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Living on Earth
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Living on Earth'
A Teaching from Songee 14th October 2003

Other Languages
How People came to the Earth
Incarnating on Other Worlds
Faster Vibration Energy of the World
Listening to our Feelings
What to do with Fear
How to Channel Healing Energy
Channelling Healing Energy - continues

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The Aromas used on this night was Geranium and the Incense Rose.
There were eight guests present at this Songee Gathering held in Roberta-Margaret's home in Ranui.
Roberta-Margaret shares with the guests the Welcome and the Opening Prayer to the Oneness Energy then offers herself as a channel for the Songee Energy.

(The Music played was Emily's 'Listen to the Kogi Speak'.)

Music: from the album "Earth Songs" by Emily Burridge.
(The Second Well Trust has permission to play Emily's music in our dialogue recording.)


Songee: Greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: What have you for I this night?

Other Languages

Songee I wanted to ask you whether you spoke other languages?

Songee: The short answer is no. What happens is that to process this in the mind and the body is not a simple thing, to understand what is in the mind and the heart is simple thing and then what Songee do is to read the mind and the heart and then to give the answer to the question that lies in the mind and the heart. And it doesn't matter if the mind frames it in another language the answer will still be given however this is primarily a unit, an organism that uses the language of this world in which it is living and this is the process by which I am accessing information for wordings for you.

So in spirit we don't actually use languages?

Songee: In spirit all speak the same language. There is no Babel in spirit, you understand.

So when man first came to earth if they only spoke one language how does is happen that now days we speak so many languages?

Songee: When you read the 'Book of the Words' (Songee is referring to the Bible) it will tell you upon a time that came to the people about how Oneness came and made all speak different languages. Do you remember this story?

Yes the Tower of Babel.

Songee: That's right and it came to bring the different language of many different peoples. However that is very simplistic way to give an answer to a complex question. To look at this you have to look about spirit and time and evolution marching side by side, you know.

And you have some peoples who will say, thanking you, (Songee is thanking the spirit people assisting Her) they have a word they say is 'purest'. Will say that Oneness created the Heavens and the Earth in seven days, six days and one to rest, you know. And that this is how is it and no other thing is right. And that Oneness gave upon the Earth the one to come and be in the precious garden and then gave woman to this one, this man and how it become corrupted and how they fell into sin and so on and so forth. You understand.

How People came to the Earth

This is as the stories and the fables of all your different cultures and different lands. Every place, every village has a story of itself that can be told about many different things. And every culture has a story about the beginnings of human kinds. Is that right? Some will say that they came - thanking you, (To the spirit helpers) that is very good for you to come and giving this - is to come from the peoples from across the waters who say that they came in the dream time. The time of dreaming, and then you have the other peoples who come from the land of the great sands and they say that they have been coming for many, many moons and have come from the stars. And they have a ritual of burial around themself and those of high birth for the purpose of reincarnation and so on and so forth. And other cultures have similar things.

When you put all of these together and look for the 'vein of truth', you will find it. And the vein of truth is there for all to see. Another peoples who come from another land say that the peoples of the land came from beneath the Earth and came out of a cave into the Light and came from beneath the Earth and came out, through a tunnel onto the land to make it for their place of living, you understand?

In all of these stories wherever you find them, they are the same answer. Human kinds came from the stars. They came down in their ships, you call them ships, the sky chariots, they came down in these things, to the earth. However upon the Earth had begun already a development of human kinds already beginning to be part of this land and to be the true owners of this land, you know. And it was their land before ever anybody come from the stars to it. They evolved as a natural course of things as it does transpire over many eons of time. And these peoples created their own cultures and civilizations and gradually began to populate the Earth.

And then the peoples came from the stars. Not all at once. They came and then others came and then others came. They did not all come from the same place. Some came from one star system, some came from another. Some of them when they came to the Earth their sky chariots land upon the Earth and for many, many moons they have to remain inside until they can be certain it safe to go outside, you know.

So is it any great wonder that you come from a cave and through the tunnel and out into the Light, of the new world. Is it any wonder? So it gets put into the stories of the people. The human kinds who come through the stars, not all of them are awake, when they are coming through the stars. Some of them have to be in a great sleep so they have the 'Dream time' so they are asleep and they travel through the stars from one to the other, to the other, to the other, until they reach this destination. And so is it any wonder that they speak of dreaming? You know.

