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Channelled Healing
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Songee Teachings of Channelled Healing'
These Teachings have be compiled from gatherings from 1999 to 2000.

Channelled Healing
Getting Ready
Prayer for Channelling the Healing Energies
Completing the Channelling
Blessed Water

Channelled Healing

This Songee Teaching of Channelled Healing is one of many found at the completion of numerous Public Meetings. It seemed that people were always in pain and Songee assisted us to acknowledge this and gave us this wonderful tool to help others.

Songee: First of all finding your seatings, and everybody have turn, and Songee have turn with you. You can take turns and work for each other. You have to have seats, and those that have not done before, you sit first. Come round together. (Everyone is talking and getting organised.)

And what is going to happen is, the peoples that are sitting on your seating, on your bottom, on your behinds, you are going to close your eye, take inside your body the deep breath of life into your middle self and help yourself to relax by listening to the music. And in this special time, you can speak to the Oneness, your concept of your God, speak to Oneness for whatsoever you need to ask. Have a talkings. This is a very good opportunity to have talkings with Oneness.

And while this is happening, the peoples that are going to act as the channel for the healing energies, they are not going to heal you, they are not the ones who do the healing. The ones that are working with the energies in Spirit that come from Oneness are the ones that are going to be instrumental in bringing the healing to you. These people are only the channels, the conduits, just as when you stand to receive this energy through you to channel to somebody sitting, you will be conduit, you understand?

How this happens is that the one that is to be the channel will stand back a few paces from you, will offer themselves in service to the Oneness for the purpose of channelling healing energies. Will ask that nothing of their physicality's or their emotional being be transferred to you in any way whatsoever and nothing of yours will be transferred to them to burden their lives.

They then offer themselves once more, and step forward to you and ask you, "Do you mind being touched?" Because this is part of the Earth respect, you understand? Spirit have to know about the Earth respect. And then they will place their hands upon the crown chakra on your head and the energy will begin to flow. And then, with the music playing, and listening to the music, the energies will flow down through your bodies and through all your chakras and will be part of you, to all the places that are needing healing energies. Sometimes the people in Spirit will guide their hands to move across your body to different places that you have difficulties perhaps. They, as channels, do not decide where they are going to go on your body. Those in Spirit are the ones that show the way, you understand?

So, take deep breath, close your eye and enjoy the experience of the love that is unconditional that comes from Oneness. And when you've finished working as channel, you say, "Thank you for being able to be channel", and you step back, and you wait with your people that are coming back from their journeys. Away you go...

And know that this healing energy, you accept it in the name of Jesus the Christ Child, into your being. Feel it for yourself. Feel the power of it. It has the power to change, to transmute, and to bring Light where before there was darkness...

I leave you with the power of Light and Love. And although I go for a moment from the flesh, know that I am always with you, and you will continue as you desire to continue. Don't stop, for the most beautiful expression that you can have is to channel the healing energies for each other, with love.


Reference Number: 19990909

Getting Ready

Songee: What is going to happen now is something that Songee calls the Dance of Love. It is where everybody gets to work with each other to be healing energy channels for the Light of Oneness. To give and to receive this energy among you, from one to the other. So gather yourselves together and I'm going to make...

It will be better to have all one sittings to come up here, I put for this, and somebody can come to sit.

(Here the group moves into position and the dogs are moved to make space)

Oh my, what a piggle of higglesy! Move it over there - bring this one over here, then you've got some room to move yourself and dance. How can you dance when you are all sitting on top of each other. That is better, is it not. Now you can dance, the dance of love. You are a channel for the healing energy are you not. Open yourself to the Light.

(Again, people are moving around and Songee arranges the positions)

Now, who is going to work with whom? Have you got too many seats for not enough people? Now, remember - remember what you do. You are a channel for healing energy.

Prayer for Channelling the Healing Energies

'Infinite Spirit, Source of all Light, Love and Power
I offer myself as your Channel for the Healing Energies
to go to this Child of the Universe
I ask that nothing of mine goes to them and
nothing of theirs comes to me

'I request my Doorkeeper (Or Guardian - one or the other not both at the same time) to come and work with me to assist in this Healing process.'

Songee: You are going to offer yourself first of all to the Oneness, for the healing energies to come to you, to the one, the Child of the Universe that is here in front of you.

