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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Wonderment'
A Teaching from Songee 17th February 2000

Roberta-Margaret deep trance channelling
Crystal Light of Love
Managing the bad words
Wonderment of The Great She Bear
Songee Learning about our World
Shoes hinder our connection to the Earth Energy
The stories of the land
The beginning of life
Blocked up ears
Knowing the right path
Nothing is greater than I can bear
The Breath of Life Meditation

There were sixteen people present for the evening with Songee held in Roberta-Margaret's home in West Auckland.

(The intermittent static sounds on the tape make transcribing very difficult.)
Roberta-Margaret says: Now, we need to do a quick name round.
Everyone introduces themselves.)

Roberta-Margaret deep trance channelling

Roberta-Margaret: I usually talk to people about the deep trance channelling that I do to people that haven't been before. So have you experienced deep trance channels before?

(It was mentioned that someone had gone to the airport and may be late.)


Roberta-Margaret: You have. Have you? Have you?

Well it's been explained to us.

Roberta-Margaret: Well I will explain to you. I can't talk for other people I can only talk for myself so that's what I usually do. (Many of the dogs are barking.) Are they staying out?

Yeah they're staying out but when I sit over there they will all sit all over my, they will be fine.

(Roberta-Margaret whistles loudly at the dogs. Someone was arriving and believed the whistle was for her.)

Roberta-Margaret: Hoy. Hurry up. (And eleven dogs all come rushing in.) This is D everybody. (The reason the dogs were barking as someone had arrived and seating arrangements were made. There is a lot of chat.) You need to bring in a chair.

No you don't there is one here.

Roberta-Margaret: For myself when I am channelling I usually just listen to the music and I use that as a focus. I don't have to use it, I just enjoy using the music as a focus. And then usually someone in Spirit will come and gather me up and take me away, so you might have fun to see who comes to get me. Its either Sally who is this person here on the wall here. (Roberta-Margaret is referring to a painting of Sally) Or it will be my Guardian who will come and get me and take me away. My Doorkeeper sometimes takes me and the Guardian will stay behind. It's very rare for both of them to go away and leave my body unattended, one or the other will always stay with it.

Songee will then come through and speak to people, however my reality, my awareness is not in this room - it is out there doing things. And the other aspect of it is that I travel out of time because I am in no-time, I can go forwards in time. And we tend to do a lot of rescue work with people and things like that, taking them back to spirit, people who are caught in floods and earthquakes and tornados and ships at sea and car crashes and plane crashes and train crashes and so on and so forth.

We also help animals and we work on the land and things like that as well, depending on what they want me to do for the night is what my experience is when I come back. And that's my reality, not the room, not in here. Alright.

And sometimes I can tell you where I have been, sometimes I have been to so many places it's all a bit of a jumble and I can give you snippets. However usually the snippets are enough that they will turn up somewhere along the line in the National News somewhere, sooner or later - days, weeks, months. Not often years these days, it used to be years but it's not so often years these days. I am finding that the events are cycling round very, very swiftly that I am being taken to. I am often taken to things like you know sorting out riots and sorting out politicians and all sort of stuff, so yeah...

And then very, very occasionally - very, very rarely I get to go on, have a holiday. They will let me go and sit on the beach somewhere, play with the dolphins or something. Not very often. So I don't have much airy fairy stuff going on it's all very basic.

Hard work. Necessary... Serious work taking Souls back to spirit.

Roberta-Margaret: Yeah. Right does anybody want to ask me anything before we start?


The tape is running.

Roberta-Margaret: Oh so you are going to read...

Yes I am going to read these beautiful words that were given to us a long time ago. So uncross legs please...

Roberta-Margaret: Hands.

I usually suggest to people that they close their eyes because it helps them to hear better. So when you are ready would you like to close your eyes.

Crystal Light Of Love

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leadth you astray and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
only you.
Crystal Light, . . .
So bright, . . .
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you. . . .
Be at Peace. . . . !

(The recording is very scratchy when Songee begins to channels through so some words are lost.)

Managing the bad words

Songee: I am here. Greetings to you. It's very (?) to meet everybody and to have opportunity to with all of you.

Clara come here please.

Songee: Little Wolf is very busy. So what have you for I... (Songee's words are lost in static.)

(Someone asks a question on behalf of someone else that could not be heard.)

Songee: This is something that you might like to answer for your friend.

(A Student is asking a question about other people saying the 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts' to her.)

Songee: It's much better to begin first of all by (?being) silent. Not to say anything at all, you know. That is the first thing you have to do it to keep your tongue behind your teeth and practise silence. Listen carefully to what peoples are saying and how they are saying this manner of things.

In the ordinary course of your life, when peoples are using these wordings and they have not the teachings that you have, it is not sometimes very easy to let them know about these teachings because their hearts and minds are not ready to hear it and to feel it, you know? So you have to be very brave and learn to be open so that the energies of these words do not cause you any damage in your emotion in your psyche or in your aura in any way at all. Do you understand? And that is how you manage it.

The teacher does not go to the pupil. The pupil must come to the teacher. When the teacher gives instruction it is the responsibility of the pupil to listen, to take to heart the teaching, to practise it and then to be prepared when the moment comes to pass it on. However suppose that the pupil goes to the teacher and the teacher gives the information and the teach, and the pupils decide in their infinite greatness of their wisdom of earth that they don't require this teach, that it is not being given to them the way that they want it to be given to them. So they make effort to attempt to turn the teacher to say what they want to hear. Do you understand? And they attempt to bring argumentations to you about how you are to say this teach to them and that indeed mayhap they know the teach better than you do - even though they have only just heard it. However this is not so and the wise teacher stops there, puts the tongue behind the teeth and waits.