And the peoples - you look at the peoples of the sands who buried their peoples of great statue with preparation for rebirth. What else is that except for the body to be placed into the sarcophagus ready to go to sleep for the journey so that when it comes to the end of the journey it may be awakened to its new life on the new planet. And you will find the peoples are buried and they have upon them they have a mask and the mask have on it this thing. (Songee shows with the hands the tube shape that hangs below the chin) and peoples say this is from the face. It is decoration of the face. NO this is the apparatus which it inside the sarcophagus on the sky chariot that enable the body to maintain its life support, you know, while it is asleep, in the dream time.

Would this be the Egyptians?

Songee: That is correct. That is one peoples. There are other peoples who have a similar thing.

So you look upon this now, look upon the different cultures and look upon the different stories and look for the thread of truth in all of them. They are wonderful stories to show you what happened. And when-ed they come you will always find that the peoples from the skies largely have got light skin. And the peoples who live on the Earth, who belong and own the Earth have got dark skins. Did you know that? They own it, you know. They own it. Those people that come from the sky, came and took it away and took possession of it.

Also there was much interbreeding done so that the peoples could become more advanced in their physicalities, in their minds and in their abilities and so on and so forth. So that the peoples from the skies would adapt to the atmosphere, to the weight of this planet on which they live because you understand they were not going to go any place else.

Now I will answer that question.(Songee seems to take a question from someone head) Many people have asked it. This craft were dismantled largely because they used this pieces of it for their use for building and for functioning on this Earth and what was left was put down deep inside the mountain sides and down at the bottom of oceans, because it is not to be found. You understand.

Do they still exist?

Songee: They are still there.

Why if they decide to stay here instead of returning to their world?

Songee: Because, for different reasons, one from the peoples of Xanos they came because their planet was beginning to come to be no more and they had to leave it to travel someplace else to live. On the journey they left many peoples in different systems to seed the different worlds and there are many peoples up there that you know not of.

Is there a purpose in us not knowing of the existence of these people?

Songee: It is not about not knowing about the existence of the peoples, it is about not knowing the existence of what is left of the technology.

So its not being able to get there really, not having the means to get there if there are some peoples in other systems we are not able to get to them.

Songee: You have to learn how to be, before you can go. Before you can go to this place you have to learn how not to wage war upon each other, else when you get to this place you may wage war on those.


Songee: There are too many human kinds who have greed in their heart and have yet to learn the lesson of love because love is the most important thing before greed, you know.

Yes. So does that mean that these people in other systems have learnt not to wage war?

Songee: Those that have not travelled to see you, no. Those that have travelled to see you, many of them have, there are some who have travelled and they have gone beyond the emotions that you identify within your beings. For them they are above all things, all things as creatures below them, you understand? This is not that they, diminish you however their advancement is such that you are as backward childrens to them. And to some you are even as unenlightened as you imagine your animals around you to be!

So, they treat you as such, as animals to be looked upon and watched, and taken from time to time to see how you function. Others come and be among you to assist you, to protect you, to be a part of who and what you are and they have the power (and) mind to be able to make you see them as they desire you to see them.

Now, they are not little green men. They do not have big eyes that stick out like this and wave around at you, you know. They are human form and are very advanced in their way of being with each other and with their abilities. They communicate with their minds to each other. They can communicate with your mind, from their mind to your mind. They are among you and some of the peoples of the Earth have already made contact with them and seen them and been aware upon them and beheld them.

Mostly if you want to meet them you would need to have their permission because they will not allow people to see and meet them. Do you understand?


Songee: However they do exist, they are gentle and kindly. And all the beings of the Universe wherever they may be, whatever they may be, all have understanding and knowing of Oneness. They all have a knowing of this. They call It by different names wherever they may be. However they understand It and know of Its power and Its importance in everything. They know of the continuance of life, of the Spirit. They know that the Spirit may leave the body, that the Soul and the Spirit can lift up and go to travel. They will assist peoples who will need to learn these things when the time is right for the peoples, they will teach them. When they have learned as much as they can learn the peoples will be gone and the teachers will let them go, do you understand.

Incarnating on other Worlds

Do we incarnate, do our Spirits incarnate into these other places?

Songee: They can do so and you would desire it. Most human kinds are limited to just what is known of the Earth and what is known in their environment around them. Most human kinds are content with that.