You don't want any of your physicalities or your emotions or any part of you to be transferred to them, so you don't want anything of theirs, either, to come to you, and Oneness will assist that this does not happen.

Whatever is needing to be, for this child of the Universe,

So Be It.

Now, remember the courtesies of Earth, and ask whether or not the person minds you touching them. Some peoples don't like it. Some peoples don't know how to touch; some peoples have great difficulties with it, and remember how to use your handings to be polite. You know this thing... (Indistinct word) until everybody has got somebody to be channel for them, you understand? And when you offer yourself to Oneness to be a channel for healing energies, remember, you are not a healer, you are the channel for the healing energies, and anybody can be thus. Everybody has the power to offer themselves to Oneness in service for this beautiful happening. And when you dance to the music, remember your hands. Begin at the crown of the head, the crown chakra, and come back to the crown chakra when you have finished. Ask your people to respect this, please. Always start and finish at the crown chakra.

And take inside of you the deep breath, offer yourself in service; ask the person whether they mind if you touch for them, and then focus yourself on the music and the breathing and allow whatever is to be to be, and let your hands dance; and this is the dance of love - unconditional love, the dance of compassion for the Soul that is needing the healing energies. And when you feel you have finished, your part is done, say thank you to the creative power and come back to the crown of the head once more and slip back away, and remain with the person until they return to consciousness on their seat, and then change over.

You understand? Let us dance! Listen to the music, take a deep breath inside. Feel... offer yourself into the light. All of you, accept the gift of this healing light in the name of Jesus the Living Christ's power as it flows into your hearts and your Souls.

(At the time of the change over, Songee passes round the group and blesses each one, saying 'Blessed be')

Don't stop the dance of love. Continue for as long as you need because the Oneness will always be with you when you do this thing and such is the nature of this miracle of light as it dances and weaves its way through all your lives. So I go now, and I leave you with the power of light and of knowing and may you dance with the Light through your life.

Reference Number: 19990916

Completing the Channelling

Songee: And remember when you are finished, when you feel that your task is done - don’t squeeze the shoulders and shake your peoples back from their journeys.

You say to Oneness -

'Oneness thank you so very much
for allowing I to be a channel for the Healing Energy'.
And then you say,
'So Be It'.

And you step back and then you must wait for your peoples to come back from the dream spirals by them own self.

I'm going to go now and leave you with the Power of Love, The Power of Healing, the Power of Companionship and trust.

So Be It.

Reference Number: 20000921

Blessed Water

By Channeling Healing Energies to water to it becomes sacred water, and can be used to drink or to cleanse and purify any space. It must be honoured as Blessed Water, placed in a special vessel. None must be thrown away. Any extra not required or stored maybe used to water plants.

Songee, you've spoken before about how a drop of blessed water can purify water, or land, that is polluted or damaged, or... Could you tell us again how we...what we say to the water... how exactly we... or do we do it intuitively when we offer ourselves to process the water to make it pure and blessed. And the second question I have is what would happen if someone drank it?

Songee: Very well. We're going to (indistinct words) I'm going to open eye. (Songee usually works through Her channel with the eyes closed however on occasions when Songee moves the body around She will open the eyes and warns us that She is going to do this as the eyes look very different from when Roberta-Margaret opens her eyes.) And what we're going to do is this. You have here...

(Guests direct Songee to a water jug at the back of the room.) There's a full jug at the back, Songee.

Songee: Oh, there's plenty in here... What you have here is the water. You hold it in your little hands (Songee hands a glass of water to the guest who asked the question) and you say, close your eyes, go into your being, down deep inside, take a deep breath of life, down into yourself. Feel the water, feel the water, the life of it in the container. And then you say - (guest repeats the words after Songee as she says them),

Oneness, please, bring your beautiful light into this water
and bless it with your Light.
And let there be the energies of healing, peace and harmony.
And may it bring all these things wherever it touches.
So be it.

And then you take another deep breath of life, and know that it has happened.

Thank you

Songee: And when you drink for it, you are taking within you all those things, of the love, the peace, harmony, healing, light, everything is in there.

We'd better share it... I'm going to be selfish and have the first one...

Songee: That is it, it is so simple. And you can share it, and it will go into you, and bring this to you. So.

Introduction to Channelled Healing written by Roberta-Margaret

Reference Number: 19910920

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Transcribed: Christene Hart

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