How often have some of you been on the receiving end of just such a manner of thing from organism? Because you are not allowed to be given the teach over and over and over again without you doing something about it. You something about it. You can rebel, you can resist, you can attempt to control all the situations about it that is your nature to do these things, however it will not change the basic teach and it will not change that in the event you want to learn then, and you go to this teach, this is the one that is going to be given to you - you go to the teacher that is going to give the lessons that you need of this life.

So when these people come to you and you are beginning now to move from being simply a student or a pupil, you are starting to move now into the areas of being a teacher. A teacher by example rather than a teacher of telling people what to do. Because the best way to teach is by example, you know. Those that are around you that do not use these wordings that cause great disharmonies within the Soul are the ones that will demonstrate it in their speaking and in their life of every day. And you will be able to find them and perceive the effects that this has upon the life.

Just asking one question regarding that - I was in a situation today where we have just produced a home buyers guide and one of the ladies I was working with, in association with us, they said well what do you think about it. And I wasn't quick enough to respond and understand and how best to turn that situation around. My people sort of showed me afterwards that just say I feel about... and change it. Is that the best way to respond to it?

Songee: That is so. However what you do, is you don't have to be quick. This is the whole point of what I am saying to you. Put your tongue behind your teeth and slow down! Everybody goes too fast in your world, you know. It is time to slow down a little bit. You know everything is going faster and faster and faster, and I am saying to you SLOW DOWN! Come back a little bit ,you are going far too fast. You know? So put your tongue behind your teeth, consider that word that was used, listen what is being implied because you know that the word 'think' implies doubt. And because this person is asking you what do you 'think' they are saying to you I'm not sure of I contribution to this whether it is worthy or not. This is showing their insecurity whether they are aware upon it or not. So you put your tongue behind your teeth and instead of giving them a reply that is going to further take their power, because what they are doing when they do this they are actually offering you their power, putting themselves in your hands - and so when you do this you are kind and you do not take their power off them, you say to them, 'Well actually I don't think very much about it at all, however I feel that it is absolutely wonderful.'

Thank you.

Songee: And that's the kind of response that you might like to consider giving to such things.

Right, Thanks.

Songee: Does that make sense to everybody? And there's all manner of such little happenings in your lives where this sort of thing is very important, that you learn how to do these things. And it will make big changes all around you.

Can I ask another one? In regarding like.... (The person was talking fast, mixes up all her words and is very emotional.)

Songee: Slow down - breathe. Take a breath. One word at a time and you will get it all out.

One word that gets thrown at me quite a bit is the 'should'

Songee: Oh yes this is a very dangerous word. It's a terrible word is it not. It is the most, it is the most destructive word that you have got in your language.

So how best do we do we respond to this? What... (The person is crying.)

Songee: You have several ways that you can manage this. As you are in a very sensitive phase where everything is going to be hurting you, it is best at this point of your development when somebody says 'should' to you, for you to use body language - to put your hand up in front of you like so and say, 'Please I am going to request you not to use this word 'should'. I do not want you to tell I 'should' and 'should not' do in my life. I am not going to tell you, I would like you to respect not to do the same thing to I.' And then you can bring your hand down and address what it was they were saying to you. And say, 'However in answer to what you are wanting to know which is about such and such, my feeling about it is this...' Or 'My conjecture about it is this...' 'My intellect tells me that this needs to be done.' You understand?

All these wonderful, beautiful descriptive words that you can use that comes from in here (Heart) And not from up here (Head). Do they not? Can you feel the difference when you hear these words instead of these other words? The other words of course are the 'should' and 'shouldn't', 'think', 'why' - these are the most, most dangerous ones, so we will stop at those for this moment because this is a big teach that Songee gives all the time. The 'should' and 'shouldn't' are like blows, they are like knives, they are like clubs - they are vicious, assaults on your senses, on your psyche, on your emotions and you are bought up with this abuse from childhood and then you continue to abuse each other and your own children as you grow. Songee has come to help you change it, to stop doing this thing and to be different.

When you encounter peoples of your life that are using these words, and they are in the words of the professions of helping others - that is the most... destructive place that they can be used apart from the mother to the child or the father to the child, because they are like hammer blows to your being.

And when you say these things to youself you are hammer blowing youself. Not very sensible. However what you are saying Little Snake is very true - that you have to learn. As you go through the process of learning not to use these words, in your vocabulary then all manner of things start to happen in your emotions. You are not able to push down inside all the things that you have pushed down inside before time - all your angers, all the discountings, all your fears. You cannot push them down any more because these words are not part of your life any more in your expression of yourself. And so all those things that are locked inside must come up to the surface and be looked at. And peoples become very angry when they have to learn not to use the word 'think' in their vocabulary, of everyday speakings. Because they become very angry and they come to Songee and shout and say, 'Songee I have to use my mind, I have to think, I have to think things through. I have to do this.' And so on and so forth and so it goes. And Songee says, 'Of course you do, you will use your intellect. The difference is you are not going to use the word in the way you speak.'

You will use words that come from here, not from your head. Do you understand? That is the subtle difference. You are going to use feelings - words of feeling. And you will use words like 'ponder', 'consider', because this take you from here and integrate your mind and your heart and your middle self, and bring everything into unity. So that when you express yourself you express your truth. When someone says to you, and you have had a very busy day and you are very tired and they say, 'Could you please come and do this for I?' Because they know they have always been able to ask you to do something and you always say, 'Yes!' And yet you reach this point when you start learning not to use these words that you begin to feel the resentment of this that you have locked away inside for so long. However you cannot, cannot display the resentments to them because it is not their responsibility that you have allowed this to happen in your life. It is you, it is your responsibility. So then you have to learn another word - NO! Very simple, no. And then you may and you see that there is something you need to say further and you may say, 'I will not do it because...' Or you simply say, 'No and I am not giving you any reasons for it.' It is entirely up to you how you be. Is it not?