Is it because when our spirit and Soul come to this form, and we are born into this form that lives on this planet we are satisfied with that. Obviously we choose to be here, I can't explain it.

Songee: That is true of all Souls that are born into the different physicalities, when they are born into it they are content with it. Then they return to spirit and find out more information, you understand?

So my council for you this night is, this is very interesting information however be content with your lot in life. The one you have, this life is the most important one you can have. This is the life you live now, this is the life you must perfect now before you leave it. Be focused on this life and not on whatever life may come before you or whatever life have gone behind you. Focus on this life. This is the one that you must get right now. Do you understand. So that is the council I give you this night and that is the truth of it. You need to focus on this life, no matter what wonderful stories may be out there for you. I give you the information for you to look at the stories of different places of different peoples and to find for you the Thread of Truth that goes through them all. Do you understand.

Faster vibrational energy of the World

Songee there are many people say at the moment that there is, this is a great time of spiritual advancement for people on this planet and such many things are happening which are intense, that things are moving very fast and for some people this is causing great difficulty, for others this is causing great joy. Is this true or is this imagination that people have been telling themselves in every age?

Songee: In every age there are the developments of spirituality and at times of great change and great moment there are always great energies at work. For the peoples of those times, living in those moments, for them they have nothing in front, they are in the Now. And they look behind and they say, "How slow it was, how fast it is now". And that is true. It is also true that the world upon which you live now is moving at its fastest rate ever. Do you understand.

Is this the turn of the planet or the vibrational energy of the planet?

Songee: This, the vibrational energy of the planet. It is moving faster for peoples now than it was one hundred years ago. This years, one hundred years ago. Two hundred years ago, three hundred years ago, you know. Each time that the one hundred years pass, those that come into the new era will say, everything is going so fast, it never went that fast in grandfather's day, you know. And yet each time there is something that is happening, the energies are building up more and more and more.

Now you say what comes next? Are we able to sustain this constant pressure of going faster and faster all the time.

Not if we stay are we are.

Songee: Exactly. That is exactly right Little Mother. (?) you stay how you are now certainly you would not manage it. Were you to imagine the cave man or woman coming into your vibration now, what do you imagine would happen upon them?

Very confused.

vThey couldn't survive.

Songee: They would not manage it, their brains, their ability to take upon themself, the bombardment of all the things around them would be too much upon them to take in. You have small example for you, among yourself, how many of you have come from another land into this land? How many of you have found coming from your land to this land the different bombardment of experiences that have been too much to bear, is that right?


So how is it that we are going to change, it is physically, or mentally?

Or vibrationally?

Listening to our feelings

Songee: That's right, you have it. You change within your spirit. Your mind is only the rationalization of ideas that come into it, that are formulated by it. You have to come from the feelings, from your emotions, from here (Songee places the hand over the centre chest area) and feel what has to happen. When you can feel then you will know when the change needs to come about. You will know when something is not right, when it is like the boat rocking on the waves. You will feel all is not right, you know, you will be like this. (Songee makes rocking motion) You know?

And although your brain may say to you, "Nonsense everything is fine, nothing is wrong, everything is as it is meant to be". The inside emotions and the feelings inside are saying, "No it is wrong, there is a storm coming, I can feel the rocking of the waters, I can feel the beginnings of the changes coming. I can feel the energies building and becoming different from how they were before". And your feelings will say to your brain, "Wake up, up there. Wake up." You must not go to sleep and ignore the signs around you because the signs around you tell you, what is the truth of what is happening.

So you learn to discern, you learn to feel when things are not right and when things need to be changed and made better and a healing bought to them. And this is a very important task that you have. And it is by doing this that you learn to adapt and to change and to take on board for youself all the different things that bombard you.

When you are in a new land you have to look, you stand still and watch and listen. And you have to feel, and you have to see with your eyes what is your eye telling you, what is your ear telling you. You know. It may be that something is happening and on the surface it looks one way and yet the behaviours of peoples around you indicate to you that all is not well, something is afoot. Is that right?


Songee: And yet you say - is everything all right and everybody says, "Everything is fine", but their behaviours tell you differently and your emotions then become - Aha, this is not quite right. My middle self is saying, this is all wrong, time to change it. And this is when you decide to go or stay. Are you going to change and adapt so that you can become one with the environment around you or are you going to remove yourself to safety, you know?

Sounds like a good option. It's not going to work though is it.

