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Power of Love and Faith - Journey Nine
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So close your eyes and get ready to pass yourself out along the dream spirals. Close your eyes and take inside of you the deep breath of life. Breathing deeply, setting aside all the troubles and cares of your day, of your life, putting them down and just breathing, letting your body relax in the seat or on the bed where ever you are. Breathing in deeply. And then the spiral, step now onto the spiral of dreams and as you go along on your dream spiral know that you are on the spiral of the Great She Bear.

And travelling along now to the center of the spiral, the spiral of the Great She Bear - as you travel this spiral towards the center remember where you left the little bear cubs and their Muma and Windrunner and the Great Shaman White Eagle. And how after everything of their adventures the Little Bear cub had in his mouth the crystal that the Mother Earth had given to him.

You're coming now to the center of the spiral wherein is the silence, that special place where you go before you enter the other world. Pause for a moment in the center of the spiral. Pause in the silence. And now take a step forward into the other world. And as you step into the other world find yourself being the observers of all the journeys of the Great She Bear and her little bear cubs and of Windrunner and of the Great Shaman White Eagle.

Because we are going to go on a little journey.

The Little Bear cub is running swiftly to catch up with Muma bear and his sister and Windrunner who are up ahead of him in the great forest and as he runs he holds in his mouth the Crystal of Light that Mother Earth has sent to him. And as he runs he is panting because he can not open his mouth wide because to do so he would loose the crystal. And is the way with little bears when they are panting, lots of saliva falling out of his mouth and down the sides of his mouth and down onto his chest fur as he gallops along very swiftly to catch up with his Muma. He cannot shout out to her so he makes some growling noises in his throat.

"Grrrrrr, grrrrr, rrrrrrr wait for me," he is saying, "Wait for me."

And the Great She Bear stops and turns around and looks at him and says, "What on earth is the matter with you child?"

"Grrrrrr," says the Little-Bear cub, "I'm nearly there, I'm nearly there."

"What have you got in your mouth?" says the Great She Bear.

And the Little Bear cub catches up with them and sits down, plonk on his behind self and drops on the floor, very gently, his precious cargo. And it is all covered in wet from his mouth.

"Ugh," says the little sister cub. "Look at that it's all messy, what have you been carrying a stone in your mouth for?"

Windrunner comes up very slowly and pokes his nose at what has been dropped on the ground by the Little Bear cub and he sniffs it. And then he goes, "Pfff," and snorts down his nose at it.

Inspecting the Crystal

"That," he says, "Is a very special gift from the Earth Mother Herself."

"Where did you find that Little Bear cub?"

And the Little Bear cub is sitting there panting, "Oh I found it, on the ground," he says between great gasps.

"Where abouts on the ground, child?" says the Great She Bear.

"I found it, near the crystal, rocks, that we, went to just now, " says the Little Bear cub. "And the Great Mother, told me, I could have it," he said.

The Great She Bear looks at Windrunner and Windrunner looks at the Great She Bear and very sagely they nod their heads and say, "Indeed this must be so because otherwise the Little Bear cub would never have found this crystal. The Great Mother of All Things must have given it to him."

So Windrunner says, "Little Bear cub I am very proud of you that you did not bring it with you out of the crystal caves, with you."

"Oh no," he says. "I would never do that because I learned that I am not to take things from inside the earth without Mother giving permission first."

The Little She Bear all this time have been sitting quietly looking at this crystal lying in the mess of her brother's spit on the ground and is wondering what is all the fuss about. Certainly it was very beautiful in the crystal caves and she had enjoyed it as much as had everybody else. However she does not understand what it is about this particular crystal that is so special.

After a few moments she says, "I don't understand, what is so special about this piece of crystal?"

And the Great She Bear sits down and washes her daughter's face and says, "Well I will explain it to you. The Great Mother of All Things have given this beautiful gift of Herself to your brother and I'm certain that one day She will give a special gift to you. However this crystal is been given to your brother for a very special reason."

"What reason would that be?" says the Little She Bear.

"Well," says the Great She Bear, "I can not answer that for you because your brother is going to have to discover the answer to that himself.

The Little She Bear sits there pondering on this and then she turns to Windrunner and she says, "Windrunner have you got a crystal from the Great Earth Mother?"

"Ah little one," says Windrunner, "I have not a crystal however the Mother has given me something else."

"What is it that the Great Mother of All Things have given to you?" she says to him.

"Ah little one," he says, "The gift that the Great Mother have given to I is the gift to travel the dream spirals and to be with two legs and to be with two legs through all of time and to come to them in their times of need when they need guidance in their lives. This is the gift that the Great Mother have given to I."

"So if the Great Mother have given you the gift to travel the dream spirals and She have given a crystal to my brother and I have not got a gift, where will I find I gift?"