Wonderful word especially for Mummas - No! So this is very good. Because otherwise the demands of others on your earth time and on your earth energy can be so great that you feel as though sometimes at the end of your day that you have got no legs on which to hold yourself up in upright position. And some female-kinds complain because they feel as though all their body is aching so much they have no power left in it and all they want to do is lay down and go to sleep all the time. Is that not so?

Oh my you have a very busy peoples. (Something has dropped on the floor.)

Spirit people in the kitchen.

Songee: Most likely it is pussy cat.

No it was a piece of newspaper blown over onto a bowl and knocked it off the bench.

Songee: Very convenient. However you understand what I am saying do you not? So the theory is you change what is inside of you and that will change the external things around you. And that is a truth I'm giving you.

When you practise these things I am giving you, everyday, you will discover the truth of it. You don't have to believe it because Songee have speaking it to you - practise it! Prove it to yourself! Very easy. Prove it to yourself. Do it. Practice it, practise it, practise it. And how do you know whether it is effective? You do much scribings down into your books and you write about how things have happened over the course of your earth day. And you keep doing this and then one day you look back and you say, 'Oh my look at all the different things that have changed in I life. Look at all the things that I have learnt, and look at how many things have changed around in my life because I have done this thing.' And you will find that you will be able to prove it to your own self.

That is the nature of the Teach that Songee brings to you. It is that you learn to prove the truth to yourself. Just because I speak it doesn't mean that you have to believe it for that moment. Just be open, allow for the possibilities, accept the teaching and practise it.

Mayhap you like to look upon it as an experiment. However be aware that in the process of this experiment you are going to change. And at some point it will cease to be an experiment and will become a way of life. I make no tidings of this - it will become a way of life. However it will be a welcome one when you reach that point so don't be afeared of the change because it will happen gradually. (Long silence.)

Is there anything else that anyone wants to ask?

Wonderment of The Great She Bear

I was wondering about... Going back to the Bear Stories, I was reading a couple of weeks ago on chapter two which talks about when the two little bears come out into the world and they go for food, was your intention to cover this that all in one chapter? My reason being whether that would happen over the types of (?) you are talking about or would it happen over a season rather than all in one day?

Songee: In spirit anything is possible you know! And always - although what you have speaking of there are, at the end of the winter time, there are always a few a berries left on the bushes, you know. There is always a few left. They don't all disappear, there is always some somewhere for them.

My real query was on how, I was looking at it from the point of view of the bears responding to it (some hard to hear words about the season.) I was just querying what was your reason? What was your intention?

Songee: There is too much reasoning, there is too much of this (head) and not enough of this (heart). When you read this and to listen to the story, and you go on a journey to this place of the Great She Bear and the two little bear cubs, what you are looking for, and what you will find when you get there is the wonderment of these creatures coming for the first time into this beautiful, white wonderland - meeting for the first time all the different smells, and sights and sounds of this world that they have not known before. So you are looking at finding your wonderment. Not about facts and details, although what you are saying is very factual. Also too, it is not all of it, it is not the whole, the whole story because there are, there are the fishes in the waters high up in the mountains, for the Mumma Bear to catch. They are not the great big ones that come later when the Great She Bear goes down to where the river widens in the valley, that is different. They are not the same sort of fishes.

So they are a different kind of fish?

Songee: That is right. So you are looking at having made assumptions about something.

I wouldn't say it was an assumption, I was saying I was questioning it and yes I wasn't looking towards the bigger fish. (This person talking illustrated the Great She Bear stories and was interested to understand much detail to put into the paintings.)

Songee: So when I say about assumption, this is something that peoples do do you know and that is because the word is fish, because it is silver fish in the stream, because it is bear - there is an association that is instantly made with the big fish that you know of.

The Salmon.

Songee: That is so. So instantly comes this - ah it must be... Now that is an assumption. Or will come - well mayhap it is this. It is still an assumption, however it is to look past the minute detail of this thing and to look at the emotion and the feeling that is contained within the story. And in this instance it is the wonderment of two new souls coming into the light of a new world.

I had an experience last Sunday last weekend when I was in a park where I was studying some rocks and all sorts of shapes com out from the (?). And I was spending some time experiencing. I was guided to turn around and sit down for awhile. There was this father and his little girl, (Words unable to be heard) I was watching this little girls. And there was a sort of a mound, she was considering whether or not the lie down and roll down the hill she sort of felt that was... Back on the grass was a big - like those traffic markers on the road. And I was watching her because she was looking down at... So yes I do understand the magic that was it was about and I am beginning to touch into it. Just to watch all the exploration of what this girl was doing with this marker.

Songee: That is right and that is part as well of what Songee is bringing to you all to help you to find your wonderment again. Those of you that have lost it and would like to find it, and those of you that have got it, to learn how to share it - with gentleness so that you don't overwhelm peoples and everybody around with it. That you still have it, you still are it without sitting on people with it, you know. You have your wonderment, the experience of the wonder of the beautiful day, the rain coming down, the thunderstorms, the light shining and the drops that are just coming (?) and as they are gathering the rain drops and the sun shines upon them. And they look like beautiful jewels in the sunlight.

These are the things for you to find and have and take into your heart and be able to express. Because it is no good taking it in and have to start learning how to put it out. So as you go along with the teaching and learning everything that you being given you will learn to work with your peoples in spirit and they will help you to express the emotions that are down inside you. Whether they be sad ones or grieving ones, angry ones - whatever they are they will assist you and finding and facing them. And then you will find that then more and more wonderment will come to you as you release all these other negative things inside you. All these burdens that are holding you down, and tying you down, they will all be released and you will be free to experience pure wonderment.

Just another question. How, I am just looking at the drawings I am doing here - how best do I get that part into these drawings, the wonderment into these drawings.

Songee: It will be in the expressions in the eyes and in the mobility of the features.

OK. And I suppose also seeing things from a different point of view then you would normally expect to see things from.