Songee: Sometimes it may be you have to adapt the environment and you have to learn how to be part of it and weave in and out to avoid the dangers, you know. To be safe for yourself, to be alert, learning to be at one with the energies around you, to feel it, to feel them for yourself. Learn to recognise them when they transpire. Don't ignore them, don't run away from them.

What is running away?

Option two. (Laughter)

Songee: What manner of things do human kinds do to run away from things.

Stay home.

Don't move, don't talk.

Songee: Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

Is it a solution?

Take drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, hide.

Songee: That is right.

Smother all the feelings.

Songee: Put them all down inside and...

(end of side one)

What to do with fear

...So what has to transpire to change all these things. Remember first of all that these things come about because of fear. You are a-feared when you want to run away and hide and be away from whatever is making your a-feared. It may be fear of the change, fear of all the things that are different, fear of new beginnings, fear of having to step out, to come out of the space chariot, you know. You come out of the space chariot you don't just run out there like that and say, "Here I am", there might be a great big monster out there ready to bite off your head. So you quietly and cautiously, don't you, and have a look around first.

So there is always fear, fear that helps to protect you and helps to keep you safe. What is a problem with fear is when it becomes so strong that you cannot function well with it, you cannot, it just does not keep you safe and help you to protect yourself, it begins to rule your life and this is when the other manner of things come into play, the going to sleep, the running away, the changing the house, the so on and so forth.

Oh very funny Little One. (Songee is speaking to Sally, one of the spirit guides who works with Roberta- Margaret) She said and this is the house that Jack built. Is that right?

And its all going to blow down, someone will blow it down.

Songee: So all this manner of things and eventually it has to be confronted, it has to be looked at, and it has to be acknowledged so that the change can come about. How much better is it, to get to feel the difference as the difference starts to happen and deal with it then and there, rather than to leave it until it becomes a mountain. It is much easier to get rid of the hill of the mole than it is to get rid of the mountain, you know. Is that right? A mountain is pretty shiftless unless you are Songee.

However you don't notice it when it is a little mole or a little hill, it is not until it becomes a huge mountain that we actually recognise that there is something's amiss, something's afoot.


Songee: Several feet! Is that right?


Songee: And what happen is, this, you are walking through your life, like so, and you are doing this and doing that, doing this and doing that. And something come along and say - this is something you have to do, or have to be and go on and so forth, and your little fear comes along and "Oh I don't know what to do, don't want to do that". And then the mind says, "Don't be silly we going to do this and going to do this and going to do this". And then you suddenly say to yourself one day, "My goodness everything is such hard work, it is taking so much energy to do this, every step I take is harder and harder. I am not even able to breathe properly because I can't remember to breathe, Songee says to breathe - what is She talking about breathe when you can't barely put foot in front of the other". And then you stand still and Songee say to you - turn around, look behind you, and you look behind and you say, "Oh, Oh my goodness I half way up the mountain, I have been climbing this great mountain that I have made with the fear and I am half way up it, no wonder it has been so difficult". How much better to learn when the fear is coming into you and to see the little mound beginning to form itself. And before it can become many, many moons high you can say to yourself, "This is little bit something I can make different".

So what do you do, you stand still, you get in there and you open up the mound and you peer down inside it and you say, "Hello little mole what are you doing down there?" You know? "Hello! You have got a name what is it?"


Songee: Trouble. (Songee is laughing) Strife! Fear! And you say, "And where did you come from?" And the little mole will tell you where it come from. It come from that thing that happened when somebody said to you a moment past. Or two day past, you know. And you say to yourself, my goodness has that little mole been burrowing all this time? You know. You learn to identify what is the fear. What is it?

It may be that you have a fear of something else, it may be that you feel a great hole opening up in front of you. When it becomes a hole, it is manageable, it can be changed very simply by recognising it, by looking into it and finding out how it came to be.

When it is left and ignored it becomes a bigger hole until eventually it is a great chasm with rushing river down the bottom of it. All this emotion, churning away, you know, over all the rocks down the bottom of the chasm, at the bottom of the abyss. And it is too wide to jump it. What do you have to do then, my friends?

Go back.

Songee: You cannot go back and yet you need to go forward, and yet in front of you is the abyss. With the great torrents of water rushing, very dangerous.

I can see two options, one to go to the gym to get fitter.

Songee: To jump it?

