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Path to Silence
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Path to Silence'
A Teaching from Songee 1st May 1998

Songee speaks

The Path to Silence first of all lies through noise.

First of all you must manage to eliminate all the noise. Now noise takes place in many levels, many different ways. And it manifests itself in your head. And I am going to use your nasty word, it manifests itself in your head as all the THOUGHTS! Not the good ideas, all the thoughts. All the, rubbish, the throwing always stuff of your life that is really not important. To do with, who you had argument with, who you imagined did you wrong thing, whether you ate the right thing for your morning time, whether you are going to have this or something else for your evening time eating, whether you are going to go on this journey or that journey, all these things matter not. They are noise! However to get to the silence first of all you must penetrate the noise.

To do this you must get a hold of the tail of the noise. And as the tail wags so you follow it, along (Songee has a finger moving like a wagging tail) like so. And it starts here at the point most directly in front). And it goes like so (draws a large circle from that point), and like so (and draws a spiral). And it goes many, many ways and it comes down to this (the tail spirals into the most centre point so that where the whole hand had been moving now only the finger makes a small circle). And then it comes to this (almost stopping), and then it hovers for a moment. And then it gets to this place, there is very little noise, there is still some, but very little noise.

And what it left of this noise maybe something that is really a difficulty for the Soul at this particular moment of the earth life. So, it hovers with this noise. You might interpret it as a problem! A dilemma that you have in your life. It may be something that you don't even remember being a dilemma in your life, however there it is, circling with you, holding you, just short, of the Silence.

And then you ponder on it while you are circling with it. And you look at it from all directions and you have no answer to it. You cannot have answer to it because you are still in the noise! You understand?

So while you are there and you say "Well Oneness obviously this is something I have to face, I now require an answer. Please would you show me?"

Then you go (Songee makes the finger very still) STILL.

Perfectly STILL and in the stillness, is the SILENCE.

And in the Stillness is the small voice of GOD.

And your answer is given to you in that moment, of STILLNESS. And you stay in stillness, listening, to the stillness, to the SILENCE. And hearing everything that you are meant to know and meant to hear. Hearing everything, knowing everything. And when you have it, all of it that you need for your life now.

You pop out of it again into the noise!!

Songee: Until you go back out, into all the noise and you come back out and say "Oh my goodness I know the answer, I had a problem, I didn't know I had a problem now I know the answer to it!" Isn't wonderful! And so all the noise goes on and on and on and you add to it some more.

HOWEVER you have found the SILENCE.

This is the secret of finding the SILENCE. Do not still the noise.

You cannot possibly. When the tail is wagging so fast, you cannot hold it still. It will jiggle you up and down, you must follow it, to its core. You understand?


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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed: Christene Hart

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