Songee: You have to go and start looking at things through the eyes of a child. So next time you see one of this pink things, you do the same thing. You pretend you never seen one ever before in your life.

And imagine that you have just - ah this is a very, very funny one, you can pretend, pretend you have just landed from out of the skies and never seen this thing before. What is it? What do it do?

Songee learning about our World

Imagine that perhaps that you are Songee and you are coming for the first time this millieum to speak to people and you don't know what all the different machinings are that you got. I am having to learn all of them and I'm finding it most wonderful because you have all these wonderful things and I not knowing about them very much however I am learning very quickly. And I am finding it very exciting and I say finding because while I am using a physicality I can experience the feelings and emotions that you all feel. When I am not inside this physicality I don't have that. I am compassion and love however I cannot feel in the same way. This is the beauty of you having bodies. This is what you have come to the earth to have bodies for. To feel...

(end of tape)

Songee: ...many moons to learn this thing, I keep forgetting name of these things and I also know that you have chariots. And you don't call them this you call them...


Songee: Car. I don't like it, so I keep calling them chariots. Also too, you have things that you place upon your feets. I not like them. I call them foot casings.

Shoes hinder our connection to the Earth Energy

It sounds like a coffin.

Songee: It is just such a thing that you put bodies in and bury them in the earth, or some other thing because you put your foot casings on and then are enclosed in this thing and away from the earth you know. Were it possible I would suggest you all go around without them on your feets however it is not possible in your world. Even with the peoples that are close to the earth they would put skins on their feet. However the skins did not, did not stop the energies coming through to you. Some of the things your foot casings are made of now they stop the energies of the earth coming through to you, did you know that?

I wondered about that actually.

Songee: You have to change your foot casings to things that are made from nature. You can have foot casing made from the skins of creatures. This is not bad or wicked. It is sensible and the creature does not give its life in vain - it gives it life to you with love and willingness. It is what it has come to the earth to do. And also to bring foodings for you and to bring foot casings for you.

Oh you have bells! (A phone is ringing.) Would you like to have bells or would you like to stop that.

I don't believe we want to have bells.

Songee: Oh you better sort it and make it stop. This is very clever your bells, you know because when the bells go you can talk to each other and you don't have to be in the same place. It's very clever is it not?


In the old days we use to use telepathy.

Songee: How far back are you going?

I have no idea. It must have been very old days!

Songee: You can do it now. You don't have to do it way back there. You can do it now. All you have to...

How are we going to manage this?

Songee: You practise it. You learn, you learn how to let go of all the words. You learn how to let go of all your fears and all your resentments, and all your angers and all those other manner of things, and you develop yourself in your purity and you come (?forwards). And you learn to be able to give and receive messages. Now that's, that's one way to do it. Some peoples are born with the ability to do this thing. You know? Some people are born to the earth with this ability.

In the time to come upon the earth there will be more people born with different abilities and each one will have what Songee have been given word to express for you - spacalist skills, in these things. Some will be specialist in being empathic with others, some will be specialist with being telepathic and so on. Some will be specialist at being psychokinetic - big word. So you will have all this coming back, this has all been in your past many moons past with the peoples before time. However it has all been lost, the abilities lie within your blood however your Souls have yet to evolve forwards to return to this way of being.

Have you heard your story that is given to your peoples of the earth about how your first man and woman that was (?at one) on the earth was sent away in disgrace out the beautiful garden - you know this story? Beautiful story, very sad. It is a depiction of how human-kinds lost their powers by abusing it. Now it's very convenient that they blame woman-kind for it (Laughter) however this is not the truth. It has been made so in order to fit in with the teachings of the man-kinds that wanted to control. You know? And so that is how this came to be, that story. And it was given in this manner of speaking to make it possible for people to remember because many, many, many, many moons past there was no scribings down you know. Many people not do this scribings down, there was no ways to do this, they had come so far away from their beginnings that they had no scribings. So in order for the teach to be continued down through the generations of peoples they had to learn it in stories. And these stories were given and passed down through the generations. And that is how this story came to pass.

Little One (Sally) has spoke to you about the story of the Great Stook of the Bean has she not - which was given to you by this Little One. And contained within this story are certain truths, they are hidden as it were, inside the leaves of the stook of the bean you know. And you have to be wise to the origins of human-kind in order to find the meanings within the stories. This is true of all the stories that are with all the peoples through all the world, no matter what tribe you belong to, you have all got your own stories of fantastical nature that for you are stories to tell childrens. They are not stories. They are your history of your ancestors and they are wrapped up in stories of wonderment to tell childrens so that they will be remembered and passed on. You understand? And the truths that are wrapped up inside them are there.

The stories of the land

Pick a story... What about one of this land, is there story of this land? Pick a story.

Oh I suppose how Maui1 fished up the - I'm not totally aware of it, but fished up the South Island, fished up the North Island.

Songee: Tell the story of it.

I don't feel strong enough to be able to do that. And I don't have enough knowledge of it.

Songee: Does somebody have the knowledge of it.

(No one does.)

Songee: Anybody?

He was fishing off the South Island and fished up the North Island. Isn't that what he did and that's why it's called the main land.

Songee: What do you imagine is the truth that is locked into this story?

How the land rose from the sea.

Songee: How the beings that were called gods came from the skies, remember. The beings that came from the skies and that were called gods, came down and one of the gods fished up the Earth. Now remember that those that came from the skies have remarkable gifts, remarkable talents and were able to perform many amazing things that to those of the earth, the creatures of the earth that were here then, would have been as to them like that pink stick was to that child, you know. And so they look upon all this thing with great wonderment when the Earth is moved and what was below came up. Remember that these peoples that came have great machines and learnings and things that you don't know of and are only just discovering now for your own self. And so to the mind of the child of that time, the child-being - not a child in fact but a child-being, it would be as this pink stick, this wonderous thing. And so this being would tell the other ones in the tribe about this most beautiful, wonderous thing that had taken place.