Yes. Or two to have a chat with Oneness about what is going to happen now.

You can also on Inspector Gadget.

Songee: What is this Inspector Gadget?

He will produce some sort of tool from his pocket and make it bigger and use it.

Songee: That sounds very magical to I, certainly you can use magic however when it becomes to these proportions the only solution is to go into the abyss.

Into all its depths.

Songee: You go down into the rushing waters, rushing waters are confined by the great high walls of either side of it, and you go into the waters and to learn to manoeuvre and get past of the obstacle that will come and destroy you, and you bring yourself out into calm waters. You face your fear, head on in other words. You say, "This is a fear, I know not what is it, I know not where it come from, I know only that I must face it". And so you get your courage from Oneness and you jump in, and you go with it, you see where it takes you. The waters on the abyss will always flow out into the calm river, eventually.

Now the abyss may seem to go on forever. However once you take your courage in your hands and you take the leap of faith, suddenly it become very short. Do you understand?

M m m

Songee: That is how you get through the abyss. How much simpler is it to face the hole when it is not very big, take your courage in your hands, take the leap of faith and say Oneness "I have to open the mouth and open the heart and let the emotions out to be seen and let the fear be spoken so that the fear can be known". Once the fear is out and spoken it is not longer a danger. It can be faced, you understand. "I am a-feared of you doing this because it causes this to happen and that to happen". You know. And you talk and share how you are, how this feelings inside to each other, to whatever situation is requiring it. You do this thing. And you ask Oneness for the power to do it. You ask Oneness for your courage to face whatever the fear is, whatever it may show up. And you ask Oneness to strengthen your love so that you may weather the storm, you may get through the difficulties, that you may face the fear and may come into calm waters, in love. You understand. Because Oneness will always help you to do that.

So. Do you have desire to continue with talking or would you like to feel the energies of Oneness in the Healing effort? Talk to each other, ask each other. What would you like?

How to channel Healing Energies

What is it?

Channeled Healing, Songee will teach you if you want to know.

Songee: What are you deciding?

I would like to receive Channelled Healing.

Songee: Would you like to that for this night, bring yourself into harmony and to bring the Love and Healing of Oneness to yourselfs. To discover how to bring it into you.

Now all of you have the ability to do this thing. All of you know how to do this thing. You were born with the knowledge however some of you have forgotten how to do it. So you going to need the seatings. And you are going to need the peoples. Perhaps to begin have one seating, one seating, here. (In front of Songee) Now we have to have a soundings.


Songee: You need the sounding of the Angels (Songee is referring to the CD called Atlantis Angelis)

(The Music for Channelled Healing was tracks from the CD "Atlantis Angelis".)
(The Second Well Trust does not have permission to play more than 1 minute of Patrick Bernhardt's music on our website however Patrick's CD can be heard at this link – Patrick Bernhardt "Atlantis Angelis")

And Songee will talk to you. First of all one to come to sit. Face that way, is that right. So you are there, here in the body solid and well, sort of. Is that right? Now close your eye, rest your hands on your lap and relax your body and we begin. I am going to put this away.

And you begin and you ask -

The Spirit of Light, Oneness, Infinite Spirit source of all Light and Love and Power I give I self to be a channel for a channel for the Healing Energies of Light to come to this child of the universe, and I ask for this in the name of Jesus, So Be It.

And you begin. And breathe. (Songee is demonstrating by placing the hands on the top of the head and then moving the hands over the body of the person who is sitting before Her) Remember you are the channel for the Healing Energy. And when you are there, always the Love of Oneness flows through. And as I tell many new people the Healing Energies and the Healing Effort is a Dance of Love, unconditional love from one humankinds to another bringing the healing through the hands to the physicality so that where ever the hands do touch the healing will go to that place. The healing also works on many different levels the mental, the physical and the emotional, and the spiritual. And you let your hands do the dance, you don't try to do the terrible thing, you do not try to 'control' it. You let the hands do the work. The people of spirit will come and work with you. They are the agents from spirit to earth and they bring the healing energies from Oneness.

