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The Great She Bear Stories of Nature

Introduction to the Journeys from the Songee Energy

Another fine mess

PROLOGUE by Roberta-Margaret -

Once upon a time......

Well that is how all good fairy stories start isn't it? So it was when channelling one night the Songee Energy came through to take a meditation with the people who had come for the gathering. It would appear on the surface that she had intended to introduce people to the concept of the Spiral of the Great Bear. This then transmuted itself somehow into the Spiral of the Great SHE Bear.

(The explanation for this will become apparent further along in this prologue.)

I guess that this prologue is aimed mainly at the people who may be reading this to children or people who are interested in how this whole thing started? Children will not need to read it as they have an inherent capacity to simply accept the truths within a story and discard what they do not need. Also children instinctively move from one realm of reality to another without much conscious effort. Not so adults - most seek and need encouragement and reassurance that they are "safe" and not being "had."

How did the Stories come about?

The stories have slowly evolved over several tellings, into a wonderful journey. The journey of course is not simply one of the Great She Bear and her cubs, it is about YOU and I on our journey of life. Our journey and the many things that we encounter along the way. How we manage certain situations, and how we learn the lessons of our life so that we might become better people.

The purpose of this journey is to illustrate to the reader that there are other ways of viewing the life and the world around us. Ways that will enable the reader to find new purpose and direction. Sometimes when things do not always go, as we would like, the stories may jog "a memory of possibility" and set us on a path of recovery from whatever has caused us a particular dilemma.

Over the weeks and months the charming characters of the story have emerged. Each one bringing with it their own special energy and value.

The main character of the story seems to be the "little bear cub" the boy-bear. On this journey he is like the inquisitive child within each of us. Always wanting to know the answer to everything, always wanting to do it "NOW". The "child" that loves the adventure of the moment and has yet to learn discipline and caution. The "adventurer" in all of us.

The little female cub is that of the feminine aspect of each of us that is still in process of growing and learning. This aspect has the gift of patience, caution, and prudence. There is a sense of inherent wisdom that has yet to come to its full potential - Like that of the mother bear The Great She Bear of the story.

Then there is Wind Runner - He is the WISE ONE. The wise FATHER figure that is within each of us. The protector and guardian within. He comes to assist the MOTHER to lead the cubs to their destination.

Then there is the GREAT SHE BEAR Herself.......

The Great She Bear is many things. First and foremost she is SONGEE. The guardian of the spirit world, The MOTHER OF ALL THINGS. She knows and sees all. The wisdom of the ages with the knowledge that transcends time and space......

Then - She is the WISE MOTHER within each of us. That part of us that we need to tap from time to time to teach the younger more inexperienced parts of ourselves -

"How to go on!"
"How to behave"
"How to be strong and brave.."
"How to nourish ourselves."
"How to behave with honour and integrity at all times"
"How to learn to be patient and loving."
"How to get in touch with the spiritual light and strength within ourselves."
"How to learn to walk the path of life with care and caution."
"How to learn to respect others no matter how different we may be, and to value those differences."

To learn that differences bring variety and strength.

All the other characters that turn up in the stories ALL have their purpose also. They each play their part in the scheme of things as people all play a part in each of our lives. Each bringing with them some part of themselves that they are able to "gift" to us. Such as TURTLE in one of the stories......

How to use the Stories

So as the reader journeys on story by story, starting at the beginning, for it IS important to start at the beginning. The reader will find aspects of the story will apply to aspects of their own life in the "here and now".

Some stories are longer than others. There does not seem to be any special reason for this, only that they turned out this way. Each of the stories is complete in itself, yet each leaves the reader at a point of the journey where he/she may safely retreat for that moment.

There are ways that the stories might be utilised by the reader. They may for example be used by the reader to tell a story to a child before going to sleep at night. The child will enjoy the stories as they unfold and will relate to the little bear cubs as they journey down the side of the great mountain with their Mother and later with Windrunner.

Yet these stories are not simply for children. They could safely be described as stories for children of all ages 0 - 100+ there is no age limit really. If a person likes stories and also likes to do meditations, then the stories may be read and meditated upon. The reader may find himself or herself identifying by degrees with each of the characters in turn. So finding aspects of themselves being revealed to their consciousness as they journey on with the story.