What of the story of the Sky Father lying with the Earth Mother? You know this story?


I have heard of it.

Songee: And out of the Mother came... the trees. What is the name for the trees of this land.

Standing people.

Songee: Not that. Is it not Tane2? So you are having these childrens coming from the Mother.

Now when the peoples came from the skies they mated with the peoples of the Earth and created new beings. They also bought with them many seeds from their own home planet and they seeded the land and grew the trees that were born. The truths lie in the stories, they are there - they are not lies. They are not just stories, they are history of your peoples and look close enough you will find them. And everybody have similar stories, do they not? Very similar, not exactly the same, however they have very similar ones. You will find that the peoples sometimes of the places where it is cold and there is lots of ice and snow will talk about the giant people who came to walk the land. The beings that came from the skies were taller than you are and much bigger. And after they had created the new beings that needed to be, very soon they ceased to be in their original form anymore and passed form this earth and became just a memory and a story of wonderment for the childrens.

The peoples of the forests on the other side of this world talk about the Mother, the Mother being the Ocean and how in the beginning there was the waters and the waters were very deep and very dark like a womb and out of the waters came life. And so the peoples of the earth were born.

The peoples from the stars had their origins some of them in water. They used to be water creatures and they came out of the waters and they were made to be part of the peoples of the land and so began the stories again.

The beginning of life

So every Tribe has its stories and every story has its truth in the origins of you as a people. And indeed you are all one. Because you all owe your origins to the same source. And that does not detract from your beliefs in your God because without the spark of life, of spirit that is within every living thing throughout all the Universe, and many others... you would not be here, you are all Light. All Light. All spirit beings, no matter what your physicality shape is, no matter what, what colour your skin is, no matter what teach you have been given for your facet of your life, your faith. You know? Your beliefs. You are all one. All one of the of the Creative Power.

And it was asked of I at one meet not so long ago that there's great argumentations about this origins of human-kinds and this person was very deeply concerned about which one was right. Whether you all came out of the ooze or whether you all were created by your God. And I say to all of you and everybody who ask the same question - how is it that it has to be one or the other? How is it you cannot allow within your being an acceptance that there is a possibility of it being both? Who put the ooze there in the first place?

And that's how you start to look at it. And then you start to come back, right back to the wonderment, the wonderment of creation of which you are part. You are part of the wonderment of creation whether you believe you came out of the ooze or whether you believe you came from the star people. The star people had to start somewhere, did they come out of their ooze? Where did it all begin? And this is what bothers many people.

And I say to you - In the Beginning Oneness called the Angels and said to the Angels - I need to create physicalities for the Souls of Light to go and to live and to experience life because there has been a great war and a spilt and many have been lost to the Light and gone to the Darkness. And we need to bring those from the Darkness back into the Light. So I need many Soldiers of Light to go and to live the life of physicalities so that the beings that have gone below and beyond the Light can be retrieved back.

And that is the reason that Oneness created in the first place because Souls had gone and been lost to the Dark Energies. And Oneness did not like to lose the Souls this way and so has been making throughout your knowing of time a bringing back of the Souls, back to the Light. And the journey to do this is not an easy one for the Souls that are coming from the Light to the Earth, and on their journeys they make many mistakes and they do lots of things wrong.

So Oneness said - Well there has to be a solution to this, so we best give them a way of coming back to the Light and bringing the ones that are in Dark at the same time and begin their journeys, their adventures of lifetimes to bring those beings back into the Light. And so began the journeys of many lifetimes for the Souls of the Light to help bring those Souls that had been lost to Darkness back into the Light.

Songee I have heard a different side to all that, there was another lady called Lillian and she was of dark colour and she did not want to be (?) and to treat her as an equal therefore Adam asked Oneness to make another lady...

Songee: Look at the story.

I was...

Songee: The story is of a dark skinned woman and what was the skin of Eve?

Apparently white.

Songee: White skin. The beings that came from the skies were white skin. The beings that lived on the planet, that lived on it and owned it and whether you believe they come out of the ooze or not, they owned it they lived here - they had dark skin. And those that came from the sky because they had white skin believed themself to be superior because they had greater knowledge and great... They were not the children looking at the pink stick were they? The dark skin people of the earth were the ones that were looking at the pink stick. And this is how this illusion of superiority has come to pass. It is an illusion because it is no more, because in the matings and in the coming togethers and changings, there became a unity where all became one under the skin. Uh! You are all brothers and sisters together you know. Start behaving as though you are without squabbling too much.

So this is not - although it is another story, there doesn't meant there are untruths in it. It doesn't meant that one is right and the other is wrong. Put them both together and you start to get a better picture. Do you not?

The name I believe you'll find is Lilith. Is it not? Is that not so - Lilith? And it is in a different culture that this comes from.

However ponder on it! You don't have to believe it, ponder on it. Start looking inside yourselves. Start asking questions, start looking - I keep telling everybody this - start looking at your stories. Read them! You have many scribed down - read them! Ask somebody to tell you stories that you have not heard before. Find somebody that belongs to a different tribe to you and get them to tell their stories of their tribe and you tell them stories of your tribe - and then have fun looking through it and finding all the little truths and all the samenesses in them. Very exciting thing to do. Wonderment you know! Do this thing. Share it with each other and it will bring you closer together as a peoples, as human-kinds. And it does not mean that you have to stop being your own unique being within yourself because that will not go. What will happen is that the your uniqueness will be enhanced be the recognition of the other. Do you understand?

That's how it is.

Any other questions? From the (?things) that has been going on while this has been chatterings about.

Blocked up ears

My ears keep blocking up.

Songee: Your ears keep what?

Blocking, I can't hear for about an hour...

Songee: And?

It was really bad coming...

Songee: Your ears are blocking and - I'm wondering whether you are not listening!


Songee: Perhaps it is also you are not hearing however what was happening before?