Now in the event that you are a man working with woman, were you needing to come to this part of the body (The lower front chest area) you take the hand (Of the person sitting to receive) and you place it on the chakra and put your hand over the top, like so. You understand. This maintains dignity for both of you. This is to honour earth you understand, so that all things are kept pure. Those of you who have worked together before and know each other well can perhaps you would not need to do this thing for you already have the integrity of each other in your hearts. And you will move the hand wherever it needs to go. It is very important to do this, especially when you come to the base chakra, at the back you can put your hand there, at the front you can not. So you have to hold the hand like so, you understand. (So the hand of the receiver sitting is between the hand of the channel whose hand does not touch the receiver) So that you maintain integrity. You need to do this. This is for when you work into the chakras, you need to work through this one, this one the throat, heart, and the middle chakra the one of the Sun and the one here of the spleen and down through into the base chakra. You need to put your hands. You would use this when you feel your hands being directed to those chakras and you learn to have some understanding of doing this. You also learn to teach your people in spirit, for sometimes because they are in spirit when they use your hands they are not fully aware of the physicality. Their hands can go inside the body even when yours are sitting on the outside. You know. This... Now you are...

You always begin on the crown of the head at the crown chakra and we work through the body with, when you are working with spirit you are 'we', do you understand. Not I. I is forbidden. You are the channel and so you are working with Oneness for this to transpire.

And then you come back to the crown then you can feel when the chakras have all been open and the energy flows freely.

(There is a silence while the healing is channelled.)

Songee: So have you any questions about the healing energy.

I'm not sure I understand it.

Songee: What would you like to know? You do not understand. Healing Energy come from Oneness through peoples and things and animals and plants and so on and so forth, it is an Energy of Light that opens the chakras, the energy centres of the body. These are God given things that are part of who you are and what you are. They do not go against or transgress any of your teachings. You tune yourself by prayer to Oneness Energy and you ask for the energy to come down through you. Hold out you hand, feel. (Songee is holding the person's hand to demonstrate the healing energy.) Close you eye and feel. Do you feel it? This is it. It is as simple as that, you know very gentle.

This is channelling through you Songee isn't it?

Songee: It comes through all of you. The Energy of Oneness can come through all of you.

Everyone is channelling Healing Energies to each other. The person who asked the question was not able to feel the Channelling.

Songee: Bring this one to I. Close your eye, hold out your hand. Close your eye and breathe. Feel. Describe what you feel.

(The reply could not be heard on the tape.)

Songee: Breathe, take a breath and out. Keep breathing, some more ... Aha ... Breathe ... You have blocked chakras, this is how it is that you don't feel. To do more you will need to sit otherwise you will fall down. Turn around. So would you make the soundings louder.

(end of side two - The tape stops just as Songee begins to speak again)
Channelling Healing Energies - continues

(Songee has also been channelling Healing Energies.)

Songee: Healing for yourself, for your body and for your Soul and your Spirit.

Blessed be.

The Waters of Life. (Songee offers a glass of water to the person She has been channelling to.) Drink the Waters of Life. Do you all have them? (The Group has been channel Healing energies to each other. Songee is encouraging everyone to drink.)

Blessed Be. The Waters of Life.

So we need to talk about your experience for now.

Briefly to speak of how it was to receive the healing that was channeled to you. For those of you who stand as Channel, what it was like for you. Talk to each other.

So how did you feel?

Very relaxed.

(And every one talks of their experiences. Because this was very personal to each individual their comments have been cut from the mp3. Songee carries on channelling to people who sit before Her.)

Songee: You are carrying a lot of tension in your chakras and in your back. They are closed up like they have been caught in the sands. Poured the sands into the wheels of your life and they have become clogged with the sand. So now with the Healing Energies they can now turn. You will discover over the next of your days that there (?) that you will have to let out. (Songee's words are lost as the voices of the group explore their feelings.)

For all of you who have shared from the Love of Oneness this night, give your thanks to Oneness and to Jesus for your Healing Energies and to whomsoever you would like to give thanks.

And I say to you Blessed Be.

Those of you who would like to sit and touch and end this time quietly.

(Songee is channelling to individuals who are coming to sit before Songee.)

Songee: Blessed be child.

You always run too fast child! Always too fast. Sometimes you run so fast you do not see what is right under your own nose. You know of what I speak. You must slow down and allow the Oneness Energy to be manager of your life rather than your own brain. For the Oneness Energy knows better than you do. You understand? Blessed Be.

Thank you.

Songee: Blessed be and do reframe from wasting Waters of Life. (Songee is joking as this last person She channeled to spilt the water.)

I am going to go now and leave you with the joy of the angels.


So be it.

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