The Silvery Mist?

"What is it?"

At the beginning of each of the stories Songee refers to "THE SILVERY MIST". This is the place where the conscious mind hands over itself to the "otherworld". It is the "no-mans land" of consciousness into sub-consciousness. It is the place where the spirit moves from the body into the place of "no-time, of no-space". Songee uses the "Silvery Mist" as a means of bringing the listener safely through the transition from "wide-awake consciousness" to the dream world of imagination. For some you may understand it as the transition from the "here and now" to the "astral plane?"

It is safe for the traveller into the Otherworld to move from one state of consciousness into another by moving through the SILVERY MIST. Children do it all the time without even considering it. They simply give themselves up to the DREAM, and away they go...... Adults seem to have more of a bother achieving it. They have too many concerns of the day cluttering up their minds and bodies. They need something to focus upon that will enable them to make the transition with comparative ease - if they give themselves up to it.

In the Silvery Mist - all is safe, warm, and comforting. It enfolds the reader / the listener, in its gentle embrace. Holding gently the traveller - slowly moving the traveller into the next realm. The realm of the Otherworld.

I suppose in our material world it could be likened to an elevator that moves like a corridor rather than a lift! You step into it, the doors close. You dial the floor that you want to go to, and for a brief moment you are suspended in the space "between" as the elevator moves between the spaces of the different floors. Then the doors open and you see in front of you the new and different space in front of you. So it is with the Silvery Mist. You step into it, and in your conscious mind you have the intention of moving into the "Otherworld". You also intend to travel onto one of the GREAT SPIRALS......

Still using the elevator analogy - let us look at the different spirals.

In the city there are many different buildings each has its own elevator if it is many stories high. In order to get onto an elevator of one building you MUST ENTER THE BUILDING…!

"The Building" - represents the title of the SPIRAL that you are wanting to get onto. For example:-

Building of The Great Bear - You enter the building - this gives you the intent.

Select the elevator Bother Bear Spirals - This indicates your intention to travel to the next floor, or "next dimension".

You enter the elevator (the silvery mist)

You select the particular floor ("spiral") you want. There are many spirals connected to each elevator. For example: - Brother Bear, Great She Bear, Sister Bear.

And you find your doors opening up (The Silvery Mist Parting) at the spiral of your selection.

When the elevator stops - it opens up at the outside edge of the spiral that you have dialled up......

In this case the Spiral of Brother Bear....

Sometimes it is necessary to go out onto a 'floor' and move away onto another elevator that leads to a different floor or spiral - so giving a "spiral within a spiral" effect. When this happens the traveller is going deeper into the "DREAM" and deeper into the "OTHERWORLD". So it is with this journey. You get off the elevator at the spiral of BROTHER BEAR - then move on in other stories to a different elevator that takes you further and deeper into the story into the Otherworld by going deeper along the spirals. Going onto the SPIRAL OF THE GREAT SHE BEAR......

So I leave you here, with some idea of what is ahead of you and the journey of the spirals. I trust that you will get as much pleasure and enjoyment out of the journeys and enlightenment's that others have experienced.

So do journey on now ......

On the spiral

Mumma Bear

Words from Songee -

Traveling the Spiral of the Great She Bear

Songee: You have heard me speak to you before time about the spirals of many things, to journey on the spiral to the other world, to the place of your destination in mediations so on and so forth. I talk to you about going on the spiral of ‘The Great She Bear’1 and that spiral is a very precious spiral, one that needs to be traveled more often. At the moment there are some who overlook the power of The Spiral of The Great She Bear. In the event that you have not encountered this spiral and the stories of the Other World when you arrive there, I will counsel you to begin at the beginning. Do not attempt to find your way on the journey half way through it because - and you do this you will become lost - because you will not have learn-ed the lessons from the beginning.

And in this I give you the Truth because it is important in all things to learn the lessons right from the beginning of the story. SONGEE

Reference Number: 20010221

The Great She-Bear Parable

Songee: I am going to digress a little. Many moons ago I give you a story, parable about the Great She-Bear, is that right. And one of the story I give to you and some of you will remember it and others will not, is how the Great She-Bear and Windrunner and the two little bear cubs go down inside the Mother through the caves following what?