And at this Windrunner looks at her and he puts his nose down to her little face and he snorts downs his nose, "Pffff," he says to her, "Don't be too worried about it, little one. When the time is right you will be given the gift that you need to have in your life, until then observe the gifts of other and learn how others use their gifts. And you might like to assist your brother to find out what his gift is going to be for him."

"Oh," says the Little She Bear, "It's all much too much for I, I can not make my mind work it all out."

"No," says Windrunner, "You are not to use your mind. You must use your heart. Remember that is part of the lessons you have been taught already. You have to look inside you and find your light within, and that will guide you on your path of discovery. Now come," he says, "It is time for us to move forward some more on this journey and go through the forest. I am feeling very hungry and I am needing to find some foodings for I."

"I am very hungry also," said the Great She Bear. "Come along little ones."

"Just a moment," says the Little Bear cub I have only just now got the breath back in the body and I have to carry my crystal. How much further have we to go before we can have foodings?"

"Oh not so far now," says the Great She Bear, "Come, we have to go down the mountain side as little further yet. We are going to go down close to where is two legs and the great river at the bottom of the mountain."

"OHHHH," says the Little Bear cub. "Alright I pick up my crystal and I follow you, only don't go too fast will you because otherwise I will not be able to keep up with you."

Windrunner smiles at him and does not reply and begins to walk along the trail through the great forest. . . . .

And so the time passes of this day and they walk through the forest and they come down the mountainside. And as they get down closer to the great river they can hear great rushings and thunderings and tumberlings of waters as all the waters flow over the rocks and down and down and down and down.

"That sounds very loud," says the Little She Bear.

"Aofff foor woffff," says the Little Bear cub.

"What was that you said?" says Windrunner.

"Arorfff foor wofff," say the Little Bear cub, through and around his crystal in his mouth.

"I can not understand you," says Windrunner. "You'll have to wait until we get to where we are going then you can put your burden down once more."

So they come to the bank of the great river on which lives two legs. Only they are not too close to two legs because Muma bear, the Great She Bear does not want to take her babies too close to two legs. She does not trust all of them, you know.

And as they are looking at this great rushing waters Little Bear cub puts down his crystal on the grass and he licks his lips, and he says to his mother bear, "Muma I'm hungry now. I wanted to know when are we going to eat?"

And the Great She Bear looks at him says to him, "My goodness is that all you ever have in your mind - When are you going to eat! It seems to I that since you were born all you want to do is to eat! Oh well, come along," she says. "I will show you how to find the fish."

Great She Bear fishing

And with this she goes into the great river. She strides in over the rocks into where it is very rushing and past where it is very rushing to where it is a little bit still. And she stands still - very, very still, peering down into the clear waters and then, suddenly, she pounces and up into the air flies a fish and lands onto the side of the bank, splosh. Flip, flop, flip, flip, it goes.

"Oh," said the Little She Bear, "I know all about this, silver things fish, they flip flop. You have to be careful otherwise they hit you on the nose."

"I didn't like the taste of those last time we had this," says the Little Bear cub. "It was very funny taste. I much prefer Muma's milk."

"You got to learn to eat these things," says Windrunner. "Come, I show you. First of all you have to bite off the head." And he shows the Little Bear cub how you bit off the head. "Glop – like that big chunk and the heads gone."

And the Little Bear cub looks at the fish, it stops going flip flop and he looks at Windrunner, he says, "Didn't that hurt?"

And Windrunner says, "Not for very long. It is important that when you finish the life of some thing that you are going to have for your foodings that you do it swiftly and cleanly so that there is no harm or disharmony, no pain other that the instant of death. This is very important that you not make the life of things go longer that is necessary before you use this for your foodings." And while he is telling this to the Little Bear cub some more fishes is comes, flip flops, flip flops out of the skies, landing up onto the side of where they are. And the Great She Bear then comes out of the water and joins them on the banks of the river. She also takes a deep bite and takes the heads off very swiftly so that the creatures don't suffer.

And then she says, "Before we eat this foodings there is something first that we much do."

"What is that?" says the Little She Bear.

"We have to thank the Great Mother of All Things for the Gift of Life of sending this foodings to us."

"How did She do that?" says the Little Bear cub. "You just went in and you caught them out of the waters. How could the Great Mother of All Things do this thing?"

"Ahh," says Windrunner. "The Great Mother of All Things brings all the foodings to you. When you can not find your foodings all you have to do is ask the Great Mother of All Things and She will show you how to find your foodings."

"Ohhh," says the Little She Bear, "That is beautiful. That is the most beautiful thing I have heard since we started our journey down the mountain side."

And so they all set to together eating their foodings after they have said their thanks to the Great Mother of All Things and they also thank the Creator, the Father Creator of All Things as well, because this is important.