I don't know, it's been a lot lately.

Songee: What was happening before your ears starting blocking? It didn't just happen because you came to see Songee did it?


Songee: That's what I am saying to you. So what happened before? When does it happen to you? Let us look at it.

Usually when I am travelling in my car.

Songee: And supposing you are moving along swiftly in your ah your chariot, you have peoples come and speak with you and distract you. What may happen.

My cell phone rings and I talk on it. Oh dear.

Songee: And you don't stop your horses?


Songee: How safe is it?


Songee: Truly!


Songee: Not very safe. So you are being protected. And what you will find is that your people are stuffing things in your ears so that you cannot hear. Little One sometimes tickles ears and noses with a feather - so knowing this you will be able to know that Spirit can do anything at all from the other side to assist the process of keeping you safe. Especially when you are behaving like the small child however without the responsibility of the grown-up. You know! So that in order to keep you safe from harm because you have work to do and you cannot go Home just yet, it is going to be better to keep you safe, is it not? And you can still have the wonderment, you coming out (?of play) so you are learning where you are going to have wonderment, and it will be in harmony with responsibility.


Songee: Not a word that is liked you know. However this is the age in which you are coming now. Is that not so my little breath of fresh air?

Are you talking to me?

Songee: Oh no not to you.

I didn't think so.

Songee: She knows who I am talking about. So. As long as you resist you will remain exactly where you are. When you start to practise some of the things you have been taught, and given so far you will start to find that everything will begin to unlock around you, you know. And it is far better to switch off your bells when you are driving your chariot. What do you want to talkings with people when you are driving your chariot for anyway? That is time when you can be away from everybody and you can be by your own self, and your mind and your spirit to be in contact with each other for a little while. Is it not? Little bit of quiet and you don't want the great soundings coming out in around and about you all the time. If you are going to have soundings have nice soundings that are going to bring your spirit up and give it light and energy. The soundings that are going to be not doing this for you, don't put them on to hear. You know what I am speaking of. Ah that's it - it is this (?Vivaldi).

(Lots of chat and laughter about this.)

Songee: Switch it off. Find yourself some soundings that are resonating for you that will lift your spirits up. Mayhap keep them small so that you don't get cross with peoples not going fast enough for you. (Laughter) It would be much better that you not, that you not that inside you the weed. You know.



Songee: The weed. When you are driving your chariot don't take inside you the weed because you are in a small place, were you in a chariot - real, you would be in open air. You are not in open air so all you are doing is breathing yourself more and more of this thing that is going to make you sick. It does not do very nice things to your aura you know. Makes it all dirty. Did you know that Spirit when they want to come and speak with you and they have to come to the earth plane, they have to come through a layer of not very nice substance. I am being polite. Little One (Sally) is not so polite! When Little One comes and tells you what it's like sometime, sometime Songee says - I am not going to be here long I am going to let Little One come and speak to you for a little while, just for a change, because Little One will tell you what it's like for Spirit to come and speak through you and talk to you and come close to the earth. Little One is not very polite, not like Songee. Songee is very polite you know. And I give a kick in the soft place from moment to moment however I will do it very carefully and very politely.

Now we have to be careful - what is your earth time? How many more questions have you all? Oh lots of birds flying now.

Its half an hour.

Songee: That's how long you got, hurry up ask questions otherwise you not...

(There's lots of muttering in the background.)

Just do it.

You will regret it if you go away.

Songee: Sometimes I say to peoples hurry up and speak now or forever hold your peace because I am going in a moment.

Knowing the right path

I want to know if I am on the right track in my life?

Songee: Now I can answer that with a yes or a no, however what I am going to do is I am going to help you to ease your own doubts, your own fears you know. Because that is more important than I give you a yes or a no. Do you understand?


Songee: Now you say are you on your right path - and this is lesson for all of you, you all want to know the same question somewhere - I see it. So all the birds suddenly came like this. So you can all do the same thing.

Look at yourself and say to yourself, 'Who do I serve in my life?' (Long silence.) Who do I serve in my life?' Do you know who you are serving?

I try to serve my (?family).

Songee: Very good. What else?

Try, try to do God's work in my own way.

Songee: That's it! So take out the 'try', throw it away and you say, 'I do God's work in my life and I do my best for my family. And my family are part of God's family. I am part of God's family. And God is Light. And God is love.' Is that not so?


Songee: 'So where in my life can I be going wrong when I am working for God?'


Songee: Take the doubt away and start to feel, feel it. And in your life with that, that you are doing everything possible in your life in your giving yourself in service to Oneness, your God, you say, 'Oneness my life is yours, everything in it is yours, show me what I am going to do for you this day.' And remember that your family is part of God's family so you don't have to be particular because Oneness will take care of your family and others (?for) you. And in the event that you have to do workings for Oneness for one of the family this day, then that is what you do. In the event that you have to do workings for somebody else (?) then that is what you will do. Do you understand?


Songee: Very simple!

(Words softly spoken)

Songee: Don't 'try', just do it, keep doing what you are doing. Throw away the word 'try' out of your speakings, all together. Forget it, doesn't exist, (Much laughter) never heard of it before, you come from the skies you don't know the language. So you never heard this word before. You know. And you are doing the work, you are working for Oneness. Your life, your day, everything as you get up in the morning from your dream spirals is Oneness day. Everything. And believe me things will start to happen. You might not like all the things that will start to happen because what will happen is all the things that you have been controlling in your life will be overset, and other things will come to take their place and sometimes it may seem like - ah I have this one before I have given it to you before time I know I have done it... Ah the power of the cards, that is hit by the bolts from the blue (Tarot Card - Tower Struck by Lightening) - and what happens is it crashes into this thing and it turfles everybody out so they turn tipsy turvey over, over that way and everything in their life go like this - up in the air. However it has to do this because unless it does that, it doesn't break down all the barriers of control, in here and every other manner of thing, you know. So don't be too concerned when you do give yourself to Oneness when things start to seemingly not go quite right. Be assured that Oneness will be moving it where Oneness wants it to go and needs it to go - and you along with it.