The water, the sound of the water.

Songee: Going down and down and down and all the way down there is darkness, is that right? And in the story, in the parable it tells you how to see in the dark. Read it. There is your lesson, in the stories already given, in the teachings, the truths already given, are the answers to this times of difficulties. How many peoples have turned to read the stories of the Great She-Bear when they were needing to know how to walk on air? How to tread across the shivering rocks, how to walk in the darkness, how to follow Raven?

So you need to go back to your childhood and learn some more and enjoy the stories because they are there for you. The teach is there for you, to learn, all these manner of things I have given for you so that you will learn how to walk the Path of Light from beginning in the Womb of the Mother, to the end, which I have to say to you, you have not been given the ending yet. The journey is still continuing and the next lesson will come at some point, not this night.

So remember these things and look upon them and find the way for yourself. Some of you have already been journeying through from the womb and out. Like the Little Bear cub you were born into the darkness and the warmth of the Mother's Womb and then the Great She-Bear very slowly and very gently lead you out of the darkness into the Light. Into the Light of the New Day with the sun shining brightly above you onto beautiful, beautiful white snow, the frozen water, is that right? And you all have been learning how to walk the path the Little Bear Cub and his sister have been walking with the Great She-Bear and Windrunner. And all the manner of creatures that they meet upon their journey. What about Turtle? Remember your Turtle? And of course Raven as I speak before and the lessons that Raven bring to you. And then there was the Two Legs.

So these are the things that you can come back to. To find your way and find where you are on this journey now. Some of you will have walked through the dark passage that comes out down by the river and comes out by the place where the water falls. Its starts at the top where the water falls down into the great abyss below. And the creatures do not know how they are going to get down. The Little Bear Cub is very distress, does not know how they are gong to get down however the Great She-Bear is very wise and so is Windrunner and leads them down through the caverns down, down, down in the darkness showing them the way until they come out below.

All of you have walked through that cavern in your life. Some of you recently. You will have felt as though you were walking in darkness, as though you were alone, and then in the darkness as your prayers go out and are heard by Oneness, so a Light comes. 'Yeah do I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I will fear no evil for thy rod and thy staff they comfort I.' Remember always, and so it is in the story of the Great She-Bear how the Light is able to be seen in the darkness.

And when coming out into the light of day at the bottom it is like a miracle because behind you all the troubles, all the darkness is behind you now and you are moving forward now in the Light. And then the creatures come to a place of rest, eventually come to a place of rest were they have time to find themself, to rest their bodies, their minds and their Souls and this is important for everybody to do this thing.

This journey of the Great She-Bear and the two bear cubs and Windrunner are a story of the peoples that come to Songee night, Songee Meeting. These are lessons for you to learn, lessons and truths for you to take to you heart and to put into practise in your life of everyday so that when the times comes for these things to happen upon your life you will know how to employ these skills in your life and it is all part of your spirit energy itself that will enable you to do these thing.

Reference Number: 20030513

Aromas for the Bear Stories

Now... You wanting to know about the aromas that go with the creatures? Is that right?


Songee: For the Little Boy Bear you are going to need Bay. For the Little She Bear you are need Jasmine. For the Great She bear, would you like to (?) that?

Chanel number five. (Much laughter)

I was considering Fish.

Songee: Fish!


That's what I was coming to.

Songee: Rose.

Ah Yes.

Songee: For Windrunner?

(Laughter as the people consider what may be appropriate.)

No comment.

Opium, sandalwood.

Break the rules and say Lavender.

I just don't know. (We were looking for the booklet on Aromas)

Songee: It was in your last scribings, find it.

Is that the last one. (Songee is meaning the magazine The Trust was publishing at that time.)

Songee: I make you work, you know. What is Bay?


Songee: What is the power of it?

It's a masculine sort of.

It says here it was used by the Ancient Romans as a symbol of wisdom and peace, um and is stimulating in small doses and sedating in large doses.

Songee: So now we ponder for a moment on the nature of the Little Bear Cub.

He is very curious.

Songee: And how he is growing. And how his character is forming. And apply this to him.

It says here it has distinctive sweet balsamic undertone and a spicy top note when put into the aroma burner. Well he definitely those.