And as they busy eating their foodings the Little She Bear finishes her foodings and starts to look around her, at everything around and about. And then it goes into her mind – 'I will do what Muma bear has done, I will learn to catch the fish and help to feed everybody.' And so she begins to walk into the waters of the great river. What she does not know is that because her Muma bear is so big, the great rushing river waters can not wash her Muma away because she is so big and so grown up now. And the Little She Bear is only very little and not very safe in the rushing waters. And as she goes deeper and deeper into the rushing waters all of a sudden she looses her footing on the ground underneath and falls - splosh into the rushing waters.

Girl Bear Drowning

"OH OH OH Muma. OH Muma, Oh Muma," she cries.

And the Great She Bear turns around and she sees her little daughter floating off down into this great river. "Oh my baby," she says, "My baby."

And Windrunner says, "Quick we must run swiftly and catch her." And he runs along the edge of the great river until he comes to a place where there is a tree that goes out over the river. And the Little She Bear is coming down the river now and she's tumbling over and over and over. And he goes down into the water and jumps down and catches her by the back of her fur on her neck and drags her onto the bank.

The Little She Bear is lying on the bank of the river now, and she's not breathing, she has swallowed so much water into herself that she can not breathe.

And Windrunner puts his nose to her nose and he snuffs down his nose at her, "Come on Little She Bear, wake up, wake up," he says to her.


And the Great She Bear comes up, "Oh my baby," she says. And she puts a paw on the chest of her baby and pushes down, and pushes down. And then she breathes on her baby's face. "Pffff, breathe, wake up little one. Wake up," she says. And still the Little She Bear is lying and not moving.

And then the Little Bear cub comes running up and in his mouth he has the crystal. "Wait," he says. "I know what I must do. I know what I must do." And he drops the little crystal down and picks it up again gently and places it on the throat of his sister - the point going up one way and the other part going down the other way.

And he says to Windrunner, "Quickly Windrunner, you must breathe into her nose and Muma bear you must put your paw in her chest." And he comes up to the crystal and he breathes into the crystal, and he breathes. And as he breathes he asks the Great Mother of All Things for the Light of Her energy to come to the crystal and to come to his sister and bring her back from the dream spirals. "Bring her back," he says. "Bring her back, she has a lot of living to do. Bring her back." And the Little Bear cub keeps doing this and in his mind and in his heart he can see the great Light as though he is back once more in the crystal caves. And he can hear the singing of the crystals as they resonate with the one that he has with his little sister cub. And as the crystals sing, they sing louder and louder and louder.

And the Little Bear cub begins to make soundings in his throats. "Orrrr orrrr," he says, "Orrrr orrrr orrrr." And the soundings resonate through the crystal into his sister and she takes a deep breath and she coughs all the water out of herself. And Windrunner sits back – plop on his behind self and the Muma bear sits down – plop on her behind self and they both look at him and look at the Little She Bear.

And Little Bear cub looks up at them, now with his eyes wide open and there is a light shining in his eyes as though all the stars of Heaven are shining in the dark, dark reflections of his eyes.

And he says as though he is all the way from the skies, "She will be alright now. The Great Mother of All Things have sent her spirit back to her body now. She has come back to us." And as he says this he takes a deep shuddering breath and closes his eyes and falls asleep.

And the Great She Bear gathers up her baby She Bear into her arms and Windrunner comes up close and washed her face and he also huffs his hot breath onto her to warm her up and bring her back her strength. And they stand there, sit there now on the edge of the great waters, the great river, as it rushing past them and the birds are singing and the sun shines now to help to warm everybody up. And the Little Bear cub is asleep and on his paws is the crystal.

And Little She Bear now opens her eyes and she looks down at her brother and she says, "Oh," she says, "Now I understand, now I know what your special gift is brother. I know what the crystal is for. The crystal is for healing of peoples, of animals, of all living things. And when the healing energies come they resonate with all the Mother's crystals throughout all of the Earth."

And Windrunner looks at her and he says, "That is so true little one, that is a wonderful gift that you have been given, to know this thing."

"Oh," says the Little She Bear, "I believe the Great Mother of All Things has just given I, I gift."

And that is where we leave them now, all getting warm in the warm sun shine and recovering from the experience of their adventure. And its time now to step back onto the dream spiral, to take a deep breath of life. And as you do so and top let go of the other world and to follow the spiral now of the Great She Bear and journey back along remembering all the lessons of this journey. Bringing yourself safely and peacefully back to your earth life of now.

And take inside of you once more the deep breath of life that brings you into your earth body of now.

I leave you with this now. There will be much to ponder on for everybody who hears this story. I go now and I leave you with all the healing energies that come from the Crystals of Lights.


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