(Lots of laughter.)

Songee: And you don't, you don't moan and complain about it because you have given yourself to Oneness you know. You can't say, 'Well it's not fair, it's not suppose to happen this way...' And so on and so forth. 'Because', you say, 'I gave myself to Oneness, I did ask for it.' However these seeming disasters will not be of great long duration, they will be of short duration and they are only disasters in your own mind and heart, and letting go of the control and the fears within.

Now depending upon the amount of control and fears you've got, this big boom is going to be greater or lesser. It doesn't mean that the impact of it on your life isn't going to be still very great, it will - however your reaction to it will govern whether it is a big boom or seems to be just a little one. You understand?

Yes I do.

Songee: So whenever you do this thing know that Oneness will be guiding you way, breaking down your barriers, helping you to face your fears, helping you to come closer to the work that you have arranged to come and do. So when all of you ask yourself that same question you will be very interested in the answers you will get. If is very difficult human-kinds to give up their control, you know. Did you know that? They are so worried about whether or not they are going to do this, do that or some other manner of thing.

And sometimes it is a mystery when things seem to not to be so very good and you know that you are wanting to work for Oneness and yet everything is not going the way you planned it to go. Ha ha! This is the control you know. Very, very subtle and (?in secret), because you not always aware of it. It will creep up behind you, just when you believe that you are just doing everything right it will bite you on your behind self! And Oneness says - Oh we can't have that - so the control is (?removed).

So that in the event that you believe that there is no other course of action except to go in a certain direction, you're quite right, so you take that direction, you do it and you will find that Oneness will guide you out of the tunnel of illusion that you have into the Light once more. Do you understand?


Songee: Because although there is earthly considerations you have to look at functioning on...

(end of tape)

Songee: So what I'm saying to you is that sometimes things seem you are honouring them, you get so focused on them that although you may believe that you are planning tasks at Oneness lesson, sometimes the control has crept in to the degree that Oneness voice is not able to be clearly understood and heard. And although you may believe that you are giving everything over to Oneness, although you are saying with your mind and your heart Oneness is I life, when the things start to be broken down you sometimes wonder whether Oneness has heard you, do you not?

That's right.

Songee: 'Have Oneness really heard I? I have been asking for help and all I am getting is trouble.'


Songee: However what is happening is that Oneness is bringing things to break down the barriers, to break down the little bit of control that has come back up again perhaps, and to break it down so that when you say, 'Well Oneness - fine! I have given my life to you, I have given everything in it to you and you have done all this to me and I am very cross about it however I will do whatever is in front of I and that and no more!' And Oneness says, 'Oh I am so pleased!' Because that is what Oneness wants you to do. You want to, you want to do something, you can't for a variety of reasons. So you go with what you can do. Is that not so?

Be aware that anything that is connected with that other nasty word 'IF' - 'If I had lots of coin-of-life I could do this and this and this and this and this.' And do you have lots of coin-of-life to do this and this and this and this? No! You don't. So you say Oneness, 'I want to do workings for you and I need coin-of-life that hasn't happened, I can't do workings.' Oneness says, 'That's alright because I don't want you to do that workings I want you to do this workings.' (Songee and everyone was laughing.)

However how are you going to find out and you not have the coin-of-life taken off you. You would go in the wrong direction too far, and then have to come back much further, much better to stop you before you go all the way down that path. When you are working for Oneness this is what is going to happen, all the time.

When you start to get a little bit of idea of controlling it, although you are not in your mind saying that you are controlling it - you are, you are not believing you are however you are! This is what happens. Ha and Oneness would say, 'No I don't really want you to go that way, I want you to go this way.' So it is taken away from you, the means to do it is taken away from you, and then you have to go that way, the Oneness really wanted you to go in the first place. (Laughter.)

So this is what transpires when you give yourself to Oneness. As soon as you start saying, 'Oneness my life is yours and everything in it is yours, show me what I need to do.' Soon as you start saying that it is going to start happening, right from your next breath - be prepared. I give you fair warning about it because Songee sits sometimes at the side of The Father and says, 'You know our children do moan a lot don't they?' And then Jayzeus (Jesus) comes along and says, 'Do I have to go and sort it out?' And They say, 'Yes please do because they are very worried and very upset.' So Jayzeus comes and smoothes around and says, 'These are the teachings, you have been given all the teachings.'

Now Songee comes to say the same thing, 'Here are the Teachings (Words unheard because everyone is laughing.) That is so important. Somewhere along the line you are all going to come back where you are meant to be. Many time you have gone a long way from where you are meant to be and its cannot continue anymore and your earth time is very short for getting this learning done now.

And every so often Songee throws out to people a test, and when Songee throws out that test you either meet it and you learn and are able to pass your test or you don't. Now when you don't pass it, doesn't meant that Songee's not going to be there for you, doesn't mean that Oneness is not going to be there for you, it just means that you didn't pass it this time. And it means you are going to have to wait a little moment until your development comes around some more and then the test will be given again, and slowly you get it right so that you can guess what it is and get it right, and cheat. (Songee is laughing.) And this is what happens. And you will get your tests and you will be tested on all the teachings and all the things that you have learned about your own awareness, your own development, your own spirituality, your own tests of faith and belief - up to a certain point of your life - and then you will get the test. You will not be given something to test you beyond your capabilities ever, never beyond your capabilities. No matter how much it may seem so at the time to your limited mind. It will never be beyond your capabilities.