Win, win when cooking.

Songee: So power of the Bay is... what does it do? When you smell this thing what does it make inside you?

Feel nice and warm.

Maybe it gives courage.

Songee: There is a strength to it. There is a certain, sharpness to it. Ah how say I this? A clarity, is that right. And a little Bear cub is bringing that to you. So Bay.

And jasmine, Jasmine is soft and sweet, sweet. (For the Little She Bear.)

But its Red, it has this Base Chakra thing too.

Songee: That's right, Base Chakra of the Earth , she is a piece of the Earth Mother, of the Great She Bear. She is part of the womb of the Earth. You know? And the Rose, Rose... (For the Great She Bear)

It is very spiritual.

Songee: Love. Heart. All those things are Rose. Gentleness, strength, all part of the Rose.

And Windrunner - what have you for Windrunner do you suppose? Imagine this creature.

He's a Teacher. Wisdom.

And tolerance.

Songee: What do you have that is purple?



Songee: It's not Fish!... So Lavender... It contains the elements of both purple and blue. The ability to be with spirit and yet be of the Earth. You know? It also has a little, just a little the red in it...

What of the Skunk?

It's got its own aroma. I suppose we all have to.

He bought a lesson didn't he, the very important lesson.

Songee: What was the lesson the Skunk bring to you.

Don't be nosey.

Keep your nose out of...

When you pursue something to and it has to back it up it uses all sort of tactics to protect itself.

Well it's a wonderful defence isn't it.

Just because it is small doesn't mean it hasn't got feelings.

It's very pretty. Very pretty markings.

Songee: So what aroma? What smell. Not skunk smell.


Don't judge it by its looks...

Songee: Clove.

Is that an indigo?

Songee: Clove. What does clove do?

Helps with pain.

Makes wine taste better.


It's a spice so it adds flavour, aromatic... Use it medicinally.

Songee: And what happens when you bite into the clove?

It's very bitter.

Songee: It looks pretty, it smells pretty and it tastes horrible. Is that right?

Oh that's quite good isn't it.

Songee: Not all that it seems this clove and yet it is very powerful, very pungent, very pungent like the Skunk. That's right.

Does the Eagle have and White Eagle have the same energy or is that different?

Songee: Ah... Eagle flies. What is Eagle.

A prayer, bird of prey um freedom.

Carrying the messages to Oneness. Hawk brings them, Eagle takes them.

Songee: Sage.

I was going to...

Songee: Sage.

What about the Shaman?

You burn the Sage and it takes the prayers to Oneness.

Songee: Takes the prayers to Oneness. And the Eagle ascends taking the prayers to Oneness. You asking for the aromas for the creatures. The Great Shaman is not a creature, not in this thing you talking about.

It's interesting, the Sage came added to a 5 which is a communication thing.

Songee: What else is a 5? Messenger of the Gods?


Songee: That's right. Sage. That is all.

OK thank you.

Songee: I could tell you the Butterfly I suppose. Lemon.

What colour is the butterfly?

Songee: A myriad of colours. Any colour you like - all and none. Rainbows, translucent. They will change with the light shining on the wings. Some have a very definite colour, whatever they are meant to be, they will be the butterfly. The only time that you can pin the Butterfly down is when it is dead.

Something to look forward to isn't it. (Songee calls this person Little Butterfly.)

What She's meaning is when they put them in the boxes in the drawers that have all the butterflies pinned into it.

Trapped again.

I wouldn't worry too much cos you are not at that stage anyway.

Songee: We won't say anymore about that. (Songee is smiling) Is that right?

Its true though.

Songee: So you look for Lemon for the Butterfly. Lemon what is lemon? Fresh, light, bright.


Sour to eat.

Songee: Sour to eat. Have you eaten a Butterfly.

No never. (Laughter.)

Songee: It that all now? Time for I to leave you is it not.


Reference Number: 20001006

Reference Number: bear0prologue

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Transcribed: Christene Hart

"These words come from Oneness, of Songee to the people of the Earth, for teaching, for people to learn, to grow, to come into the Light. And you desire to tell You friends all about this word, please do so. Please show them the word of Songee. Let them see the word. It may be that you need to copy it or to take a copy to gift to them." SONGEE
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