When you go back to spirit you say, "I did that one but not so good." Oneness says, "You can go back and redo that one only better". So it may be that you have passed enough to get you from level one to level two and to floor two of level two except for this one thing. So you go back to level one and it may be that you are, this lesson is one - floor seven of level one - that you have not yet mastered it. You take that back into your life, you learn it you achieve it...

Re-sit it!

Songee: ...Then you get your pass key and you take yourself there and you go from level two, mayhap to floor two, mayhap go to floor three, because you have gone back and done that so you have been able to advanced yourself a little further and so on and so forth.

Now this process can take many lifetimes. You can decide for youself how many lifetimes it is going to take, whether you want to have a whole manner of things in one go. This is how it is that some families, some countries have much karma to pay. They are karmic vortex you know. So the Soul is born into the karmic vortex in order to learn, because this is always going to be there for them this karmic vortex. So they are born into that family that has all that karmic history, in that country that has all that karmic history in order to learn the lessons.

What about people when they come to this life, they are so bad that when they die what can they see that they have done?

Rescuing Lost Souls from Darkness

Songee: This is the business of the lost Souls. The Souls that have come from the split that have followed the Dark One and gone into darkness. Oneness has say-ed that all Souls of Light, even though they may have left it at the beginning at 'the time of the split', within them there is a spark of Light in them somewhere. It is not completely extinguished. And so the Light of Love and the Light of Oneness will be shone upon them until, eventually they go seek redemption and they will cry out from that place and seek the Light once more. This may take many lifetimes as the Souls of Light are reincarnated, so are the Souls of Darkness reincarnated. Only they are not given opportunity to make the decision, they are slaves to darkness. So when darkness says jump, they have to say how high. And they go and do this thing. And in the event that they do not achieve it they are punish-ed. Most vilely, most cruelly.

How is it only the occasion of one life time do they actually go up one level or do they stay on the same level.

Songee: They are always in hell. When they return from, the spirit returns they are always returned to hell.

They have not reached any level at all?

Songee: Not reached any levels. And sometimes they will be in the pit. The Soul will be in the pit because they mayhap they have thwarted, or attempted to thwart their master so they will be put in the pit of darkness and misery.

So how is it that they are rescued, they accept to be rescued and they become babies again. How...

Songee: Because the Souls are not develop-ed, they have gone back into the hell so they then get into the pit, then they want to be redeemed. So in order to be redeemed their Spark of Light has to be, it has to be reborn. You know? Their Spark of Light.

It's only that part that is reborn.

Songee: That is right, as they are picked up by the beings that are you in your physical bodied, remember you in your physical bodies are the ones that do the redeeming. Not the angels. The angels cannot go into hell.

They can't be seen.

Songee: They cannot be seen, they are too pure, they are too bright and the peoples, the Souls that are there cannot see them. However they can see you because you are closer to them in your vibrational energy. So they can see your Soul, you spirit and you go and even then your spirit is still mighty bright to them. They cannot really look at you very clearly however they will reach their hand out and you will take it and you will bring them up into your arms like so. (Songee demonstrates as we would be holding them.) And you will carry them there like an angel flying up and you will go between Hell and Heaven and between this place and that place there is a nothing, a Void and as you pass through the Void so all the negativity that was part of that Soul is shed and falls away. And you are left babe in arms and then as you come through to the other side of the Void you hand the babe to the angels. And the angels take the babe and return it to the Heavens, to begin its cycle of rebirth of rebirth and learning and growth. Beautiful, beautiful.

Heaven always rejoices when a new Soul is returned, always rejoices.

Songee you are obviously talking about abstract things which we don't know. In practical terms have you got a story to tell us how this happens?

It is time.


Songee: I would say that your time is very short. The stories that you have around your planet, you have many stories, about how different Souls are redeemed from darkness into Light. The one I give you is one only, there are many others. Where you have the hero comes with the flaming sword and goes and wins the female, did you know? (Songee claps the hands.) Where the warrior goes and rescues those that are suppressed. There are many things like this and when you learn how to develop your own abilities, you own sensitivities you can learn to remember your journeys of spirit and then when you learn those, you will find, that you will begin to remember, if and when you have been used to go to hell and bring back the peoples, Souls for redemption.

I say to you that when you are doing this in a conscious way, with knowledge and with memory to bring back with you, you will never forget it. Once you have done it once you will never forget it. It will be there in your memory, you might not remember details in your head, but you spirit will remember it always. You know. And everybody has done it at some point and will do it at some point or another. You would remember and know the very thing that which I give you for you to have done it. Souls have to be of a certain kind to be able to do it because to go to hell, and back, safety takes great spirit courage and faith. And to do it with knowledge in your conscious being it takes even greater faith and courage. You understand. You have to learn to work up to that. This is the reason for the lifetimes, this the reasons for the teachings, this is how it is.

I will explore this more with you. I have not a specific story for it. I have given you the best story I can give you for you to visualize. To visualize the Warrior of Light going into hell to bring back the Soul from the pit and in travelling threw... Thank you Soldier, in travelling through 'no man's land'. So all the evil is sloughed away and what is left is a small Babe of Light to be returned to Oneness. That is the vision, a story in itself for you to visualize. There are paintings.

I have got a painting at home. I will bring it, that shows this.

Songee: There are painting of this story, of the Souls being taken back to, to Oneness, to the Light with the Angels.

I am going to go now and I am going to leave you with some soundings, special soundings. There is the prayer that is singing by somebody of another culture again for you, however listen to the wordings, the soundings and let them go into your Soul for you to ponder on the soundings. And enjoy for it, enjoy, you know.

So I go now and leave you... Oh you have got...

Oh that was a terrible noise. (The assistant tripped over something when getting the music ready.)

Songee: You have sore foot, you have sore foot, you have to make well now.

So you listen to the soundings and to the Power of your knowing and of you discernment and most importantly I leave you to Golden Light of Love and the truth of that Love for your lives.

So Be It


1. 'The Split' and 'The Time of Chaos' are mentioned throughout Songee's teachings. It is when the Souls fell from The Oneness during the battle between the Angels of Light and the Angels of Darkness.
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