Nothing is greater than I can bear

Now were more peoples of the earth able to understand and take inside of them this concept of this truth I have just given you, you would not have people taking their own lives because they would say when adversity strikes them, 'I remember this teach, the teach is nothing is greater than I can bear, nothing is bigger that I can manage in this life. I have got the skills, I have got the power, I know what to do. I might not quite know at this moment. Mayhap I need some help in how to bring it out to the surface and then I will go and find someone who will help I to bring it out to the surface.' And so the peoples although they might be very down here in their feelings at the time, will start to come up and rise up because they would always hope - that thing to hold onto, holding onto this thing that says - 'Nothing is greater than I can bear. I am powerful. I have Oneness Power in I. I can overcome this thing of my life. I may be feeling very, very deeply sad inside however how did I get to be sad inside. Have I talked to anybody properly about it. How I shared it - no I haven't. So what must I do. I must go and share it with somebody.' And so we talk about responsibility. Teach childrens from being small babes to grown - how to be responsible for themselves. How to speak the truth inside how to say when they are angry and been made to feel small by somebody in their life - a grown up or a friend. Teach them how to express this anger inside in a healthy way so that they don't lock it down inside until many, many discounting and so becomes so sad by the time they reach the time when their, their insides are starting to boil and get ready to having babies and things that they don't know how to manage all the other emotions that are coming up with it, you know! That it when they are at their most vulnerable. So teach them from being small children so that when they come to this time of their life when all these things are bubbling up inside they haven't got so much locked down inside to hide away from, you know.

So this is very important, teach the childrens. You must teach the childrens. And if you are going to teach the childrens and when you teach the childrens you need to teach them by example. You must be truthful with them. Don't hide, your emotions. Don't hide, your feelings. Mumma and Papa as cross with each other - you are allowed to be cross with each other. You say to the child, 'Well Mumma and Papa have disagreed on something, we are allowed to disagree and you don't have to be disturbed about it because it is not your responsibility. It is our responsibility, so either sit and listen or go and play. You want to sit and listen that's alright however you will learn things about how grownups go on together.'

A lot of the time they take it on board don't they.

Songee: And you teach them how not to do that. You teach them by being the example. By showing them how you get on together. How you work out your differences without shoutings, without fisty cuffs, without the 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts', without the blaming - working through your difficulties together. Is that not so?

Is that not so?

And then the childrens learn how to do this thing. And as they grow they pass it to their childrens. And this is how you will get new generations of people coming and being born with these new abilities of communication with each other.

And I believe that's it.

What is your earth time?

Ten Minutes.

Songee: However any more questions is going to be very long, is it not?

Depends on the answer.

Songee: This is true.

Are you content? Because Songee feels now is it time for I to leave you even though you have a little of your earth time there is going to be many opportunities to come and have speakings and have questions, and many things we can discuss and talk about and laugh, and cry, and many other things. And to do the healing that is channelled and other sorts of works that we do, you know. Many opportunities.

The Breath of Life Meditation

However just for now you many like to close your eyes and take all your arms and legs away from them entangled with each other so that your whole bodies are open to the Light because you are going to take inside of you the deep Breath of Life. Remember I say to you that Songee is The Holy Breath, The Holy Spirit that you know of, of the Trinity. You don't have to believe it, just feel it. And when you take inside of you the deep Breath of Life and you can say for yourself - That the Breath of Life is the Sun and the Son is my nourishment.

And when you breath in and down into your middle self, and the middle self here is where is the yellow chakra, down in here in your middle self. And as you breath this chakra is going to blossom and grow and swell and become so bright, like a Sun and the energies will flow through your body down to the tips of your toes, to your fingers, and the tops of your head.

And the Breath of Life is the Holy Breath, and the Son is Jayzeus.

And Jayzeus is your nourishment, you know.

Because the Father and the Mother breathed the life into the flesh and so Jayzeus came to the earth.

So whenever you take this deep breath this is your connection with Oneness.

It does not take away your Doorkeepers and Guardians, it does not take away all the peoples in spirit because they are also part of The Breath. They are part of The Oneness. Does not take away the Angelic Beings because they are also part of the Oneness. Does not take away Divas and the Sprites and the Nature Spirits because they are also a part of Oneness.

And so as you breathe you become unified and you are One, together - just for a moment.

I am going to leave you to hold this now

To walk with you through your days that come to you

So Be It

So Be It

There are a few more words so keep your eyes closed.

And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart
And may the Light of the Oneness strike it
And bring forth its brilliant colours of light
To drive away the darkness from your Soul
Be at Peace.

Roberta-Margaret returns and tells us of her adventures where a large brick building fell down. It looked like the English Houses of Parliament,it was not actually that building which was going to fall down but some other building similar. She saw a high rise building that she went through with its upper stories still being developed. There were to be shops and offices in the lower floors and have apartments in the upper floors. Then she saw a ship with writing on its side, she did not recognise the language and there was a storm coming around this ship.
There is a lot of other conversation making it hard to hear Roberta-Margaret's words. When Roberta-Margaret comes back she is still very much involved with her spiritual experiences. We encourage her to share these things with us as quickly as possible because the memories of it rapidly fade like those of our dreams.


1. Maui - A central figure in Maori legends. There are many stories. One was how he captured and beat the Sun until it promised to go slower across the sky so more work could be achieved in a day. And another of how Maui catches a huge fish and when he went to find a priest to say the prayers, he leaves his brothers in charge of the fish. They begin to cut up the fish which struggles and fights to be free, and it breaks up into mountains, cliffs and valleys and becomes the North Island of New Zealand and is known as Te Ika-a-Maui (The Fish of Maui). In Maori traditions Maui's canoe became the South Island, with Banks Peninsula marking where he placed his foot as he pulled up the extremely heavy fish. The South Island has the official name of Te Waipounamu, another Maori name for the South Island is Te Waka-a-Maui (the canoe of Maui).
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2. Tane - Maori God of the Forest. Tane Mahuta is a well known ancient kauri tree, 51 metres and more than two thousand years old, standing in the Waipoua Forest in the northern part of the North Island of New Zealand.
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